Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1966 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1966
Page 7
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Map of salted roads triis winter POOR NANCY AMES in seeking a divorce or something, the Old Goat forgot which, says she has to have $900 per month. That ought to rent the White House or Taj Mahal or whatever that fancy palace is named.' The Old Goat can't understand how she gets so much money for • the singing she does. Not that she's any more obnoxious than most of the singers either. She does look goopy in those long tight dresses. Time was ; when she sang in regular skirtsVand looked OK. Maybe now she's in the big time she has to wear the un- ii'orm of the shemake singers— a "gown", by golly, too tight to move around in. Most of 'them can't sing for sour apples. # * * • • .•'..,• HEY NOWI SMms • girl named Audrie Megee •» the rip* «9« of 27 is going to Merry up with Oqergie Jewel el the Masoned age of A3. Some* how th« gal's namo reminded th« Old Goat of that famous old song, The Shooting of Dan Mag««, in that saloon in tho frozen city of somewhere in Alaska. The Old Goat isn't sure about what tho fuss was all about but it wasn't the same that led Frankie to gun down Johnny because he did her wrong so he did. Georgie is perhaps the top toastmaster and after dinner speaker in the country, and the Old Goat hopes . . . well now . . . just what does the Old Goat hope? Maybe that they'll be happy as long as he and the marriage lasts. # * * WHEN THE NEWS came out that Gov. Brown was beaten in ftd Dtane Person received A six pear Mai. Marilyn Chefknd received a pen, and top Senior by Etta Holdrcn. ftolll caU I* Thanks and Progrtm by ' ' " ecord book awards and money management award. Reporter is Kathleen Patterson. TELL OP ARMISTICE Veterans pay was observed with a 1 o'clock pot luck supper at the Legion Hall Nov. • 11. There were 26 present. The; Me Whortons, J. L. Millers, W.i W. Boattchers, O. H. Grahams, Nels Nelsons, Charles Sprys and BUI- ie,, Mr. and Mrs. John Spear, Darrell and Duane, Mr. and Mrs. George Becker, Stephen and Susan, Haiian Lacys, Mrs. Qelia Scott, Mrs. T'hecla Christensen and Mrs. Gladys Hawcott. Charles Spry showed pictures after the supper. Each told What he was doing at the time of the Armistice. . • • ..• .;••. ._ The Larry Hinckleys aftd Cheryl Oelweln, visited front UttHS* , day to Sunday at the parental, A. C. Hinckleys. Dale Soharn, Lytton, was a weekend guest at Earl Ackermans. Twelve members attended Past Matrons club Thursday at Ellen Holmgren's. Assisting hostesses were Erma Pratt and Miller. t&vt L brought product LUiu «kt —. of games and meeting txr wt by ftuUi Alice —, is A Christmas quote, is by Lorratttt* Aftd hand made 50c gift ba held. SNOW AND ICE CONTROL — Roads to be salted by the state highway commission this winter are 'shown on this map in bold lines. This year's program includes 90 more miles of primary and interstate highway than last year's. The maintenance crews of the highway commission-will be watch- Alqona Ktmuth THURSDAY, NOV. 17, 1966 — ALGONA, IOWA ing for snow or icing.conditions and will salt these roads if temperatures are above 20 degrees. If s^pw or icing conditions develop when,the temperature is below 20 degrees, specially treated abrasives will be used to help provide skid- less driving. Clip out and.saye in your car. California the Old felt Algonans conduct Title meating The regional meeting of the North Central district of the Iowa Land Title Assn., was held Nov. 10, at Mason City. The meeting was conducted by Jim Peterson, regional vice president, who is secretary of the Iowa Abstract and Title Co., Algona. H. W. Ouren, presidenit Harlan, reported on the National Convention at Miami. Speaker was James H. Andreasen,, Al gona, on a proposal presently be eee******* *w-<r''"_: V/<tUl.vl 11141 WI15 = V/*\* '^VJJ/M.iy *v»v •• < KVilllrf Vll €» |^*\*^rwn»» ^r» v*ww»• t*^ MU bit sad for the old codger until ing considered by the Iowa Bar a later paper said he was going' Assn. to have a pension of $1794 PER MONTH as, longjas hjtf Ijv^, That shut iip tlie tears in a hurry. A fellow could get along and band- age'quite a few political wounds with thalt kih* of moblaK Seems the second prize for the defeated incumbent there is a better Burt deal than winning and having all of the awful headaches of trying to run the screwballs in the sunny state of California. Yes, sir—it's hard to cry for him. . . # * * THE TOPLESS WAITRESS (clothes that is) idea has now Invaded the more seamy restaurants and drinking joints in New York City, and the gendarme* are saying they are going to crackdown on the poor girls trying to earn enough to buy all the dress. However, the joint operators have come up with some what are called pasties to put in a couple or so strategic locations which stumps the gendarmes because they are covered, after a fashion. Anyway, the Old Goat is of the opinion there are a lot of gents in this silly old world who weren't properly weaned. Phooey to them, * * # PHOOEY TO THESE kids who laugh ait the oldsters dancing at the Lawrence Welk show, The Old Goat heard a couple of them pooh poohing such antics, Phooey to the kids! You think you are the only young people even on this ball of mud? Every one of those oldsters dancing were re- Mrs. George Hawcott eeeeeeee»»»+eeee»»»»»»»» Mrs. James Christensen, Mrs. H. J. Lacy, Mrs, G. H. McMullen, Mrs. E. P. Fredrickson and Selina Clifton spent Nov. 14 in Fort Dodge. School Board Pres. Kenneth Sarahet, Supt. Bruce .Cranston and Ronald Gardner will attend the state school board convention in Des Moines Nov. 17-18. There was an assembly program at Burt school at 8:30 p.m. Nov. 16. Mr. Parkinson, LeMars had an antique display of musical instruments. THANK YOU St. Joe Mrs. Sylvester Wagner Married at St. Benedict JoAnn Klemm, daughter of enmeyer and Mrs _ James Rosen - Shower given for Burt girl to be married Burt — A misc. shower wa held Nov. 12 at Burt Methodist church for JoAnn Ackerman. Hostesses were Nadine Ship. ler, Florence Koastler, Marian j Waltma-n, Leone Salisbury, Ber iWillrett, Doris Madsen, Vena Schwietent, Helen Schwietert Benita Mitchell, Mary Beth Ham ilton, Mildred Mescher, Shirle? Lovstad, Thelma Lappe, Norm Thompson, Myrtle Zwiefel, Ivy Woltz, Marilyn Johnson, Arlene Marlow, Esther Hilton, Mabelline Lovsfcad, Gloria Presthus, Laura Woltz, Eleanor Gardner, M-arj Lavrenz, Mrs. Elmer Bunr kpfske,. Minerva Curtis, Dorothy MciFarland, Esther Miller, Genia- Veve Spry. ,i.. The guest book was in charge of Judy Mescher. Assisting with gifls were Nancy Ackerman, Patricia Haupert, Jean Mescher, Leninice Waltman, Vicfci Schuler,i Esther Hilton and Mabelline Lovsitad had the program of readings, an original song and quizzes. Corsages were presented to Mrs. Leonard Scharn, Mrs. Earl Ackerman and JoAnne. firs. Edward Scharn, Lytton was Iso a guest. JoAnn, daughter of the Earl CUB SCOUTS MEET There was a good attend'ance at the Cub Scout pack meeting Nov. 10. New member is Bobby Simmons. There were eleven cubs and their parents present. Games with prizes were played and a movie on cub scouting was shown. As soon as a leader 3 selected the Wehclos will or- anize. There are two dens and en mothers are Florence Spear ssisted by Ivy Simmons and Nettie Giddings assisted by Lamina Devine. Dale Lockdood gave i talk on organization and co-operation. Hostesses were Phyllis « Killer, Iva Jurgens and Florence * Spear. : iHOWER IS DATED There will be an Open House shower for Jane Mitchell at the Burt Methodist church at 7:30 xm. Nov. 19. No invitations are wing sent. Relatives and friends are invited. Your vote of confidence in me is greatly appreciated do my best to deserve it. ANDREW REISING SUPERVISOR, THIRD DISTRICT The Goodwill truck will be in Burt Dec. 7. Leave material with Mrs. J. L. Miller before that date. Lions Club will meet at the Legion Hall Nov. 21. The 6:30 dinner will be served by the committee: Gene vie ve Graham Helen Wenmers, Elsie Winteir and Wilma Fairbanks. , U & I. Circle members will tour Fairmont Nov. 21. Members meet at 8:45 a.m. at the Erwin Uilses home. Call if not able to go. The Norman Hills, Mio, Mich, visited friends and relatives in Iowa last week. They plan to spend the winter in Florida. Mrs. Hill is the former Verda Kienitz. They spent some time with the Dean Kientzes. Buiit Band Mothers, club ..Will eeeeeeeeeeeee»e»» e»»»»»»»•»*»•»» For the utmost in Color TV dependability v * * * i I* *4 s Why not get the best < * f f h ^ * f f MX* * A «*- y " --*& COLOR TV See the all-new Zenith COLOR TV in table models, console and stereo combinations. North Iowa Appliance Center ', John Levy Phone 295-3819 Algona Iowa meet , Thursday. »e»eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee»»e»«oeeeeeo»»ee» i'V Mrs. Joseph A. Becker, and Mary, the Jim Larsens and Larry and the Richard Zemans were dinner guests Nov. 6 at the Don Besches, Cedar Rapids for the first birthday of Stephen. Mrs. Besch, the former Norma Mrs. Johanna Klemm and the late Joseph Klemm and Glen T. Thilges, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Thilges were married Nov. 12 at St. Benedict Catholic church. Father Nicholas Ruba officiated at the double ring ceremony. The bride was escorted by her godfather, Alfons Helfrich. Matron of honor was Mrs. Dar- frjll Roberts, Milwaukee, Wis. The bridesmaids were Mrs. James Thiges, West Bend, & Mrs. James Klemm, Algona. Best man was Ervin Thilges, the groom's brother, West Band Groomsmen were James, Thilges wia. i*t^^.., *>-~ —----- -•-•, uroomsmen weie jaiuc'S, inngws Becker, is the daughter ot the trother of the gr0 om, West Bend Joseph Beckers. -land James Klemm, brother of The M. T. McGuu-es returned I thfi bride _ Alsona . Wednesday Minn., where Mrs. Mcuuire was bride, Algona. Rochester,: Ring bearer w , as Andrew Thil cnuse oiusiers uanuug were ic- ., . g eg jyj ars jj a jyjussa was flower newing a bit of their youth and | a surgical patient at St. Mary s girl Ushers were i> an iel Mussa * nsmtai. I \g nr ,^^nnaa ifoiic \v,io anH r\n-i bub, they had a much more difficult time of it than you do, And sonnyboy, a lot of them are younger in the head than they are in the old carcass, and they were also a lot smarter in • we head than a lot of girls who scream at the likes of the Beatles. Sure the old folks are squares—but they.are, the squares you will become some day if you straighten up, gnd the squires made this world 9 bit better for you kids than they had in their day. Don't ever laugh al them. It doesn't hurt them a bit —but it shows how really uneducated you kids are in the ways of the world. Remember—you'll get old soon enough. * # * A SAFETY POSTER that cer tainly would be noticed is caus ing a fuss in merry old England Seems the government wanted an eyecatching poster to urge factory workers to be safe ii their jobs. The positer showed one June Palmer with consider able bsre fanny. YOU know a fellow could run hj$ through a saw without knowing the dangers of not beipg sale? ,Wis., nospital. The Joe Sinnwells left Friday i ^ n ii ges . Bode. Acolytes were Ar or a 3 weeks vacation, and a lo Frid ' eres Dean Frideres, Da visit with their son, Mike bum-1^ Kunkel and Michael Rahm well, Phoenix, Ariz. Mr. Smnwell Soloist was Jane Arn d or f er a -i rural mail carrier from Bode ied b Mrs. Robert Ei .:*<h on:H-/«ii'i-ior Wavnp. Olson .1. ... with sub-carrier, Wayne Olson substituting. Jean Marie Thul returned Sun chen. A reception was held at th Jean Marie Thul returned bun- y F w hgUj Algona> foiiowin day to Briar Cliff College, Sioux the CBremony . Mrs. Ronald Ros tf-vii... j.£4 Ar H irk rln\te iiMrri nOir nar- Sty after 10 days with her par ents, the Eugene Thuls cpnva escing from a fall. CPA regular meeting which was cancelled Nov. 9 because of Weather and icy roads was on Nov. 16. Reception of members preceded the I ieyer had the guest book. Mrs. r ary Cooper and Mrs. David Ludvig poured coffee. Mrs. Daniel tfussa and Mrs. Julian Gartner ut the cake. Waitresses were iarbara Kunkel, Donna Kenyon Harcella Gartner, Susan Thilges Mary Thilges and Lee Ann Thil ges. Mrs. Larry Fogarty, Mrs loderick Elbert, Stella Preuschl Carol Kenyon and Sheryl Wey dert opened gifts. Out of town guests came fron Ih'nois, Wisconsin, Minnesota West Bend, Armstrong, Bancroft Belmond, Bode, Burt, Corwith Smmetsburg, Estherville, Fores City, Fort Dodge, Grinnell, Ho' stein, Humboldt, Irvington, Ma lard, Manly, Rodman, Sioux City and Whittemore. She is a garcluate of Algona schools and is employed as a secretary at Algona high school. He is a graduate of West Bend and is engaged in farming. They are at home in West Bend. A lot of fellcws who say what they think don't do enough thinking. Scharns, Lytton, Nov. 26 at Burt Methodist church. She is em ployed at the Avco Co., Fort )odge, and Dale Scharn is farm ng at Lytton. Ackermans, will icharn, son of marry Dale the Leonard AWARDS ARE GIVEN Burt Blue Birds took part in the 4-H Award Night, at the Leg ion Hall Nov. 10. Becky Crans ton presided. Sharon Tigges an Marilyn Tigges played accordion solos. A skit was given by Janet Cherland, Arlene Coady, Cheryl Coady, Cindy Patterson, Marilyn Person, Cindy Soderberg and Pam Soderberg. A mock operation was by Lennia Waltman, Diane Person, Marcia Soderberg, Cindy Faber and Joan Lynch. A reading was given by Marilyn Cherland, and a piano solo by Kathleen Patterson. All girls received completion seals. Cindy Soderberg had the top junior record book. Marcia Soderberg had the top intermediate record book. Kathy Patterson received a pen and a 5 year Certificate, Hostesses are Dorothy Becker, Ella Mae Cherland, Beryl Soderberg and Thelma Lappe. Aid ait St. John's Lutheran hurch will have a bake sale at tie Cunningham Tea Room, Nov. 9. TNT Club had a one o'clock unciheon Nov. 15 at Beth Millers or her birthday. Hostesses were Loreta Lichter, Clara Reynolds and Lillian Frederickson. The J. L. Millers,visited Saturday and Sunday at Owen Hopkins, Fredricksburg. The George Koestlers were guests Nov. 13 of Mrs. James Christensen. Afternoon visitors were W. B. Officers, Pleasantville, and Commander Wallace Officer, Washington, D. C., and a friend. Weekend guests at Walter Stewards home were the Walter Gramenzes and Mrs. Anna Ram- TO THE VOTERS OF KOSSUTH < > . . • < i ;; To those who supported me in my campaign, both financi- <; ' • ally and morally, to those who worked diligently on my be- ! | half, to the loyal friends who supported me at the polls, to the special friends to whom friendship and trust were more important than party affiliation, I wish to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks. I consider that I have gained far more than I have lost. The experience has been an edu- > cation and I have gained many new friends, whom I might not otherwise have met. Many thanks to you all. ek, Silvis, 111., and the Ray Millers, Estherville. The Walter Gramenzes also visited at Howard Salisburys Walter Gramenz is Mrs. Stew ard's brother and Mrs. Gramenz is a sister of Howard Salisbury Guests Nov. 13 at Ronald Jur gens were Mrs. Art Cody and the Kenneth Codys, Cylinder. The Raymond Westlings spen the weekend in Minneapolis vis iting cousins, the Gerald God wins and the Glen Hayengas. Guests Nov. 14 at Raymont Westlings were the Andy Nau- mans, Augusta, Wis., Vern Ship- ler.5 and Mrs. Doris Larson and family. Fidelis Class will meet Nov. 22 at Gladys Hawcott's assisted M^incil Hurlburt Swea City, Iowa meeting. The Court will hold, a bgjke sale and breakfast Nov. 20 in St. Joseph's School with the public invited. Clarence Erpelding and Mrs. p» Gidley left here Sunday f or their homes in Colorado Springs, Goto., after a visit 'here with rel- 9iftves and friends. Mrs. Gidley, daughter of the Harold Redings, h*d spenit nearly 3 weeks while ww ILL OSL THANKSGIVING RESTAURANT 169 Algona, Phpne 295-3727 •Frigidaire 'Maytag • Monarch SALES & SERVICE BEED HARDWARE APPLIANCE Titonka, low* Phone 928-2127 l£ Miflard Pil&e= presiding. A " 5 — wppsr preceded the Iff good to get home * • t *fter a day of hard work or hard play, And it's pleasant to relax with cool, refreshing beer, ~ fact, 65% of all the beer produced in CQiintey is enjoyed at home. It cheers you? . „ as it renews your zest. So, make yourself home . . . with beer. VNITiQ STATES BiEWERS ASSOCIATION, INC, . P.O. BOX 159, OSCEOLA, IOWA

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