The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1966
Page 2
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3R.8ST 'as. ^stestfa? Miss 6/acJt Engaged £r taa«5far 0 Mr, mi Mn ganrtBT- loar*. ao£ ter sr*fie?. 16rs. *:.*afcia« XT. 5c»3 'f^st a; JET r»«tnis5i KB! fSe aoari Scui? -5 opee&sl ts *ist tr i *>»* srl? at Aisana, v^e: lie? vtli fte tie -J. time to r: as r ^ Mrs. scisirt Loca? 57, Laos?, ias Jess u i scares n tie :oi- jf Se « £. if S i^d Mrt E^riC 2liot if 3p«ica: ti 3ft r if M.-. i^d M.-j. vj^asi G»wrjif, ct _i i fr Tie *j*r»ni)-ji? Mary ASH vd i« friduawri .'iuie St >ni£, Minn., ind vu: :#idi -i It ?7iU Jail *j»ra. Mr. La; iaa ine 3icr» 7«sar if sd u 3^-«.;cr--jr a s-iCsisauCxa ind ail.ia«rjL3 jfec'v*r T/I.S |i->«a Ma? 21 a tid rjiesti fr-.a iur* i«r* M-s er 2ar-i£, Mrs. L/JU.I L?ok, Mr J. Sari 5iack, Mrs, .irSur Cfcr*ciic *nd Mrs. Dai *, iLjr. *»rj?. Mrs. Mrs, acfcer*. AROUND ALGONA WfWfl BT RLTH SEIZ5X DDCfES G'-V2S72 i- iie ioafi A G'2rX"? CF Smda? aad ir» SOL iSd S3ZAT3 Cf MLS3 VJ ifcrs. Azaa and Mrs, Mimu* Strcnk '>f Marioo, 14 "»^i as 'at? asd Trtfe, l£r. aad Mrs, •SILscn. 'A ii-va City. Mr. and Mrs, O. i. Mian., a: late 2? /tsare Se? ar? ilatoig. rt ta. Sie ^rcnr; ars Dr. A. J. 2-uco, Tsris SLncTS, Dick Xiir, Larr? JCacil, Sec Dr . CSartsa Cii?; aaf Bfea Garier. GC2STS Of Mr. izd Mr J. H. M. Sditi •»%?« Sis ife^feft^ i2d fiffiil?, Mr. iad ifrs. Tir.taas .•cnnj^r and Jcfco, Wasfcf D. C. Tie yorngsr Mr. is i ^liit fcr Araftri-aa Air - 'ofe famiT-j arriTisd Fri-ii? fcc 2« viaalKSd- Siiuia?, fccti isailisa r.iMd aa iact as Kg. Mr, aac Mrs- Scusi ir riuau K Majca C^? M2. AND M22. 2t?rs if Diizaiqie, vtir, r^cgnfi? 7lil2<5d and fctenda "vti Sieir tatea iarjfier fcstsr difld, icy, 3Cm, ifecut -xe 7<»ar i-M. Tzej ars ftxspated to rtst: li Al^iEUi. ilS DS2. JACK str-ifcaaa. and SCiri Hcfetai ari- »cded £e 7 ri-c-juicj Dental Scc- it E fct: CSitac.i., vters ease. fcr Sift G 7 .'3L3r Cf Mr. acdMrs.Mil43 SLiniisr i2d SarEj jjMrs,aii>- liar's auitter, Mrs. "W. V. Sa adequate house wiring will light your home ... /leaf your home... do your laundry ... y/as/7 your dishes... j Ji do dozens of other chores Consult youf electr<ca contractor to malice sore your home 13 adequately wired so you can Uve better electricaity! ALGONA MUNICIPAL UTILITIES Sut is i jntJaafc* :f MJJ& seacd ind :f 3L it 3L T£3T3 2t Mri. Mce Tiesia? WKT? fcraer Lacei Serrlaa :f inri Gte&a Marti:.?.? :£ JCri. a Osa^* ifer siffertsr i icrai- if »: Mr. aatl Mr*. Arftur -J. Hccmer, AT 73 ? Csifc 7'iasia? at i n.'f j&c'v*? Jiff Ser -vir. -viZ snca ie ai Mr 3. Julias B&ULZ, I, Mrt. H. M, aniffl XwiateT, Mrs. ?. ?. lad Mri. 2. 3L Hidiari- 301. X2ZTLL, Owiane and Ar-iess. ±16 iC£"?£7 at caaquec "aeid aaccrla? 75e I3£7 state ^sirrainiai Tin ie ;-u»£d a. 3fcsca Ciry ia. tasa&i as ZI-ZI at is fie r«siiieaia» cf aer 3ici-ier, Mrs. Mary OJOL, Tiesrfa? *7«a- tar. May IT. MS. A5D M2S. st Slfer, ta- az OF clears ieul *: ±e rajalir meetinff of fise Woasi ,^ fig ifcose Mccday csrs irs Helen T, secicr recant; Ardeen junicr jiaduate recent ; yr^Ia sL58rt, rsecrder ; Mildred I«nic7 regsat; aad Eliiatetli Kae, diaytatr.. Officers will ilful Aise 13 vitfa a 6:30 simper prsceciag tfce E:JGESSER a; a. ii^ner asd ctfcer toc- it Brsicidt, iocoriag Rt. H«T, itssr. /. £. Tolaa, cele- ois 22£ aaclTersary of i£E5, ELIZABETH WEYDSKT, sui«-s fcsr hoc* viit Mrs. Ecgeaaer, csi«tra£«d ber 5CC: tirtiiday May 15, Hsraiec*, Mi3- tjteiix Wajser azri Mrs. Mauris* SaUig, her grgricf.lia iad i ^*rr? fcr i^r wife rsli- t-res iid Jrlsois itwcding May 14. Ma? 15, Mr. izd Mrs. Aiteui, ALjoea, Sail a diaier ier iixcr wife rgUttres sit- Mr. aai Mis. iux«: li si* erecirg. Mrs. a£«: BrsilUy azai Mrs. Jo«l Mouiay. Sb£ receiTsd grss ti i sbvwsr cf carls.. Algona Driver Is Fined $25 At Ft. Dodge , -vis iL-j&: 825 ioi t:-5ts fctic* ea;r. Fnaay a Fcrt H«!-r. was a.r.*est*2 a 2:45 i. ." F.ndij iitar b* '»4s s&si ir.rizg oii si !i* Eitiliy serrtc« stit-x- aejsis tie iliri isig cn.ige a s sfeec vj i". ure mirks 25 f«! icog is is speti irom the ser."c« stamx. ME0AL Anny Capt. Clyde E. son of Mr. and Mrs. Jota E. Meyer, Stanley, was given the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in Vietnam a Ft. Sill, Okla. last month. Captain Meyer is a graduate of Walker high school and a graduate of Jowa State University in Ames. if Ifcrrfs,, 1L speat Sis yy*i«'Biil A UIB 3CT Mrs- Anna Mrs. aiju«'»i IB irt Isnr ac F TitnraSt?., y sr» SB S. T. 12 Xr. vo& Mrs. T-as » lamed Sear 3rv 301 airt. as -vaa 5raa 2 Merry tea^ILtt anf 5 Ss. r 5 i/1 «. Kr. asi Jfes. jb^3*rt Clause rf Carfrm ind Mr. aaJ Art GtOer? HB! S» Iterr^ar's VqEdbtep. F:TB scti&cr; tcdk fes tri?, Mri Laos? Virty -fcsws., saf Mrs, icfcert /., Mrs. $J n rf Mr. std Mrs. &af Mrs. in ieid iBf TrSn£7 Ma? 25 it J i. it. LeXcnt. la?. Mrs. Brser'j I* ffid Mrs. Mite F— ftinap aid LeMcnt is Ss jaacrr, Mr. aai Mrs., ."err? SaseQ Kid JrK^-i" if a'.TTnr 32ZTH ?l its office, Sr* stae^c VJBl i jacit l st Clescn's Firk. Mrs. .»rn- fir-3ic -via 2s 5ns IriTisr. Mrs. Diaaaicl Oxper r Mrs. Csar CcnedaM, Mrs, Zagsie 3n- Mrs. ia? Frleiai ami Mrs. SK7 s, Mr, sal Mrs. Mr. ind Mr 3. :f .ilc^na uiccnnca lie iC5r-,aca- 2ir <iil7 I*.'**i2iiiif if *isir lau- |5tar r karrar« Maria. 33 7>rr7 Ssail if OsJar Haprtu,. »iQ i Mr. intt M'j. Ccnaiil rrpairf <& Clrj. MUs &!tti> i if i. C L ia 7-ic*- aL ir.mgm ; : r.ntr insCTTCJar It stficci, 3sr faaca i: SSeLr is-v Mrs. Mar? ffrtnttw if , Ta^.. rjitad last Mr. md scn, Mr. ind Mrs. £. C t it Jctumie'j Sfeak snie Memorial Day Program Is Set, Ottosen CTTOSE5 - MemcistI Day serrjcas -vtZ :e ifiui it Se Cunmer-ual CSifc 'jrtTdtng Jtoi- iay, Ma? .1C» sr h.IC a~ SL. tie SalcwjiE' ^r-ieriai -vtH ute ft : Miaii% Mrs., sic&arl T^n^ FlOBii MEMORIAL DAY Hades if ADsgranna I«d Wreaths Petunias Mms i? Sie YTTJI 5r7«r5 iign jcnccl iand ; to^acuin, Pi^cx sc&ert /. LeWcnr; acment 'if sienna. Irfc'iiiiiRtlcii cf j^fiaksr - Ls- Bcy- Worty- address, P Neman T'iattscn. if Scde ,-. music, Twli ziT^ri aiei sac toys quartat ; rsadinf , Mrs. Teltorrf, Anafliarj fcenedlcticG, Pisccr LeiWaic; r=- Uiemeat ci colors, Lesxa 5csc ; music, Mrs. Sac&ar-l JC Tne proeraa. it Sie will te : prayer, Fssstcr G^tysfcorf Address, Strutters ; Flanders Wayne WeflTspann; wreaths, Calrin Eaor aai Gar? ; taps, Gar? f »£toi_ Mr. azd Mrs. Bsnr? ard tLr&e dasgiuKrs rf m., aol Mrs. Mevsr's "Everything in tf*e faedcfing plan* line* _CAN WIRE ANY WHEfcE IN THE UN- fTED STATES, ME>AB£RS Of THE FLORAL THE- GRAPHIC DaiYERY ASSOCIATION. \&r*£ CTMM frJ!« y«4«r wrth flc»rsrs frwm tfe« AJgena &rs«Bfeo««5 — keaoti-ful ew* fl&u&n. ALGONA GREENHOUSES NO. PHILLIPS "S FINS FLOWERS" So-w-e*- P^c«« i T rirvv A «5-2J«4 -LGONA WALK THROUGH THIS DOOR FOR CHOICE MEATS »,^ l* •i^ 6 «'" x COOK OUT? FOB THOSE TOP OUAUTY, STEAKS TRY SEIVTCf MEAT MARKET JOE DOWNEY'S ALGONA MEAT MARKET Mr. loi M-§ d Kr. as* 3* <* Ms 'cm aft M?_ aari Mr* Tie? ft* UJ, Miwtfl) fer It pli/t t^r, 8imt tow rites M 0* up fti* tw! «nj«T a LOOKING FOR CARPETING FOR THE PATIO, FAMILY ROOM, OFFICE OR TERRACE? Come see Mohawk's SUBURBIA Carpet Niither Sun, Rain or Stain can faze this INDOOR-OUTDOOR Carpet READ'S FURNITURE & CARPETNG AND WATSON IHTBUO«S IN <X« NEW LOCATION 210 NO. Connie's Column by <^/o*£tE^ct ^It-v*. CANNY PARTY MIX£R Here's a good outcioof game to get your guesfcs^iaicxjualnt- ed, or help the kids to work off steam at the school picnic. Bring a supply of ping- pong balls and washed-out soup cans. Everybody stands BRIGHT BRUNCH STARTER Cut up four cups of fresh fruit. Dissolve two tablespoons instant orange-fla- voced breakfast drink powder in cm cup of water, and pour Cftef ft, making certain every piece of fruit is moistened. Refrigerate. When you serve the fruft two or three hours later, rt's bright as new! And tastes good. too. The breakfast drink mixture guards the coks-n even keeps bananas beautiful. ARTISTIC EXTERIOR Here's a posy of a plan for home-tovers. After the floods of 1965. several folks at Wankato, Minn., painted fk?A-ers along the floodline on their houses! That started it; now other families are doing it Just for the fun of it. Flowers five to eight feet high, spashed on in see-from-the- highway colors. A lovely idea for those bare garage doors, too. GAS GRILLED GOODIES Look — all the muss and fuss of outdoor cooking is gone at last! New gas barbecue grills give charcoal flavor, then clean up slick as a whistle. You choose from a variety of styles, many with their own clamp-on covers and special between-eating Socks. The cooking's done by infra-red gas radiation, fastest and easiest method known. Modern? You bet. Send your outdoor chef to your local gas company to pick out his own barbecue grill. You'll like summers better from now on. in a circle, tossing balls bade and forth, and catching them in the cans. First one to miss five tosses is out! The most proficient soup-can-catcher should have a prize; perhaps the honor of not being on the clean-up crew. JEWELS FOR PETS Mother, talk your teen-age*" into trimming her stuffed animals with her costume jewelry. You'll accomplish a ctean- er-looking bedroom for heri Long, stuffed reptiles look far less awesome when bangle bracelets ring them round and round. Lions, tigers and large pussy-cats furnish oodles of space for necklaces and bright pins. Start the suggestion subtly: present her with a birthday pet, pinned in a couple of places with this year's gay enameled costume jewelry. LIGHT-UP TIME I've just acquired a new house, two dogs and tvw> new outdoor gas lights! One gas light glows between the driveway and the front door, to show my guests just where to step. The other lights up the back yard, to show me where the pups are roamingi Gas lights add gleaming hospitality, and safety, too — yet they add so little to your gas bill, Sae tham at your local gas company . , . your service center for all the modern wonders of living with natural g as , the fuel piped to your community ' CT VM* Mertlwoi natural Gas Company, Omi hi, Nibratk*

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