The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 24, 1895 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1895
Page 3
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^*•*- IT'i &:\ I'Mfc BEPUULIUAV, ALUpXAJOWA, WEUXESDAY. P. S. NORTON, Dealer in And all Kinds of Building Material, W. J. Studley* Druggist it Kt3Atm i fMl3i*tmLltJ It is a mentionable fact that those merchants who do the most advertising and who do it all the time are most enthusiastic advocates of advertising. It is also to be noted that they have excellent reason for being so, because it is through advertising that they are building up and enlarging their business. We have in Algona, as a first item, some of the finest stores to be found outside of the great cities. They are not only large stores, but their stocks are selected by men who have made the supply of the wants of this section their life study. They have, to begin with, what the people want, ate they sell at very moderate prices, the lowest that such goods can be sold for, then they go about it deliberately, sys* tematically and continuously to let the people know what they have. Their arrangements, for successful business would be wofully incomplete without the advertising, a fact which they fully realize. M. r. )1AHI>ARI). O. F. PKKK. HAGGARD & PEEK, Successors to JONES & SMITH. S V BOYS' iHEAD-TO * * * REAL ESTATE and COLLECTIONS ALGONA, IOWA. . D. CLARKE & CO. FARM LOANS. office on Dodge street, AlRotisi, Iowa, GEO. C. CALL, itKAL ESTATE AND ABSTRACT VFF1CV. Fot- Information in regard to lands In Northwestern Iowa, write to him, rhorltiRtou street. Algona, Iowa. Consisting ol double-breasted coat—two pairs of kneopants^aptoniatchs^ simply perfect If on receipt Virmsht—send It ^ ack and ! or 0, O. D., deposit ta THE HUB 91 CHICAGO In this connection it is never to be forgotten that in building up their business by means of advertising these men are building up the town. The liberal advertiser is the man who brings business to a town and makes it grow and prosper, and Algona is a live and prosperous town largely for the reason that she is a town of levelheaded men who know the value of advertising. If anyone wants to know who are the live, progressive, enterprising and successful business men in a town, and the best men to do business with, his surest means of information is an inspection of the columns of the local paper. The paper may be unreliable in some things, but in that it bears upon its face the true witness. Sad Tale of a Bathroom. it happened in New York city, that center of illumination for this continent. In a boarding house of the big town thcro lived upon the top floor back a man who. as the sequel showed, took a bath uvory day. Snch men oii^n* to be elicournged instead of meeting tho melancholy fato this man did. But let tm not anticipate. On the same floor With the matt Who Washed was a mtm who plainly did not take a bath every day. Tho man who did hot wash was a bachelor, consequently very particular. He kept ah alarm clock. Every morning, just to the minute, it "Went of!. " Then the man who did not bathe shook himself out from between bis sheet iron hoarding house qtiilts and mattress and prepared for business. There was a stationary Wash stand in his room, and into that he let the Water flow while ho moistened his face to satisfy his conscience after tho manner of people who have no uso for bathrooms. But as the fiend Would have it, just at tho moment when the unwashed boarder's alarm broke loose, the man Who bathed sprang out of bed and de- g.J£Q. & CLOUD, Bcendccl to the floor below where the (Successor to W. B. Quarto,,) bathroom was. There he turned thowa- ter on, swishety swosh, like the roaring | Attorney aud Counselor at Law, torrent of Niagara. The consequence was that tho water would not run in the stationary washstand up stairs at the exact second when tho bachelor wanted it, as soou os he sprang out of bed at the exact moment when his alarm shot off. The unwashed was mad. Ho declared in his mind that tho man who washed did it on purpose. He complained to tho landlady about it She was n woman of peace, and besides liked to encourage cleanliness among the boarders. It made the sheets wear longer. So she replied that it was such a delicate matter that she did not see how sho could speak of it Then all tho bile that is latent in themselves PttbMer'&totice. OEO. E. CIiAHKH. CttAS. A. COIIKNOtin CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW t ALGONA IOWA. For the convenience of subscribers whose place of doing business is in some otbei- town itt the cotili- tythan Algona, an affangernent has been made by the publisher Wheteby payments on subscription to the pat>«# may be made at any one of the following named banks: BANCROFT— Farmers 1 and traders' Savings Bank. HURT— The Burt 13ahk. WHITTEMORE — Nvhittetnore State Bank. WESLEY— Wesley State Bank. LEDYARD— State Bank of Ledyard. GERM ANI A— State Bank of Germania SWEA CITY— Swea City Batik. ELMORE— Elrnore Exchange Bank- Subscribers paying for the year in advance can avail themselves of our lowest clubbing rates, given herewith. Thi,y arrangement is made With a view to accommodating any who tnay find it more convenient to pay their subscription at their home bank. All business coming through these banks will be given prompt attention. AMONA, IOWA. Oftlce over Kossuth County State IJiuik. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS-AT- LA Jf. YOU CAN PostnfHce IMocK. ALOONA, IOWA. B.V.S WETTING. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to I "an. AlKona. town. .1. L. UOXAli. H. H. FELLOWS. BONAR & FELLOWS, A TTORNEYS. A T LA W Collections will rocoivo prompt attention. SAVE MOM By availing yourself of the low rates quoted m this CLUBBING LIST: CALIFORNIA. N 3| DAYS Without change of cars v All meals served in din- ino- cars. Palace drawing-room sleeping cars and toSrist s eepers are run through .to San Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los Angeles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North -Western Line Variable rout tourist tickets, to California and the health and pleasure resorts of the south, on sale at VERY LOW RATES. Detailed -information can be .obtained upon application to Agent. ^CHICAGO & NORTH --WESTERN R'Y. Nobody who reads newspapers can I people who don't wash have failed to observe the distinct im- "biled" up in that man's liver. He provement in the style in which the glared about him maniacally and ex- advertisements are set. This improve- claimed, "I'll fix himl" When a man ment has been very great within the who does not bathe vows to fis past few years in nearly all the country other, that other may well look a little papers. The compositor is usually a out bright man who is awake to the move-, Next night the unwashed set his ment in the direction of artistic and alarm 8 y z minutes earlier. When it effective display, and who gives a hos- waked him in the morning, he darted nitable reception to suggestions from down with murder in his eya With a P ource The advertiser and the. tragic air he locked the bathroorr, doo, printer working together have The man who washed went B erenely_to transfoiJd our advertising col- his morning ablutions. But, no I ™rtbat now their st»^^ are sure to arrest the attention of the ^aS^r kr™,e r S i—* s—• Kooms S und 0, AlgoniiStato Bank Bl'dg. 'Iowa. ALGONA, IOWA- DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AND LAND, Collections ;i Specialty. Office in Gardner (Jowlc.s new bulldmu Algona. He Then he i stair in himself The missing key S. S. SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, MUMS and Insurance. Special attention given i to collections ol all kinds. Oitloe over Ohrlschllles' store. Algous, Iowa. JSi^-^^-.^to'-^ISSK^^Slrt.i-i- understood. In magazine advertising I wwneior L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURQE<J.\, '>m»eou State street. Algona. lu GREAT VALUE WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. •i twentv^aga ••journal, is the leading republican family paper of United States.- It is a National Family Paper, and gives news of the United States. It gives the events o£ in' a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department in the country. Its "Mrkef- Reports" are authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circ e " Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics Its Home and Society columns command the admira- Uon ol ! wl ves and daughters. Its general political news, editor*! »m" discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. the cut is considered indispensible. It can be made -as serviceable in the newspaper. There are some mer-; chants, living, of course, outside of Algona, who harbor the belief that nobody reads the advertisements. In truth there are few, if any, who do not read them. They are led to do so partly by a curiosity which the advertiser successfuly appeals to, and partly because of a keen interest iu knowing where one can buy most advantageously, and between the two the advertising columns, we doubt not, are scanned with a more general interest than is the tariff article, and possibly the local column suffers by the competition. The EEPUBLICAN would like to ask any who doubt the assertion that advertising pays, to first look over its well filled advertising columns, then go to the stores that advertise and see if they are not the ones which do the business. asked the landlady what the matter was. Shq;suggested that she thought the top floori front man could explain it.jsinc'e' the key was found in his room. Thither he went and asked for light For answer he saw stars/ He got an awful punch in the eye and others in quick succession all over his face. In the interest of cleanliness and order the man who bathed ought to have come off victor, but the simple truth is that did not. He was a military editor, he said, when the matter came up in the police court next morning. Being a military man, he appreciated the necessity for a knowledge of the art and science of retreating. He put his knowledge to practical use with a limberness of leg only to be acquired by men who bathe and shot like an arrow into his own room and bolted the door, the great unwashed after him. The military man said in court that he was glad ho ran, for if he hadn't there would have been an awful fight l and Tu, Itou^UH ft* . ONE YEAR FQP ONLY $1,85, CASH IN ADVANCE. [Tlie ivsuhu- subscription for the two papers is $3,50,] BUBSOBIPTIOKS SIAY BBaW AT ANY TIME. Address all orders to r> r-o I I D I I O AM THE ALGONA REPUBLICAN. The most dazzling scheme of even the nineteenth century is on foot in the freight transportation line. The newly incorporated Interooean Electric Railway company proposes to put coal, grain and other freight through between New York and Chicago in 34 hours at fur thest, possibly 13 hours, There is no limit : to the speed at which electricity can drive oars except that it must stop short of the point where tho par flies to pieces. The railway company named will construct between the two pities an elevated electric railway, Ther* the trains can travel as fast as they are M.J.KENEF1CK,M. D. Ofllee over Taylor's store. A 1^1)1) II, low* REPUBLICAN and Inter Quean W.8.> " State Register 1.85 N. Y. Tribune 1.85 Dubuquo Times, (a semi-weekly 8-10 Pioneer Press 2.25 Chicago Times 2.30 New York World.. 2.30 New York Sun.... 2.30 Homestead 2.40 Orange Judd Farmer. 2.25 Harper's Weekly.. 4.75 H arpor'a Hazar — 4.75 Harper's Magazine 4.60 Cosmopolitan 2.85 Mc'Clures Magaz'n 2.00 N. Y. Independent 4.00 Chautanquan 2.00 Review of Reviews 3.60 Dncorah PoM.c.n... 2.50 The Midland 2.50 Scientific American 4.10 Century 5.10 St. Nicholas 4.10 Scribnors 4.iO Youth's Companion....... 3.30 • Harper's Young People 3.10 ' Week's Current..:. 2,6^. J. M. PBIDE, M. Office over Goeder's Algona, doming Store. Iowa,- New Hardy Hose Belle Siebreclit. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, ' DRUQQleST AND STATIONER, Prennrlptious filled. Deals iu paints, ouj, books, perfumeries, etc. Oor. State and Thorlngton Bts. Alfiona. Iowa. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTEMORE - Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a, in. Over Wlchler's Kmiitture store. Residence north of traou. - IOWA, 2 loop. m. Pronounced by authorities .as tho, best ever introduced READY FOR SALE. Reliable Agents may apply with References to SIEBKEOHT & WADLEY, New York Oity. MONARCH OF NEWSPAPERS wanted without sunning QVP? and killing people or withput vexatious obstacles in securing right of way, At present it takes sis days fop freight oars to cover the route between Qhicago and ihe Atlantic seaboard. The time has at ength come when eleotwal pawe* is cheaper than steam, . This 'elevated freight r<jad is thesiany t r<jad is onJyone.p esiany enteyprises that the nest few years will toing f° r ^ Jo ^ 6 1* i8 extend this electric height line to But why etgp at freight? HUSBAND ECQHQMIZE^OUR ^^^ H* MB* HM^^I •• t ^^^B ^B ••& HI H •MH' •MB- ^BH^ft jm * ^V^l . CLAD ^jtHly^PP .How people dp lie 1 For years there has been a tradition that tho late Mrs. Paran Stevens, one of New York's Four Hundred, was originally an Irish chambermaid in the Fifth Avenue hotel. Hotel Proprietor Stevens saw her, the story went, was attracted by her and married her, and through her own unaided efforts she became one of New York's blue blooded society leaders, Her example has been quoted as an inspiration to hotel chambermaids to put forth their powers and hook their bosses. No floubt thousands of persons in different parts of the Union believe the ridiou- CiTY U1AL <c DENTIST » A. L. BIST, D. D. S Local anaesthetic for deadening pain gums when extracting teeth. in LDally, Sunday and weekly.] Established for nearly a quarter of a century THE JOURNAL noeds no special introduction at this time. THE LATEST NEWS E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S. DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algona State Bank, SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO SAVING THE NATUBAL TEETH. The best of modern anaesthetics used to make all operations as painless as possible. ABLE EDITORIALS SCIENTIFIC MISCELLANY CHARMING STORIES FARM AND STOCK DEPARTMENT: RELIABLE MARKET REPORTS; Always found in the columns of JOURNAL. >-~ /*• '. y* .iV,1 B, E. SAYEBS, D. V. M, 5 Ions chambermaid tale to this day. Therj is not a word of truth in it, Mrs, Stevens came of an excellent Massachusetts family, and her name was Marietta Bead, She was remarkably well educated, and possessed every advantage that QcroW be enjoyed by young wome,n Jo b§p day, She was a scholar and linguist aja'fl qould address in thei? own language. aj)y pf tb§ foreigners who attended, bey e* SURGEON, • west ol the Tborlngton House. BOSPITAL Accommodations. people, say that if a piece igrge as a pea, el the. new mineral QstlJod 9al9i«i».<?fl*lJideis dropped into a ef wates it will give off as it »m bft repeatedly MgWftd by bold She was in faot^but, SQ f av as byain,a an,a e,d.uoatiQn wont, s a.ejp „,„ almost any other fashionable woman in New York. An,djhat i§ ifrV tenth. ^^ travel m fcrt tt to realise tot slavery existed jn ^ .*V™ I J i ' ;i~ n l« nnln RS Vf F, L, SLAG-LE, Manufacturer of and dealer la flatness and Harness Goods, JOWA, The Foremost Paper of the West. . < There is no luxury more enjoyable than a good newspaper, and THE JQTJB*, NAii claims to bead the procession« A trial will convince you, Send us • order pow. _ TERMS OF SUUSCBll'TIQWj _,,ijy and Sunday jtesues, $10 pe; _ duijy without Sunday; $ P 6 * 1 W! weekly edition, issued in two ~ pages Tuesday ana 8 pagr ™ per year, , •_ Daily Times.published „ „ ing except Sunday. ,$$,QQ pjr, y^j?, A'm MONEY1 On HQKli BRUNSPN, 't*-- m®

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