The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1954
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGI nva Nation's Top Secret Agencies, AEC, CIA, Now in Public Light By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP) — The government's two most highly secret agencies—the Central Intelhgence Agency and the Atomic Energy commission—manage to stay inconspicuous most of the time. Now they've been pulled to the center of the stage. The CIA is not only this country's super spy organization in other countries but is the coordinator and clearing house on intelligence information in other agencies, such as the Navv A t^WH *• A Y V* T^Vfta A A O4- *- 4- A T\ **.-««. M-t-MM A M. 4- * * Army, Air Force, State Department. Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis), during the Senate hearings on hir, row with Army officials, talked o Communist infiltration of the CIA CIA Director Allen Dulles said tha was false. Dulles once before re fused to let McCarthy questio: CIA employes. The senator's interest in the top secret CIA must have chilled no only Allen Dulles but Presiden Eisenhower as well. McCarthy ha shown a willingness to disregan secret labels when it suits him. A the current hearings he urged al government employes to pump se crets to him. For years the AEC — headed by a five-man commission—ha managed to stay out of publi squabbles. The AEC, like CIA, i protected from the public gaze bj laws laying down the secrecy rule, under which it must operate. Now the five commissioners are in public dispute about how much authority the chairman, Adm. Lew is L. Strauss, should have. In addition the status of Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the 'world' great scientists, has been dumped in their lap. In 1949, when Strauss was jus one of the five commissioners and not chairman, he favored an all out effort to make an H-bomb Three of the other commissioner! disagreed with Strauss. So did' Op penheimer, then an adviser to AEC and other scientists. Former Pres ident Truman solved that dilemma on Jan. 31, 1950, by ordering all out work on the H-bomb. Last July Eisenhower made Strauss AEC chairman. A few days later Strauss ordered an investigation of Oppenheimer, who, having been director of the A-bomb development during the war, had been investigated before. In December he gave Oppenheimer the choice of being dropped as an AEC consultant or asking for a hearing 1 . Oppenheimer asked for the hearing. The AEC appointed a special three-man board of inquiry to conduct it. Last week, this special board found Oppenheimer both loyal and discreet. Nevertheless, by a 2-1 vote, it said he should not be let in on any more secrets. The two- man majority expressed concern over Oppenheimer's 1949 opposition to the all-out H-bomb program. Oppenheimer appealed to the full five-man AEC commission to review his case, and it has agreed to do so . Meanwhile, the Senate-House Committee on Atomic Energy is holding hearings to consider, among other things, changing the atomic energy law to make the chairman, now Strauss, "principal officer of the commission." This proposal was made by two top Republicans on the congressional committee: Rep. W. Sterling Cole of New York and Sen. Bourke B. Hickenlooper of Iowa. Strauss and Joseph Campbell generally went along with the idea. Opposing it were three Truman appointees: Dr. Henry DeWolf Smyth, Thomas E. Murray and Eugene M. Zuckert. They said they feared it would mean making the chairman boss and the other four commissioners rubber stamps. Under present law all five moc- missioners have equal authority. Good Reason tor Privacy DALLAS, Tex. OP! — When the maid at a hotel here finally peeked into the room a day after the "Do not disturb" sign was hung up, the occupant was gone. So were the works to a television set. Flint Honors Dead FLINT, Mich. (£)—Flint residents dedicated prayers and flew flags at half-staff today in memory of the 116 persons who died in the June 8, 1953. tornado which roared across the city's Beecher district. SEA OF MATRIMONY—It'll take more than floods to stop this couple as they ride in an ox-drawn cart after a wedding ceremony in Siros, France. A swollen river inundated the community, but hip-booted guests forgot about the -flood to toast Gabrielle Hourquet and Edouard Lalane at a party on the second floor," where all was safe. King of Swing, Benny Goodman, To Get Movie Biography By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD WV-Now it's Benny Goodman, the man who started .he swing era in music, who's get- ing the film, biography treatment. The great" B. G., the King of Swing, has been here to confer with producer Aaaron Rosenberg and writer Valentine Davies about lis life story for the movies. The ilm pair put out "The Glenn Miler Story," and that's why Goodman has agreed to expose his own tory on film. "I was really impressed by the Vtiller picture," said the band eader. "I thought it was the first ime the band business has been roperly presented on the screen. Jsually we're just brought in to o a few numbers and have nothing Ise to do." He speaks from experience. He as appeared in half a dozen ilms, from "Hollywood Hotel" 1937) to "A Song Is Born" (1948). His experiences were not too re- varding artistically, and he resis- ed all offers to film his life until he Miller film. I talked to Goodman and his ilm Boswelis at lunch and found im slightly more talkative than n the past. Although he was one f the leading instigators of a ner- ous era, he seems calm and re- axed now. He's 45, but he still as his apple-cheeked appearance nd is the picture of health. A year ago, he collapsed during triumphant return tour with his Id band. "But it Wasn't my heart, Exclusive Dealers for CENTURY SPRAYERS See Us Before You Buy! Byrum Implement Co. 118 E. Main—Phone 3-4404 the doctors told me," he said. "It was just fatigue. I figured out I had averaged four hours' sleep for four nights. There was too much excitement." He's back tootling his clarinet, but this time with small combos in night clubs. I asked him if he thought the band business would come back as big as it was in the prewar years. "The band business was just like the movies," he remarked. "In those years, any movie, good or bad, made money. It was the same with bands. The business supported a lot of bands that weren't exceptional." The really good bands, just like good movies, still do good business, he said. But the mediocre in both categories die on the vine. The bands are further hurt by the fact that kids don't dance as much as their elders did, he said. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Four building permits were issued bythe city last week for the construction " of a $6.300 four room frame residence oy R. R- Brown on North Ruddle brick store by H. Road a $5,000 D. McLeod at 2011 West Main, a $1,000 stucco extension on a residence by Chelster Caldwell at 1613 Holly and a frame two-car garage at 2100 Chickasawba by C. H. Williams, estimated to cost $500. Real estate transfers recorded in the office of the circuit clerk last week were: R. S. and Cecelia Hams to Dr. John and Ludia Elliott, for $43,000. NE quarter Of Sec. 16-T15N-R10E- (143 acres) Elsi, and S. W. Polk to Kemp and Mary Whisenhunt, for $10 and other consideration. Lot 1 and 2. NE quarter, SW quarter of Sec. 10-T15N-R11E. Harley and Martha Crump to Kemp and Mary Whisenhunt, for $10 and ohter consideration, Lot 8 Willie Beasley Subdivision. Kemp and Mary Wisenhunt to R. C. Farr and W. S. Allen, Lot 1, and 2, Sec. 10-T15N RUE. Gertrude Roberts to George and Helen Lee, for $10 and other consideration, E half, SE quarter, SE quarter, Sec. 22-T16N-R10E. Lula Ross Webster to Max and Annie Logan, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 4, 5, and 8, Webster Addition. W- J. and Bessie Willingham to Drew and Ann Hughey, for $6,400, Lot 2, Block 1, Blytheville Lumber Co. First Addition. W. W. and Frances Peek to Magnolia Courts, Inc., for $10 and other consideration, Lot 6, Block F, John B. Walker Second Subdivision. Buy and Blanche Rounsavall to R. C. and W. S. Allen, for $10 and other consideration, W 65 ft. of N 112 ft.. Lot 5, Irregular Lots, SE quarter, Sec. 9-T15N-R11E. Melton and Ruth Beasley and Mrs. T ,C. Hatcher to James and Frankie Williams, for $10 and other consideration, East 50 ft., Lot 1, Block 9, Chickasawba Addition. Max and Annie Logan to Gaylord and Mary Lewis, for $10 and other consideration. Lot 12, Block 5,7 r Ruddle Heights Addition; Lot 5, Block 5, Replat Lots 3 and 4. Block 5, William L. Walker Second Subdivision. Earl B. Snider, Jr., to William and May Bell Lindsey, for $10 and other consideration, part of N half, SW quarter. Sec. 10-T15N-R11E. J. E. and Mary Stevenson, Jr., to Edward and Joyce Townsend. for $10 and other consideration. Lot 4, Block 3, Country Club Heights Addition. Russell and Marguerite Marr to Eugene and Alice McKennan, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 7, Block 9, David Acres Subdivision. Veterans Administration to Virgie and Marie Hill, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 17, Block 9, David Acres Subdivision. Filmore G. and Lester Gipson to Wert and Robert Akins, for $5 and other consideration, Lots 8, 9, Maury Maverick, Colorful Texas Politician, Dies New Deol Solon, Champion of The Underdog, Wai 58 SAN ANTONIO. Tex. W-Ma Maverick, champion of the underdog, enemy of pobblydegook and zealous Democrat, is dead. The 58-year-old former New Deal congressman and stormy mayor of San Antonio died yesterday after 10 days in a hospital for a heart ailment. He left mourners on each side of every political fence. Sheriff Owen K 11 d a y, whose brother Paul defeated Maverick for Congress, said: "We were bitter political enemies but good personal friends. He did an awful lot for San Antonio." Maverick, whose friends said he never side-stepped a fight from the time he first went to Congress in 1934 until he died, had a tongue as sharp as the cactus in the country he loved. Coined Word He coined the word "gobbledygook" in a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt in which he blasted the involved phraseology of New Deal directives. Later he wrote magazine articles about it say. FDR issued and, some an order for simpler government language. Maverick was a descendant of trail blazers into the Old West and in his 58 years had packed experience as lawyer, hobo, business executive, congressman, political reformer, author, tax collector, mayor and leader of his faction of the Democratic party in Texas. He lost a bitter fight for recognition at the 1952 Democratic convention in Chicago when the delegation headed by Gdv. Allan Shivers was seated. Maverick headed a "loyalist" faction sworn to support the Democratic nominee. The squat, dynamic man said his career as a hobo may have formed the basis for organized relief which this country had during depression days. He roamed the hobo jungles in tattered clothes "to get to the root of unemployment" and took his finds and gave them to the national government. He suggested establishment of camps for migrants, homes for juvenile delinquents and a broad- based relief plan. 10, and 11, Block 20, Blythe Addition. John and Sybl Story to Corban and Betty Callie, for $200, Lot 18, Block 6, David Acres Subdivision. JE. M. and Golden Regenold to Buford and Bernice Martin, for $200, Lots 8 and 9, Sec. 18-T15N- B13E. W. C. and Roxie Gates to Albert and Sadie Rowe, for $250, Lot Block 3, Elliott Addition. J. E. and Mary K. Stevenson Jr., to R. Emmett and Elva Green Jr., for $10 and other consideration Lot 5, Block 3, Country Clu Heights Addition. SENSATIONAL MAPLE SALE Leads Trie Value Parade... 15* to 55* Off I H«iVs PROOF Price* Are Lower By Comparison at Smart's MAPLE Bedroom Grouping MANY DOCTORS warn cgainjt using o soft, saggy mottretj—often advise sleeping on o FIRM mattress to relieve or prevent backaches. The firmly flexible Orthotonic may be just the mattreu you need. See it; try if heft. Correct spinal support Comp/efe comfort JsTttfl^lr iS-stf L An investment in well-being •Z^ZZA 6r —fir Mttrm ir cil-mtcfeM Me spfcf Furniture, Inc. Bookcase Headboard •nd 2 Night Stand* . •10 Double-DreMer with Framed Mirror. 37-inch wide Double- Chest. Real Value at Ca*y Term*.. Montne to Pey Large Rancher De*fc end attractive Chair. Twin Size Bunk-fee* with Guard RaM LOW MICEDI IMAGINE fwrni.hinQ an X T. « WWJINCI rwmi»hmo on entire room with o big powoje-DftMtr, Oowble^rmf, Bookcase Meodboord and 2 Night * moif * f *"* ***** for ^'y * ] 17! ° r chooi « ° pfeew »o^f»t your room. The tench Desk ii most attractive, has O top 44" long. All hove handsome leaf overlays, sturdily con- «rwtt*d in Maple faith with SOLID ROCK MAPLE TOPS! It's all etnvwM COLONYMople... it's all port of our program to save you precious dollar* NOW! C. M. SMART FURNITURE INC. Russian Chess Team Won't Have Top Player NEW YORK W~A Russian chess team, expected here for a tournament with an American team starting June 16. will be without its No. 1 player, world champion Mikhail .Botvinnik. Harold M. Phillips, who arranged the match, reported yesterday that Botvinnik had been dropped from the team but all efforts to find out why had been fruitless. Phillips, president of the United States Chess Federation, said Botvinnik is a frail man and shows great tension when he plays. "My own belief is that Botvinnik's health would not permit him to come." he said. The champion's absence, he said, increases American prospects for victory. ORDINANCE NO. 552 AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING CURB AND GUTTER IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 6 OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS WHEREAS, parties claiming to be the owners of more than two- thirds in assessed value of the property located within the territory hereinafter described have filed a Petition praying that an improvement district be established for the purpose hereinafter set out; and WHEREAS, after due notice as required by iaw, the City Council of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, has heard all the parties desiring to be heard, and has ascertained that said Petition was signed by more than two-thirds in assessed value of the owners of real property within said territory; NO .7, THEREFORE. BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas: Section 1. There is hereby established an improvement district embracing the following property in the City of Blytheville, to-wit: Lots 1 to 4. inclusive, of Block 1; Lots 1 to 7. inclusive, and Lot 15, of Block 5; All in E. O. Adams Subdivision to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas; The South 160 feet of that part of the NE»/ 4 of the NE'/ 4 of Section 9, Township 15 North. Range 11 East, that lies between Ninth Slreet and Tenth Street in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas; Lots 1 to 7, inclusive, of Block 1: 7, to inclusive, of Lots 1 Block 2; Lots 1 Block 3; Lots 1 Block 4; Lots 1 Block 5; Lots 1 Block 0; Lots 1 Block 7; Lots 1 Block 8; All in Country Club Drive Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas; Eots 1, 2 and 3 of the Replat of Bader's Second Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas; to 6, inclusive, of to 12, inclusive, of to 18, inclusive, of to 10, Inclusive, of to 10, inclusivt. of to S, inclusive, of and Lots 15 to 28, Inclusive, of the RephU of O. S. RoUlson Subdivision to the City of BlythevUle, Arkansas; for the purpose of grading, draining, curbing and guttering in such a manner and with such materials as the Commissioners to be elected for the snid improvement district shall deem to be for the best interest of said district, the following parts of the following streets in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, towit: ADAMS STREET from the East line of Tenth Street to the West line of Ninth Street; then from the East line of Ninth Street to the West line of Seventh Street; and then from the East line of Seventh Street to the West line of U. S. Highway No. 61; PECAN AVENUE from the East line of Tenth Street to the West line of Ninth Street; then from the East line of Ninth Street to the West line of Seventh Street; and that portion of Pecan Avenue which is unpaved lying between the West line of U. S. Highway No. 61 and the West line, extended North, of Lot 1, Block 2, Country Club Drive Addition to the City of Blytheville. Arkansas; HARDEST STREET from the East line o! Tenth Street to the West line of Ninth Street; then from the East line of Ninth Street to the West line of Seventh Street; and then from the East line of Seventh Street to the West line of U. S. Highway No. 61; ROLLISON AVENUE from the East line of Tenth Street to the West line of Ninth Street; and from the East line of Ninth Street to the West line of Seventh Street: NINTH STREET from the South line of Rollison Avenue to the North line of Adams Street; and SEVENTH STREET from the South line of Rollison Avenue, extended East, to the North line of Adams Street; and that the cost thereof, over and above any aid received from any agency of the federal or city government be assessed and charged upon the real property above described. Said district shall be known as Curb and Gutter Improvement District No. 6; and F. E. Scott, Elmer Norman and Robert C. Bennett are hereby named Commissioners, who shall compose the Board of Improvement for said district. Section 2. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage. Passed: May 11. 1954. APPROVED: E. R. JACKSON, Mayor. W. I. MALIJN, City Clerk. Read Courier News Classified Ads. rontpt DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 HoMn: t a.m. to 10 p.m. with Detirery te 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 121 Weil Main Si Some regions in the Olympic Peninsula, northwestern WMblOf* ton, have forests so thick that ibt sun never reaches the ground. PCA VICTOR table radio brings you AM-FM listening at its sparkling best Try thii one today! If't italic-free; FM plus powerful AM, with lepCh rat*, illuminated dial*. • Big 8-tube RCA Victor radio hai the Famoui "Golden Throat' 1 tone jyjtem—glvei you '"concert- hall'* realiiml • Cabinet comet In your choice of fiv« fashion-bright colon: maroon, ivory, green, red or beige. 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