The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1895
Page 5
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THE ••"-"--^••^-"^ • lOlv, WEDNESDAY, MA* 8, 1895. It, lia.s linen some yours since UK- styles in monV. wo;if were so attractive and sensible ns they are ibis seiisoii. The H. S. & M. clothing sold by the NEW ENGLAND is 1'rorn the preat OhlCiiwo house tliat, sot* the puce- for fliH- appuivl over 1liis entire land. IHIfMJALL ft (!(.>. 1895 MAY, 1895 Su. 19 26 Mo. 6 13 20 27 Tu. 14 21 28 We. 8 15 22 29 Tlh 16 23 30 Fr, A To 17 24 31 Sa. 11 18 25 LOCAL MENTIONS. ,i>4is-- , fcfy ,' The Remenyi concert comes May '22. We seem to be havii g a big run of fiddlers. District court convenes one week from Monday. D. A. Haggard has been fencing his farm north of Whittemore. Another boy addition to the family of liev. Davidson was reported Friday. tlerr Aaniold, the great Norwegian violinist, will be with us on Monday night, Seats for the Remenyi concert will be on sale at the postofflce tomorrow morning. .There will be a special meeting of Eastern Star Chapter Saturday evening, Mav 11, for work. Parties having books belonging to the Monday Club library please leave them at the postotlice. Invitations are out for a dancing party at the court house to-night. The Cedar Rapids orchestra will furnish the music. Dr. West will remain in Ajgona. His residence and oflice will be in the Grove house, one block south of Tennant Hotel. The river has been on the rise for the past week and now carries a full supply of water for spring drownings and other purposes. The corn planting is already well advanced and there will be little of it to do after this week. The raintt called a halt for a time. The Remenyi concert, to be given on Wednesday evening, May 22, in Algona, will be an interesting event to all lovers of music. ' There will be a meeting of the lacjies of 'the A! L. • A. in tli'e .reading , room Friday, May 10, at 3 o'clock, Air ladies-are cordially invited. At the regular annual meeting of the Algona Opera House company, held last night, Manager Haggard was unanimously reelected asAvere all the old officers. W. J. Studley has rented from W. C. Danson the old Geo. Adams property, and will move in as soon as the painters and paperhangers get through with it. The selection of an erator for Memorial day id yet undecided. It it understood that Dr. McCoy will secure a speaker for the occasion while at Clinton, There was a serious decadence of conviction on the subject for a time, but at present it is unanimous that spring is the most delightful season of the year. Bishop Perry will visit Algoua Saturday, the llth inst., accompanied by Archdeacon McElroy, and will hold service in St. Thomas church at II 1 o'clock a, m. Mrs. Frank C. Tubbs died yesterday morning, aftergiving birth to a child. She. was but eighteen years of age. The case is a particularly sad one and calls for deep sympathy. The Epworth League business meeting will be held Friday evening at the church, "All are requested to be present. Business of importance will be transacted. The district meeting of the Christian Endeavor Societies will be held in Algona somewhere near the middle of next month. It will be a great occasion, About 800 delegates are expected. One of the chimneys on Geo. Simpkins' residence was struck by light' ning one day last week, but no serious damage was done. The lightning went off on a tangent nlo g the water trough. Advertised letters; Geo, Arnold, Charlie Dingraan, F. R. Head, E, P. f-Jatch, A. G. Hart, Bertha Lashbrook, Frank. Nichols, N, Blocum, Mrs. Laura E, Satler, S, H. Thompson, Mollie . Ward, The boys of all ages who are jute;" est'ed in the national game of base ball are be at LuVerne next Satufday> when it 13 expected that.Lu, Verne and AJgona will contest for honors It \s as easy for it to rain now as. it used to be for it not to. Showers are served up at all hours of the day and. night, and tlie.ajr is continually moist , au4 conducive t5Q the growth fti 1 veget- i'-aj^Qn. ;"lf "Juptioe E. ll. Clarke was up at LecJ- 'SirjJ Monday on business. He says ••-•—'- are rather' rough, and; crops look. timber, up vU.W , .....^gj j^ Wilbur, is Jtiw pvoua U$lm: Q? Uopu Jiist s « vvu gU10 «« the rate. This year a one-fare rate, straight, will be offered for round trip where the amount exceeds 87. It looks as though the democrats were getting the start of us. For a second time the Courier has snatched the premium list of the county fair from its republican contemporaries. However, the society will get a good job. The program which was due Sunday night at the M. E. church, prepared by the Woman's Home Missionary Society. was postponed till next Sunday evening on account of the stormy weather. It is expected to be an interesting program. The Algona Deposit and Loan asso- tiation sold 525 shares of running stock during the month of April. This was the largest business ever done by this concern in any month of its existance. It is getting to the front, so to speak. Miss I'liima Hall had the misfortune to run a rusty nail through her foot last week, making a quite serious and very painful wound. Shu will not be able to walk for a week or so. This is a serious blow to a part of the Iteruu- LICAN force. Word came last Friday of the death of the infant son of Archie Hutchison at Jennings, La. The news elicits many expressions of sympathy with the bereaved parents. Mrs. Ambrose A. Call, mother of Mrs. Hutchison, and son Chester departed for Louisiana Saturday. As soon as the present form of money orders run out a new form is to be to- sued. In shape it will resemble the bank draft, and will be equally as safe a means of transmission as the former order. The present form, which has been in use only a short time, has not given satisfaction. The Mitchell Association of Congregational churches, of which the Algona church is a member, holds its semiannual session at Spencer, beginning May 21st and continuing four days. It will be an interesting gathering, and is so close by that numbers of Algona people can easily attend. The social union program given in this paper, presages a pleasant evening. We are to have a. paper on consumption by Dr. Kenelick and another on lhe Papal power .in Italy by Mr. Malson, with music by some ot our most popular singers. The ladies who conducted a dress making business in the A. D. Clarke & Co. building, two doors south of the REPUBLICAN oflice, have moved, put, and D. T,.-.Smith has taken possession of it for headquarters .of : 'the United; States Express office. The office'and location are all that could be desired. C. L. Lund is one of the men who saved his evergreens. The way he did it was to water them well before winter set in, then this spring he dug trenches around them and hauled water in his tank and gave them a thorough soaking. It was time and money well spent. Prof. Lilly has been called to Hancock frequently of late in his capacity of surveyor. He is doing the surveying on a big ditch Hancock county is investing in this spring. The professor came home last week, as it .was too wet down there to make progress. The Iowa Homestead of May 3rd has an article covering Mr. Lund's experience with tuberculin, including the result of the'postmortem examination of the cows made 'by Prof. Baker, It comes rather late, of course, but the discussion of conclusions is not untimely. The Homestead accepts the outcome as a vindication of the scientific accuracy of the test. The ork which has been going ahead in the Geo. C. Call building for three weeks is neariugcompletion, the vaults being in and the partitions up. Mr. Call will have the west office, Dox : see & Shaw the east, and E. V- Sweeting the two rear rooms, with a very convenient ao'cess by a front entrance. The whole building will have furnace heat. The fatigue uniforms of Company F were condemned by the inspector Saturday night, and the company are go* ing to draw a new lot of suits from tlje state. Capt. Haggard says that there will be a drill held at the armory Thursday night, May Sth, instead of Wednesday night when measures will be taken, and any man not present will not be entitled to draw a new uniform, In a little over an hour, Friday, one and eighty-five hundredths inches of rain fell, according to the records of Mr. Pettibone, our observer for the state weather bureau. The rain came down in sheets, with thunder, lightning and hail accompaniment. There had been no such deluge for several years, and the abundant precipitation was taken generally as the beginning of a new dispensation, J?ow that GPQ, L. Galbraith is grading up his grounds attention is attruc" ted to the rave beauty of the premises, There is probably not a finer group of elros in this vicinity than those which grace his grounds, My. Galbraith has, put down, a temporary wpoden w^lk, and- the b,ea.utv'oj,' his place will not be fuJJy I'eaJjj&ecj mjtilk^conc'reteprstone walk is UMU wnl'W? residence ooojpleU ed.' Pr, Me,C°-y an.d A»'S|. IplniSQii were the pnly.^. A- Us meu-wjw went to the Cliftt-OW fe«CjartPWe«ti frjom. Algona, so far.qs we knpw* gavwfllPthers i $9$ fiWtoa lH&y»'$ pveventea -jw ew- $oe Algeria ftelwf. OOV \irjttiour reprwwttttiQQ n jlw,.g|»0y ftnd Mra* «:«,;«> 11 jt ,'J-«v> VTVK*"« w»W VSv~ ~y,~.m<-ff~\ Dr. Hill, of LuVerne, accounts for his unbalanced mental condition on the supposition that lie has a tumor on the brain. This, the doctor thinks, will probably end .Biking's life in the course of a year. He is £9 years old and has a family. Alderman Vesper find Clerk Cohe- noiir have been studying city 11 nances of late, and they have reached conclusions touching the expenditures for the year ending March 1, 1895, as follows: Extending mains and digging well. $9.995.50; running expenses, $1,740.53; city government, $205.64; street work, 81,275.38; street lighting, $294.89; miscellaneous, $72.24,'or a total of $18,684.50. Deducting the permanent investments, we find that the running expanses of the town for the year were $3,589. Algona cannot have electric lights until she is willing to pay about $900 more for street lighting than she now does, making the annual expenditure $1,200. This is substantially what is paid by other towns of its class, and a company cannot safely invest money in a first class plant, which we should have if we have any. without a substantial guarantee of revenue of that amount. With such a guarantee the investment; would be a safe one, and it would be made, probably, on the granting of a franchise. Perfectly regardless, apparently, of the adage that "charity begins at home," Dr. Garlield is going about on errands of mercy for other towns. The \Vhitteiuorc Champion says: Dr. L. K. Garfield was on our streets JMday, looking over the telephone prospects, and it is reported that we are to have telephone Connection with Fenton, Fair-ille and other places in the near future. This will be a .great convenience and we hope to sec it constructed soon. The West Bend Journal truly says: "James Taylor, of Algona, understands and appreciates the use of printer's ink in advertising.. See his cloak and millinery ad on the last page." There is nobody who has greater confidence in the protit of advertising than has Mr. Taylor. The reason why he believes in it is that he has tried it, and by that means, and by dealing fairly, liberally and honorably, he has built up as fine a business as is enjoyed by any merchant in this section.of Iowa. Bishop Perry is this week attending the Episcopal convocation in Fort Dodge. On the adjournment of that body he will come to Algona, arriving on the morning Milwaukee train from the west at 10:12. He will hold a service in St. Thomas church at 11 o'clock and take the Northwestern train south at 3:05 in the afternoon. The Bishop has been in Algona frequently, and his pulpit efforts have received an attentive and appreciative hearing from a wide circle of admirers, and there will doubtless be a large attendance Saturday morning. Company F were inspected Saturday night by Inspecting Officer Lieut. \Vil- kius, of the Regular Army. The company showed up the beat, since it, was organized. There were over fifty men in uniform in line. Down at Mason City, where they have one of the crack companies of the regiment, there were only sixteen men out to inspection, the other evening. Our company lias been fttdti itrg'Tecr ults4 titelyr wuo7-wijiig..t -h ey may not be perfect in the drill, are adding to its looks by their size and bearing. Capt. Haggard and Lieuts. Chubb and Daugherty art; proud of the company's appearance, and they have reason to be." For the M y term of court, which opens on the 20tb instant, with Judge Quartern presiding, the petit jurors will be: L. W. Henderson, Clark Peck, A. D. Paine, Peter Purvis, II. J. Bessi- gue, Algona; John Wood, C. W. Goddard,Bancroft; A. Clemenson, C. O. Eckhoru, Eagle Lake; Harm O. Peterson, C. Robinson, Wesley; James Butler, Fenton; Aug. Krause, Lotts Creek; John II. Bruhns, German Valley; G. G. Manley, Buffalo Forks; Curis. Thake, LuVerue; Phil. .Til- money, Ledyard; M'. Crandall, Seneca; Geo.-M. Eastman, Will Thompson, E. O. Mann, Burt; J. O. llawsou., Whitte- ; more; II. L. Baldwin, Elmore. Matt. Holtzbauer's .name will probably go thundering and lightning down the ages as the champion dandelion killer, it is supposed that Matt.' ; would rather kill a dandelion ; tban .eat a meal of bad victuals. The way Matt, kills the dandelion is not quite like th way the wicked brother killed the king oil Denmark, but Matt, goes around with 11 can of gasoline and pours "if few drops of the liquid upon the dandelion's crown. The effect is more or less instantaneous and that dandelion i\ever has perfect health again. It rots out or dries up, and disappears like the democratic majority. Or like a snowtlake oii.tho river, A moment white, then lost forever. A singular school case is coming before superintendent Reed from Cresco township, the facts iu regard, to which are these: S. H. MeXutt is director for his sub-district and also secretary of the district-township board, Last term be w-auted the school in his district himself and he was employed as teacher by the board. Po,i the present term he applied for the school and Mrs, EU Mantor also applied, and petitions for each of the applicants were sent in to the board, and that body employed Mrs, Mantor. Mr, MoNutt questions the authority ot the board, and takes the ground, we understand, that the applicant having the bjggist petition should have.knocked the persimmons, The R$t'UBi4<pAN hastens to lay her fore itsi readers for "their serious con? sideration the following special from Aukjey, Iowa; The lady bicyclers of this place are the first onus in this section-to don the bloomer costume, the propriety of wearing which has been warmly discussed in all , purts of the country, The cpstume nttvaeted but little attention Hn<J $be riders m-e highly pje^sesj witl) the suit, which graanpi- pates, tl^m, from the pnjflberspu^e skirt jtluit «spf$os, the lady rider/ from pro. PilingMe.w,heel, ivpd, rstiU'da the. guit by wie-fjppe <?t jtlie wjnj fcUtoig it, fjie eyej ight that'lftdy yWm in will foijpv? a rter of a century have gone, along h arbor vitor hedges, and the latter e died without regard to the num- of summers since their planting, o Purvis hedge, one of the finest and 'part-inly perfectly healthy a month , is nearly half dead. Other hedges gone entirely, not a single live tree naming to enjoy the copious shower the later spring. The trees went in- tin; winter dry at the roots. If they d been thoroughly watered last fall ey would have survived, but nobody me around to sound the note of irning. •Supt. Heed has called the teachers' nvuntion to meet at the Bancroft 10 il house at 10 a. m. Saturday, May , for the purpose of discussing topics .lich are of immediate impoitance to e teachers. The program will be in- and teachers can give such eminence in discussion to any topic tlivy desire. It appears that many the teachers have expressed a wish at their debates in future meetings allowed to continue on any subject long us there seemed to be any de•e to do so. Want of time to discuss papers read at the last meeting. Id at this place, prompted this re- cat. All teachers attending the iceting are asked to be ready to pre- int HUM- methods for dealing with ll'ercnt school matters and to show a 'omi>tnessin asking questions. Mr. Iloran, Superintendent of the liter works, with four men to help in, put in most of Wednesday night ailing the sand out of the bottom of stand pipn. It was found to be loiu four feet deep, and was packed 'rd at the bottom. There were np- rds of twenty loads of shaly sand, -K what was carried out through t (e mains. The draining of the pipe gau about 7 o'clock in the evening, d the work was not done until 3 in t e morning. This was the first time t e stand pipe has been cleaned out ace its erection, but it is presumed jilt the greater quantity of the depos- accumulated since the new well \ as finished. The work will probably I s attended to at frequent intervals 1 Breai'ter. The pumps continue to ing up red sand, which seems to be inexhaustable as the water supply. The wedding of Mr. Lynn Keith and iss Edith VanShaick, which came Thursday night at the residence of rs, Jane Warner, the bride's home, as a surprise to the groom's Phi eek friends and neighbors, who tened to extend congratulations along with many other friends of the groom and bride, upon being duly apprised of the event. Mr. Keith is the sonol'E. P. Keith, one of the rich farmers of Plum Creek, and the bride is?a well known young lady, of thif pltice. The young people have oui blessing, as do another couple who were made one two days previously Mr, W. H. Henderson and Miss Isa bell a Fraser, of Cresco. • The hitter groom is the son of Alderman Tlios Henderson, and the bride is thedaugh- ter'ot' Alex. Fraser, both families be ing ainonu 1 tlitt early settlers of the county. It should be added that Rev Kennedy united both couples. Try our Club House corn and tuuia toe's, LANGUOR & HUDSON. in another line lot of two-seated sur rey's." Come early and make you choice. Pure maple sugar, 1895 make, a Patterson & Son's. A few nice seed potatoes yet at the Opera House Grocery, WHEAT HIGHER-FLOUR"LOWER. The 'Algona Water Mill Wants Wheat at ' 50c to 56o a Bushel. Ana as long as we can buy wheat under GOc we will sell— '•Bock Bottom" at. 70c per sack "Family Favorite" at SOc per sack "Snow Queen" at.........90c per sack Delivered any place in town. ' It costs 5c a sack to deliver flour, so we will discount above prices 5c pei sack at our store or mill. ^ JONES & STACY. PASTURAGE NOTICE. I have secured the McCoy tract ot land lying north of the Milwaukee railroad, for a pasture, and can take a few .more head of cows at $1 per heac per month. Cows will be at the own ers' risk. JOHN OSTUOM. Chase & Hanborn's famous Boston Coffees 'and Seal Brand Tea for sale only by Walker Bros.—IStf That lOc table of canned goods is the attraction at Walker Bros,—18tf "Trilby." The latest thing in fancy glassware at the Opera House Grocery EXCURSION TO THE WEST, On May 21st and June llth the Northwestern line (C. & N, W. Ry.) will sell excursion tickets at very low rates to u large number of points in the west and northwest. For full inform* ation apply to agents, Chicago & North western Railway. by His Owu Beauty, ,W^*,4riu *fiiMifiiii*^^ Durinsr the Month of yards of the best make 0 m £J& *2^ "*t~* f\ "&•*!! * ipi Oil | GINGHAM Bemnante. I yards In yards DRESS GOODS, in Underwear. Hosiery, Ribbons, Laces, Embroideries, Carpets, Curtains, Shades. are on the advance, but Having just received a Large .Stock of Spring and Summer Clothing,'- Hats, Shirts, Underwear, we will sell T During this month. Don't buy before j you look at our goods and see our I prices. We make special inducements \ to you for cash. . Yours to please, • ^V7V •*«»' wmm BOHIV tNWM na u ^*s$v H ^ <WW*>S^*W<fW<^^ STILL CROAKING. The old street corner croakers that have been saying all along that we were not going to. get any rain this season and the seed that had been put into the ground would never sprout, will have,so pull in their horns and think up something else to croak about.— Courier. They have already thought up three things to croak about. First, they croak because it couldn't rain without bringing down lightning to splinter the court house flag staff and so increase taxes; second, they croak because the rain makes it muddy, and third, they croak because now it won't stop raining until everything is drowned out. If the everything included themselves it would not be an unmitigated calamity, _ WANTED' Will pay good girl $3 per' week. MRS. C. L.LUND. Canned goods 10c per can at Patter- will save you money on hose and hose ftttlHgs.—SpuKBECK & WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud & Haggard. MONEY. JL have unlipHted money to loan on l,ongpr.§hp,rt time. • B. W. TAYLORS Fine - Footwear! Correct in., Style, Shape, Make, Fit and Price, •'•$ ,'»'4 'I .& ;j *»' } ' •5 IAX r.i,. f S!&l ^54 (%Art.tjf

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