The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1966 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1966
Page 13
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*y Flr^w PMNFMB WASHINGTON - This writer has traveled over much of the United States in the past month, and can report that everywhere there are signs the public is getting more and more disillusioned and fed up with the Viet Nam war. There is growing feeling that We are not wanted there by the Vietnamese people, that we are caught in the middle of a religious power war we cannot resolve, that Premier Ky has little genuine Interest in his nation's problems and even less in relinquishing power, and that on top of all these circumstances, our own national welfare is being threatened by the impacts of the war, Each time Premier Ky makes .another grandstand play, each time there's fresh evidence of anti-Americanism, the criticism increases. And the criticism of our Viet Nam policy is slowly being translated into increasing criticism of President Johnson himself. This decline in the President's popularity is so severe that both Florida Senators - Smathers and Holland - have recently warned him that he needs to do something to mend his political fences, especially in the South. As one result, the President sent 'Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge back to Saigon with instructions to get a civilian government back in power, and to eiplore the possibilities of replacing, Premier Ky even in the present military government. Relations between Ky and U. S. officials reached the breaking point when he made his surprise move against the Danang Buddhists without advising top American officials and while Ambassador Lodge was in the U. S. Deputy Ambassador William Porter, in Lodge's absence, promptly called on Ky and delivered a blunt message warning that the U. S. expects him to keep his pledge to hold elections this year^ } pod „ urging him not to furtherallenate the Buddhists, But Ky apparently was deter- mlnded to crush his opposition, even at the risk of a war within a war. He was also furious over the fact that when the Danang uprisings began, first American advice was to use force to put them down; then by advice to make concessions to the Buddhists - to him a reversal of the American position. - o—CRACKING CASTRO— Cuba's Fidel Castro, according to intelligence reports, lEfTERS TO THE EDITOR Algona Upper Des Moines Algona, Iowa Dear Sir: The Algona Lions Club wish to thank you for your participation in the 1966 Lions Club Radio Day. The project was a huge success and we intend to continue it in the spring of 1967. The money received was used for Sight Saving Projects and Research - internationally, nationally, state and locally (Algona). It is through your support that the Algona Lions Club is able to be one of the leading contributors to the Iowa Lions Sight Conservation Fund and the new Gloucoma Research and Testing Program. Your contribution to this project whether it is large or small has been put to good use, We wish to thank you again for your participation. Algona Lions Club Radio Day, 1966 - o- Upper Des Moines Gentlemen; I am mailing you a check for $4.00 for another year. If that isn't right then correct me. I am sending you a 5 cent stamp with the picture of a dog on it and I want to know if it is President Johnson's clog and if the U, S. is gone to the dogs already? Yours t-.ujy frank Gink 734 N, Church St. Algona, Iowa Editor's Note » Thalik you for the stamp. We like dogs. is showing signs of cracking up. He is so plagued with troubles he cannot solve - shortages of food and clothing, troubles with sugar production and marketing, the burdens of his dependency on Moscow for economic and military aid' - that he frequently plunges into periods of deep gloom, punctuated by hysterical outbursts in which he lashes at his subordinates, many of whom have been purged Li recent weeks. - o - -NEW CHINA LOOK-When U. N. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg spoke in Canada recently supporting Canada's position for admission of Red China to the United Nations, it confirmed drastic change in United States policy. It meant the Johnson administration has decided definitely to seek discussions that would lead to the establishment of diplomatic relations with Peking. It's probable that American overtures will be made soon for a foreign minister - level conference between the U. S. and Red China to discuss problems and pave the way for an exchange of diplomats. Though the policy has been approved by the President, Chinese experts in our State Department still question it. Some believe it is not a wise move; others strongly doubt that Red China will accept, even though her ambassador in Warsaw has been dealing with the U.S. ambassador there for some time. Allied diolomats also have warned that the task will not be easy. Even the French have told us that maintaining relations with Peking has been increasingly difficult. The Red Chinese have a chip on their shoulder and will make no agreements without major concessions by the U. S. Their claims to Formosa would be the biggest stumbling block for the U. S. On the other- hand, there is a school in the ..administration which has bought the recent testimony of experts before the Ful- brlght committee that our present policy of, Isolating Red China is completely wrong; that containment does not require isolation; and that when age and death remove the present tough communists from command, the new generation of leaders will be more like the present leaders of Russia - willing to accept at least some coexistence, if we will open the door. One essential step in implementing this new U. S. policy, of course, will be an end to our adamant stand against admitting Red China to the U. N. - o - —OVERFLIGHTS ON CHINESE BORDER— The inside fact regarding the Chinese claim that U. S. planes flew over the Chinese-North Vietnamese border last week is that we don't know definitely whether the border was over flown. Most important fact, however, is that there was no intentional penetration of the border; in other words, no policy of hot pursuit. U. S. flyers in this area have strict orders not to get too close to the border. They are given an air strip beyond which they must not go. However, in cloudy weather planes get lost or stray off course. The instrumentation of planes which participated in the recent raid was supposed to be highly accurate, and it is doubted whether they were actually off course. Possibility is, however, that a Chinese plane hit by U. S. fighters near the border fell on the Chinese side of the border. The speed of fighter planes in this area is so fast that it's difficult to tell where a plane is at all times. This is one of the grave dangers in the fighting over North Viet Nam. - o - - THE MOON'S SURFACE- Space scientists have now completed their study of the 17,000 close-up pictures that our TV rocket took of the moon's surface and confirmed their belief that the lunar landscape is bleak, barren and hostile. It is pitted with craters, some caused by the impact of meteorites, others by volcanic activity. The formations don't appear to be as jagged as expected and the moon mountains also appear to be white. But one thing is certain. The first lunar expedition will be no Boy Scout picnic. The astronauts will venture into a dead world without air, without water, where man cannot live except in an environment he creates for himself. No prospector in the scorching Nevada desert eve; faced such hazards. - o - —DIPLOMATIC NOTES— The rumbling inside the Chinese Communist party appears to have been suppressed by Marshal Lin Piao, the deputy chairman and defense minister. It looks as if he is emerging as the strong man who may eventually succeed Mao Tse-Tung . .. Dictator Castro Is still obstructing the exit of 700 American citizens, most of them of Latin extraction, who want to return to the United States with their 1,300 Cuba - born sons and daughters. He is letting a few leave Cuba in a tormenting trickle, but has turned down U . S. offers of special planes to fly the whole r group out ... The French Foreign office has tipped off American diplomats that Communist China is getting almost impossible to deal with. The Chinese following their setbacks in Ghana and Indonesia, have become more arbitrary and arrogant than ever. When Milton Shapp, long-shot Democratic candidate for gov- ernor of Pennsylvania, finally won that nomination, Vice President Humphrey called to say, "There are only two men who predicted your victory - Drew Pearson and Hubert Humphrey." . . . Rev. Carl Mclntire's radio station at Media, Pa., WXUR, has deviated from the right wing enough to sell time to Socialist commentator Marvin Barak. Burak called WXUR to Say, "too claim to believe in freedom of speech, how about selling me time?' WXUR Is now selling Burak, an out-and-out Socialist, though not a Marxist, one hour every Saturday. Burak is asking listeners to send la money to finance the program . Thursday, May 26, 1966 Algona (la.) 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We salute these fallen heroes, rededicating ourselves to the high ideals they helped preserve. THIS MESSAGE SPONSORED BY THESE ALGONA MERCHANTS The Chrischllles Store Modem Dry Cleaners United Building Center North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. Pjustrom Furniture Co. Graham'! Kirk's Shoe Store Home Federal Savings ft Loan Agg'n Elk Cleaners Lindsay Soft Water of Algoaa Universal Mfg. Co. Rusk Drags-Jewelry Read's Furniture Hntzell Office A School Supply Sheakleys Iowa State Bank Visit our store todayl \ JOE BRADLEY / ALGONA EQUIPMENT Phone 295-2421 INDIANAPOLIS "500" MILE RACE MEMORIAL DAY MONDAY, MAY 30 10:30 A.M. COMPLETE RACE COVERAGE DIRECT FROM THE SPEEDWAY ON LG A 1600 KC Perctvul Motort 8 * L Dept. Store Foster Furniture Co. Viking Ofl Co. Batcher Broi. Implement Kossuth Motor Co. 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