The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1953
Page 7
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SATURDAY, SEPT. 26, 1953 BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FACE SEVEN OUR IOARDING HOUSE — with Mai«r HoocU OUT OUR WAY ly J. R. WlUkim rMy THOUeMT FRIEND/ THE /.AST* RIDE tf7D TOOK MS tOK. VOJ rJeSDED <5AS AtiD O\\, AMD YOU LEFT VOlSR WALLET AT HOWE/ .- BESIDES, THAT OPEM CAR—I'D AS SCOM RlDlrJS A CAMEL IU A SANDSTORM./ A HIM CLIPPEPAT THE PET SHOP, AMP THEY OR 19 IT JUST 1 ALWAYS DOA FANCV TH*r 1CU OOMT H*VE A, JOB.' FT'S FANCY _y_J 16AO,MARTHA.'CONFINEMENT IN 1H6 HOME HA& ROBBED Y0UR CHEEKS OP THEIR ROSY IBSS'ON A 6HAYJL AMD WE'LL FLY TO THE COUNTRV IN THE . . CAR AND REVEL |M AUTUMN . GLORIe5.'-~WE CANl PURCHASE .JUICY APPLES Atto PEACHES FRESH FROM THE tt, THAT FOR 9O« NOT TOO n APPRECIATIVE -no- .^rcpv WAPT JR.wn.UM4S, THe'WOKKT WAKT •»,.•» H^fc^w-T.Hte LOVB WITH Alt... AMP HE'S WEA K, . IF I YOD SAVE LIVES pFTHtTEE/HEN! YOU APE THE B(6 SUE-HEEO, ITS NOT AS SIMPLE AS THAT WHAT KINP OPCANPY A PEW PAVS AFTER AAMIZA5 TUIZN HIM DOWN/THE WOPLD MAV LOSE BAEBE ANC? JIMMY... Easternmost point of the United Doctors generally agree that States is West Quoddy Head, near family health will be better if room ^HEARING AIDS . . Fresh Batteries Kirby Drug Stores FARM LOANS LOW RATK NO FEES OR STOCK J. W. MEYEK lit Natlenal Bank BU(. Blrthi-Tillc, Ark. Phonei: Office 2261 Besldeiue l«67 Jfl Asiotlatton with , THl PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO, . OP AMERICA HOWEOFFICC MWAflK.«. A Paris and Supplies for All Cars, Trucks and Tractors 5 b S W HOI F S 4 I F temperatures are held between and 70 degrees. Eastport, Me.; westernmost point is Cape Alva, Wash. Dine Tonight At Moultrie Court Restaurant No. Highway 61 Phone 2473 -SPECIALS- Small Beef Tenderloin Wrapped with Bacon With Waffle Potatoes $1.25 SPECIALIZING IN STEAKS — CHICKEN — SEAFOOD Fresh River Catfish With French Fries $1.50 For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In 2043 Come In 1044 Chick. Television— Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis. Channel 5 SATURDAY NIGHT, SEPT. 26 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:10 10:15 11:15 12:00 I Bonino Ted Mack Show of Shows Lone Ranger Ramar of the-Jungle Super Ghost News Weather Wrestling George Jessel Sign Off "C«org» it exercising an awful lot lately, but somehow he doesn't seem to lose much weight!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Mew/ ARt? > ltXJec*MN« ALONC5, JUNE, DEAR? FTBR YOU MOVE THAT, RALPH,! HAME ANOTHER. JOB FOR.YOU/ I.WON'r STAMD FOR.THIS--- IF YOU THINK FOE. ONE MIMUTE—THE VERY IDEA—I-1. /i COUBSi MUST UAVE RU.IS, MISS TOON. WE CANNOT RUN THIS INSTITUTION FOR NOUR PRIVATE 6ENtF!T...WSUiVE 400 OTHER YOUNS WOMSN 1OU KNEWTWSTAYIN6OUTUNTU. 1:00 A.M. WAS A MSRANT VIOLATION! OSSPITS BEING PUCEOONPROSATION U5T TERM BDRTHi SAME RBAWN, YOU HAVE RCPEAT5DTHE OFFENSE! MUST ASK YOU TO LEAVE l L&KeVliWCOLieSeFOR. WOMiN... 2 SUNDAT, SEPTEMBER ft 10:45 News and Previews 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:00 Excursion Film Featurette Bed Feather Show Frontiers of Faith American Inventory Beulah Eoy Rogers Ethel and Albert TV Recital Hall . Film Featuretta Range Riders Meet the Press Stu Erwin Paul Winchell Mr. Peepers Big Payoff TV Playhouse ROSE'S by Margaret Millar XVI Shirley took over on the wire. "I realize you don't I take Jack very seriously, Willett, and neither do I, but this time we have to. He's threatened to sell his stock in the factory. I thought if he went to La Mesa, mother'd straighten :him out" "She cant be bothered by things like that." "It won't kill her. She's not ai delicate as you imagine." Willett safd, "Don't send Jack here. We're in a mess ourselves. About this woman being found dead. One of her ex-husbands is trying to make trouble for us." , "How can he?" "ScandaL Mother can't stand Iscandal." "She adores scandal." "Not'this kind. This fellow Dalloway seems to think that I '—we—that she was murdered 'by—by one of us." "Good heavens, all anyone has to do is look at you to realize you could never murder any- L one." "That's nice of you to say so." "I didn't mean it to be nice," Shirley said brusquely. "Let's face the facts, WilletL Unless you lend Jack some money, he's going to sell his stock." "Wait a minute. Here's Jack now, he just came in." A pause, and then Shirley speaking again in quite a different tone: "You can talk to Willett now if you like, Jack. He says he'd be de• lighted for you to drop in and pick up your money." VW'ILLETT crossed • the hall. '* hugging his bathrobe around him ai U It was a protective coat of armor. Tht door of his • mother's bedroom was elated and he stood there looking at It for a moment It seemed to him not like a door but like a high, impenetrable wall which fit . could neither Kale nor break H« «ld, at last, in a feable voice, "Ar* you thert?" The answer wai a (runt, which Willett rightfully construed ai an invitation to enter. She was sitting on the bed playing solitaire and listening to a ball game. The radio was going loudly. She talked above ft. I'm getting sick of these four walls. Why can't I come downstairs?" "You know why." "Oh, you make me sick." She jerked her knees up and the table tray crashed on the floor and the cards scattered like confetti. "I can't go on like this, I'd be better off dead." "Please don't-" s "I've got to see people and do things. You can't keep me shut up in here like a mummy in case. I'm alive, I tell you, alive." Willett looked grim. "Will you listen to me for a minute? Jack phoned. He's coming here tomorrow. And that's not all. Dalloway's out in the back yard right now." 'Dalloway again," ibt mid thoughtfully. "What'i, he doing?" "Talking to Ortega." •It's Monday, Ortega'i day off. Go out ther* and ask him what he's doing." 'I tell you 1 cant t—it's against my, principles, butting into other people's iffain," "It iirt other people'i," abe shouted. "U'l oun!" "Ev«i to." "You hiv* tvery right to fo out there and boot Dalloway off the property. Now go and do it. Boot him off." Willett looked down at hU fe«t They waned singularly ill- equipped for booting people off property, especially rather large men like Dalloway. The old lady was pink with excitement "Thlt nimby pamby manner of yours—It's no wonder Oiikwty't UMpkitu*. (M k there and fight Show him who't boss." "You mean, hit him?" "Naturally." "Well, for heaven's lake, h« might hit nw back," Willett protested. "He's only got one arm." This fact, which Willett had forgotten, cheered him considerably. But by the time h* reached the bottom of the stair*, the lath-house loomed In hit mind as formidable as a Uon'i den. He found Ethel in the kitchen stacking the luncheon dishes in the dishwasher. When no on« was watching her, Ethel moved with speed and efficiency, but aa soon as Willett entered the room she resumed her air of languor. "I thought Murphy was supposed to do that," Willett said. "She wanted to read the paper. She says she missed yesterday'! because I used it to wrap tb* garbage." 'What do we pay her for * »he doesn't do anything?" "She'i very helpful about giving advice and 10 on." Ethel closed the lid of the dishwasher. a • • TTE explained that Ortega and *•*• Dalloway were conipiring in the lath-house and something had to be done about it immediately. 'It seems a funny place lo conspire, doesn't it" She took a stick of gum from the pocket at her apron, unwrapped tt and ituck it in b*r mouth. Ctttwlnf helped her powers of concentration, and they frequently needed help. "Doe» she know about It?" Both Willett and Ethel alwayi spoke of her with the same mix- turt of fear and appeasement Willett nodded. "1 told her." Willett cle*r*d bto throat to allow the lie easier passage—"in* said you were to go out ther* and—weh. ton of Investigate She aid you do that kind o< thing so gracefully and all that. flattery wat juch a rare treat to Ethel that the ate It up raw like caviar. "Naturally I'll do what 1 can, though I must »y I could probably do It better If 1 knew what h wai 1 *»» ">?* to do." ' 9:00 Backet Squad 9:30 My Favorite Story 10:00 News , • 10:10 Weather v 10:15 Toast of the Town 11:15 To Be Announced 11:46 To Be Announced MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 7:00 Today 7:28 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00, Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 8:55 Morning Meditation 9:00 Ding Dong School fr:30 Glamour Girl 10:00 Hawkins Palls 10:15 The Bennetts 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Storyland 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Shopping at Home 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Garry Moora 12:45 Garry Moore 1:00 Homemakers Program 1:30 Search for Tomorrow 1:45 Guiding Light 2:00 Kate Smith 3:00 Welcome Travelers 3:30 On Your Account 4:00 Atom Squad 4:15 Gabby Hayes 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Music Shop 5:15 News 5 -.25 'Weather 5:30 To Be Announced 5:45 Hartoons 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News Reporter 6:30 This Week in Sports 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Name the Tune 7:30 Voice of Firestone 8:00 Cisco Kid 8:30 Robert Montgomery 8:30 Who Said .That 10:00 Wrestling ' 10:45 News 10:55 Weather 11:00 Man vs. Crlma 11:30 Suspense 12:00 Sign Off NO,NO! I'M SUFFERING ) FROM YES, I ALWAYS POOR BOTT-3! YOU'RE SUFFERING FROM LACK OF SLEEP.' FIX MEAFE SANDWICHES MMUN 91 I HAVE TO GET UP AT TWO O'CLOCK EVERY MORNING TO GIVE BRUSSELS HiS BOTTLE! I HATE TO HAVE HIM EAT ALONE! JOSIE, WOULPIOU; THIS is, CLEAN UP THIS \FUNNY,' 6LA5£? SOMEONE THREW A KOCK THTOUOH THE WINPOW When its time To Repaint Ton'll Bt« moeej by CtxX Mint Good ptlnt butt lancer *nd the l«nf« luttt- rail kctweCB pUitliif lowcn r«t annul c«t. W« recoB- Bwnd VAN K -CALVE RT Palntt, made by " America i Olde>( Miied Faint Rmne.' Phone 4952 and we will l\f- mn the cost >nd raeomiHDd >, food atinlcr. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ^eCT IT THRU * LUCK.Y 8f.9K.Ul $PfvCB V»& BODKEP THRU MONPNY, V4P IT IOOKEP LIKE I C0UUWT I^KE IT N THEM SOMEBODY CANCELLED OWE S&f ON A WONPW ITS JUST WHNT 1 \TCK,TCK! I PONT CHNSe NEEP TO PULL MSH.P \ THW KIND, W/SELF! YOU HMJE YOUR RESEBIWIOM, I SUPPOSE ? SWELL! TVS LIUBP UP fc FKCNPe CRUISER., EK6V. WE'LL FISH ' TOaE.THER.PMl I'VE HKPAVERY HNtROW- INfi EXPEPIEWCE WITH SOWE BIRP- BRA.WEP GIRL! ,,60 MEET YOU IN NfcSSMJ OKI EIV5Y CM1S BIB TUCKER IN MIMAI NO 6IR! HE DELIBERATELY THROWED AWAY MT I KNOW WHY WRE \ BIRO HAT AN' MASIC HERE, VOU BIS APE/YOU \ BEADS M I'M AGONN) NLTTSI VOU'RE GONNA/ WHY, I'D BE SO TELL KING GUZ. CRAZV TO TO TURN 1M LOOSE'V DO THAT.' WANT ME TO WYE FDOZy SEE TO IT HE ROTS TURNEDLOOS£...AN'J X_ IN JAIL/ MN'T A'OONNA DO SAY, THAT'S ASCOO IDEA THAT WAS A \ QUICK S4L6-HWM! 1 TH' OJ SUPER BRAIN IS REWIN' UP ILL BE A BIS SHOTA TYPHOON! I SOT SOME SFWCE ON TH'BACK I'LL RENT CHEAP,

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