Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1966 · Page 21
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1966
Page 21
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OMMMf 10 • 20 - 30 Years Ago By Molly MacDonald A weekly feature of by-gone days November 15, 1956 Dave Smith, commander of Hagg-Turner Post of the Legion, was named city clerk to succeed Ivy Scuffham who -had resigned. Pictured were a dozen Kossuth County kindergarten teachers at a workshop conducted by Mrs. Fidelia Kiilsholm. The teachers were Virginia Andre, LuVerne; Frances Deim, Lakota; Ethel Mom and Jo Ann Anderson Wesley; Adelaide Pingel, Lone Rock; Sybil Damgelser, Burt; Velida Brunis, Titonka; Conr stance Inglett, Ledyard; Betty Bnigetby, Fenton; . Min.nie Vaughn, Whittemore; Carmen Brandt, Swea City; Regifta Berens, Bancflbft St, Cecelia's basketball squad pkyed two quarters of exhibition ball at a cage jamboree at Pocahohtas. Leading the Algona attack were Cecil Sohilmoeller and Mark Seeley. Others -on. the A^team were Don. Froehlich, Dick Ristau, Warren Bebo, Jim Cink, John Hood, Paul Goecke, Dick Krammer, Pat Duffy, Bob Cink and Jim Erpeldirtg, The Hawkeyet had defeated Minnesota that week and the Old Goat and Main, Stem both mentioned, cautiously, the possibility of a Rose Bowl trip for Iowa. St. John Lutheran Ladies Aid of Fenton elected new officers: president, Mrs. Victor Strueck- er 1 ; vice president, Mrs. Harold Elmers; secretary, Mrs. Martin Ohm; treasurer, Mrs. Donald Berfcland. The Six Fat Dutchmen were to play the following week at the Legion llall in Bancroft. November 194« More than 200 licenses had beeft issued in the county to trappers. Some 4,120 traps had been set for Wildlife in the county. ' ; ' Under the headline "City Po> lice are Reported oil the Scent," ran a story beginning, "ithere have been no arrests as yet of the culprit who tossed a skunk' into the Algona police car, but it can be ;said the police arc o*i the scent;'* The curtain wet to go up on the AlgonA high school junior clans play the following evening. Included in the cast Were Roger Didricksen, Barbara Plait*, Raymond Schenck, Vida Lindhorst, Peggy FUchs, Makihe Relniers, SUe Hutchison, Wallace Mesing, Fred Hutzell and Robert Christiansen. The courthouse had grown too small and it was necessary tti rent, space elsewhere forgone of the offices. The siocia' welfare office was to move that day into rooms in the MeEnrde block formerly occupied by the Mbmy- er Abstract Co. Six 4-H club winners wer§ honored at a dinner at the Alg6na Hotel. They were Modelyn Klem- mo, Donald Martin, UiV«*ne, Dale Schroedef afld CafOlAnn Thompson, Lone Rock, Mil and Charles Albright, Algona. Harold Fritted*, AfftfttM at- totney, was elected ctounty chairman of the Red CftMs' Mrs. Eugene Murtagh was elected vice chairman, Mrs. Angus Cotton, Lone Rock, secretary, and Anna Buss, treasurer. Mrs 1 , W, J, Bttfcer entertained at a plrty for he* sorf Didt who celebrated his 12th birthday. Guests were Darrel Reid, %vid Long, Phil Andenton, Teiry and Douny Cook and Chuckle Steal. November 12, 1936 r 1 R. H. Miller, president of the Iowa State Bank, was to head a new county motor safety cdun* oil organized the week before. Vice presidents were Dr.'H. E. Woodward; 'Whittemore, 1 Antone Johnson'and Mrs. H.. Li Gilmore, Algona. O. S. Reiley was hahied secretary and J. D. Lowe, 'treas- Uter. .H. E. Rachut had been promot- ' " As I hove decided to quit dairying J will sell m y herd of Holsteins on the form located 4 miles south and 1 mile west of Algona, or 2!/2 mil es straight west/of Irvington or 7 miles north and 1 mile west of St. Joe, on •••• WED., NOV. 30th 34 HEAD 34 HOLSTEINS No. 14 Fresh November 4 with 2nd calf. No. 10 To freshen by sole day with 3rd calf. No. 13 Fresh November 5 with 2nd calf. No. 9 Due before sale day with 3rd calf. No. 11 Fresh November 6 with 2nd calf. No. 23 Fresh November 2 with 2nd calf. No. 25 Due before sale day with 3rd calf. V - • . * No. 4 Due before sale day with 3rd calf. No. 30 Due before sale day with 4th calf. No. 29 Due about sale time with 3rd calf. No. 39 Fresh May 1,1966,2nd calf, milking good now. No. 21 Due about first of the year with 4th calf. No. 7 Fresh in February. No. 8 Due about 1st of January with 3rd calf. No. 19 Fresh last April with 5th calf, milking good now. No. 12 Fresh last June with 2nd calf. No. 5 Due about sale time with 1st calf. No. 24 Due about sale time with 1st calf. 4 Springing 1st calf heifers. CV 10 Holstein heifers, 8 to 14 months old. CV 2 Holstein heifers, 6 months old. CV There will be about 8 Baby W.F. calves by sole time. This is a CV herd and now clean. TB and Bongs tested. i • . , " MILKING EQUIPMENT 9:30a.m. fed from vice president, to pfesl- ALGONA dent of the Burt Savings Mnk; He succeeded the late Dr. W. T, Peters. Roscoe Mawdsley wis new vice president. Joseph Harlo, P. J. Kohlhatt, G. R. Cook, Walter Lorenz, Matt ^ _ Seller and H. C. Hargfeaves at* Brownies, ( tended a meeting of Standard O^ 1 Scouts. Oil representatives itt Spencer. Entertainment included a vaudeville .show. Among the army reserve officers-meeting at Bancroft that week were Leighton Misbach, R. J. Harrington, P. A. Danson^ and L. S. Bohannon. The Rev. Joseph Dems was to toe installed as pastor of the Presbyterian church at Burt replacing Rev. S. H. Aten. A half-page ad revealed spite wonders of the about-to-be-unveiled 1937 Ford. Among the "things you'll marvel at" were two V-8 motors—60 horsepower aind 85 horsepower. From the Twenty Years Ago Column (1916) "McChesney, only democrat n the county office, was reelect edi Others reeleoted were E. H. Beardsley, auditor; Jos. Jenks. clerk; Claude A. Samson, sheriff; Agnes M. Laidley, recorder; S. D. Quarton, attorney; W. E. Laird, coroner. Henry C. Adams was elected state senator; T. P. Harrington, representative. 'A Methodist girls' glee club was to give an; operetta hi the opera house and members of the bast were Vinna Vincent, Kate Skinner, Nell Danson,' Mattie Dewel, Dorothy Danson, Rachel Davidson, Winifred MeFadden, Melve Bakke, Isabel Hutchison', Ruth Lindsay, Naomi Taylor; Marie, Wheeler," Lions club at Burt to have pancake day Burt—The Lions Club, will sponsor the annual Pancake Day, Saturday. The charge will be $1 for all adults and 75c for children under 12 years. Serving will begin at 10:30 a.m. and continue until 2:30 p.m. Serving will ADVANCERS THUHSDAY, NOV. H Mrs. Ruth Patterson was presented n pin f of 20 years of service tit Scouting. Theft* weie ing sessions for Brmvnies, Cadets leaders of and Junior COMPLltt CLC4INO OOt Dm to the Ittk<rt Dr. and Mrs. W. ft Hamstreet are spending some time in Burt And on business, Dr. and Mrs. Clapsaddle left the fiwt oPthc wefek ttit the winter at Fort Myersf, Fla., 2118 SteUA St Rachel, Mrs. Wrft. Gild^ ner, Mason City, drove their cak and Will return by plane. Kossuth RepubUcan Women's club invites all' interested "KJBBF en to the membership coffees. Interesting book' reviews and programs will be given at each party. Membership is open to all. Dec. 5, 2 p.m.', 'hostesses are Lulu Hawcott and Selina Clifton at their homes in Burt. The book "I Saw Red China" by Lisa Hobbs will be reviewed by Mrs. Joseph Skow, Wesley. . Michael Scott and Bruce Cranston delivered the gavel of the gavel must travel, Lions Club Pure bred misfelfrcow" M tf'Uffy l H«^*nation * 27, I960, fresh Octdber 8; t ' '*'' Holstein cow No. 12 to freshen Oec. 8th With. Sfli calf) Hoistein cow No. 29 to freshen Dec, 14th With 5th calf; Hoistein cow No. 3 to freshen fife, i§th;*ith Sth'calf j Holstein cow No. 10 to ffeshen'Dec. I§th Mh Bfn calf; Hoistein cdw No. 14 freshened NoV, 21 witfi'Sfd'calf; Holstein coW No. 24 freshened Nov. 12 with 2nd calf; Holstein coW No. 2 freshened N6V.18 with 4th calfs Holstein cow No. 4 freshened Nov. 2? with Sth calf; Holstein cow No. 25 to freshen Dec. 15 with 2nd calf; Holstein c6W No. 16 to freshen Jan. d with 4th calf; Holstein cow No. 20 to freshen Jan. 9 with 4th calf; Holstein cow No. 9 to freshen Jan. 18 with 4th calf; Holstein cow No. 23 to freshen Jan. 17 with'ittd Calf; Holstein cow No. 7 to freshen Jan 12 with 2nd calf; Holstein cow No. 11 to freshen Feb. 13 with 2 Sth calf; Holstein coW No. 8 to freshen hi January with Sth calf; Holstein cow No. 6 to freshen in April with Sth Calf; 5 Holstein yearling Hiefers open, vacc. '.'.-•'• 7 Coming yearling Heifers open, vacc. * -* •*«' MILK EQUIPMENT — Sunset 310- gallon bulk tank; Surge pump with pipe line and 1 h.p. motor; 3 Surge seamless'buckets. ^ tfU ^ 4 visitation between clubs, to Garner Nov. 16. C. B. Chipman returned Nov 10 from Mercy hospital in Mason City. The' Russell Chipmans', Cleveland, Tenn. came Nov. 13 and will visit at the C. B. Chipman home until after Thanksgiving. Goodwill truck will be in Burt Dec. 7. Leave material with Mrs J. L. Miller before that date. is'collecting cancell ed stamps and the coffee cou pons should be brought before Dec; 15. +«»»»»»e»e»e««»«»»ee»»»« FEED — 875 bales of Alfalfa Hay 3rd cutting, conditioned,'put up Without a rain. ' ' '*'"',' -H .'.*»... Auctioneers' Note: About % of these cows will be fresh by Sale Date, balance springing. T. B. and Bangs tested. Cows are^large in size. Don't forget'this is a forenoon sale*. — Wedel & Clark. Usual Auction Terms — Net Responsible For Accidents ' - No Property Removed Until Settled For ?; DIOK flUESHE, owiw Wedel A Clark, Auctioneers Farmers State Bank of Madelia, Clerk begin again at 4:30 p.m. and tinue until all are served in the Portland - • ' '•• ~.\ % Mrs. Victor Fitch eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mrs. Howard Spark's mother, Mrs. Guy Diniond, returned to Rochester Thursday, for a check up. ••• ;<. evening. The Lions club will use nothing good." the proceeds from this event to defray expenses for the year in club sponsored activities, which include 'the eye 'bank,! sijgfit W>Yi- servation, Boy Scouts, Christmas parly for all boys and girls of the community and shutins. The club also sponsors the annual Halloween Party and other worthwhile activities. Mrs. Victor Fitch and Judy attended a party in the home of Linda Meister, Thursday evening. About 20 other neighbors, friends and relatives attended. Mrs. Minnie Larsen and 'Mrs. Robert Boekelman, Titonka, visited Mrs. Dwight Ruse Wednes. day afternoon. ' "One does evil when one does SCHOOL ELECTION Election, for the board of education for the new proposed county area. Vocational and 'ommunity College will be held Dec. 29. One director from the Algona, Burt, LuVerne area will »e chosen for a 6-year term, domination paipers can be ot> tained at the Co. Supt. office. All nomination papers must be filed by noon, Dec. 9. Election will be held in each precinct, Algona, LuVerne and the Town Hall in Burt, Dec. 29. WOMAN HONORED Ruth 0. Patterson and Virginia Fries attended the North Iowa Council conference for leaders of G^rl Scouts at Hotel Hanford Mason City Nov. 15. The meet ing was from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m with smorgashbord at noon The address was by Robert Lux. PROBATES IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY N THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF A. J. KLOOSTER, Deceased. Probate No. 9040 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS '0 ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE STATE OF A. J. Klboster Deceased: You are hereby notified that oa the 9th day of November, 1966, the last will and estament of A; J. Klooster deceased becr- ng date of the 7th day of November, 958, was admitted to probate in the above named court and that Janice routman was appointed executor of said estate. Notice is further given that any action o set aside said will must be brought in he district court of said county' within one year from the date of th« second lubllcation of this notice, or thereafter je forever barred. Notice is further given that all persons ndebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against said estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance; and unless so filed within six months from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim shall thereafter be forever barred. Dated this 9th day of November, 1966. Janice Troutman Executor. Of said Estate Burt, lowp * : i.- Aridr»-;s Shumway, Kelly 8. Frisredt Attorneys for said Executor Alaona, Iowa Date of second publication 24th day of November, 1966. Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa Nov. 17 and 24, 1966. COMPLETE CLOSIHfl OUT AUCTIOM Due at the blacktop miles East of Armstrong'bn: ' THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1st • Lunch Wagon tn Ground* — Sale Starts at 12:30 p.m. 15 HAMPSHIRE FEEDER PIGS j?> .W 3 TRACTORS — f963 McCormick model 560 Gas tractor complete with Schwartz wide and narrow 1 front end, tractor cab,''-Wheel weights and radio"'(complete in every* way)? 1952 Oliver moflelt77 with hyd., wheel weights; Oliver model 60 tractor. »*• .1, POWER MACHINERY "'— Like new A-C model 72 combine? Hume reel, PTO, straw chopper; John Iteere 494 4-rcw corn planter with disc openers, and dry fert. with disc; McCorinick'2 M. E:-2-row corn picker with semi mounted grease bank;'John Deere, 4 rpw Rotary Hoe; New Idea model 504 manure loader with snow bucket; New Idea model 200 'manure spreader;'McCormick model 33 7-ft. tractor mower; Oliver 3 bottom 14 or 16 trip bottom'plow with large tail wheel; Terfehr v< 4 bottom stubble turner; ^IcCor- mick.lS'ft. 6",wheel tandem disc; New Idea 4>,bar side delivery rake;'John Deere lO ft. field cult.; McCormick model 10 C ham.- mer mill with PTO and auger; McCormick model 438 4-row cultivator with rubber gauge wheels; McCormick sub soiler; Trailer type weed sprayer; Humboldt stalk cutter; Oliver 2'bottom,plow; Winters stubble turner for above plow. * • OTHER MACHINERY — John Deere 50 ft. wide type undersling derrick grain elevator with PTO; 48 ft.''Kelly Ryan elevator;;Rubber tired wagon with 15" rubber and flare box; Rubber tired Wagon with 15" rubber with David Bradley 6 x 12 barge' box} New Idea 3 bar rake; 6 section harrow; 5 section Lindsay flex, harrow; No. 20 Grain-O-Vator; Overhead hoist; Rubber tired wagon with steel flare box; End gate seeder. Clay Silo Unloader for 14 ft. silo -—used to unload % of a silo. Plus — Miscellaneous — Buildings — Tools — Feed and FeeC Equipment — Household Goods. Usual Auction Terms — Not Responsible For Accidents No Property Removed Until Settled For WENDELL DITSWORTH ESTATE, owners JOHN DEERE DAYS NOV. 30 & DEC. 1 Two Shows Each Day Clerke & Clerk; Auctioneers — Swee City State Benk, Clerk PUBLIC AUGTION 1:30 & 7:30 Seors milking roechine and pipeline for 20 cows. 2 medium size Surge buckets, 1 old seam bucket TERMS; Cosh, or make arrangements with clerk before sole, No property to be removed un< til settled for, No} responsible for accidents should any occur, HAROLD M. SABIN, Owner _•___. " —^ . • • * M _ 1M • * - - A. M Auctioneers: Charley Quinn and lyle Bensen Clerk: Iowa State lank of Algona AT K.C. HALL, ALGONA • DOOR PRIZES REFRESHMENTS AT THE STORE Nov, 30th For Our Farmer Friends Doc. 1st For Our Farmer Friends & Our Town Friends • EVERYONE IS INVITED e> Come see why John Deer> is No. 1 in farm tractors and equipment. ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE "Your Farm Equipment Super Market" p.. Hvyy. 19 Algona, Iowa Phone 395-3561 Due to the recent death of Mr. Don Smith, will hold a public, auction on farm located 5 miles south of Madelia, Minnesota oh Highway 15, then 1 mile east; or 10 miles north of Truman, Minnesota on Highway 15 and 1 miles east; or 11 miles east of St. James, Minnesota on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 Sale Starting Promptly At 12 O'clock Noon De Von's Lunch Wagon On Grounds. LINE OF JOHN DEERE MACHINERY . '.| JOHN DEf REFRACTORS ,,;:. -^ ' cylinder, 3 point hitch, set of dual wheels and tires; weights. The accessories will all be sold separately. 1957 JD "70" Diesel, power steering, cylinder, wheel weights and chains, special 40 inch wide front end for wide track planting, set of 11.38 rims and tires, Heat Houser. Accessories will all be sold separately, 1949 JD "A", Roll-0-Matic, with hydraulic live pump, Heat Houser, wheel weights and chains, JD No. 50 loader with third arm, manure bucket, dirt bucket and snow bucket. Accessories will be sold separately. 1952 JD "B" with Power-Trol. JD Model "M" with 7 foot side mounted mower, cultivator and rear mounted field cultivator. OTHER MACHINERY JD 14-ft. wheel disc; JD tool'bar "field cultivator; JD No. 495 planter with fertilizer, disc openers, insecticide, and rubber press wheels; JD No. 490 planter, set for 36 inch rows for beans; JD 4 section rotary hoe; JD 4 row cultivator with high speed shields; JD truss beam 4 bottom plow with new coulters; JD No. 237 corn" ;; I picker; JD wide 44-ft. elevator, large chain; JD No. 12 field chop• • per with windrow attachment, also corn head and sickle h^d; JD *' sileage blower with 60 ft. pipe and stub hopper, lust ne^; JD "N" manure spreader; JD No. 16 stalk chopper with hood;' 2 JD No. 953 wagons with hoists and flare boxes; New-Bilt (made in Owatonna) silage unloading bflx with JD No. 953 wagon; 2 wagons with boxes and false end gates; 1 wagon with bale rack; other wagons; green chop wagon; 5 section Melroe drag with transports; 2 Bear Cat hammermills with hoppers and augers and PTO; trailer type sprayer with corn drops and plastic tank', hydra pump; McD 50T baler. Miscellaneous Items — 14 ft. Trailer House — Buildings — Tools and other items too numerous to mention. t PIGS — Some Feeder Pigs. FEED — 2,000 bales of hay and straw. Hay consists of Sudax well cured in hay she.'l; 30 tons of cornsilage in 16-ft. silo; 35 ton§ Q£ silage in 16-ft. silo. All year old silage. " ,,, TRUCKS AND CAR — 1957 Ford 2 ton truck with new Sch.wart* hoist and combination grain and stock box with double,' 1 '"' 1 ' loading chute and sides; 1953 Ford % ton trjiqk with 4 transmission; 1962 Ford 4 door car. Also household items and two guns. Usual Auction Terms — Not Response Ffr No Property Remove^ Until Settled For DONMJ) SMITH ESTATE, Wedel ^ K*hler, Auctioneer! Farmer* State Bank ef Madelia, Minn., €lerfe

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