The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1966 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1966
Page 11
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M. r A SALT LAKE CITY PHYSICIAN, specializing in geriatrics, has recently advocated relaxation of our marriage laws to allow polygamy after age 60. He claims this would be a boon to elderly widows, who are much more numerous than men in that age bracket, and who because of their unwedded conditions lack adequate diets of both food and romance. As for men in single or widower status, the doctor cites the natural desire of the male' to diversify his amours, and suggests that new partnerships would automatically rekindle some of their urges. - o IT WILL BE QUITE A FEW YEARS until either Father or I are 60, but the way time flies, it wouldn't hurt a bit to start making our polygamy plans right now. After all, we are living In a prime area ideal for testing the expert's theories for Florida is noted for Us over-sixty population. And, according to the 1960 census, there were 4,451 widows and only 1,264 widowers in Sarasota county alone I The. ratio must be even more weighted toward widows by this time and by 1977 the situation is apt to be so drastic that they'll draft good husbands for the polygamy program whether or not their wives are still around I - o - ONE OF THE REASONS I think they'll have to draft guys like Father even If he isn't a widower is that I think that In spite of better diets, having three or four wives is going to be very hard on the male population. Those new partnerships the good expert says will be so rejuvenating for a while, may be the very things that bring the men to premature graves. It won't be so much the romantic activity that will be the undoing, I predict. It will be the hazard of living with a harem of women, all competing for their one-fourth of the attention and their hoped-for one-half of the finances. - o IF LEFT TO HIS OWN DEVICES, I doubt that Father would pick for his auxiliary wives any widows in his own age bracket. There are lots of attractive 60-year old dames, but they are far outnumbered, not to mention outweighed, by us gals with the, broad beams, fallen arches, upper plates, and corns that ache us when It's going to rain. Knowing how men are, and particularly Father, if he gets any latitude at all, he's going to prefer a flock of young chickens to go along with his old hen. I'm counting on his keeping me you understand, for I just can't . believe that our years of familiarity and our crop of mutual grandchildren will go for nothing. But if Father is drafted for the polygamy plan when he reaches age 60, I'm not going to let him sign up for it unless it says right in the contract that I get to pick the widows who are going to be his auxiliary wives I - o THE NUMBER ONE AUXILIARY WIFE can be a youngster of 40 to 45 for all I care. She can be a blonde, too, either natural or artificial and she can even be quite sexy looking I The thing I'll be looking for when I choose her will be that she is still working at a responsible, highly paid job. If we're going to have all those extra mouths to feed around here we're going to have to have some income besides Father's paycheck and auxiliary wives widow's pensions. - o THE SECOND AUXILIARY WIFE Pm going to choose for her neatness. I have her work all cut out for her. She'll start by tidying up the dresser drawers and systemizing and mothproofing the closets. Til turn over the messy job of defrosting the re- frlgerator to her and she can carry' out the garbage. She can see to It that Father's shoes are taken out of the living room each night and she can wash all the jalousy windows. I'll still do the cooking myself, but I plan to let her peel the potatoes and wash all the dishes. - o THE NUMBER THREE AUXILIARY WIFE is going to be chosen for her nagging ability. Men tend to resent being reminded all the time to have their hair cut, to take a bath, to go to the bank, put up the shelves, take the dog for her shots and all that stuff, but most of them simply wouldn't get much done if they didn't have a wife, to nag them. This may come as a surprise to Father, but all these years I really haven't liked to nag! So when we add number three auxiliary to our household she's going to do all the reminding and I don't care how nasty she gets. I plan to just sit around, smile sweetly and get famous for my good disposition. - o AS THE WIFE WITH THE greatest number of years of seniority,I shall still have my duties. I'll go fishing with Father and be his date when we eat out or go to the movies. I'll also keep some of the more intimate wifely duties exclusively in my department. Such as scratching Father's back, policy, I'm not going to tell a just where he itches I . o - And as a job security insurance single one of those other wives DURING THE WEEK OF MAY 22 through 28, people having birthdays Include Shirley Morck, Jean Taylor, Virginia Buchanan, Dick McGinnls, Kathleen McBrlde, Arnie Gerdis, 'Rick Post, L. C. Wallace, Lil Sefrit, Opal Bourne, Howie Clegg, Karln Erickson, Gaylord Shumway, Chuck Hardgrove, Lynn Buchanan, Thelma Tschetter, Mike Cogdall, Harold Menke, John Behr, Jeanne Milder, Betty Holt, John Hayes, Lora Seger, Becky Wetzel, Debra Ann Taylor, Barbara Colwell, Alice Fristedt, Corean Bronson, L. Jack Keith, James Alan Sindelar, John Scott Sindelar, Jean Owens, Bonnie Miller, BUI Finn, Mary Hinken, Danny Frankl, Virginia Hardgrove, Billy Kuhn and Linda Lamprlght. Mr. and Mrs. Irving Miller have a wedding anniversary, «• o THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS "FOR Ice Cream Pie Delight. 2 tbsp. butter 1/3 cup peanut butter 1/3 cup raarshmallow cream 3 cups Cocoa Krispies 1 pint pistachio ice cream 1 pint orange sherbert 1 pint chocolate ice cream Grease pie tin with butter. It will be generous but you want the pie to slide out easily to cut. Mix peanut butter, marshmallow cream and Cocoa Krispies well. Push into pie tin and pack tightly. Spoon out chocolate ice cream on bottom, next orange sherbert and top with pistachio ice cream. Cover with saran wrap and freeze until ready to use. Serve with whipped cream garnish. Serves 8. GRACE Corwith Alum Meet WESLEY - The annual alumni meeting of the Corwith public school will again be held there on Memorial Day Monday, May 30. Wesleyans who are aliimnji of Corwith include Mesdames August and Herman Studer, Al Wagner, Mary Rockwood and Pauline Pfeffer, There has always been a very large attendance, EGG An exceptionally large goose egg, a "double yolker" was laid • by a goose belonging to Leroy Johnston who farms two and a half miles north of Deep River. The egg weighed 11 ounces. Education Unit For County Has Election The executive board of the Kossuth County Education Association met May 18, at Burt to discuss plans for the Coming school year, 1966-67. The newly elected members met with the outgoing members to exchange ideas and transfer materials to the new board. Outgoing members of the board are president Edgar M. Meyer and R. W. Schnieder of Algona, president and secretary respectively, Vince Archer, Lakota, vice president, Mrs. Don Blanchard, Sentral of Fenton, treasurer. Newly elected officers are Lewis Finch and Floyd Hutzel of Sentral school, president and secretary respectively, Janet Sowers of Burt, vice president, Mrs. Helen Daley of LuVerne, treasurer. A model constitution proposed by the Iowa State Education Ass'n. was adopted by the Kossuth County Education Ass'n. to meet with requirements of the reorganized structure of the ISEA. President Finch will appoint other memberscftheKCEAboard including membership secretary, professional relations, public relations and publicity committee heads. North Kossuth Folks In, Out Of Hospitals SWEA & EAGLE - Paul Wegner, father of Mrs. R. S. Mather and Mrs. Art Kracht, returned home from Holy Family hospital, EstherviUe after 10 days as a patient there. Mrs. Harold Carr was hospitalized Friday of last week for medical treatment, at Holy Family hospital. - o- Maurice Carr of Sioux Falls S. D., was a weekend visitor at the parental Harold Carr home. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson and Mrs. Joe Preston of EstherviUe attended the 50th wedding observance of the Harry Lindes on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Guerdet were Sunday visitors at the home of her brother, the Earl Fliers at EstherviUe, and were callers at the Holy Family hospital to see Mrs. Harold Carr and Mr. Anton Guerdet. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Picht of Phoenix, Ariz., were Monday to Wednesday guests at the home of his brother and family, the Ray Pichts. Guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson Sunday for Jerry's 8th birthday were grandparents, the Arthur Andersons, and William Tobin, Mrs. Johnie Tobin and Marcia, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brones, and Ron Anderson. John Pearson of Minneapolis was a visitor Saturday to Monday recently at the home of his sister and brother's, the Pearson brothers and Edna. His son, Neville, brought him when he attended a meeting at Lincoln, Nebr. On Monday, Mr. Pearson, Edna, and Mrs. George Pearson took him to visit another sister, Mrs. Hilda Fosgren, Swea City, and another, Mrs. Chris Rinderknecht at Fairmont on Tuesday. Many of the area attended the golden wedding observance for Mr and Mrs. Harry Linda Sunday at the Open Bible church, Swea City. The Lindas are former long time residents of Eagle township. On Friday evening, the Junior M. Y. F. had a banquet to honor this year's confirmation class, and special guests were the new leaders for next year, Mrs. Warren Brones and Mrs. Dick Shoenhair. Rev. Maus and family were also guests. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Montgomery accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Lee NoU of Doiliver to EUs- worth, la., to attend the 25th wedding anniversary of a cousin Mr. and Mrs. Lester Iverson. Sunday guests at the Hans Peterson home were Mr. and Mrs. ANNOUNCEMENT I THE PAN ROBERTS CO. Fort Dodge Mfgi. Representative For SAHLSTROM MANURE HQMQQfNATOR AND SPRIAPIR, The Swedish fyfttm that brought bent* fitf of fluid manure to America; or contact LOUIS CINK, W>tley Joe Worth, Thompson, and three of their youngest children, and a daughter, Wanlta Worth of Boone, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Peterson of San Antonio, Texas, Joan Goche, Bancroft and Treva Peterson, Omaha, Nebr. The Danny Petersons have been here on a 15 day leave. He is at Fort Sam Houston, and returned to the base Tuesday. Mrs. Chris Feddersen recently spent several days at Lincoln, Nebr. with her mother, Mrs. Jennie WlUlams, and other relatives. Kraft Of Algona Named Credit Union Area Head William F. Kraft, treasurer of Weldenhoff Employees Credit Union of Algona, was elected president of District Two Chapter of the Iowa Credit Union League at the annual meeting held in Ft. Dodge May 19, 1966. District Two Chapter has a membership of twenty-seven credit unions serving 6,300 members with assets in excess of $4,000,000.00 Other officers elected were Roy Brigdon and Mary Nekvinda, both of Ft. Dodge, as vice president and secretary-treasurer respectively. Al Jordan, managing director of the Iowa Credit Union League, was the featured speaker. Entertainment was furnished by the Anodynes, Algona high school vocal trio, consisting of Phil Taylor, Brad Kraft and Brocke Laws. Twin Rivers High School Students of the Twin Rivers High School have elected class officers for the 1966-67 school year. Elected were: seniors, Richard Zelmet. president; Trudy Rosslng, vica president: Roger Markman, secretary; and Ruth Bakken, treasurer. Juniors: Marge Thompson, president; Beck Hankins, vice president; Dale Frederick, secretary; «tS Kathy Jacobson, treasurer. Sophomores: Julie Ver Ste«f, president; Dana Vlge, vice presl- dnet; Alice Eastman, secretary; and Calvert Janssen, treasurer. Six new members were elected to the Student Council. They are: Mary Lou Olson andGeri Vedvik. seniors; Marlyce Thompkins and Dale Rosslng. Juniors; and Elaine Sorlien ana David Stlltfc, sophomores. This was 9 know It'* going to h»lt, but we don't know where. To avoid gambling with YOUR crop, get the best hall Insurance from Fanners Mutual Hall. You get fire and lightning protection on crops in the field at no extra cost. Over 130 trained adjusters to assure prompt, fair settlement of claims. Be safe—coll your Fanners Mutual Hall agent soonl BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 6 N. Dodge Algona 295-5443 2323 GRAND AYE.' DES KOINES, M, Big Gehl Chop-King with 6-foot Hay Pick-up breezes through toughest windrowed crops The brawny, Gehl Chop-King it the only chopper built to make full use of today's big-tractor horsepower. Short- chops more forage per hour than other choppers . . . even in haylage. BIG IN FEATURES TOO: • New! 10,000 RPM Portabfe Knife 8h«rp*rttr!* (See illuttra- tion) give* minute-per-knife sharp cutting edge to flywheel- mounted knives. Use right on th« machine in th« field — or at the machine shed. Gas or electric models. • Ruu«l 8-knrfe flywfwtl. Knives chrome-edged to stay sharp longer. » Sttact-A-Cut Transmission changes forage lengths with push of a lever. • Big 127 sq. In. throat area. Floating heads adjust to field contours. STOP IN SOON. See all the features of the biggest, brawniest PTO chopper you've ever handled . . . the Gehl Chop-King. ("Option*! equipment) Make us Prove It with a Demonstration I JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT ALGONA Take a tip from area businessmen: Cook's Welders Supply, Algona, Iowa '"' Now you can give your whole house the same dependable gas air conditioning that cools modern hospitals, office buildings, apartments, schools, etc. Gas air conditioning has an unmatched record of performance in business and industrial installations. And these are the reasons. A gas cooling unit has no moving parts, which means it cools quietly and dependably, with no loss of efficiency over the years, with virtually no maintenance. And gas cools economically. Aren't these the same things you're looking for in a central air conditioning system for your home? Find out how simple it can be to cool your whole house with gas air conditioning. See your gas company for the names of dealers who sell eas air conditioning equipment. Gas makes the big difference. (Costs less too) NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 295-2484 COMPLETE IP AND NATURAL QAS SERVICE 10 IAIT fTATI ALOONA

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