The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on May 1, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1895
Page 3
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1 s 3?jSl! ; 1 , *i-#tt' ^Y^'issFS.* 5 ! Jic 1V - KfS^/Gfi- a-^w^t* *K,!|r'' r''^,.}" ui - ^ ^ -^tv »?* ? £ -t ,>/' '.-^J«-4 • •" -.'', % ,H r . jy>-\ ,»- f „. 5jf^« s w,r" i 'Y-r«;" . JtjWA, WliDXKShAV, 1. i&frk F, 8. NORTON, Dealer in 1 And ail Kinds of Building>'**** W. J* Studiey, Druggist Consisting of do«b!e-breosted coat—two pairs oS Knee p^ts-cap to match fult-nnd a pair el go* 1 shoes- all made honestiy-not only to look but also t" »*«r wen, 1 wool-the workmanship nnd -Sid our price for the whole outfit only receipt-««! bought-send It tack Helen Keller is the daughter of an editor in Tuscumbia, Ala. Until the age of 8 shoenwand heard like other babies. Then an attack of brain disorder deprived her at ouo fell swoop of sight and heating. The poor girl was thus doubly barred off from the world. Yet this remarkable child, now 14 years old, can talk, write and do most of tho things that other children with perfect senses can. Deaf as a post, if she wore taken to an opera she would enjoy tho music with delight as keen as that of any one there. She is an intense lover of music. She knows when any of her family are approaching or whether one coming near her is a stranger. She planes one finger acfoss tho lips of a person speaking to her, another upon his throat, and thus she understands what is said and answers back as intelligently as if she beard every word. If a dozen gloves belonging to as many different persons were handed to her, she could identify tho owner of each and return it to him. This she does by tho sense of smell. Tho five senses have been resolved by some philosophers into ouo grand general souse that embraces them all. May it not be that this girl, deprived of the particular powers that would enable her to communicate With the world, has developed tho general senso which resolves sight, sound and touch all into ouo? The theory of vibrations is now put forward to explain many things. Perhaps tho vibrations from music touch her brain and body and are thence wafted to the grand inner sense, and then she perceives the music without hearing it. It is the touch of its vibrations that affords her delight. Perhaps, like animals in the natural state, she perceives by tho smell those known to her. f he Great Pacific Countries. . Forty-four years ago William ^ EL Seward, in a speech in the United States senate, prophesied that Europe, with all Us commerce, politics and history, .would in timo sink into insignificance compared to the great and growing Pacitio region. Tho Atlantic has its PRO! mtOML & BDS1RISS DIHECfOM M. P. WAGOAnn. O. F. I'BKK. HAGGARD & PEEK, •» i leu l .TOKKS ssors tn SMITH. The clay of the Pacifio is at A BST R A GTS , -~ Publisher's Notice, REAL ESTATE and COLLECTIONS ALGONA, IOWA. \. D. CLARKE & CO. FARM LOAtfS. tttii'f MM finfl|.!« j strt-ct. Alpona. Iwva. UrCO. C. CALL, •tKA I, KK'l'A TV ANTi ATiSTItA CT OF Fi for Information in i-CKiird to lands In Northwestern Iowa, write to hltn, riiorlniston strcft. At^orni. Iowa. QKO. K. CI.AUKE. CltAS. A. COHKNOUTi CLARKE & COHKNOUK. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ALGONA IOWA. GEO.JR CLOUD, (Sui'i.'ossor to W. li. Quarton) Attorney ami Counselor at Law, ALGONA, IOWA. OIUc'c over Ko.ssuth County Stiitt; A Poct?s Prediction* In more than one instance the great German poet Goethe seemed to possess an intuition which, led him to see far into tho future. Ho foretold tho building of tho Nicaragua canal or some oth er canal across tho isthmus by the Unit' ed States. In 1827-ho said: Without change of cars. All meals served m dining cars; Palace drawing-room sleeping cars and tourist sleepers are run through to ban Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los Angeles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North -Western Line Variable rout tourist tickets, to California and the health and pleasure resorts of the south, on sale at VERY LOW RATES, Detailed information can be obtained upon application, Agent., -WESTERNS Y; GREATV WEEKLY NEWS It may bo foreseen that along tho whole coast of tho Pacific ocean, where nature has already formed the most capacious and secure harbors, important commercial towns will gradually arise for the furtherance of great Intercourse between China and the East Indies and the United States. In such a case it would not only be desirable, but almost necessary, that a more rapid communication should be maintained between the eastern and the western shores of Korth America, both by merchant ships and men-of-war, than has hitherto been possible with tho tedious, disagreeable and expensive voyage around Cape Horn. It is absolutely indispensable for the United States to effect a passage from the Mexican culf to the Pacific ocean, and 1 am certain that they will do it. Would that I might live to see it, but I shall not. I should like to see another thing—the junction of the Danube and the Rhine. But this, undertaking is so gigantic that I have doubta'of its. completion, particularly when I consider our G-erm'an resources. And'." th'irdiy and lastly, I should wish to see England • in possession of a canal through the isthmus of Suez. Would I could live to see these three great works! It should be wor^h the trouble to last some 50 years more for the purpose. day iio-.v hand. Quoting from Soward's speech as a text. cx-Ministcr Lorrin A. Thurston of Hnwaii contributes to The North America?) Rovicw one of the most important ami interesting magazine papers that have appeared in many a day. His tables comparing tho tonnage of vessels arriving at Atlantic and Pacific ports show that already Sydney has nearly half as nmch shipping ns New York city. Sau Francisco has already nearly as much ns Boston and more than Philadelphia. South Australia imports and exports more goods per capita of population than any other country on the globe. Hawaii, "tho Gibraltar of the Pacific," actually entered more ships flying tho American flag than wero entered nt any other port in the world in 1893. Honolulu's foreign trade already amounts to $10,000,000 a year. A matter that vitally interests tho Whole American people ia tho fact that tho British government gives no less than SB,777,103 every year in certain I g ULLIVAN & M eM AHON, Pacifio ocean steamer hues, ana tins is only a part of her subsidies to encourage | ATTORNEYS-AT- LA W. trade iu that quarter. What is tho United States thinking of that it lets England slip in and steal the greatest J E. V. SWETTING. commerce tho world has over known, possibly ever will know, from under our fingers? Mr. Thurstou lays stress on what is certainly tho fact—that people east of tho Eocky mountains have I -Rn"\T A T? AT TPT?T T OWQ no realization of tho greatness of their I BONAR & FELLOWb, own Pacific coast. Our population west of the Rocky, mountains in one year more will certainly be equal to that of tho whole 13 colonies at tho beginning of tho Revolution. Tho railroad building which has stopped dead still in tho east goes ,ou unabated in tho west. Moreover, Siberia already produces one sixth of tho world's gold output every year, and she is only beginning. Mr. Thurstou concludes with the prophecy that within tho next few years steamships will radiate from Vladivostok to all the American Pacifio coast and go through the Nicaragua canal; that a railroad will bo completed from Alaska to. Chile, and that the Pacifio coast steamers will bo as large and swift as those now plying between Now York and Liverpool. For the convenience of subscribers whose place of doing business is in some other town in the county than Algona, an arrangement has been made by the publisher 'whereby payments on subscription to the paper may be made at any one of the following named banks: BANCROFT—Farmers' and Traders' Savings Baiik. HURT—Tlic j Hurt Bank. WHITTEMORE— \Vliitteinore State Bank. WESLEY—Wesley StuU- Bunk. LEDYARD—Jstatu Bank of Ledyanl. GERMANIA—8tate. Bank of Gel-mania SWEA CITY—Swea City Bank. ELMORE—Elmnre Exchange Bank. Subscribers paying for the year in advance can avail themselves of <mr lowest clubbing rates, given herewith This iirraiifJt'meiit is made with a view to accommodating any who may lind it more cnnveniMit to pay their subscription at their home bank. All business coming through these banks will be given prompt attention. I'ostolilce MUCK. Al.CO.VA, IOWA YOU CAN ATTORNEY AT LA If, I Money to loan. Aluona. ,T. :,. noNAis. II. M. FKI.LOWR. A TTORNJS YS A T LA W Collections will I'ocnlvo prompt attention. Kooms 8 und U, Algxinn Stale mink lU'dg-. Uranch office at _ .. Wesley. Iowa. ALGO^ f A, IOWA- By availing vmii-Ht'lf oi tht^ low rates c]iin.) cd in this CLUBBING LIST: | DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AND LAND, Collections a Spei-lalty. Office in Gardner l)o\\'lt?s new bulklini: Algonu. Iowa. | S. S. SESSION'S. ATTORNEY AT LAIC, Loans ami Insurance. Special attention givci to collections of all kinds. Otllce over UliHscliilles 1 store. Alj?ona, lown •FOR -i- + + + + LITTLE MONEY. OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. The attention of health associations and private citizens in many places is attracted at.last to those awful and exposures of meat in front of K. GARFIELD, M. I).. PHYSICIAN AND S UR G K (.1 .\. OttWe on Stale street, Al|$ona. h» u twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper of the United-States.' It is a National Family Paper, and gives all the general news of the United States. It gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department has no superior in the country. Its "Mrket Reports" are recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle," Our .Young Folks and Science and Mechanics Its Home and Society columns command the admiration of wives and daughters, Its general political news, editorial • and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTRACT - — - ^ enables us to offer this splendid journal and TUB REPUBLICAN for ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, CASH IN ADVANCE. [The regular subscription for the two papers is $2.50,] SUBSCRIPTIONS MAY BEGIN AT ANY TIME, On the whole, tho government makes a good bargain when it pays an annual mail subsidy to the four American liners on condition that they hold themselves in readin'ess to be used as uaval cruisers if they are needed at any time. In a trial of speed one or more of the four would be faster than the swiftest of our regular government cruisers. The Columbia and Minneapolis, the best cruisers of the navy, each cost over $8,000,000 without the armament. The United States first paid for building them and must pay constantly the expense of running them. The ocean steamers that 'are liable to be pressed into naval service if war should break out were built by a private corporation and pay their- own expenses and make money for their owners besides, the government paying merely the annual subvention, a small sum in comparison with the expenses of operating one -of these huge liners. The government would he well off if it had half a dozen more such cruisers. butolfers'ishpps every where. The bloody, hideous corpses of calves, pigs and steers are little appetizing and are shocking to persons of sensitive nerves. But aside from this the meat that is exposed to view on tho street catches microbes of the foulest kind in the dust that is always stirred up. The microbes contained in that dust breed consumption, diphtheria, smallpox and the worst diseases known oven to civilization. A crusade has been started to persuade boards of health to require meats to be displayed only inside the shops. If dealers desire to call attention to their business, they can have pictures painted of dead calves, horrid chickens hanging by the feet, calf corpses with their glazing eyes turned up in mortal agony and monstrous halves of oxen, coarse and tough. These they can display on the sidewalk if they will, and it will advertise their business as effectually as tho real thing now does. But the truth is that the only way; to display meat so that it will not catch disease germs is to have it shut up tight in a glass case, When we are civilized, this method will be adopted. [.J.KENEF1CK, M. D, Oflico over Taylor's store. %igonu, lot RKi'UBMCAN and In tor Ocean .......' 81.85 " , " State Register ,. • 1.85 '• " N. Y. Tribune;../.. 1.85 " DnbuqiH- Times, (a semi-weekly 2.10 " Pioneer Press 3.25 " Chicago Times 2.30 •' New York World.. 2.30 li NeV York Sun.... 2.30 " Homestead 2.40 " Orange .lucid Farmer '... 2.25 '• Harper's Weekly.. 4.75 " 11 arperVHazar— 4.75 " Harper's Magazine 4.60 " Cosmopolitan 2.85 " Mc'Cliu-fis Magiiz'n 2.00 ." N. Y. Independent 4.QO' " Review of Reviews. s!60 '• ]>corfth Postern.'.". 2.50 " Tim Midland 2.50 " Solent i He American 4.10 " Century 5.10 " St. Nicholas 4.1U " Scribners 4.iO -' Youth's CbmpanV"' ion — 3.30 '• Harper's , Yqnng ' . People.... '.'.. 3.10 " Week's Current.... 3.06 $ tf, f t* *3 >$ 1 '•3 J. M. PRIDE, M. D. * Office over Goeder's doming Store. Algona, • Iowa Dli. L. A. SHEETZ, DRUQGltiT AND STATIONER, Prescriptions filled. Deals In paints, ouj, books, perfumeries, etc. Oor, State and Thoringtoii sts. Algona,Iowa. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTEMORE - - - IOWA, Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a, in.. 2 to <n>. in. Over Wicliler's Furniture store. Residence north of ' 7 -~~ r t •i'J'"l'(i •.i'-'.'v M •Pronounced by authorities as the best ever introduced! 'v ! 1 .-'. /?''.".'' " READY FOR SALE. '"'" ''* : '^'*; Reliable Agents'ttfay'a'ppTi)' 1 References to .. • . ••' ..MIOO SIEBEEOHT & WADLBT, New York -City. MONARCH OF NEWSPAPERS -' ; ' 0< it l l -j VOHK ALGONA TW3M T.r' T ,r L. L. if T v 2'jj/j3 DWg win be mailed to you. _ <c DENTIST^ A. L. BIST, D. D. S Local anaesthetic for deadening pain gums when extracting teeth. in , «, UMM MB A f ow years ago the disease called appendicitis was scarcely known. Doctors knew there vras such a thing as a verrai' form, appendis, but common people did not. It cannot bo said that they are any happier because thoy have found it out. Surgical operations that talie .the life out of people and the money out of theit pockets are common throughout the country since mankind found out it had o yernnforra appendix, It is a curious psychological question whether a new disease has actually sprung up in the last few years. If so, what made it spring up? But meantime ignore your vermiform appendix Don't Jet yourself kno)v you have any> Class it with the man in the moon and Banquo's ghost, and you will feel better for it, thipg °f millionaire maniac- squeezing down th.e' employees •wh.o make their wealth to the lowest not9k at wMph. njeu, gan keep up strength to wo^k, of paring every of. giving underweight to goods It js very easy to understand why China has encountered steady defeat in her war with Japan. The cause rests in the treatment she accords to the common soldier, Japan's common soldiers are B0;fnll of fiery patriotism that the peape negotiations were kept long from them'and the common people for fear there would be a revolt if the war stopped before the army had reached the gates of Poking. Japanese soldiers are fairly well fed and well taken care of. Those of. China, on the other hand, are wretchedly paid, If they are woxmded, E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S. DENTAL ROOMS Over the Alg9na State Bank. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO SAVING THE NATURAL TEETH, . The best of modern anaesthetics used to make all operations as painless as possible. LDaily, Sunday and weekly.! Established for nearly a .quarte.r of a century THE JOURNAL;needs no special introduction at this' time. -vni ,'•, THE LATEST NEWS Hl ABLE EDITORIALS SCIENTIFIC jyi.IS.CELU ANY •MS C HARMING STORIES . FARM AND STOCK DEPARTMENT RELIABLE MARKET REPORTS E. E, SAYEBS, D, V.-M,, VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, HT'Offlice west ol the Thorington Bouse, Algona,Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. Always found in the columns JOURNAL. of The Foremost Paper of the West, There is no luxury more enjoyable than a good newspaper, and THE JOUB NAX claims to head the procession, trial \yill convince you. order'npw. eve» the miserable pittance they are corded on duty stops, as it also does jf they- are ill. There is po pension for either them ov thei? families under a,ny oiyounistauoes, They are po many cattle who Wsti only fof the benefit ol the ewpefop and the chief noblemen. Thev ha\4»o patriotism. How could they bay§? ft makes little difference tp tjiem wh'e^ep they live or die. 'M the eawe time, they are treated so wretchedly it is said" that the, private fortune U Buns Ch,88g feas squeezed out of the q peppls swQflnts to 1300, OQO, 000, wopdw Qhjna was whipped I P, L, SLAG-LE, Manufacturei' of and dealer In Harness and Harness Goods, ' JOWA- What MONEY! On Real Estate, HOXIB » §RUN§QN, A SepdvUS you? OF SUBSCRIPTION! Daily i\nd Sunday issues, $10 per yew, duily without Sunday. $8 per year; the' weekly edition, issued in two pavts, 4 pages Tuesday and 8 paffes Friday, $1, pevyear. •' • • < Daily Times published every ,. ing except; Sunday, $5.00 per year,. F»Efl'KINJS'-BRO£. vltyi il danger in being too fat- a? lately apQwpeci f&t to g Cats stopped ewtinj bf ead, &n E, G. BQWYER, IN •v*S '^fflWKLi,.^ %^FMBAtfW&lf^ m ¥W4|&|WIV)B m

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