The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1966 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1966
Page 21
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FROM THE ATTIC... ... TO THE VAULT (Your Hobby - And Your Neighbor's) By Dick Palmer thimday, May 19, 1966 Algena <fe.) Upptr D«» If you haven't seen the new circus stamp, ask for it at the post office. You would be hard pressed to find a happier carrier of the mail. This joyous production really catches the spirit of the theme. It will rate high, certainly, in the best design derby at the end of the year. They had quite a controversy over the location of the first day of issue city with Somers, New York, and Baraboo, Wise., being politically out-maneuvered by Delavan, Wise, where some of the circus great are buried. It is too bad that unrelated matters have to go into the selection of the first day city. After all, Kossuth county should have been the site for the Kossuth Famous American stamp of a few years ago instead of Washington, the site usually used when nothing else can be logically associated. As noted before, Algona was a first day city for the Norse American commemorative set of 1925. I have yet to be informed as to any covers posted on that first day of issue that are in area hands. Of course, this type of collecting was quite limited then and only a few dealers and collectors attempted to obtain stocks. They are the real classics and command a fairly good price while the modern, colorful recent issues will sell in wholesale lots under the initial service cost. - o - My records of the auction at Forest City are rather spotty as I was talking to customers during both sales, but a few lots were noted and prices seemed reasonably good, in some cases close to actual retail. An uncirculated set of Lincolns from 1941 to 1961 with the 1960 small date brought $26.50. I do hope they graded their coins more accurately than the bills. A $20 National note on Davenport was listed as un- circulated, but it had several folds and would not have rated better than very fine. Indian cents from 1905 through 1908 grading very good to fine rated $1.25, a favorable price if any were really fine. The 1964proof set went for $13 and a Canadian 1964 proof-like set brought $5, which is somewhat under market. The Franklin set with the key 1955 in au condition rated $34.50. Interest in this series remains high, and the Walking Liberty as well. - o - Several ads are now booming various dot variations on the 1965 cents. A recent page ad was signed "double dot fans". I suspect the "fans" are the Kansas City dealers who happen to have them for sale. Certainly variations such as these are interesting and merit some market action but the dots whether more less than usually found are no more interesting or significant than the numerous die difference, recuts, etc. than have appeared through the years. A healthy market could be developed for these variations if the sellers weren't so greedy, but a $22 price tag to this writer is silly. But I could be wrong. The price on the 1960 small date seems to sustain itself. However, I also note a price softening on the so- called 5th variety of the Canadian dollars so who can say. Buy if it pleases you to do so. - o - Another bit of foreign exploitation is the coming set from Bhutan. There will be two proof sets, one a 3 rupee crown and the other set of four lesser values. All the coins are copper-nickel, not silver. Even if silver, a rupee has a 21-cent value so both sets would have an exchange value of about $1.26 (total involved 6 rupees). The modest offering price is $11.50 a set or $23.00 total. And whether or not they are actually proof remains to be seen. Having managed somehow to get along for some forty years without a coin from Bhutan, I will endeavor to restrain myself and try for a longer record. - o - Some of my non-collecting students never can quite understand the fascination that such hobbies bring. Perhaps my best defense is to simply match irrationality. If I confuse them, they often pay in like coin. For example: 1. The latest fad is the wearing of the Maltese Cross in assorted sizes and colors. I have yet to hear a rational explanation as to why. 2. They will laugh at an old- time record and scorn antiques yet approve of male hair fashions that go back to the pages and knights of the Middle Ages. I am sometimes accused of living "history" but I don't wear it. Parents often ask teachers to explain their children to them. Please don't. HELPFULNESS 0. Harbeck of Sioux City, dairy driver in the Onawa area, recently aided the Onawa residents during a water crisis by delivering 1200 1/2 gallons of water to the hospitals, nursing homes, cafes and grocery stores in half gallon cartons in the event of a crisis. Mr. Harbeck was a true neighbor to all of the Onawa residents. Seneca Saddle Club Show This Sunday SENECA - The Seneca Saddle Club will ih,ld its ninth annual Quarter-Horse Show Sunday at the Saddle Club grounds two miles west of Algona on highway 18. The Halter Class Show will begin at 9 a. m., and the Quarter-Horse performance will start at 1 o'clock. There will be a lunch wagon on the grounds. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hassel honored their son, Leonard, Sunday, May 8, following confirmation at St. Paul's Lutheran church at Rlngsted. Guests included Leonard's god-parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Duer, Dennis and Connie Sue; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Duer, Mrs. Marie Jacobsen, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Behrends and sons, all of Ringsted; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Duer and family, Swea City; Reaee Hantelman, Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hassel, Mary and Joan Mammen, Helen Struel and Sue Resser, all of Ottawa, m.; and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hassel and Bill. Afternoon callers included Pastor Harold Andersen and Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Petersen, Ringsted; Beverly Hoein, Armstrong; and Mr. and Mrs. John Struecker and Tom and Herbert Krause of Seneca. Mrs. Blanche Hansen of Santa Ana, Calif., is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Baldwin. Mrs. Hansen arrived last Monday with Mrs. A. N. Storm of Des Moines who spent a few days at the Baldwin home before returning to Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Richardson of Elmore, were Sunday afternoon and supper guests of Mr. and" Mrs. Everett Witham. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thiel of Sioux Falls, So. Dak., spent Mother's Day weekend with Mrs. Thiel's parents, the Everett Withams. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Looft and sons, Jeffrey and Jimmy of Minneapolis, were weekend visitors at the parental Henry Looft home. On Sunday they were joined by Mrs. Bertha Pommer of Algona and all were dinner guests of the David Loofts. Mrs. John Johannesen and Mrs. David Looft will hostess the Blakjer Lutheran church women at their regular meeting Thursday afternoon at the church parlors. Mrs. August Nelson will have charge of the devotions and the worship offering and Mrs. Gaylord Olsen will present the Bible study. Mrs. Henry Wilberg .and Mrs. Henry Looft will present the radio program. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jensen are expecting the arrival of Mrs. Jensen's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Pappenhagen of FREE HEARING AID OPEN HOUSE Every hard-of-hearing person is invited to attend a Special Hearing Aid Open House, whether now wearing a hearing aid or not. DAYS OF OPEN HOUSE MONDAY, MAY 23 9:00am-5:00pm at the Johnson House Motel Algona • Phone 295-2441 Regular QUAUTONB FREE ElECTRONIC TESTING. NO OBLIGATION. The world's finest hearing aids, from tiny "all in the ear" to powerful "behind the ear" models for severe losses. OPEN HOUSE SPECIAL If it is impossible for you to attend our Open House, call, the above number for a Home Appointment. NATIONAL Hedring Aid Ctn»»«, Inc. ^GUARANTEE: If Hearing Aid does not perform as ^ isired, return it within 30 days for full refund. If defect!| r in material or workmanship within^--. return i $ 199 50 The FIDELITY SO TfNY... it hides completely inside your ear so row itfui just slip it in and F-606 hear again instantly NATIONAL HEARING AID CENTERS 4041-A Urbandale Avenue Dei Moines, Iowa 50310 I will be unable to attend the special Hearing Aid Open House. Please send me a FREE copy of "The Inside Story of Nerve Deafness." NAME ADPRESS- CITY -IOWA, national hearing aid centers DES MOINES 4041-A Urbandale Ave. Phone 255-3540 CEPAR RAPIPS 1114-1 st Avenue N.g. Phone 364-0283 HEARING AIDS STARTING AT $1OO Alliance, Ohio, on Friday. The Pappenhagens will be here for the graduation of their granddaughter, Jill Jensen, at theSen- tral Community school on Monday evening, May 23. Mrs. Calvin Vaudt and Mrs. Ted Jensen spent Monday and Friday at Algona where they were called to serve on a jury panel. Mrs. Vaudt was selected and had to report for jury duty on Monday. Mrs. Cecil Bailey observed a birthday anniversary Sunday, May 15. Guests at the Bailey home included Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lynch and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Petersen, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Baldwin and their house guest, Mrs. Blanche Hansen of Santa Ana, Calif., also Mr. and Mrs. Hans Jensen, Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cronk and family, Armstrong and Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Merrill, Jr. and family, Fenton. Mrs. C. F. Wegener and Mrs. Merle Austin of Fenton were Monday morning callers at the Bailey home. Callers during the afternoon included Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clark and the former's sister, Mrs. Florence Williams, all of Rockford, HI. They are cousins of the Baileys. i Fenton I The North Circle of the ALCW of St. John's Lutheran church, Depew met last week at the home of Mrs. Albert Mitchell. Devotions were led by Mrs. Jerald Cody and Mrs. William DeWall gave the lesson. Guests of the group were Mrs. Ole Peterson, Mrs. George Jorgensen, Mrs. Homer Matthiesen and Mrs. Shirley Zumach and Lori. Weekend guests of the Morris Mitchells were Mr. and Mrs. Irving Davidson and family of Charles City. Sunday dinner guests of the Mitchells were the Davidsons and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Luedtke and John were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Goke of Nealsville, Wise., to attend the baptism of their grandson and nephew, Dennis Herman Goke. John was sponsor and Mrs. Tom Manly of Fenton was a sponsor by proxy. The Luedtkes returned home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hantelman were Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hantelman of Swea City. - Mr. and Mrs. Kenley Zwiefel entertained their card club Saturday evening. High was won by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Culbertson and the Zwiefels were low. The Sentral Homemaking classes under the direction of Mrs. Max Dudley, presented a style show, "Paris in the Spring", on Tuesday evening. The show included clothes made by the girls in grades seven through twelve. Refreshments were served after the show. There were also Art and Shop exhibits by the students of Mrs. James Jackson and Mr. Floyd Hutzell. The Fenton Forward 4-H club met for its May meeting at the home of Ann and Alice Krause. Several talks were given by Diane Luedtke, Ann Krause, Kay Dreyer Betty Wolter, Evelyn Bierstedt and their leader, Mrs. Richard Kuecker. The group held a Mother's Day Tea on May 16 at the home of Diane Luedtke. Bethene Juhl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arno Juhl was confirmed at services held at St. John's Lutheran church at Depew on Sunday. Dinner guests of the Juhl's in honor of the confirmation were Mr, and Mrs. Ulrich Juhl, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Faniny and family and Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Naig all of Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Naig and family of Cylinder, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Dreyer and boys of Olewein, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Juhl and family of Waseca, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sunde and family, Afternoon callers were Mrs. Elmer Naig of Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Naig and family and Sandy Haack of Cylinder, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Naig and family, Ringsted, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith and family of Graettinger, Mrs. Art Juhl of Cylinder, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dreyer and Jayne of Lone Rock, Mrs. Harry Haase and Mrs. Pete Hyngena. PROMOTION Mary Hummer, daughter, of Mrs. Madeline Hummer of Iowa Falls, received her First Lieutenant bars in the Army Medical Service Corps at Letter man General hospital, San Francisco, Calif., where she is assigned as a dietician. Mary accepted a coinmission in the U. S. Army iu September, 1964 upon her graduation from Clarke College in Dubuque that year. mm* PROUDLY PRESENTING THE ST. JOHN'S SENIOR CLASS OF 1966 Bancroft, Iowa Linda Accurso, Roger Becker, Mary Ellen Berfe, Patricia Binzen, Eugene Borman, Michael Carpenter (Vice-Pretldent), Diana Crowley, and Larry Doocy. Arlene Droeiiler, Mary Droe»sler, Jerry Fangman, Barbara Farrow, David Foth, Joyce Haften, Robert Hatten, and Arlene Heldorfer. Dennis Hutchinson Rote Hutchlnson, Terry Jensen, Linda Kahltr, Edward Kayser, Donald Kockler (Treasurer), Elizabeth Lampe, and Donald Lappe. Thomas Lappe, Kathleen Lensing, David Lynch, Mary Lynch, Thomas Lynch, Richard McCarthy, Patricia McCleish, and Michael McGuire. Shirley Marlow, Glen Menke, Judy Menke, Philip Menke, Eileen Merron, Thomas Murray, Donald Ricke, and Bernard ^Rolling. Janet Schemmel, Cecelia Schiltz, Jane Schiltz, Kenneth Schrauth, Marilyn Schrauth, Jolene Thilges Al Vaske (President) and Janet Vaske. " and Anne Wollner. ' Maxin8 Va$ke ' Mar y Beth Wel P' Fremce » White < not Pictured), Judy Wilhelmi, Joseph Wolf, (Photos by Kirkham Studio) FARMERS & TRADERS SAVINGS BANK - Bancroft 'Best Wishes To The Bancroft Seniors" KENNEDY DEPT. STORE OUR BEST TO YOU ALL WELP'S DRUG STORE Wl SALUTE THi CUSS OF '*« COWING FOOD MARKET WE SAIUTI YOU MURRAY GRAIN COMPANY BANCROFT, IOWA "HATS OFF TO Ol'H SENiOIlT FERGIE'S SERVICE AU SUCCESS IN UFf GARRY HOME FURNISHINGS BANCROFT TUT

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