The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1895
Page 7
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ibWJWEDJrfcslU¥, MAf s, And ail Kinds of Building Material. W. J. Studley, Druggist, 3d Consisting of doable-breasted coat— two pairs oS to match sult-and a pair of good shoes— St only to look but ate -to war we». J-tho workmanship and trimmings our price for the whole outfit only r inrEcs ureinld to any point in theU. S., lot ^fh^lvllwo oi oSamfcaWlJofowpftymont _ __iinm_i.aiijMy_ 8 A.nfLR to f Ail tfc« R. P. flsileck eontribiiteg to Popular Science Monthly a pftfcsimistic and tathc* odd paper on the personal equation in human truth. There is in tho human mind, ho says, no such thing as a conception of the absolute truth. The reason is that truth in our minds is always colored by our own selfish do- eires and feelings. "Wo deliberately disregard those relations -which do not vitally concern out own selfish interests." Most people are like tho man Who said ho had no objection to telling tho truth if ho could only think of the stuff. Unfortunately Mr. Hal- leek is right, for the majority of mankind. Truth telling is a matter of development, intellectual and moral. It requires a high order of intellect to tell tho exact truth. Tho person who is do- velopod in tho upper stories of his brain, front and back, has sense enough to see that he is only one of millions, all with the same desires and passions. The way to get tho most happiness and to make the least trouble for himself is to accord to every other man exactly tho sainc right he thinks ho ought to have foi himself. This is not a matter of religion. It is simply a matter of mathematical calculation, and the person who has brains enough to make the calculation will see that if ho Wants happiness himself he must accord it to others in tho same degree in which he expects it himself. Wo must not do to others the things wo should bo extremely indignant if they did to us. We must not excuse in ourselves faults and sins we would condemn bitterly and punish in others. Therefore if you can't toll the truth tell the truth as much as you can. i _, , Match 28, 1814, rOTter S the renowned war iailant ^7^11 int In the under tho American flag. With her cou- DAYS Without change of cars. All meals served in dining cars. Palace drawing-room sleeping cars and tourist sleepers are run through .to San ^Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los Angeles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North-Western Line Variable rout tourist tickets, to California and the health and pleasure resorts of the south, on sale at VERY LOW RATES. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to Agent. ^CHICAGO & NORTH --IESTEM GREAT VALUE fmnxtnaiutmi vm mt •imi*'** i mi MI •i«m 11***" WEEKLY NEWS FOR + + + + + LITTLE W10N£Y. OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. Modern College Commencements. Those Who know tell us that the old fashioned college commencement day is over. • Now it is the fashion to have the candidates for degroes represented by some one who in a speech details their brilliant scholarship and general qualifications. Then some learned and eloquent roan—he may or may not be the college president—makes an address fitting to the occasion and gives the students their diplomaa After that all are dismissed, and all are happy, for they go at once to the college dinner, which Mr. Arthur Reed Kimball tells us in The New England Magazine is "tho real feature of a modern commencement" There the people eat; then there are dinner speeches. This arrangement will take the place very well of the old fashioned college commencement, provided tho youthful graduates are allowed to make their share of the dinner speeches. Usually college commencement dinners are very dry affairs because the speeches are made by solemn and stupid old fellows or by .your professional- dinner ...talker,, .who makes his same thiu v stale jolr'e wherever he goes. No! Give the young people a chance. They are the most important persons on the occasion. Let the graduates, as many as there is time for, make each a three minute speech and put .some rhetoric and red blood into the affair. lay at Valparaiso, blockaded by and Cherub, both armed long guns. Tho Pbosbe carried 73 'tho Essex 46, chiefly carronades. British crew was nearly double tho •ican. Tho Essex lost her maintop iu a squall, and seizing tho rno- . of advantage the British captain jd both vessels under her st'eru out each of her carronades and opened Tho captain of tho Essex, David cr, finally got three long guns at through the stern ports and for an hour gave the enemy a lively lo. Both British ships hauled off for irs. The Essex herself bad lost fo h rigging sho couldn't carry sail maneuver, but Porter determined to tho Britons for. their unwarranted ck in neutral waters. With only a ig jib ho put tho Essex near enough he ' Phocbo to use his carronades in adside. The British captain immedi- y hauled off out of roach of the car- aclcs, and with long 18 pounders rid- il tho Essex, with fearful slaughter Tho water was still and the ige accurate. At one gun of the Essex men wcro killed, and three complete ws were used up fighting it. Tho car- rcladcs were soon disabled, the pits fi eel with wounded, and 58 dead lay a Juurl the deck. Porter at last saw that only hope for escape was to reach ire, ns tho wind blow in that direction, i made for laud and gave his men the jico of sticking by tho ship or swimming ashore. Tho boats had all been de- stbyed in the battle. Although tho vi isel was afire below and tho enemy's gi as still raking her, most of tho men p- iiferrcd to stand by their captain, the 01 ly officer left on deck. Of those who ji taped overboard 31 were drowned, st bo of them struck by the enemy'sfiro. ie Essex was unable to reach shore, ^rowing out an anchor, Porter swung Is ship around and dealt the Phccbe a list broadside, but it was useless, and he gave orders to haul down the old flag. GEORGE L. KILMER. M. P. HAGC4AKI>. O. P. I'fiKK. HAGGARD & PEEK, Snucp'isors to JosiiS & SMITH. ABSTRACTS, -*-*•» REAL ESTATE and OOLLEOTIONS ALQONA, IOWA. Publisher A. D. CLARICE & CO. FARM LOANS oifioe tin Declpe street. Algona, Iowa, (4 EG. C. CALL, I, KSI'ATK A jflj AUXTHAI.'T for Information in regard to lands lij Xort.luvi'srern fowa. v.-ritp to him, rtiorltiRtou street, Alinum, Iowa. GKO. K. CT'AmtE. CIIAS. A. IXHIKNOUH CLARKE & COHKXOUK. ATTORNEYS AT I,A W, ALGONA IOWA. GKEO. R CLOUD. (Suceussor to W. IJ. Quiirtoti) Attorney and Counselor at Laiv, Al.OONA, IOWA. O 111 ft! over Ko.ssuth County rituit; Hank. For the convenience of subscribers whose place of dofnpf business is in some other town in tin-. 1 county than Algona, an arrangement lias been made by the publisher whereby payments on subscription to the paper may b* made at ntiy mie nf the following named banks: BANCROFT—Farmers' and traders' Savings B;uik. .HURT—The Hurt Hank. WHITTEMORE — \Vliitletnore Htate Bank. WESLEY—Wfslny State Bnnk. LEDYARD—State Batik of Ledysird. GERM AN I A—Suite Bank of Germam'a SWEA CITY—S\vea City Bank. ELMORE—Elmore Exchange Bank. , Subscribers paying for the year in advance can avail themselves of cur lowest clubbing rates, given herewith. This arrangement is made with a view to accommodating iiny wlio imiy find it more convenient t» pay their subscription >U their home bank. All busifiess coining through these banks will be given prompt attention. YOU CAN SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAir. PuStoQlce lilot'K. AI.tiONA, lOXV A E. V.SWETTING. A TTORNEY A T I.A 1C, Money to lonn. AlKonu, lo\vn By availing jnurselt 1 oi 1 the low rates in this J. I,. IJOXAH. II. H. KKI,LOV.-8. BONAR & FELLOWS, * ATTORNEYS AT LAW Collections will rpiicilvu prompt utlonUoti liooms H and rt, Al{roniiSt!itu B:iiil< lll'dy. Urtincli ofllcc :it Wosloy. Iowa. ALQOXA, IOWA- &. fi IP ¥ •i twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper of the United states. -It IB a National Family Paper, and gives .11 the general news of the United States. It gives the events o foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department SB no superior in the country. Its <<Mrke,t Reports" are recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle " Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics Its Home and Society columns command the admiration o£ wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorial and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTBACT -- — **• Enables us to offer this splendid journal and THE REPUBLICAN tor ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, CASH IN ADVANCE. [The regular subscription for the two papers is $2.50.] • smJSCKIPTIONS MAY BEGIN AT ANY TIME). A "" Mi '" wdereto .THE ALGONA REPUBLICAN. The Japanese can now build ships for themselves, ocean steamers and -war vessels with all modern appliances. For a generation Japanese students and mechanics have been under instruction in all parts of the -world. The result of tho war with China shows that the Japanese are among the brainiest and most brilliant nations in the world. Labor is so oheap in their country that shipbuilding and all kinds of manufactures can be carried on there at lower rates than anywhere else in the world. This will enable Japan to undersell any other nation. In the history of the twentieth century Japan may play as great a role both as a maritime and a manufacturing power as Great Britain has played since the days of Queen Elizabeth. I D 4.4-1 «* March 30, I Battle OI Be ttled the fate of the Barriers Napoleon's empire, > . proving that in war \ at PariS. p ar i 3 is France. „„„ or lost, all goes with it. Marshal Marmont, with but 10,000 men to hold the barricades, awaited the coming of the emperor, who had been cut off while struggling to reach hia capitol. The allies stormed the gates in overwhelming numbers. Marmont personally led out such columns as could be spared and seized tho heights beyond the barriers, but the allies retook them with the bayonet. Beaten at one point, Marmont charged at another, using up all the power of his force in these brave but ineffectual sorties. The allies massed their troops at the weakest places, suspending the attacks elsewhere until the French concentrated, then charged all along the liiiQ.*Allhbpe of salvation for Marmont, lay in the batteries, which for mere show to encourage the people had been manned with boys taken out of tho polytechnic school, lads of 12 to 16 years. While strong men fought at the barriers, this youthful corps served the guns like heroes. The impetuous Russians and Germans, elated over their victories at the barriers, pressed through the streets in dense columns. Then the boy can- noneers, with tho guns trained to sweep the squares and corners, opened fire and mowed down the assailants until the pavements were covered with the fallen. But it was useless carnage, Paris was lost, and Marmont yielded to the fates. Napoleon, belated, but hopeful, arrived only to find the nation clamoring for his' downfall. GEORGE L. KIUSEE. March 81, 1891, merits a bright in this cen- of massacres as a day when a British detachment got tho best of an DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AND LAND, Collections a Speclnlty. Ofllce in Gardner Unwles now bullcluiK Iowa. S. S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAli; l.ii->at i.s null Insiirnnoc. Special at.tontfon jsivep to collections of nil kinds. f)!llc« over Olirischlllcs'store. Aljjona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. 1).. P1IYS1C1AX AND &URGE(J~\. Offl-e on Stale street, Algoua, Inwi. M. J. KENEF1CK, M. D. Ofllce over Taylor's stove. luu ; and InterOeotxn £1.85 " State Hi'jristor 1.85 " N. Y. Trfbuno 1.85 " Unbnque Tinms, (H, semi-weekly 2.10 " Pioneer Pross 2.25 " Chi capo Times 2.30 " Now York World.. 2.30 " Now York Sun.... 2.30 " Homestead 2.40 •• Oranjro Judcl Farmer 2.25 " HariKir's Weekly.. 4.75 Harper's Bazar— 4.75 Harper's Magazine 4.00 Cosmopolitan 3.85 Mc'ClnrosMaga/'n 2.00 K. Y. Independent 4.0_0 Cliantanqnaa 8.150 Revluw of Kovunvs 3.130 "D-MJorali Posten... 2.50 Tho Midland 2.50 Scientific American 4.10 CVntnry 5.10 St. Nicholas 4.10 Seribners 4.aX) Youth's Companion 3.30 Har par's Young People 3.10 Week's Current.'... 2.65 J. H. PRIDE, M. D. Office over Goeder's Alffona, OJotning Store. Iowa DR. L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGQltiT AND STATIONER, Prennrlptlous filled. Deals In paints, oua, books, perfumeries, etc. Cor. State and Thorlngton sts. A.lgona. Iowa. A Scion of C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTEMORE - - - IOWA, Eegular Office hours 8 to 12 a, in.. 2 lo G p. m. Over Wlcliler's Furniture store. Residence north of traoit. Key Hardy Rose Me Siebreclit.. Pronounced by authorities as the best ever introduced READY FOR SALE. Reliable Agents may apply with References to SIEBREOHT & WADLEY, New York Oity. MONARCH OF NEWSPAPERS CITY JOUIAL Watch" GEO, W. of THJE} NSW aa-jlptMUJVWW &•' ??. K> *r Tho model tenement house designed by the two girl architects of New York, Mary Gannon and Alice Hand, is believed to. furnish the best system of tenement house construction yet hit on. In their plans the airshaffc business is done away. There will be a bathroom on every floor, to which the inmates of the houses can go at any time and get a wash and a shower bath. When people begin to take regular baths, they will not be content very long to live in poverty and diit and be known aa the slum population. The seven vessels of the United States navy in gulf waters constitute the lar- gest'peace squadron of any nation that encounter with barbarians. On that day Lieutenant C, J. W. Grant, a descendant of the highland clan of "Black Watch" soldiers, caught in the Manipuri jungle with only 80 men, where it was fight and win or bo butchered, stormed and carried Fort Thobal. While marching to the relief of the English residency at the capital of Manipuri he came to a river crossing covered by a fort on the oppo- site''bank,' The force of 80 braves was placed in three lines, the first two of 30 men each, firing in sections of ten each, While one section of the front line fired the other rushed forward 80 paces, dropped down and 'opened fire. A. L. BIST, D. D. S Local anaesthetic for deadening pain' in gums when extracting teeth. [Dally, Sunday and weekly.1 Established for nearly a quarter of a century THE JOURNAL noeds no special introduction at this time. has been seen at one station of years- The Pacific scprnd-tan, is, nearly as strong, The QJywipia take up her quarters at BQ»Qlul u i there will he Jeft at San Francisco five E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S. DENTAL Over the Algona State Bank. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO BAVINC THE NATURAL TEETH. The best of modern anaesthetics used to make all operations as painless fjs pos* sible. THE LATEST NEWS ABLE EDITORIALS SCIENTIFIC MISCELLANY CHARMING STORIES FARM AND STOCK DEPARTMENT RELIABLE MARKET REPORTS Always found, in the columns of THE E, E/SAYEBS, P. V. M., VETERINARY PBY&ICIAtf AMD SURGEOtf, IM^Qfflce west of the Thorlngtou House, Sgpna.Iowa, HOSPITAL Accommodations. The Foremost Paper of the West. There is no luxwy move enjoyable than a good newspaper, and TOTS JOURNAL claims to head the procession- A trial will convince you. Send us you? order now. I At includiug tbe big gpast defender Monterey, The other ships are ,the anas, Alert, ftaHger and Mohican. case, pf »uy war on that side, of the these will be regqy to take a Iteftpieg go»{essea j^ is worth jiQt le^a gijrei aje io tbe ponia? g§tjm,ati9H 100 yards WEUTENANT GRANT, the fort Grant signaled the supports, 40 man in two sections, to move up on either flank, They did eg, pot halting at tue firing Hpe, but rushed 40 yards aheacj, dropping and beginning to eh.QQ.ti. Tbw the flrst sections arose P. L, SLAQLE, Manufacturer of and dealer In Harness anfl Harness, Goods, AI,GONA, IOWA. , OF SUBSCRIPTION! Daily and Sunday issues, $10 per year, duily without Sunday, $8 per year; the weekly edition, issued in two parts, 4 pages Tuesday and 8 pages Friday, $1 per year. Daily Times published every even* ing except Sunday, $5-00 per year- Adress, PERKINS BRQS.CQ,, Sioux City, IP, f ... body and dashed forward to the dQw»i«tothQ stream, Grant at the bead of all The Maflipari crouched behind tiwfe walls, firing through, loopholes wtU th.e, assailants advanced with the 091$ j&te,e}, Grant with a handful, u,gjng m bsypset freely, pa^ed forward in tip onto, and the suppprts made a When the flanks, TheMawpW'J. by $te fu P y of the ^agUsh, fled TO On Real Estate, HQXIE & PRUNSON. E, G, BOWYEB, W, L DpuciAS $9 CLOCKS m mwi AH feinOJ of Silverware. 7 Repairing a

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