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Richmond Times-Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia • Page 9

Richmond Times-Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia • Page 9

Richmond, Virginia
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RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH: WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20 1015 NINE asld to havfl hern thrown by hla son and was eo badly cut that Ambulance Hurgenn Ktcrn found It neeeNasry to lake three at lichee In Ihe wound A warrant lias hern Issued for the eon It le aald Hr Hlm did not think the man ao aerlnuaty Injured aa to paces-' sliHte his going to the hospital Tlsther than fall to accomplish anything detinue it was sluted yesterday that the Hrnatu will sure to anm ciiinprouilse plan embodying some of Ihe principal of Ihe aKrcKnllnn and of the centralisation plans Mr Iilanks by leave presented: He it lo hill No 31: A hill to In- nrpiirnt Ihe town of Hr ml ns In In lirCinswIek and Mecklenburg grant the Mecklenburg Henaior permls-slmi to Introduce tks incHNUrc and the lluiise cnin-iirriul In tit resolution It Is now prucilcally ceriul't that Henaior Mlanks will gl hla bill Ihrouali aiioiuiilng the dispensary and If ha dues I Ini tjiarier of Ihe piece will lie revoked effective January I JIIK llesldents iif Huyillnit and member of the Farmer Co-operative t'nlon have Weaver's Ups "Will you (nil us" ha shouted at Mr Weaver "where la thla 'searegallon headquarter' 7" Swiftly Mr Weaver rnw hsck with "All over the Btate" Thetiegrrgiilton-lets Imixhed' "Now I waul to any" eonllnued Mr Weaver "Hint I do not propose to get angry with anybody for any cause whstevr during tills session" "Humph!" Mr Montsaue ejaculated "I guess not Everything's coming your way" Again the eearigallnnlsta laughed tills time uiironrlnuidy After further discussion the motion to print wee amended In provide for property nnd Ihe rolling stock of all corpora Gone operating railroad by atauiii he and the name are hereby segregated and made subject to Htate tasatlon only "1 The viilde of tha raal and personal properilea mentioned In thla act shall be ascertained and itelernilned and tha Uxea local and Mate ahall ha extended on the Values thereof In the manner prescribed by law "I All acta and imrta of acta In conflict with this ad ara hereby repealed" HILL 111011 1 HI CONITITIM 11 IIIH! II KAMI NON TO-DAY The publlo hearings before the Committee on Finance of tho Henate and Aaaambly passed at Ita regular session" The sections of Ihe naw tax hill prepared with the adylce and assistance of Governor Stuart and accepted by Ihe Klnnnne Commit! at the morning aeaalnn ar so follows: "Whereas In tha judgment of Ihle General Aaaambly tha Interests of tho Commonwealth will ha promoted by putting Into operation at the earlleet dale practicable a plan of complete aa-gregatlon of tha subjects of tasatlon ao aa jo specify and determine upon what aubjacta Mat tasea and upon what aubjacta local tasea may be levied "Whereas It la new Impossible In view of tha reassessment of real estate to bo mad thla year In pursuance constitutional provision to mako an accurate estimate of tho probable revenue hereafter to bo derived by the cities and countlaa from raal estate and It la likewise Impossible at thla time to mako an accurate estimate of tha amount to bo derived by tha Htate from taxable tangible personal property under tha plan of compute segregation as contemplated aa an ultimate result of thla act and "Whereas the next General Assembly under the temporary plan of partial aesregatlon herein provided for and after the reassessment of reul estate to be made this year under the provisions of the Constitution will bo able to determine with accuracy bow complete segregation may be accomplished without embarrassment Incl-dent to uncertainty of Btats and local revenues and "Whereas In the opinion of this General Assembly It le expedient to continue until tho next session of tho General Assembly tha present levy of Mate taxes for school purpose In order to provide against any temporary loss In the State's revenue incident to the readjustment of ite tax system now therefore SCHOOL TAX CONTINUED AT LEAST FOR ONE YEAR "1 Be It enacted by me General Assembly of Virginia That pursuant to the provisions of section HI of the Constitution of Virginia all taxable real estate and all tangible personal property (except rolling stock of corporations operating railroads by steam) be and the same ar hereby and midi subject to local taxation only provided however there shall be continued for the ISIS the present Bute school Ux of 10 cents on every 1100 of tbo assessed valuo of said real estate and tangible personal property which tax shall be applied to tho support of tha publlo free schools for tho equal benefit of all of tho peoplo of the Bute and to be apportioned on a basis of school papulation and pursuant to tho aald provisions of tha Constitution all insurance taxes and licenses on all Insurance companies and all tangible personal copies instead of Bon and carried A resolution was offerod by Mr Gordon of Louisa expressing the sentiment of Ilia House Hint nn Increase In taxation Is desired It wet explained that report have gone out to different sections of the Htate that the segregation Mil provides for an Inprenso In tax ratea and tha object of Ihe resolution la to disabuse the public mind of any falao Impressions tha report may have convoyed The resolution was adopted by a vote practically unanimous Mr Gordon was designated to advise tho Hennte of tho adoption of tha resolution WANTED REPORT ON IIIII HU DOES NOT PA A OH Mr Chalkley argued long and earnestly on a motion to instruct the Finance Committee to report tho Tex partlul segregation bill to the Hoitre Mr White asked: "Are you It fevor of that bill or of any part of It?" Mr Chulkloy: I am not" Mr Gregory addressing Mr Chalkley: it a fact Hint the only object you hava In getting that bill before the House la to becloud tha whole question?" Air Chalkley repented the Imputation: "No he replied with considerable warmth ain not here for that sort of legislation" Mr White: "In any event the old segregation bill Is a misnomer It was not a segregation bill In the true sense of tho word I have no objection to bringing that bill out now but it does not provlda for aegrsgatlon Thors Is a clausa In It 'authorising a board of taxation to levy a tax' whereas the levying of the tax should have been left to the General CHALKLEY MOTION REJECTED S3 TO 84 Again addreeslng Mr Chalkley: merely want to bring out that bill for the purpose of knocking It down You have made a frank confession of your purpose whether you meant to or Air Chalkley' motion to report out the old segregation bill was lost B3 to 34 MrReed of Portsmouth rose to a question of personal privilege He took exception to soma remark made by Judge Martin Williams earlier In the debate Ho Interpreted Judge Williams as claiming credit for a resolution which Mr Reed asserted was offered by him He referred the House to tho Journal record which boro out hie claim Judge Williams replied that he had not Intentionally oought to steal anybody's thunder which placated the Portsmouth member bill No I was then taken up for dlencxe'on On motion it Delegate John Easley of Lynchburg the House voted to pase by certain sections of tho measure Tho bill Is the license measure which will probably ba amended In many sections Debate on an amendment was In prog-rees when tho hour of adjournment 2 o'clock arrli ed THE SENATE The death knell for the dispensary In the town of Boydton Mecklenburg County waa sounded In the Senate yesterday when Senator Blanks offered a reaolutlon asking permission for tha Introduction of a bill to repeal the charter of the concern By a substantial majority the Senate voted to When constipated or bilious give Syrup of Figs Look at the tongue mother! 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Madero entered the city the amo day GOVERNOR'S BILL if MEETS OBJECTIONS iCnntlnued from First Pago) he Committee on Rules in all matters procedure and of a political nature md take upon myself (ho responsibility this address and In this connection will sty that If by leadership thefa its been any delay In tha great object 'nr which ar called together I eke the reeponelblllty therefor but I am expected to lead this honorable position to tbo merits of any meaeuro not political then I must POLLARD HOLDS ORIGINAL PLAN UNCONSTITUTIONAL The formal request for his opinion challenged sections of the eegrega-Ion plan embodied In the Tax report was received by Attorney-General Pollard yeaterday Hla answer waa prepared In a few hours Tho Attoi joy-General direct! attention to the sections wherein powers that are vested by the State Constitution only In the General Assembly are to given to a board that lay tha board ahall ba empowered to mako levies Thla la manifestly unconstitutional ho says Mr Pollard concludes: "I am therefore of tho opinion that bill la not only obnoxious to tbo principle that a legislative body cannot delegate Ito authority to fix tho amount of a tax levy but also probably In violation of section 60 of tho Constitution which requires that law Imposing a tax shall specifically auto such tax1 and probably alao In violation of section of the Bill of Rights providing that tho peoplo ahall not be taxed their own consent or that of their representatives duly SEGREGATION ITSELF IN NOT UNCONSTITUTIONAL am alao of the opinion that the action referred to lo unconstitutional lusufar aa It undertakes to authorise the Htate Board of Taxation to mako an apportionment among the counties and i irlt-a accordance with the aggregate taxable wealth of said county and i-ity to be ascertained In such manner as tha board may determine Tho manner of determining the values upon which taxea ar to bo levied must ho prescribed by tho General Assembly Itself and In every plan under which property lo assessed for taxation there must bo embodied a provision giving aggrieved taxpayer the right to appeal to some legally constituted tribunal tor relief against an erroneous Hse lament Thla la required both by tne provisions of the Ptate and Federal Constitution a which provide that no person shall be deprived of hla property due process of law Thla nec-ssarlly Implies a notice to tho tax-pal or and an opportunity to bo heard The bill does not provide for the ea--nttxl features "While 1 am forced to the concision that the bill recommended by Joint committee la unconatitu-t orel 1 am of the opinion that there i- nothing unconstitutional essentially ilierent In tho plan of partial segre-Lt'cn and I frel certain that the -arr able lawyers In the General can devise plan which will ba open to constitutional objec-i Partial segregation Is no new In fact our General Assembly already partially segregated sub-of taxation notably In case of ey on deposit or In possession or introl of tho owner such money paving been segregated for Htate pur-j--c by net of tbo present General previously requested that the dlspen- ry Ini rlnsiid hut tlu-tr applications Were denied Heiiiitur Jnr of Norfolk opposed Ihe pessege of the rusoliillnn anil Han-nlor Wslker objecting asld he did not think hill dealing wllh all manner of subjects should bo allowed to ba introduced In the special session CAPITATION TAXES NO LONGER LIEN ON REAL ESTATE Senator Leaner' bill sacking ths re-peal of an act making ths capitation tax a lien on real estate wee the subject of considerable dlscuaslon when It came up for Its final reading and passng Jt waa pointed out In tho argument that the bill will In no way conflict with a House bill providing fur tho collection of delinquent poll tasea and ho measure was passed by a vote of 33 to I Tho Henate voted to reject a resolution presented by Henator Alapp of Aceumac asking that tho 1113 assessment of real eslule be drlv until the present session ei ths Ob-rs! Assembly adjourns The resolution was reported from the Committee on Courts of Justice with the recommendation that It do not pass Henator Mapp In urging that hjs Joint reaolutlon be passed presented a strong argument and It waa not until considerable dobatu had been heard that the measure wae rejected IVNCIIBt HG IIRIIIGE IIIII 18 PASSED A measure presented by Henator Featherston of Lynchburg allowing Ihe constructing of a bridge across James River and a viaduct over the railroad tracka at Lynchburg was unanimously passed Thu bill was purely a local measure and was passed as a result of the agreement that local emergency measures might ba considered during the special ssislon Ths Senate convened promptly at noon yeaterday and wae called to order by Lieutenant-Oovernor Taylor Elly son The opening prayer was offered by Rsv Cammaek assistant editor of the Religious Herald Adjournment was taken at 1 o'clock when the Henate Finance Committee went into Joint session with tho House Flnanco 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the noon hour Following an Invocation by Rev II Maclaehlln IV pastor of Heventh Street Christian Church Dolcgate Jordan of offered a resolution expressing the sorrow of the House over the sudden desth of John Loving the veteran engrossing clerk which was adopted 1 A Joint reoslution was reported from tho Henate tho object of which wsa to permit the Ihtroductlon of a bill repealing tho charter of the dispensary at Hoydton It was adopted by a unanimous vote Thus tha House repudiated the explicit agreement of the preceding day that no further local bills should be Introduced Chairman Aubrey Weaver then gave notice of tho action of the Finance Committee at Ite morning session when the committee discarded both the tax bills recommended by tha Tax Commission and reported out Instead a bill drawn overnight Thla subatltute Is pradcXlly the partial segregation bill favored by tho minority of tho Tax Commission with tho aeetlone which had been challenged by Mr Montagus ae unconstitutional revised to remove all to their constitutionality 8 REPORTED BY VOTE OF II TO 4 "The vote on the now segregation bill- Mr Weaver explained "by which It No reported out wee 11 to 4 All doubt at to the constitutionality of tho measure Is now eliminated Wo ask that the committee be discharged from further consideration of theso tax bills The sole effect of what we are taking le to put the bill on the calendar" John YV Chalkley of Wise very much on hie mettle demanded: much' time did the committee give to consideration of this new bill thla bill that was drawn between two suns?" a question for tho majority of the committee to answer" Mr Weaver retorted "The object Is merely to get the bill on the calendar" Tha motion was put and carried by a vote of 14 to- 4 Mr Montague moved to have printed 500 copies of tho new bill and 100 copies of the opinion of tho attorney-general which had been read In the committee room on the constitutional flaws In the first partial segregation bill BILL PRACTICALLY THAT OFFERED BY HIGH A WHITE Mr Weaver objected the use of talking about a bill that hao not been reported and will not be reported!" he wanted to know "That bill Is dead Tha new bill Is sxactly the same as tbs on tha gentleman from Rockbridge (Mr White) Introduced except that we have provided for tho ten-cent tax for school to be returned to tho counties and eliminated the unconstitutional features" Mr Montague: "Then the Finance Committee has not obeyed our request to report out all the tax bills to-day" Mr White: not necessary now The new hill Is a substitute for ths Donahoe Mr Weaver: "The gentleman from Richmond (Mr Montague) haa tried to throw a great scare into our camp with his cry of and we hava takon the props from under him by substituting a bill not open to challenge" Mr Chalkley: "We want the attorney general's opinion printed snd the segregation MU that was recommended by the committee too A number of members have come here Instructed to vote for that bill Why not give them a printed copy of the opinion to send home so that they may show why they have not voted for SEGREGATION ADVOCATES WELL IN MAJORITY Mr Weaver mads an allusion to "segregation In tho course of the discussion Mr Chalkley was quick to pick ufftha casual designation which had dropped Inadvertently from Mr That Tightness of the Stomach Free Trial Coupon A Mtaort (a IN Mtaort Ralld-log Marshall Mlrhi Bend mo at om-e by l-'tum mall freo trial parkas of Dyspepsia Tablet Name Street City State To-Day and To-Night in Richmond Coo aril Committee on Pablle Hnlldlnga Properties and Utilities City Hall 8 Special redlstriettog committee City Hell 8 'clock Hoard of Police CemmlanUuei City Hall 8 Can a cl I Corns imlftre on Ordinances to eoaolder Juvenile Coort ordinance City Hall 8 o'clock otted Serial Hervteo Stody Clnba ddreoe by Dr Thomas Morrell Centenary Methodist 4 Clvie Federatleo to make oorgieol dreoatog (or Rod Crooo Morphy's Hotel 18 State Board of Pharmacy to coo-elder rose of draggtot reuvleted of oala of hobit-formlog drone State lapltol dob address by John Powell on Life In England Germany nod Anotrio 4iM o'clock Art (Tab of Hlrhmood leetnre on story felllog nod folh lore by Mloe Hattie Bell Gresham 4 o'clock La Verne Company lo "The Itching Henri" matinee 2iSO night 8i30 HI Grayer Scott Company la "firewater's Millions" 8 30 Popular vandevtlle and pic tores i matinee 8 sight TiSO and 8 Edward Abelrs lo "The Million" Pothe news and comedy Slmi Paramount pictures continuous performance IS noon to It o'clock Robert Warwick In "The Moo of the Hoar" Strand war pic tares and Koyafone eomedyi eoafla nous performance IS noon to 11 The Weather Forecast Cloudy Wednesday! probably local snow north and west i Thursday partly dandy North Clondy Wednesday except anaw la eatveme wrati Thursday fair Loral Temperature Yeaterday 13 noon temperature I AI temperature I temperature Ataxlmum temperature to I AI Minimum temperaturo to I Af Mean temperature Normal 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