Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 6, 1919 · Page 11
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 11

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 6, 1919
Page 11
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Mnbum THE TRIBUNE HAS THE COMBINED TELEGRAPHIC NEWS SERVICES OF ALL THE OTHER DAILY NEWSPAPERS .65 Cent Ter Month DAILY AND SUNDAY Full Associated Press (Exclusive jor Alameda County). .United Press, " international News mwmm v. i ntrrnat tonal Rrw tervtcs VOLUME LXXXL OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 6, 1919, NO. 20. . The. United. States. Army. Motor. Transport nvoy roIEng down Broadway in Oakland at the end of the 3, 200-mile tripvfrpm; Washington, D. C. Insert shows, left, H. C. Osterman, field secretary of the Lincoln Highway Association, and, right, Col. Gharles W, McQure, chief convpy. r-. ifflUIIII 10 MOTORISTS Jingle Jolts A fellow's daily trouble, jot slmost : teems to doable, when he begin - to wield bis trusty hoe; the worms est ripe tomstoei, and the bogs lunch on potatoes, so d forty kinds of weedlet stsrt to grow. In April clouds are crying, bat. in A a goat things sre dying, snd soil ' thst wsi too muddy now'i too dry; the ion begins to liszle, and the parsnips prove fintle, and carrots, beeta and onions droop and die. . e ,;; And what is left the chickens scratch np te beat the Dickens, and leave my backyard garden dean and bare; and if I do some shooing, and kirk at what they're doing, my neighbor raise Cain and start to swear. V. Oh, it may be qoile the caper to drop my book or paper, and cultivate the pea and lima bean; but I will do no hoeing to keep seek thing a-growing a long a I've a quarter in my jean. ;,stl if M ' v . i i. i k. t V, ri ii," til ' ' M" ' ' '' ' """"" v Officers and Men of Big Motor ' Transport Corps. Guests of Local Citizens at Dinner Served in Hotel Oakland "Out whr the craaaa are a littl steapar; Out when th dut U salts a it Ssepar; Out wha'e Dm Johnaoa took y aiaapar; Taafa vhare th Waat kofiM." - With parody, son, light-hearted speeches, cheers and Indian war whooDS. the thirty-three officers ana 250 men of the U. 8. Army MototJ Transport Corps sped the nour witn i .the Civic Welcome committee aa hosts at a banquet last evening In the ballroom of the Hotel Oakland. "'..i They sang "There's a Long, Long Trail A-windlng," and told each other that it had . been unwound. - They were at "Tho End of the fTrall." Their commander, Colonel C. W.vMcClure, bad just taken spad hn hand and planted a mile-post in f front of the hotel, at the official end .'of the Lincoln highway. -The crew 'of the land armada relaxed from .'the strain of the long trip, and men .. tvnd officers alike entered Into the enjoyment. Of the , event . without re ' '.etraint. V Speeches were short and snappy. ' Joseph E. Caine. state consul for ithe Lincoln highway, addressed the ' crowd as "Fellow highwaymen," and Colonel . McClure and Captain Ber nard McMahan, train commander, briefly said they were "mighty glad" to be at the end of the trail. They paid tributes to California's greeting, all In Informal fashion. Cap- tain McMahan-received a cheer from the enlisted men that nearly, tore oft the chandeliers, showing his popularity. Jesse Robinson, chairman or the Civic Welcome committee, was -toastmaster. F. P. Morse, commissioner of health and .safety, delivered the weLcome for- the city of Oakland. H. C. Osterman, vice-president of the Lincoln highway association, declared that -the trip had been a success and a lasting benefit for the highway movement. H. C,.Capwell, president of the Oak- ; land Chamber of Commerce, spoke briefly. , - Then Dr. 8 M. Johnson, official '" spokesman for the Lincoln Highway association,, who accompanied the convoy , from Washington, D C, arose to make a few remarks, and - the parody quoted at the beginning of this story came out . Somebody u in the convoy wrote it; a copy f reached Dr. Johnson and he read it ' to tfre crowd. He admitted the al.j legalion, that he had taken the train ; at Eureka for - Carson City, thus . avoiding the trying trip across the . Nevada desert. . "Victory girls sang for the -Wither ing, and the officers and men Joined in. A quartet front the University f-Callfornia glee club gave several Donular songs. " There was no division of opinion either about the "Turkey a la .Differential," the "Potatoes au Magneto,", or the "Lettuce and Tomatoes with -lots o' jazz." ; The usually dignified officers entered into the "joss'! spirit, too, and emitted the war whoops they learn ed at the western forts along the wajt " . - - ffiSs progress of motor transportation was reviewed tersely - by Caine. ."This " convoy has mads history, ' he said. "It was only seven or eight years ago when the first tour ing car crossed the continent and the driver was considered a- her6. This trip of the army transport train is epoch-making . There was a short rest after the1 banquet before ' the dance, in the Municipal Auditorium, where the second big military ball of the week proved a success. IIIIWUWIIIMl sjrocfupis Oakland's luSing Finally Cmtn. 11th St. af Braaaway. Ferdinasd Soliultz, Mrr. Phone Oakland 1993. ERCHANTS LUNCH .11:30 to 2:30 ' f You Will Enjoy Special Sunday Dinner The old Spring Home on Frtlitvale Ave., 13 TOO feet facing on Fruitvale Ate. California" are on the place. Out an ideal site for a fraternal home of - or couia d cut up into 19 Duuaing nxa. M II Abut 'a la Cart H at Popular Prices vi I RefliirS D I' iBa Daaaaat I Kf 3 KTealas;. ' ll - I Orcarttra. . ; , U f i i rr i ti ii am -T-n re Sacrifice Sale . For further particulars address - ' ' GEORGE FRIEND CO. I jTxand Oaks, Berkeley. r -c-iv-' '- l;i J:;J ... ; .... -wciKiijuupmiAy., "': TRIBUNE AUTOS , GREETjLS.SOll A flying souadrorr of automobiles from The TRIBUNE was In the crowd that greeted the Army Motor Transport train as it ' approached Oakland . yesterday afternoon. TRIBUNE photographers were on the Job at every vantage point. Copies of last evening's paper -were given to every officer and man, ana alt soon we're scanning it eagerly to f i, o out details of the welcome pro gram tojt them in this city. Franfc Sanford, manager of tho Howard Automobile comDanv. drove the flagship" of The TRIBUNE; welcome fleet, furnishing an automobile for the, occasion. Bandit Nabbed Here Wanted in Seattle Joseph Schec, captured a .week ago, after a revolver battl with Chief of Police J. F. Lyriijh and Harold Richards, a steward at the Emergency hospital, and held here on a charge of holdlngup the store of Ah Wing, 645 Webster street, :s wanted in. Seattle on ka eharge of burglary, .according to information received here.- Schec was arrested after a chase, when, 'emerging from the store, his revolver in hand, he almost bumped Into the police chif, IJeutenant Charles Hemphill and the Chinatown squad, on a tour o? Inspection, last Saturday night. A running revolver duel between the suspect, and the police followed, until Richards headed off the fugitive, who was put under arrest. Benefit Dance for " Port Costa Players PORT COSTA, Sept. 6. The Kit club is planning a dance for September 13. The funds raised will be turned, over to the Port Costa baseball team for the purchase of new uniforms. . The members of the club, all local young ladies, are arranging the dance and will entertain a big crowd on that occasion. The music will ; be iy Rogers' jaz orchestra. All who alen d are assured of an enjoyable evening. Brentwood to Eete , Former Army Men BRENTWOOD, SepC . Tonight a reception for the returned service men of this section will be held by Florence Knight Rebekah lodge in the spacious lodge rooms. .The program for'the evening will. Include a banouet, dancing-, cards and Several musical numbers. A Oakland In Fruitvale's warm belt. Some of the most .beautiful trees In door swimming pool. This would be some sort for aged people, or orphans. (jiose to alt transportation. Phone Berk. S97 Acres Secretary Danieb Urges iWomen to Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels, Mrs. Daniels, Rear Ad-mlral Chaales W. Parks, chief of the burean of yards and docks; Rear Admiral JoBiah S. McKean, assistant chief- of operations, and Command ers Foote and Hilton, sailed through the Golden Gate this morning at 11 o'clock aboard the battleship - Ar kansas. TJie official party Is- en route ,to the north, where .splendid receptions have been arranged In greeting. ,. . Secretary Daniels will go from Astoria to Portland by rail, his arrival timed for 1 o'clock Tuesday morning. The Oregon, which served as the Ttlagshlp of the secretary of the navy on Its' historical eritfy Into San Francisco waters, left yesterday, giving the signal that the great armada was being broken up into the smaller units which will visit the northern coast cities. An official inspection of the Twelfth Naval District' headquarters in the Sheldon building in San Francisco was made by Secretary-Dan iels at noon yesterday. His tour of the Welfare Work headquarters was partially canceled in the morning. URGES SUPPORT OK TKEATY, San Francisco center, California Civio league, was the only woman's organization which claimed Secretary Daniels as its speaker- during his visit in the bay clues. The secretary addressed several hundred yesterday afternoon at the St. Francis. He paid a glowing tribute to the part which women had played, in the war, particularly the late Dr. Auto Crushed, Man Hurt, by Key Train Caught between a Key Route train- and. an ulomobilo- parkd. .on Twelfth ., street, ' near" Broadway, k machine driven by N. J. Blomgren was badly crushed and Blomgren was scratched by glass. Blomgren was driving parallel with the train and attempted tp enter the -narrow space between the machine of G. Rossi, florist, 465 Twelfth street, which was parked on Twelfth street The Blomgren machine was crushed to half its original size. Blomgren was treated at a nearby drug store. The train was In charge" of Motorman- A. M. Thompson, 841 Apgar street ' DIRECT TO THE FLEET We have arranged to run boats on a 20-minute schedule to, the Battleships from KEY ROUTE PIER. ;' " . This will relieve the congestion on the San Francisco side of the bay and enable the people of. this side to travel In comfort, as our boats are large and built for passengers only. - Tickets can be secured at the NEW PIEDMONT SWIMMING BATHS or at the KEY ROUTE PIER. ' Don't forget that the time is growing short go aboard the fleet . now as they leave-for the north next Tuesday, September . ' - . Boats leave from 9:30 a. in. to 11 :30 a. m., and 12:30 p. m. to 4 p. m. - -. . . -:.r...:;.;---j.,..-.v,'--J-. Sails for Portland 0 0 Support Treaty Anna Howard Shaw, whom he named a "the foremost woman of the century." Secretary Daniels urged supp6rt of the peace -treaty. Fleet day ook great numbers of bluejackets tdt. tha. Presidio- odayr where athletic svehts and dancing was the order, -jinrfer the direction of the Knights of.Ctyumbus. A tug of war between army, and navy champions, a baseball game between the crack 11th cavalry and the all-army teams, with track ' and field events, made up the official program. Bands from Fort Win field Scott and the Presidio furnished the music for the afternoon and evening dancing in the Oregon building. Officers and men who have arrived with the motor convoy .will share with the sailors-in the honors. . SERVICES AIIOAUD '"ft HIPS. Pastors of. churches of all de-noniina.tionfl about the hay and famous choir soloists) have been recruited to participate in the religious services, which will be held aboard (he ships at anchor in the bay tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. The assignments have been made by the Y. M. C. A. at the instance of Chaplain Rohert A. Hadden. Bishop "A. W. Leonard, representing the Methodist church;. Rabbi Martin' A. Meyer, representing the Jewish religion, and Chaplain E. W. Scott, a member of Admiral Rodman's staff, will deliver the seYmbns in the Kirt Congregational church in San Francisco, where the fleet officers and men have' been invited to attend tomorrow morning. Actress Who Ignored' Court Order Freed Miss Marie Penland, an actress, for whom 'a bench warrant was issued by Judge J, J. Trabucco, - because she failed to respond to a subpoena to testify for the defendant in the case of the people against Frank Lyczkowski, charged with grand larceny, explained when taken into court yesterday that she had gone to work a.t the Lyceum theater in San Francisco, and therefore was unable to. respond. She was not punished. The Jury after a short deliberation found the defendant guilty. He was convicted of taking $60 from . the pocket of A. Tj. Ray, an engineer, at an Oakland cafe. Ik :m. ,4 .,i t?'l - v v 0 kv-- MATHER FIELD'S FUTURE ASSURED BERKEXJ5T, Sept 6. Mother Field, at Sacramento, will not be cloaed; according to a telegram from Congressman J. Arthur Klston, to Wells Drury, secretary of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce,-received last evening. Elston says: "I am informed by the war partment that there is no intention to close Mather Field. Atemporary suspension of activities was ordered in all northern fieldsjn order to concentrate on the Jrexican torder. I have been Informed that the war department plans to make even larger use of Mather Feld than heretofore, and that It will, in time, become a very important center of aviation." Scientist Finds Cure for Cantaloupe Pest PORTE RVILI-E, Sept. 6. Dr. P, A. Boncquet, plant pathologist of national reputation, who has been retained to : study various cultural problems under direction, of the Iror-ticultural Commissioner, in a. bulletin Just published advises a combined seeland plant treatment as a control for the fusarium fungi which have attacked cantaloupe vines in-various parts , of California and in some, sections have caused a serious reduction in crop. Dr. Boncquet says, seed should be treated with forty-fifty solution of Bordeaux, rinsed and dried in the shade. After the plants are four to five inches in length a treatment should be given "of ammonium sulphate. This, his bulletin says, will serve as a complete control for the wilt fungus, and will, .at the same time, stimulate the yield of fruit. Saddle Rock Tonight Our - Regular , $1.25 Dinner Will Be Served From 5:00 to 8:30 , -. . ... . " Also a la Carte at Moderate Prices Dansant Tonight 7:00 till 1:00 ' Sunday Night 9:00 till 1:00 ZJUusic-Jy Frank Calvin's Star Orchestra A!f INNOVATION Beginning Monday and Every Evening Thereafter Miss Rose LaNard in Eccentric Dancing V nODlNIHS PACIFIC FLEET SAN FRANCISCO, Sept . "The Pacific fleet will be as strong- any In the world," Admiral Hugh Rodman promised yesterday whn, , he spoke before the members and guests of the Commercial club ol-. lowing the speech of the-eecretary of the navy. He professed his. confidence In the power and efficiency or his armada. -.."Ships built on the American coast should carry Americanism Into all ports of the. world," declared Secretary Daniels. "The glory and credit earired by the Pacific coast in furnishing 6 3 per cent of all nejv American ships during the war muwt be carried on to a greater area of construction In time of peace, he as serted. Dance Tonight! U - MAPI V UA1 I at 14th and Webster Under New Management DAN COKLKV' ontllKSTFlA turn Lruon Man. eve, J- ri. . TIU KXDAV KVK.MNGS Private J.rimon by Appointment. Balls for Krnt (or Social or I'rivate I'urtlra. I-IIOMJ OAKLAND 262. If. you saw tell. them so. It In Th TRIBUNE, Thank you. Restaurant HERK IS Orit Dinner for Tomorrow, Sunday, September 7th $1.50 per plate - BRUSHES Cnpe lie -0e ir, Ben Vu SlteJ Almond 0!lrM SOtTS Cblekeo, Klormttn , - Cooaomm. Xtrler . nan :-' Striped Rim, Normind. BXTKEE9 . ' OrommqoU ,of Chicken, CirdJntl ' ROAST Prime RIbt of Beet, in Crntoc SALAD ' Bllcet Tomato ind Lettuce, Tnoch Vremtint VEGETABLES Girdea P ind rrrncb CarroU . Mh-d lotttof! KKSSKKT KeapollUa let Cream witji Cket Or Cameabert dene with Toasted Cracktra Cafo Nolr 13th St. and Broadway. TELEPHONE FOR RESERVATIONS Oakland 1826 -' 49 PATHFINDER WITH LAND FLEET At the head of the United Ftatea army motor transport train. In an automobile . labeled . "Train Commander," rode an army officer and a civilian. No feature of tho. eon. Toy attracted more attention. That element, hard to define but always ten moat appealing attached to it, "human Interest" Tha officer was Captain Bernard McMahan, a native Callfornlan. the train cbmmandcr, and the civilian by his side was his grandfather, W. Brown, Jill Derby atreet, Berkeley. ' , . Seventy years at o this civilian drove an ox team over the same general route that the motor convoy covered, the Lincoln highway. He la 94 years old today, but atlll vig orous and ready with thrilling sto-rles of the days of. '49. Brown met hla grandson at Carson City and rode the remainder of the way with him, the honored gueat of tbe convoy. . i . "It seemed a whole lot different Traveling was pretty rough thoae days," said Brown. "The route I traveled in '52 was about a quarter of a mile, moat of the way, from the highway aa "we came over it- from Caraon City. We traveled then the way of least resiatance; we had' no engineers tohelp us conquer the gradea" . Brown sat by Ills grandson's side at the banquet In the Hotel Oakland last night , , v; , . Treichler Appointed Census Supervisor WASHINGTON, gept, t.Wi 11. Treichler of Sacramento has been appointed aupervlnor of the 'census for the third district of California. MARY PIGKFORD HEADS VANGUARD OF STARS COMING TO L.& D. r , i ' 1 1 'I - s , -- .- , ill , I ffe;.' '14'' La i ! lilt ; i- " f "'s JfeWK-a'. Mato.. - , buJ . MARY PICKFORD, tcho will be "Jhe Hoodlum," at the T. & D. The old adage he who laughs last aughs best has been aptly proven by the announcement of Turner & Dahnken In the list of star attrac tions for the winter season of 1919- 1820 fo? their Oakland T. It D. The ater.' .., . , . , - - While others have' child-like at tempted to create a stupefying effect with theatergoers by an announcement of every star In 'the Blue Book ot fllmdom from-A 4ohZ playing elsewhere, the Turner & Dahnken management cat quiet and amused. They held the cards and thev knew it. Here is inside stuff. Llaten: The Turner A Dahnken circuit controls the stotk of the First National Exhibitors, a protective association composed of exhibitors fro:.i coast to-coast.- . . Two years ago they saw th trust octopus slowly but surely grinding put the existence of moving picture houses not using their attractions. The association was the result and the Inclusion in It of the greatest stars, writers and brains that money could bring wa the answer. These Includa-Mary Pickford. who will appear in several masterpieces exclusively for the First National Exhibitors which means all the Turner it Dahnken houses. Also on the list is David W. Griffith, who haa a number of knockout productions Next on the list Is Charlie Chaplin, who will remain with th First Na Comedian- and Former Spouse En Route to New York on Same. Train Following Con . f erence, Following Divorce Al jolson, noted stag comedian, today is enroute from Los Angeles to New York after having accomplished . the Important ' mission ' of having won back bis former wife, who secured a divorce in Oakland two months ago, his friends assert Admitting that "it did seem good to see Al again. the former Mra. Jolson aoid ahe would leave for New York today "to visit friends." - . ' Neither . the comedian nor Mra Jolson denied 'they intended twins re-married. - Mra'" Jolson was the former Henrietta Keller, daughter of Conrad Keller, a sea captain of Oakland... Married twelve years ago after a whirlwind courtship while JolHon was playing a small part at the Bell theater in Oakland, Mrs. Jolson filed suit for divorce in the Alameda county court June 25, 1919, on grounds - of. mental and physical cruelty, averring her husband was a "good actor but a poor husband." Besides her decree. Mrs. Jolson was given S58.00O, considerable real estate and a neat bundle of bonds. Jolson, held East by his contract, kept long distance, telephone wires hot in pleas for forgiveness. He sent his secretary on to Oakland to act for him, but to no avail. Aa soon as he was released by the actors' strike he secured the services of a mutual friend in New York, Mrs.s Ann Stdman, to go to Oakland and pay the former Mrs. Jolson a visit. Jolson came to Los Angelea Then Mra Kidman telephoned him that on a certain day she and' the former Mra Jolson would be at the Belvi-dere hotel in Santa Barbara. The "surprise" meeting was staged there; Jolson won the first round, and from then on its was certain the former Mra Jolson would bo the real Mrs. Jolson again.-' . "I couldn't stand it to b alone after eleven years of married life," the comedian briefly commented. Army Fruit Surplus to Be Sold by U.S. WASHINGTON, Sept .--Nearly nine million pounds of evaporated fruits from the aafny's surplus supply are available for purchase by municipalities and authorised selling agent for distribution to the public, the war department announced yesterday. Apples may be secured at IJ.44. peaches at 16.50-and prune at $5. B0 per fifty-pound case. As these fruits are now In cold storage and must be shipped in refrigerator cars, sales are limited to carload lota. ' ''".--' seen in her greatest character' comedy Theater tomorrow. I tional Exhibltora- for IS months. And stili they come. Kugene O'Brien, who has Vecently' attracted stardom's attention, will appear as well aa Olive Thomas, and in-eluded in the T. & D. constellation ?rem"re names to conjure with. Head them: . .. . ...... ,. : ... - Anita Stewart Constance Tal-madge, Jaok, Pickford, Charles J!y Norma Talmaage.- Dustin Farnutn, Frank Keenan. Larry Semon. Dorothy Phillips. Priscilla Dean. Mary Pick-ford. Charles Chaplin. David Wark Griffith, Marshall Neillan, . Eugene O'Brien, Florence Roe - and Carry Lehrman,. comedy producer. Do the'y require introduction? Jack Pickford and Charles Ray will appear in liRht comedy roles. The Taimadge sisters will have for their scenario- writers John Emerson and Anita Loos. ' They made th Douglas Fairhir.l;- stories that helped to make that actor. . -Marshall Neillan. whose triumph In picture direction, "Daddy Long LpkV entitled him to rank among the great. eat-of producers, is included in the list. Priscilla Dean, the greatest little crook vamp of theeday w-hy-dwelt on her. Bhe's just another of the ?reat stars numbered in the T. & D. amily. - But why should we tell it all in these columns? Watch for additional "explosiona" We'll tell It, all next Saturday. Watch for It! Moral: BETTER BE SURE TH AM KORRV. tJON'T COUNT YOUR UNMATCHED EGGS! Advertisement-

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