The Times Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia on October 2, 1945 · 13
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The Times Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia · 13

Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1945
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I Paris Slyles Cost Plenty Actress Savs USO Entertainer Was lierc Yesterday Today’s Radio Programs Richmond Times-Dispatch Tuesday October 2 1945 3 MORNING PROGRAM Although a siirpla outfit cots a Parisian nearly 55C0 the women of Paris are invariably well- dressed according to Miss Charlotte Armstrong USO Camp Shows actress who spent the day : here yesterday speaking for the' Pichmond Victory and Community Fund The Parisians and the! peasants are entirely different she commented Miss Armstrong left i Europe this Summer and is now' touring the country for the Na- tional War Fund ! A pair of shoes is priced in Pam at approximately 5100 hats cost about $10 each and hand-' bags retail at 565 and upward A 1 simple dress costs 5125 and plain little costume earrings arc $15 a ' pair — the kind that American women buy for $208 Once when tempted to go on a splurge and buy one nice piece of underwear Miss Armstrong ventured to price a slip on the Rue de la Paix thinking it might cost about $10 but gave up the idea when told it would cost $140 "Paris is a place w-hcre you park your troubles outside and feel all bubbly with excitement and hap- pinrss whether you’ve had any- uncturrd German helmets and thing to drink or not" Miss Arm-!18? wcutstion money ren t the HUdienrex lhie dv All kind Although many are starving the city is so beautiful and apparently no untouched by the war that it is hard (o realize everything is not normal arid gay she continued fine afternoon while there she met an old couple who had spent the entire afternoon chopping with nothing hut a hag of onions to show for their efforts Restaurant prices arc exorbitant she explained and ail food supplies scarce due to transportation difficulties and the lack of gasoline The USO camp entertainer found Parisian styles extremely beautiful but entirely different from ours Coats and skirts are full and graceful hanging in lovely folds Stockings arc practically unknown all the women wearing leg make-up unless their natural sun tan was in evidence The fabrics seen are similar to ours except they are used more generously in women's clothes ard hats are created to fit the towering hairdo's seen everywhere Although there are plenty of cosmetics soap is painfully scarce and the average Parisian will trade anything he owns for a bar of the precious commodity GI's have bought so much French perfume that it is necessary for a woman to order her favorite scent a long time in advance and even then she is left to wonder whether she will he able to secure the kind she ordered The French people were wonderful Miss Armstrong thought and hospitable on all occasions Their happiness was exuberant when the Americans arrived in the city but seemed to increase when the war ended They paraded so much in celebration that the Americans were a little bored but Paris residents seemed bound to sing and dance with happiness Miss Armstrong's Virginia tour began in Roanoke and Danville Today she will speak in Charlottesville then spend two days in Norfolk and a day in Suffolk From this State she will go to West Virginia Her schedule is so fast that it's almost like being with the army again she laughed An actress and dancer Miss Armstrong was one of the first to offer her services when a call was issued for volunteers to take entertainment to the troop in’ -wy x y T France She landed with one of j (ipv riOthCrS the first units to reach Normandy rv F" I and appeared throughout France Q OllCll rUtldS Belgium Germany and AL-are Lorraine for the next II months Club Calendar ASSOCIATION FOR THE PRESERVATION OF VIRGINIA ANTIQUITIES— 11 A M at the John Marshall House WOMAN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY OF THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH— 11:30 A M at the church James Bryant secretary of the Baptist Board of Missions and Education speaker day of prayer for State missions ALL CIRCLES OF ALL SAINTS CHURCHWOMEN— 11:30 A M general meeting at the parish house 316 West Franklin St ST GERTRUDE'S P-T A — 1 P M luncheon in the library of the school RICHMOND CHAPTER UDC— 1 P M broadcast over WMBG: Lee Overton Miller on "Admiral Raphael Semmes” LADIES OF THE LOUISE VICTORIA HOME— 3 P M at St John's Church Lombardy Street and Monument Avenue GLEN ECHO P-T A 8 P M at the school: Dr Abner Robertson on “Parent Education” NAVY MOTHERS' CLUB-8 P M at the club 102 East Grace St: business meeting OtCJCOUA POWERS MODELS Clamour-bathe' their hair Certainly VmI Want Sams Beautifying Shampoo For Your Hair— Thooo divinely beautiful Power Models are am out tor their lovely hair And lean it to these stunning beauties to discover a way to make their hair look even norm beautiful They wamh their hair with Kreml Shampoo! This remarkably beautifying ‘glamour bath not only thoroughly deanaea scalp gnd hair of dirt and loose dandruff but it leavea hair so much softer silkier Kreml Shampoo actually ‘unlocks’ all tha natural brilliant hign-lighta that lie concealed in the hair It leaves it shining blight for days Kreml Shampoo contains no hard! chemicals Xl's so mild gentle for your of armv issue comes homo too and one oractical doughfoot even presented his unbelieving home-folks with a can of bacon! Canned baron was one of the things that went to war keeping Yanks aware of the fact that they not only deserved but were getting the best that American in- j genuity could produce for them And one lad wrote back from a Pacific patrol rxist that canned baron was worth going to war for! Quite a testimonial and we're honing some will soon come our wav The baron is precooked pasteurized and mild and can be eaten hot or cold Bacon is only one on an imposing list of 45 meat items in production for canned rations when the war ended The list had grown from 10 pretty monotonous and hackneyed dishes at the outset of the war and it had grown in quality as well as in quantity A success with the soldier far from home and interesting to every housewife as a forecast of things to come in her grocery store are the brand-new products which the Armv Quartermaster Corps proved could be canned and be delicious months later even vears and under variable climatic conditions Canned ham in army rations used to be chiefly deviled ham No longer The army shipped out three new canned ham products that make vour mouth water lust to hear about: Ham with candied sweet potatoes ham with lima beans and ham with raisin sauce Besides those there were also chopped ham and egg and ham and eggs with diced potatoes Pork and apple sauce pork and corn pork and gravy pork and rice are iust a few of the canned meats listed under "Pork" in the army's specifications -Even pork sausage links all ready to pop into the skillet over a campfire were canned for rations Plenty of beef was canned too —roast beef beef and gravy beef and vegetables These 45 canned meat items were all included in the rations issued to men eating beyond the reach of fresh produce With the war's end manv of the canned meals which the GIs liked best mav follow them home to make 'the business of feeding them easier for the can-onener cook More than 15o members of the Navy Mothers' Club Chapter 115 will be stationed on the streets Monday October 8 to sell tags it was announced yesterday by the club's president Mrs Alice 5 Nelson Proceeds of the tag sale will be used to continue the club's work Five of their members' sons who hav? recently returned to this country after release from enemy prisons will be entertained during a social hour planned for them by the Navy Mothers' Club this evening at 9 o'clock in the club-rooms 102 Fast Grace St The social will follow the club's regular meeting at 8 o'clock ATTENTION DEALERS! Wm Arm Distributers ml WHIZ and WHIZ-OFF IN THIS AREA Also CRAFTICIDE The Perfect DDT Insecticide HAMILTON PAPER CORPORATION 7-11 South 14th St rhone 3-1844 hair Its beneficial on bsse helpe keep hair from becoming dry or brittle Buy a bottle today and 'glamour-baths’ jour hair All drugstores FOR MIEN-SHEEN Htll EASIER TO ARRAMGE 1:00 Baukage Life Beautiful I’DC Program News Music 1:15 Miss Bennett Ma Perk Ini Melody Sketches Wishing Well 1:30 Korn Kohhlers Marg' MacDonald Morton Downey Paula Stone 1:45 Between Lines Market Reports Morgan Beatty Songa for You 2 00 Fellowship 2 on a Clue 2 -15 Serenade Perry Mason 2 -10 Intermezzo Rosemary 2:45 Treasury Salute Tens and Tim TOO News Try and Fine Me Woman of America News: Tello- 3:15 The Syncopation Piece Ma Perkins Test 3:30 Mailbag Sunshine Sue Dollars to You Smoothies 1:45 Ladles Be Seated Afternoon Melody Right to Hap'ness Voices tor You 4-00 Jark Berch 4:15 The 4:30 Mailbag 4:45 Hop Harrlgsn House Party News Dannv O'Nell Novell unrs 5:00 Terry and Pirates Gateways 5:15 Dirk Tracy to Music 5:30 Jack Armstrong Young Dr Malone 5-45 Caiter Sisters Rangers KVENING s on Klrrncn's Corner News: Kelsey A 15 Spoils News Kdwln C Hill fi-30 Dinner Music Jimmy Fuller 6:45 Charlie Chan World Today 7 00 Headline Kd I Hon Jark Kirkwood 7:13 Raymond Swing Jack Smith 7:30 County American 7:45 Fair Melody Hour A-un lum and Abner 8:15 Radle Harris R:30 Alan 8-45 Young Big Town Theater of Romance: News 11:00 Guy 9:15 Lombardo 9:Vt Hungry Heart 9:45 Music Inner Sanctum Okay America 10:00 Transatlantic 10:15 Quiz 10:30 Pres Truman 10:45 Depot Hour Musical Show Tres Truman Guy Lombardo 11:00 New New 11:15 Organ Nocturne Congress Speak 11:30 The If 11:45 Masterwork Maritime 12-00 New's: Clarldge 12:15 Gay Clarldge 12:30 Lula 12:45 Russell Maritime News: Buffalo Presents Louts Prims Today on President Truman will make a five-minute address to the nation on the National War Fund at 10:30 P M over the maior networks and local stations He will speak from the White House Baritone Star Bob llannon will sing three top tunes on the CBS-WRVA American Melody Hour at 7:30 P M The tunes include "I Don't Care Who Knows It” "I Wish I Knew” and “Atcheson Topeka and Santa Fe” Soprano Jane Pickens will sing "Dearest Darling" and “How Deep Is the Ocean" Contralto Evelyn MacGregor will offer “Till the End of Time” and "Promises" The Knightsbridgc Chorus will harmonize in "I'm Gonna Love That Guy” and "I Don’t Want to Be Loved” - Mary Small has given as her musical autograph "I'd Do It All Over Again” which will be played by Guy Lombardo over WRNL and ABC at 9 P M Other tunes and the celebrities who picked them are: "I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time” Westbrook Pegler "Remember When" Elea tide fflotrU GUARANTEED a Gean and wax your floors this new easier way Whiz-Off linoleum composition or wood floors — watch heel marks dirt and old wax “float” off without scrubbing! Apply long-wearing Whiz Wax — and your floors will be more beautiful than after any other cleaning and waxing or your money will be refunded Ask for Whiz-Off and Whiz SelPoishingWAX C&353 OOO QOOG ooOOnil(1Ou OuOOOQ feet vision It to make sure adolescence that him the maximum 411 EAST GRACE STREET Guiding Light Cedric Foster Today’s Children Music You'll Like Woman In White Queen for News a Dav Backstage Wife News: 1450 Stella Dallas Request 1-nrcnzo Jones Club Wldder Brown - Program Girl Marries News 4 Voices Poit la Faces Life Superman t-Tlme ('apt Midnight Home Kdltlnn Tom Ml v PROGRAM News Spni IS Band Brigade Lowell Thomas News: Sports Name Banda Dinner Musical Supper Club Fulton Lewis News Rendezvous Mysteries Arthur Hale II V Kaltenhorn Inside of Sports Johnny Presents A Date With Judy New-a: Like It Hot frooner- Battle The Falcon Amos and Andy Fibber and Molly Gabriel Heattcr Real Storlcc Spotlite Bands Boh Hope Pres Truman Hildegarde News: Foursome Symphony Hall Program New llarknex Hits and Misses New Slightly Swing News: Dance Music News Roy Shields Orchestra News: Dance Music News: Dance Music News: Sign Off the Dial nor Parker "Stars in Your Eyes” Noel Coward “Liza” John Payne “That Feeling in the Moonlight" Gens Kelly’ The hit of the week is “Till the End of Time" Party-line listeners will bo able to tunc in again on 79 Wistful Vista for Fibber McGee and Molly will be heard from their famous radio home beginning at 9:30 P M via NBC-WMBG There'll he music by Ihe singing King's Men and Billy Mills and his orchestra Andrew II Brown is slated to become a bank president and really run a bank the way it ought to be run in the first broadcast of Amos ’n' Andy as they return to the air at 9 P M over NBC-WMBG Hattie McDaniel of the films will portray a new character in the 1945-6 series Ann Richards Australian beauty who is seen in the Hal Wallis production "Love Letters” is editing a volume on Australian slang for forthcoming publication YOURS for a lifetime Though a baby's ayes are clear and lovely there Is no guarantee they will provide per- is your duty as a parent through childhood and your child's eyes are giving service with the least strain 6kbiTimffr cuPomoiocD Qua ESTABLISHED 44 YEARS m —ji'ijt rhoi AT DEDICATION OF NEW RADIO STATION— Guy Kibbce and Jean Parker join Thomas Tinsley owner of WLEE and Irvin G Abeloff general manager in the dedicatory ceremony staged and broadcast from Mosque Auditorium last night Screen ana Raaio Slars of WLEE Opening Leading radio screen and suffer First Class star and representatives of all Crewe who branches of the armed force Philippines campaign and Private joined Mayor Herbert and other First Class William E Likens of civic oflicials in formally dedicat- Laurel Md who fought through ing Richmond new radio station I the African Italian French and WLEE at a special ceremony j German campaigns staged and broadcast from the The audience gave the biggest Mosque last night ovation to Guy Kibbce who Serving as toastmaster Lewis j Quipped about Hollywood the G Chcwning president of the Democratic party his youth and Richmond Chamber of Commerce i women hut reserved its loudest welcomed to the city the new whis lies for the radio singer Syl-radio outlet for the Mutual Broad-1 via Froos who rendered four popu- casting System Appearing briefly lar songs in her personable style on the program were Major-Gen- Bob Russel 'emceed” the entire progt am and sang several songs of oral Philip G Hayes commanding general of the Army Third Service Command: Brigadier-General Don E Scott commanding gen-tra under dirertion of Staff Ser-eral Virginia District Third Serv-!gcanl Baron Elliott opened the ice Command: Mayor Herbert dedicatory ceremony and members Thomas Tinsley owner of WLEE of the Service Command Unit and Irvin G AbcloiT general man-j served as color guard The pro-ager of the new station !gram ended with a grand finale The star-studded program of a presidential citation Private the evening featured Boh Russell as singing master of ceremonies who introduced Guv Kibbce and Jean Parker of Hollywood Sylvia Froos the singing star of radio Nadya Norskaya Russian operatic singer Master and Collins comedy team AI Rickey directing an orchestra made up of Richmond talent: Fulton Lewis Jr Washington news analyst and the grand finale number featuring representatives of all branches ol the armed forces including Wacs Waves Marines and Spars and four veterans who have recently returned from the battle zones of Europe and the Pacific The veterans included two Richmonders Private First Class George Smith former city employee who had been a German POW Private First Gass Raymond Peppin wounded at St Lo and winner ol IN RADIO’S BIGGEST minstrel days The 13-piece Camp Lee Orchcs- of all performers and Nadya Norskaya led the singing of the Nation- 1 at Anthem Station WLEE will serve as Richmond's outlet for the Mutual Broadcasting System programs and has its studios and offices in LISTEN ti TO Symphony Hall WLEE TONIGHT 10:15 1150 ON DIAL Prcsentud bg The METHODIST Publishing House Books rtf All Publish cm Grace al Fifth Richmond IS Ya the Broad-Grace Arcade Irvin G Abelotf on WRVA's staff for 14 years is the general manager Pal ' Schmidt of Baltimore Radio Sta-! tinn WITH also owned by Mr Tinsley arranged the program and it was staged and produced by Abner J Greshler of New York 10:00 P M WRVfl A aparkling half-hour of muaical entertainment featuring tongs by LAWRENCE BROOKS and JO STAFFORD brilliant arrangement! of old and new hit tunea by ROBERT RUSSELL BENNETT with the colorful Ford ORCHESTRA and CHORUS Tune in— every Tuesday nightl LINE-IIP OF THE TIME TO BUY YOUR FUEL IS NOW Tlie orlv wav you can be sure of an adequate supply of fuci next winter is to place vour order at once Don't let the lack of ready cash stand in vour wav We'll clcuily ndvan-e the inoncv ou need Stop in or phone! LOANS $10 to $300 ON YOUR OWN SIGNATURE PERSONAL SMALL LOAN CORPORATION SOU N SEVFXTII ST DIAL 2-0068 TODAY (jlOcKl0' For Your 8-t o-9 Listening MARTIN AGRDNSKY Rrpirli f ram Waahlagtea Krone ht io by the M r I a llaa Honk of Virginia ? Monday thru Saturday 8:00 to 8:15 i CUFF EDWARDS singing tad play-iaz the a k a I r I r Throach tha lonr-tesjr nf Charles Mare Monday thru Saturday 8:15 to 8:30 WALTER KIERNAN TirSi llreailraxf the laf-rl irwi from New York Monday thru Saturday 8:30 to 8:45 POLLY DAFFRON Talks afloat Rlch-m o a d a ad Richmonders - and news from everywhere Monday thru Saturday 8:45 to 9:00 LAUGHS

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