The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 17, 1895 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1895
Page 2
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ALUU^A, New Goods! THE COUNTY LEGISLATURE, New Tariff Imported and Domestic Goods, Now in Stock. $20 up. $87 tip, $18 up. $5 to $10, $20 up. Business Suits from Dress Suits from Coat and Vest from Trousering from Over Coats from Woolens suitable for Ladies' Jackets and Capes sold at bottom prices. Buttons made to order. Repairing done on short notice, done well and as cheap as good work can be done. Patronize home institution. You will hereby help yourself and your town and do your duty as a citizen of Algona and the great Kossuth county. . o. L. Foss. Doings of the kossuth County Board of Supervisors At the Regular April Meeting—A Big Grist of Business Run "Through—Mo Jail Move—Clairhs Allowed. half half lirst, half . M, com dogs -Here is another style of our Steel Range, with hot closet and water boiler. It has more points of superiority than any other Range on the market. Don't take our word for it, but investigate for yourself. A written guarantee goes with every Range sold. FOR THE NEXT TEN DAYS. [Concluded from last week.] Resolved, That the taxes of 1894 be abated on the following described property on account of damage done by cyclone: J. V. Miirso, s\v qr 13 SW-28. C. O. Walker, r, lif 2SMW-39: first, half abated. C. E. Rou|K-, nw qr 34-90-30; personal tax not abated. P. i.). Walker, so qr 23 and mv qr 25-90-30. M. W. Ferguson, shf of so qr 11-90-28 and no qr of s« qr il -90-28: and personal. Kate M. M aine. s hf of no qr 17-90-28. A. Cosgrove. mv qr 3-90-37 and o hf lie qr 4-90-27'. first half abated. Michael Liclcly. sw qr 29-90-30, first, 94 and lust half 1893. .1. P. Ehvell, sw qr 21-97-27: tirst abated. .lohn McDonald, iiersonal for 1891',. Mrs. Win. 11. Hill, ne qr 10-90-28. IF. P. Larson, n hf of se qr 10-90-28. It. 15. Clark, n hf of so qr 28-90-30; personal. II. W. HurrnU, shf 20-9(1-29; abated. .Tames Larson, ne qr 12-9(>-2b. Mat Hanson, nw qr of nw qr 7-90-27. W. F. Jenkinson, w hf of ne qr 27-9(5-29, no qr :>!' no qr 27-90-29 and so qr of se qr ol 22-90-29. Albert, II. Rakow. nw qr 35-97-27. A. P. Larson, no qr 27-90-30. ,J. A. Kennedy, ne qr 30-90-29. Ttirnbatigh. nw qr 28-90-29. Selma lUoelilmair, sw qr 19-90-29. ,Io. Krisehonowitch, not abated. Moved and seconded that J Dwine be allowed thirty dollars pensation for a colt killed by Carried. Resolved, That the tax ot E. 11. Cook for 1894 be refunded on a valuation o $040 on account of erroneous assessment. Adopted. Moved and seconded that C. C. Chubl and F. D. Calkins, auditor, be appoint ed a committee to get plans and prices relative to building a vault fortheaud itor and clerk. Carried. Resolved, That the tax of Russel Cook be re 1'u tided on a valuation o $264 dollars for the year 1894, on ac count of error in tax list. Adopted. Resolved, That Barton be appoint ed a committee to build a bridge across Prairie Creek on the section line between sections 33 and 34, in Lu- Verne township. Adopted. Moved and seconded that Cory Ridgway be released and discharged from all further liability on the bond of C. C. Samson as sheriff, and that b. W. Hags a rd be accepted . in place thereof. Carried. Resolved. That Chubb and the Auditor be'appointed a committee to have the roof of court house painted and chimneys repaired. Adopted. Resolved.' That the lax of Mrs. Reeling on'lot 7 in block 6, and lot 4 in block 4 in Bancroft, Iowa, be abated for the years 1893 and 1894. Adopted - • ........ Resolved, That the tax on' lot "2 in block 9, in Way & Barrett's Park Addition to Wesley, be abated for the year 1893 on a valuation ot $00, 00. Adopted. Resolved. That the Auditor be instructed to draw warrants for all b) is allowed at this meeting, and that the several members of the board be allowed compensation and mileage as follows. Adopted. cc Chubb Hollenbcck Hsu-ton mirton Smith Moved and seconded that adjourn. Carried. F. D. CALKINS, Auditor. all n* bclnfc entirely o«*t for th« frtn-poso* or Which It H tiscd. and to tftko fttfCh flifeas- ires nt mny be necessary for the seenrity and ironer care of those nnfortnrmto ones whom he safety of the public wqmro Should be >liiced under restraint. We submit herewith statements under oath if the recorder ftnd sheriff of Kossuth Count* n corrobovntion of the facts above set forth jy -" Sl a. S. WttrOHT, Foreman Grand Jury. C. A. ERICKBON, * E. W. VAN Dofcat oif. CALK WlT^SOH. .T.O. PAXSon. Grand Jurors. Cmts Me'06f fnseft.doetof Ift'g iangansftt family 700 eo Lacy, tfied attendance of W P Sp'ootier ,8000 iiichslng'er& Harrison. mdSe for the Stfooner family 41 Si W ,T Stutlley, med for Vogel's. 85.20 n't alld 3ha<3 McCormaok, doctoring the Vogol family, 820.00., n'talld C B Hntchlns, Adm., Ml on lanct sold county of estHenry Haufierman.... S3 1 ? BO AFFIDAVIT OP M. F. M. F. Kandall being- first duly sworn says lint he resides Ui Alponft township, Kossnth jonntv. Iowa, nnd that he is 4n years Ola, ana his vocation is that of n, county recorder. Especially in hot weather there is more or ess bad smell that comes from the jail alt the time. Even In cold weather unless the transom is left open during the night the air is so foul in there that one bus to open the widfaows UK! tloors to make the air fit to breathe. M. V. KANDAt/fj. AFFIDAVIT OF C. C. SAMSON. C. C. Siimson being first duly sworn says that be resides in Alffona township. Kossuth couutv, Iowa, and that, he is 87 years old. and Ills vocation is that of a sheriff ot Kossuth ^""consider tho jnll unsafe for the safe keeping- of prisoners. I consider It very dangerous for an official who is thrown amonjr his prisoners all the time. T do not think that too much can he said In regard to the poor sanitary condition of tho .lail. I consider tho place very unhealthy and that nothlnir can be done to better tho condition of It in that respect. I mean nothing within mv power. In wet times it gives nil the rooms aiid offices below a bad odor. This it will do not only in wet seasons. a a BAM80S . Smith, teaming Nels M Nelson, work on bridge ' L Thompson, repairing Lotts Creek bridge 5 00 A Campbell, mdso 14 09 WTHall&Cp.mdse 0 60 A. .Tohnson, repairs on various bridges. 21 70 J A Hamilton & Co, lumber 13 35 " B Thornton, repairs on Call bridge.. 2 00 M Farley, mdse 32 25 Jrucr Bros, bridge lumber 42 fll O Bawson, committee on bridge (i 51 •eter Ewen, labor oh bridge. 5 50 Smith* haulingpllc and com work. 15 44 DOMESTIC ANIMAt FOND Wm Itadlg, 1 hog killed by dogs, $5.00... 4 00 Frank Froenlo, 1 sow killed by dogs, clmd $10.00 6 00 \Vtn Nolan, 1 hog killed by dogs, $6.30.. 5 OC Tens Fink, 1 ram killed by dogs 3 00 Tens Nelson, 1 ewe killed by dogs 4 00 Owen McEnroe, 1 hog- killed by dogs... 10 00 7 Devine, 1 colt killed by dogs 80 00 BILLS ALLOWED. Schedule of Claims Audited and to be Paid. Ordered We will make [Special Prices on Gasoline Stoves; the Board THE JAIL CONDEMNED. Report of the Grand Jury, Judge ton and Others. Quar- COUNTY FUND. E O Fltz, clerk Ledyard twp S 10 0. 10 C Tuttle. biiUliy .,. 2] W S Benjiimln. ball! I' |» Of K 11 Ohirke, col deliiiciaunt tuxes JO M B F Crosc, state vs Felling GdO d do expenses ' »; do state vs W H Sims 800:. do state vs Gallagher JV{ yi do state VH Emmet Lee ly rfi do state VH Chas Arnta Ill' do state vs .Too Morrison 3 (H Mutt Purrott & Son, stationery 48 50 Egbert, yidlar £ Chambers, do. 408; Algona llepubllcan.pHnting and stat.. 140 01 E H Clarke, state vs Ed Gallagher 18 51 do state vs Louie Ellcr 10 f>' do state vs Eddy ct al W <* do state vsJas Holmes 7 d. do state vs Ed Gallagher li « S E Reed, assisting Co Supt...... 10 Luidlcy Bros, pub notice to doctors.... 3 0 B F Grose, insanity of Jut Bcener .... lo C do 1 nsanlty of Albert Ellwell.... 2o fil H Lowe, bailiff and night watch 50 0 Marshall Printing Co, stationery 1» 0 J C Koymond, expenses 11 «| F D Calkins, stamped envelopes .Jl w. do expense - u A Bonne Blank Boole Co. stationery... H B Hallock. publishing notice Upper DCS Mo'ines, stationery 'i'i a O'Neill & Getty, lumber •> * F II Ford, col delinquent taxes......... 7 8 do attending Blood family. $12.50 « 5 Cora E. Ellis, pub doctors notice <i » F II Ford, col delinquent taxed If]) Grow, publishing notice Mrs Sehlchtl, cleaning oilice Cort Kippentrop. elk Lincoln twp, 54. 0 C Samson, serving notice M C G Her. official reporter Floyd Davis, analysis of Felling med. Honrv Marty, trustee Sherman twp... Courier Blank Book Co. stationery... S Best, use of election room H P Hutch, col delinquent taxes Geo H Williams. 3 paper cases Mike Hubbard, cleaningvault Geo Barnner, rebate ot poll AY utters Bros, stationery Callaglmn & Co, three codes S S Sessions, defending Morrison. .. do defending Ed Gallagher 1000 Cullahan & Co, three codes <|0 00 do three codes °}> w Algomi Courier, pub proceedings i5 08 B F Keecl. salary, etc «« nn F JI Taylor & C C Samson, state cases. O'j 00 Peter G Kester, twp trustee * 00 Acres Blackmar & Co, stationery 1140 A S Anderson, trustee Springfield twp. 4 0} HH Spencer, expenses... *> du Geo E Clnrke, legal services.... 10000 Barrett & McMullen, pub notice and stationery • i ™ G W Eddy, annual April meeting f uu Burt Eddy, do • • • • • - uu C C Samson, various expenses, board bills, grand jury, etc »<» 00 Geo. N. Patterson, twp trustee ' ~ w H Bergenstein, damages, $1,500.00 n'talld John Wood, assessor Greenwood twp.. (1 00 C A Tcllier. surveying road, $10.00 5 uu O W McMurruy, meals for jury «j £> G G Studor, assessor Prairie twp ™ uu J L Cotton, assessor Whittemore twp.. cO 00 E E Thomas, assessor Wesley.......... 88 00 Carter & Hussey, Stationery. S118.&0... 105 80 Max Miller, trustee Sherman twp...... 2 00 A F Cumin, assessor Sherman twp.... W W M Z Grove & Son. oil and matches u jju W .1 Burton, clerk Springfield twp 2 00 H C Hollenbeck, committee work 2 21 W A Smith, justice fees, $8.00 n't alld J7 7. l 17 25 1 0 3 0 8 78 0 ao o 4 0 281 2 t 11 0 7 00 5 00 3 27 18 50 . 30 00 10 00 FUND. 200 400 & M arm fnctii rets and deftlcr"? In Bttttet Ms, Water Tanks,, and Creamery Supplies* Wfi also do Planing, Mfttehlnff. Monldiin|. Battd-s«*ln&. Lathe Work and ft^ o-Hdnff business. Ennineet' spec.aV We Employ Young Men but ., , ......... „, ....... „ ......... Mehts lh part payment for a hl«h ftfade Acme bicycle, which we send them Onfttopfojal. NO worltdofle until tho bicycle arrives and proves satisfactory. Young Ladies if bo?s or (tlrls apply they Must bfl well rdfiofii* inended. Write for particulars. ACME CYCLE COMPANY^ ELKHART, IND. 'BANKS, ABSTRACTS, LANDS, LOANS AND INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS, Ambrose A. Call, President. D. H, Hntcltiiis, Vice-Pros. Wni.K. Ferguson, cashier. C, D, Sinitli, Ass't. Casli. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK. ALGONA, IOWA, CAPITAL, $5O,OOO« Money on hand to lonil ftt reasonable ritt*H to iiartlcs who furnish first-class Security 'Directors—D. H. llutchlns, S. A, Ferguson, PliUttt Dorweller, .P. H. Ambrose A. Call, It. It, Spencer, Win, K. Knrguson. CASH CAPITAL—$5O,OOO.OO. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. D. Clarke, Pres., O.O. Chubb, Vice Pres., Thos, H. Lantry. Cashier, <TCO. L> Galbralth, Krert M. Miller, Myron Schenck, Thos, K. Cooke. Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING- Private Safety Deposit Vaults, Interest Paid for Time DeponitH. W. H. lugham, President. Theo. Chriscliilles, Lewis H. Smith, Vice Presidetit. Caabie Kossuth County State Bank. ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporated under general laws ol Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business traiwcwted. • Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Directors—W. H.Tngham, John G, Smith. J. B. Jones, T. Ohrischll)es>, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadswortli. Barnet JJevine. R. M. Richmond, Pres, B. F. Smffli. Vice J'l-ri A. K. Kichmond, Cashier. C. ,f. Lenander, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank $5 Stoves for $3,50, and Others in Proportion, C. M. DOXSEE, Hardware. Winkle's Old Stand. POOll FUND. 2 Oj Foundry and Machine Shop, MULLICA& OHNSTEDT, Props. done on Wo are Wo do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass castings and boiler work short notice. Pipe and pipe fittings and brass goods of all kinds in stock. Shop east of Rutherford House. orders promptly attended. MULWCA & OHNSTEDT, Algoua, Iowa. here to stay. THE INTER OCEAN -IS THE- Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West And Has the Largest Circulation. TERMS BI MAIL The urand jury having inspected county jail in regard to its condition of cleanliness and safety make the following report in relation thereto. This reports accompanied by suggestions and recommendations of the court. RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE COURT. To the Honorable Board of Supervisors: Gentlemen.—I herewith present'to you tho report of the grand jury of this county upon the condition of the jail, which report will sufficiently explain itself. Under Sec. 4278 of the statute, the law makes it the duty of the grand jury to inquire Into the condition anq management of public prisons, and in accordance with that duty, they have made the report hereto attached, to the district court, I would suggest to tho board of supervisors that they give this matter caret ul consideration, and if possible, take some steps to remedy the evils mentioned in the report. I believe that If tho people of this county wore fully aware of the circumstances, suiv rounding the condition of our jail both as. to its sanitary condition and us to its unsafe condition, that they would be pleased to make some permanent and radical change in rem* tion thereto. I hope that your honorable board will use such means und methods as will in vour judgment effectually remedy the evils suggested in this report. Respectfully submitted, ' W. B. QUAUTON, . Judge of tho 14th Judicial Dist. of Jo, BANCROFT, 'S Of tl " Foreign and IOWA. poratea unaer laws 01 me otaie 01 iow». None but home capital inverted. Authored, capital, 850,000. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking mslnessi transacted. Special attention given to collections. Insurance written. Steamsmp iC Di e n4cr/OBS f -R. E M a ' 0 Rfchmond. N. E. Sheridan, A. B. Richmond. B. F. Smith. Samnt) Mayne.O. E. Mallory, J. N. Sheridan. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever written a word In them. Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed. Good work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to \is and you may be: sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. j ESTATE FOANS,-FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY & RICE Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa. (without Swoday) $6,00 per PAJIUV (witft Sunday) , •.,,..$9.QQ per year The WelKly Inter Ocean|$i.00 .-.VMa YEAR,.„..„;„,, .-.. ) Y* 555=55 f\ NB NEWSPAPER ects. It spares AND THE ?SAR INTER OCBAN keeps abreast of the tiroes ML»!! neither pains nor expense in securing Al-l- op OUKRBNT UTCRATURB, Weekly Inter -Ocean- AS A -FAMILY; PAPER !$ NOT EX€1U!D BY ANY, 'ipjitkpr 'topta IT IS A TWELVE-PAai PAPER, eaders 'the benefit of the "tt W Tl»8 -NJW* QP THE G11ANP JURY'S KEI'ORT. We the undersigned, members of the'grand jury; desire to submit to the honorable oo«rt the following report on the condition of the Kossut/h county, jail- i» the basement ol the CO First. OU We find the room In which tllP cage Js located to be dtvmp, Illy ventilated, without sewerage and the air reolving with stench and in sucU ft condition as to Impair the health of its inmates and the officers whose duty It fs to cave of them, and also t-bosQ in tUe HOT carder's oflflce who are In the room imwodlr 0 & N W Ky, wander car fare John Reed, mdse for poor H McOuteheon, do 12 65 John Goedcrs, do 1 Langdon & Hudson, do • • • • • w J P Fohliiu digging grave and burial grou nd • ° S Benjamin, overseer ol poor 10 u D r McOorrnack, salary $ 0 Nauduln Bros, coal for poor „,/!?,• J J Wilson, coal,$13.rO n talk Dr McCormaok, salary • 10 }* Gilmore & Winkle, coal for poor....... 10 00 Edward Kunz, A L Ward and Mrs ScllWCppO ,.,.*•••••.* '* * 4li o! G M Bailey, policy on poor farm....... BO OC Isaac L Cork, digging grave for W J P j) ? Caikfns,'tJ6ketforWNioks'on'.!;;!'. 2 0 FCGroneman, med for Campbell,..... 1 1 Geo E Marble, good f or Story family.. dl 0 E A Howe, doctoring B Hudson........, 17 00 Geo N Pa' tereon,.work for Story/nm ly 4 00 Mr Kimball, car faro for Story family. J5 00 F A Bronson, coffin for Story 17 00 Walker Bros, goods for poor «5 68 Patterson & Son, mdse tor poor.....,., Ul 23 John Goeders, mdso for J Croso family 15 B5 It W Barge, mdso for Mrs G Godden.. 1 80 W J Studley, med for Mrs Laujanko,. 5 OS do mod for prisoners, etc 8115 D B Avey, repairing harness.., 1 50 Walker Bros, mdse for P Sapitol 87 01 Loander Barton, stock aud expense for LW^ai'neW'.'doctoriug'Mr'po'terson'.. H7 50 J J Wilson, seed for poor f arm te d5 BlifftUo Center Tea and Sploe Co, mdse ^ .Io f hn^tuU Lumber'Co,' cda'I for Godde'n 2 HO Buell & Morse, coal forSpooner,....... G 40 Inc Town of Whittemoro, mdse for poor 58100 ..,,,.,,'., ,,..ntalld LivGarfloW, treatment Mrs Barrack, 750 Jno Goeders, mdso for poor , ^0 75 H 0 McCoy, attending Barrack and Lee families, $183,50 13300 services g oo W L Niver, coal for ppoy « Pjj P J Jqhnsou, p OFFICE OVER ALdONA STATE BANK. Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans,' and Insurance. Not Necessary! T _ can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Machine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them- It, alsg, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— PA YS THM FREIGHT, J, that it is an absolute necess'l'ty to' Jet the prisoners o ut of the eage into the corriaor a part of the time, and . the officers in Pare of them has to be among them In the corridor while performing his duties, • • by•exposing himself to great j-isk from violence from vicious and refractory ,..,..„, We flud'r'urther that the jail in its present condition is insecure and that H Is only by.tho cpnstapt watchfulness aud pare of tlie officers in charge that prisoners 01 a hardened cUaraoter and skilled In the art ot burglary are pvpyouteij from »uUlrig their OS Foin : tU. In oonoluslou wo desire to say * • " -• •" li iavestigation giYPtt the o J7000 "1820, that upon «, tliorougli investigation givpw jue tie subject wo feel compelled to state to the court that wo consider wto present arrange" custody of prisoners ^ that common huwau. tt decent regard fov the „ ,„, ,,,,aity voqulre and hatPrisoRerswoder tb^ " UIIW|[l»UUWSM»WWU!V l ^^P«=i»'«f™^-"""~«' UtiilA' «.L ,..i:'ij!:MM«-o.,- -i.''£'\LC. SUe A wiokler apo,b Marty W v Dr'PivuTdoolcIrlPg Yogel lamlly, L v BeAttle, mdse fw-Yogel family i'V ] Boatfie l5C clo'"' J "".".'.'...'.'.',!'.; 2305 Ino To°vv« of' Whltteraore; coaV,te'-asi ', '<', n't alld P C Gronman, mod for Vogel family.. 1 55 LVUeaUle, mdsedo... « d8 SO Thompson & BeGravv. dra.vage. 1 75 J P Smith, caring for Yogel's, $8.60,,,., Farmers Exohang.e Society.* coal for 5 00 j Cole j M Furley, , Hannah Novvtnan. do. wUson, CQA» for Vogel family ...... i ao e & JoUnsofi, Ridse ao ................ 0/1 gs do, . . ... . . . • • IJ- Murk fray, o»vl».8f (prYopl'a, Kr.OO. . . E pOftrlisle, oooWnarfpr Vo«§ I family Theresa Sohpltf, mjlta .lor VpM's . . . . . J H Everets, «urs ug YogeJ's,157.50.... H*.T Thompson & pot mda Yogel's ..... How is the Time to Insure \ tttf* BEFORE THE WQHTNIJSfG AJ?P TORNADO SEASON le Bancroft. Iipee: ' IJE OFFERS THE Company, Aetna, Hartford,..,, Phoenix, Hartfor4.; ConWoental, N, y,., Fire AgsQciatlou, Phila Hanovor. N. Y. • • •. ;••••/ Northwestern National, -ockforfl,

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