The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 22, 1895 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1895
Page 4
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MILTON IN. One Year, in Advance. Six Months....'... Three Months . • 81.50 . -75 . -40 TH-JS SENATORIAL SITUATION. A. B. Funk has indicated his will-; ' in^ness to serve another four years as statcA senator, a position wnich he has ulle'd with general acceptance for ihe past eight years, and the situation in the district is such as to strongly favoi I'ns chances for securing another re- nomination. There will be 87 votes in the nominating! convention, umlltiwil! bt- necessary to a choice. Palo Al!«> io understood to have a candidate in Hie person of M. I, Brown, the Etntncts- bnrg banker. Emmet anil Dickinson are in the same representative district, ami it seems to be a mutually satisfactory arrangement to allot to Dickinson the senator and to Emmet the. representative. Clay and Palo Alto are di«' tricted together.for-the lower house al- so. but Clay baying enough votes tore- j tain control of the situation, will probably call her obligations square when she'has supported Palo Alto's candidate for governor. All things considered. Clay, Dickinson and Emmet possibly have a sufficient community of interest to hold them together in the senatorial flght, and should they vote together they will have exactly the majority that will control. Kossuth and Palo Alto, voting together, -would be 'one vote short. The Only two counties which can alone make the nomination are Kossuth and Clay. In view of the shabby treatment given the latter by Kossuth last year in the state couven- . tion, a treatment which was contrary to the wishes of nine-tenths at least of • the people of Kossuth,. this county could not ask, or asking, expect to rc- her support. In default of which occupies an exceptional position with reference both to the state at large and to his own constituency. -No man in the senate has a more commanding influence. He has acquired this strong influence by sheer anility, by sterling worth, by H)(lef;itieable industry and by the display of a broad, generous spirit in all 'his doings. Devoid ot pretense, Senator Funk has come to be recognized all over the state as a strong man among the strong men of the republican party and as n public setvant of marked abilities. There was a very general desire that Senator lunk should become a candidate for governor after the publication, of Gov.. Jackson's letter, and he certainly would have made a very formidable candidate if he had not positively declined to permit his friends to propose him for that office. , '. r ., ' His strength and usefulness in the Bonatonnd his deserved popularity in. his district seem therefore to. make his renomination a foregone conclusion. The prospect of his continuance in the senate is one in which the. people of the whole state have an interest. Bancroft llegister: C4eo. C. Call of Algona has withdrawn from he senatorial race, leaving a clear field lor Senator Funk of Spirit Lake. Wesley Beporter In a letter tri the Algona 'KKfunucAN Geo. C. Call declines the candidacy for State Senator of this district. Mr. Call would have made n strong candidate arid had he not withdrawn, would certainly gained the nomination. • . Tho silver agitation has given som< tho chance login tln-m^'lvo-' before pnHlIc aaaln.' One of the." 1 1" t>«>v. Holes, who luis been known hnrotnloro as a hard and-whosi! speech as chairman of hvt yours democratic ' state convention sent the, cold i-hills down the- back of the free silver men. Boie.s corner out now in denunciation of both the republican and democratic panic's as -false to f.hcir platform promises.and in sohiuWhat equivocal turms declares for free silver, thereby putting himself in position to become theben(,>liciary.' silver movement if it comes to anything. ' .ceive some candidacy from Clay, which is in :i position to i-xi-rt morf iiilhii'iicc than ;uiy i'lh( j r cm nty in the district, and wlik-ii has been accorded no n-cogni- tkui whatever, so far, in the distribn- ti'-n of senatorial or judicial honors, we anticipate the renomination of Mr. Funk. . In these days of bum and boodle politicians and dead-beat aspirants for distinction a fair and honest man like Mr. Funk has charms which, it is pleasing to note, exert a strong attraction with reputable citizens. We do not think that Mr. Funk is the only capable and available resident of this senatorial district, but he is .a fair; man, and the fact that he has held the position for eight years, while it weakens,any personal claim he may have been thought to have, only makes him stronger in acquaintance, knowledge of men, and experience, and so the better equipped for^he service of his district. We tools u'Jifce''view at th« conclusion of the-flVst term of Senator Cbubb of this county, who served the district .with signal credit and ability, but locality and rotation knocked him out. If the people of the district have been cured of the locality notion in its extreme application, and of the one term lor a good man notion, we hail it as a salutary lesson learned latt, in life. The man anfl_/n#t the postof fice address-sljoti-Uilp'vCpjjsidered the main ftncVimportantthlvg, and exper Jence should be'•••Jcoiiitfed for a gooc man and not agafnsf him. It is perti nent, however, to say in this connection that our system of representation in state and nation is by localities, and that in practical affairs it is only by such representation that the special interests of localities ever get a hearing or a champion. The present census will probably show that there should be an immediate division of the territory comprised in this district. It is expected that such a division will bo effected by any fair apportionment by the coming general assembly. Col.-Chas. A. Clarke, of Cedar Rapids, has come out• against free silvci coinage at the K5 to" 1 ratio. He will be right, but possibly lonesome iivthe democratic state convention. On.Monday the .Supreme Court of the United States handed down its'decision ii the income, holding the law in its entirety unconstitutional. The whole statute is thus wiped out and'the populists are not going to get that whack at the money kings of Wall street which they-so longed- Tor. and which the democratic-party promised them. Poor pops! MOST UNCHRISTIAN SCIENCE A Wesley Bpy Dies trMer Its Merciless Administration After Suffenng Dreadful Agonies for a Time. An Instructive Illustration of the Workings and Results of that Astonishing Fanaticisrn at Wesley. H is settled th;it the Spirit Lake monument will be dedicated 0:1 .July L'Otli. It will be a great event for the lake region. A timely protest is being made through the press against the desecration of Memorial day by games and sports. If the day has any moaning it is one of remembrance- f heroic struggle in behalf of tho Union,* edlcutcd to those who fought in a war. vaged for country and liberty. It is not' itting on that day to indulge in tbe^ mer- y making and pleasure".seeking? 'usually ittendant upon a public holiday. ; There, is much of truth and much of sal-- itary suggestion in this, from the Hampton Recorder: "Yes, indeed, these arc hard times. We throw away our ashes and grease and buy soap. We raise dogs and buy hogs. We let our manure go to waste. We grow weeds and buy vegetables and brooms. We catch 5-ccnt fish with a 14 rod. We build school houses and send our children oil' to be- educated. And lastly we send our boys out with;a $40 gun and a 610 dog to hunt for 10 "cent birds.' •A SIX-YEAR-OLD BOY THE VICTIM. On Saturday morning Dr. Morse, county coroner, was called to Wesley Lo hold an inquest on the body of the six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Zenos Tryon. at Wesley, the child having died the night previous. .Dr.; Morse stimmonded as jurors Geo. It. Lamsoti, of Algona, aiid Frank Heal abd, S. X. Way, of Wesley. The examination developed a case of heartless neglect which has sefdOrii been parallelled, and for which the so-called "Christian sci- enee",fanaticisrn was wholly i-esponsi- ble. The parents do not appear to have been devoid of natural affection for their child, but they were apparently completely under the Influence of that incomprehensible juiiibleof ah* surd notions which has capped -the climax of absurdity and 'insanity by calling itself Christian and "'duGbihg' itself a science.. The boy's illness began on Tuesday, May 7, an abscess forming below the knee joint. No medical aid was summoned until the Saturday following, When Dr. Morse and local- physicians held, a consultation which ended in lancing the abscess, which gave''the boy temporary relief only. The same day Mrs'. Tryon's sister, a "Christian science" "healer," arrived, and from that time all the promptings .of ; .hu- tnanity and all parental affection were set at naught, and the boy lay uncared for tin til the Friday following, when Mayor Barrett, on the petition of neighbors of:the family who were distressed by-the boy's groans, which they were compelled to heai\ called together the board of health and on their order Dr. Smith, of Mason City, was called. The case had then" gone too far. however, blood poisoning having ensued, and the boy had begun to sink into a. comatose state. His death followed the same night. A Mrs. Webster/another "faith" healer., was in town during the latter stages of. the disease, but she carried on her treatment from her comfortable quarters at the hotel. The jury returned a verdict in substance that the child .came to his death by blood poisoning, augmented by, the neglect'Of the parents to procure 'medical aidi The ; v'erdict was retdrned, as ; thti law requires, to County Atto^'nej.. Raymond, and future proceedings, ,if any, wiii'b'e under his direction. ''._ ,, .; THE REPORTER'S ACCOUNT; : •/. The- Reportsr say; HAVE The Pdpalation of kosstrth Cqtinty Ac- 1 cording t6 rt'he NeW Census. According to fetfittis' received at the Auditor's office,'supplemented* by, reports from township assessors,, with 1 only one ttown estimated, the above Is the population of Kbs'suth County for. 1895. The census of ISOti showed a population of 1,3,-' ,120, and thus the gain in five years lias been 5.21:2, or about 40 per cent. ; The work of dividing up the townships in the northern .portion of/the county has nishect up in the past (iv-jyea'rs and with so in'any township jinos changing, comparisons arc . not basily made. Following is the.showing-of population by townships': . _ _ r-^r- „_ Alg-ohri ....... ....... Bancroft.-..-.. 1 ! ,'....... Buffalo ..;.<.'.•!.,.. .:. mirt-ltownship] Bilrt [town! (5rcsco .......... . ' Fen to n ...;.-.. ..... Gal'fleld....... ..-..-.... - Gci'inivn.... ....'• •'• •• Gimniuiia [town/]...... Grunt ...... ... ------ •••• Greenwood .:'.•..•.. ••...« Harrison. <•- ••;,• •••,••.• Hebron .. ..... ........ • Irvl iifrton .". ......... Letlyiml .... ,11. ..-i .,- JjliiL'uln ... : •• •.• •.•'• ; T/ottB Creole...'. . ."•:• • • • Im Verne [township! . Ml Vbrno, | town].. Plum Cro.ek . . • ••• • ••• Portland. ;...'.. r ...... • • 1',. .-...;..., ----- .., Ramsay — ... . . •••• Kivermile . ..-...-•• . Sliorman ...... • • .......... SpHiijrllolcl :...... ........ •• Swea .......... ! ...... •-•• Union ................... Wesley i township! ..... ••• Wesley [town] ....... '••••' Whlttemore [Township].. Whittoniorc [town].... .; *Estlmutccl 2.0CS B57 2(11 SOO 4 til •162 37!) 353 413 471 iHG 452 4(V 4ii4 Sli4 W)7 4-1.4 401 4lV 4H, •2K •• 44( ' (if < fr 13.121 1B95 2,470 '937 • HT(i ' 000 m 463 105 fi65 530 5S!) 240 217 445 434 '.312 705 704 *ali " :<si • 31)!! 352 4«0 . 301 558 •427 570 441 ' 51)3 242 - 540 5U2 5215 ' 512 4'JO n(!2 you'* care HOAV you look, "aiid we know you do, you will visit this department in our store before youj^uy,;; If the best goods for the least money, is, what'you want, we can please you. '.'.' i'; '. : ' • .^ . f BIG TEACHERS' CONVENTION. Bancroft Convention Proves be a Large and Enthius- .. iastic Meeting. to Some of the Questions That Were Considered—Bancroft Busines Men Join iri the Debates. . ,. . . A case that has at- Hon. S. A. Marine, formerly United States pension agent at Des Moines, has embarked in the newspaper business at Mason City. The Gazette and Globe papers have, been bought and consolidated, and Mr. Marine and W. H. Peedan will be the new proprietors. Mr. Marine is ivvery able writer and has found his proper place and work'. Bro Starr will have to be moro correct in his geography or his political pointers. will not carry much weight.— Humboldt Independent. The geography was corrected a week ago, Bio. Adams, and now let us try to forget about it. The Yankton reservation was very unexpectedly opened up to settlement on Monday. There are In the neighborhood, of 108,000 acres of land in this reservation: tracte.d the public attention to a very considerable extent, the past week has been the serious illness of the eldest sou of 'Mr., and Mrs. Zeiu.s A. Tryon, about six years of age. As stated last week, ho was taken with what was supposed inflammatory rheumatism, but which developed into, blood poisoning. On Saturday Dr. Morse, of Algona, was secured, and in consultation with Drs. Kenney and Hill, itwasdc- cidcd to lance an abscess that had formed ,just below the knee, from which was taken nearly two tablespoonfuls of matter, and foi; a.while it was thought the little fellow was getting,better, but in the mba.ntime 'Mrs. Ebberson, of Carpenter,' a sister of 'Mrs. Tryon, who is a so-called Christian .Scientist, was sent for and on her arrival ^ the doctors were dismissed forthwith, and' "'since then up to 4 p. m. yesterday the only attention tho puor little boy has had has been a make-believe muinblc "Now dearie, yon have no pain, it is only imagination, is no such thing as pain," and a lot of bosh after that fashion which th.G-.bpy, young as he is, could not believe for the excruciating pain he has been undergoing. The harsh and heartlessness of the treatment is beyond human comprehension. Moaning pith pain: and sobbing for,.the loving arnis and 'tender sympathy ot mother,.but only in vain does the little sufferer plead—the so-called science lor* The moans and groans of the unfortunate could be. heard by passers-by on the The long looked for and eagerly ex-' pected teachers' convention has come and gone. If we accept the verdict of many of those who attended, the meetiiiff must have been a srand success, Our teachers who returned from Bancroft on'tho 0:20 train Saturday' night are unanimous in saying- that they had.a royal good time .and were greatly benelitted by their attendance at the meeting. They feel that those who clid"jibt attend really'lost the benefits of an unusually valuable convention. About 25 teachers'f.rom Algona availed .themselves of the excursion ratesian'd boarded the first 'train -feoirig north.' ; "They ''are 'repol'ted' to ! have v been ii very happy and merry set of passengers, Burt. also .sent .quite' .'a large delegation, so that the coach was packed full by the time it reached Bancroft. Many visitors are reported as, being present and taking part in the meet-- in'g, which opened promptly at 10 o'clock. Among the business men of Bancroft who were among the teachers and engaged in their discussions were S. Mayne, J. B. Carr, P'. M. Barslou and C. C. Thompson- Mr. Carr felt the need of county uni- AT. THE: iK" -J HONOR THE SOLDIER; DEAD. Annual Memorial Services for the Patriot Dead—Veterans .. will Pay their Tribute. . iCRESGO SCHOOL CASE. E. P. McElroy will Deliver the Memorial :•• Sermon- on Sunday—Memorial Day Address by Hon. S. G. Blythe. TJJ1NK8 IT MEANS FUNK. Sioux City Journal', The Algona REPUBLICAN in its last issue prints the following card of Geo. C. Call, who had been announced as a candidate for state senator in the Forty-seventh district withdrawing from the contest. ALGONA, To., May 14, 18<J5.-To the Editor of the REPUBLICAN: Referring to your article in the last issue of your paper with reference to my candidacy for state senator from this district, allow mo to thank you for the sentiment therein expressed. Upon a careful survey of the senatorial situation, I am convinced that Kossuth's choice will not be the nominee of the senatorial convention this year, and I have therefore decided not to make the canvass. To the press and the many friends throughout the county who have proffered mo their assistance, I tender my sincere thanks. Truly Yours, ' GEO. C. CALL. Mr. Call is one of the prominent men of northern Iowa, an old resident of Kossuth county, a successful business man and possesses the elements of political strength and popularity. A man of character and u consistent republican of the best type, who has never been an office seeker, lie would have been a credit to his party and a useful public servant if nominated. The withdrawal of Mi% Call as a candidate makes certain, it may be assumed, the renomination of JEjon. B. Funk, of Dickinson county., has already served two terras in senate. Senator Punk has not nouncei] JiUnself as a candidate, 4o,es it appear that he has raised a There is always a scramble for lands opened up in this way, but the experience of the squatters with Dakota and other western lands has put a damper upon the enthusiasm of land seekers generally. Embroideries, white goods and laces at Setchell & Setchell's. PRICES REDUCED. You can buy good dry white oak posts of Hamilton & Co. for 5c. each. Prices on Brick Tile and Sewer Pipe also are greatly reduced. 33-34 mull caps at Setchell & Infants' Setchell's. A LUXURY FQR THE LADIES. I am prepared to give baths, either plain, electric, sitz, salt-glows, spray, or pour, with massage and other treatment. Come Tuesdays and Thursdays. Can also furnish first-class recommends as a nurse. Also agent for folding bathtubs. Come and see. MBS. W&. CM3AKY. street, and to realize that no practical ot- fort was being put forth to alleviate his sufferings or stop the disease, Mayor Barrett was appealed to by various citizens. At the request of the mayor, Mr. Tryon sent for Dr. Smith, of Mason City, one of the ablest physicians in tho state, who arrived on tho 4 o'clock train yesterday. On examination he discovered pyasma or blood poison in an aggravated form, and that it extended throughout the entire •circulation, and stated that in his opinion the chance for life was almost hopeless, A large gathering was discovered on his leg from which the doctor extracted about a CUB full of pus. He also administered a soothing lotion which gave temporary relief and this, we understand, ^yas the first and only humane treatment the child received since the dismissal of Hie doctors. In conversation Dr, Smith told us the wesent condition of the boy was simply caused by hegle C b, ; as coiumon senso^m^i- 4- the an, ger in htsQwn beJiaU, V u v fce certainly PURE PRED JFRSBY. A pure-bred Jersey bull calf for sale. Entitled to registry- J< B- WINKEL. 33-84 PASTURAQP NOTICE. I have secured the McCoy tract of land lying north of the Milwaukee railroad, for a pasture, and can take a few more head of cows at $1 per head peymonth- Cmvs will pe at the own cal treatment should have-been coutimi'od from the very first symptom. The Reporter realizes that difference of opinion exists as to pub W interference,in family matters, but in this case at east, it is our humble opinion that the public hay ( o already been too backward. It it was a case whore the sufferer, was of. mature years and could act on his or her own vol< Won, it would he an entirely different Question; but here is a helpless, child mi* dorgoing untold, agonies for (Jays and nights, and the parents—better people otherwise don'-tlivo-aro being hoodooed by an idea worse than pantheism and led on by a fanatical oxporlmist they fqrget, as it were, to exercise the common'God- given instincts of father and mother. Shame! Suauie on the inhumanity of, a nnmmiinit.V that WOnId tolerate SUCh bftl'r OraSWSctt«* on a helpless child/' In case the child dies the responsible formity of text books and asked that .something be done toward that end.. ; .'.' Mr. Mayne took exceptions, to the list of questions .for examination on the subject of reading. '. . Mr. Barslou thought .there must be something the matter with the construction of our grammars if one teacher could not. understand the grammatical expressions used by another teach-' er, . . . • • •:•.• Mr. Thompson had understood gome one as saying that judgment could not bo cultivated. "If that is so," said he, "Where are we at?" The teachers themselves earnestly entered into the debates with the zeal for which they have become so ! noted-, and while tjitsy seemed to enjoy ,the, speeches of the business men who were present, they did not hesitate to criticise or condemn their arguments whenever they felt warranted in doing su, During the forenoon various topics came up for discussion; among which the most prominent was the subject .of grammatical difficulties which seemed to burden the lives of many teachers, The most interesting debate, however, cropped out in the afternoon when they were considering the prop* osition as to whether a teacher not born with natural qualifications could educate herself so as to surmount all disunities. Superintendent Beed took • PIlOliRAM MEMORIAL DAY. , The members of Post, Ex-union : soldiers, Woman's Relief Corps and 'Sons of Veterans will meet at G-. A. B. hall at 10 a. m. At 10:15 they will march to the Opera House, headed- by the Algona band, where the exercises will commence at 10:30 sharp. , Music—Band. ..••-. . Song—Sons of Veterans, Glee Club; - Invocation—Rev. Stevens. Recitation—Charles Chubb, Jr. Song—Sons of Veterans, Glee Club. •Recitation—Abra Robinson. Address—Hon. S. G. Blythe. Song—America, by tho audience, led by Glee Club. AFTERNOON. Members of Post, escort soldiers and W. B. C. and S. of V. will meet at t*. A. E. hall at 1:30 p. m. The head of coltirnn-wiUmove at 2 p. m. and march to the cemetery where the concluding exercises will be held. Col.B. H. (spen- cer assisted by aids will have charge ot the procession. • • . COMMITTEE ON FLOWERS. Mrs. L A. Sheets Mrs._M. Store, Mrs. J. W. Robinson, Mrs. ]?. M. lay" lor, Mrs, M. Vincent, Mrs, Geo. Gal- braitb, Mrs. J. B. Laird, Mrs. L. M- Horton arid Mi's. H- 0. McCoy. The committee are requested to meet ut the Congregational church parlorson Wednesday evening, May 29, to perfect all arrangements and.make boquets Supt. 1 Reed Hears the' Cresco Case'and Sustains the Action of the Board— An Appeal Taken. ' . The case of M. D. Courll vs. the [township of Cresco came on for hearing before Supt. Beed last Friday at the court house. The plaintiff and Others had petitioned the board to contract with S; H. McNutt to teach ' the Hobart school, of which McNutt was' 'the sub-director. Another petition ' signed by a less -number of persons, asked'thathe pe ; not hired. The board voted to not hire<him. From this order the appeal w,as taken to the county superintendent. E. V. Swetting appeaiecl as'attorney for the plaintiff and signed an agreed statement of facts as a part of the case^ jointly with Mr. Potter, president of the board.', Mr. Swetting takes the position that when a board acts on two petitions and recognizes the one having the least number of signers that it is such an abuse of descretion that the county superintendent should reverse their ruling,. Mr. Beed ruled that the board had a rightto do as it saw lit in the matter the same as a sub*director would have, The qase has been appealed to the state superintendenc and Mr, Beed is busy making out i\ transcript of the evidence, OUR Chairman Committee, the position that where the schools, were good he found the teachers were , and that where the schools were .. , em risk. jQsTliOM, rty should be indicted by the grand jury, is morn! UK-Mr- T'^^a Informs us tluvj the child is better aud is resting iHeoly, < poor ho always found the teachers to bo'poor, and that while he tally believed that good judgment was the key note to success and that that t&oulty could be cultivated, yet he believed that to be a genuine teacher, one had to lie born with certain natural facu> ties which could not be secured from WHY source except by birth. The faculty of governing was one of the lac- •ijltlevhe referred to as not being of muah cultivation. Some of the school principals and others thought differ- h»H INVITATION BX THE I'OST. Attention Comrades, and all soldiers who enlisted in tho war of the rebollwn: You are cordially invited to join with us in Memorial Day exercises on May 30th; Also the W. R. C. and S. of V. Pleivse come and join with us in decorating the graves of our deceased comrades. P. D. POPGB, Cora. IS (i< with teacjjers tiit» county-wu t-d as o&mit ?ne>et yet held- of tp viwt in often,, W. A, Ladenaorf The Sunday memorial exerpises of Jumes C. Taylor Post No. J(i5, will be held on May goth at the Congregation* al church, nt 11 o'clock H. m, Preaching by Bev. E. p.McISIroy, All soldiers who enlisted in the late war of vhe. rebellion are cordially »»vited to, join with us in the exercises, Members of the Post uud all soldiers, the W- «. 0, and S. of V, are requested to raeet yt Memorial hall at half past id o'clock, a. m. und form in line and Wftpli PQ the church- All visiting AQW¥ade§ «rp invited to join - 1 * 1 ' ""

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