The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 22, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1895
Page 8
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''"'"' "'" " "' " ' ~" '' '' New Wrappers, Shirt Waists, Silk Waists. Silk Mitts, ALSO- To Close Out Cheap. BANCROFT NEWS. . ..BOOK . On liberal c'omtriissldri.or 011 . salary of 840 per month. Some agents making: Sioo per month. Good chance. Write to'.or Sec A. McClintock. stnte atrr-p.t, Britt. Iowa. Cut tin's out, es it may not, appear again. To the Ladies of Bancroft and Vicinity: I have a new stock of Millinery, including all the Latest Styles in Hats, Bonnets, Flowers, Laces, Trimmings, and in fact anything that is usually found in a first-class millinery store. An experienced trimmer will do all the work in the most approved fashion. BANCROFT. IOWA. Mfg. iJas. Taylpi Chicago A Novtli- Western NOHTli SOtITU Mixed ____ ..... oilam Mixed .......... 507pm way freight ____ Jl 4;iiim way freight — 8 15am passenger ...... 4 ospm passenger .. ..205pm BANCROFT, I A., MAY 22, 1895. Conducted by J, A. FRECH. THE ME1H HROUNQTHCP»NEI.SHOW OWTHEFENCtltMAOE. stone Fence BANCROFT LOCALS. Decoration Day will bo bettor observed this year in Bancroft than ever before. In the morning there will be a parade to the cemetery by the G. A. R., S. of V.< and -I. O. O. F. in full regalia, 11.1. Brayton will be. Marshal of the day. The graves of all soldiers buried lit the Bancroft cemetery will bo decorated. In the afternoon there will bo suitable exercises at the Opera House and lion. Samuel Mayne will bo the principal orator. Wo will publish the full program next week. All hail 'to veterans of the Grand Army. . . WILL HOLD . . or Alligator, -SOLD BY- Thc Kossuth County Teacher's Convention met here in the school house last Saturday, and the attendance and interest manifested were splendid. About 70 teachers were present and also quite a number of visitors. The subject discussed in the morning was "The Difficulties in Teaching Grammar," and tho discussion was a lively and profitable one. Just before noon the question of Uniformity of Text-books was brought up and it was decided that uniformity in text-books would be a good thing. After noon the teachers were left free to suggest a topic for discussion. Prof. I'.yers suggested that tho subject of child study be discussed, and there was quite a long discussion by the teachers on one side and Supt. Reed on the other, as to the profitableness of such study. Supt. Reed claimed that the faculty of understanding children was largely intuitive, while the teachers 1 -claimed that ifrco'uld be acquired and improved upon. Several visitors also took ptti-t In the discussion. Tho convention was?- 1 entirely successful and wo hope the 'teachers may soon meet again in our city. :ias. Hi! has been the mannper of the Sen- Co-operative Creamery for several vears and is an expert at butter making, ind has commanded excellent wages as such. The bride was also brought up in and near Bancroft and is one.of Bancroft's most charming young ladies. The newly married couple will at once go to housekeeping in rooms at Hans Anderson's, near the Seneca creamery, and the best wishes of Bancroft go with them. .PLUM ,CREEK, . I'J.UM GtiKKK, Maj' 21.— Win;- Siabenow. a cousin of Harrison Wui'ner, '1'! out from Stepheiisou county, Illinois, visiting*' The longer he stays the better lie likes it, aiid he may bo induced to make Kossuth county his home. . , .' . Grandma Warner'was 84 years old tho 17th of this month. She is in quite feeble health at the present time. Win: Stabonow is laying tile for A. 'L. Seeley. He is likely to have all th'e work in this lino that he can do, as ho is an experienced tile man, and there is likely to be considerable tile laid in th,e neighborhood this season. Fred Miller has about completed laying tile. Ed. Simpkins has liiUl his residence painted and it is now as beautiful a homo as there is on the prairie. Jacob Altwegg has been making extensive additions to his residence. Fred Holmau was up at Center Chain lakes last week. He caught over 300 iish inalittle while. It is a groat place for fish. , . Mrs. Pangburnwas down from Elmore last Saturday. Tho wind tore Mr. Rice's new wind-mill all to pieces. It was one he put up to replace the one. destroyed by the cyclone last year. W. L. Eohn has put up a wind-mill to ornament his place. We still have a nice assortment of Jap. Silk Handkerchiefs, white and colored, which we are selling almost as CHEAP AS LINENS Don't You Wan't Some? Louis and John liable were visiting friends in llobart last Sunday. • > .•/ Philip Wander ;and . David' Browse, of Fairmount) Iowa, are hero for the summer. They arc doing carpenter work. The hail storm has done some damage to the oats. .:..-, THE COUNTY AT LARGE. The Wesley Catholics, visiting priests, observed the anniversary of the death of Edward Kunz'by sermons on purgatory and masses for the dead, and afterwards the priests and choir partook of a bountiful repast prepared by the widow. Germania Standard: Rev. Wortman and family, of George, Lyon county, is spending a few days with his brothers, Chas. and August Wortmann. He will leave for Pittsburg, whore he. will attend the general assembly of tho Presbyterian Society. DECORATION DAY EXCURSIONS. .On 1 May 29 iitul;80, the Northwestern line wiirsell '.excursion tickets :tit reduced rates.' For tickets and full information apply to agents. Chicago & Northwestern 'll'y. HKPOKT OF THE CONDITION OF THK First National Jt>clIlKL j^^MMiflL. 9999 OF; ALGONA, IOWA, At the close of business, May. 7, 1805. Here We Are! WITH A .... ! ^ Fresh Line of Groceries, SCANNED GOODS, DRIED FRUITS, ETC.iN* WJ5 HAVE JUST KECEIVED A New Pattern in Queensware--"Vic's Gilt," We also carry a full line of Glassware, Crockery, JEtg. Try a, sack of the best Flour m Algona—WMllJi. PFARL. Call and be convinced that we sell goods as cheap as any firm in town. BUTTER AND EGGS WANTED. PATTERSON St SOU. Republican Club Rates! The Republican and State Register, . $1.85 The Republican and Inter Ocean, . . $1.85 The Republican and N, Y. Tribune, . $1.85 OP /FEMALE PISEASE5\ .——•••MMnvHPi ii »• I«IP H*»**P^*"P*W^*W^*P'^^W^W^^^^^^^^*—-"'"-'"'" lAlflfi^ ' '-iMs i-Jiaiaple bow® usandu o£ a£as«»"d wozaoa aye ioa-esll to HieaBCIa ovcry yeas', It zec.ia >jinemiS<TnaI irrcgHlaz-itieB a wiaJft* KieairJy nil women s««« AKlt yonar drH5J55' Chattanoogalifedieine Co.: i 1 hove bfcea ft great euiferei' ?»«> raulo troubles for six years, ana spe « much money for treatment• vitb UtWe f benefit. T'.vo bottles of M«,EJree' 9 W*ft| L wf Owdui tiuod lately has do good than it att, Mrs. M. J. llcv. Kennedy of .Algona. preached at thoM. E. church morning and evening and had good si/.ed audiences. All were highly pleased with his sermons. Rev. T. S. Colo will deliver tho Memorial Day sermon at tho Baptist church next Sunday afternoon. A bright little girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Smith last Monday morning. Henry does not case whether he gets the job of superintending tho water-works now or not. A negro minstrel show did our town yesterday. Thos. P. Kelly has moved into tho C. H. Gray residence in South Bancroft, and H. O. Bruer and family arc back in the res- taiiraut. U. H. McKinnon and family have moved into their now residence in the' north port of town. Two good residences for rent cheap. See J. A. Freeh. Tho corner stone of tho now Seneca Lutheran church is to be laid tomorrow and among other articles a copy of tho REPUBLICAN is to be placed therein. Bancroft is to bo on the lino of tho telephone system. Tho only thing Bancroft lacks is a good creamery and electric lights. Rev. Cole returned Monday morning from Algona, where ho held services. For hail insurance or any other kind of good insurance, see J. A, Freeh. Mrs. Juliana Wladarz, who lives near Joe Doloschal's west of town, fell heir to a largo sum'of money by the death of a relative in Hungary a few days ago, C. E. Mallory was over from Buffalo Center last Monday on business, Bancroft ought to have a creamery that would knock tho spots oil'of any in the county.t. ., G. C. Ostrander is expected down from Anoka, Minn., in a few days on a mission of business and pleasure. We notice by an Algona paper that theii tall nine is expected to beat the Armstrong nine next, They will have to get up earlier in tho morning than ever before, i they get more than four scores in a game with Armstrong. The new spire on the Catholic churcl looms up and improves the looks of tho church very much. C. W. Goddard is attending court lit Al gona as a juror. ; Married—At the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mi's. John.Swansou, 01 Friday evening, May 18, by Rev. T- fe ' Cole, pastor of the M. E. church, Mr, Au gust Johnson and Miss Edna Swanspu About 85 guests, mostly relatives and iu timato fvionds were present and witness^ the ceremony. August ha| lived iu auc jioar Bancroft since ea,r]y boyhood,' and i would bo havd, to «n|l a young m%u wli has as many i'donds^u^JUs vicinity as li WESLEY. ,KY, May 11.—Hammers are ringing all over town. There has been no such stir of building operations for some years, and more is to come. The plans and specifications for tho State Bank building are already in tho hands of builders. This will be a handsome two-front brick two stories high, and the work will begin soon. Bostrack has taken possession of his fine now rurniture store, and ho has put a stock of goods in it which does the town as well as the dealer, credit. Bostrack has as fine furniture sets as can be found in any country store. The town school closes May 31st, and then Prof. Barslou and family will spend a month in Wisconsin or Colorado and try to recuperate. • Tho young son of Zenos Tryon, six years old, died Friday at 3 o'clock. , He was a bright boy and liked by. everybody. It is thought that with proper attention he might have been brought, through all right. G. W. Eddy was honored by the State Encampment by an election as alternate elegate to the National Encampment at t. Louis, next September, and it is oxpec- ed he will attend. Dr. Kinney is off to his old Canadian ome, and it is rumored that ho will not eturn alone, WESLEY, May 31,—And still the cold .ightsi continue. Nevertheless, tho rich, ertile soil of Iowa, which.has not its equal n tho earth, will yield a bountiful har- 'cst. With tho improvements that are going on in all tho towns of old Kossuth, I udpe the good old times are coming again. Mr. Sanford has opened up a flour and eed store in tho Kuna building. A store of his kind was needed. A good many of our citizens went to Al- ;ona to-day to attend court, A few words in regai'd to what came iear being a case of murder in tho second degree, and I believe so considered by most of our people, which was enacted in our town in part last week. A so-called Christian Scientist took charge of a bright, joautiful siX'year-old boy, and for throe days deprived that child of all that was dear to him on earth, his father and moth" or, and sat by his bedside with no more humanity or feeling than a piece of steel. FBNTQN, FKNTON, May 81.—.J, B, Davis is giving his buildings a good coat of paint which makes a groat improvement in their appearance, Arthur Moore has started to work tho roads with a road grader. Ho is doing a nice job. Mrs. Will jenks was visiting friends in Lotts Lotts Creek last week. A. Ilayenga, the road boss, is looking after the roads and is Using t hem In lino shape. Mn'Stale?, i'athwof AmU'ew Staloy, is visiting in these parts, fie is from Pitts* burg, Pennsylvania. A, P. Peterson is putting u nice cellar under his house now, lie is putting in a stone wall. Germania Standard: This town is in- ciusasiug rapidly in' tho business circle. The creamery will open in a week or two and blushing with an immense amount of work. Mr. Jo.lin Morch, of Story City,has bought this institution and is now preparing for the opening, by cleaning, adjusting and working up a list of customers to start with. The" outfit is of the latest make, and can do as good work as was ever put before the public, '.!•••••;• • LuVerno News! Our people were greatly surprised last evening to see tho old gentleman Downs step off of the 5 o'clock train accompanied by a newly wed wife. He had been away for about two weeks but no one thought of his bringing home a bride. He was married May 15,1S95, at Anoka, Minn., to Mrs. Harriet M. Mc- Koeu, Rev. Pringle officiating. The ceremony was of a private character, but few relatives and friends being present. After tho ceremony the happy couple took the train for Minneapolis, and from there came direct to.LuVeriie. Mr. Downs has a comfortable.home to welcome his bride to. His many friends wish them .both long life and happiness. Bancroft Register: Mr. B, Amelsberg, 11 miles east of Bancroft and well known to all as one of German township's most respected and prosperous old settlers, died very suddenly at his home last Saturday. He had returned a short .while before from Germania,'and after chatting for a short time with some visitors remarked that he must be doing his chores. He wont out to tho barn, but returned almost Immediate- to tho house, and sat down on a box, and an instant later fell over dead. He appeared in perfect health and had made no complaints whatever, his death evidently resulting from heart disease or apoplexy. The funeral was held on Wednesday, the remains being burled in the German cemetery, • A capital program is promised at tho veterans' reunion at LeMars, Juno 31st, Col, Wattorson will deliver his lecture .on Abraham Lincoln, and Gen, Prentice and Congressman Lacy will bo among the speakers. There will also bo a band con- tost. IlESOUKCES. Loans sind discounts ......... Overdrafts, secured and unsecured ........... ....... U.S. bonds to secure circulation.... ................ . Premiums on U. S, Hoiuls.. HmikiiiK-hoiiSH Furniture, and Fixtures- .......... ... Due from Nat'l Banks (not Keserve Agents).:.; ..... Due from approved Itoscrve • Agents ...... .'...... ..... . Oliecks and other cash items Notes of otlier Nat'l Hanks. Fractional paper 'currency, nickels, and cents'...... '.. L'iiwful- Money .Keservo In Hanlc viz : Specie ................ ..... Legal tender notes ........ Kedemptlon fund with U. S. Treasurer (5 per cent, of circulation) . i ............. Siol.clS.34 J.' 1,000,00 . 1,050. uo 24,504.00 20.214,90 180.80 5,048.00 103.SU • fi.332.OH 3,028.50 4,000.00 7.0'JS.ffO 085.00 Total .''. LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in Surplus fund ; Undivided profits National Banknotes ontetuiul .i5104,023.2(i 50,000.00 0,800.00 1,795.10 11,700.00 iiij; Individual deposits sublect to check '. .. 70,070.00 Pemnnd certill'tesof deposit 3,052.10 Time deposits /. 20.000,00 03,723.10 Total .'.<..: i$!U4,02il.20 State of Iowa. County of Kossuth--ss. I,- Win. K. Ferguson, Cashier of the abovo named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to tlifi best of my knowledge and belief. ' WM. 1C. FKUGUSON, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to, before me this I5th day of May, 1895. . .I.-W. HAV. CoiutKCT—Attest: '•' Notary Public. , AM1WOSK A. OAIAt, ) D. H. HUTCHINS, >Directors. F. U. VKSI'BB. i i). SIMPLIFIED J&QOUTJOE, A new book, bearing the above title, by Edwin Gordon Lawrence, teacher of elo- aution and director of tho Lawrence School of Acting, has just been issued, Simplified Elocution is a comprehensive system of vocal and physical gymnastics; it contains explicit instructions for tho cultivation of tho speaking voice and gesture; directions for the production of breath, sound and speech, and a thorough explanation of the muscles) and organs employed; rujos for articulation, modulation, emphasis and delivery: postures and movements of tho fecit, body, arras,' head, eyes, etc, To the treatise is added a Complete Spoaker, consisting of si)leeti9ns in poetry, and prose suitable for recitation, which,as the author says in his introduction, ''are not chosen on account of their new ness, but from thoii intrinsic merit and their adaptability as exorcises." . The work is designed for the especial use of teachers, actors, students, collouQS. schools and all those who wish to perl'eet themselves in' the noble art of expression The baok, which contains 333 pages, .. handsomely bound in cloth and gold, and will bo sent sosurely packed °» vewiptot $1, postage free. (Now York; pu by the author, 100 West -lad street.) WANTKR-—To employ a Jiicjy or gentleman to aot u$ any general flgf nust Vw » Hu&Uev an(J '^le t Q ' ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE of TRAINS CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AND 8T, PAUL, LOCAL TKAIN BAST. No. 2 passenger, , I0:22am No. 4passenger (i;00pin No. 70 freight carries passengers., • 8-;4Q p m No, 94 freight carries passengers... l :45 p m Q.OINO WBST. No. l passenger .,...,...,...., 9 ;1C a m No, o passenger ,.,.4:24 pro No, 05 freight carries passengers... 5 :30 a m No. 71 freight curries passengers,,., 8j40pm No, 93 freight carries prssengers 11 :55 a in Chicago & North western K'j. GOING NORTH AND WBST. Passeugor 8:l8&m Passenger 3;32pm Freigit 9:30am Freight Jrt&pm GOING SOUTH ANU BA8T. Passenger 3:l?pm Passenger o ;0 7 pm Freight .. 9!30»m Freight.,, 2 s62 p in Passeagers arrive in Chicago 7 ft. m. and », m. Arrive in J)es Molnes7 :50 and H ;30 p. m. How to Make Farming Pay, •Purchase a cheap farm with fertile soil where the climate is free frpro extremes of heat and colds where there are no blizzards, droughts or Cyclones, close to the great Eastern markers where profits will not be eaten up by transportation, ' Such farms are found only w ginia along the C. & 0. Railway, For descriptive catalogue add K C, B, RYAN, Ass't Q, P. A., C, & ; P*; Railway, Cincinnati, 0, '" 4 ' 1 ' r«Y«? * ",/p |ipm?--^^| $F~ "' . BaUvy $50 pjey , A, , «• . t , v .^^^.^&'J'^':A^£iA/''

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