The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 17, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1895
Page 1
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VOL xxiv. • ALGONA, KosstmiootBTtf, IOWA* WEDNESDAY. APfcJtL it, 1395. KO. 29, Get Out Your Straw Hat and Linen Duster and don't Forget to Call on PARISH & FRISE •«—« • • • • • SEE THOSEfe_ HistoFicaf Departing n * / nernck The most Economical Consumers of Ice. Easy of Access. Wholly Convenient. Free Prom Odor. Sold at Reasonable Prices. First-Class Refrigerators in every way. You also n^ed an AURORA GASOLINE STOVfi, and an IMPERIAL WHEJBLi-perhaps a NEW PUMP, and possibly a lo^of GLIDDEN BARB WIjiE. You should put on!a few coats of MOUND GITy PAINT and you will be ready for Sunimer. And Remember: THE MiJESTIC is the Best Steel Range inihe World, and is For Sale by "'•..'.'.'. . .. F>-A.R,ISH[ &, ~B "SPRING-WORK CAN PROCEED The Republican State Convention Will Not be Held Until July toth. First Crop, and Then Governor—Counties That Are Organizing for J. L. Kamrar. The State Central Committee met in DesMoines last week and decided upon DesMoines as the- place and July •lOth as the date of the convention which will name Iowa's next Governor. A date in June was found impracticable on account of the meeting of the National league convention in Cleveland Ji. 10 19th. The committee did not his year assume the prerogative of naming the peuuanent otlicer of the convention, ui!a t &U lifyiw? that that body is . ot o old to learn iiom experience. The temporary officers n'ameclaiv the following; Chairman—Joe 11. Lane, Davenport, Secretar>- 11. K, Evatis, Coryi <MJ Sergeant-ut- u-u-s-s W. S mih, -Mu- Beading Clerk—J, »V. Willitt,Tacpa. The state com ntiu , coimiig at B'O late a date, it wiU not be necessa v to ' hold the county convention \\ \\\ late in June; and the conveiii. net) -1 the farmers can he consideied, KA.MR.iiR MOVESaSN^ ; The Webster City Freeman tella of rthe organization of a Kamrar club in ^ it's, town, indicating that Hamilton j^ county is making ready to give her fav- l' 1 ^ • iprite eon a hearty support; ' A number of the representative re{.publicans of Hamilton county met \\\ Lews'city last night and 'effected a - f . 0 * r g 8niZ8tion tp further the guh- • ' candidacy of our fellow , ixiSenator John &> Kan> 11 ho wing officers were el- r£«4. /"livl /"I e\t\ \X7 OfrtQ lieve it will loyally wheel into line at the proper time and give Mr., Kamrar its hearty aid in his candidacy for governor. When the Gazette says this, from visible indications it but voices the sentiments of three-fourths of the republicans of the county. The Fort Dodge Messenger has this to say: Webster county has no candidate in the field, but our neighboring county, Hamilton, has presented a popular and able man in the person of ex-Senator John L. Kamrar, and the lively republicans over there are pushing him with §reat enthusiasm' and determination, enator Kamrar is well known in Webster county as a successful andcapable man of affairs and a vigorous and zealous republican. He is one of the foremost citizens of Webster City, ever loyal and devoted to its ; interests., There is great community of interest between the republicans of Webster and Hamilton counties, We are together in judicial and congressional districts • and since our Hamilton neighbors have made a stand' before the state • in this matter there is a strong disposition in Fort Dodge to aid them,, both on account of neighborly proximity and because of the merits of Senator Kamrar. Certainly from knowledge of the man we can assure the people of Iowa that he will make a dignified and efficient head of their state government. . COL. OliMSBY QUOTED,. The State Register says: .' / Colonel Ormsby, of Emmetsburg, a p umjnoqt candidate for the governorship, called on the state house officials yesterday. When asked about the con- Uition of the land and the crops in Palo Alto county he said: "The ground is in perfect shape and the farmers are working night and (lay and ,feunday. We had a good rain last Sunday and another one the Sunday before. The outlook for a big crop is very- favorable," Col. Ormsby's position on pro* lubition has been misunderstood by a great waay. He favored the amend, went in 1882 and did a great -fleal- 'o* good work in that direction. He was very sorry to see the manufacturer's bill W to Pass during the lagt/ EX-CONSUL HANNA TALKS, Interviewed During a Visit in Des Moines on the Venezuelan Difficulties with England. Thinks the United States will be Asked to Become an Arbitrator—Mr. Hanna is Now a Chicago Man. w!«WMJB«^'.w»^SMas; l|iypM%f»M b 4 ''ptioniey-MF^awiaw ,^ H «YnJ of HaHiUtQs Bounty i&sp with, eotUBsiflsm *~ "- .trjnhr.Ti!A t miT3T/i»l»P^ < &r.nTrRMnWlRHS Thursday morning's Des Moines Beg- ister has the following report of an interview with Ex-Consul Phil Hanna, which will interest his friends in this neighborhood: Des Moines is entertaining a distin- tinguished visitor. The visitor is in the person of Mr. P. H. Hanna, formerly United States consul at Venezuela. Mr. Hanna is the gentleman who while in office there* in conjunction with Admiral Walker, materially aided General Crespo in establishing his government. Mr. Hanna said yesterday to a reporter for the Begister that in his opinion Great Britain will yet be compelled to accept the services of the United States as arbitrator in the difficulties with Yenezuela and possibly other South American states. If it does not he believes that the entire northwestern portion of South America will combine in a war against England on their own soil with the hope that the United States will assist them, At any rate their hope would be cen* tered in the United States, and even if this country would declare a protecto^ rate.over Venezuela it would make their cause the cause of America so far as moral strength is concerned, Mr» Hanna says that there is no spot in the world where Americans are so welcome, as in Northern SoutU America, They and^e mines will'be pushed there '-asyrapidly as possible, under the existing ^difficulties:' ; *Among the gdfitlenSen' connected with Mr. Hanna in the enterprise is Mr, Herbert Bartlett, of this, city, who is one of the most famous travelers, scientists and engineers in the world. He was a companion of Generals Baker and Gordon on their African explorations and assisted the government in ferreting out the mystery connected with the annual overflow of the Nile. Mr. Hanna will visit Venezuela in the near future. A STORY ON INGALtS. an This time it is NEW DESIGNS IN= SQeto «,„, .«. Jong as.we cap buy wh.e,&,fc nadQ?<$Qw$winw|J' If; 8tij«»,,. »1te,' 3 at".im r , , "X;,, ls ,. Mtyfrjwsad rplaflsJtftoWHW'" : tmxKW IkfMJsfiflSU TflP OWSWs w *W «*»M {»** return to thajfc city tpday,? A Kansas Cowboy Tries- to Have Interview With Him." Smith D, Fry, the well known Iowa newspaper correspondent at Washington, in a letter to the State, Register, gives a good story on ex-Senator Ingalls, who is to discuss "Problems of Our Second Century" at the opera house next Thursday evening: An old employe of the senate says that a Kansas constituent of Senator Ingalls, a rough looking fellow, sent his card in to the senator one day and seated himself in the marble room to await the latter's arrival. • Whe,n' Ingalls made his appearance someone else engaged him in conversation^ »At its conclusion he started to re-e'n ; ter the chamber, having apparently forgotten the purpose for which he quitted it. At that moment the cowboy, seized him, "Be you a senator.?" 'he inquired, Ingalls gently disengaged himself and answered with unusual dignity: * I have that honor, sir," "Do you know old Ingalls, of Kansas?" was. the next interrogatory. Ingalls shot a piercing look at the fellow to see if he was m earnest, He evidently .safos^d himself on that point for be, 1 , immediately; . "Qb, yes,.we're very .well acquainted,'? By this time., quit<? a crowd of senators and senate employes had gathered' around tee ,tw.Q, men, "weilthe»»" continued tb,e,-«or, "I wish you v?ould tell him I am about i * _ a _ ji - anL. — -fnvt n iTYl ' °"'* ^" nA CHAMBER SETS, GLASSWARE, TABLEWARE, ETC. ALSO OUR LINE OF—— Jardineres. Don't fail to look them over; they are something entirely new. Yours, •' Walker Bros. Bakey Qity*. ; l .ever $¥ 91 CLOTHING w*-W • ^ wuw^N*«*wt**S!sa5i\ • A ,, f ,. ., '>»'v i?ay M'A$ « ( * J, ...-A!, ^,.,^,.&S^ ' • " • ' —- '* «r , 4"i ' *', 1 ^>t ~ ..i 1 "* f ' '*"-.<tf »A- lit^apM M*i;*»» -^T?; ^*'T w ^^*?HTW!»^^^Tff^^\T7 t ^T''i#« ,.. ,• • «lpr:»: ^ .''j^jjypffi

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