The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1966 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1966
Page 10
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lO-Algono, (la.) Upper D«* Molna* thurtday, June 2, John Stegman, Em'burg, New Britt Publisher SEVERAL MONTHS BACK, THIS column decided to help Amy and Emily out a bit with a really practical etiquette guide for every social situation. We got started all right, but we got only as far as how to behave at the supermarket, which is in itself sort of a capsule history of my social life. Nevertheless, I'm undaunted ar.d with June here and a lot of weddings coming up, it might be the proper time to continue the series with a practical etiquette p;uide for -veddings. - o - I HAVEN'T BEEN TO A WEDDING for years. The weddings ''ve been invited to were all too far away for mo to attend. The ceremonies near enough so that I might cqnceivably go to then never did come forth with any invitations. So, you see, i am eminently qualified to write on the proper behavior for such occasions. -" o - FIRST OF ALL, WE MUST REMEMBER that a wedding is sort of a stage production, and everybody has his or her role to play. Star of tho show is the brido and her biggest job is casting a. poor unsuspecting guy to play opposite her for the big occasion. This is in itself often the hardest part of the role what with Uncle Sam pointing his finger at the boys and the future so uncertain for FO many young people. - o - STAGE DIRECTOR FOR* THZ BIG show is the Mother of the Bride. She has endless lists of things that need taking care of and it is also her role to cry at the wedding. The reason for the tears is usually sheer exhaustion, and/or new shoes and a tight girdle. The role of the Father is expensive but simple. He is expected to keep silent, sober and solvent. - o - NOBODY HAS EVER FIGURED out exact roles for the parents of the bridegroom. The Mother of the groom is expected to provide lists of their side of the family for Invitations and it is also her duty not to be too surprised if the list is pared way down. The Father of the bridegroom Is expected to show up at the wedding maybe- provide a little check for the honeymoon and to refrain from bussing the pretty bridesmaids with too much enthusiasm. - o - IT IS PERFECTLY PROPER FOR the bridesmaids, and often the maid-of-honor to regard the wedding as a scouting expedition. Frequently, there will be a college friend of the bridegroom among the 'ushers who will be fair game for a future wedding. Or they might consider quite carefully some of the wedding guests. The thing is to get in there and catch that bouquet to let everybody know you are eligible. -o - THE CHIEF DUTY OF THE USHERS is to stay away from the punch at both the bachelor's dinner and the wedding so that they can navigate that long, church aisle and still cheerfully converse with the matronly guests hanging on their arm. The Best man's prime responsibility is giving the bridegroom a big shove toward the chancel when the. wedding march begins just in oase the bridegroom gets cold feet. The bridegroom may get to feeling rather unimportant, but just try to have a wedding without one. - o - QUITE A BIT HAS BEEN,WRITTEN ABOUT the etiquette of wedding gifts - whether they should be opened and displayed at the reception or if the loot should be stashed strictly at the bride's home. I say, what's the difference so long as the couple gets the presents ? Amy and Emily both say that wedding gift checks should not be on display at the wedding and I agree with them there. The best thing to do is to run the checks through the bank first to see if they bounce. It they don't there's still time to note the amount in big black letters on the cards. - o - AND AS A FINAL NOTE on the etiquette of weddings wo come inevitably to the matter of thank ypu notes. There's lots of things a bride would rather b° doing on her honeymoon than aunt Sophia the bride thank you it is not only understandable, it is forgiveable. But if she really wants to be proper, I might usuggest a good time to write those notes might very well be in the waiting room of the hospital just before she goes in to have her first baby I - o - DURING THE WEEK OF MAY 29 through June 4, people having birthdays include Nancy Cole, Nell Norton, Edith Welter, James L. Kelley, Kathie Slgsbee, Karen Harcey, Paul Gotten, Molly Geelan, Bob Sigsbee, Ralph Stalzer. Andy Johnson, Ida Wicks, Mrs. Don Nelson, Gordon Winkel, Scott Furst, Jim Kolp, Marcia Wolf, Debbie Arend, Shirley Wellendorf, Eloise Modrell, Norbert Beirstedt, JoAnne DeGroote, Briane LaBarre, Marian Balluff, Terry Farrell, Miry Straub, David Leaneagh, Fred Freese, Marge Arend, Bucky Buchanan, Galen Cant, John Thuente and Jodie Chrischilles. Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Diamond, Mr. and Mrs. Chet Schoby, Mr. and Mrs. Tom King, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Benschoter, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Klooster, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Nielsen. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS for Blueberry Cheese Pie. 1 baked graham cracker crumb or pastry pie crust 1 envelope unflavored gelatine 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 teasp. salt 3 eggs 1 cup milk 1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened 2 teasp. vauiUu, divided 1 CUP whipping cream 1/2 cup confectioners' sugar I/ cup dairy sour cream 1 cup fresh blueberries or 1 cup canned drained Combine gelatine, sugar and salt in top of double boiler. Beat eggs with milk; stir into gelatine mixture. Set over boiling water; cook, stirring often until mixture begins to thicken (about 15 minutes). Add cream cheese slowly, mixing well after each addition. Remove from heat; stir in 1 teasp. vanilla. Pour into pie shell. Chill until firm. Whip cream; whip in confectioners' sugar. Add sour cream and remaining vanilla while continuing to beat. Fold in blueberries; spread over pie. GRACE The Britt News-Tribune will have a new editor and publisher, starting July 1. John Stegman, 31, who has been on the staff of the twin-weekly Emmetsburg papers since 1957, is the new publisher. He Is a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Garbett of Algona." The new publisher is a graduate of the Ua'versity of Iowa in journalism, served a year on the Osage Press, then moved to Emmetsburg, where he served both on the news and advertising side of the papers, and also became a junior partner along with veterans Tom Kelley and Gib Knudsen, longtime operators of the Emmetsburg twin weeklies. The Stegman family will move to Britt in the near future. The Britt News-Tribune is one of several papers and periodicals printed by Midwest Printing; & Lithographing Co. JOHN STEGMAN of Algona. John Anderson, who has been the paper's publisher since 1952 by a partnership,.has no specific announced plans for the 'future. Linda Agard, LuVerne, Is Bride Of May 28 AZALEA Unusual for Iowa climate is a beautiful azalea in the show garden at the home of Mrs. Helen Looper, Shenandoah. This plant is now 13 years old and bloomed profusely again this year. Movers Each year about one out of five married couples change addresses. Many couples move to another place near where they lived before, but many more go to another part of the same state or to a different state. LUVERNE - Miss Linda Agard of Fort Dodge, bride-elect, was honored with 'a pre-nuptial shower in the fellowship rooms of the LuVerne Methodist Church Sunday, May 22. Hostesses were Mrs. R. C. Walline, Mrs. Richard Bristow, Mrs. Mervin B.ristow, Mrs. Allen ,Darby, Mrs. Bert Ramus, MI-S*. Joseph Norcross, Mrs. Allyn Brink, M rs. Victor Faulstick. Readings were given by Mrs. Walline and Mrs. Richard Bristow, followed by writing recipes and household tips. Blue and white corsages were presented to' the bride, her mother, Mrs.- Ra y Agard of Lu- Verne, and grandmother, Mrs. Cyril Woodson of Eagle Grove. Linda was assisted in opening her gifts by a former classmate, Mrs. Brown, Ft. Dodge. Her grandmother, Mrs. Woodson poured. Out of town guests were her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Woodson, and aunts, Mrs. Esther Woodson and Mrs. Edna Reichester of Eagle Grove. Linda ,. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. -Ray Agard of LuVerne was united in marriage with Cecil Korslund of Fort 'Dodge in an afternoon service May 28 in the LuVerne Methodist church. - o - Guests in the Robert Will home after the baccalaureate service were his -grandmother,- Mrs. Theresa Assing, his uncle, Mr. and Mrsi Harvey Will and'family and neighbors, the Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Christensen of Eagle Grove visited Sunday with her sister, Mr; and Mrs. Otto Wille. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Arends and Joni were recent visitors in Williams with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Arends, Rev. and Mrs. Worthie Usher; Kenneth and Cynthia of Ida Grove were Thursday visitors in the James Mallory home, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Pentonand children of Fargo, N. D., were called to LuVerne by the sudden death of Art Rosenmeyer, the husband of his mother, at St. Benedict. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gronbach of LuVerne, and sisters Mrs. Amelia Hoffman and Mrs. Dora Gronbach of Livermore were in Orange City to attend the Tulip Festival. Mr. and Mrs. Gronbach brought home wooden shoes for each as a souvenir. Mr. and Mrs. August J. Pergande has had as guests her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Larson, former residents of Fort. Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gronbach were guests with their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Blair and family of Superior, Wise. They went to attend the confirmation of Miry Blair, 14, daughter and granddaughter, held Sunday, May 15, in the Christ Lutheran church. She was one of a class of 24, Dale Kubly, Iowa State University at Ames, was a week-end visitor with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kubly. Mr. and Mrs. John Hanson were guests of their son, Mr. and Mrs. John Hanson Jr. and family of Rutland. Guests in the Mr. and Mrs. Earl John home after baccalau- eate to honor their son, Leonard, were his grandmother, Mrs. Andie Wernet, and Mr Wernet of Britt; aunts, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bowman of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. George Studer, Mr. and Mrs. William Steil, Mrs. Allen Blake, and Mrs. James Lenz of LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs.'Harold Trauger and Mr.' and Mrs. James Trau- gef visited their father,' Guy Trauger, who', lives In a rest home in Britt. .Miss Florence Hofol Ft. Dodge • is at the. home of her brother, Edward Hof. She is assisting in the hom'e since the death of Mrs. Hof, May 13. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hanselman, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hanselman were in attendance for the commencement exercises of the Corwlth-Wesley school at Corwith Wednesday, May 18. Beth Risvold, daughter of the Carvel Risvolds, a member of the class, is a niece of the two Mrs. Han- selmans. After baccalaureate service of the LuVerne Community High School, Jane Hanselman, senior in the 1966 class, was honored at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hanselman. Guests were the faculty of the high school and junior high. Superintendent and Mrs. L. B. Shelton, Principal and Mrs. Howard Smith, Mr. andMrs.BryceWick- ett, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman.-,.; Abends, ,Mr. and Mrs. Norman Watson, Mrs. Robert Waeters of Humboldt; Mr. and Mrs. V Charles Bloom of Algona; Miss Barbar Sharman, Dennis Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Clem Stripling, Mr. and Mrs. James Mallory and friends, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wallin. Her brother, George Hanselman of Iowa .State University, Ames, was also a weekend guest. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dudley visited over the weekend with their daughter Suzanne, a freshman at Westmar College, LeMars. Wednesday evening callers in the Gerald Ramus home were Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Klatts nand son Carl of Algona. The Good Will Club were guests May 19 of Mrs. Jessie Stripling. Twelve members and guests, Mrs. Sherman Arends and Joni, Mrs. Ted Johnson and Mrs. Marvin Reding were present. Mrs. Roy Guy was in charge of entertainment. Mrs. Sarah Dyddahl of Wallingford was a recent guest of Mrs. Alma Madden, Mrs. Madden brought her to LuVerne for the visit. Mrs. Dyddahl is a sister of the late John A, Nelson of the LuVerne State Bank. Mrs. Orville Hurlburt was in Britt recently for a funeral relative. Carl Swanson has been a medical patient at Hancock Memorial hospital, Britt, since May 15. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Calkins and three children were In Blue Earth, Minn., for the funeral of Mrs. Margaret Schwab, 80. Mrs. Schwab was the grandmother of Mrs. Calkins, her mother was Mrs. Julia Pergande of LuVerne. Survivors include three daughters and four sons; Mrs. Howard LaMont, Mrs. Florence LaMont, Fred, Edward, Jonas, and August LaMont of Blue Earth. Cheryl Ostwald Weds May 21 At Whittemore WHTTTEMORE • The wedding of Cheryl Ostwald and Clarence Harms was held May 21 at 7 p. m. in St. Paul's Lutheran church, with Rev. Cleo Kautsch officiating at the double ring ceremony. The bride -is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Wagner'of Whittemore and Mr. Harms is • the 'son of Mr. and M 4 s. Ralph Harms of Titorfka" Reuben Butzke was organist and* Mrs. Norman Schultz sang. The bride, escorted to. the. altar by her father, wore a floor length gown ef white silk pedu de soi,. featuring a slendqr controlled skirt, scooped neckline and long tapered sleeves, edged In Chantilly lace at the wrists. A -watteau chapel, train outlined in Chantilly lace swept from .a crescent waistline which was also accented by lace. Her head dress was a forward headpiece of illusion leaves highlighted with irridescent sequins. The two- tiered shoulder-length veil was of hand-finished nylon illusion. Her flowers were yellow roses and she wore a pearl necklace, a gift from the bridegroom. Barbara of Mason City was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Mavis Harms and Marlys Wagner. Jerry Buffington served as best .man. and Romert Harms and Barry Ostwald were groomsmen. Delbert Ostwald and Eddie Mayland were ushers. Following the ceremony, a reception was held in St. Paul's Lutheran school hall for 125 friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schmitt were dining room hosts, Linda Meyer was in charge of the guest book, Anna • May Besch and Mrs; Elmer Ostwald served the punch; Viola •Origer, Gladys Ostwald . and Ardith Harms opened the gifts; La Vern Kollasch and Jenny Harms poured coffee and Shirley Ostwald and -Harmka Harms' cut and served the cake; Trudy Betts, Sandra Hannover and Beverly Greinert served as table waitresses. The parents of the bride received friends and relatives of the couple at their home. The bride is a graduate of Algona high school and has been ' employed at Hood's Super Valu in Algona and Mr. Harm's is also employed at Hdod's. After a week's trip to Minnesota they will be at home at Algona. Airman From Whittemore To Texas School WHITTEMORE - Airman Keith Seely, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Seely of Whittemore, has been selected for training at Amarillo, AFB, Texas, as an Air Force personnel specialist. The airman, a 1964 graduate of Algona high school, recently completed basic training at Lackland AFB, Texas. Mr. Seely also Mason City Junior James Greinert, Seven Smonson and Susan Lents. The annual St. Paul's school picnic was held at the park on the church grounds. John Scheller, Mrs. Garryl Householder and Martin (Kelly) Vanderlin are patients in the hospital at Emmetsburg. I MISS SWEA CITY - Judy Pnidson. daughter of Mr. and Mrs l.ce Davidson, is Swea ut\ Community School's candidate for Miss North Iowa .n the band festival. A sen- Mr, she is a cheer-leader 1 , prc.-idcnt of the studeot council. member of the- AFS student committee, annual staff, class play, state and district speech * contests'. She is 1 a. .majorrtle in the marching bqnd and plays flute in tha concert band. Her fathec is s hanker attended College. IWHtTTEMORE Mrs. Edmund O'Brien has received a grant to attend the NDEA institute for advanced ' study in English at Iowa State University, Ames, from June 3 to July 22. Forty teachers from throughout the Unlted.States and Hawaii have been selected to attend the institute. Mrs. O'Brien teaches English, Latin'and home. economics at Ringsted high school. • Erwin Borcherding, former teacher in St. Paul's Lutheran school, has received his appointment to serve as a teacher at Green Park School Association, St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Hannah Ryan of County Cork, Ireland, and her son, Father Patrick Ryan,'a.priest who teaches in the seminary in Dublin, were visitors at the Dan and Frank Foley homes during.the past week. Mrs. Ryan is a first cousin of the Foleys. The Ryans also visited at the Pat Murphy home in Algona. Mary Ann, Joanne and Nina Weber of Algona entertained at a 'family dinner at Spencer .Sunday in honor of the wedding anniversaries of Mr. and Mrs. William .Weber,-Mr. and Mrs. David Van > Ginkel • and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Arentzenof Webster City, and in honor of Mr:. Van Ginkel's and Mrs. William Weber's birthdays. Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Eaton of Stanhope were also guests. One hundred two children of St. Michael's parish were confirmed by Bishop Frank. Greteman last Wednesday. A number of relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bormann held a housewarming party Sunday evening. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. Vern Bormann, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bormann, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bormann, Mr. and Mrs. James Busherfeld, Mr, and Mrs. Edward Busherfeld, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Haag, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kollasch of Britt, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hartman of Spencer. Eighth grade graduates of St. Paul's Lutheran church received their diplomas at the 8 o'clock services in St. Paul's Lutheran church Sunday morning. This same class were confirmants of St. Paul's several weeks ago. They are Lois Vaudt, Cindy Opheim, Rebecca Bell, Connie Gilmore, Marcia Bauer, Allan Lauck, Dale Meyer, Gary Lauck, Randall Lauck, Barry Ostwald and Robert Zinnell. Congratulations were also extended in the services to the St. Paul's members who graduated in the Algona high school, namely, Myrna Ewoldt, Mary Hannover, Dennis Roeber, Dale Teeter, • RACERS ROUND-UP EVERY FRIDAY 5:15 P.M. NEWS AND INTERVIEWS ABOUT STOCK CAR RACING ON KLGA 1600 KC All law offices in Kossuth • * •» County Will be closed Thursday afternoon, June 2 r dhd all day Friday, June 3, for Lawyers i . , • » ' thautduqua. Kossuth County Association ideal for bales, silage, and grain . . . PLUS real capacity! All purpose-. . . all season usage is yours with the new Stan- Hoist model 240 or 280 farm wagon. 14 gauge double reinforced steel sides provide 240 cubic feet in the 6' x 12' model 240 and 280 cubic feet in the 7' x 12' model 280. Both models feature channel construction multi-braced flooring, four-way multi-purpose end gate, specially reinforced sides, needs no spreader chains, and stake pockets on outside of box. The custom fit running gear features guaranteed 6 ton capacity, taper wheel bearings, and short turning radius. Compare the value . . . Compare the Quality . See for yourself why the new Stan-Hoist 240 and 280 Farm Wagons offer you real all purpose ... all season usefulness! STOP IN TODAY '" JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT ALGONA wedding gift electrical gift They'll have more time to be together ... more time for leisure ... when their new home is equipped to take full advantage of modern electrical appliances: electric home laundry—washer, dryer, ironer . . . electric dishwasher . . . electric range . . . electric percolator... electric toaster... electric blanket... electric carving knife ... or any of the dozens of electrical items designed for better living. An electrical gift is the perfect gift for every June bride. See your appliance dealer. ALGONA MUNICIPAL UTILITIES

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