The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 24, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1895
Page 2
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Entire Stock to be Closed out, The finest assortment of Fancy China in town to ^ be sold for one half what it would cost you in any city. The opportunity to get this class of ware at these prices may not occur again. • You should see them and take your choice. The Grange Store, It Is Atas This time it is NEW DESIGNS IN= CHAMBER SETS GLASSWARE, TABLEWARE, ETC. ALSO OUR LINE OF. Jar diner es Don't fail to look them over; they are something entirely new. Yours, Walker Bros SPOUT INfffl VllfiT. TALE OF 6UNNIN6 tMAt WILL WARM A HUNtER'S &L666. The Our Spring Stock ot 's anJ Boys COIF'S Are all in and in order to make them go, we will 13 *• • vy t** Discount of 10 per cent, Off Until May 1st. • Jno. Goeders, -IS THK- Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West And Has the Largest Circulation, TERMS BY HAIL DAILY (without Sunday) ,,, $6.00 per year DAILY (with Sunday) ,,,..$8,00 per year TheWeeHly Inter S A NEWSPAPER THE INTER OCEAN keeps abreast of the tiroes in nil respects. It spares i\e|tni?r p»ln5 r.or cxpei'SB in securing AI-U u»u NEWS ANp THE PEST OH CyURBNT LITERATURE. J«td* f hat Ate "Gtetas —Wftgon life tn ft Wild fcbtitittfr Innocent of Fat toft ftnd rcMCfes— fr« ££«att Clothing to lincatflfee* tH6 Unntct. Wagou life in the South Afficftii in- tefiof has of course its dffttvbaeke. *et in a clirante whete fof ftbout ».?..jn months absohitcly settled weather itu? be relied upon its pleasures btttlitiwbet them 60 to 1. To mount one's pow> on a clear bright morning; to rido fotth into the veldt with n friend nhd a brnce of pointers, with the blessed feeling that J'ou have not a care in the wotld beyond the march of youf Wagon to the next water; to be absolutely certain of some pretty shooting in a wild country innocent of farina and fences; to return to camp toward evening With perhaps 10 or 13 bracoof birds and a Snaall buck —these things, to the average healthy male, seem as near perfection as may be found in this vale of tears. It is 8 o'clock on a bright April morning in South Bechuaualand. The air is full of light, brisk and wonderfully ex- bilaratiug. Four gunners have just breakfasted under the lee of their Wagon. Now, having mounted their ponies —the average South African horse is seldom more than 14 hands—.they ride quietly down the hither side of the shallow valley—"laagte," it is called iu these parts—wherein they were out- spanned, and climb the farther rise. It is a picturesque scene. The slopes aro clothed with a long growth of waving grass, now greenish yellow after the rains, amid which great bowlders of dark red rook crop up. Here and there small patches of blue green bush start out from the grassy veldt. Beyond, crowning the valley, begins a thiokish woodland of short trees—bastard yellow wood, the Boers call them—which extends for some miles in front, till the great open plains are again reached. As the gunners rido up the farther slope their wagon is already in motion behind them, starting upon its day's trek, 17 miles to the next water. Through the clear, nimble air comes the crack of the driver's great whip and his shrill cries, hurled at the oxen, and the unwieldy homo on wheels crushes slowly through the yielding sand. But now the gunners have spread out in line, and the pointers are already busy. Near some' bowlders one of the dogs feathers a little, then stands, rigid as a figure of bronze. The two nearest gunners dismount. They already carry their guns and bandoliers and ride, as men do in the veldt, in their flannel shirts with" their sleeves well rolled up the arms. There is little to encumber their movements. Breeches, gaiters and stout boots, a shirt and a shady hat are nil that a man needs in Africa. The reins aro thrown over the ponies' necks and hang in front of them, and tho nags will stand quietly for hours. Now the gunners aro close upon tho pointer, .still standing with rigid tail and outstretched neck. These fraiibolins lie close in th.e long grass. "Where tho deuce"— On a sudden up spring three brown birds within five feet of the sportsmen. Twenty yards of law, the guns are up, two light reports from smokeless cartridges, and a brace of the birds hit the earth. Almost instantly a third report follows, and the near gunner has secured his right and left, not a difficult matter with these francolin. But the pointer is not yet content. Another brace of birds is found and brought to bag within 80 yards. The partridges are now gathered. They prove to be the small Coqui fraucolin— "N'swimpi" the natives call them— perhaps tho most beautiful game birds in the world. As one of them lies in the gunner's palm for a few moments, the bright nankin yellow and orange of the head, the clear, hawklike markings of the breast and the beautiful shape and feathering mark this partridge of Africa as a gem among its fellows. The birds aro bestowed in a saddlebag, and the gunners mount and ride into tho forest on the right hand side of the wagon road. Meanwhile their comrades have entered the woodland more to the left hand, and their guns can bo heard already going. For two hours the sportsmen quietly walk their horses through the forest, moving due west. Once their pointer gets into a small troop of guinea fowl delving for bulbs, and after a smart chase drives three of them into a tree, whence, as they fly off, the gunners secure them easily enough. At length, after picking up a few butterflies in the forest clearings, fop they carry a net, our gunners emerge upon broad, rolling, sun drenched plains, covered with long, pale yellow grass. Through these they ride steadily hour after hour, picking up every now and again a head or two of game. Now it is a brace of big red wing partridge (Or- ango river franoolin); now one of those annoying yet handsome game birds, the black and white bustard—zwart koor* haan, the Boers call hiinw-whoso very noisy and chiding ways are familiar everywhere in opau vejdt in South Af- yioa. Now, after keenest search, n Ipsl} of tiny bush quail are flushed and Be? owed, one after the other having lj$ev» ally to bo kicked up. A hare and n sblr, jtary M dU>kop"-~thick knee plover-=*aj-e added to the growing bag, *^Cor, London. Review. '•'.-. AS A FAMILY PAPER IS NOT EXCELLED BY ANY. It hiis something o« -Interest tf> each member cl the Jto I rs YOUTH'S DEPARTAtENT is th^ very be*t o< Ks ITS LITERARY FEATURES ar« n««iw»!ecl- ^Mtfi ffi Cfefc* 6f *bt£tel the cfe&eefi filgerbtft, tefli ftitti yeaf 8, Keeps Wfrteh beside thfe taai dtib*; fii> ctebl ttin'd IftnS the fflattgo's bbefefej fhe mynnM flits frbtt tree to trtee, And zephyrs to the ifosos epealt " Their sweetest *rords ft* ttftiktkl. Like trnnht children of the deep Escaped behind a coral wall, The lisping wavelets laugh and leafe Nor heed old ocean's stern recall. All day they frolic with the gauds, Kiss pink lipped shells in wanton glee, Make windrows with their patting hands And, sieging, sleep at tValklkl. 0 Waildkl 1 O scene of peace I O home of beauty and of dfottnisl fjo haven in the Isle of Greece Can chot-d the harp to sweetet themes. For houris haunt the broad lanais, While scented zephyrs cool tho lea, And looking down from sunset Skies The angels Smile on Walkikl. — Rollin M. Daggett. A Disputed Discovery. The man does not live, pethaps, Who has tho least idea of the name of the discoverer of the properties and ingredi ents of gunpowder, or Who can tell within 600 or 1,000 years the date of its discovery. 1 have recently read both sides of tho gtmpoWder controversy as it has appeared in a New York daily (where one writer argues that the discoverer was Roger Bacon, while the other declares that history supports the assertion that Michael Schwartz, a Qer man monk, deserves the praise). It appears to me that the controversy in reference to Bacon versus Schwartz is of secondary importance, especially when it is known that it Was in use hundreds of years before the birth of either. Rziha has compiled a long chronological history of this useful explosive, of Which the following is an abridgement: Julius Afrioanus (215 A. D.) gives a splendid formula for tho preparation of gunpowder. In tho year 690, when the Arabs bombarded Mecca, they used firearms. A Greek manuscript by Marcus Gracchus, which is now in the Oxford (England) museum, gives an excellent recipe for gunpowder. In 880 Leo, the philosopher, made "fire rockets" for the use of the army in tho oast. In 1078 King Solomon of Hungary bombarded Belgrade with cannons. In 1232 the Tartars employed "fire pipes and balls" in their war with China. All the above occurred from .one to ten centuries before either Bacon or Schwartz was born. — St. Louis Republic. An Important Item In Murder Cases Whether tho blood stains found on the hands and garments of suspected murderers are those of tho victim or of some animal has for many years been a most difficult question to decide. The presence of tho sanguinary fluid forms a very strong bit of circumstantial evidence, but no expert has until recently. been able to swear positively that tho stains were made by the blood of a human being. Dr. Cyrus Edson has often been called as an expert in murder cases, but with a deep sense of the importance of his decision has many times refused to testify that it was blood of a human being whioh he was required to examine. Recently, however, he has made an important discovery, and one which definitely fixes the action of experts in the future. By magnifying blood corpuscles and throwing them upon a screen with a magic lantern the form, consistency and other peculiaiities of blood are clearly established, and it is shown that blood drawn from the veins of a human being is entirely unlike that of any other creature. Tho importance of this discovery may be realized when it is known that within one single year at least 16 oases have occurred in whioh the identification of human blood was necessary in order to establish the guilt of the suspected party.— Now York Ledger. _ _ A Quarrel by Cable, The cable was once the medium for a lovers' quarrel, which took place between a lady in New York and a gen tlenian in Prance. The heroine was no other than that divine . French, artiste whose genius wo all admire. The gentleman was n dramatic author, now no more. This curious quarrel took place ono Sunday, the cablo being joined through direct. It bristled with passionate reproaches, bitter, stinging sarcasms couched in picturesque French, Tho scene was intensely dramatic, Both the actors, so near and yet so far, trembled with jealous passion as their bitter sarcasms wore flashed through the coils of this gigantic sea serpent. Mutual complaints, reproaches and threats continued, until a last stinging sarcasm from France reduced the 'excitable artiste to a state of nervous excitement which culminated in hysterics, The cable was then restored to its normal condition and the artiste to her senses.^L<pndon Standard. _ • . A l)re»m »wrt Its Fulfill ment, A young man living in Florence dreamed that he bad been bitten and mortally wounded by the marble lion which stood with open jaws in front of a certain church. Walking past the church with a few friends on the fol* lowing day be told them of bis dreara and placed his band jy the Jioa's mouth, with the words; "JSfaw bite me," At that; yer'y instant he fe}(; a violent pain for a scorpion that Jay concealed in the How's jaws haft stung him so severely that he djed in. a few hours. ^ President. It, . fe. C, B, Sftliltt, ASS't. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, AL&OSA, $SO*OdU* on hand to lima At tfttftoft&'bte i-rttc» to pAftle* _Who Gutnish fir»t-cla*» Olf e&tors-D. M. Hut*hla», S. A. tet-BttSon, Plillip Borivellef, t. It. Vesper, Ambrote A. Call, ii. tt. Spcnceir, Wfft. tti Jr6ffen»«n. (DF^IOfeRS AND A. 1). Clarke. Pros., 0.0. Chubb, Vice Pros., Thos. H. Lantry. Cashier, «eo. L Galbfaith, Ffed M. Mlllef, Myron Scheiick, Thos. F.Cooke. GENERAL BANKING. JMfftte Safety Deposit Vaults, Intct-edt Paid fob Time Deposits, W. H. ttighfttu, President. Then* CSlifisdiiUes, Vice Presided Hi Smith, Cashier Kossuth County State Bank. . *. „* **. •* » •»^<*«* i <f ^*r*irtiAT. ujftrt jirtst ALGONA, IOWA, CAPITAL $60,000. Incorporated tiader general laws of town. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, Collections made prompt;y and» general banking buti* ness transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors—W. H. fngham, John O. Smith, .f. H. Jones. T. Olirischllles. Lewis If. Smith, JL VV. Wudsworth. Barn»t Devlne. R. M. tttchmond. Pres, B. tf. Smith, Vice Pr«»». A. I). Hiclitnond,, 0. if, I.enander, Ass't,Cash. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank IOWA. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital Invet ted. Author- ised capital. 850,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking business! transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written, steamship . . •• tickets to and from Europe. DIRKOTOR8-B. M. Richmond. N. K. Sheridan, Mayne.O. E. Mnllory, ,1. N, Sheridan. A. B. Richmond. B. F. Smith, DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES ON Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has overwritten a word In them. Our work is don'e by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be- sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. JSf-REAL ESTATE POANS, FARMS AND WiLD LANDS. Opera House Blook. HAY & RICE Algona, Iowa. OFFICfi OVER ALQUNA STATEBAXK Abstracts of Title, i Real Estate, Loans, and Insuranee. Not Necessary! can sell' you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Ma, chine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— • W1NKEL PA YS THE FREIGHT. J. B. Now is the Time to Insure! O • 9 9 9 BEFORE THE LIGHTNING AND TORNADO SEASON OPENS All kinds of Insurance sold by The Bancroft Insurance Agency-],. A, Freeh, Prop, HE OFFERS THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES FOB CONSIDERATION: Cash Capital. Assets, $10,847,816.30 5,588,058.00 f "• V*^i | i l^f^frf^*r * j I 19 *'»5I V'" l<»Sl"'Ar' | Tut w TV* W ' - ^- -- ^ -: - -7---T ablest discussions on »H live political topics. It »tso «iv*s me WORLU, ' IT IS A TWELVS*PA0g PAFiR, ^ 'THAT "WCTI9N T«AN ANY Greeley's the life of Horace Gj-eeley a man who resewbled hin>~aud »e.wJy every town pf any size had. one such oiti?eu^-found his w»y impeded by the attentions thrust upou him, and which were intended for another rnnu. fjo w. us a pomwoHplace popup who faok no in terest Hi t4lO questions of. the day, by); possessed, tho fftpjous facia) resemblance which jpjpressed strangers. Swh •# doubjp pf greatness had only to keep eUenoo ami Joofe wise to be for bis stage. Peril's Iu Ladywd., a small town la Con.«oct;j* out, is a bouse built prior to J? JO which favars the $itle pf the "Devil's Bouse," A curse is supposed to rest upon. it ( and. iu proof it ig pointed out that i" present century wove thfiS JOO de have occurred in jt, most of whjoh were violent, or more than ordinarily pathetic, The curse is supposed to have been, pijt upon the place by ^ .gjrj jjupiod. Green, who was iU Beared there i>y o. relative to secure jpiep property. 0,754,908.00 5,191,055,00 3,245,353.00 1,868,097,00 1,031,537.00 Company. Aetna, Hartford Phoenix, Hartford. V. -. Continental, N. Y , l,«».<wa<» Fire Association, Phila ,. 500,000.00 Hanover, N. Y., '..'.". •. • • • 1,000,000,00 sforthwesterii National, Milwaukee 500,000.00 ::::::;:::::::::::;:::::::::::::::::;:: SS8S88 LIFE. MASSACHUSETTS EENEFIT LIFE,... 107,000,00 Insurance iu force, §39,000; Policy holders, $1,100,000; Cash surplus, §JO,150,000 ' paid in death losses. LIFE AND ACCIDENT. Aetna Life & Accident Insurance Co , Assets, &i3,977,5SG,Q8 We believe this is as good a statement as can be made by any agency in J-be lain] and we solicit your patronage. rJjS -ill fm i tt- 'i,rl C, L, LUND. E8TADM8WP 18W (Successors to 0. L, RYAN, Real Estate Dealers, Algpna, lof a| We wish to HiDioitnce, (o the I'eiuturs of the HBI'UIIMOAN that vvt> have exivuorcjlnftry fjiojli** ties (or the selling of I^rtus atui uu'mpi'oved iivuils!» Swrjhwn low«, itnd we Inyitf pvem\p.rty ] who wishes to dispose vf Ul^r pvopem 1 , to c«U on ns> ut i»nr ontiep In AJg''«i(t or to mwpouo.- •, {'• As soon as spring opoii« wo hnve !j,litri5o nunil>tr uf ('usKimera f roni r-ne wnstnvn snup,s ttfliAs; •*)•»< rejuly ;« como«ut und *epnrt> ^ piece of (own soil at ffufisouilblc }M'l*-'^i W? bm^VJW'4.!tM r iletjllug HUd II )'PU wnut to s«U your property for wl)at,IS (8 wartl), ilon'l )»Ji«tP fltix tlinfr 11) U]fUUft»i with us, Y'jiiwf'i»i>«ot(ully. IfPKD^QVA^X 7 ! . •> Foundry and * , : .^fe^t

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