The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1966 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1966
Page 17
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M*rry»6o*flotiiid 0V Dl*OVf —AUTOMOTIVE SHAKEUP- Ralph Nader, .the young man who has shaken up the auto world, is quite a py. He would have to be in order to register more impact on the automobile industry than any single individual since Henry Ford introduced assembly line production. Nader is 32 years old, a slender self-effacing young attorney who speaks Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic. He is the youngest child in a Lebanese family which owns a restaurant and bakery. Early in life he became interested in protecting the public, travelled all the way to Sweden to study the "ombudsman" system of appointing a man to defend the public interest. Afterward he wrote the law which introduced the "ombudsman" to Connecticut. With General Motors, Ford and Chrysler calling back cars for defects, Nader's book, "Unsafe at Any Speed." is selling so fast that his publishers can't fill the orders. And the interesting question is - how did he happen to start a safety revolution which no one else has had the brains or the courage to launch ? "Ten years ago, before I went to law school," "Nader told this column, "1 traveled around the country a lot and saw a lot of accidents and began to think . You know those bumper cars in the amusement parks- now there's a safe accident. And 1 wondered whether the automobile industry couldn't devise a car that would be equally shockproof." During his studies at Harvard Law School, Nader noted that the laws were all aimed at punishing the individuals responsible for traffic accidents, but no laws were aimed at the manufacturers who might be responsible for mechanical defects. - o - —THIRTY- YEARS BEHIND— / ' "The auto industry is 30years behind in safety," says the young Connecticut lawyer. "They are still using the straight-edge razor when they should have progressed to the safety razor," he says. "Each car costs the buyer $700 for style changes," Nader says, "and that $700 should have been used for safety features instead. "It costs Ford about $50 million to retool for a re-design in the rear end of the Mustang, and for almost the same amount they could incorporate safety features. However, the auto industry is accustomed to thinking in terms of wliat is easiest to manufacture and easiest to sell, not what is safe. It's much easier to point out style changes, to the customer than it is to explain safety features. "However, they can't overlook safety features anymore. "If I wanted to do something for animal welfare, no one would ask me about my motives," says the young attorney who was investigated by General Motors, "but because I am interested in human safety, it's another matter. "If at the end of his life, a person was asked whether he would rather have made a million dollars or saved hundreds of thousands, of lives, I wouldn't have to hesitate, and I don't think most people would." . o - —GOVERNMENT REACTION— This is the basic philosophy which guides the young man who has shaken up the automobile world. Probably it would not have shaken up the automobile world quite so much if General Motors hadn't put a detective on his tail in an effort to discredit him. The detective failed. The publicity accruing from that investigation made headlines. "They could have saved their $6,700," says Nader, referring to the amount GM paid the detective. Testimony in the Senate Commerce Committee hearings over safety has veered against the motor moguls. ' When John Bugas, former FBI man, now vice president of Ford was cross-examined by Senators, he begged that the auto industry be given a year to revamp its safety standards He also urged that Congress not write a law empowering the Secretary of Commerce to set safety standards. "To boil it down, you are simply saying, 'If you give us a reprieve from this legislation for one year,'"asked Sen. Howard Cannon, D.-Nev. ( " 'we will be able to show you we mean business, we are getting some results?' " "Yes, sir," replied Bugas. "And if we don't like what you have done," pursued Cannon, "we would only have lost one year in time?" "That is correct," replied Bugas. When Bugas asked that regulation of car safety be left to the individual states, he got a sharp reprimand from Sen. Warren Magnuson, D-Wash. "Let's not stir that up," said Magnuson sharply. "The states have no control on how you manufacture a car. We are talking about cars and how you make them. Let's not drag the states into this hearing." - o - —HEADLINES AND FOOTNOTES— Red China's third nuclear explosion , which the United States has warned may come at any time, is expected to be a hydrogen blast. (It has since been detonated). Intelligence reports claim, however, that the Chinese nuclear program has been plagued with trouble and is running months behind schedule .. . The mysterious "blue belt of defense," which Soviet Defense Minister Radion Malinovsky boasted about last month, is known to be an anti-missile system. The Central Intelligence Agency has obtained films of a Soviet missile intercepting another missile .. . Communist infiltrators have quietly stepped up their terroristic activities in northeast Thailand. Americans who have been helping to organize loyal natives into an anti-communist net have been fired upon . . . The agriculture attache in Bonn has sent a report to the Agriculture Department on foot - and - mouth disease now spreading across Europe ... In a diplomatic dispatch he reports: "From January 1 to December 12, 1965, 110 communities reported occurrence of foot-and- mouth disease on 239 farms (in West Germany). Result was that 174 cattle and 16,169 hogs were culled and the carcasses were disposed of ... Foot - and mouth disease has necessitated further emergency slaughtering of about a thousand head of cattle in Switzerland, the Netherlands, the USSR, and in some parts of Austria, Belgium, and West Germany ... In Holland it is reported that about $5.5 million worth of livestock have been slaughtered due to this disease." - o —U. S. SUPPLIES TO VIET CONG— It's ironic, but so much of the military materiel and food the U. S. is sending to South Viet Nam is reaching the Viet Cong that the VC's hardly need to use the Ho Chi Minh trail. The U. S. is landing 700,000 tons of supplies in South Viet Nam each month. At least 10 per cent is estimated to be reaching the Viet Cong via theft or the black market. This adds up to an average of four tons of U. S. supplies per year to each member of the Viet Cong - four tons of food, ammunition and equipment which can be turned against us. And to a guerrilla army which travels light and uses little heavy equipment, that's a lot. - o - -TAXPAYER'S COMIC BOOKS- The Job Corps has 450,000 Li'l Abner comic books that it doesn't know what to do with. A year ago it eagerly printed up half a million copies of abcxik featuring Li'l Abner and creatures from "Dropouter Space" - an idea designed to discourage school dropouts. Afterward, officials had second thoughts. Some thought the Al Capp characters were too controversial; others worried that it wasn't good for the Job Corps' image to be featured in the ninnies. Thus the 450,000 comic books have been gathering dust in a Washington warehouse at a storage cost of $125 a month. - o - —TAX BOOST PROSPECTS— Congressional leaders who are close to the President remain just as much in doubt as ever regarding his tax plans despite the ups and downs of the stock market, blamed in part on tax- increase jitters. The Council of Economic Advisers definitely has advised the President to ask Congress for a new tax-increase bill. He has been holding off partly because he has hoped for a further upswing in business; second, because as a politician he hates to ask for tax increases In an election year. He knows the effect this will have on his battle to retain a big Democratic majority in Congress. Therefore he has hoped that the tax increase could be announced simultaneously with favorable business news. Another reason the President has delayed asking a tax increase is that Wilbur Mills, D-Ark., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, has informed him that a new tax bill could be sped through Congress and sent to the President's desk in about three weeks. Therefore a tax increase could come as late as mid-summer. If it does come, it will not take the form of an excess profits tax but will boost rates on both corporate and individual incomes. Actually the national economy has been booming to such an extent that increased tax revenues are expected to cut the predicted $6 billion deficit Chevelle Malibu Sport Coupe—with eight new standard safety features, including outside rearview mirror and shatter-resistant inside mirror. Always check both mirrors before pulling out to pass. The way people are snapping up buys on new Chevelle V8's at your Chevrolet dealer's ... you'd think they're really getting away with something. They are, The getting's never been better. And your Chevrolet dealer's giving the May buys that are making it that way. Buys on all the racy '66 Chevelles, including the wide choice of Malibu models you can order with Y8's that put out up to 275 hp. And SS 396's you can order with new Turbojet VS's that put out up to 375 hp (red-stripe tires, special flat- cornering suspension and floor- mounted shift are standard). Just drop in, pick out the new Chevelle you want with the power and equipment you want. And get away with something yourself—a great May buy, no less, on America's favorite midsize car. CHEVROLET. CHEVELLE. CHEVY D. CORVAIR AND CORVETTE Move OUt m May See your Chevrolet dealer! the Chevrolet Way KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. In half by June 30. Incidentally, the President has discussed the idea of a $200 head tax on all American tourists leaving the country. This is a drastic step, but he may have to do something of this kind to curtail the dollar outflow. He will point out, if he proposes this measure, that other countries, such as England, limit severely the amount their nationals can spend abroad. The President will have a harder time explaining the European trip of his eldest daughter at a time he is trying to persuade other Americans to spend less abroad. Sell 21 New Cars And Trucks In Past Week New vehicle sales in the county last week totaled 21, according to records at the office of County Treasurer Rosella Voigt. Owners of new cars and trucks are: Chevrolet - Whittemore Feeds, truck; D. D. Usher, Ottosen, pickup; W. A. Meyer, Whittemore, truck; M. 0. Givens, Titonka; W. F. Steele, Algona; J. J. Sinnwell, Bode; George or Thelma Higgins, Titonka. Ford - R. L. Perry, Algona; Marie or Arthur Goeke, Elmore; D. J. Schiltz, Bancroft; Anthony or Helen Elbert, Irvington. CMC - B. J. or Thelma Meister, Burt, pickup. Buick - Henry Bailey, Wesley ,Harry Stauffacher, LuVerne; H. W. Schultz, Whittemore; John or Yulahame Voss, LuVerne. Chrysler - M. J. Bay, Algona. Pontiac - M G. Johnson, Ledyard. Mercury - J. W. or Louise Plaisier, Titonka. Dodge - J. M. Hayes, Algona; Laura G. Hough, Algona. M-D Club Four Corners Mother & Daughter club met May 12 at the home of Herlinda Kirsch, with Sue Bjustrom assisting. Roll call was answered by 28 members and two guests. Large amounts of baked goods and home-made articles were brought for auction. Bernice Shaw read two articles, "The Farmer's Wife" and "Why I Am So Tired." The June meeting will be guest day. QUADRUPLETS A 3-year old ewe belonging to Gary Schmidt of Menaha, son of the Lyle Schmidts, gave birth to four lambs last month. Gary is a freshman at Crestland school and a member of the Delaware Cadets 4-H club. Thumlay, May 1*, 1964 (la.) Get more done on a busy day with-a Bedroom Helperphone Great for convenience—privacy, too. Housework seems to go much faster with helpful, step-saving extension phones nearby. Helper- phones! TO ORDER, call the telephone business office or ask your telephone man. Northwestern Bell Take a tip from area businessmen: Gambles Store Algona, Iowa Now you can give your whole house the same dependable gas air conditioning that cools modern schools, hospitals, office buildings, apartments, etc. Gas air conditioning has an unmatched record of performance in business and industrial installations. And these are the reasons. A gas cooling unit has no moving parts, which means it cools quietly and dependably, with no loss of efficiency over the years, with virtually no maintenance. And gas cools economically. Aren't these the same things you're looking for in a central air conditioning system for your home? Find out how simple it can be to cool your whole house with gas air conditioning. See your gas company for the names of dealers who sell gas air conditioning equipment. Gas makes the big difference. (Costs less, too.) NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO AIQONA, IOWA 109 9. HALL PHONE 295-3554 295-2484 COMPLETE IP AND NATURAL OAS SMVICI 10 IAIT JTATI AIQONA

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