The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1895
Page 5
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iff I-V; pf* •fy A EK The sefvscms cliftnj&v the J-cat-9 foil by; The Springtime comes and (Wfess. „ , Bntyct for every chdn£f«e-f»oiitlv " v: we have the proper clothes. . . . • -H. S. & M." garments ar.e fflfcde In crtrrcC't \velffhtssinrt styles for till seasons. We can always give you jnst the right thing at the J5EW ENGLAND. I--: LOCAL MENTIONS, The Remenyi concert will be one week from tonight. The Courier reports that A. D. Clarke Will put in 100 acres of beans. , Rev. 1 Atkinson represented the Children's Aid society in Algona last Sunday, John Goeders has just displayed a resplendent gold sign. It "lays over" everything. Admission to the Remenyi concert will be 50 cents. Reserved seats can be had for 75 cents. There was something of a hailstorm Saturday afternoon. It did not last long and did no damage. Frank Fields is the new jeweler at Bowyer's. He is a good Workman and will make a very popular clerk. The Courier says that Algona will be represented in the Jim Weaver silver convention at Des Moines, June 5. The Algona baseball nine opened the campaign for 1895 by winning a game from Lu Verne on a score of 34 to 10. Col. E. S. Ormsby, u candidate for governor from the tenth district, was a visitor in Algona for a short time yesterday. Frank Farley, who bought the Ed. Thomas place near Sexton, has come up from Iowa county and taken possession. ;,.'.. : There was a meeting of the school board last week, but aside from the allowances of bills no business was transacted. Mr. Wright, of Cresco, has already taken.possession of the Moffatt residence, or that which has been so known hitherto. Billy Ward, the harness maker, : and a Union veteran, has been failing in health of late. He is afflicted with a heart trouble. ,, . , ; Brown'ell & Aldred are. not' only a very successful boot and shoe firm, but they understand how'to advertise, as our readers will notice. Licenses to wed haveibeeii issued to Ernest Ewart and . Wanda Louise Bbettcher, Wm. Mertz and Katie Wolf, D. J. Perkins and Mary Chase. A. J. Jones and family left last evening for Seymour, Webster ' county, Missouri, which is their home for the future. They will live in the town. The Algoua Catholic church wt\s; dedicated last Decoration day,,ahd this year the new Catholic church in Prairie will-be dedicated on the same* holiday. - -.:•' ' •>'••' . " v The ladies of the Congregational-so- ciety.have given notice of their intention tti serve one of their elegant sup? pers in the .church;: parlors Thursday evening. ,,:•'" : /, ; ,V .-";/•.-'. '.•••>.> '••'•••'•'• I)e,coration ; day . ; .'cpmes •••> two _ weeks Thursday was supposed to be the hottest day of 1895 so far, in this locality, and tlie country over it was _put down as the hottest May day since 1872. Next day, Friday, came a cold Wave, and Friday night there was a light frost. There was a large audience at the Episcopal church Saturday, to greet, Bishop Perry, and quite a representation of business men were present. The Bishop gave a very line sermon. He went south at 3:05 o'clock, over the Northwestern, having an appointment at Boone for Sunday. A tea and card party at the borne of Geo. E. Clarke this evening is given in honor of Miss Aimee Wallace* by Misses Gertie and Lulu Clarke. Miss Wallace goes to Chicago Friday to accept a position as bookeeper with her father. She will be greatly missed from Algona society, in which she is Very popular. Sunday afternoon was one of tlie times to try men's cyclone cellars. There was no cyclone, but it looked for a moment as if there might be one right away. • Such false pretensions provoke the reflection that if a man had a Cyclone cellar and knew when to get into it, he could reduce his life insurance rate. When Melzar Haggard was re-elected Manager of tlie Opera House Company he announced that he could not take the office again; and'he insisted on it so (irmly that a new man had to be chosen. Accordingly the directors met last night'and elected Sid Blossom. Mr. Blossom has held the place heretofore and will make a good manager. J. J. Ryan has furnished an elegant suite of rooms in the postofflce block, where he will be found, henceforth! Mr. Ryan has a very artistic eye in sel- ectingfurriiture, and both office and chamber furniture are of a very handsome pattern, and he will serve equally as well for housekeeping as for bachelor quarters. Mrs. Quick, mother of Mrs. F. H. Vesper, who has been a resident of Algona some, three years, had. a stroke of apoplexy Sunday night which at first threatened a fatal termination. The patient rallied in a short time, however. Mrs. Quick is 74 years of age, and is much iJeloved by Her acquaintances. She is improving and will soon be up. ....-..' ' Mr. Matsoii was unable to be present :attheSociarUniouClub meeting Friday night, and Dr.Kenefick was called out o£ .the church to visit a sick man before his turn came to read, so that the literary program was decidedly impromptu.' Rev. 0. A. Stevens read'a paper prepared on short notice to take Mr. Matsori's place, and the musical program was excellent. moh will be delivered.' by Mr.viiE. , McElroy one .week .from next Sunday morning. , : • ., ' •."•••< ; >' ' Mrs. Orange Minkler is reported much better, and Mr, Minkler proposes' to go to Independence and bring 'heir' home if her improvement turns'out >'tp : be permanent. ' . '' ' '.',•'.'. The county -teachers convention comes off at Bancroft next Saturday, May 18th, beginning at 10 'o'clock. It will be a free pitch-in for everybody; No programme has ;been'made out..' Mrs. W." B.. Carey,' has been • quite Sick for'the past week,' an,d her daughter, Miss Bertha Carey, has come up from Britt to be with her. , Mrs. Carey is upwards of seventy years of age. Next Sunday will be.q'uarterly meeting at the Methodist Episcopal church. Love feast at 10 a. m. Holy communion after morning sermon. Preaching both morning and evening by Rev. T. S. Cole, of Bancroft. Another test of tuberculosis. Mr, , Lund has killed his condemned cattle and fed them to the hogs, and now we await results in regard to' the latter, hoping there will arise no necessity for the application to them' of • the tuberculin test. The county board lias settled 'with the insurance companies for the recent damage to the court house by lightning, receiving $215. Architect T, H. Conner estimated the job ot! repairing the damages and offered to do it for the amount stated. Wm. Cleaiy had a flne patch of potatoes before the frost and they are just us fine now. He sayed'them simply by covering the tops with dirt. It took him till one o'clock in the morning to do the job. Ambitious potato growers should paste this in their hats, Advertised letters: Miss Mari An. drews, Ed Belknap, J. F. Oook, Mr, Godfrey, Edward Boone Mendson, G G, Manley, Jalius Rpsentteid, W. D, Stockman, The Sister Superior, H. b, Thurber, G, W, Williams, .Mrs. Mav* , w. WUliams, Miss Gertr/ude Wheeler, There will bo held in Clarke's Hall, Friday night, a meeting to inaugural ' ' measures for a booming celebration of the Fourth,of July. This movement should receive the immediate encom> agement and active support of every 1 The new llruio't Ditigley &'Pugh,has been evolved during tlie.Sveek;. F... W. B, A, Palmer, who has b. en the efficient freight agent for tlw Northwest- em fov the past seven years, quit work :fw tlie company .Monday, «*pd Ed, Mnutor is supplyjpg Ms. place tempo? ;SfSy. M^l'WwwwaBfe* good -info }f is not learned wW bt) - will • T^^w§Wwsf"f; t'liuirU S- 'miuiefc"of the members 'thereof. "Already, they have, received'a part- of their jewelry stock, which will be-given a place in the drugstore. Jewelry and drugs seem to'be keeping close company in ; Algeria at present. ' ; The .municipal election at Ledyard' last Thursday, resulted in the election •of Andy Dunlap for Mayor by, nine majority in a vote of 98. We have received a letter signed "A. B. C." making some statements and comments which we hold for permission to .append the proper signature. ; ; . The United Workmen- at- their last week's meeting appointed a committee to secure subscriptions of stock for the erection of a two-front; brick to adjoin Gilmore's brick on the east, and the enterprise, which has been favorably considered for some time, is being taken up with the intention to push it. The lodge is strong, having about 100 members, and the enterpris can easily succeed. .... It appears that while tlie tornado which swept over some of the counties west of us two weeks ago was making havoc of life and property there were shakings up in many outside quarters, We have a letter from Seneca township which says that "the same cyclone came very near the Coffin farm and threw clown some large trees on the place. It was very frightful in appearance and the darkness was like a pall over the land." Night Watchman Geo. Hunter pulled Link Singleton at an early hour Sunday morning for tlip too free use ot aguuwhile on a "toot." Singleton was placed in jail, and being decidedly under tho Influence hu broke out ail tlie glass he could reach. When Mayor Haggard footed up his bill Monday morning Link found he was out eight to ten dollars for repairs, besides the costs and a Von dollar fine, Mayor Haggard split the latter in two on Link's promise of good behavior. Supt, B. F. Reed, with his usual forethought and enterprise, lias secured excursion ri^es for the teachers attending the Bancroft convention of batur- day nest, There will be a o«p and one' third rate t'oy the round trip to parties of ten ov move, which will be 65 cents from Algona. The party will leave top Bancroft nt 8;js a, m, mid. wi 1 reach home in the evening \\\ 0;20. TUe con* vention will open at JO'o'clock and it is anticipatedlhat it will be a lively one, Christian Dyson is a,t Fort Dodge in attendance w,pon Uie gy-ancl lodge'of United Wpi'k,i]ugn. as U of Algonn lodge,. Thj>, 80 *« V'«*V1 (»,1S«,M WBSVS S ,fifftj5»? , •*- -,*•.->-,* ft. Q'CoiUieU^qy.pMpMter, w ^^ MM^$,W^, «&e ^ggpSL J; UUli( UIU UUUJHJ"™ *w vrt«D n vr.iiiQ v^ ~- dtr| an-dtifidltetel' se'eti trot heaM trf the man who tog it. They had wofd of the digging, however, and were somewhat toOllifled by the news that in a well of 112 feet there were 70 feet I of water. We leave the REftifiticAN readers to guess what Will be the disposition to this bill. The barn and all the outbuildings, grain, hay and machinery on the C. F. Calkins' farm, near Burt< burned at an early hour this morning. There was insurance to the amount of $400, which will only partly cover the loss. Mr. Calkins' son, Craig, who was recently married, lives on the place. The fire is supposed to have been caused by tramps. The concert at the Baptist church Monday night, given bytheoSTorwegian violinist, Aatnold, assisted by home talent, was a very successful musical entertainment. Mr. Aarnold did his part in a manner to win the delighted applause of his audience, and the contributions of Algona musicians were of a high order and much appreciated. The parts'rendered by Algona musicians consisted in a duet by Dr. Alt. Hist, a piano solo by Mrs. Geo. C. Call and Mrs. J. T. Chrischilles, and a couple of pieces by a quartette consisting ot'D. T. Smith, Fred Fuller, Geo. Hamilton and Dr. Rist. At the Episcopal convocation at Fort Dodge Rev. Geo. Leslie, of Algona, read a paper on "The Needs of the Diocese, both of Money and Men." The Messenger says Mr. Leslie gave an account of his labors in Florida among the Seminole Indians. _ He gave a detailed narrative of the interesting, but very difficult work, and showed how the younger Indians were enthusiastically earnest in seeking to learn of American ways and American institutions. This work is very difficult on account of the scattered condition of the Indians. Hobart has been not a little agitated and torn up over the transfer of the postoffice from J. H. Cook to Join: Grove, the announcement of whicl came as a-complete surprise last week The old and new officials are business competitors, each running a genera store. It is presumed that the rernov al>of Mr. Cook is due wholly to his be ing a good republican. He has been an efficient and accommodating officer He did not know that the administra tion gun was loaded for sucli smal game as • the Hobart postoffice, the emoluments of which average abou $32 per year.. .... The entire northwest has been nude the cloud since Friday. From the hot test May day'for many years, as Frida was said by the wiseacres to have been, tlie temperature dropped down below tlie freezing point, arid over large areas'-of the northwest snow storms and .hailstorms prevailed. In this immediate locality thorn was one heavy frost and a hailstorm, which seems to have bfjeu gem-nit tiver Una county, and .which' 1 sted only u tv-w minutes, doing .some damage, in cutting tlowri small grain. Thu frost luus damaged small fruits'and setback such potatoes as were up. Very little corn was above ground, to be wilted. The Library Association has been very fortunate in:securing brary quarters, and fortunate again in the: terms of the lease.. Tlie. Grand Army Post has tendered the association the free -use of the lower floor of Memorial Hall for a term of three years. The space available will be partitioned-into twoa'pornsf one. tif-Which 'Will be':used 'for the librarVproper'arta the other'for a,'reading room',''and 'both will be well lighted and : roomy. A door will be put in the north side, a hard "floor will be la,id>, and paint and 'paper will be put on by the association, and soon we shall have a very satisfactory home for this popular institution. The liberality Of the'Postus to be commended. t C6faes Off May iatrd, at the Coftgre gational Ghtirch. The appearance of Mr. Edouard lemenyi in concert last evening was ne of the most exceptional treats that ould have been offered to even the most critical audience. Mr. Remenyi s heralded as the greatest living violin 'irtuoso, and the claim will be readily .onctdecl, as it would be hypercriticism o compare him with any violinist who aas visited this country, so thoroughly inique and typical is his playing.—St. Paul Pioneer Press. Remenyi's opening number was a loncerto for the violin, in three move- nents, by Mendelssohn, which xvas ex- luisitely played and won a hearty re* iall. Chopin's "Choral Nocturne" and Sarasate's "Zapateado" were the second. His third number, the Pagaliini 'Caprices." was the masterpiece in interpretation as well as i i composition. —San Francisco Bulletin. Remenyi. the violinist, received a perfect ovation last evening at the Lyceum theatre. A good house greeted him and the enthusiasm was more than proportionate to the numbers. When he appeared witli the benevolent, clerical air of a priest, his popularity crystallized in prolonged applause, and at every instant on the stage he rose in favor, lie-is without a rival in his'ability to interpret music in a realistic, tangible way that appeals to everyone. His violin scolds, sings, weeps and laughs, the sudden unexpected change of .sentiment gives brilliant piquancy to his execution. At one moment the speaking instrument is all tenderness, at the next it breaks into a witticism, and laughs in trills of contagious mirth. At times his touch is so delicate that the bow seems only to hover like a majic wand above the responsive . strings. Every shade of feeling, he expresses.— Minneapolis Times. ••--.» PERSONAL MENTION. Thos. Gray, of Wesley, was a visitor in Algona on Monday. Supervisor Chubb spent the most of last week in northern Kossuth. A. W. Moffiatt goes today, with his family, to Euglewood, Illinois, to take possession of the residence which he traded for some time since. There will be si universal feeling of regret at the departure of this estimable family. : C. E. Butcher, of Webster City, is up •for a short stay in our city. Miss l.ollu Riindall wnnt. • to Mason City Monday to intern.! the w«dcliug of her cousin. Miss Winnie Bogardus, of that place, which occurred this morning. Mrs. Bertha Reavir and children, of Knoxville,,Iowa, are.visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hoxie. Bert Ilallock, of the Burt Monitor was in Aigona Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Amy.Hibbard, of'Emmetsburg, was in town Friday between 'trains. She'w'as on her way to Burt to visit her brotheryE.K.- Starr. • ' •'- «*• GREAT • .. - ,.—. ., WANTED.—To employ an energetic lady ' ; 6r gentleman' to represent us..,jh eac'li-county. Salary $50 per rnoirtli arid ; commission'. Address with'stamp CnAs. A. RoBtNsbur & Co., Oliv.e St., Stl Louis, Mo. / ' ',. v • i ' —;—'•'''•' —: '— — THAT.P'OCAHCiNTAS ROAD. The Rock Island May Beat tlie Local Capitalists iniReaching Pppahontas Center. Ft. Dodge /Messenger: For some time there-has been little heard about the proposed'road to Pocahontas Ceu.- terand the interest was supposed to have-died .out; Although the matter was quiet here it appears the Hoick Island, officials have not been sleeping,us is seen from the following Extract from a Rolfe special to the Register: yesterday the Rock Island officials were here 'together with some mysterious men who called themselves contractors, the point a'long the main line was fixed at which the branch road was to leave'the' main line and while we do not know exactly where this branch will terminate the contractors look wise and point towards Pocahontas, At any rate, wo feel sure it 1 this "county seat town without :i railroad" will now come forward with Us .$15,000 and plank it down at the feet of these railroad magnates that they will at last realize its long d'rawn : out anticipations and haves a railroad, 'infants' mull caps'" at' Setchell & SetoheU's. • THE .WEATHER AND CROPS. nesotrf'the flrst-of'the week, ' •;i:^;V/ : : '• — CAPTAIN HAGGARD RESIGNS."/ 'Melzar Haggard lias ' resigned the 'captaincy of Company F. His resignation, together with that of Sargeant Major.-Peek's was sent to Col. Foster Monday.- The reason for this step 'is their inability to afford the time and money, Required of the positions. Mr. Haggard has been captain of Company F for'the past three years and has made a very popular officer. He leaves the company in the best shape it ' has been in since its organization, and has reason; to feel proud of his work with the comnany. Every member of the company has signed a paper regretting his resignation and petitioning the colonel not to accept it, but to -retain him as their captain. This is a high compliment, and it is to be hoped Mr. Haggard will reconsider his.decision. Embroideries, white goods and laces at Setchell &SetcbeU's, Tryrour Club House corn and toma- oes. ' LANGDON & HUDSOH. «IIQ 'iitiwl- e mil'my tit ni»i "U'Hinar'ii'ctn jn'««P WfR^^ftttJMy^JwjJwwww' f-" ffii-S jSt&n'ttiiiff«'uu/^uiuiw- pjfiwii i»« JEW U)gtej«gflf,» mgft I"tSui iV* £* <$'""•• ' i*''Mufe*'' 'Uw'tof ay4§vJ4' m\m\ si' ; . . ^ A) •••,,., wa7WaFi4, 1895, 'This bin ueen a week of notable extremes of temperatures, the mercury dropping suddenly from 94 degrees to tlie frost line. The daily mean of the first three days was about 15 degrees above, normal; the IflSt three days, 10 degrees below wu'< .mal, ' ' Frists were general in some sections quite Destructive to. tender vegetation, tynQk, potatoes, small fruit mi4 grape vines-were severely injured in all ex* poaecl localities. No repots ijnve been ••-••• o.f material fjaroagp • to' field —-*• —*••• OPS, uml Uioy will A, M, & G, M. Johnson have just got in another line lot of two-seated surreys. Come early and make, your choice. . ' Pure, maple sugar, 1895 make, at 'Patterson & Son's, A few nice seed potatoes yet at the Opera House Grocery, WHEAT HIGHEB-FLOTJFLOWER. The Algoua Water Mill Wants Wheat at 50oto 65oa Bushel. And as long as we can buy wheat under 60c we will sell— '•Rock Bottom" at 70c per sack "Family Favorite" at ... ,$0c per sack '•Snow Queen" at/ 90c per sack Delivered any place, in town. It costs 5c a sack to deliver flour, so we will discount above prices 5c per sack at our store or null, & STACY. During the Month of JLtWofiaB aa&taam immtt yards of the best make i i in PRINT Remnants. * yards Dress and Apron i ^"•rt -W-BH. *s* ^V ••)•"*•• A 1» Of* "ir^i* . A . . • < yards of WASH GOODi in Remnants. yards DRESS GOODS,: in Remnants. Great ams in ^ Underwear, Hosiery, Rib-; foons, Laces, Embroideries, •:• Carpets, Curtains, Shades. are on the advance, but: ' •- A Haying ;juSt received 'a '' 'Summer. : Stock i: During this month. , Don't' buy b'efore | you look at our goods and; see our prices. We make special inducements ; to you for cash. .,,'., , ' ',. Yours to please, ; ;" ' : .,'.' > -!i PASTURAGE I have secured the McCoy tract of land lying north of the Milwaukee railroad, for a pasture, and cun take a few move head of cows at $1 per he,ad per month. Cows will be at the owners' risk, ' JOHN OSTBOSJ,' CImsy jSp Manbornls famous Boston 'Coffees und peal B.r$nd Tea for sale on lyby Wujker" Tlwt m tttble at canned goods is the uttvactiqn. at Wttlber Bros.-18tf REUNION OF VETERANS. Members of G. A.H., S.ofV., and W. R. C. are cordially invited to attend and participate in the festivities of the 12th annual encampment of the Northwestern Iowa Veterans' reunion and 4th annual encampment of the Sons of Veterans and Woman's Relief corps, to be held at LeMars, June 19, 20 and 21. Reduced rates will be secured -m all railroads; ample prpvision will be made for your entertainment and amusement. An attractive and entertaining program is being prepared, of which you will receive proper notice. We assure you that everything is being done to afford you a rousing good time, and we hope our efforts will be rewarded by a large attendance. Present this matter to your organization and write us an acceptance, and stale the probable number we may expect. II, C. CtTBTis, Comander, M. HILBEUT, Adjutant. DEQORATJON PAY EXCURSIONS, On May 29 and 80, the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets at reduced rates, For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern R'v. Call and see the flne line of trimmed luvts i\t Setchell & SetoheU's. ATTENTION PAIRYMAN- Have you five or more cows? What is yoviv purpose in keeping therftV What is then- pvoauct, Do they pay you.and how much? Ave you dairying for pro'"• wncl do you wish to increase this pro. BOY RUN OVER t ' to J. A. Hamilton & l ,Co's., and order some of their dry oak Wood |ipcl a cord of pine slabs. They have the best wood in town, , , 31-32 Wall Paper, the best on earth, at Studley's Pharmacy, Cowles Block, Algona, Iowa. A new line of Sweet Pickles always on hand at Langdori & Hudson's. It will pay you to 'buy wall paper at Studley's Pharmacy, • MONEY. • , I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. B, W, HAGGARD. Trill»y,"" The latent thiog in t-hB Opera Hous.e Grocery TQ THB WB8T, j&M MyanoemOTk Q$,fy%. f?t-?' t> 1 rti-»lj« -Pr*4» 4-lirt* rl4*V» v\la /IV/\*"\C 1 fl$? |f ypu da call on or write Spm-beck $ Ljmberl; of AlgonaYJa,, fovolrouUffif au information in regard to p* jt> wiU pay you At Studley's Pharmacy you can see an elegant new line of Wall Paper, Cowles Block, Algona, . "Bramble," new thing. See it at£h.e Opera House Grocery, We want to buy 100 cases of eggs this week at lie per do&en, • • ^ j,,* 1 VtJ a'^ WE make a specialty'of collection^. Cloud & Haggard. We have a nice line of Toilet $pap,, ' Seetlmt "Bumble" House Groceyy. ! yy v <t j tj * * i- 1 ' '• _Wfr*L^ *F^V ^''i " 4( ^ i *L I have unUmjtecl mopey> ta -Jap* m jigorstip^ tjime, , ^ • < ^ l , .&;& i™ > "'tnA ! >TmST\ r 'P n f?.r',i'?,' 1

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