The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1966 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1966
Page 4
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4-AJfe*m, flu.} Upper D» Mefew Me? Bfcle School Af Burt Starts On Hay 31 Ail were r»sts M Sbe jfteanmftMgfei'i bcsae services fa baaar cf Se azajittr, 2» rr |lris Safe Sato* 41 sal * ; Flj-Up"' 1; Jr fcK te U:K Its; Jl fetus* to? l-3Et- as. r^sas I , »%S£ tiisges teai fe-r *' fi£l itj. srs t: ^tae & sot ^*£ it}', «£r; Scocti. irru£ f:r BET: rtrti; rf S:« C*z- Tb* setoci is ~Co£ Lev** Tz Tb*r* v£i >c afcsspffc SECETiat VJ-Tris-rtrbgr £55 tf t^ ilti fcr 2K jasi~ Tie * it: ils: Dtrnt i Bmr.j K: ."i^? 7r^Lts.ii v-ij t Fristj r^irii; j-»i Ssicritt rats: . Ttis v.11 b? Rsirs Sen-.:* .*€ Hiri*.' Trncrrjc. Sr.s', AI- czC. sni liLr-ii ^t 5:.s- CrC. 5cl£i )fe~ tiers :' tte Bur: >: ^.^•,-4. t ,,• t p" ^7^7 ^'~r€ iiifSLs. fe£ £ 4 * j Vbt*TZL: ' S:yr" siirv't- iimrriar litr. ». to£~I. ""cir^i'jL tri Ki:a t: • K '- ;:iIttt ?*?'• l^Lrs. **tc^? rtt,y.''iTI" Cirat 5 s>e?U vrti >tr-^ 3fii.r' tic T*i?iii Dar«ii vCJ iriss Lnf Df 3L ."laic's Htrli'j T ~-i:r-r:kT, .'7. v^H iaji i. ' "V^c-i: rrfffr.n-7.. rt -Tirfijct ?aair". i^r^. uc Cltrt Ei Mr-i. vm tsa^r ii prj Se fcniL A: •-JC, Itss Stl;} rs. iron, ^Jirjii. irZi spsij; imi stirv .r, Mr. iac Jlr-s. soae* nf i»r.r r^ me ter *s- HELD OVER! LUCKY NUMBER SPEaACULAR FRIDAY & SATURDAY OrkVl" Brmg your LUCKY NUMBER, which op- peered in Gambles od in the May 19 issue of rhe Algeria Upper Des Molrves, fo our store A^AY 27-28 and you may be able to buy one of these four new fterns for the tow price shown here. Don't miss this chance! CORONADO CUSTOM DELUXE \ 5.3 CU. FT. FOOD FREEZER *rC-ULA.!t ?£>CE.- Slsr-95 WITH LUCKY NUMBER - $32.50 COMET 19" ROTARY MOWER «£G.yiA* »-EiCE - Si-t..?5 WITH LUCKY NUMBER - $5.50 HiAV^ATHA 16" SPEED FLITE BICYCYLE *!-&ULA.8 r-fclCE - &3t.t$ WfTH LUCKY NUMBER - $13.50 EUREKA PRINCESS VACUUM CLEANER REG-yiAl flO - S.3?.95 WITH LUCKY NUMBER - $13.50 PLUS... SPECIAL PRE-MEMORIAL DAY DISCOUNT SALE I 10% OFF EVERY ITEM IN OUR STORE FOR 3 HOURS FRIDAY NIGHT, MAY 27, 6 to 9 P.M. DON'T MISS IT I Store 207 E. STAIf - ALGONA n,.^ *«_ ^» • *"ses »t^- casts Rock Tbs 3s rt Br- tB3^ Si* Prert-s Goef Arst SEDSIS t: ptr 2s ^^ T«*teBi- Cunningham Silrer Wedding St»dcy, May 29 T rnrn.ti .": ta; Dm; M:Jir^L3L Kr. MC Jferrri £3 bs lacEcei st! Krrii Tie Frei K;:trr.«t nrrsi SOESS fras. I t: T r, s 25 iiiccc: S*? r; Ss Z«:c Tb* Ci2 S&riOrrs T : TrsEd±5i sai «"T. Eisaf t asrSaL irrS r&lEt:Ts.£ sai Jnsais t : S^.riO£.? is lo$ £i Kajcc Cir/ vlisr* S is miirrxar i smss nl tesi on*. ex tn: C;rj . tre TIT HI Burt Fire Dept. Sponsors Dance 3tr. Plan Memorial Day Services At Lone Rock Se 3crt L ?.r~ ai StiLTiiT 4i'^u'.ii; JISE 4- Mtsc J:;r r.K7ir;nt vil iK Jur- r.;st«-: in tiis T»n QBESSSI Dm:^ Bin; of GCicore Cstf. TiEtsu i_-c- SI.X sa^i GD£ msj »it pir-^iss: it tr? nKLiif.r nf Su j? SH:7 iLi? iu r ni ?:CCK . viz iu Ifei: £ seres: LS: c: 1 Jr eti.. Tfe rnai s ?r:»sesis VLJ r: £?vui v^_ nies: :JL Tiitr-siii iincS. rnrci i^. 1 ;.JL. 7^irr<!iu.;, of Ltr ai frtiTir vliei. » iafs 1*01 >,:t jmnr.r uii t ^i^r: r.oc:-s£ ii 1 E. TtL. ir.iirtfrnf>f. f t ; ^5 i ti^s^ca. 11 i iuniifer 7'tri m Cistr Late. Saaat; awfcr russis £i tte A, A ILnii!rc*-s v^rr tie M&h*a MaiT-s^ £~v r si Crj . Tiit £. A, Mrs- ^UD&S BrabiL, Si itr. £jii Kr^. A: irr. Mrs. 3rffr.7T., is ts t ririaRTi::? Doatstiar imf C vsrciT E SK Flsraict Crsia- r JOE V££ 21 Airoai. LUC Wr tui Mrf- EIOIC ^i:?v'iii, Brn, a icncr of Kr^ Eruare.r"£ 3e±z3iuni£r, -«ic- i {••••••••••••••I SCTJCE - Se= ar fcr amlin- Mtsot £oe£.. JOES 1 3E3G- Mrs. veaOLar i ^s., I 31.. Tie I-.rv-£ li£Tj 5 girls. Mr. iiic Mrs. CUoc BsrrE?, "S'SEsr^C, TiS23i lltT Hint, M:-£- Miaiii rTirTir-.t^ri, SmcEj. Mr. ETir Mrs. Alfrs; ^"^T'^r tm- **• TT — it ilSC 'C4JiS2 Ot Mrs. SiillCIiiJ'2. n-^-rr rsrpEir. 2AT*5 TP JBL sarnl ol 5.:cen Vnrlrv, rifes^ of tiir 2oi»ir: t: SJJHIC t :ou±= of Hsriiit, £. D. Tissinr reli Fractures Pelvis In Home Fall SUMMER SPORTS WEAR of all types SHORTS BLOUSES SLACKS SHIRTS // JACKETS // r.rsErun. is t j - -" r '' 0 '"' ic 3t- Am. i ill! n tiie Mrs. HsieL JotaiSOL iiuEir •wdiere sie its TTiftfe il£T llDElr iDT 1 Tlir?T>l£r nf I'Sirs. Mrs. HLirfcrsnnL sufitrsS t bracai £ris n. Sic faS, Snipler's SHOES /J Tiif **">*• riWfi. **£ I "* O*! 1 > »J»J£,'. t f ^; ji.' ,| DRY GOODS AND VARIETY Burt, lowo GARRY FUNERAL HOME and AMBULANCE SERVICE AMBULANCE EQUIPPED WfTH OXYGEN PHONE BANCROFT 54S3 CT C 5. CHiPMAK, PKOS4 BUST. RES. • 924-3431 C. B. CK1PMAN FUNIEfeAt SERViCE He can help you plan a secure future ^^iHHPr 1 Dote W. lotkwood THE EQUITABLE UFE ±SSU*AJ*CE Hciine Ofibc . ilk? Ak'ti OF THE UMfTEO STATES ttit ^ineriCKii. Si 1 ** Van J9. V V Monitor H V • ^^ • • • • ^^F • tfewghf we shouldn't hove hod a Grand Opening, bit Mfbt to have a Fire Sale I So what the heck, here rt is . . . . Del Monte KETCHUFl Pork & Beans 5 for $1.00 Hiland POTATO CHIPS Twin-Pak Monarch, Whole Sweet Pickles qt.jar 39c Frozen ROOT BEER 39° LEMONADE 10 MINCED Dried PRUiHS WIENERS „ c Lb. ^^« v^ * t BISCUIT MIX. .lie B 1O Golden Yellow bur>ch COOK OUT SPECIALS CHARCOAL . COLONIAL BUNS BAR-BQ-SAUCE . MARSHMALLOWS . flt . tfc pkg. 19c SEAMLESS NYLONS SALT OLEO VQGEI'S Cardinal Store 10

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