The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1895
Page 1
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VOL XXIV. ALGONA. ICOSSUTH OOtTlSTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. MAY 15, 1895. NO. 33. ALLISON PEELING GROWING, He is "The First Choice of Many and the Second Choice of Everybody," Are You Up-to-Date? .&G Or are you a back number^ with the procession, you If you want to keep a ion, ride a " up jjjcess- 90- "Crackajacks Ride UNIONS." We have Bicycles from $20 up. Bicycles for Boys. , Bicycles for Girls. ..... ;-.? Bicycles for Everybody.. '. ; -' A full line of Bicycle Sundries and Repairs. C.M. Hardware. Says Col- Mtepburn—Congressman Mull Says Allison Fesling is Growing in the East—Democrats go Silver. The DesMoines Register reports the following interview with Col. Hepburn: "When the next Democratic state convention passes a free coinage plank, as it surely will, thero will riot be enough delegates present opposed to it to get up :ind walk uut," declared Col. W. P. Hepburn, congressman i'rotn the Eighth district, yesterday. Some one had asked Col. Hepburn it he didn't think that two thirds of the democrats in the state were i'or free coinage of silver, and he replied that he thought nine-tenths of them were, and went on to make the prophecy here quojted. Col. Hepburn has just i;ettJTtied the state of Texas, where he v >Vent -to deliver an address at the state' Grv A.' 11. encampment. It may be news to most people to know that there are sixty-six Grand Army posts in Texas and that there were over 300 delegates present at the state encampment. Iowa men are prominent among these, for numbers have gone from this state to Chicago has a reckless way of doing tiling^ but it does seem that of all the lake Cities Chicago has most at stake and Cilh least afford to lower the level of tliS jaki-s. Her inland commerce "is extensive. Not only the commerce but the health, and tne desirability of Chicago as a residence city are at stake* The lake level is by no means an unchanging one. It varies from year to .year from y to 5 feet and a few inches more or less would hardly affect the result. While the lake cities are worried about their water levels, the cities a 1.0UK the canal and even along the-iMisslssippi are worried about the sewage of tlio grunt city ilowing past theif 'doors to tin: Hea. : .."lt is sal'« to say that the canal, it ./lie 'largest stonmcrs shall ever ascend it will materially divert the commerce of thu lake regions. It will make a great internal water Way which may become! a National highway of commerce.—DOS Moittt's Uegisler. + LACE CURTAINS* Just Received, and will be on Exhibition Until Wednesday, May 15th, Winkle's Old Stand, ALL THE NEW AND. LATEST PATTERNS IN Glassware- Also, a New Assortment of -Chamber Wafer Sets, And + RoGkingham Ware are to be found at—-^r-^" , , . ,.LANGDON& HUDSON'S/ WHITE SWAN FLOUR." that, and Col. Hepburn thinks that next to Iowa it is the richest country he has seen. The influence and .work of Northern men is showing itself all over the state. Asked concerning what was being said about the presidential nomination next year, the congressman from. the .eighth said that Allison had many friends and numerous supporters in Texal and that he would -receive support ijrom that state; : "Allison occu-. pies a very desirable position," said ,heco'lonel, iv for he is the first choice of many and the second choice of everybody. I have- never seen any man receive a grea't^r^oyatibn^than that tendered to AlljS'oiVat Jthe banqMir~#:jf the American club at Pittsburg on' Grant's birthday. That club is ( to western Pennsylvania 'what the Uniori League club, of Philadelphia, is to eastern Pennsylvania—they -are the £wo most powerful political clubs of the state. The men who" attended that banquet were the representative republicans of western. Pennsylvania, and they are unanimous .in their friendly expressions and enthusiastic admiration of Allison.. The n£wspa- pers'and the Washington correspondents are taking up Allison and discussing him as the probable nominee, as they never have before. He is regard", ed as a very formidable 'candidate and by many as the one who has the best chance." , . ADes Moines special says: Congressman Hull has just returned from .an extended business trip through the 'New England statesvand says that he found business there not restored to its normal condition by any means, Money is tight and capitalists are conservative there, he says.. The manufacturing interests, so large a.^part of the political and financial life of the New England states, are strongly inclined toward McKinley for president, notwithstanding the candidacy oft Tom Eeed, The sentiment-for Allison is growing all through the easfci Oapt. Hull lias found in his travels, and the best informed politicians ar.e 'risking their reputations on-the opinion that the Iowa man has the best chance at this time, .' ' •* PASSING OF AGNOSTICISM. New York Outlook: One of the most significant signs of the times is the change of attitude among scientists toward religious questions. '.Those who keep pace .with scientific thought and areramiliar with the atmosphere and spirit of scientific investigation in the JaiSiversities abroad', have been struck by the radical change which has taken place in the last twenty years. What now strikes- one in the attitude and spirit of a great mai.y scientific men is a spirit of reverence toward the religious side of life. This does not mean that .there is.u return to the old dog- riiatic statements or to the ecclesiastical: explanation of things; but it does mean that there has come a deeper perception of the facts of religious experience, and a deeper realization of the immense part which the religious element plays in human life. It is very generally felt that the explanations of religious phenomena offered twenty years ago and accepted at the moment as||ih.e final are inadequate; that religion is something deeper, more pervasive; and more influential than many scientific men took account of two decades ago. The feeling is growing that the religious phenomena of history are notvto be explained by the mythological and^anthropological explanations once offei'ed'i. Mr. Kidd's striking book, so wAd'eJyjresid and so earnestly discussed during-the last year, is a striking revelation [of the, attitude which many scientific^rnen,ure now -taking toward. ^-Twenty Sample Pair-**- Of LACE CURTAINS, ranging in price from $2 to $20 per pair. We would like every lady to see them. The Grange Store, 'but reverential' investigation.- There are, of course, "a number'of the,-o)(l- time scientific men who will ; still hold to the somewhat arrogant agnosticism of two decades ago,, but the younger men are inspired by a different'spirit. QJJIQAGO DRAINAGE QANAL, One ot tne greatest of modern engineering feats is the consti'uctipn of tne Chicago drainage canal, La^e Michi* gan once bad au outlet by way of tne Mississippi liiver. TWs was in tue. glacial period, In those days a large volume of water- muse uavo swept across the state of Illinois, The drain* 'Me canal now i» course of construe* — is along this outlet, Tliree years already been consumed Hi its coupon aud at least two more years will be required. Wiien completed it will be used first to cany the se ,vage of the, great city clown toe Mississippi and second fey steamers, Qvej eO.OOQ cubic •feet of wajter. will be twoed jpto t& e carnal every }ninute,,and' with this, ad* aeSflow it is Relieved to.ttJftMpiss* jppl to, tfee .gulf will be wade «ayigabie Jsrgrejktflfc'eaw.ei'S' •• ; ; • :.. .•V^W*. J^yjp^ "-" T-l" -" — EDITORIAL COMMENT.' Register: The public,,debt of i'ree trade England had reached the enormous aggregate of $3',300,00.0,000 at the close or last March, She had the usual free trade "deficit?' in 1894, and her officials are'now preparing to re-impose a duty of "6d a gallon on beer" to prevent a still larger "deficit" this year. Free trade steadily increases debt and general poverty and degradation. Burlington ! Hawkeye: Under a democratic tariff the prices-of .shoes aud footwear are advancing. Thus does reform go on with gigantic strides. < Ft. Dodge Post: The silver question is being solved every day'on the streets of Fort Dodge. Passing:along. Central. Avenue in the evening or any other time of the day people can hear Voices of orators issuing from every doorway, and the signboards over them sway and creak and groan dismally like souls in distress, Surely the country will be saved in the end, since so'many orators are willing to talk in her behalf. There are times when we'take a gloomy view, of the future, but all that is necessary to cheer us up and inspiie us with fresh confidence is a trip down Central Avenue. ' Burlington Hawkeye: There is one thing to be considered In the outrage that has been perpetrated in Tennessee in counting out Goyernorreject Evans; the republican candidate, The official returns gave him a plurality o£ 748 over ins democratic competitor. Hie republicans had no opportunity to stuff the ballot boxes or manipulate tne counting of votes had they been so disposed., Tne election was lield under a law passed by tlie democrats, which was intended, ,to give tneir party every advantage possible, Democrats had QUarge of the polls' in every precinct, and democratic offlqers compiled, the votes and declared tne result, ; fjje total vote was some 30,000 smaller than that of 1898, and the republican-gam was only 4,475, The republicans there' fore Qnly polled tbeiv normal strength, The democrats in large numbers ab* stained from voting, many of tnem/be-' ing dissatisfied with the course of tbe admiftistration and congress, Tw election, of Evans was a surprise to tue republicans as well as tlie democrats, a fact winch further: demonstrates .tb.8 honesty of tlie republican poll ed gyei- tbeir defeat $iat tfcey ^"—'- ! —' "'Purs,§ o,f' Here We Aral WITH A Fresh tine, of Groceries, .*MeOANNED GOODS, DEIED FRITHS, ETC.^N* WE HAVE JUST BEOBIVEP A New Pattern in Queensware^' 1 Vic's 6-ilt,'' also carry a full,Hue of Glassware,; OrQ'okery, Etc. Try a sack of the best Flour' ia Algona-WHITJJ PFAKL,. Call and be.eojjvmpeA.tliat we sell goo«Js clieap as any firm in town, ' " • '•• -. -, . PUTTER AND E.QQS WANTED, fi Wi^i >i5 ! 'I^"\ •j'*'^^* •»«* ^Yiin^ej,, ' -"»"'= -tnr — HO HANGS OSEWALL, PAINTER »»(t PAPJSB-HANGEB PAINTER tl«88W»tt»e m to9 MWteOTSMlfl «.. M,1««?4S1 TfeM*Wl,i8>R.OW a ^'«^ft % W9«8 rgpijjtateif Bayii^i ,gje •^mapwi?P r ep a "" ' an ^tot^e,.|lirew«l ROii'- "-•— -"-"T am m§* wUi wm*

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