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Richmond, Virginia
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Editorial Richmond Timefr-Dispatch Thursday Jane 11 1942 Editorial Ten 2Ud)maitd Sfttngj-Bispatcb As It Appears to The Cavalier John Sttwakt Bitan President and Publisher Vircikius Dabntt Editor BAzn caiin ttTULIUUI UHl IM mmnmm Om waff at wm Im- IMI a mS ml ail am moial la iki All ftaku Uailv Oa la an mm wmm tsTweawarar IMIlr aaff VtU ULM Nk ALU alia Uaiff IH 1H AW Suadaa ual AM AM IN am t'anUa CouatrU win (uralahM aaaa ana A Bill ant anal mt la lrral1rl- la al tuna mmwimm tm mt mat ukaraut aatUai Santa Through Polar Seas to Russia The Bock Private's Raise IN A WORLD which settles all its tribal 1 disputes by battle strength is the greatest tribal virtue In this trial by battle the tribe which has might on its side wrins the verdict and shows by this manifestation of the will of God that it has right on its side All that war proves is that to have Right you must have Might Of course this sort of right requires for its proof more than the mere weight of numbers Skill daring and endurance are its components These are essential parts of that Might which makes Right and the nations must strive to attain these through discipline and self-denial Look on the Instant scene Those nations which have been strongest are the fattest I have noticed this same thing in iny pack of hounds When I throw them their food the boldest the strongest the most aggressive seize the most food and are the most prosperous looking The meek may inherit the earth which means they will get it as the heirs of the strong There is no other way for the meek to get it Through their meekness the meek often lose their inheritance Look down the corridors of history The strong took the earth their children grew fat and lazy and acquired the indolence and meekness then up came the strong and lean and hungry people and took their inheritance from therft So it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be Practically every acre of ground which makes up our possession our part of the earth we took by force or had by barter from those who took by force Every acre of land on the habitable part of this globe can trace its title back to that origin Every war is an action of ejectment At the end of the first so-called World War there was a great shifting of the boundaries of political geography The end of this wrar will see the same shifting of boundaries What did you think the war was about? The aggressor is the plaintiff in all wars Happily he does not always win his action Often he loses even that which he hath Empires are and always have been aggregates of aggression Up until now they have had possession at the expense of the lesser breeds without the law Now there is not much of that sort of land left The greatest taking of that sort resulted from the discovery of Columbus The aboriginal Americans were the lesser breeds No moral wrong attached to taking their lands Think what we gave them In return We brought them the blessings of Christian civilization and more material wampum It is easily reasoned that savages and morally Immature people are not to be trusted with the management of their own affairs We take their lands and the usufruct of their lands and we call that taking up the chits burder We see ourselves as the unselfish and self-sacrificing saviors of those lesser breeds without the law who have no better evidences of civilization than spear arrows and boomerangs to match against our more enlightened machine-guns and bombing planes One of the benefactions which we bestow on these untutored people is instruction in the arts of war We taught the Japanese until now they can almost match us at our own game Today there much land which may be taken up as the white man's burden The first comers have gotten nearly all of that Land-grabbing has become a much harder and more dangerous business The white man who excels at it when he sees something he wants generally finds a white man already claiming by right of possession and in the ensuing scuffle he must match his skills against a foreman who knows all the tricks he knows The time has come to have some honest doubt as to whether the lands which can be won this way are worth the cost -of the winning since title is never secure and what we take by the sword today we may lose by the sword tomorrow The empires we build in our youth we find it hard to maintain in our age for senility comes upon nations as inevitably as it comes upon individuals The symptoms of this national senility are unmistakable The old power In the punch is gone The foot-work is lacking in speed The sense of timing is lost There is going to be a new champion It grows plainer and plainer that strength and riches are not the same and that the greater our riches the more imperative our need of strength The richest nation can remain the richest nation on)y by becoming the strongest nation That is the plain answer to everything which we hear ahumming and see around us at this throbbing hour We can talk about the virtues of innocence honesty justice and good intentions but the one virtue to the cultivating of which we must- today bend every national energy Is Might To attaining that it is the duty of every loyal American to give to the limit of his labor and his goods On that one virtue will the issue depend If we acquire sufficient Might all the other virtues will be added to us and Clio will write us down as possessing them all THOMAS LOMAX HUNTER Voice of the People The Croaker-Obliging Self-Sacrificing Scorned Republished from the Baltimore Evening Sun JUST as the Russo-German battle seems on the verge of bursting into greater fury and Moscow needs the planes and trucks and guns of Britain and America more than ever the 24-hour daylight of the Arctic Summer renders the Allied supply lines to Murmansk and Archangel highly vulnerable to marauding German planes and warships At the same time the ice is drifting down from the region of the North Pole considerably narrowing the channel through which shipping can travel en route to Russian ports All this helps tke Germans in their efforts to raid Allied convoys with bombing planes or with such warships as the tremendously powerful battleship Tir-pitz aided by the cruiser Prinz Eugen and the pocket-battleship Hipper Sea and air reinforcements have been sent by the Germans to the Norwegian coast with the result that the threat to every convoy is considerable The crews of the Allied warships and merchant vessels which carry the" goods to Russia have terrific weather hazards to combat aside from the constant danger of enemy attack For one thing there is heavy fog over much of the route a good part of the time and while this furnishes Important protection from Nazi submarines surface vessels and bombers it also Increases other dangers A second hazard is from the ice which encrusts the ships in the Intense cold in these Arctic latitudes and threatens to turn the Vessels over at times with its great weight The commander of a mine-sweeper who recently returned to England from the Russian Arctic said Ice was three or four feet thick on the decks and could only be removed with pickaxes His crew cleared away 40 tons of this ice from the decks in an hour This hazard has lessened with the coming of Summer While most of the Allied cargoes are getting through to Murmansk and Archangel some heavy losses have been sustained and the German sea and air marauders are constantly aprowL Now that the convoys have to sail through around-the-clock daylight the fog is almost their only salvation Fortunately this Arctic mist often hangs above the sea high enough not to block the vision of the mariner but at the right elevation to form a well-nigh perfect screen against scouting planes Nevertheless it would not be surprising to hear at any time that the mighty Tirpitz and other German ships had risked an attack on a huge Allied convoy to Russia and sunk a dozen or two vessels loaded with supplies for the Red army One must admire the doughty and intrepid men who are sending the cargoes through those polar seas and braving the terrors of ice torpedoes and bombs The dangers they face are as great as any met: by the more publicized arms of the service Von Galen of the Reich VH ETHER the in Germany of old feeble or diseased persons total 37000 as Jack Fleischer of the United Press estimated in the article published yesterday in this newspaper or whether they total more than double that figure as others have alleged there can be no doubt that thousands of such killings have been carried out Repeated public protests from courageous clerics in the Reich are sufficient evidence of that Ms Fleischer cited Bishop von Galen the Catholic bishop of Muenster as the of church and quoted from a long-suppressed sermon which this unterrified man delivered in his church last August The bishop has such a tremendous following in Germany and is so admired that the Nazis thus far have not dared to lay hands on him He is in the same general category with Cardinal von Faulhaber of Munich who likewise has openly Challenged the Nazis on numerous occasions A thrilling and more detailed account of von Galen1 courageous defiance of the savages who have Germany by the throat was published in Monday's New York Times and was the first In a series there by Dr Henrt Smith Leifer foreign secretary of the Federal Council of Churches on Who Defy Hitler This article gave numerous examples of Bishop von Galen's complete lack of fear and his almost reckless behavior in the face of Nazi threats It appears that he preached three ser-mans against the Nazis last Summer (of which the August 3 deliverance quoted by Fleischer evidently was one) When ope of these attacks led to the reported Imprisonment of prominent Catholics in the province and to the dissolution of all the Catholic orders there von Galen mounted his pulpit and denounced the Nazis again German citizen has any longer any security and justice has become a thing of the he declared This intrepid bishop has actually assailed HItler himself by telegram on more than one occasion for violations of the concordat with the Pope Dr Leiper says And his quick retort to a Nazi official who rose In church to question his right to criticize State interference with the family youth and education is said to have been repeated sub rosa throughout the Reich By what right did an unmarried celibate discuss the problems of youth and marriage the Nazi demanded from the cathedral nave And the tongue-in-cheek retort came back from the pulpit with blistering effect: will I tolerate in this cathedral any reflection on our beloved The unquenchable spirit of resistance to Nazidom which Bishop von Galen is Showing has not been exhibited publicly by any element in Germany except the clergy The Niemoellers the von Faul-kabers and the von Galens have proved heroic traditions handed down to them by the early martyrs Never has the scale of traditional values been so upset As always gold Is where you find it but who's looking? THE $50-a-month minimum pay scale of the armed forces will add considerably to the cost of the war for by the end of the year the Army may have reached its goal of 2600000 men and have raised the sights higher The Navy too will have its ranks increased considerably' in all probability The President has asked Congress for $39-417827337 with which to meet the needs of the Army during the fiscal year beginning July 1 and Army payroll costs figured importantly in this total It was a estimated that $4127000000 would be required to meet the payroll of this branch of the armed forces alone Substantial raises for the men in the armed forces were justified Whether if it had not been an election year the base pay of buck privates would have been boosted at one fell swoop from $21 to $50 in the face of the recommendation of the War and Navy Departments and the Senate that $42 was sufficient is distinctly doubtful In support of the sudden pay boost of well in excess of 100 per cent it might be argued that many of these men would be making far more than $50 a month in war industries if they had remained in civil life The members of the American Expeditionary Force came home from the war 20-odd years ago feeling that the man who had remained in civil life during the first World War had enjoyed an unfair advantage and there was an almost immediate demand for finally resulting in the passage of a soldiers' bonus which cost the taxpayers about $2000000000 The analogy between the present war situation and that of 1917-18 is by no means complete Far heavier taxes are going to be paid by civilians and the war effort is going to be total in a sense that it never was in the war we fought 25 years ago Possibly we may find that this time we not only did the fairest thing in raising the pay of the humblest of our soldiers so high but also the soundest thing economically Our minimum pay for buck privates will still be slightly more than $12 per month below that of the private in the Australian Army who receives $6210 per month Wartime Spraying EVEN Victory gardens are being Invaded Overnight fifth-columnists are attacking our vines and plants and we call up our reserves of sprays and dusts for an all-out counterassault While Insecticides for the home garden are not yet rationed and most of the proprietary mixtures sold in the past are still available in stores a threatened shortage of raw materials makes It imperative that all chemicals like gasolipe be used wisely Pearl Harbor meant the end of derris from the Far East transportation difficulties limit pyre thrum from Africa and copper lead and other metals are needed for war work In our effort to stretch available spray materials it would appear more Important to the people of Virginia to take care of shade and fruit trees and shrubbery than to concentrate on plants more readily replaced Then too in the past gardeners have been urged to grub-proof their lawns against Japanese beetles Instead of grub-proofing a lawn the same quantity of lead arsenate might be used to better advantage to keep elms protected from canker worms and elm-leaf beetles to keep the codling-moth out of apple trees or to take care of shrubs The Omnibus of the ODT WAtH the omnibus authority which it now has the Office of Defense Transportation is proceeding to straighten out the tangled transportation system of the nation so as to provide the maximumservice with the minimum expenditure of rubber In the critical emergency which we face the ODT may be able to achieve results which could never be obtained in peacetime Time and again the costly parallelism in American transportation has been dramatically underlined by the difficulties of the railroads but when the time came to discuss remedies nothing could be done because no parties concerned were willing to sacrifice special interests involved It is therefore quite possible that some lasting good will come from the present urgent necessity to make our transportation systems operate more economically and to the best advantage of a greatly augmented traveling public including a large number of troops The Older directing cancellation of all express bus service by the ODT was to be expected for many of the bus lines affected virtually parallel railroad lines Since the buses are themselves carrying a heavy burden of traffic at the present time the primary purpose of' the elimination of the express service obviously will be the conservation of rubber ODT Director Joseph Eastman has already warned that a passenger priority system may be necessary and as far as service is concerned certain priorities will actually be established when the order just issued becomes effective on July 1 Where buses are making runs primarily for the purpose of serving golf courses beaches race tracks athletic fields or similar Places service will be discontinued But this does not necessarily mean that service to resorts will be cancelled and those which like Virginia beaches have many year-round residents or are incorporated towns are of course in a special category The curtailing of transportation service will mean that American cities will have to be more resourceful than ever in providing means for keeping their people busy and entertained at home If there are to be priorities for travel the traveler who Is on a mission of essential business must be given the right of way AS RECENT shore visitors know the croaker the most obliging undrama tic and least appreciated of all the denizens of Chesapeake Bay is back again in force Croakers which are also called hardheads are accepted only as a last resort by anglers who take their sport seriously Your serious angler always goes for trout rock and other gamy species But more often than not he returns home with croakers instead of trout rock and examples of the other gamy species For when the rock the trout and the bass prove to have no appetite for baited hooks' the croaker can be depended upon to come along In his humble and self-sacrificing manner and save the day by attaching himself to the hook But though he has saved many a fisherman from returning empty-handed he seldom earns much thanks Anglers offer croakers apologetically not triumphantly No serious angler has ever had his picture taken dangling a croaker at length The reason for this is of course that the croaker is a pacifist There is no fight in him He may give a faint tug or two But from then on he accepts his fate with resignation Once out of the water he expresses himself with a deep guttural grunt or croak flaps his tall a few times and gives up the ghost But commercial fishermen are not so disdainful For the croaker is second most Important among the food fishes of Maryland and provides him with a fairly dependable living The annual commercial catch has exceeded 3000000 pounds and it averages around 2500000 pounds Ocean fishermen- take even more their annual take amounting to about 50000000 pounds So far there have been no signs of depletion in the supply of croakers But experience with every other important food resource of the ocean and the bay suggests that the' supply of croakers Is not inexhaustible How long the catch will continue at its present rate before depletion becomes' apparent is now a matter of some concern to the Maryland Conservation Commission That department of research and education has been making a study of the croaker's life history In order to determine what measures if any should be adopted to protect it against extinction A study reported by David Wallace of the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory brings out some curious facts about Its life history Spawning takes place in the ocean oil -the mouth of the Chesapeake from early September to late November Larval croakers are occasionally found In the bay the explanation is that they have been carried into the bay by currents This is timely information As regards most of our valuable seafood the search for such biological data as this is deferred until the species is threatened with extinction Yet without such data it is impossible to practice an intelligent program of conservation For once we begin to shape up our knowledge of a valuable species in time to put that knowledge to use Children of Ten Manchester GuonZiaR THE Nazis have taken an extreme step Which suggests either that their manpower problem Is very grave or else that they are even more ready than we suppose to sacrifice everything to their Immediate war effort Children are to -be taken from school at 10 and put to work on the farms until the beginning of November This is much more severe than the Russian measures In Russia the recent regulations for agricultural labor gave local authorities power to mobilize children over 14 during their holidays The comparative Indifference of the Nazis to education Is all the more striking because Germany's rapid progress in the nineteenth century was due to her educational reforms Germans themselves attributed their success largely to this cause and It was noted that whereas 42 per cent of their army In 1872 was illiterate the French figure was 23 But the Nazis In their enthusiasm for drilling a people in their dogmatic system have thrown over the old German respect for Intellectual training This was shown In their treatment of the universities where the number of students fell between 1931 and 1937 from 138000 to 58000 (Hitler came to power at the beginning of 1933) This blow at the elementary schools is the most severe of all The children are to be placed in Hitler's Youth Camps so that they will be removed at the same time from the influence of school and home What kind of a people will emerge from this intense Nazi incubation? Twenty Yean Ago Today A SURPRISE Inspection of the United States naval transport Sirius in Hampton Roads uncovered 8000 quarts of liquor aboard WILKINSON and A Blake both of Richmond were elected to the board of trustees of Lynchburg College QUINCY COLE was to sail soon from New York to spend the Summer in England and Scotland MISS CHARLOTTE HANKINS who was attending Mount Holyoke College had returned to her home on Hanovac Avenue to spend the Summer nature in June 1942 and soon thereafter Neptune enters Libra also an air sign wherein it is much more than in Virgo sign of its detriment Uranus occupies a sign seven years Neptune 14 These sign-changes augur a celestial new for the democracies One of the best astrological authorities in this country predicted months ago that the United States can force the European fracas to a showdown in 1943 if all pull together with determination and a single-tracked objective in view "BY (Pvt Ben A Fields Hq Co' 116th Inf APO 29 Fredericksburg) Tranquil Wines of France Editor of The Times-Dispatch Sir: It is certainly necessary to distinguish between the drinking of alcoholic beverages and the problem of drunkenness with its at- tendant evils Men in all ages have indulged both harmlessly and harmfully in the preparation distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages Some men have overindulged to an extent which was harmful not only to themselves but to others around them but it is not necessary to cut down a tree because someone fell out of it The attempt to prevent drinking among others by legislation has always failed because it ran counter to the natural Instinct of men to be free Now freedom does not mean license and cannot excuse the injury of others The attempt to prevent drinking by making it unlawful is backed by various motives The dear-cut sincerity of same is unquestionable However there are others -whose motives are less noble I first learned that at the age of 6 when I was living in a town which had voted itself under local option Under orders from another little mother he and I carried a basket around to one of the leading carriage house Since we were small and apparently harmless we were admitted to one of the nicest commercial bars I have seen anywhere The order we carried was filled and the basket's contents were properly covered when we went out Into the street In the small flasks of intoxicating beverages circulated freely in the public school I attended Al Capone and others in the same business were benefitted tremendously by prohibition To any person who has seen the European cafe it is obvious that drinking in itself is not an evil for no words can describe the tranquility and peaceful jays of such haunts of gregariousness In the pleasant atmosphere of a Christian family in France I have seen little children of the tender age of 4 drinking their wine and certainly suffering no ill effects from it I have seen the shocked expressions of that family when my friend and roommate refused to drink a toast to the friendship between France and the United States because he did not believe in drinking I tried to apologize tactfully for such boorishness but it was incomprehensible to the good people -with -whom we were living -in Tours It may be truly said that the French child like Solomon has his wine with his Letters to the Voice of the People should be held to 00 words The editor reserves the right to trim communications preserving the essential thought Unless accompanied bp adequate postage unused let- ten wUl not be Victory Is In the Stan Editor of The Times-Dispatch Sir: Now that the would-be-astute Herr Hitler has come to that point in his career where he has taken over "supreme of the German armies and the joint destiny of the German people as a whole achieving this drastic end by his blind and of some of his best military economic and political chieftains the particularly those may well point to the terrifying nearness of the Inevitable cul-de-sac indicated in his horoscope of birth from the beginning none so blind as those who will not see His impotent mania for attempting the world-impossible to where Napoleon (and other ignoble would-be of had to leave is perhaps the psychological root which will surely blossom into the whirlwind of disaster that is to be his Perhaps the first truly colossal mistake he made was his decision to attack Russia A prominent New York astrologer years ago wrote and published a treatise for general public consumption in which he analyzed the astrological fortunes of the major nations for years to come and warned that he who would attack the Bear would certainly invite tragedy and it locks as if this writer were correct in his foresight Hitler's next tragical mistake was his the Jape to stage their Pearl Harbor act which undoubtedly will develop progressively into a fiasco so far as the wily Japs are concerned This led to the declaration of war on the Axis by the United State of America an extremely negative development so far as German mass-morale goes The astrological consensus of opinion generally speaking has been that Japan since teaming up with the has cut her own throat more or less The main reason is that Hitler has juggled his paws all along so that in the even of any ledger balancing came out on the fat side of the fence and his stooges on the lean Mussolini is a shining example of this type of I have recently heard that Hitler has his staff of five astrological counselors mainly because they kept whispering withal with increasing boldness that realize defeat on the battlefield in 1942 He now more or less stands his own The position of cold calculating greedy Saturn in the midheaven of his birth chart is the astrological indice to the pigheadedness which led him to declare war on Russia and -as Saturn rules ice it is the signpost in the skies which pointed to the great trouble awaiting him after that foolish decision Napoleon had the same position of Saturn The slow-moving destiny-molding planets Uranus and Neptune will goon prophesy suspiciously for the English-speaking nations and those on the side of democracy Uranus has been in Taurus since 1935 and Neptune in Virgo since 1928 On the progressive side these planets stand for universal brotherhood and constructive evolution but on the lower they translate as confusion revolution and ieonodasm The sign positions just mentioned have been weak or detrimental ones for Uranus and Neptune hence the 'rise of the dictators during their regime in the heavens Uranus enters Genlnl an air sign in direct harmony with 'this During the two months I spent with my friend in Europe I seldom saw a smile upon his face because he was constantly worrying about how the French could be restrained from drinking Yet in six trips I never saw an intoxicated person in Europe outside of England We commonly blame a certain ruin on drink whereas the drink is the effect and not the cause or the drink is incidental to some deeper-seated reason Drunkenness is a disgraceful performance but should be divorced in all consideration from the selling or consuming of alcoholic beverages just as murder should be separated from the proper functions of guns or knives Our soldiers are now engaged In a great struggle for the perpetuation and extension of liberty The harmless drink that a boy consumes is his rightful privilege Education for proper drinking should not be confined to the military The spirit of the Spanish -In- quisition cannot solve the abuses of drink Sisera was a drinker of milk but a terrible scoundrel withal Noah was just man and in the sight of God but he did take a little drink If we could bring abotit a wider extension of proper drinking habits by the education of the very young in time we would be able to build up a generation of moderate drinkers with drunkenness nonexistent FRANK SHULL Fredericksburg Man Power Waiting Editor of The Times-Dispatch Sir: I should like to register a complaint on behalf of this college graduates in regard to an apparent inconsistency in the employment policy of the businesses in this all-out war effort Daily we read and hear of the shortage of man power and greater expected shortages in the future We know that the Selective Service has drained most of the business houses of most of the competent young men and that there is an acute demand for the Immediate services of young and able minds Despite these demands for services those college graduates like myself who have enlisted for future service in one of the armed forces find it virtually impossible to find employment Many of my classmates have enlisted in either the V-7 or V-5 programs of the navy but because there do not exist sufficient facilities to accommodate them all at present many will not be called until October and some not until January 1943 It seems that a young volunteering his services in the defense of his country (but who will not be called for four and possibly not for seven months) is' a virtual preclusion from any employment private industry Many personnel officers whom I have contacted seemed inclined to look favorably upon my application but on mention of my enlistment in the navy the interview is immediately terminated with apologies More recently I have even been refused application blanks This Is not my experience alone Many college graduates wham I know personally and who have enlisted in V-7 have met the same situation Does it not seem unfair and illogical that men who have applied and have been accepted for a really big job that begins for -them in October or January should he forced to remain idle and penniless until Uncle Sam calls? COLLEGE GRADUATE University of Richmond For a new production a film director says am hunting for beautiful legs with a blonde temperament If you know what I Well but go on The old girl who won the rolling-pin throwing event while her husband was finishing first in the 100-yard dash Is our candidate for the WAift He Asked For It!.

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