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Sun-Journal from Lewiston, Maine • 12

Lewiston, Maine
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irtv --m mm A fi-t to AUTHORITIES ACRE tOXT MAMONUSAfiE I tmc cssT And safest it4i wjiaw4 fVfSmfy -''I RV 2S- Stri ---V W- ritagardfca lb 'JWI diamonds 4M Mti NH a kN MT Mtoctl0a that'B UnMiMi A-- GivBaxterSent Bouquet of Roi to OWomanin MameUtar Noraineds of Ca cases 3f CH-r -i a pay all my My ling -and credit will bfr Iherefiy in-! ni build up my: bank aoount to ii nice sifdiidi -i-' OurprfoM poaalderattoa'' 1 i 9 OTjrHAWtODAY btcrest Paid from Dttg of Deposits I 1 1 a-i I i-yit fry i i H-V UnfM tumii FALLS MBCHANH) sias-l FALLS UWMt taiu report (dll malar) Bortou polio report' Boatah police haadquai)erd ftoihaa early Apart Lntc news iNiiMtr MMi OWiff OmM rMVUSSt A an av KdWi Ela Itmt i wHMft Balk U(Mn C1t lull Ctabu UftMM CKy Hall Lincoln County Deputies Made Good Haul of Wet Goods HtjlffMC era Mkt In Hell flhrtaa Clatt at pCeraTsmpIqi I I JX t--lefn Cocsn Cla i I 141 1 VBA Dora fixkhab Of PortKeai itat Woafea of Maine Legtslatare Thi la tha haul rseantty mad at Georgs A house la' Booth-bay Deri Zlth- Two homes hod a hard pull with it from Boothbay just beyond Bridge to the Court house In' Wlacacset The libel aaya barrels of elder four k(gs of beer three Jugs of Count 'em Thera was olio a large amount of hopa tunncio measures tubing -etc From left tp right arc Melvin Grcenlcof of Boothbay Deputy finerllf Alfred Huston of Damar-iacotta and Deputy Sheriff Daniel Pago of Wlacaacet Mr Page haa news Woop itarkrt a weak-Jj rter tha wool lhdnatry py th Oommorclol Bulletin af Boa- ton Evening Fatally Cl role conducted by tho Tooth's Companion Tho Child Too Tauag for Burton a Welcome Junior ds-partment American Red Crons Selections by th PhUllpa- Broth Rtehnrd Phillips manager AUeg Kuan-mnul pianist Th two brother jMv play alx aaxaphonea 'AtaJM "Jpat broad oast from tha American Boy Bognglno Comment or requestsd Concert by tho Phllllpa Brathars Saxaphona Bextdt Thursday Jan 4 110 Music on tho Brunswick and thicker lng Amploo 1010 Offlolal Now England and ocokn: fore cast 8 Weather -2 Bureau (gg maters) Market openings oa dreaeed manta Federal Bureau of Agricultural Economics Bualo on the Cmaering Am- Pico and Brunswick' ljl-M fcstey-Reed organ radial Lewis Dunham organ: tat 110 tr fl official weather foroeaat (411 motors) Agrlogramr from S' Department pf Agrteulturs (411 motors) Noon market condition on butter and eggs Boston farmers produce market report (tig meters) Cl If "Romo uf iirtr tr iMA(Mn(i ONitr Hrti Jaltot x- M' hlsnk Batch Usov- IIqM natter AM's Aabars-ii-u-ii ifek ll-Bli litliloa Dollar ril Rirtrrr tMcata Empire Minstrel mum jkfti AlleJ-vGaok of Portland baa maWUki at tha home of Rob- Roscoe Staples Oxford Republican 35 Years in Office ix 7 Xjr fc'SS? i--'irv is- t- ei'J OAAtSi a' US it 'B art A Wataefl Auburn l(irtkCMtBt aoa of Ifr and Ho Chariaafllgaaat of Ankara rs turned to bla atafiea at Brown Unl- tnaodar KIM Doris O'Connor who tobn Wpidln( kor vacation with bar 4lIMt la-rAnjMua raturned Wad naaday to Pan Normal Reboot of Beaton 9hH(W: of land and buJldlnaa la 1 Gteeaa from Fraatoa Barker of Oraaaa to Leon A Backer of Qraana haa atac boon Meordad at tha An- baxa Btfhtrr of (IM Ol Watson registrar of pro-fV path at tha county building Au-bam rcmalaa on datr hiw term not bn maalaa on daty hiwterm not -AOtJBBTAXai (Bpactal)? Amld tha chaara and hand dapping of her fellow members of the US' lalatara Bra Dor! Bradbury -Pink-ham ait Fort Kant fltrtiWBba-id hariT'lhe honor of being a member of (hat body wag presented a hana-aoftif hoUquat of roeed tha gtft Governor Baxter Tuesday night Tim proven tallon took plaoa dK lug ike general eaugpa for the nomination of State offlclalp Private Secretary Chadhouraa earns Into the Hope and going to tha desk of the speaker where Senator-elect Hinckley of Cgm garland county waa acting he chairman of the eaucun gave him the bouquet and requested that the pmaen tat I on be made Bra Dofh 'Plnkhamr- kindly step to ike deck" requested Senator lUnektay Looking father surprised aid uncertain as to what It wac all about Mrs Pink bam cams down the center aisle ef the house while at a signal from Speqkar Ilolleyt the caucus rose to a map and burst lato-meers aiid handclapplAf which lasted for csveral mbmente When he had secured quiet Senator Hinckley In a graceful little speech presented the bouquet thank tha Governor" murmured Mrs Plnkham More Thcers and dapping now" said Senator Hlnek-tey do myself the1 honor of inviting Mrs plnkham to a seat at tha desk with ran and to say that feel It la la tho heart of all of us tonight that aonee day wa shall see a member of Ur sex occupying this chair as the presiding At the close of tho caucus by suggestion of thk Senator Bra Hihckley held an Impromptu reception and met all the members Governor Baxter also sent over from the executive chamber an Invt tktlon to members sleet to meet hlui thare-and so begin the getting acquainted process Meet of the members took advantage of the opportunity to meet the Governor at that time On Well Greased Ways Tha business of this general caucus Waa -transacted in short matai for there were no contests Tha only diversions wero those mentioned sad tha pemlng of soma very good apples among those- present VYank BaH of Dover-Foxcroft waa nominated for secretary of (tats William Bonney of Bowdoln-ham for (tato treasurer Hansford (haw of Houltoa attorney- General Theea candidate for oxeeutivo councilors worn nominated: First Dltarict Cedi Clark of (aeo: second district Herbert Lombard of Bridgeton third dlctriot Rupeft Baxter ef Bath fourth Leroy Folsom of Korridgewock fifth James 8 Clemente of Center Xontvllle sixth WIIllara Osen of Milor seventh Robert Peacock of Lubes Tho House caucus nominated these candidates Tuesday night: Hpeaker Frank HpHey of North Anson No content Clyde Chapman of Belfast clerk of tho Bouse Roy Kish of Belfast assistant clerk of tho House: Frank Hayes of Randolph aa messenger of the House Frank Treworgy of gurry assistant messenger George A Dow of Portland postmaster A Clement of Auburn as mall carrier Julian crexford Jamaa Lynch of Augusta as folders Patrick Filsgerald of Augusta doorkeeper In the Renats these nomination arc re made: -Frank Farrington of Augusta for president of the Senate Ernest Thornton of Belfast for secretary Roy den Browa of Bingham A Ashford of Whitefield messenger Stephen B'Lord of Lebanon assistant William Brown of Bowdolaham and Philip Carroll of Bouthweat Harbor folders William (tuart Nearport postmaster Tlie Dcmoirotie Nominee Thirty two of the thirty-eighty Di-mocruta of the Kighiy-first Begia laturo attended the toint Bemoeraric caucus held Tuesday night in tha donate Chamber The following nominations feiade for State oQicisla: Secretary of Harry A Saunders of Grecville Attorney Frank Has kell of Portland Stats Trurcr Dr Albert Plummer o( Lisbon Falls Councillor: Henry A GoodXlc of "Riddetord John Clark Scats of Westbrook Edward Lxrrabee ot Bath Carlton Holt ef Skowhc-gan Albert J- Skidmore of liberty Leon Browa of Milo Oscar Dunbar of Mach las Mark Bartlett of Watervllla an C4 1 WlS Republican Town- Committee man yearn and attended the State conventions aa a delegate In opening tha Town meeting la March ll(i Br Staple aa Town Clerk Ja a few well choeen werda extended a cordial welcome" to the now Votdrj the women of tho town In Mr Staples tha women of tha state will Gad a champion for many of tha aurttsurea they would aeo paaeed Hlf Afflllaulaa Br Btaplea la a member of the Masonic fraternity being eanqctcd with the Tyrtan Blue Lodge at Mechanic Falla Ho hau alao afflllatlor with Golden Rule Lodge No TJ Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Lewiston Cragle Lodge No 111 Knights of Pythias ef Oxford having been transferred from Penne eedWaasee Lodge of Norway sin -a the forming of the Oxford lodge Hj ta also connected with the Patron of Husbandry having been a member ef Oxford Grange for 1 yea a and ta a member of tho conn- grange In their religions ballet Ms and Bra Staples ora Method lets and aro actively connected with the WalchvlUe church For It -year Mr Staples haa bean superintendent of the Sunday aqhooL JUDGE OF THE GAMBLER CASES Judge Harry Manner of tho Ay hum municipal court taker exsep Jtionto atatehiebf made by (p Hoy Mower fonarly chief of the Aubyrn police poHoa regarding tha burn recently JuSge- Mna Ms mada tha following atatement which a correct account ho states: far aa I know tha gamblaie raftered ta by Mr Mower had Bathing whatever to do with the Auburn House raid soma tlmaogo hq told mo about a house on Sum-mar atopet where ha believed mu doing on aad naked what ho should do told him To Ml them they must atop It Vhtah ua aald bo did Later he told mo they Ilka It beca'uao ho had spoken to them Than (oasis and told ma of tha asms who wore than playing at a eottag at '-Lake Grova "I aald to him: 'I'll ooo what can do and called throe of tho man up on the tolephone and told them they must atop or subject to prosecution Ona of thorn I think told ma wo prove that ha waa there It was then I told Roy they bad bad warning enough and ho oould get the warrants any time1 Nete Books at The Lewiston Library Browa -'Nights th ypir trail- nifoh Andalusia and on olhcr Medltu--vanaan shores: with aa aocount of the Romany race Drccacr Horatio 1M1 An account the system ojf mental healing and day Phlaoa "Qu4iby which fee mIIM the Science of Health and hie ae- qualntanca with Mary Baker Eddv Billot Lilian JE1 wnl 9 ST 4 viyig picture of Chile as well as Interesting details nliout the rhar-acteristlcs social life history education and economic standard of a tnlque country Franklin Fabian -1 proMM has don to America" 1112 An at-tek -on th Eighteenth Amendment with arguments Jiralsed and adverse ly cri liaised by die press 1 Hodgson Frsd Pmctlcal Trealta as the Steel Square Be- Hfl lag an exhaustive collection of steal aqnnm prohleme and solution form-itaefa 101 lag eomtaefo eneycloncdia of stcsl ruuw jknowtodggu-tgtatar vtth a history description of tables keys and other aids and attachments Longfellow Ernest memories" Wadwmtfc -A mrlce of dellsfctfal-pietuMi of the last eentu-y written byTbe so 'Orth Loigleltow sou of Henry Wnda- Tha memories of th great cams to hta home mai Who Inter ting reading Sheridan 3 Stag Coek Favorite recipe of 'IN famous 'men -who tell how to -make thalr fhvsrita dlihea Btedman Edmund Clarence American Anthology" II7-fdl( Tinker Chnunecy Krewiter-''Y61ing Joe well The ebanen dtacevsey io Franc of nT letters annPUcs cn the life of the great blogiapher Oamarl Johgccn HOiich Kmcman "The covered A of onmvnn Ot pioneer making dhnir a dapgcepna way apraasdhc lahta to Oregon vla M44 ft to! -wsnry -and 'era hardships iiidured tat nae afpccita Molly Wlnmrtcu Khali Archibald -ThoJBononr -th aintafls'tThn tktoiLaf -the aa lOf Englieh -novel' narrating tho fortanea of the -Clin ton family itaL-of nsrml i jii MuUiss tala 'DnolaSUrx' HU ATatorr 'of -p Mow gtajd vHlaga- Tha AronU'WO Xhe -adopt ila ot a Mary A I Icon of tho mystery Russia during Mapotamta'am Js Wikis ihe fomoas ilte A denersia-dhis -epi navel -tho Grot vtanme of ntrlotogr that sefiTpletsrv tqa nrnaAllim at a great -tavTltaatioa bsgllilng la the jfnpatamta ammndtagmrllhJtha ouy1 aw dmilfKwtnt Story- r-J-j j'-r- Aavta-k mvstary at nuneber ala" Sr an ahnndimer -ptsaphata mto Hrlorida and tea r'anlring'of the mystery af theAdontUy of Hilla girt whs JIvssMa aa-jndlaa family Telman Albert Afaoy -Advw foa boys aa deep can flehennea if tha Maine Coast Verrni Hyatt Jt- rB oy adma mi I the Faritlddaa Laadt-t tha ssprrtaaeaa af- bay who exploring la Darina cater the domain utti Kaaa ladlaa and ar captured hr thbm aavagw 1 CABARET FEATURES ATFREMEirSBAU PhM fdF' AilnEAl Ball Lsw-toa City Hal Tha Ipwlgtaa Flraman Roliaf Afo ball Thursday evening in Lew-liitnn City Hall Aacludaa bcaldaa tha dance program special cabaret font-urea Th "Collegia na-' will forntoh music James Kearna chairman of the arrangemaut committee and aattatad by Emery Doucette Law-ranee Daley Thomas Melon fant Edward Fahey Fred Short and William A' Bank! Oa the reception committee are: Wilfrid Bsmaon chief Lawtatoa Bra department find assistant Cron hi second assistant Napoleon Baalnct third assistant Doucette fourth assistant Edward Me II her on fire ibrgeon Dr Hawkins superintendent of Or alarm Fred Paga Chief Samson ta hall director and President Eddy Dally floor manager assistant floor manager Vice-President Doucette chief- ala Mr Kearna other olds: Captains M- Holmes Becliard Cronin Reuben Eaten Andre Beliveau William Vaughan Mailer and Ucut Peter smith Lieut McCarthy end Augustus Roy The Mayors of Lewiston end Auburn will be guest ot honor together With Fire' Commtacloner Goorgo 8 McCarty William Gray Ernest 8- Saunders 8 Paul A Men-Actaon Harry Fogg chief of Auburn fir department Chester Blethen deputy chief of Auburn fire department and Robert Morse president of Auburn Relief Aas'q JAM AND CANDY MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD HONOLULU Jan L-Bapn the Island where men are outnumbered OBnaldambly by women residents also to on island wham Jam and candy are for mom precious than much flue gold according to Or Stakes nclcnttat attached to tho Bishop museum who conducted an extensive tour of Investigation of tho Austral Islands In connection with tho museum's efforts td establish tho origin of tha Polynesian roc Blokes aald that offers of money had no effect upon native of Rapa when 'they worn requested to obtain enu epseknena rollon and ether fragments ot lost dvttixatlon But these warn forthcoming instantly whmcaiTdy was offered In exchange Aa -n Jesuit tha supply of candy coon was' exhausted Then Bra Stokes came to the rescue Th natives would turn tab no mom specimens unlem they wero supplied wlfh sweets Mrs Stokes hit upon making jam put of tho oranges which- grow in abundance on Rapa Stokes aald that' tho Jam waa considered mom- valuable candy WARREN i WARREN Jan 8 (Bpeclal) Mrs Nina Gregory haa gone ta North Berwick to spend the winter wlthjicr son Arthur Mrs Herbert TJionu haa had thd' telephone' metalled Miss Ethel Hart hoc returned- lo Castliio Normal School Mlar Katharine Oncgpey haa returned to LcXltigtoii Mm -Mtaa Biota Lemond has returned to Beverly Mom wham ah has position aa teacher Mrs Kenneth White haa gone to' Detroit Michigan ta visit her uHR- Mrs Nellis Morton who haa been boarding wKh Mrs Mtaa terwgtaryj has (toe ta UaUm Mrs Mills who- has bean taking ears of Mrs Hoblnsoa has returned ta hop home to Stiatb Hope 19m ladlaa Cirol will mast at (to BopitUt- dhuroh Tbursday avening Jan 4 Supper wlU be served at 4 o'clock 1 JISCASSET Wise ASSET Jan (Apclal) i ratui if nholMay vtalt -wltk colattvaa1 A WatebuIgM aervTec waa held at the beautiful toaaa of tka ball vs eaatly placed ta the tower and carries- ens' back ta" Pml Raei day by roason af worn old Barkar MOrpau and hick metal it by roason so Jtad 'with -tna-naw The Aannal masting of tha Osh-Jgragatlonal Church will ka h14 Wadnaaday at LI A Tha Annaal moating ef tba -Organ -Soetatg wao bald- St' tha -vootry' Wednesday aftam ndom! Mrs Baric Hem and Bra 14 -Coffin msrvsd as bostosa Mr: and Mrs ef dtatsrday '-foam Maaoaobasetta: kaidioBivadauti ftMBAflC 8FG1 Jindfoto jmitada Wedaeadagr ul'A 1-1 -puwGCId-aftaraqoa mUw 'h Km 4fcl AffiflW 'jfo4ha Chlckeriiig Twanactlng th )playngaf tb nrttata' flatd by Adds Jscehla A GOOD tho refreshments key Bom months ago a barrel of older waa stolen from Mr Pag' stable after had libelled 1L 80 ma ml croant cut a wire that plunged Wih caasct into darkncaa and confusion and other miscreants broke into Mr Pago's atabla and (tola tha Cider It was novas recovered Such a trick la seldom put over It Isn't sofa to try Mr Page claims to be TO but la springy aa a place of whalebone and straight as a yardstick but ha complains that he can no longer do Id yards la II seconds! under lock' HOSCOK 'STAPLES Republican Representative died as children during a diptherla scourge A Un Wire Hta boyhood was spent on the1 farm where ha attended tha district school and-later Oxford High school Haviag-aeqtitraft a 'practical education ho entered the store of Silas' King as an employee when Wrtphvllle waa a thriving manufacturing village and with the exception of two years' spent la Lewtatbn and about the same time In Oxfi village he haa been tha live wire the store at Welchllluntll ho sold tha business to Arthur Orant about eight years since For about ho Was In 'Mr King's employ rising to tha post of confidential elerk and gaining thi confidence of hta employer by h' busineea ability and integrity When tha King Company was formed In 1IM Br Staples wa appointed tha secretary and treasurer of tha corporation Mr King waa made praddeot aad Goorgo Wilder waa rice president Th A King Company Included among it stockholder several wholesale merchants la Auburn and Portland Tha company dealt In merchandta of nearly every-description- After the death PL Hr King about it year ago -the company waa reorganised aa the Btaplea company and eondurted 11a business along si miliar Haas About M- yearn ago Hr Staple added tha undertaking business and associated with him- ta Jiln sou Sverett'C Staple who Waa located for ilma in Bethel Btaplea and Company -(Hv-Vrelt -Btaplea) began dealing ta lumbar prior to dhe aala of the general stare -and ataoa that time have cleared many wood CL bavins cherge of oaeratlotaa On Jangianr IL'JUI'Romm Stajdaa ama united ta adnseiaga tq: PUttl daughter Han- iy (L nd BnmlrM They hvs wa' Mg Kvaratt tun March JL HI alao two gmndaona Raaooa mod (Saimaa in whoaa--tha tha gmndfothar takas kaag plan-iul Sa da aba cmafly fatnraatad la 0 children sal young paopl SB Many In ToWA Gfflon In pgBa-wffolin Mr Btapfos -W -vT prwilnat HO hSs garvad the iBOkrd tow ha maabar of tho tmteu la nerving -hla 1IM aTawtaJBlstebJMa Slatwtera Towg TYsesnmr jute hta flrtta year ooBeetor wf itaxaL Hhtatar for 81 ysnrs tha poatnuhter -te Dm WalchvlU Offiah an Ear Bd ysnm haa haanmdloa of thp Fanes dm-tag vUdiktoi Ao hao parfonnad lid Buwriqg aatesaodtao Vtat principle am Sow ho -hovlag oarvad tho aIiEADQUABTERS- rflOB SUMO SDTO4E8- 4ADBURN EmarSiCAL Court Stff waa 'named tor gpaaktr of the House and James Quine of Bangor for Clerk of tho House Mark Bartlett presided and Ralph Perry of (aeo waa secretary Tha eaaembly waa called to order by tho oldest member ef the new House William Ollmour of Westbrook IffiLA MEETING OF OLD FRIENDS Was (he Before' at Anglia ta Lack of Contests Cut Out Wire pulling AUGUSTA Jan I well: esc you Thru the tobacco imoko greeting such a that' fllstered to and fro la tha lobby 'Of tha Apguata Hour thruout th afternoon of Tuday a member 'Of th Incoming legislature those of pact legislatures and ciqo who hoped-to ho law mnkars In' the year tb be mat shook hands aad gava ona another resounding thumpa on tha hack Later aftar tha girls la tha dining room Kid collected tha last of that? tips tha gathering In tha -hotel dwindled until It wac aa lonesome as a Balna coast summer hotel la mid wuitar except for tha clerk behind tha door tha boll hope Ja their chairs by the door aad tha cloak room girl Those who have boon making tho air blua(and heaping pp tha conversation had drifted away ter tha State House for tha purpose to take part la tha aatteasaa of Tuealay night Them they eontin- ued tho greeting for ovary minute ona araa running on to soma ona hr knew and hod not aaau It wa a typical there wa tho good fellowship and hearty handclasp Thr tha buttonholing and pulling Into corners for confidential conversation ao pronounced two year ago That sort of stuff only comes with a seeilon which hoc a bunch of big eonteete for office schedulad In Its opening days such aa two yeans ago Tho attorney generalship with four men In It made a rattling contest which required many ballots to nettle The matter of a commissioner of agriculture and some councilor flxhta ware anything bat easy to 'dls-poaa of Tho contest of this year that for speaker of tho House waa not regarded aa being at aH close enough to -disturb anyone 'aad ao there was little buttonholing and trying to Influence votes during the time before the eaueasaa got together Probably no member of the house received warmer greeting tha did Edward Gagna of Lewi ton Ho'-wm her two year ago and mads scores of friends In tha Houpa all of whom were delighted to him on hi arrival Tuesday afternoon Gagas waa kept busy shaking hands from the 'tilde he got there until ho started for had that Tuawlay night' Ed Rounds of Portland waa another for whom there ware warm greetings It waa back la HOI that Bd lint camp down to tho legislature and he has been coming qrRh more or leas Regularity ever slnch According to the statements which he makes he has nothing particular In which be 1 Interested this winter which ts-'kn unuraal state of mind for thlo Portland man but adds aa an after thought course want ta help that Portland Bridge matter aad 1 dull Introduce the reoolve for tha 1100000 tor renovating Franklin wharf and helping In tha improved costal steamer service jout of Portland and I shall try to sen that 1( (oea The answer la obvious Br Rounds may not bvs anything particular to do hut tho pier 'proposition has oqj advo-cst who urfll bo on tha Job all tha time until tha- final adjournment nitfrt Sstfle i Arthur Craft ef jGrsmvlll who' haa boon la tha house n'eoupia ot tlmoa and thruout th saaaiou of two years-ago MM of tuttaated JJIwtJ wan navur UUu with Mas was them Benladd ot that Me refraia of HU ho sesE i FleHre in to Wt- a (acted -by the (apL eladtlon Hr 'Walaoa la aaaiated by Mica Iola Balkan Ilka Jcanna Belleau of Lewlatoa hah bean appointed deputy rrgiater of daada aialn a poaltlon which aha i fcaa bald tor aeraral yean under Mathaniel Gould former rovio-trar Papera of lilac Bellcau'a ap-HMmnl hare been Wed at tua BagMcy of Dei da Me la tha doughs tM oh nellaau of lowlaton GMunraaor 11 Robinson profeseoY Of Vuh'te apeaklac and oratorical acta at Batea upon hia return from aa aataaded raeaUea tour rapocta very favorably upon current playa ta tha Baaton and Kaw Tork thea-Amear tha prodadtiaaaha at tha "Benar'a 'ANow Way ta Pay Old Dahta" tatea playlwuaaa OM Soakt- Krela- lat (Tkfaa'tM Heffmau la 1 opbe-taraW acunaa) (played by Bartyaiariktha Oberlla Players In three 1-act plays at tho Green erlch Villaca theatre and tha Hippodiyme He would not deny tha drawing power of the WB8T1NGHOU8K KDKA dBfeflygatu ail PUtabnrg Pa Wrdnenda Jaa I (11 Dinner music by KDKA Little Symphony Orchestra under the' direction of Victor Satidek Program will be announced la the dolly newspapers 7-1 News Letter froiq Farm and Homa Summary from the Iron and atari industries prepared by Tha Iron Age Tlg Bedtime story for tho children T-45 Report of the New Tork Stock Exchange 1-00 a talk by Horn suparlntcnd- ant of Radio Ope rati ona WasUng-housa Etactrio A Mannfacturing Company Concert by Mrs Helen Houcc soprano Donald McGill concert baritone and the KDKA Uttld Symphony Orchestra under tha direction of Victor Ssudok WESTINGHOUSE WJZ Sdi Maters Stote WMaeaday Jam 404 Closing prices on stocks and bond groin coffee 4-tl from Woman's Wear Daily Nsws paper -Closing prices on docks bonds gralno coffea and sugar I4 Resume of sporting evonta etc 1 11 "Iron and Steal hr tha Irou'Age 104--Mutaeai program TOI "Animal by Flormica Smith Vincent author of tho Book' g4 editor ot tho Pag uf tho New Tork Erenlng Tslsgram -Program td announosd to radio 111 Arlington time signals weath-- or forecast WBRMGffiWai KYW Wednesday AA I Musical program by Louisa Joyner soprano BUla MoaksaJ oeoomnaulat Lodta Fuppllo vio-llotat Maxgarat MUtar i THE HEIGHT -OF BECmSIVBWESS Ilinrsn 4s tha anlyptaagsrhsm yau -on- sors of -maattag a wsfisyrta Jadga Lift Fihgfeft 'i OXFORD Jon I Roccoe Btaplea of this town gib represent the District of 'Fqi'la-Dx-ford In-the How State Legislature he being the first republican representative from Oxford In years This town had until Mil helped In alerting a Democrat ta that officer in (hat year due largely no doubt to the participation ef women In polities ho Republican party waa again In tho ascendency and helped materially In tha election of Lxwrenoe If Catron of Norway 'Again In 1111 Oxford cost a largo majority Republican vota and being redasoed this year with tha Republican town of Forl Mr to that of- Staple ta duly olaetod He by a largo majority 40 Team Mr Btaplea la well qualified for the office and being a son of -the oil and a member of tho grofigh--he la wdl versed la the needs of the former His associations la a general store for some (I year qn for th last dosen years In the lumber btulnem ha still further broadened hla view And having Uvd on a federal road with nearly all roads leading there from being (tats old road he has seen tha benefit of good road in a community Having carved the town ao acceptably for tha pact IS yearj la various town Officers Mr Staples la familiar with aU that Internet! tha town Oxford could hardly have selected a representative batter qualified or on mare likely to servo th town and district impartially jfor la Br Btaplea ona whose Interest ends In hla family hta town hia district county or State Hla Internet la the welfare of hia country and In pent pin of other nation has bean exemplified la various ways especial ly during and since the World War Rooeoc Fl Staples was born on a form In tha southern part ot Oxford January it mt tha aon of John and Bo phis (WoOdaum) Btaplea He is the only member of tha family now living five having me feel It wise to The xocislon haa bean gratifying to old member Kepreacntatlve Wing of Auburn haa been hero atae Monday aftar-uoa and haa bean aa busy as a baa la clover tim Mr Wing ta regarded aa ana St th abla man ot the House and while he did not win out tho speakership he wllli unquestionably be floor leader of hta party 'thruout the amnion PSpbably ao number of tho Houm body attracted morn attention dUY-ing the opening proceedings of Tuoa-day than tha "member tame Fort Kent Mr Dora Bradbury She ta th first jroman to' 'bo a member of tho House and aa a moult there waa Much apeculatlou a (o haw aha would lit Boat of her day Tuesday until erenlng wa Pout at tha Augusta Houm getting acquainted qud watching the wheel? go around' Bru Plnkham has -a cheery amlic a laughing kind of voice can a a Joka and ta decidedly human la not at -all tha type of a pmaa wham the aamta papers us apt ta rapreaent ao tha woman who goes Tb for poUttaa- -It looks a mighty good hat -td-ipredlct that will be a popuhfh member Mrs Plnkham to a ns tire of Arocatook couuty having been bom a New Umarigfc She ta 11 la ta giadnata wf Mount Holyoke college pad Columbia University a taachte JMpkkccpcr and acttvaly oaghged Ju research work 3)reised Mtfrie Aid (ilbtatit Bora of those handy pads at the Leartatoa Advertleement PLATING BRIDGB 'tab aumt hr a goad bridge qaetes a lot of 1 'Tea aad I ean a lot of SbSks--r spear Bat I east write blank Jadga vs-ji W0OB HEALTH IS tOL'R MOST M0CELE68 FOSSESHOH -r BB- c-Mi 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