Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 14, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1966
Page 6
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BYTHOMASfcO'HAlU Cftftf rfniftf B6tfd 6f TfMteM NHtefllt A«otl»tl6rt 6t titvMtmmt Club* Q. I am * widow, 63, I have a home valued at $22,000, $6,000 en deposit with a credit union, |S,BOO in a saving* and loan a* ticfatioh, $2,500 in a bank car- tjficate of deposit, and have just bought a $1,000 savings bond. In addition, I receive $100 a month in social security. Can you advise how I can invest in order to come? receive a higher in- . A. The higher the rate of return you receive' from an investment, the greater your risk' of possible loss. You probably have about as high a return as you can reasonably expect and still maintain the degree of safety you should have. It is true that a number of good bonds jare right now selling at attractive discounts, and this could be a way of boosting your income .slightly. Why hot discuss ybur problem with the trust officer of your .bank or an experienced broker? He should be able to suggest several bonds or conver tible preferreds that will/>, crease your income., I Would urge, however, that you limit your purchases of this nature to no more that $5,000 to $6,000 of 1 your funds. . -i i ' i . Q. I am 31, single. I am considering investing $10,000, now on loan at 4V* per cent, in some good stocks. I have received! rec omnteridations that I buy Armco Stool, General Motors, Zenith Radio, Standard Oil of Now Jers- oy, Trans World Airlines and First National Bank of Chicago Since the market' seems uncertain, I haven't rushed into anything yet. I would appreciate your opinion as to what would be good for the future'. A. You are getting good advice and are showing good judgment in the securities you are considering. " None of us of course knows for certain whether the stock market is going to go up or down in the months ahead. A .hedge against sudden price changes that works very effectively for . r us in our investment clubs is. to " invest our money over a periot of time! This is called ."dollar cost averaging." I suggest you , consider investing $1,000 a month until you have the whole S 10,000 at work. To develop your. own \mder-, standing and judgment in securities you might send for N.A.I.C.'s Investment Club M«ii^ ual and make a study analysis procedures shown there; I'm sure these would be helpful to you. , To further improve your investment skills and help you keep current in your investment thinking over the years, you might also enjoy organizing an investment club with a group of friends, 0.1 own 134 .hare, of Liberty Real Estate Tru*t. II has paid no Dividends for .two year*. Whit Is he value.of these shares, if any? A. I'm sorry, but we. .are. unable to give such specific information on individual companies, can tell you* however; that many real estate trusts have had difficulties in the last few years and have not been paying divi dends. If the company itself has not ent you a' report' of its operations I suggest ihat you write the Citizfeh^ Bank ^Titist'Com- pany, Sarasota, Florida, which s the registrar 'for the company n question,,, and ask if it can supply you f 'with information about the status, of your shares O. In November I am expect ng about $3,000 from an estate Do you think; American Tole phone,A Telegraph would be a jood investment? A. A.T. & 'T. is one of the country's highestgrade invest merits; at the current price in the area of $50 a'share, it would seem to 'be a very good 'invest ment. Whether- it is the best in vestment for' you depends or your individual investment goals For the fcake of Diversity, you might like to consider dividing your $3,000 equally amonj A. T. & T., another good utility and one of our major oil com panics. Bode Pest-nuptial shower given bride at lode 'sliower , SleVe beGroote, By Mrs. Roland M. Olson Cloverleaf Unit Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. Basil Brock Tuesday evening Nov. 1 with Mrs. Elmer Wendt assisting hostess. The President, Shirley Bakken was in charge of the meet-, ing. She reported that the Auxiliary, with other local groups assisted with, food and donations for the'Belmonid tornado. Mr>and Mrs. Earl Skaug&ad of Compton, Calif, arrived;in Bode Tuesday for several weeks visit at the Harold Skaugstad Home. The Skaugstads visited in Dallas, Texas enroute;to Bode. ftatotd aid CM* MSlllTlin, IVaiii t/'aiu, muijr^LrBBCiif dhfetlohte Sjorrtfiort, Jifotffi Tofg> efcSdrf, L*f% Wdrfcfc <»"—'••—• Veiiii&rt Tompkins, Bob Carlysle HaU'iiid, Jerry Christian son, Laroy Selvig, Warreii Hankins, Blanche Christian&on, Keitn&fch Abafl'3, and Myriik Beriyhii'll. . , <> Mr. and Mrs. Chord Jr., Linda, Beth, and Kristi of DenVeiS Cold, were visitors last weekend at the home of Mrs. Chord's parents, Vtr. and Mrs. Sam Thorsland. Miss Thelma Thorsland, a teacher at Colo, Iowa ( spent the wfeek* end at her parents home. A faint Lly dinner Friday evening at the Thorsland home alsp Lndudeid Mr. and Mrs. Sam Thorslahd Jr. of Bode. i Mrs. Anna Hegg of Milwaukee, Wis. with her brother and wife,Mr. and Mrs. Alex Evans of Des Moines were recent visitoni'at the Olaf Olson home. Mrs, Hegg is a sister-in-law of Mrs. Olson. Mr! Evans will be remenibereid in this area as the former Superintendent of school at LuVerhe. He id how associated with, the Veterans Administration in Des Moines.. Recent visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Bergam were, Mrs. Emma Bevihus : of Portland, Ore., Mrs. Fern Hagna df Hayfield, Minn., Mrs. Olive Pederson and' Miss Anna Ersland of Hardy. Mrs. Don Pisel and two daughters of Camanche spent last weekend at the home of Mrs; Pisel's mother, Mrs. Charlotte Bjornson. |MMMMIMMM«WIMIMMIM^^ Bode—A h honor of she former Cynthia Lompke, Was held in the St. Olaf Lutheran church/ in Bode, Saturday evening, November 5. , Honored guests Who were presented corsages were Cynthia, her mother, Mrs! Jim Lemke, her grandmothers, Mrs. Lemke Of Vincent, and Mrs. Nessa of Eagle Grove, and Mrs. Melvin Olson and Mrs. Gordon De- Grodte. Sandy Olson registered the guests. Mrs. Harry Dasen had charge of the program and gave several readings. Mrs. Leroy Worby also gave advice to the bride,- and some readings. Jackie Kinnee sang "On the Street Where You Live" and "Green Cathedral" accompanied ; by Becky Aure. A piano solo was by Mary Lou Olson. .... Cynthia was assisted in open ing. her gifts, by, her sister Vickie, Debbie Berryhill. Olson, and Myrna Lunch ,was served from a lace covered table decorated %ith the brides chosen color, blue! Mrs. Myrna Berryhill and 'Mrs. Gord on DeGroote poured. i Hostesses! were, Mes dames; Stanley Olson, Melvin Olson, Keith Holland, Harley Berge, Gat Your NO HUNTING Signs at the Either "No Hunting" sighs or "No Hunting and Trespassing" signs available. Get yours at the Advance Publ.^GoVthis MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIMMIMIMIIMMMM BO It's smart to pick your friends, but not to pieces. * * * Ovr grocer just lost a law. illit for injuries a women sustained in a fall on his icy walk. She was granted $7,000. Couldn't this alto happen ut a private resh deoce? Yes, it could. For pennies a (lay we could rtliovp you off those worries with • public or personal liability policy, Speaking of trade relations, a lot of people would like to. It is the little things that count — but not very much. Bohannon INSURANCE AGENCY \ PUBLIC AUCTION As I have decided to quit farming, I will hold a public auction on my farm, located: From Algona, 8 mile* South on 169 to Kollasch oil station, then 2 miles West on blacktop and % mile North; or 9 miles East of West Bend on blacktop and % mile North on 1 P.M. SATURDAY, NOV. 19, 196$ 3-TRACTORS-3 1 P.M. 1957 John Deere model 620, live power, power steering, good rubber, about 3,000 hours,.a;real sharp tractor. • •' ' . ' ..... : • • 1949 W.D. Allis-Chalmers, wide front, new tires, completely overhauled. 1938 John Deere model A, heat houser and 4 wheel weights for JD 620, 1949 M*««y Harrl. 10 ft, self-propelled iNo. it i combine with pickup, in extra good condition. , ;•*.'•":f I-'>'•'••»'?. : -"'.. '^ f\ '*'•"• •''•""' '"' 1952 Ford %-tort pickup with only 22,000 actual miles. Re«j clean and sharp. 1950 Chevrolet, good running cond., good tires. JOHN DEERE MACHINERY John Deere model 400 4-row cultivator. John Deere 490 corn planter with fertilizer attachments, new clutch last spring. John Deere 50 ft. wide type grain elevator, heavy duty chain, truck hopper, like new. John Deere 4-row rotary hoe, like new. John Deere No. 5 power mower, 7 ft. John Deere model 55B plow, 3-14 in. John Deere No. 44 plow, 2-16 in. John Deere 15 ft, spring tooth, John Deere 10 ft. tandem disc. John Deere overhead hoist. Hydraulic cylinder for 620 John Deere. MISCELLANEOUS 325 gal. gas barrel and steel stand. 50 gal. gas barrel and steel stand. §peed jack, Lawn Mower. Rubber tired wheel barrow. 2 Electric motors. ' 2 JO-gal, cans. Century high speed drills, vise and bench. Gpod tpjlet stpol. Extension ladder. 14 ft. log chain. Swing set. 24 in. bicycle. %-in. electric drill. 11 ft. Auger for ^-in, electric drill.. OTHER MACHINERY IHC 9A 10 ft. tandem disc. 15 ft, land roller. 4-section harrow. Oliver 4-wheel farm trailer, wood flare box and John Deere hoist, Steel low wheel wagon with J, D. straight box. High wheel wagon with straight box. IHC Endgate seeder. Stalk rake. No. 4 5-ft. horse drawn mower, 8 ft. binder. BUILDINGS, ETC, 2 12x18 ft. open hog shelters, extra well built, like new. Some good lumber. 6 Rolls cribbing. Dipping tank. 15 Creosote Posts. 2x2x4 hog water tank. 2x2x4 cattle tank. 3 20-rod rolls 32 in. woven Wire, one roll never unrolled, 60 steel posts. , Feed bunks. Cast iron wood and cob tank lieiter. Many items too numerous to mention. (Auctioneeds' Note — "Mr. Thilge* hat always housed hi* machinery and he ha* kept it in the bfit of repair.") ERNEST BORMANN WILL SELL THE FOLLOWING EQUIPMENT AT THIS SALE IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING SALE OF THE THILGfS PROPERTY; 1950 WD Allis-Chalmers tractor, good tires; 1956 Allis-Chalmers 4-row cultivator, like new; Allis-Chalmers model 60 combine with PTO, real sharp; IHC No. 444 corn planter with fertilizer attachments; John Deere No. 44 plow, 2-16 in. with new segregated coulters- Kewanee 22 ft. lever drag with steel draw bar; IHC endgate seeder. This machinery has always been housed and is in good condition. TERMS: Cash, or mafce arrangemtnts with dork before sal*. No property to be removed until settled for. Net rtsponfibjt for accidents should any occur. EDWARD N. THUGES owner AUCTIONEERS - Charity Qujnn, Jean KUve CLERK - Iowa State iank, Algona As I hove decided to quit farming I will hold a public auction en Hit farm. From Bancroft, 4 miles north, Vi rtiilt *••? and 1/2 milt north, or from Swea City, •as? 4!/2 miles to 169 & 9 junction/then 1 mile south, '/2 mile *est oiiif Vi mile south, on 1 * *".*, IV.*' ., * 9:30 a.m. Donna's Lunch Wagon on the Grounds John Deere model 620 tractor with since sleeves and pistons were install- •" ' '' : '*' - ' ''•'•'" JOHN DEERE MACHINERY John Deere No. 490 late model 4-row planter with round tongue. John Deere No. 40 4-row cultivator, rubber gauge wheels. . John Deere model 30 combine with PTO, pickup like new and straw chopper. John Deere No. 227 mounted picker with new gear boxes. John Deere model 55A 3-14 inch plow. John Deere 2-16 inch plow on rubber; John Deere 4-section 24 ft. flexible drag, • : , like new. V ; , "_*;'•! •' ••;••'••.. .' John Deere 10 ft. binder windrower. John Deere IS ft. straight disc. Johni Deere 4-bar side delivery rake. John Deere 6 ft. horse mower. B - John Deere MISCELLANEOUS >S ' H^»' r Super snoot for 300 gallon,gas barrel 60 or 620 and steel stand. 4 bean lifters Air compressor Sickle sharpener 50-ft. endless belt 2 hydraulic cylinders Knipcb heater Electric fencer, 110 volt. "Speed jack Wood and cob tank heater. Electric fence posts and insulators. Electric brooder stove, steel hog pans. Post drill, post auger, vice, spades, log chains. NEW IDEA MACHINERY i ' i * ' New Idea model 501 manure loader and 4 snpw bucket. New Idea "model 30 7-ft. flail type power mower. , New Idea model 12A manure spreader. New Idea model 61 stalk cutter, 2-row. New Idea 10-ft. fertilizer spreader. New Idea cylinder corn shelter. I MACHINERY BUILDINGS 10 K 12 ft. brooder house. ^ ^v^w?. _j Norton walk-in hog feeder. 2 hay bunks. 6-ft. redwood stock tank. Wt. steel water tank. Chicken feeder, waterers and steel nests. MILKING EQUIPMENT Mueller 250 gallon oil stainless steel milk cooler. Late style Surge S.P, If pump and *A H.P. motor, 2 inch pipeline for 26 cows. 2 latest style large Surge buckets, 1 seam Surge bucket. 2 milk scales, wash tank. Enamel wash table* Born fan and thermostat, Milkhouse cabinet, De Laval 30 gal, electric water heater, Iowa cream separator, like new. New Holland No. 268 Hayliner baler, new last year. Meyer 46-ft. wide type grain elevator, PTO, truck hopper and underslung hoist. Stan Hoist drive-on hoist. McCormick 13-ft. 6-in. model 37A wheel tandem disc with Broyhill harrow. McCormick No. 448 4-row cultivator. Case 4-row rotary hoe. Glencp 8-ft. field cultivator. Brillion 15-ft. culti-packer. Pa lories 8-row trailer type sprayer. Case 2 r 14 in. plow. Terfher 3-bottom stubble turner. I.H.C. endgate seeder. 10-ft. horse disc. WAGONS, ETC. New Sears running gear and new 16 ft. flat rack. M.W. 4 wheel trailer with 900x14 in. tires M.W 4 wheel trailer with 800x15 in! *£ 2 steel flare boxes with 2 in. wood floors. 2 wood flare boxes. 4 wheel rubber tired running gear. Steel wheel manure spreader. FEED 1500 boles 1 st cutting olfolfo and timothy, 80 bales wild hoy, 300 bolti itrow TERMS: Cash or moke arrangements with clerk before $ale, No property to be re* moved until settled for, Not responsible for accidents should ony occur EDWARD GODFREDSON, Owner AUCTIONItRS; Quinn j Clark CUEKt Formers j Trodf rs Savings Bank, Btncroft

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