Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 21, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1966
Page 6
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Withite . hdme were, M*, ahd M*«. 'Joe tttfriHtfl 'and t\vd children, Mr's, Gladys fts'tbah of Des MoiMfeS, attd Cetfil WilMitfi and faMly. Afterno^ <salierl wfew Mf. arid Mfs. (Jottl&b Harle., Mfs, Geftfttd^ Swarlson, Judy •afid Paul of M[t, 1 The Mission Circle of the Grace Baptist church met Friday With Mr£, Wilhite. "J' I ' { i >S ', j " $500 from th« following, intern* of L , school pension 1125; an annuity policy $36; and ncom.from Cities $15. Al"o have $10,000 in a government- inturot saving* and (ban atsoci. ? vnfl . ve P 8r «n*' «"d $10,000 in a mutual fund which , on an MA A .»^A' i * ••—«»• fiaii* \J%/r ' $25,000 horn* if, paid ,for. Our iJ-'JJff^nr «ving costs run about ;$300 • month. I would appraci- ',>•*• y**"" evaluation of my situation. f fa, A, The one big ^hing I see ' ,v-.missing is any inconiie' item thait i.;*will trend to increase along with 7; the national inflation, that-I feel , ? sure will continue. . ''A However, there seem* to be e circumstances in your fav- »-.. Social. security 'paymenits V have raised from time to time {fthrough^the years. Besides, your ,''; r monthly. income will be s-u'bMan- - t tially atiove your >basic expenses. * «b I would\say you are 1 in pretty ,, good financial position. ';. You might, as a hedgie against v inflation, invest in some good JS utility or oil stocks, which are ^selling at an. attractive, price *- right now, with at least a part , (perhaps half) of your savings .'/and loan deposits. Such stocks . will pay you the same return, as • -.the savings and loan deposit and, 4 i sin. addition, standV,good chance .^pf growing tin, value and cant ,/ings which is wot true of money $20,000 into go«L> grade securities/ Ydu%#e still' a young niian and these should grow in value and provide you with a hedge against inflation which is almost certain to continue. Why don't you talk to .the trust officer in your local bank for suggestions? And »alsb visit an experienced broker. These talks v will b'ind- you to nothing; but , should help you formulate your own ideas as to how best to 'handle your investment problems. »+*••••»••»•»»»••»»•••»+ Corwith Mrs. Harry L. Maw Mr, dnd Mrs. Carol Crann w4ra Sunday evenihg supper, guests at the 'Myron Cram hofne. ' " - ' ** . .^ —. -7' ^. i . ' Mr, and Mrs. LuVerne Thompson 0f blue Hiver, Wis. ^rriv&d Sunday evening at the Kenneth Wagner home, Mrs. , Thomps6n rehrdh for a longer visit. John • J' I ' U '/ i, >, ' »>»»»MM<MM« LEOAL NOTHXI r ' •". ,<- »w- -r iWv ??• . IfAtl *,, Skelley were Saturday evening supper guests of Mrs. Emma Oxley. Mrs. Steve Devine Sr., was released Saturday from the Mercy hospital, Mason City. Mrs. pick Marr of Oskaloosa attended the funeral of an uncle Wednesday at demons, Iowa, Mrs. Elmer Marr drove to demons after her on Sunday and they returned Monday Afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jordiari "and Jeffeiry of ;. Phoenix, Ariz., ar- n yed Friday to spend a week with Jier parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joa Ezarski, Vickie Ezarski of Mason City and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Knsbie of Britt were Sun day 'gueets. ., -, . VMr and, Mrs. me •Aqrnm uram nome.- , , Mr. and, Mrs. John Vcss'wero "George Graywas a Wednesday Tuesday'evening callers at'thp evening supper gues'l! at the El-« os .Ezarski horn*; ' l Wood. Gearv home. ' i.. J -i s Mr a«>i M..O T «**— r» __.I-.L a savings-and-loari, account. , Why don't you talk over this ' suggestion with a broker or with the trust officer at your bank? , • Q. We mad* an initial $500 investment with a mutual fund and would like your opinion. We plan on buying more if it is a good in• ; . vestment. All we want is income \in our later years. We are in our A. If you had invested $1,000 ; on Jan. 1 1956, in the particular '..'fund you own and had reinvest,^ ed the dividends, it would now, 3- be worth $2,309: In other words, *. your fund has done wellenough, : 'but n'othing' sensational. WhUe ^ >this is an indication of what you f-* might hope for in the future, ' \ .'there is ,no guarantee that you f 'Will have, the same performance. ui', If you would like to compare I ^ this fund with" others, go to your "\ library and ask to see Arthur ;Wisentoerger's book,- "Investment Companies." Also the August 15, ;i966, issue of Forbes ' . Magazine has an, analysis and oomparispn of the various funds that will show you the range oi performance by a number of the >- funds. i i , , O. I am 45 and -single. Five • years ago I moved from Canada to Oregon, where j plan to live permanently. I have $20,000 in a savings account in Canada. Should I bring it over here new i or wait another year or so and see if Canadian money will com* op tpfpar wjth th« American^dbl- fct b^ld.li^eUo have it in- v«*»fd-for my old age, since I will have no other income except social security and what-, ever I manage to save. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I am not a gambler. A. The economic policy of the Dominion government skeins to be to keep the Canadian dollar's value somewhat below that of • the American dollar. So it seems probable you will have to accept some discount on your' Canadian funds regardless of when you bring them to the United States, If you are adequately covered by accident and health/insurance, I suggest that you place at least three-fourths of your THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL FIWTON Experienced Enibttlmers and Funeral directors ".' '" ' lewr^ W-— RELIABLE 24 HQUR AMBULANCE SERVICE — f^-wp Funerals May Be Referred T« Us With Geary, Mrs. Roger' Rushing of Davenport spsttt last; week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos Eiar- ':l ^ ' Mr. and Mrs. Merle Heyer anid son Dennis of Spirit Lake spent the weekend with their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. ski. Rick Hauswirth. Mr. 'and Mrs. Rick Hauswirth and daughter Julie were Wednesday evening supper guests at the Charpel Hauswirth home in honor of Rich's birthday. Mrs. Verna Thompson of Lsd- yard and Lottie and Jeanette Mason of LuVerne and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Zweifel visited Sunday with Mrs. Stella Mason at Charles City, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Mason of Riceville were also guests. Vicfci Wagner student at Waterloo spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wagner. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tindall Jr. entertained the following couples to a card party Saturday evening, Russell Tebbens, Robert Krafts, Marvin Meyers, Luther- Kiiiui.es, Gerald Reddings, Ed Gourleys,. Pscar Tindalls, Dale Yeoman and Eugene Kelehs. .Sunday- dinner guests^at the Mr. and Mrs, Lester Bonnstetter of Arnolds Park were Saturday ev&ning visitors at .the Lester Boninststtsr home. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Neiwald anid son of Fort Dodge spent the weekend at the Albert Fish home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dixson of Des Moines spent the weekend at the Maurice Devine hiome. Kirt Schichtl of Thornton was a Saturday all night guest at the Bernard parents, Spangler Mr. and home. His Mrs. Gary Schichtl were also Sunday guests. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mullins visited Sunday afternoon at the John Mullin home. - • Albert Johnson spent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in Des Moines attending the Farm Bureau meeting, Albert is a voting delegate from Kossuth county. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kreibs and family visited Friday evening at the Kenneth Wagner home. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Williams of Rosemont, Minn., spent the weekend with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Puffer, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Puffer, and family of Algona were also supper guests Saturday-evening: , , Nafleoj A heteby glveft that Hdrvey Ddtifelcft/ DBA Dalifeldt TWMfftf, MtiscaJ hn--, I6wa, transferor orVd Doufdldt IfanSf port, Inc., Muscdtite, loWff, trdrii^reel nave filed a joint 1 flppli4o»ion fof the Commission's approval of the transfer of certificate of 'Convenient* , and, .Neces-" slty No. LC-8 which outhorizej obetotions as' a Liquid Transport Carrier Mtwwn all point* In trte State of loWo. ' _, The Comrhission , hoi ' fixed Thursday, December 15, 196*, ten (10:00) o'clock a.m. dt Its office in Des Moines, Iowa as time dnd place for public hearing in 1 the above docketed application. [ClWA, STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION pick A. Witt, Choifm&ri Frank B. Means, Commissionei 1 Bernard J. Mbrtin, Commissionef ATTEST: E. B. Storey, Secretary, ' Docket No. DLC-286 , Dated dt Des Moines, Iowa, November 8, 1966. Published A In the Algono Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, 1 • November 14, and 21, 1966 IN TMI OISTRICT COURT THE rSTATE OF D. G. CLOPTON, Deceased. No. MM Al NOTIGI TO CMIOlTOM ALL PERSONS INTERESTED .IN THE VTE ESTATE'OF D, G. CLOPTON De- UF . ... . NOTICE OF- PROBATt OF Will, OF AnWINTMINT _OF JXKUTqR, AND TO . ESTA._ ceased: You are hereby notified that on the ,7th day of November, 1966, the last Will and testament. of D. 6. Clapton deceased bearing ddte of 'the 20th -day of , August, 1965, wd» -admitted ,to probate In the above 'nqmed court and 'that Ann Clapton said estate. hat any action , be brought In the district court of said county within was .appointed executor of sole i--. Notice is further given'that to-set aside sold Will rrtuit be the district court of said co u ,,,, wnru.. one year from the date of the second pub-, llcation of this notice, or' thereafter * be forever' barred. ' '"ice is further given that all persons indebted to said es'tate ore r requested to make irnmedlate payment. 1 'to' tne undersigned, and creditors having -luims againit said estate shall tile rnem with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, auly authenticated, for allowance; and unless so : filed within six months from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim shall therefore be forever barred. Dated this 7th day of November 1966. Ann Clapton Executor of said Estate Algona, Iowa • Address Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, • Attorneys for said Executor , ' , • Algona, Iowa 1 ' Address ' * Date of second publication "-' day of November, 1966 Published' in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, November \4 and 21, 1966. lgona/ lowa, AUTO-GRO 6AR6ENS Of Al(3OMlA, IN ,6y: tifefg* Alleft. - rtesidem .. K6»suth ori, » 21, .Wti>tt> " e Cify 'Council drfl- MINUftl ef Nov. 9, 96o with ^ NOTICI OF INCORPORATION AU ° C "° *«*N$ OF ACGONA, INC. , Notice is hereby given that a corporo- r«J2 ma< ?K^ AU I 0 - GRO GARDENS OF ?ONA, INC. has been incorporated under i Chapter 496A of the 1966 Code of Iowa. ''The corporate existence of said corporation is perpetual. The corporation shall have unlimited power to engage in °nd do any ar all lawful businesses .for which corporations may be organized under the Iowa Business Corporation Act. Said corporation has authority to issue five hundred thousand (500,000) shares of no par value stock. The address of its registered office oce s 1 1/ 2 East State Street, Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, and the name of its regis- _ored agent at such address is R. G Buchanan. The names and addresses of ts directors as designated in its Articles of Incorporation' or* George Allen, 123 itreet, Algona, Iowa. South i Minnesota Phon* 189-2796 WNGJTfJ? FENTON R. G. Buchanan, iy 2 East State Street, AlgonajHowb. »T«~, ,.,', ---t Donald R. Tietz, 210 East Oak Street, «y PUBLIC AUCTION sit 1° ^K'* t ?« tat f Qf the lat * Geor 9 e R«PP«ntrop, the following personal property will| to sold at Public Auction on the farm located 1 mile north and '/a mile west of Ti! tonka, on,. . . i7 o \ t ., ' Saturday, November 26th CTA DTC . 'AT- ".-1^«^A X'Bi'AA - 1 ••••kl^«ta «*•••*» *m»^. ^KA'^B .•«. . . , SALE STARTS AT 12:30 P.M. LUNCH SERVED BY RUTH and ESTHER CIRCLES FARM MACHINERY 2 - TRACTORS - 2 1954 Allis Chalmers WD 45 with wide front end, power steering, new rubber. 1950 Allis Chalmers WD with new rubber. Allis Chalmers , No. 66 Combine Allis Chalmers 13VV Tandem Disc, sealed ^ bearings ' . i v Allit CMmtr, 7' Mower : *;, Ch«ln>tr» ,4-row, Cultivator, rubber ^ Allis Chalmers Sub-Soiler 25' Koyker 2-wheel Elevator with motor M>tal Flare Wagon Box with Hoist and rubber running gear Hydraulic Loader with Manure and Snow Bucket MILKING EQUIPMENT Sur fl e Milking Machine, SP 11, with 2 Stainless Steel Buckets Pipeline for 12 Cows Del-aval Hot Water Heater 1961 IHC No. 46 Baler, A-l condition John Deere w.ide type 46' Elevator John Deere 15' Disc John Deere 4-bar Sid* Rake John Deere 14' Cultivator with 2-row Tooth Drag Lindsay 4-section Flexible Drag New Idea No. 12 Spreader JHC Endgate Seeder ,i • ^ ^ Continental Stalk Cutter '.', V Wind Power 4-row Rotary Hoe John Deere 3-bar Sid* Rak* Wood Flare Box with rubber running g*ar IHC No. 60—14-inch 3-BoHom PLOW New — Plowed only 8 acres AUCTIONEER S NOTE This is an *xc*ptianalh/ good line of machinery and furnitur*. Also, ther* are a lot of good tools so be sure to be there on time. OverHead Wagon Hoist 300 gallon Gas Barrel Stand and Hose Hog Fountain 2 — 60 bushel Self Feeders Electric Fence, I year old Air Compressor FARM EQUIPMENT Tractor Wheel W*ights Tractor Chains 26 foot Extension Ladder Hydraulic Cylinder Rubber Tire Wheel Barrow, 20 bundles new Steel Posts new Brown Davenport and Chair, like new Duncan Phyf* Table and 4 Chairs 24" Admiral Consol* TV S#t •Bedroom Suit*, good Several Chests of Drawers Console Stereo, I 1 /? years old Electric Health Chair Air Conditioner Portablf TV Sft End Tables HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE W.thing Miehint Sowing Michint Picnic Ttblt Prigidtire R«frig«r«tor Phiko Upright Frftitr, 16 fe«| Frigid«ir« Electric R«ngt, l«rg* Kitchtn Tiblo «nd Ch«ir» S«vtr«l Mifcilbiitovf f Many Other Pi«c«s T«t Mfntion To TERMS: CASH pr m«kt «rr.ngem«ntt with yoyr b«nk« r Mort tht «*lf. No prop»r»y to b« rfmovtd from tht premise* yn tU tettled for. Not r«*p«n*ibU for «ccid«ntf *h 9W ld GEORGE RIPPENTROP ESTATE BM « . BROS. «nd JOHN BEENKEN, Auctionwr* 5 A VINOS BANK, CUrk ..., Millif & Heifcer Afas.rvtJ . of last meeting were approved. t Bids 1 for art End loader for thfr Sfr«i» f .' Jf!? r * &&• ftod ond tabulated and f dlitussiort if Was trie oplriidf* of tne 8L.i th * maHet b * lurthet in- bNlfdfe a deeisloft on o b^ was teochfed and that the Council, meet in ?gfe'*l Se-siion at 5:dO -P.M. ! Nov. 16, l»«6 fof fufther discussion on lome, ,' Applieati6rt f6f a Cigarette permit was approved for the Kossuth Oil CcT Apolieotteh fof Beer permit' was approved for trie Arherlcorf Region. ,1 / i ar £ cm , e 1 f f fo , m Elr "«>' Dole to crush, load, Haul & stockpile gravel at a cost or $).0p per C.' Yd, Was approved. City to furnish gravel, Quarterly report from the Algona 'Municipal Utilities was read, approved and placed on file In the Clerk's office •Resol. approving' the Annual Budget gfPort of estimated expenditures in, the R6ad Use Tax FUnd was adopted. ' Spwer taps for 3 lots in Blk. 154 Colls Add were set at $225.00 to ,$250.00. 'Moved & seconded the meeting adi. •• c(erk " (23.45 235.08 120.39 38257 60.60 6.61 37.18 33.20 23.00 80.00 < 2.25 16,72 ' htm, Salary '..' ,<>>. Smith Salary Sands Salary Soc. Sec. Tax .. la. State' Bk. Withholding .._ I State Comm. Withholding Life Inv. Insurance Advance Publishing . Arwell Services " '„_'_' L W. Finn tourt Costs IBM Corp. Ribbon .. Upper D.M. Publlshma '•!>«' \ STRUT BUrrls Salary ' . BUrns Salary _'.L , Fromboch Salary \ •__! Helmet Salary — L. „__ l.ashbrook Salary I ... Pergonde Salary „_ Si''ft Sa'oiv .1 i j Wlbben .Salary \...^ • _la: State. Bk. Withholding'.^.'^ State Comm. Withholding .....I Life Inv. • Insurance ..•_'J'__!..'__ 181.tO 141.65 ' 164.52 139.26 . 47.89 '194.18 14U49 ,149.12 r .07.00 . \9552 Cdorf-fo*Cd<J»f 5Uft>li*s i...^ , Cork's WeMefi Supplied 1 Iftd. T«telfServ!*- K F fjLrii.'ri.i't M/4ti/lf " •• IUUVIICK nOwB» Toyfof f lfft|» u1fi' J ?Ax"~' Afhbld Motors '.Repairs i--.. BowMdn s RtBdift ^j.*.*.**.*** BracHey Equip. Repairs ii—. H, M,.Bro#n Repaif? * * Gibbi-C6oK Repair* t i.^-j^ Greenberg'i, Repairs '...^..<.'. Hllfon'S R^pdifi! IL..^— .4...- SherWIh-Witliarhl •P'dtnt, ^..^C it T. McGuire Grading ..-±~... Redlng E*t, Lobbf ' ,.' Sleg Co. i Reputes -..-i t ..--.. f>UlL!C 1AMTT Boekelman Salary' ..*.-' '. Bulten Salary ^ Day Salary ^...^ — ..*-.*... Hutchison Salary .......^ . Jor^ehsort Soldry L-.^X.-.L... Thompson Salary, * u.i,. Elbisrt Lobof -..J..»..*.. Voight Salary la. State Bk. Withholding Stotp Comm. Withholding Trust A, Agency Pension *.:— Life Inv. 'inSOrande 1 :.i. Greenberg's Batteries i._ Sunray. DX Cos ... -*.._ Taylor Mot6rs Repairs ._• ' Arnold Motors Parts Advance Publishing Coast-td-Coost ' Supplies ., Heiman Equip. Equipment KLGA Radio AdvertV ..' L. Nichols Cushions .•_'._.._..._ Upper D, M. Advert. Fire Dept.' Services' • Hilton's Service .:..^ V - ; SANITATION Gade Salary „>,.,. ,-i.i la. State Bk. Withholding KLGA Radio Advert, Upper, D. M. Advert. Humboldt Cone. Tile i 1 Miller Lbr. Supplies Bradley Equip. Repairs . SEWER RENTAL Gronbach Solary Lemkee Salary . C. D, Beh Co. Interest Vajley Bk. & Trust Interest .. la. .State.Bk. Withholding State Comm.', Withholding Life Inv.. Insurance- Bowman's Engine Repairs Bradley Equip.', Repairs GreeYiberg's -Supplies PercjyaJ's 'Repairs-*.., DV'Sioqren* Refund-,...s. Ndt'l'Xhemsearch Supplies ...: S^eg 'Co. Suaplies' .I. Sunroy, DX ,Gas' V,qi . Life dfrtv. ftsi#ar*e -.»— A 9.39 3.50 2.43 ' JUS >, 4 - 46 114.46 • 2,53 , 11.35 6.00 1.96 408.00 3x00 40.36 435.97 273.52 230.44 224,10 266.10 164,10 34.49 240.25 259.90 43.97 23.15 118,95 . 6.24 196.14 '', 23.14 29.16 58.10 15.89 38.50 25.50 .10.00 50.40 893.00, 94,40 " 93.15 ' 1.00 7.50 16,80 ;772.70 19.10 122.89 150.84 222.66 ,'24.00 123.75 22.90 4.74 '29.17 1.20 1,69 < 2.24 •15.00 • 5.08 17.72 '1.08 224.40 .-.- AI0. Gfeerthot/se- ,eaibs -\^.Bowman's Eng, Repair's ...... E. Golby C*T Supplies .-iiW.. Milter Lbf. Suppfies d..-..— . w DX,,GO^ T sVffNir B, Egli Pension.. -^ ..... — OUT IffcVtft Central -Nat'l 6k. 0onds *—•, C. D, B«h<C6. Interest ............ la.. D.Mi Not'l Bk. interest t». First Nof'l Bk. Interest .«./.*. Set, State Bk.," ,Bonds. ^& * 2 •• 75.00 S,00<f.OO $4.25 203.75 102.00 *, .75 la. 6.M. dk.' -M a Sfdf« flfc.' 1 BSrxM A J«» «ifc-*: a) D.M.- Ndf'l Bk. JHMMf 'it. be-f6roh,N*wsfcdj«M . la. D.M. NatT Bk, Interest ... M. F. Coondn Interest*— .»-... ffi'BM.' Nof'l Bk, Interest ... 5 State Bk. Interest —* ---. - • MMfflt Mlf Ml' , Groeh Solary ---- w... ...*.. NdiMti Sduory i^-l^--^--- taVStofe Bk, Withholding . it . State Gcmm. Withholding .... Tfust & AgeWy Pension * ..... Life my. , Insurance ....* ---Published ' irt me Alaono ' - County, AoVotxie, XTgono, November 21, -1966. .00 60.00 . 745.00 .31. 00 Sol .50 175.00 3*9.74 53.46' 68.60 J1.05 - 4.79 29.17 Kossuth • lowd, • CLOSING-OU HARDWARE APPLIANCE As I have decided to quit farming I will hold a publip auction on the farni located from West Bend 6 miles east and % mile north,or from Whittemore 5 miles east and 6M miles south, or 4 miles west and 6'/4 miles south of Algona, on Sat, Nov. 26th I O'CLOCK P.M, I O'CLOCK P.M. Farm Farmall M, bought new in 1952, wheel weights, heathouser and chains for M. 438 I.H.C. Cultivator S.C. Case Tractor and 2-row Case Cultivator 2 M.E. 2-row mounted Picker Gleaner combine, 6 ft. with motor I.H.C. 444 Planter New Idea 12-A Spreader I.H.C. 8 ft. Binder windrower, PTO I.H.C. 4 bar side delivery Rake I.H.C. 7 ft. power Mower Oliver 3-16 in. trip bottom Plow 15 ft. John Deere Disc 4 section I.H.C. brag I,H,C. 11 ft. Springtooth Bean pull type Sprayer \ 2 old 2-boitom Plows I.H.C. endgate Seeder Terfehr Stubble Turner Electric farm Trailer, good tires and wood flare box and Simo Hoist 4 wheel farni Trailer, wood flare box 2 wheel Trailer Steel wheel Wagon and box Flat rack , 300 gallon Gas Barrel and steel stand 30 gallon iron cooking kettle Dump Rake ; > ' -f • . . v. - l- ;••• r. • ; . . j . . , t Over head wagon Hoist Bobsled Pony Saddle and Bridle BUILDIMBS 12x20 Garag*, real good condition 12x16 Brooder House 10x12 Brooder House 10x12 Norton Walk-in Hog Feeder 12.ft. Wood Hog Ftodor Small Cob Shed 70 gal. Utility Hog W,terer 80 gal, Pride-ef<th*.Parm Hog Waterer Daisey Hog Fountain for Tank Chicken Waterers and Feeders 20—2x6, various length* S Rollt of Cribbing 10—10-ft. Creosote Posts 2—2x420-ft. | 9 ng 39 ShMti of Corrifrtod Stool Wooden Fence Posts 75 HEAD OF GOOD CROSS-RRFn PIGS, 2 mtmthi old tlkmtSetiine/ ED HOUSEHOLD GOODS Dixie Apartment sise Bottle Gas Cook Stove Whit* enamel Monarch Co«li Stove Lacco Oil Burner Spac* H*at*r 6 matching Dining room Chairs Kitchen Sink ;• ? • Good 6 Qt, Ice Cream Freew Glass Butter Churn 3—10 Gallon Milk Can* AM si» v of Stone Jan 40 inch Kenmor* Gas Rang* 9-ft. Frigi_d«ire Refrigerator 2 Clothe. Closet* " THOU Vj In. Black & Decker Electric Drill Stand for Electric Drill P«*» Prill Good Socket Wrench*,, i/, ,-„, Prjyf Bench Vis* Pwfifcki Air Compressor Many items too numerpu, to mention TERMS; CASH or make arrangements withank, Not cur* for ghould Ckit j lawi 5t*te 8ft»k «f Wnl p^ni

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