The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 29, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1895
Page 5
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fttfc ALCKJJCA, 10WA,WED3rESfcAir, MAY 29, 1806. RED FIGURE SALE. l^rom May 20to Jtifrc 15 wC will .sell metis' • suits uncl boys' stilts at prices that will con- victicc most skeptical bnyetthatthe clothes crannot be bought for what we. ask for the stilt. There is money in It for you ito come quick. Know one will make such prices on ttno/trootU. The new price will bo marked in reel figures. Remember what we advertise we do. We have nn object for doing 1 it. NEW ENGLAND CLOTHING HOUSE. ; LOCAL MENTIONS, You will notice Studley's ad. Let us all be at the Decoration day Irvices tomorrow. -'••Win, Stockwell has sold his 80 east of Burt to a Mr. Sweitert. Surveyor Tellier has been up to Burt establishing a street grade. Of course Algona will celebrate. It will be a big celebration, too. £ The commencement of the Algona *• High School will be on the 14th of * June. " The jewelry firm of Dingley & Ptigh has put up a 876 sign in the form of an immense watch. It is great. The new library quarters have been handsomely papered and painted and are about ready for opening to the public. Judge Quarton's court is grinding out considerable grist of business, very little of which is of any interest to the public. The Christian Endeavor district convention is to he held in Algona, June H.J 18,19 and 20. It will be a large convention. The Methodists of this town will hold their third quarterly conference at the church Friday morning next, at 9 o'clock, The managers of the Burt band picnic are trying to arrange for a ball game between the Armstrong and Algona nines. Doxsee & Shaw have placed in the postoffice one of their new blue print maps of Algona. It is a fine specimen of map •work. It is the talk that it cost the LuVerne merchants $50 to get a combination of ball talent to stand an equal show for victory over Algona. H. Bancroft will soon have as many banks as Algona. C. R. Morehouse ' has decided to open up the third institution under that head. The principal oration to be given at the Odd Fellows celebration at Livermore next week Thursday will be by Secretary of State McFarland. • Benner & Robinson, of Wesley, are doing a thriving business in well boring. Anyone wanting a well should see or write to this successful firm. In response to the local demand, Miss Dodd has brought on a supply of Roberts' "Coin at School in Finance." The book in paper covers sells for only "^ 25 cents. 1 - The Burt Monitor has great expecta- '•>< tions. It expects that "some of these L,« Vw. -. Algona fellows are.making;- a fortune -~ • these days on wheat off that board of' trade." . ' ; " ... • ' Following close upon two weeks of steadily cold Weather, Monday and Tuesday gave us hot winds calculated to scorch a salamander. There is u need of rain. The regular meeting of the board, will convene Monday. If the board decides to divide the county into supervisor districts it will likely be done at the coining meeting. Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Finnell entertained a small party of friends at cards last Saturday evening in honor of Miss Cora Stillson and Isabel Tiss who were guests from Corwith. The proprietors of a merry-go-round had the cheek to establish themselves on 1 the block directly north of the sphool grounds yesterday. They were compelled to move away. • The Bancroft Register is authority for the statement that N. C. King, for- raferly of the Bon-Ton restaurant here "and later of the Phoenix House of Ban- c,rtoft will go to Oskaloosa to live. <VfWill Hall had a gold watch taken 'i'fom his vest pocket while setting up a •iponument in the Whittemore cemetery yesterday. There will probably ftte arrests made today. ^ County auditor Calkins and wife left for a visit with friends in Minnesota on Wednesday, They will probably visit in Illinois before returning. They are expected to reach home to-day or torjnorrow. Tne Odd Fellows will make Livermore their Mecca a week from yesterday. A through train will be run from Ledyard to Livermore to 'carry excursionists, of whom it is expected a large number will go, It amounts to about this, under the license which custom has sanctioned, that when the Algona nine challenges or accepts a challenge from a neighbor nine it must be prepared to meet the world or pay its own expenses, ,, pr, L. R,,B»ker, ofLjyermore, Cpun* Clerk pf l-lural)Qldt. and Patriot jretary pf the 04$ Fellows, is 4js-* Ibuting bills telling of the great I. O. ~ meeting of next Tuesday, 1 " He <ii* fi> hand got caught, and a big chunk was cut ancl torn out from the inside of his hand, right under his thumb. It \uis a bad accident. Six bright- new American citizens Were ground out of Judge Quarton's naturalization mill up to- Monday. Their names are Joseph Ludwig, Andrew Anderson, John J. Prosthus, Christ Jenson, Adam Rath, and Henry Laabs. The Wad of greenbacks picked up by J. L, Edmunds was finally identified by Addison Fisher of Riverdale .township. Any money lost in Algona will be carfully saved up for the owner. Do not be afraid to bring money to Algo- ua. There are eleven members of the hlijh school senior class this year, the candidates for sheepskins being Nellie Wallace, Edith Walker, Claire Gilbert, Belle Tellier, Elma Ramsey, Mary Williams, May Johnson, David Dormoy, Geo. Patterson, Frank Howard, and Claude Nicoulin. The LuVerne ball nine goes to Algona tomorrow prepared to "do or die" in a good cause. The team has been greatly strengthened since our last game ancl we predict that .drigoua will not have such a walk-a-way as they think they will.—LuVerne News. "Strengthened" was a good word. It is settled that the Second Brigade, which takes in the Algona Company of I. N. G.. will go into camp the first half of August. The location of the camp has not been settled, but it may be Fort Dodge or some town near at hand. It is suggested that the camp be shifted ten miles each day, in order to give the boys a taste of military life. F. L. McCoinb has secured one of the Covvles buildings, opposite the REPUBLICAN office, and is preparing to open up a laundry. The family are occupying the up-stairs at present. Mr. McComb will be in Chicago purchasing the machinery this week. It has been demonstrated that Algona is an excellent point for a laundry and it is not doubted that Mr. McCoinb will be entirely successful. Martin Owen, of Plum Creek, built a big barn last year. This season he is putting up a large, fine residence. He is one of many farmers all through thi region who are prospering steadily in spite of the hard times which prevail in less favored sections of the country Mr. Owen's brother-in-law, James Tuttle, built the barn last year and is now building the,residence. .Henry Eames, the pianist in the Re menyi company, was a school friend o: A. M. Shaw at .Corn til college. .Itwas w'liile Mr. 1 Eases'was 1 a 'student iii the Mt.Veruon institution of learning that he got his start in the direction of a musical career. He is one of the most accomplished pianists in the .country. Air. Shaw had a good visit with his old friend, who is interested ir wheie he is at while in Iowa. The new library room will be open to the public Saturday night from 7:30 to 9:30, and an invitation is extended to everybody to attend and inspect the new'quarters. It was suggested thai the rooms be dedicated formally, bui the committee wisely concluded that the general preference of the friends of the institution, in view of, the hot weather, would be a quiet opening without any fuss. Now that "Col." Sessions has announced that there are to be one to three new normal schools established next winter these is naturally a great deal of excitement, suppressed and otherwise. Was it not unkind to di vulge this thing just as the hot wealh er is coming on? We should say. Let us, however, keep on what top clothes we can for another week or two. Undoubtedly this is genuinely mean for a retraction. It is the statement o Geo, Schneider, the defendant in the Wesley stauder suit, and was' evident ly his own composition, George says '•It has proven now that the slande against Miss Ma*y Lickteig and John Mathias was a mistake of my little girl Eliza, I saw nothing myself, Hereb w then the whole rumor spread has it*} origin; and the honor of both characters I want hereby restored." And it is so ordered, Railroad Commissioner Perkins was in Algona for a few hours Monday while-enroutfi from Des Moines to Ma son City, where the full coramissior bad engaged to hold a seance the fol lowing day, The "Y" proposition was sprung on the unsuspecting Comrnis sionerand his sympathies were ap pealed to in that connection, as the only prospect for the town's getting any new railroad, He gave the assur anqe that if petitioned so to dp the commission would come up and try i again. ,, ,cj)$s.^jvJ£ygqn Panie back from th.e eonje out victorious in its legal scrim l»a(? e , with the. secession putflt. While at $w grand JQ%O .Mr. Byson had CPU tUis . with delegates from , > t&@ prppositipn gawp at OfcobpJJ for an enjoy' There are likely to be some changes n our corps of teachers with the open- ng of the fall term. Miss Coate has 3een continued, at a salary of $700 a renr. She is an accomplished teacher ind her retention was wise. Miss McCoy, who has clone good work with her (rawing classes this year, has been of- 'ered an increase of pay with a number of new branches, but .it is not <nown whether she will accept. Oth- r positions are in doubt, but the larg- r portion of the teachers are expected to remain. Algona had two high class musical ntertaintnents last week and one elocutionary and musical, and the total net receipts were $8.45. The Baptist Young People's Union had Aamold, with the local musical intercludes, and ileaied five cents above expenses. The Congregational Society had the great Remenyi Wednesday night with a first class pianist and soprano and $3.65 was their reward. Friday night the young people of the Epworth League "put on" Stella Stanton, an elocutionist of moderate performance, with home musical talent which rendered some line pieces, and took in $4.75 which did not :iave to be paid to the enterprising vocalist. The Remenyi concert was all that was anticipated, except in the minor matter of a surplus. The Anamosa absconding editor and Mgarnist was captured at Mankota a few days ago, where he was running a daily. He relates his wanderings af- ;er leaving Anamosa, and it seems that he passed through Algona, for in a published interview lie says, after telling of experiences at Webster City and Fort Dodge: "Was there a little over a day. and hit the Northwestern again, getting into Algona on a local freight. The town was so far from the railroad I thought I would die before I got there. I had twenty-five cents and told the landlord I wanted to stay all night. He was a German and I talked to him in German." This man Curtis is one of the sleekest hypocrites whoever disgraced the newspaper business He has four wives or more. Will F. Carlton, of Spirit Lake, Master of Twilight Lodge of Masons, was in Algona on Thursday last conferring in regard to the coming meeting of the North Central Masonic Association with J. R. Jones president of that organization. The last annual meeting of this association was held in Algona last June. The meeting this year will be held at Spirit Lake on Tuesday, the 25th of June, and the present outlook is for a gathering of great interest to members of the fraternity. The exercises will be held in the Auditorium on the Chautaqiu grounds in the afternoon, and a fine entertainment is to be provided for the evening, and a steamer ride is in con ternplation. Railroad excursions wil be so run that the return trip on the Milwaukee and Burlington roads can be made at the close of the evening program. C. A. Smith is arranging n. racing program to be given on the fair grounc on the 3d and 4th of July. His bills, are not out yet, but he says that ho will put on first class races, and besides outside horses he will have Kos suth, IdaM. and Giidersleeve, of the northern part of the county. These races have no connection whateve wiih 'the public celebration of thi Fourth. At the public meeting it was decided to have no races and not to go to the fair grounds. Mr. Smith, how ever, is the lessee of the grounds undei the driving park association, and as i private enterprise solely, he has a right to have a meeting any time he likes There will be no races in the forenoon of the Fourth. The public celebration was arranged for before it was known what llr. Smith's plans were, and it will be carried on just as if there were no Smith. People who prefer to pay in to see the races rather than see i first class free ball game, can do so We can be perfectly independent and regardless on that day. This Is Very Nice. It is safe to declare that last week the Wigwam rceired the most elegan surrey that has ever been seen in thi: section. It is as finely finished as a pi ano and is painted partly a deep green black and partly a jet black, and the decorations are in gold. A great many have been in to admire the beautifu vehicle, and all are surprised to fine that it is for sale for only $165, The Wigwam has a large line of carriages buggies and light wagons, SOCIAL UNION PROGRAM. Friday evening, May 31st.—Music Misses Randall and Helen Starr; Pap er, The relation of the people to the en forcement of the law, Rev, Kennedy Paper, The negro question in some o its present phases, Miss Durant; Music Miss Edith Bowyer; Paper, Copsump tion, its causes and means of preven Keneflck: Vocal solo, Mis: L, B. WATERS, Com. •7.^ ; Q^^TiiyTH§, pp WFB«- ->•- rbf;|C.ThO{naSjCh.Urc,b^lje ,. The nature of Gpd; The nature of The lost fellowship; The devine rem e4y; The source of life; Realized son sbjp, These sermons will be fleUyerec at morning services on Sundays at o'clock beginning Sunday, June 2nd, best OH earth, a , Al kSMt^Si^ww'- KyV^UKM^i'^WIi <*i-/Jt* H 5 -'"-..M tf /Y You Can For Yourself i—r i—r That this is no ordinary Road Wagon, but something elegant. THE WIG-WAM is having a big run on Road Wagons this Spring, and just now has a finer stock than ever before. CALL AND SEE Wilfrid P, Jones, The Wigwam, ALGONA, IOWA. ALGONA VS. "LU VERNE." Algona Loses in a Good Base Ball Game Against LuVerne—Score 3 to 4. Last Saturday a large crowd gathered at the fair grounds to see the ball game between Algona and LuVerne. It was a fine day for ball and everybody was satisfied that they got a quarter's worth of amusement out of it. The LuVerne nine was composed of two men, their battery, from Forest City, one from Estherville, three from Livermore, one from Fort Dodge and only two from LuVerne. The game was set for 2 o'clock, but the LuVerne boys were expecting a first baseman in from Minneapolis or somewhere and so the game w:is delayed until 2:45. The men were in the following positions: Algona. Phclps Wilkinson DellCovell Ray Will Govell Cowan.,. • Salisbury Hunt Raymond LuVerne. Isaacs Chillson Eells Langdon Sage McMlllen :"• Craft 'Mousy ShQppard Pos. C. P. S.S. 1st «. 2nd 3J. 3d B. L. F. C. F. The above shows that all our nine were present and playing their regular positions. The battery for LuVerne, Isaacs and Chillson, both from Forest City, did some good work and that was about all the good wprk done on -their side. .Algona went to bat first and failed to. make first base and LuVerne went in and made two runs on a fumble. -The next three innings were "goose,,eggs" for both sides and in the the fiftii each nine made one score. No more tallies were made until the eighth inning when LuVerne made one more,. making the score four to one in their favor. ..In the ninth Raymond and Phelps each ran in and changed the score to 3 to 4 in favor of the visiting nine. It was undoubtedly one of the best games ever played here and though it was hardly "square" for LuVerne to run ip'so many outsiders, it was expected that they would do so. When LuVerne first came on the field, each dressed in a different colored suit and almost each suit representing a different nine, you could see it shining right through said suits that they expected to walk right over our nine as bad as purs did over them two weeks before. We want them to understand that we can show them a close game even if they want to go to Kalamazoo and back for players. Our nine is playing good ball this year and it is universally acknowledged they put up a better game on the whole than the others did, who make a business of playing with any nine that gets snowed under so bad that they have to raise money among their merchants to hire somebody to help them win the return ga.ine, There were a good many trav' eling m.§ju jn," the crowd ancl one of them, talking^jfeli Pur repprter, sajd that he cQuld ,f JP F %1,. who, it? ws ' playing against*Sigon>,' afe part -bf 'the crowd were shouting for. LuVerne and part for Forest City. Our bpys, all played well, Hunt die] some gq,od liattingi Salisbury made two three-bag gers, Raymond caught every* thing in, sight and the double play by Wjlkingpn, p^eips and Ray was "i«r pjnse, r! /QneQf the amusing things was wheii the £uVerne battery a»cl umpire ^§re haying a little argument d theiejh.e,r \& the ball in his they ha4 and the,pitejh.e,r U5*P\M WWif ,*VHS«V ¥««* ¥i»5V wiv* *«** peiiCuYSU-on $rst w<\ when they Jpp.keci s^unsj u,e was. on thira, iuwng quietly $TO§4, arpjiu4 there a»<i be was lUst'tYvrmdavirtP JJQWf ftiapy Steps Jt We want to'suggest that if they want' any outsiders to help them they would do well to confer with Manager Hugh Smith, of the LuVerne team, who has got it down to a science. Our kid nine played the Burt kid nine the same day and beat them 40 to 16. The kids are all right and will keep up the reputation of Algona after the members of th e present older nine are all married and settled down to tell their children stories about how "we almost skinned the whole north half of the state of Iowa in one game." PERSONAL MENTION. Reporter: Charlie Witham, of Algona, was in Emrnetsburg, Tuesday afternoon, and went out to the range and watched some of the boys shoot. He is one of the crack shots of Co. F, of Algoua. Mrs. Lew F. Robinson, of DesMoiues has been visiting Algona friends for a few days. She returns to her home tomorrow. Mrs. J. T. Chrischilles is visiting, relatives and friends in Lansing this week. Mr. and Mrs. Heal, C. H. Walker, C. E. Jones and Miss Pettibone came up from Wesley Wednesday evening to attend the Remenyi concert. Rev. E. L. Stevens, of Woolstock, was in the county several days' last week. He was in Algona Wednesday evening. Will F. Carlton, of Spirit Lake, was in Algona Thursday. Those from Algona who attended the Congregational Association at Spencer were Mrs. Mary Vincent as delegate and Mrs. J. E. Stacy. Mrs. C. D. Pettibone, Mrs. Wilkinson and Mr. and Mrs. M. Starr. Col. Thos. F. Cooke has decided upon that trip to Europe for himself and wife and has already engaged passage in the White Star steamer Germanica They will leave here June 10th and. will attend the C9mmencement exercises of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, before sailing, Miss Bertha Hancock being one of the graduates. Rev. Rome S, Walker and family returned to their home at Belvidere, 111., on Friday. Rev. and Mrs. Walker have two boys, one of whom is three years old and-the other fifteen months. Editor Will Smith, of the Webster City Journal, was, in Algona on Saturday. . Embroideries, white goods and laces at Setchell <& Setchell's. Try our Club House corn and toma- oes, LANGDON & HUDSON, a- A, M, <& G, M. Johnson have just got in another fine lot of two-seated surreys. Come early and make your choice. •' -' . • Pure maple sugar, 1895 make, at Patterson & Son's. A few nice seed potatoes yet at the Opera House Grocery, On May 21st and June Uth. the Northwestern line (C, & N. W, Ry.) will sell excursion tickets at very low rates to a large number of points in the west and northwest. For full information apply, to agents, Chicago ^Northwestern wall way. .. . you aQo't Inow what"you'ye~n}jssed, Chester White Boai' for sale. 35 tf F. M, STACY, I am prepared to give baths, either plain, eleQtriP, sifo salt^gjows, spray, PS? PQ«I', wj|h. manage and other treat- went, CtafueTnesclays and Thursdays agee> for iQpffle au4 see, A SIGNAL STATION TOWN. Vindicator: Estherville is to be signal station. The goverment f nishes the instruments and signals and" the oificials at the division headquarters will make observations ancl display the signals. A flag pole will be raised over the depot, from which the signals will be displayed. Ladies of the Congregational church will meet at the home of Mrs. J. M. Cowan Friday, May 31, at 3 p. m. ;The principal features of the meeting will be a report of the meeting, at; Spencer by our delegate and a report; of the home work for the year ending • April. 1895, by our secretary. COM. Sit'up Straight on Your Bicycle.. There is absolutely no reason for- stooping over the handles in either of the two ways so commonly seen— and there is no excuse for so doing — in ordinary road riding. It may be necessary for the "scorcher," when engaged in "scorching" to assume the one or the other of these autitudes— to sprawl with the body straight but almost horizontal, and the head close to the handle bar, or to bend the upper part of the back as. if trying to break it in its middle, and throw the shoulders forward as if desiring to make them meet across, his breast. Even so— one who is not "scorching" does not need to make himself a hideous object to look at, andi also to reduce the benefits of wheeling to a minimum, so far as its effect oa- the chest capacity is concerned.— from-. "A Doctor's View of Bicycling," by J. W. ROOSEVELT, M.D., in the Juue-- Scribner. HOUSE POE SALE in Algona. F. C. Tubbs, Burt, Iowa. 34-36 A GOOD BUSINESS POE GOOD LAND. Will exchange a good general store in a first-class town in northern Iowa, that will invoice $10,000, for good smooth land which must be practically clear; information will be furnished by C. H. Seeberger, care of Carson , Pirie, Scott & Co., Chicago. 34-37 We want to buy 100 cases of eggs this week at lie per dozen. PATTERSON & SON. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. WANTED— An energetic young man to travel and sell goods to the -trade; highest commission or salary, A new scheme and a good seller. Add'ress with stamp, CHAS. A, ROBINSON & Co. Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. 35-39 A Daily Paper for the Partners, The DesMoines Daily News has become a penny paper and is much improved. It is just the thing for every farmer as it gives all the news and the markets. Price $2 a year, $1 for six months, 50c. for three months strictly in advance. Send for free sample copies. Address, THE NEWS, DesMoines, Iowa. _ Pw»L aiyi %1 Brand Tea to 1 sale PP.* Jy ty^aSHM? jBnuk'ijW r OUR ,..,„»,*» •:• •^'•c^^'^'^^^^ is * -. » * *" r i- * ^&r'T3s&*' t *3f '' ^^' •- s"~'? t 7rT>? n ^'»iSi#5->Si*;*»®B :•••.' •f * A .KT-'^sfei'M'^Sf / •'• - 'U »''V^r$.$in fSffifrof 1

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