The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on March 8, 1910 · Page 11
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 11

Kansas City, Missouri
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Tuesday, March 8, 1910
Page 11
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WRESTLING BOUTS TONIGHT fiOTCH AND CONNOLLY AND ROLLER and BECKER IN CONVENTION HALL. mm» mná An»frl«n llioiilA Pot U» rsood Show—c;oBii©lljf »«y« Tliot 11 « Ha* • With th« C'hoi09lo<t« Two wrestling matches to a finish, f)*gt two out of three falls, will bo Btflge<l tonight in Convention Hall, under the auspices of the Missouri Athletic (‘lub. The program calls for a rough house tussle between Champion Frank Qotch and Patrick Connolly of Ireland, and Doctor Roller and Karl Becker, the champion of Austria. This Is tb® first time the Mlssotirl Athletic Club has attempted to stage two finish matches on the same evening and Promoter Scovllle fxpects a banner crowd. Owing to the fact that both matches will be to a finish the first bout will start promptly at S SO. Roller and Becker will take the 8*age first and after the first fall In this bout Cotcb nnd Connolly will go to IL r.OOKS EAST rOB OOTCH. (*f course. It looks Ilk® easy money for Gotch, but the bout between Roller and lifcker should he closely contested. THE KANSAS CITY TTMTIS. TT 7 ESDAY. MARCH 8 . 1910 . to ▼ot® at the election, and of these I 11 to the university nextj ■chftnT *** 1 .® playrso far as th« f* Bcmester Just closed Is concerned, are; j. s. Clare I H Idler E. IL Johnson. Edward Klein, J ^nd R"■ TIIK CENTRAL SOPHO.VfORKS WON. Senior T«nm Se«.«nil in th« In- t«rcla«n Track Meet. In a well contested indoor track meet the sophomore team captured the luter- claaa event at the Central High School yesterday aftenioon by 31 points. The seniors were second with 25, freshmen third with 21 and the Junior fourth with 17. Lloyd Driver, coach of the Central team, is getting his athletes in good shape for the annual spring meets this year. The Inter-class meets are good practice for the Blue and White youngsters, who are developing into first class point winners. The Morse brothers are abovjt the beat nigh school long distance athletes In the city tills year. Ralph Morse, of the sophomore team won the mile run yesterday la 5 minutes 13 seconds from a good field. His brother took the 880- yard run la 2:25 4-5. which Is good tiaaa for a high school boy. Davis, who recently defeated Andrus, the crack Y. M. C. A. pole vaulter, won the event In the Imer-clasa event with C.WEBB MURPHY "KICKS IN” national COMM SSION RECtlVEO THE kling letter YESTfeROAV Copy of the FnmsiiM l.eave of Abeene« ICplKlte IlH« lleen I'urned Over to Oarry Hertnaan—-He'll llave to Horn Klfns »Trat. The Austrian comes here with a gr«at - — .......... record and he may cause the Doctor con-' A leap of 10 feet. The senior athlete Blderable trouble. Connolly says that he Probably could have made a better mark will make a good showing against the champion. He argues that he beat Jamie Kpsou and Con O’Kelly both In quicker time than did Ootch, and "dopes" to have a chance, even with the champion. “You can bet that I won't go on the dftensive," said the Irish caamplou last nlkht "I have never loafed in a bout and I won't back away simply because liotch Is the champion of all champions, I have seen him wrestle several times and ho doesn't look so bad to me. I'll carry the game right to him from start to finish." Nice way for "Pat" to talk, but we can see his finish If he carries out this proeram. (lotch 1» rather a tough young ffllow himself and he has a fondness for the rough house going, Gotch won’t arrive here until this afternoon, as he wrestled In SL Joseph last night RoLr ra beaut tor etbscko . Doctor Roller and Manager Jack Curley arrived yesterday afternoon from I>«nver. Roller says that he la tickled to death over the news that he la to mcpt Zybscko here In a finish match March 22. ' I have been accused of dodging this fi-llow for three months and I am glad that he has accepted terms for the n;at< h." said the Seattle man. "1 will train here for at least a week and if I boat Zybscko I will claim the cbamplon- phlp. 1 mean by this that Gofch is going to retire in a few' months and I sm next to him. Gotch has beaten me, but he’s the only man who can do it. I know that a lot of people think that r ara going to lose to the Pole, but 1 win fool them. MWt' nm LEAfïL'KKS 8IU\KI». IVftldriif l.ynrh AnaonMce« ('«miracX« nod Kvlvnar* ot NaUobrI I,VMsae. N ew Y ork . March 7.—President Lynch of the National I.eague announced the following contracts and releases tonight; «/OSTEACTS. with Boston—Fred I.ake. With Brooklyn — William Bergen, William A. Burch, Jr., Jake Daubert, A. Downey, H. B. Fletcber, John E. Hmnmcl, T. J. Jordan, Elmer K. Knet- r^r, H. C. I.uniiey, Thomas Mc.Mllian, otto Miller, G. X. Rucker, \V, D. Scaulan, George W. Schlmi and Fred W'. Ulrich. With Chicago—James P. Archer, Monde al Brown (1910-1911), Clyde Geist, Ployd Kroh, Fred Luderus, R. C. Schwenrk, Tony Bmlth, C. F. Weaver and (I F. Willis. With Cincinnati—Fred L. Beebe, Roy but wag given instruction not to exert himself. In the 12-shot put, the sophomores took all three places, j. Reber won J' ith a put of 37 feet inche«. ills brother was second and Farrell, a ieii handed boy, third. The most interesting event of the meet was the work of Blaughter in the high Jump, The frtathmcn athlete won the event with a Jump of 5 feet 4 inches. He had good form and should help Central in wincing points this spring. Following are the summaries: 25-yard <Ja«h—Slaughter, freshmen, won; Bdrd"' 100-yard ‘ dash—Huret, Junior«, won; wood», eophomorea, eecoad; Siaugfater, froBhniftn, third. Time. ; 14 . 220-yard dash—Hurd, Juniors, won; Wo^s, eophomorea, eeooud; Swofiuro. eophomores, third. Time, :29 4-5. 440-yard dash—Norton. sophomores, won; Baum, seniors, second; ShepherO. seniors, third. Time, 1:03 2-6. 25-yard low hurdles—Davis, seniors, won; Hurst. Juniors, second; J. Keber. sophomores, third. 'Time, ;03 1-5, l-mlle run—K. Morse, eophomorea, won; Kvans, seniors, second; Malona sonho- mores. third, time, 6:1». 8S0-yard run —Morse, freshmen, won; Pypes, seniors, sec;ond: Bradbury, eopho- niores, third. Time, 2:25 4-6. H-inile relay race—W^on by the sophomore team. Time, 1:52. illRh Jump—Slaughter, freshmen, won; Kirkland, seniors, second; J. iieber. eopho- morejv, third. Height, 5 feet 4 Inches. 1’ q ! o vault 1 ■'avis, seniors, won; Harper, msrdors, second; Hurst, Juniors, third. HclKht, 10 feet. 12-pound shot put—J. Reber, sophomores, won; V. Keber, iK'phoiuores, seoond ; Farrell, sophomores, third. I'lstance, 3i feet 81/4 inches. GixeivNA'ii, March 7.—€. Webb Murphy has shown “them papers'* at last. This afternoon tb© Cub magnates turned over to the national commission—Garry Hermann—a carbon copy of his famous leavo of absence letter to John Kling and now everybody is happy. Murphy now says that It Is up to the N. C. to get busy and lift the ban from his sterling holdout athlete. But Murphy probably will have to wait a few days longer. It is now said that several American Association magnates are kicking on Kllng's reinstatement. It la said here that Kllng's Kansas City team cut into the Tcbeau gate receipts last season and this Is causing some soreness. * However, Owner Murphy said tonight that he was confident that Kllng would be reinstated iMs week. Murphy will leave here tomorrow to Join hia team in New Orleans, KllJUtbeth Herwood, lOl ; Dr. T/ougheriy. Bel(r<mla. l«i; NovogoríKl, lO.X. Kewell, 11 &. fJuId Finn, 110; Coppwrtown, 104 . , Fifth race, mile, seJlinK —•Kdwin T. Fryer, 100; Dencen. Hueh Mottfv, 108. (*oi. Jack, 111; Chantilly, 111; imherta, 8!<; Hmcht n Cl., 104. Picnic. 88; Heivn Carroll, 98. Wraden, The Wrestler, 110; Contra Co*ta, 85. Hlxth rare, five and a half furlongs, purse Eddie (Iraney, 105; Ilex. Sal Atticum. tlon for the ©vent Th® recent meet* with the Kansas City high school teams has given the Y. M. C. A. track men good training. Baker has one of the best teams among the smaller colleges In Kansas. Its relay team has a victory over the University of Kansas.......................................he has thrown Con OKelly ‘ Emporia Normals, Washburn and thé 110 ; Alder Oulch, 102 ; Prince Winter, i.adv j Jamie Esson, Patrick Connolly be-¡Kansas State Agricultural College, of Meves that he has a good chance to beat ¡Eleven events will be held tomorrow l..lfimor«. 97 , Silk, 9o. Gotch tnnl«rh» Iti. * 1 ... ___ ___ •Apprentice allowance. Kllng ia perfectly willing to play ball this season, hut a reinstatement doesn't necessarily mean that he will break bl.s neck to Join the Cubs. Kllng hasn't been satisfied In a financial way so far by any means. "Things are Just like they were last season,” said Kling last night "I ara wiiliag to play with the Cubs this season, but I want to take a good look at the contract before-I leave Kansas City. If I get niy price I will play all right, but it will have to be more money than I got year before last" V«»terdBg>a HaclBg Itraalt«. AT OAKtAND. First race, three and a half furlong«. purse—^Malzle otrL 109 (Tapiin), 8 to L won; Cache, 109 iVosper), 6 to 6, second; B^n. 112 (Walsh), 8 to 1 third. Time, .42 1-6. Academlat, Sam Matthews, Winona Winter, Ban Prancisco GirL SalalL Abella and Zlata Branca finished as name^ Second race. Futurity course, selling— Adena, 107 (Vosper). 6 to 1. won ¡Argonaut, 104 (Tapllni, « to 1, second; bare- ington. 115 (Leeds . 1 , 16 to 1, third. Time, 1:10 4-5. Bainest, Black Sheep, Thomas Calhoun, Little Buttercup, Gosslper 11, Aoquia. Ampedo and Burleigh finished as named Third race, seven furlongs, purse—Sepulveda, 110 (Williams), 4 to 1, won; Miles, lie (Page), 14 to 5, second; Bit of Fortune. 107 (Thomas). 20 to I, third. Time, 1:27 8-5. J. H. Barr, Glennadeane, Pride of Llsmore, Arthur Itouhe, Zinkand and Descendant flnl.Hhed a» named. Fourth race, seven furlongs, purse-- Arasee, 111 (Gla.s.s), 8 to 5, won; Llkyfy- J/ieudonne, 99 {Walahl. 6 to 2, second; Jn- clernent, 105 (Page), 13 to 1, third. Time. 1 ;26. ^ * ” ...................... A HIGH IO-FRA.WR «CORR. Pnlstatf nowltag Team Tombled 1.0»« TI bs oa Kmplre Alleys. The Falstaff bowling club of the City League rolled th® highest tea-frame score of the season last night, on the Empire alleys. The score for the single game was 1,086. The team defeated the Oordon-Koppel five In two games. Robbins of the’Falstaff has his hook ball working and rolled the high thirty-frame score, with 623. The score: FAI^ITAFFS. • 1st. 2d. Robbins .............................. 170 257 Curtin .................................171 I 8 O Donlln ................................157 223 .......................................................... 168 ug Nichols ...............................166 239 . 8.1 . 19« 169 199 11 « 179 Gotch tonight. He ought to put In his i night, the feature being a 2-miIe run. bout with Kalcevlch, too. | The meet will be held In the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium, W'hlch Is considered the Dick Hyiand is carrying around a beautifully decorated right eye. Walter Bates was the artist. We havo It from an excellent authority that Ad's dome isn't swollen. And after shaking the sterling right mitt of ‘‘I,’* Too. 108« GGRDON-KOPPELa Isl. 2d, Felix ................................... 171 160 Graham ..............................169 165 OabauKh.............................199 215 Crana ..................................203 116 Dow« ............................... 181 169 Handicap .......................... n n 849 274« 8d. Ttl, 165 180 135 156 178 11 Doctor Roller is happy because he is going to meet Zybscko and the Pole is tickled to death. Of course. Jack Curley and Jack Herman are sore. Ill Danny Shay has been too busy duck 578: hunting to build that new clubhouse. When the Blues report at Excelsior Springs, John Empke will have to get a new typewriter. 496 514 649 475 Totals................................984 83» Dick Hyland expects to land a finish match with "Cyclone Johnny" Thomp- 625, son in 8an Francisco. "Fighting Rlch- ifiard" evidently doesn’t expect to meet »26 2592 'his finish here. best west of the Mississippi River. Wrestllns and Boxlaa at the l.-A. A. C. A boxing and wrestling show was held in the gymnasium of the Irlsh-Amerlcan Athletic Club last night. The feature bout of the evening was a 4-round go between the Hallie Brothers, known as the Philadelphia midgets. The youngsters entered the ring weighing forty- five pounds. Gtttrh Threw Becker. Hr. J oseph , M o .. March 7.—Frank Gotch, champion wrestler of the world, easily nipped the championship aspirations of Doctor Becker here tonight when he downed him in two straight fails, the first in 12:52 and the second In 8:51. T. B. B. FIVE WON ClfAVfPlONSHIT. | Matty The lyanhoe Park C'oaareaBtloael Team * ™Orrow. Lust La«4 Niafat, 18 ta *1. The Tabernacle Baptist Baraea basket ball team won the South District championship In the Greater Kansas City Sunday School league last night, by defeating the IvanLoe Park Congregational five. The score waa 31 to IS. The playing of Woodbury and Grimm were features. The score: TABERNACLE IVANHOE PARK BAPri.-!T CONOREQA- BARACAS—31. TIONAL- 18 G. FT. F. G. FT. F PTdbury, rf. 5 0 5 Lyl«, rf 0 0 0 Almon, If... 2 6 I Grimm, If... 2 9 3 Butler, o... 4 0 2 Miller, o 2 0 4 Allen, rg... 0 0 2 Kellog, rg... 0 0 2 Rogers. Ig.. 1 0 6 Nichola. lg...O 0 0 Baldwin will arrive here to"Doc" Reilly has been telling us a whole lot about those awful Boston fighters and we would like to take at least one peek at the Boston bear. SecuBd Viet wry for Whit« So*. M ouesto , C au . March 7.—The first team of the Chicago White Sox shut out Modesto here this afternoon, by the score of 4 to 0. Smith’s pitching waa a feature. None of th® ex-cheer leaders Is claiming a victory for Kansas in the track meet Friday night Tfi SEE iV THEY WERE BROTHERS j A Probatr Jadgm Coniparrd Shoalder« and E}ea of Llalainata. C.\.wBRiDOE, Mass... March. 7,—There was another unusual scene In the probate court today when Judge Lawton, who has sat 102 days trying to determine the rightful ownership of the % million dollar estate of the late Daniel Harry Brewer has returned to the city after an absence of several weeks. Harry would like to fight Clarence English here and he is certainly en- ». „ - , /, ... titled to a main event. He Is the best Melrose, made a critical ex boxer Kansas City has turned out In Total« ...12 6 15 Totals .4 9 9 Points awarded—Baracaa 2. Ivanhoe Park Oongregatlunal 1. I. O. A. C. WON KASY GAMBL D«o Th® lr1«h-ABierleBB AfhleMe Clah feated at Basket Ball, 23 to 40. In th© City Basket Bali League, the Institutional Church Athletic Club team trimmed th© Irlsh-Amerlcan five last night by tlie score of 49 to 22. The gam© was played on the Hippodrome court The score; INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH—49. IRISH-AMERICAN A. C.—22. DimmUt rf.. Bradbury, If. "■J > I.W i, iitiiu. iime, : Braubury. ir. Rapili Watpr, Fancy and Meliondale j Nichole, li... finished as named. F’ifth rate, mile and one-«txteenth, selling—Sir John, 107 (Kennedy). 7 to 2, won; Onatai!.^a, IO 4 (Walsh), 7 to 2, se<'ond; Ak- Sar-Ren, 103 (Smith), 15 to 1, third. Tiny, 1 :47 4-s. Colbert, Cadlchon, Tom O'-Malley. Bryce, Avontellus, Matchtulla, J. C. Clem and Wap finished as named. Sixth race, F'uturtty course, selling— Burnell, 110 ((irot<s), 20 to 1, won; Annie Event for the Paatlmer« To- Well», 106 (Thomas), 9 to 2, second; morrow Nlgtit at the Orpheam. Waner, 108 (Page), 8 to 5, third. Time, M . , V Mugsy, Salomy Jane, Jim Hanna, Phe professional bascbail piayers who Ix>u!» iitreubcr. F'redonla, Amethyst and are living In Kansas City will have a private box at the Orpheum Theater to- Katterle©, c... Blasbalg, rg.. Levin, Ig ........ M'tgoinery, Ig QF’TF > 5 ©1 Walker, rf___ 6 0 0 , Anderson, If.. OjDoble, c...... 4iCoughlan, rg., 2'üobîe. Ig;.... BAI.L PLAYEU9 TO SEE TINKER. A Sprelal morrow night. “Joe" Tinker, the Chicago shortstop, who is starring in "A Great Catch,” will endeavor to show his friends what he tan do in his new play, i Lewis, Louise B. and Deriha John Kiing, the former Cub catcher, is' getting up the party. Tolals ....22 6 ' Referee—BidwelL Totals OFTF 4 4 1 2 0 0 2 0 6 0 0 4 1 0 1 9 4 11 ST. LOUIS BILLIARD TEAMS WON. Kansas City’s 3-Cvsblon Asgregatloa Lost Two Oames Y esterday. Sr. I a ) i : is , March 7.—By taking two games from Kansas City representatives Woudlander iinishefl a.s named. A.'T TAMPA- First rat-A 2-year-olds, three furlongs, St. lAiuis jumped Into the lead «•eiiing—Deiena, 102 (AdamsL 7 to 5. won , : in the intercity three cushion billiard Chenauit, 110 (Fain), 8 to 5. second; Ortega. 110 (I-ewiB,, 10 to 1. third. African (Jlrl, .Maxine Dale. Lady; Thomas (,. D. also ran. ;37 1-5. NOTES OF THE TRACK ATHIAITES. "Red” Gardner, the former Central star, is a member of the crat k Y. M, C. A, track team this year. He competes in the sprint and weight events for Barnes’s team. one Inch. Shepherd, who was a member of the ^ Hjde Park School team iu Chicago last Hixth race, 4 -year-olds and up, on© mile year, is making good on the Westport | and seventy yards, eelllng—Louis Cav- Heren,I athletic teams this year. He is u goodl»'»*«^. 107 (Pain), even, won; Lafayette, Andrus, the Y. M. C. A. pole vaulter, is about the best man with the long poie in the city. Last Saturday night in the r, ry I ■„ L 1 Westport Y. M. ('. A. meet Andrus IS S R)4ux'tU. " cleared ^the bar wltb a leap ol tea £.et With New York—WU S. Coiiins, J. J. Murray. A. L. Raymond. J. B. Seymour, W, T, Temple, Jake Weimer and Ed Williams, With Philadelphia—L. H. Heren, Ix'ui« Schaub. Jr., and T. Frank Sparks. , 'Vlfh Pittsburg—E, J. Abl^ticchlo, ''hnrles B. Adams, Chester M. Bran- (iorij, Edward Bridges, Robert Byrne, Harry H. Camnltz. A. Vincent Camiv I’uk Cutting, John A. Flynn, Harry Kanatzer, the Manual athlete. .lit ha©l U Simon, Ham J. ifyatt, Wllils la preparing to smash several Inter- Nicholas scholastic records with the.big weight© if ! B-_ Miller, Eugene Moore, in the coming spring meets. Track fol- Uiiam B .McKechnie, Pat F. G'Con- lowers here are of the opinion that ner, Charles Phllllppe, William D. 1 (Hveii, Bayard IL Sharpe, G«wge Gibson (191(1-1911), c. L. Webb and J. Owen Wilson. ’krter of SL Louis outclassed Richard Norgrove of Kansas City this ^ »f^^rnoon and won 50 to 23. W. O. Camp(Lewis 1 , i to l, second; Judge Hend«r- hell of St. Louls disposed of John Moore . U9 (K^oerner), 4 to 5, third^ Time, Î of Kansas City without difficulty tonight, ‘ ““" with a score of 50 to 32. The score in Turner and, Kansas City 1 107 son 1:18 2-5. Kilderkin, Georg© s-jw*-^d.s and up, five and |‘be tournament now stands: a half furlongs, selling—Dalsw B, lost Won. (Cole), 2Vs to 1, won; Percy Taylor, 113, St. I j O u I s ....................... 6 iMowes), $ to 1, second; Colonel Au.stln, Chlcaao .................................. 5 106 (Murpht), even, third. Time. 1 ;12 2-6. Trappe, Bob May, Dona H. and Black Annie also ran. Fourth rare, 4-year-olds and up, »even furlong». selling—Pirate Diana, 103 (Jack.Hon), 7 to 10, won; Grace Kimball. I 10* (Glasner), 6 to 5, second: Ben Howe.' 110 (Kohni, « to 1, third. Time. 1 :S2. Hel Hussar and W. I. Hlnch also ran. F’ifth race, 8-year-olds, .«elllng, six furlongs— Merman, 95 1 Ktelnhardt), 2 to 1. won; Baleshed. 112 tGla.sner), 4 to 1, second; Waterbury, 112 bFain). even, thlr'L and Kin and Lost. 4 .8 7 the last ten years, but being home talent the promoters don’t think much of him. amination of the eyiis of the claimant, who says he is Daniel Russell of Dlck-1 Inson, N. D., and of W’illiam C. Russell,' the principal beneficiary under the will. I The claimant, who says he is a! Harry Forbes writes that he would brother of Wililam, removed his coat' Hk© to perform In our fair city. Harry'in order to show clearly the breadth of? was a possibility her© until Abe Atteil'his shoulders. Then Judge Lawton! hung the wrong number ofi him about a I called the two men to the window and* Stetson’s Silver Gray Thin-Brimmed Soft Hat —the dressiest, cleanest cut, aristocratic Soft Hat ever produced. It's an entirely new and original Idea, typical of Stetson, and you can take It from us that it’s going to take th© ©mart dresser© of thi* city by storm. This 1« but one of th© 100 different styles and shade© featured In our wonderful Spring Stetson Show gQ Other Stetsons, $5 to $12 See Window Display tN>U-®J© .M«I b St., at the Juaetiua. week ago. gazed long and earnestly Into their Z.—Tt -----1— . . ... In order to compare them. The hiiBinafl « f found certain point© of resem- CnhJirf« Saturday night and bike.biance. Shortly after his return to th© th« ^rniinw btmch, the cross-examination of William the trouplng game until the first of April, but these warm days have cau.sed him to chance his mind. This morning be will begin his preliminary training by playing "Outlaw" John Kling a 60- polnt pool match. Russell closed. He had been stand more than a week. on the EALI.1SG MAN DISTVRBED THEM. YVILL TRY FOR DAVI© CUT AGAIN. United State« Tat In r Chalienee for International Teanis Trophjr, N ew Yohk, March 7. —For the gev- enth time the United States Lawn Ten- ¿jje crashing of a double ©ky- Uliier» Fled When a Window Cleaner Dropped Into th« ©kytiKhC N ew Y obk , .March 7.—Seated in the red salon of the Hotel Imperial, Broadway and Thirty-first Street, this after noon, twenty women were badly frlght- nls Association went upon record today as the challenging nation for the Dw'lght F, Davis international cup. In line with the decision reached at the annual meeting held here recently, the Australian holders of the trophy were apprised by cable today that for the third successive year an American team would strive to wrest the blue ribbon of the tennis courts from their custody. OY'P FOR THE ©UXNY SOUTH. A NEYV CHECKER CHAMPION. basket ball player and one of the best high Jumpers here. "Shep" will be a great help to the South Side track team this spring. nw.KAsr«. the opinion that Kanatzer can use the Irons better than la?e Talbott B>' Boston-Unconditionally, .Tohn B. Q«!|:ley; to St. Paul (A. A.), William A. Autrey. By Brooklyn—To Syracuse (N. Y. S. . 'J/^ to ÎÆwrence (N. E. L.), ■ riniayson and T, H. Patterson ; to The showing the Central High School team made In the meet with the Y, M. C. A. has thrown a scare Into the other track camps. The blue and white aggregation ran aw-ay from the Christian hoys. Joseph Stanley and George K. Howard! y Cincinnati—To New York (N. L.), ''BBani A. Torrey. Newark ( K. I,.), -’illH. " ICI, AY\ AHI) TOAIOHIIDW. ►•■»thfill vii-n at ( olunibla YVIU Eleei a C«|i«iiin. nf ' ^’«rch 7.—A meeting I' who were awarded their ■ last fall ha.H been c alled for Wednc's- •ay iiiKht for the election nf a football «»/ceed J. R. Block, who has n eiispended from the University of lEsotiri. Sev(!nteen men will be able Harry Childs, Diamond captain of the Blue, .Mo., J. a Tonies- to Hoehes- is practictng daily for (E. U). ileorgrstarnagie 1“ By Chlcago-To Louisville (A A ) Douventlon Hall March 19. Childs Is a •Joseph Stanley and Oon.-c.. v Bigh jntnper and probably will good high jntnper and probably take a place in the coming i leet. The warm weather nf the last week has given the City athletes the real old "pep." It’s the outdoor w-ork that brings out the boys in the linen suits and spike shoes. J. Reber, the big Central basket ball player, Is making a good showing with the wchihts Hi!.s j'Car. He can put the 12-poutid liammer ilose to thirty-nine feet. His form Is good. Manual has a first-<'lass pole vaulter in Jewell, year In the Missouri V’alley iu(’ct Jewell gave Tod Woodbury a hard race for the first position in that evcm.t. He cun clear the bar close to eleveu feet. 109 (Murphy). 3 to 1, »econd; Doctor Crook. 109 (Koerner), 10 to 1. third. Time, 1:5l 8-6. Oesa, Cobmosa, Alauda and CountermaJid also ran. XT aACKsoNvinus. First race, six furlongs, selling—Earl’* Court, 109 (Powers), 7 to 10, won; My Henry, 97 (King), 20 to 1, «econd; Eva Tanguay, 92 (Moore), 6 to 1. third. Time, 1:15 2-5. Tres Job, Whim, Ilazlet, Square Deal and Pearl Point also ran. Second race, six furlongs, selling—Dave Nicholson, 110 (P.eld), 4 to I, won; Amyl,, 97 (Henry), 3 to 1, second; Sylph, 105 (J. i Wli.-on», 25 to 1. third. Time, 1:16 4-5. Diction, Pin Oak, Slmonette, Lorlmar and Katherine Van also ran. Third rare, five and one-half furlongs, purs©—Fauntleroy, 109 (Nleol), 9 to I, won; Milton B., 112 (Powers), 9 to 20, second. Time, 1 :07 8-5. Only tw-o starters. F-ourih raco. seven furlong.s, selling, han­ dicap—-Cainiialgner, 108 (I'avls), 3 to 1, won, Joe Bose, 109 (Musgrave), 6 to 1, second; Shapdale, 103 (Dhert), 7 to 1. third. Time, 1 :29 2-5, Royal Captive, Dr. Barkley anil Pocomoke ran. Fifth race, six furlongs, selling—Ben Double, 110 (Obcrt), 7 to 10, won; Orosino, 111 (N'lcoD, *» to 1, second; King Avon- dalo, 109 (Belli), 9 to 2, third. Time, 1:14 4-5, Otllo,, Sally Preston, Virm, May Lutz, Siskin and Reinett© also ran. Sixth race, mile and a sixteenth, selling —Bagman, 103 (Reid), 9 to 30, won; Oberon. 107 (Howard), 5 to 1, second; Quag- ga. 110 (Davie), 16 to l, third. Time, 1:19 3-j. Mamie Algol, Warner Grlawell, Warfield and Castlewood also ran. Nowell Bank« Defeated Ilagli Henderaoa for American YYtle la Toledo. Toi EDO, O., March 7.—Newell Banks of Detroit defeated Hugh Henderson of Pittsburg here today for the checker championship of America. Banks won four, Henderson three, with forty-three games drawn. The match was for the championship i of America and a side bet of 11,000. The contest was played In the rooms of the Toledo Checker Club, and has been on since February 21. TAFT TO SEE CUB-PI RATE GAME. Oakland llactng Entri««. First race, six furlongs, pcHIng—Pacific©, Pickaway, ne» tor. Charles Green, 105; Galvanic, Redwood II, 109; H. A McCurdy, LoiiD Straubcr. 105; Cock,«ur«, lOt ; •Blamhe ‘May Pink, 98; R. H. Flalicrty, 108. iiecond race, six furlong«, «elUng—Ixively Mary, 103; Kllcrd, 108; .«am Barber, No Ounrtcr, 113; Afiermath, BcHsntrkrr, 109; Orcshfjin, .Bin Donna, Bt>don<1o, 105; Tntflia, J’ldllfHtlna, 99. Dovalta, 111, Third race, three and a half furlongs, purse—.Milt, .Tones, Peccavi, Burhiir, Clara Hampton. 104; Indora, 109; Ilavel.ston II, 93: Ahella, 97; Robert Hurst, 104, Fourth race. Futurity course, selling— Tk« Dwnrm nf th« Two Tenmn Hnv« Set .Aside May S for President. PiTTSBi’BO, Pa., March 7. —The game between Pittsburg and Chicago scheduled for May 5 ha© been moved forward to May 2. that President Taft may see his brother’s team clash with th© Pirates on Forbes Field. Last May the President attended a game here between these two teams at the old grounds. Exposition Park. President Barney Dreyfusa received tb© Chicago management's as- ©ent to the change today. A JOB FOR GEORGE DAVIS. Vofemn fnfirlder YA’lll Manaae lha De« Molnra Clnb This heaaon. C hicago , March 7.—Georg© Davis, who was recently given his release as a member of th© Chicago team of th© American Baseball League, closed a deal today whereby he will manage the Des Moines team of the Western League this season. In the Pool Tonrnamrnf. Two Interesting games were played In the city championship pool tournament at Kiing’s yesterday. Wllkerson defeated Gradwohl in the afternoon contest by the score of 100 to 96. The playing of W’hinnery in the evening game was the best that has been seen in the tournament. He defeated “Ollle" Wllmott by a count of 100 to 56. Whinnery’s high run was 48. Following is the schedule for today: Herman vs. Dunn, Rickey vs. Clark. WESTERN ASSOCIATION SCHEDULE FOR 1910. ‘' î ’THBIR at . Kxili AT......................... RI5NO AT .............. ’'■APULPA AT............................. TULSA AT ......................... WUBKOGKE AT......................... 'JTTSBUBO AT. BARTLESVILLE AT. •fluplava 0( THBIB. HNID. KL BK.Va FA PULI'A. TUI.FA, MUSKOGEE. 1 l’ITTSBURO. BARTLESVILLE vpr 28 29 30 June 3 4 6* July 18 19 20 Apr 19 20 21 .May 28 29* 30 July 6 7 8 Apr 22 2:4 21* May 25 26 27 July 21 22 23 May 1.3 14 16* Juno 27 28 29 July 24* 25 2« May 16 17 18 Juno £1 22 23 Aug 14* 15 1« May 7 8* 9 Juno 18 19* 20 Aug 11 12 13 .May 10 11 12 June 24 26 26* July 27 28 29 ,4itr t:> 26 27 ■May 31 .luno 1 1 July 15 16 17* Apr 22 23 24* May 25 26 27 July 21 22 23 Apr 19 20 21 .May 28 29* 80 July 6 7 8 .May 16 17 18 June 24 25 26* July 27 28 29 May 13 14 16* Juno 18 19* 20 Aug 11 12 13 .May 10 11 12 Juna 21 22 23 Aug 14* 16 1« May 7 8* 9 Juno 27 28 29 July 24* 26 26 Apr 13 14 15 June 678 July 9 10» 11 Apr 1« 17» 18 June 9 10 11 July 12 13 14 Apr 2f 26 27 May 81 June 1 2 July 15 16 17* May 4 5« Juno 15 16 17 Aug 667* May !• 2 » Juno 30 July 1 S July 80 81* Aug 1 May 22* 28 24 July .1* 4 6 Aug 284 May 19 20 31 July 12* n 14 Aug 8 9 10 Apr 16 17* 18 J una 9 10 11 July 12 13 14 Apr 13 14 16 June 678 July » 10* 11 April 28 29 30 June 345 July IS 19 20 .Vlay 1* 2 8 June 12* 13 14 Aug 8 9 10 .May 4 5 « July S* 4 S Aug i 8 4 May 19 20 21 June 10 July 1 3 July SO 31* Augl May 22* 2» 14 Jun« 16 1« 17 Aug 8 « 7* .May 19 20 21 July 8» 4 6 Aug 2 3 4 May 22* 23 24 June 80 July 1 2 ■Uily 30 31* Aug 1 Mav 10 11 12 June 18 19* 20 Aug 11 12 13 May 7 8* 9 June 21 22 23 Aug 14* 15 16 Apr 1» 20 21 Jnne 678 luly 15 16 17« Apr 28 2t 80 June S 4 6* July 18 19 tO Apr 22 8» 24* May 81 Juno 1 3 July 6 7 8 May 22* 23 24 June 15 16 17 Aug 5 6 7* .May 3 9 20 21 June 12* IS 14 Aug 8 9 10 .May 7 8* 9 June 24 25 26* July 27 28 29 May 10 11 12 June 27 28 29 July 24* 25 26 Apr 25 26 27 Juno 9 10 11 July 9 10* 11 Apr 23 28 24* May 81 Juna 1 | July «78 Apr 21 29 80 Juno 348* July 31 33 88 .May 4 5 6 Juno 12* 13 14 Aug 8 9 10 .May 1* 2 8 June IS 16 17 Aug 5 6 7* .May 16 17 18 June 27 28 29 July 24* 25 2« May 13 14 15* June 24 25 26* July 27 28 29 Aprll 18 14 15 May 28 29* 30 July 21 22 33 Apr 16 17* 18 May 2i 26 27 July 12 13 14 Apr 36 2« 2? June 9 10 11 Jjiiy 9 10* 11 May I* 2 3 June 30 July 1 2 Jul” 30 31*Augl .May 4 5 6 July 3* 4 5 Aug 2 8 « May 1.1 14 16* Juno 21 22 23 Aug 14* 16 16 .May 16 17 18 June 18 19* 20 Aug 11 12 13 Apr 16 17* 18 May 25 26 27 July 12 13 14 Apr 13 14 16 May 18 29* 3« July 18 19 20 Apr 19 20 21 June «78 July 16 1« 17« Roger Rre«naban anil Twenty-Fonr Cardinal« ©tart for I.lttle Itopk. S t . Lon.g. March 7.—Twenty-four mem- l^rs of the St Louis National League baseball team left here tonight at 8:30 o’clock for Little Rock. Ark., in charge of Manager Roger Bresnahan for the spring training trip. Seventeen other players under contract will report at Little Rock, Nineteen of the forty-one men signed are pitchers. HE.ADY’ FDR THE BIG MEET. The Y. M. C. A. Track Tram In Uondttion for the Baker Un{ver«lty. The Y. M. C. A. track team, which is scheduled to meet the crack Baker University aggregation of Baldwin, Kas., here tomorrow night, is in good condi- light over the room, through which a window cleaner bad iaileu from the uintn floor. Amid a ehow’er of varicolored glass, the women ran screaming from the room Into the hotel office, where the manager, Mr. Thompson, and the house detective tried to quiet them. A hurried glance at th® skylight showed that the window cleaner’s feet had come through both skylights, after breaking a heavy metal screen and two thick iron bars. The window cleaner, whose name la John May, had been sent to the top of the hotel to work. He was attempting to get out on the ©ill of a window on the ninth floor, w'hen he slipped and fell. It is said he cannot recover. M op © Cnndld«*©« O vpp the I.Ine. Four names were added yesterday to the list of candidates for commissioner of Kansas City, Kas., who have filed their petitions with the city clerk. They were: Otto Anderson, councilman from the Fifth Ward, J. A. Cable, secretary of the Coopers' Internafloual Union, James Z. Quinlan of 1914 North Sixth Street, aud Curtis F. Smith, Thirteenth Street and L Road. The list of those who have filed now includes four candidates for mayor and twenty for commissioner. DUX! 1910 Base Ball Catalog! Authentic *'dop«" on the «en- aon'a Best Base Ball Goods. Also «ent for suit samples and prices. ScAme&iBiS ADVERTISEMENT. Proprietarv Medicine Frauds Should Be Exposed O UR line of 1910 Base Ball Supplies offers you the choicest assortment of everything that is correct in Base Ball We would suggest that you give us an opportunity to show you. Gordon & Koppcl, dep I rtment 1005-1007 Walnut. Geo. C. Lowe, Mgr. There have been plenty of them, no doubt, and they have been vigorously condemned—so vigorously that every sort of medicine the formula of which Is privately owned Is condemned and pninounced “un- ethlcaf by the Medical Profeealon. Eekman'a Alterative deserves attention, not because it is a "proprietary," but be- tau-se it really has cured many cases of Tuberculosis. If It Is a fraud II needs exposing badly, because a number of cured Conaumptives will need to find some other reason for being well. Henry Clay said he would rather be ligfit than be President. Is It not better for Eckman's Alterative to make cures than to be ethical? Weldon, 111., Feb. 8, 190«. In July, 1905, my physician sent me to Texas; from there to Colorado. I became worse and wa.» sent home to die. I heard of Eckman’s Alterative, began treatment, and was cured. I earnestly recomraead Eckman’s wonderful cure for Consumptiim. (Signed affidavit) Arthur Webb. i!ckman’s Alterative Is good for all throat and lung troubles, and ia on ©ale at Federmann'a three stores and other drug- glsts. Ask for Booklet of cured cases or write to the Kckman Laboratory, Sixth «M Market Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. Announcement of Joint Interest To the Public: •y The hudders of the Great Smith automobile, the car that has undergone a dozen years of evolution to the present successful machine, announce to the drivers of Great Synith cars in Kansas City, and prospective buyers of this strong, powerful, capable car, the removal of the sales department of the factory from Topeka to Main Street, Kansas City, Mo. The interests of the manufacturers and the Ilollister Motor Car Company, their Kansas City agents, are thereby made one and inseparable, and we assure every driver of a Great Smith prompt and careful attention to his wants. To the prospective purchaser, who wishes a better car than he has driven before, we offer the fact that our plant is located at Kansas City*s western door (Topteka); that ive employ two hundred skilled me- chatties; that there is no freight on Smiths; that a car can be driven to the factory, overhauled and repainted annually at nominal cost; that an expert from the factory will be at the new quarters, whose mission is to keep Smith cars in tune, A cordial invitation is extended to one and all to visit the continual show at 311G Main Street. Smith Automobile Qo. Hollister Motor ^ar Go.

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