The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 7, 1966 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1966
Page 8
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Years ago, I met Mrs. John Van Ness at Mason City, and I saw a notice of her death. She died May 20 in a Mason City hospital and services were held there. Her husband has been deceased several years and had been in the hardware business. To local people it will be of interest that she was a sister of our former Senator L. J. Dickinson, an Algernon years ago. * * * Another item of interest appeared in the April "Coe College Courier." It contained a picture of Roland Paine, who after 42 years with the Graybar Electric company has retired. His last assignment was in New York. He will be well-remembered here. He is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Paine, druggist here many years ago. Roland has a brother Raymond and sister Marie, who married George Free. When the home of the late Cora Martin was sold, in clearing it of it's contents, three high schools annuals were found and brought for me to look at. They covered 1922-23 and 24. I marveled at the changes made since I was in high school and there are so many changes made in the present school as were since my day. The addition at the north was added about two years after I was graduated, and the new school is a great contrast to the old Bryant which I always maintain should have been re-named Minnie Coate school. There were excellent pictures of Miss Coate, though I believe she never was on the ^faculty at the new high school, a very good picture of Prof. J. F. Overmyer and his nice curl on top - an envy of any woman, and a memorial picture of Louise McCoy, one of my - favorite teachers. I did not get to know the real Miss Coate until I was out of school and she came to see me frequently after arthritis had me in its grip. 1 told her she always had me petrified with awe when I was in school, which amused her, but I added I had come to really know her in later years and found her full of humor and most likable. Our faculty was of a modest number, and a few I remember were Mr. Youngquist, Mr. Waters Mr. Pike , Edna Kern, Mabel Swanson, Miss Parker, Glenn Ogden, Miss Smith (later she became Dr. Alf Rist's wife) and Hortense Smith (later Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson). * * * By 1922, the faculty had been enlarged considerably . High school was established in 1884 and the list of alumni contained many familiar, names, as did the succeeding classes. Dorothy Hutchison taught English. Maude Wenck, music, 0, W. Lawrence was coach and also taught social science, Elsa Goeders, dramatics, and Vesta Weaver was physical director. Many I knew are deceased. Clyde Martin, Bill Steil, Ernest Moe, Mary Bloomster, Harold Smith, Agnes Austin, Hafley Bartlett, Sherwood McDonald, Wade Sullivan, Princilla Loss, John Johnston, Howard Hodges, Loren Brown, Melvin Henderson, Helmutn Huenhold, Theodore Hutchison, Vic Steil, Raymond Galbraith, Lenore Herman, Grace Frans- den, Howard Harrow, Harry Phillips, Bertha Stephard, Join Walker and probably others whom I did not know. Those who chose to be in declamatory contests were Helen Murtagh, Norrine Vincent, Grace Taylor, Ernestine Chubb, Helen Jasperson, Eleanor Haggard, Howard Backus, Phillip Walker, Maurice McMahon, Paul Rose wall, Opal Sarchet, Gerald Fiene, Helen Dickinson and Bernard Green. * * * The Girls Glee Club consisted of Esther Free, Mildred Bailey Opal Sarchet, Helen Dickinson, Eugenia Rist and Eleanor Haggard. These classes were able to do what was not able to be accomplished in my high school days. They had an orchestra - Melvin Henderson, trombone, Theodore Hutchison, snare drums, Vernon Spongberg, trombone, Merrill Malone, cornet, Bill Mann, clarinet, Agnes Austin, violin, Lucille Windell, violin. In 1889 there were no "sweet girl graduates" - just boys Charles Palmer and Melzer Haggard. In 1891 there were no boys - Myrtle Nicoulin and Laura Tennant and in 1898 there were no graduates. * ~ * * Hair styles are no zanier now than then. Now it's "teased" and piled high. Then it was "ratted" and worn in huge buns over the ears. Skirts were to the shoe tops and now the skirts have to have a "wireless" to make contact with shoes. There were so many cute jokes I couldn't begin to repeat them all. This one interested me because it concerns my cousin Melvin Henderson who said to Howard (Bubbles) Seeley who was always on the obese side. Mel, "Hurry up!" Bubbles. "Oh I am built for comfort, not speed." * * * There were track teams, football players, and a girls basketball team. It was such fun looking at the pictures - Kodak, and some taken from old photographs when the subjects werepre-school age. All in all, I had a thoroughly enjoyable time conning these books, thanks to Don Prew who rescued them from destruction. The mail was just delivered and I had a letter from my cousin Julia, Mrs. Gerald Cady, Mason City. Enclosed was a picture of Mayme and Edwin Cady and Jean Cady (Mrs. Murray Lawson), also of Mason City. The Lawsons were enroute to Mexico City taking a leisurely three week vacation. Enroute home, they stopped in Austin to see Jean's cousin, Frances Cady Zschappel. Her husband is a doctor and it was to their wedding I made a second trip to Houston where her parents the Edwin Cadys live. Lizzie Post was my "chaperone." Julia has a vacation from June 4 till July 4 and is going to San Diego first for a visit with her son Dr. Jerry Cady and family who live near there. She says Dr. Jerry may have to do a stretch at Viet Nam - his speciality, ortnc pedic surgery is the biggest need out there. Julia is a P, E. 0. and she said Evelyn McDougall, well known here, had recently been taken into her sisterhood. * * * A food adieu to Perry Mason, Paul and Delia whose last appearance was Sunday night. But I won't be completely thwarted reading toe Gardner books. It was a perfect cast and as I read the books 1 can picture them in my mind. If they keep on taking off the good programs and cramming such dopey ones down our throats, TV. business will be going OUT. * * * The man who bought the power mower for his wife's birthday reminds me of the woman who bought a new i*ug for under her dressing table as a Christmas gift for her husband. The man who bought the power mower has a wife who works here as an aide. I told her if her car won't work some morning, I'll look out and see her getting here on the mower. * * * The Good Samaritan "Pink Ladies" met last week at the new home. They will meet here the next time, alternating from now on. Recent birthdays observed were Viva Giddings, J. Knopf, Clytie Roepke and Mae Ramus. * * * May is the busiest month of the year - graduation, proms, Memorial Day, Mothers Day - and last, but by no means least, house cleaning timel December ranks second. * * * Every few days, I go across the hall and see Casper Thilges. From his room there is a lovely view of the pond and woods between the Keith and Funk houses. Then I have to keep an eye on the Champ Martin apartment, which is being built south of here. The last time I saw it, it had just windows which couldn't tell were basement, or first floor. Then behold! There was a roof with attractive parks (wouldn't a carpenter be amused at my description ?) Anyhow, it begins to look like a dwelling. * * * Freda Willey and Carrie St. John were here the other day showing me some paintings they had done- I don't know what the material was. Some were pictures that could be framed and some were on cloth-tea towels and pillow cases. They are going to teach any of our residents here who are interested. * * * Good descriptions of May "Forsythia tossing up yellow fountains - Hummingbirds needling the flowers - the trampoline turf of spring - a flood of violets running down a slope." * * * Algona, (la.) Upper D«i Molnw Ttmdoy, Jun* 7, 1966 to the floor. He looked like a jig saw puzzle, but one eye looked at me reproachfully. Amy was so contrite >. - she wasn't far from tears. " I said, "Well, there is one thing you can do to make amends. "What?" she asked eagerly - Clean my silver cake stand so it will be shining for May 30 and 31." There will be lots of callers. Well, poor Pedro who looked sturdy enough to withstand' an axe-lying there in hundreds of piecesl We are sorry Pedro, but you had a happy life the few weeks you were here and you got enough attention to turn your head completely. Florian Faber returned home Tuesday from Mercy hospital, Ft. Dodge, where he had been a medical patient nearly two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sinnwell and Ted Gardner attended funeral services for a brother-in-law, C. H. Lensing, 63, at Charles City Friday. Mr. Lensing is survived by his wife and two sons. Mrs. Lensing is a sister of Mrs. Sinnwell and Mr. Gardner. Ted Gardner, 61, brother of Mrs. Joe Sinnwell, is a medical patient in Mercy hospital, Ft. Dodge, and has been seriously ill. Mr. Gardner, formerly from Los Angeles, Calif., has been in the Sinnwell home the past, month convalescing from heart surgery in December in California. Mrs. Clarence Bormann entertained the Farmerette 500 club Wednesday evening with Mrs. Irene Bormann and Mrs. Raymond Kohlhaas guests. Receiving prizes were Mrs. Ray Thilges, Mrs. Art Kohlhaas and Mrs. Marvin Reding. Mrs. Martin Frideres entertains the club June 29. Shrinks Hemorrhoids New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch-Relieves Pain A man was here May 28 asking about Mrs. Anna McQuade. I told him she had been a resident here many years, but died a few years ago. The man was William T. Ramsay 'Whose father was in the grocery business years ago with Mr. Runchey . He lives in Cedar Rapids and has a post office position. He and his parents were neighbors when Mr. and Mrs. McQuade lived on Elm street, almost across the road from the Regular Baptist church. * * * Thank you, "Doc" and Lucille Amunson for your nice letter re Pedro. I read it aloud to the woman who was "doing" my room and Pedro listened attentively. Alas, we never know when we will be "called" and Pedro, poor fellow, lived just long enough to hear about himself. He was sitting on my book shelves right beside my "jewel case* sort of guarding my trinkets for which I could possibly collect $5. Tbe doily was slightly awry and Amy straightened it, then as she turned around, somehow Ffdjro lost balance and was crashing .New York, N.Y. (Special) — For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain —without surgery. In case after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all—results were so thorough that sufferers made astonishing statements like "Piles have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne®)—discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available, in suppository or ointment form under the name Preparation H®. At all drug counters. A little something to lean on Even a hefty-sized man can lean with confidence, on this kind of dollar. It's a growth dollar... grown bigger .on husky earnings. You, too, can turn your dollars into growth dollars by saving with us... where your dollars work harder and grow bigger. NOTICE NEW RATE ON SAVINGS OF 414% EFFECTIVE JULY 1*», 1966 Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Accounts Fully Inturtdj to $10,000 Save from the 15th—Earn from the 1st SINCE 1917 — AIGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, P. C.

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