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Lewiston, Maine
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k4 4-fc 4- 141' ll -1-hJf 4-li 1 7 I I' I I yi IFbnan Grarc Si Never Eusden kutOBBOWI ALMANAC Sub rim 5:32: Kts 7 -57 Length of day 14 hrs 25 mina Day's decrease 1 hr I mint Moon days old High Tides Portland 5:44 a DST JOURNAL jouirai croa Stokaa I Obituaries 2 ItataChat 4 Editorial Comics 10 funti Sports 11-13 Radio 14 VOLUME XOV Weakly IM1 16 PACES LEWISTON AUBURN BIAWE FIUDAY AUGUST 6 1951 LAST EDmON PRICE FIVE CENTS 1 mi 0 4 Miri Payne Gets Into JFarm Price Debate WASHINGTON Both tidea claimed Victory today la the hot Senate diapute over high rigid vs (legible farm price supports Ae the 8enate launched ita third day of debate on farm leg illation GOP Leader Knowland aaid ho still hopes for vote today on the key issue of price supports sun hm hr Into Debate Sens Bridges (R-NH) and Payne (R-Malne) Jumped Into the debate today on the side of the administration Bridges a former agricultural teacher and county agent said the administration program "will stop the senseless raid on the taxpayers to please a vociferous few Bridges chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee qpM this government already hat more Sen Young IR-ND) a leader of the forces seeking to continue rigid supports said: "I think we are going to win there have been some Knowland fighting for the Eisenhower proposals (tor flexilbe and lower price supports scoffed at claim have two or three switches Knowland commented Knowland added that both sides were anxious to have a vote on the Clothing Hidden Under Rock Pile Officer Plourdc Makes Find Near Mill St Road Auburn In Lonely Lane Area By JEROME CONNOR Discovery of Kenny Wood's dungarees aud jtolo shirt secreted under a pile of atones yaused a great eoncentration of lawmen to swoop down on lonely lovers' lane area outside of Auburn late this morning The spot was on the Mill St Road in Auburn which connects with the llaeke tt Hoad The spot where the clothing waa found waa eeveral hundred yarda from the road The sensational discovery waa made by Officer Rene Plonrde of the Auburn Police Department and volunteer worker Charles Tardif They made their discovery about 11 am and notified Chief Savage at once Savage in the company of apecial investigator Philip Wheeler Sheriff Hervry McGraw and Cumberland Deputy Harold Whittemore rushed to tha aeena immediately Tho dungarees were carefully covered by a huge boulder This was what first led to Ptourde's discovery: He saw a spot about 12 fori from where the dungarees wen found when a boulder had been removed leaving a fresh earth spot Spying the pito of rocks he then Investigated tho pile The lint largo boulder ho removed revealed tho dungarees Acting on orders from Chief Savage ho touched nothing but called tho chief at once When Savage arrived with Sheriff McGraw and Investigator Wheeler they also examined the pile of rocks Suddenly Sheriff McGraw removed another rock in tho ptlp and tt produced tho white T-shirt Thera were spots on the white shlrL Whether tt was Mood could not be determined immediately Chief Savage planned to have the State Police examine the spots The rock pile wu approxlma three-quarters of a mile actum a heavily-wooded hrea from when the boy's body wu found In the river Saturday There waa no path to the river Police aha were examining piece of tree six Inches in circumference and about three fret long found nearby with an endeoverod wth soma "matter" Tha area wu searched today wu revealed after a hat like that the youth wu wearing when lut eeen waa found In the area bv blueberry picker yreterday The hat waa discovered by the blueberry picker hanging from the limb of a tree about eight foot off the ground Police said the young mu who found the hst Is the eon of Mr and Mrs Theodore Fournier of 43 Paul St Auburn Officer Pkxirde who wai searching the area all morning had been Instructed to call the chief anon as he nude any discovery Investigate Wheeler of the Attorney General's Department also discovered a car key et tho scene The hey wu 12 feet from where the clothes were buried under the idle of rocks The entire area was immediately roped off After making an examination of the area for about an hour Savage ind Wheeler returned to Seo MURDER Pag tool 4 FACINQ ROBBERY CHARGES-Four Lewiston men lined the railing at Lewiston Municipal Court this morning charged with the assault and robbery of Fernand Rocheleau a local cab driver The warrants allegrd the theft of $250 and the wen were bound over for the Heptember sitting of the Androscoggin VFW Delegates NamcTiccAs Commander PHILADELPHIA (ft-Merton Tire a 44-ycar-old attorney from Mitrhell SD was elected by acclamation today as the national commander-in-chief of the Veter-ana of Foreign Wars In an accept am speech he pledged to "do my utmost to aid the cause of the Viter ana of Amer-Ica" Delegates at the 55lh national encampment also elected by voice vote the six other candidates for national offices who were nominated without opposition yesterday They arc: Timothy Murphy Dorchester Mass senior vice commander See VFW Page 9 Col 7 County Grand Jury Shown left to right are Acting Judge Nelson Peters Police Officer Wallace Cloutier and the four accused Adelard Boilard Ernest lxng Joseph Itoilard and Eu-elide Lavoie Lewteton Men Held In $1000 On Robbery Counts An- warrant against the quartet and pressed his complaint in court before Acting Judge Nelson Pieters According to testimony heard In tho short hearing this moraine a 520 MU In possession earlier in the evening was revealed to have been found in Uw possession of Euclide Lavoie during a search in the Lewiston Police Station Rocheleau told the court that he had gone to tho Bow Tie with a group of youths only one of whom ho could identify Tho man toward whom ho pointed on accus- Seo LEWISTON MEN Pg Col By Rl BRUCE HUNTINGTON A torn 820 Mil played a Mg part this morning in a robbery case hearing in Lewiston Municipal Court- which resulted in four Lewiston men bring held in $1000 hail each for the September Grand Jury The robbery took place near the Bow He Restaurant on Main SL last night Euclide Lavoie 24 of 99 Lincoln St Joseph Bollard 24 and his brother Adetord 20 both of 120 Cedar SL and Ernest Long 24 of 40 Knox SL all pleaded guilty to the robbery charge and were bound over in $1000 ball The complaining witness Fernand Rocheleau swore out the Sen Watkins Heads McCarthy Probe WASmNQTbrf -Sen Witkins In public or private statements Plane Found In Fish Net Is Not PORTLAND IP A State Aeronautics Commission inspector said today that an airplane tail section picked up at sea was not part of the craft In which a (civilian pilot vanished nine months ago John Nichols said the wreckage apparently was part of an Air Force drone plane shot down in Urge practice He said the section was "def-inately not the used on the model in which Adrian Wood 38 of Brewer disappeared laat November on a flight from Princeton to Old Town The crew of the Portland gUL netter St Joseph IV found the toil assembly and an electrical font tion box in their nets 10 miles southeast of Portland Lightship yesterday See PLANE Page Col 8 Scribner Has No Comment About Job PORTLAND JT -Republican National Committeeman Fred Scribner Jr returned from Washington today refusing to comment on the possibility he may be named as general counsel to the Treasury Department Scribner talked briefly in Wash-gton yesterday with Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey Neither would say what the conversation was about See SCRIBNER Pg Col I West German Counterspy Flees To Reds BERLIN West Berlin police reported today that a West German intelligence agent has disappeared into the Soviet xone One West Berlin paper said hr 'defected to the Communists and took along vital informatiotuj- The agent waa Identified as Karl Albrecht Tiemann aaid to have had recent contacts with the Berlin office of Dr Otto John former West German security chief who crossed over to Red East Berlin on July 20 The East tone government announced Wednesday it had See COUNTERSPY Page 9 Col colonels and a major" In addition to others of lower rank He said same of them will be called before See DISCHARGE Pg I Col 1 Priscilla Theatre Will Gosc For Indefinite Period Has Been On Short Schedule (R-Uteh) today wu chosen shsir-man special Senate committee to look into proposals that Sen MoOsrfhy (R-Wisl he censured for alleged conduct unbecoming senator Sen Edwin Johnson (DCdo) wu named vice-chairman of the group composed of three Republicans and three Democrats Sen Strank (D-MIss) a member uid these were the major decisions mode In a dosed session with Vice President Nixon foisting nearly two hours: Watkins Is tha senior Republican tin the commlitN and Johmoa tho senior DembcraL Today's muting still left unsettled the quest km of Just bow the committee will go about its assignment French Debate Is Scheduled ForAug24 PARIS (D-Th? French National Assembly will asked to start ita debate bn the European Defense Community treaty Aug 24 the committee which organizes the Assembly's a grafts decided today Tho dclmtg in the assembly where ratification has been stalled more than IWo yean would thua come Just five days after a scheduled meeting of the foreign ministers of-the six prospective member nations In Bnuiirls The decision to sxk for the start of the debate Aug 24 wax 'annotated this morning after a meeting of the "conference of presidents" This group is made up of committee heads and chiefs of the political parties' The date stIQ Is subject to approval by the foil assembly Textron Inc Takes Over Robbins Mills NEW YORK (It The management of Robbins Milk Inc today was taken over by top officers of Textron Inc: In a move aimed at eventual consolidation of tho two firms with American Woolen Textron President Robert Iluf-ftnes Jr yesterday was elected rhairman and president of Robbins Mills lie will surcerd Malcolm Jones former DuPont official who resigned from both posts' Huffines win continue' at omi-dent of Textron See TEXTRON Page Col -V? whlchtm operated locally by the Maine and New Hampshire Theatre chain The others are the Empire Auburn and Strand Theatres These and five other motion picture theatres will continue to operate here Tho Priscilla was the first local theatre to Install talking pictures with the advent of sound The closing of the Priscilla is the first local theatre dosing since the shutting of the old Music which has since been turned- in- Seo THEATRE Page 8 Col I Negotiators Meet For Talks As Studebaker Auto Workers Refuse To Take A Pay Cut Muybank Suggests Lowering Foreign Aid Figure By Amtiunt ilitary Equipment Recovered hollers will vote Aug 17 on i agreement to merge the two Mg independent auto firms See STUDEBAKER Pg 9 Col 1 most of tha members have indicated a general belief the beam Inga should be open to the public but with some relnrf to aVo4d I "vaudeville show' The uid they did not went 8 repetition of the televised Mo Carthy-Army hearings Mffftln Ttodsjf The subcommittee which eon-ducted those 36 dayg of etormy sessions planned a meeting of tte own today to seek agreement or machinery for writing report And McCarthy himself went ahead with his own Investigation of what he terms widespread ComitM nist Infiltration tit defense dents McCarthy announced the pwestL gallons subcommittee he buds would question witnesses Irons the see McCarthy Pens Col I Maybe nk proposed lowering tho-foreign aid figure by an amount equal to the value of military equipment which tho United States has been able to recover became of changed conditions In Indochina and elsewhere The South Carolina senator told n'wsmra that if he Is unsuccessful Jn the Senate Appropriations Committee In bringing about such reduction he will carry Ml plan to the Senate floor Maybank a committee member In advance of a scheduled- cioaeu session by the -group to act on bill carrying funds for the overseas economic and military aid program Its meeting followed a Senate-House Conference Committee agreement yesterday on a compromise measure authorizing appropriations of S3054568SU0 for the program In the current fiscal year that began July 1 This was about half way between the 53300000000 authorized by the Ikxwe and the 52700000000 okayed by Ihe Senate President Elsenhower sked for 3'i billion doDan See AID page Cbl 1 i CANNERY North Auburn Main Custom Canning Fruits an4 Vegetable TeLS-4158 McCarthy Says 30 Officers Had Roles Granting Discharge To Mo Percss Forty Yearn Ago Churchill Won Praise As He Hail Navy Ready To Fight Germany The Priscilla Theatre since early Summer has operating on only week-ends will close down Indefinitely after Sunday show according to Roland ProvosL manager Company officials have explained that the closing of the Priscilla ia due to the shortage of pictures currently being made available by studios at this time How long tho Priscilla will remain closed will depend on conditions within tho film Industry according to a company spokesman' Tho Prisdlla ia one of four thea- Four-Year-Old Wanders Away Camp But All Is SCARBOROUGH A four-year-old boy found crying on a street in the Pine Point section turned out today to bo a Lewiston youngster from a summer camp only a mils away Police couldn't get much out of the youngster last night only Richard Caron hb father's name is Eugene and he liver on River Street But he didn't know In what city or town And he aaid nothing about! any eamp that it and blow a mile wide hole 175 fret deep in the coral floor of the Pacific Ocesn The crater was big enough to hold 140 buildings the size of the nation's Capitof 1958 Model This wss done with a 1952-modcl hydrogen device which without doubt has undergone a good many refinements since then as a weapon of total destruction The Hiroshima bomb had an explosive power eqti to 20000 tons of TNT The hydi bomb TNT equivalent runs I to tha millions of tons On this ninth anniversary OPEN TONIGHT FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVrXlTNCg LISBON 8T LEWISTON WASHINGTON ID- Sen May-(D-SCI called today for restriction on foreign eld he said should cut the pro-m by 'another half billion dot again a lasting wotM peace Is the last prise he seeks) to Win He's still trying Churchill at 79 Is the only governmental or of time fateful August days of 1914 still in power few others are even still alive Forty yearn ago as the 39-year-old First Lord of the Admiralty Churchill won praise for having the Royal Navy already mobilized and at rattle stations when Britain went to war1 with the Germi Resting at his country home Sc qiURCHILL Pg Col 8 Nine ears After Hiroshima Lewiston Boy from Pine Point Well Now Mrs John A Clark of Scarborough heard the story on the radio today She happened to mention it at the nearby Volunteers of America eamp Official there recalled they had some new arrivals named Caron and started lo check up Miss ifynn Abets of New York a counselor aaid they found that Richard and two older brothers onto yesterday The eldest Eugene lO failed to report 'Rich- See YOUNbSTER Page Col 1 Hiroshima where does the United States stand in the world of the atom? Here is a brief rundown: The moat fearful development perhaps is that the United Slates has bat the monopoly' on the See HIROSHIMA Pg 8 Col 4 WANTED EXPERIENCED OIL BURNER MAN TOP WAGES Full Time Employment FUEL CO 85 Middle gU Lew-Dlsl 4-7IM SOUTH BEND Ind JP-Stude-baker auto workers refused last night to take a voluntary pay cut and negotiators met today to whether any new economy cuts could be arranged Louis tlorbath local president of the 30 United Auto workers and other union negotiators met with Studrimker Corp officials this morning to report the rejection The UAW Itself had proposed a 15 per cent pay cut to protect workers' Jobe in the face of declining auto sales Horvath aaU about 5000 of the 11000 now on payroll voted againat the pay cut la a gow of hands A year ago Stude- had 23000 workers Since tarty this year work has been out to about four days out of each two weeks The wan contract runs until Septanber 1955 Studebsker and Packard stock- Weather Weather fore cast for Lewis ton arid vicinity: Partly eloudy and cool tonight lowest shout 35 Sunny and a lit tie wanner tomorrow highest about 80 Gentle northerly winds Lowest overnight temperatures: Lewiston 60 Caribou 55 Eastport 55 Green villa 55 Old TOwn 58 Rumford 57 Portland 60 ML Wash 4a Concord 58 New York 63 Washington 64 Miami 77 Chicago 64 New Orleans 73 Denver 62 Los Angeles 64 Halifax 54 Montreal Boston 8a See' FORECAST Page 8 Col 8 LONDON A page In the history hooks flipped over tills week in Europe- Just 40 years In Ihe words of a British foreign "The lamps are going out all over Europe" The- anniversary of what be-: came known then as "The Great War" wag officially ignored Moat people seemed to nave or they did not want to remember But In the English countryside an old man remembered Winston Churchill has said over and over WASHINGTON -Sen (R-Wii) said today a secret Army report names 30 officers fl of them generaUr'as having "active" roles in granting an honorable discharge to MaJ Irving Pereas Pettss Is the New York dentist whose career as a reserve Army officer came under investigation by McCarthy last year Perns dented to answer questions from McCarthy as to whether he had ever had subversive connections McCarthy called him a Amendment During the McGuthyArmy hearts McCarthy repeatedly referred to the case and demanded to know who was responsible for whft he termed the "promotion and honors Me discharge of this Fifth Amendment McCarthy announced that he and follow members of his Senate Investigations subcommittee had broken the seal on an envelope containing an Army report on the ac1 had been submitted tile Pentagon during the Me-rthyArmy hearings McCarthy said the list gave the wnes of "a foil general two major generals two brigadier genet-le three colonels two lieutenant BY DON WHITEHEAD WASHINGTON ID-On Aug 1945b at 8:15 an an atomic fireball flashed over Hiroshima Japan and 128150 people were killed Injured maimed or burned One bomb 78150 dead or dying 50000 Injured a city virtually wiped out and soon a nation forced to quick surrender by the appalling power of the atom But Hiroshima waa only the popgun phase of the young atomic age Nine years and 12 billion dollars later the popgun of Hiroshima had become a weapon so dreadful Lone'S? 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