The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1953
Page 3
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SATURDAY, SEPT. 26, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS. MONDAY, AUGUST 81, 1958 PAGE THREE TOP FLORALS — These two floral studies in different media were first prize winners in the Art Department of the District Fair here. The floral to water color (left) was painted by Miss Tabitha Sudbury of Blythevllle and the one in oil (right) was done by Mrs. Pnrris McCalla of Blytheville. (Courier News Photos) « BEST SKETCH — Winning first place in tile pencil sketch classification in the Art Department at the District Pair was this "Head Study" by Sam Morris of Blytheville. (Courier News Photo) |Koonce, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Otis Koonce, Blytheville, 2; Mrs. Ross, 3. Street dress — Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. Pepper, 2; Mrs. Sylvester, 3. House dress — Mrs. Lovle Hoi- comb, Paragould, 1; Mrs. I. Koonce, 2; Mrs. McLerkin, 3. Smock — Mrs. Pepper, 1; Mrs. Burks, 2. Apron (kitchen) — Mrs. Pepper, I and 2; Mrs. Korando, 3. Apron (fancy) — Mrs. Pepper, 1; Mrs. LilJie Sisk, Blytheville, 2; Mrs. Daisy Houston, Dell, 3. Blouse — Mrs. Sylvester. 1; Mrs. McLerkin, 2; Mrs. Korando, 3. Ladies suit - Mrs. Cockrell, 1; Mrs. M. D. McEea, Blytheville, 2. Ladies' skirt — Mrs. Sylvester, BLUE RIBBON WINNERS — First place winners in their respective divisions in the District Fair's Art Department were this water color landscape (left) by Mrs. Irene Hazel of Caruthers- vllle, Mo., and the floral in oil (right) by Mrs. George Barham of Blytheville. (Courier News Photos) WINNING OILS — The above portraits by Sam Norris of Blytheville won first place in their divisions in the Art Department of the Northeast Arkansas District Fair. Above is a portrait in oil and below Is a still life in oil. (Courier News Photos) District Fair Winners Farm and Home Clothing Pillow cases (all white) — Mrs •^Lloyia McAdams, Osceola, 1; Mrs ' Bob Copeland, Blytheville, 2; Mrs Jdell Raper, Osceola, 3. pillow cases embroidered or ap- pliqued (with color) — Mrs. Copeland, l;''Mrs. A. P. Burks, Blytheville, 2; Mrs. Felix Carney, Blytheville, 3. Monogrammed sheet and pillow cases (white or color) — Mrs. L D. Wade, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Vernon Merrick, Marshfield. Mo., 2. Luncheon set (all white) embroidered — Mrs. Baleigh Sylvester, Blytheville, 1. Luncheon sets (any kind) lace trimmed — Mrs. Sylvester, 1. Luncheon cloth (assorted — nol listed) — Mrs. Burks, 1; Mrs, Copeland, 2; June Moore, Blytheville, 3. Table cloth and one napkin (full size) — Mrs. Stanton Pepper, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Lee Stiles, Blytheville, 2. Kitchen curtains (any kind) — Mrs. W. A. Korando, Sedalia, Mo., 1; Mrs. L. M. Cockrell, Blytheville, 2; Mrs. Paul McLerkin, Paragould, 3. Dollies (embroidered) — Mrs. A. B. Shearin, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Pepper, "2; Mrs. Burks, 3. Table runners (embroidered) — £iMrs. Shearin, 1; Mrs. Merrick, 2; Mrs. Copeland, 3. Bedspread (fancy) — Mrs. W. M. Smart, Blytheviile, 1. Pin Cushion — Mrs. R. T. Wilder, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Copeland, 2; Mrs. Burks, 3. Pot Holder (cotton — set of three) — Mrs. Stiles, 1; Miss Adaline Lee, 2; and Janice Johnson, 3. Handkerchief (3 assorted)—Mrs. Walter Wood, Luxora, 1; Mrs. Burks, 2. Kitchen or tea towels — Mrs. Korando, 1; Mrs. J. D. Kring, Par- ajould, 2; Mrs. Merrick, 3. Guest towels (assorted) — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Mrs. Winfield Mick, Blytheville, 2; Mrs. E. A. Goodrich, Blytheville, 3. Dish towels (set of three) — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Mrs. Richard Olson, Blytheville, 2; Mrs. Lillie Sisk, Blytheville, 3. Pillow cases — Mrs. Merrick, I; Ora Campbell, Salem, Ark., 2; Mrs. Wade, 3. DELIVERY SERVICE PhoM 4507 Howi: I «.« U It p.m. *tth DcHTtrj U 1 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE Ml We* Mite It Gas Installation Put Your Heating In Now! —Up to 3 Years to Pay— FREE ESTIMATE Phone 4591 or Came In Montgomery Ward Sun suits — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Mrs. L. M. Cockrell, Blytheville, 2. Boy's suits — Mrs. Pepper, 1; Mrs. Cockrell. 2. Self help garment — Mrs. Merrick, 1. Any other useful garment — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Mrs. Korando, 2; Mrs. Cockrell, 3. Cobbler's apron — Mrs. Pepper, 1; Mrs. Gilbert Lynch, Victoria, 2. Infant's Clothing Baby's set — Mrs. J. D. King, Paragould, 1; Mrs. Korando, 2; Mrs. B. L. Dedman, Blytheville, 3. Baby's sacque (crocheted) — Mrs. Dedman, 1; Mrs. Kring, 2; Mrs. Korando, 3. Baby's booties.— Mrs. Kring, 1 and 2; Mrs. Burks, 3. Baby's crib Cover — Mrs. Pepper, 1; Mrs. Mary Sanders, Osceola, 2; Mrs. V. K. Tittle, Brunswick, Tenn., 3. Children's Clothing Under six years old — Mrs. Annie R. Smith, Blytheville. 1; Mrs. Cockrell. 2; Mrs. Nell Everett, Salem, Ark., 3. Over six years old — Mrs. Forrest Moore, Blytheville, 1. Child's pajamas, gowns — Mrs. Korando, 1. Boys Shirt — Mrs. Kornndo. 1; Mrs. Lynch, 2; Mrs. Pepper, 3. Child's sun suit (girls) — Mrs. Merrick, 1. Child's sun suit (boys) — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Mrs. Pepper, 2. Any other useful garment — Mrs. Pepper, 1; Mrs. Dedman, 2. Knitted Articles Sweater — Mrs. McLerkin, 1. Stole — Mrs. Kring, 1: Mrs. Otto Bradberry, Manila, 2; Mrs. Emma Jones, Blytheville, 3. Afghan — Miss Lee, 1; Mrs. Mary Anderson, Blytheville, 2. Bootees — Mrs. Jewell Stalcup, Blylhevllle, 1. Novelty — Mrs. James Rea, Victoria, 1: Mrs. Leonard Reeu, Blytheville, 2; Mrs. Walter Wood, Luxora, 3. Bedspread — Mrs. Stalcup, 1; Mrs. Wood, 2. Stole and hat — Mrs. Stiles, 1. Ladies Garments Sun bonnet — Mrs. McLerkin, 1. Night gown — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Mrs. Sylvester, 2; Mrs. Burks, 3. Pajamas — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Mrs. Sylvester, 2; Mrs. Burks, 3. Slip — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 2; Mrs. Bert Ross, Blytheville, 3. Coat (cotton or wool) — Mrs. Ira PRIZE POULTRY — Grand Champion Barred Rock cock (left) and pullett were shown at the Northeast Arkansas District Fair here by 0. C. Hicks of Rt. 3, Blytheville. (Courier News Photos) 1; Mrs. McLerkin, 2; Orn, Campbell, 3. Cobbler's apron — Mrs. Stiles, 1: Mrs. Copeland, 2; Mrs. Clyde Fowler, Blytheville, 3. Any other apparel — Mrs. Lynch, 1; Mrs. Pepper, 2'; Mrs. Smith, 3. Thrift Garments Dress (ladies) — Mrs. Cockrel], 1 and 3; Mrs. McLerkin, 2. Smock — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Miss Neva Merrick, Marshfield, Mo.. 2; Mrs. Korando, 3. Undergarments — Mrs. Merrick, 1. Slip — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Mrs. Pepper, 2. Apron (kitchen) — Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. Burkes 2; Mrs. ./IcLerkin, 3. Apron (tea) — Mrs. Sylvester, 1; Mrs. Merrick, 2. Curtains — Mrs. Merrick, I; Mrs. . Korando, 2. Lunch cloth — Mrs. Korando, 1; Mrs. Copeland, 2; Mrs. Burks, 3. Girl's Dress — Mrs. Cockrell, 1 and 2; Mrs. Merrick, 3. Child's 'mdergarments — Mrs. Pepper, 1. Pot holder (set of three) — Mrs. Stiles, !•. Mrs. Copeland, 2 and 3. . Bonnet — Mrs. I. jlcomb, 1; Mrs. Pepper, 2; Mrs. H. B. Markham, Blytheville, 3. Shirt — Mrs. Lynch, 1; O. Campbell, 2: Mrs. Merrick, 3. Pajamas — Mrs. Pepper, 1; Mrs. Merrick, 2; Mrs. Wade, 3. GoWn — Mrs. Merrick, 1; Mrs. Pepper, 2. Quilt — Mrs. A. J. Hill, Luxora, 1. SEAL PAYS 100,000th CLAIM i MARTINSVILLE MAN COLLECTS TOO,000th NATIONAL BANKERS CLAIM MR. JOHN W. FROST recently received a welcome check in the amount of $542.00 from the National Bankers Life Insurance Company for payment of the Company's 100,000th Claim. Mr. Frost says, "I wish to express my sincerest appreciation for the claim 1 have just received from National Bankers Life Insurance Company. Ten days after 1 applied for this insurance I had an accident. Although • the company I worked for paid my hospital bill, National Bankers sent a check direct to me, without any question or delay, for $542.00. 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Or «nd In this MUCMM for details nt •«• — •• n« to youl NalioiieL Bankers Life lusuranct Company •(703 Ron Ave., Dalles, Texas AJdnst- City gnit $t*te~ Ths Ksipllsl Mm flitt Isli you ch«SM ym wn IM* t«.... M * «i ««v pllll In Mis Wwli. * ft* UNTI « BAY rlOTEHS KOU 01 TOW WHOLE FAMIly IHE HUE iiU WAN TAXPAYERS NOTICE OCTOBER 1 is last day for payment of 1952 County Tax on Real Estate without penalty and final date for payment of 1953 Poll Tax. Personal and Drainage Taxes are also due and payable. ] erruman a Uam SHERIFF and COLLECTOR Mississippi County, Arkansas Under Section 1 of Act 480 of the 1949 Legislature, "Payment of Poll Tax must be made to the County Collector, or his authorized deputy, by the person named in the receipt, or by the husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, br other, father or mother of such person. Payment of the Poll Tax may be made by remitting the payment to the County Collector by United States Mail/ 7 If payment of Poll Tax is made by mail, sender should give the name of the person to whom the receipt is to be issued, relationship to the sender (if remittance is made for a person other than the sender), color or race, residence, post off ice address (if different from residence), name or number of school district, ward number (if resident of city) or name of township (if rural resident). PAYMENT FOR 1953 POLL TAX MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE COLLECTOR'S 0 F FIC E BY OCTOBER 1.

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