The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 10, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1895
Page 8
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BANCROFT MEWS. EEB TIME is here; you will want good, reliable Seeds for planting, We handle > » . FERRY'S CELEBRATED SEEDS, ALSO Iowa Seeds, from Rush Park. ALL NEW AND FRESH,——*BULK OR PACKAGES. LANGDON & HUDSON. Agents for WHITE SWAN FLOUR.—Best on Earth. KOKtS way freight.... 11 43&m 4 ospm Mifced ..........Sotptfi way freight....8 18am passenger .. ..205pm BANCROFT, IA., A£fiiL 10, 1895 Conducted by J< A, f?RECk. FURNITURE healthy and able to take cafe of themselves. Joh'nhy Cnllen had a new wood rim bicycle arrive Monday < and now he too goes wabbling along the sidewalks after moonlight, and lets the clerk wait on customers next day. Still on Deck! Patterson & Son With a Full and Complete Line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed. Remember that we are the ones that handle that , WHITE PEARL FLOUR, which will give you satis- = faction or money refunclecl. We have a full line of Canned and Dried Fruits. BANCROFT LOCALS, insure your property against fire and tornados with J. A. Freeh. Don't put it off. Eoettcher & Zanders' meat market is closed for a few days to enable thern to move Into their new place of business now occupied by K. W. Barge as a feed store. Mr. Eargo will occupy the place in the Barslou bbck formerly occupied by the meat market. The meat market will have a new front.. Dr. Bcmis Is the possessor of n bran new John Ailing 08-inch gear scorcher. The prairie chickens had better keep out of the road when the doctor happens along now. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Russell are cozlly settled in theirnew home. J. B. Carr's store was temporarily closed for a day or so last week, hut ho Is again at the front selling cheaper than ever and doing a good business. There Is another wedding at the Catholic church in the near future. John Jordan returned from his trip to Chicago the first of the week. There is no connection between this item and the one above it. Last Sunday was observed as Palm Sundry at the Catlulic church and there is to be regular services all through this week (Holy week) including Good Friday. A very elaborate Easter service will be had next Sunday. Father Scheinmel Informs us that early mass will bo held at 7:30 and high mass at 10 and vespers at 3 o'clock each Sunday hereafter. John Koehlcr and family were made happy yesterday morning by the arrival of a boy at their place. All arc doing well. A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Nick Tlx last week. We understand that the loss on the Seneca Co-Operative creamery will be settled with the insurance company by arbitration. The insurance company selects one arbitrator and the creamery company one and these two select a third. The award of the three will be final. We understand that John G. Smith, of Algona, has been appointed arbitrator by the creamery 2ompany. We hope the creamery people will get the full, face' of their policy at once. Farmers feel that a heavy load has been lifted from their sholders since the rain. The Odd Fellows and Masons- ntaoth worked the first degree at their last meetings^ . . . •-.•!• At the business and covenant meeting of tile Baptist church last Thursday evening a pulpit committee was appointed to secure a successor to Rev. Laidley. The Bancroft Begister will move into theC. J. Anderson building this week. The new quarters will make a fine office. John Roswall has put up a fine residence on the land across the road from the Sands school house. Several of the boys are sporting new bikes. The Phoenix house will soon be ready for occupation. Mrs. C. A. Ilotolling spent Sunday at her parents home near Whittemoro. The Woman's Relief Corps initiated several candidates last Saturday afternoon. CRESCO, April 9.—Peter Bowfiti, of Gres* co, died Thursday afternoon after a long illness, the nature of which is not knbwn, further that it>assomo lesion of the brain, believed to be a tumor. The funeral occurred at the house Friday afternoon. Then the remains, accbm* panied by Mrs. Bowen and her son E. C. Bowcn, were taken to Illinois, where h6 formerly resided, for Interment. Mr. Bowen was 01 years old and was born in the state of Now Jersey. His father and mother both died when he was a child and ho was raised tinder the cafe of others. He became a railroad engineer and ran on various roads in the cast and west. He lived for 15 years in Rock Is^ land Co., 111., where he was a farmer. Then ho removed to Kossuth county, where ho has lived for 11 years. Ho leaves a large circle of friends who remember him as a kind neighbor and devoted friends, which is the best of all testimonials of his worth and integrity. The fam* ily wish to thank the friends for their kindness during his long sickness, and for their many tokens of sympathy and respect since his death. BURT. BUKT, April 0.—C. W. Schryvcr was in Algona yesterday. Sheriff Samson was up from Algona today. Wo have two attorneys in Burt,. M. J. Walsh and M. E. Phillips. Their first case was tried before Judge Marble at the A. O. U. W. meeting last night. Phillips thinks of running for county attorney. C. W. Schry ver has just received a new portable forge and a drill press to put in his new shop, which Is nearly finished. Will McDonald is sick with pneumonia. Mrs. Blanchard left for Chicago Saturday, to be treated for her cancer. Fanny Richards commenced her school in the Coffin district east of town. The department has discontinued the postoffice at Concork, the county seat of Hancock county, and the mall is ordered Sidetracked at Garner. The people of the neighborhood aie without information as to what they arc driving at. S. E. Albln, who has fufi.the Whittemore Champion for the past eighteen months, has sold the paper to M. M. Hatch, son of H. P. Hatch. BOOI1GEM On liberal commission or on guaranteed salary of $40 per month. Some agents making $100 per month. Good chance. Write to or see A. McCllutock, state agent Britt, Iowa. THROWN OFF A TRAIN. Successors to JoJS«8 & SM1TO. ABSTRACTS,- IOWA, 1VOLAKO ife (X on Dodge street, Aigona, Iowa. a CALL, itttAL tiSTAfti Alfb AtiSi'ttACl' oP#ic& Fof information In regard to lands Iti Noftli western to**, Write to hltri, thorlngtoti street* Algona, Iowa. Ramm Gtatited a New Trial of His Suit Agaihst the Minneapolis Road. D. W. Bamtn, a business tnan of Lu- Verne, was some time ago put off a Minneapolis & St. Louis train, while the latter was in motion, the train men mistaking him for a tramp* Now, the LuVerne business men do not propose to allow any railroad to handle them in that way, and Mr. Bamm . took the favorite LuVerne method of redness by appealing to the courts, The case came in Judge Hyatt's court, and liamm proved thot he offered to buy a ticket, but was told by the train men to get off. Judge Hyatt instructed the jury to find for the company, and from this decision an appeal was taken. The higher court holds that the jury should have decided the matter on its merits, and so a new trial will be ordered. GfcO. ». CLArtKB, OttAS. A, COtlttNOtJR CLARKE & COIlENOtttl, A TTORNtirs AT LA W, ALGOttA --.-.** IOWA GrEO.K CLOUD, (Successor to W. B. Qtiarton) Attorney and Counselor at Law, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS -AT- LA H". I'ostnfllce ALOONA, IOWA. JFESEY 00¥ FOR SALE. A flne Jersey cow, registered in the American Jersey Herd Book. Will give privilege to test her for milk or test milk for butter-fat. 28-29 J. B. THE COUNTY AT LARGE. The Germania Standard reports a population for its town of JMfl. It adds that, the growth of its town is very satifact'ory and predicts an increase of population this season. It says: ''Many towns of twice the age are not so speedy iu growth, and above all, the future prospects are .good. Wo will not only increase in numbers but financially as this year will bring us brick fronts, churches and dwellings of which «i PA crirMj-nn r\f hninrr ni'r>r*t,f»fl fihrin." PERSONAL MENTION. F. S. Stough is in Minneapolis. J. A. Freeh, the KBPUBLICAN'S representative at Bancroft, was a visitor in Algona Friday last and was in town again today. County Auditor Calkins and wife went up to Blue Earth City to spend Sunday with relatives and friends, returning Monday afternoon. Mr. Wightman, Senior, of Burt, was looking over the REPUBLICAN'S beautiful little gas engine on Saturday. Miss Cora Hibbard opened the spring term of her school near Whittemore .on Monday last. Peter and Frank »Winkel went to Wisconsin last week attendin the fun; eral of their mother. Mrs. Alpheus Johnson was up from Algona over Sunday visiting ..with, her daughter, Mrs. Frank Thompson, in the Lone Rock neighborhood.—Burt B.V.S WETTING. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. Algona, Iowa, .T. L. BONAB. 11. H. FELLOWS. BONAR •& FELLOWS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW Collections will rocolve prompt attention. Kooms 8 and 0, Algronu. Stale Bank Bl'dg. Branch olflco at „ ,, Wesley, Iowa. ALGUNA, IOWA- DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AND LAND, Collections a Specialty. Ofliue In Gardner Oowles new bullU»u«. Algona. Iowa. S. S. SESSIONS-. A TTORNS T AT L A If, Loans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds, Oillco over Ulirlschlllea' store. Algona, Iowa. IF IN NEED OF GOOD BUTTER OR FRESH EGGS, CALL O Leather Boots, Plow Shoes, "Working Shoes , Fine Shoes. Heavy Shoes, All Kinds of Boots and Slices, Rubbers and Rubber Boots. The Largest Stock ! The Best Assortment! The Lowest Prices! IN KPS5UTH PPUNTY. \Yo \ylll bo g-lad to sec you at any tl'mo and show you cm 1 goods. . ;. Everything fli'St class mid HEBRON. HKBHON, April 7.— The week opens with rain enough to settle the dust. C. S. Pondletoh and family have arrived from Minneapolis and moved into the new house just built for them or section 27. C. T. Krasch and wife- were disturbed by a party of citizens intent upon treating the couple to a chiravarl. They were invited in and staid a short time, then departed. A project Is on foot in this neighborhood for a skim house in connection with the Buffalo creamery. Mr. John Hango refuses ¥30 an acre for his 80, which is half of the northwest quarter of section 32, and cash at that. Breakers have commenced turning over the sod. Mrs. Julia A. Hill will teach the school at this place, beginning today. F, S, NORTON, Dealer in ! m And all Kinds of Building Material. WHITTEMQRE. WurrrEMORJE, April 9.— Mrs Albin Is on' the sick list,, The district Methodist meeting, hold here Wednesday was largely attended and greatly appreciated, , Mrs. O'Kriou's no\v. cottage is nearing completion and will add materially to Ho* tellings addition. ••-.-•••.- ' „ .' B. A. Wejsbeck, tjio genial Jphn P,aujl lumberman; wljl buUd.a, nleojosideuce iftt otie'e.iuHotoUing's addition, Ed will do himself proud iu this .effort. His house will be between Hanna's and Mrs, O'Brien's.' Geo; Hanna alsp builds a resi^ donee north of the track at once, having sold his present residence to John Me* Cabe, George Gpetchs paine over from Pu> Yerne the pther day and J'o<Je back across the cpujitry pn JjiS wheel., , J}. A- Mlsheck to,Pk aavftntage of tl^e soft ground to practice on his new wheel which arrived Monday. Wo heard that ho needed all the ground there was and what ho d.ldn't have under him was on him wheuheeotttu-ougl). C.-anos are very umnerpus the last few days. Wfl baveu'l, fceard of any are spoken of being erected soon. The Wesley Reporter celebratps its .entry upon its fifth year of publication by .a liberal uso of new type. The Reporter expresses satisfaction with the'p'atronage It is receiving, and a glance at its well-filled advertising columns satisfies us that it may well do so. Wesley is a very thriving town, and a progressive lot of business men, who realize the importance of sustaining the home paper, are in control. Swea City claims 200 population. The Herald says that last December the census of sections 17,18,19 and 30 was taken so as to certify to the court and only 161 heads were counted. In March R. M. Richmond counted noses In the territory now to be incorporated as Swea City, less than a milo square, and found 193. April starts out with some additional since tha,t date, enough anyway to make the number over 200. it will reach 300 at least by Jan. 1,1890. Harrison and Grant district townships got their committees together last week to settle up the school funds, says the Swea City Herald. Harrison township gets §138 on the settlement of school house fund and assumes all the indebtedness incurred by the township before division. Another flowing well has been heard from. The Wesley Reporter says, that Milo Elwoll and Fred Gray in digging a well for John Bushman, seven mllos south of Buffalo Center, struck a flow at the depth of 106 feet. It flows «bout a two inch stream. The bridge between sections' 10 and Jl, Buffalo township, has boon destroyed b,y firo catching from the burning prairie. There is some speculation as to who is responsible for the origin of the firo, says The Reporter, The Esthervillo Republican says that Anna Lardoll and Gunder Wouter'tpn,' both of Swan Lake, are toi bo married today. These are among the'most popular young people and the-'wedding will bo, celebrated In the proper style, The Methodist pastors of, 'Renwick, Goldfield, Eaglo Grove and Woolstpcl^ will hold a meeting at LuVorue tomorrow aft" ernoon and eveujng, and among other Monitor. L. E. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, t OCUee on .State street, Algona, lows,. Martin Jordan' is at Minneapolis looking after some property he owns there. Mr.' and Mrs. Lai'e Young, of Des Moines, wero the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ingham over 'Sunday. Mr. Young is the editor of the Des Moiiijes Daily Capital and State Binder. • Mrs. Platt,,of Algona, sang at the LuVerne literary last week; and the "Keview says she took the," audience by storm. Mrs. Platt is a singer of fine voice and culture, and she'never sings without winning popular favor. Mrs. Hepburn, mother of Mrs. Harvey Ingham, has been visiting the .latter. Mrs. Hepburn is the recorder of PoUc county, a position .which she has held for several years. Mrs. Hamilton, a neighbor of the Hepburns in Des Moines, was also a guest. Mrs. Ed. Williams, of Ipswich, South Dakota, .was called here last week by news of the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. Waterhouse. The latter, though still veiy feeble, is reported better. Geo.. Hamilton has been ..suffering from pneumonia and has. been confined to his room the. past week. He has hot enjoyed his usual 1 health since the last big lire, in which, he took such a heroic part.and-when lie inhaled too much hot air. He is now on the gain.. A. A. Brunson and wife arrived home from California Monday morning, It is understood that i,U'. and Mrs. A. D. Clarke and Mr. and Mrs. S, C. Spear will not be home till the ,last of the month. : . ( .', ATTENTION DAIRYMAN, Have you five .or more cows? What is your purpose in keeping theaj? Wbat is their product. Do they pay you,and howmuch? Are you dairying for profit and do you wish to increase this profit? If you do call on or write Spurbeck & Lambert of Algona, la,, for circulars and information in regard to DeLaval baby separators, It will pay you. HE I4KES US, Garner Signal: The Algona "census taker" found g,469 people within the city limits, of whom 635 were male yo> ers, An increase of 20 per cent, since the census'of 1890 was taken, We like M.J. KENEF1CK,M. D. Oillco over Taylor's store . Aigomi, . | . - - -"Iowa. J. M. PRIDE, M. D. Office over Goeder's Alffona, Cleaning Store. Iowa Dlt. 'L. A. SHEETZ, DRUGGltiT 'AND'STAT10NER, Preporlptlons tilled. Deals In paints, ouu, books.'perfumeries, etc. Oor. State and Thorlngton sis. Algona.Iowa. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTEMORE - .' - - IOWA, Regular Office hours's toiz'a.'in'., 2 too p. m. Over Wlchler's Furniture store. Besldenoe nortli of truoK. -oc DENTIST^ A. L. RIST, D. .D. S pain Local anaesthetic for deadening gums when extracting tooth. - in E..S. GLASIER, D, D. S, DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algona State Bank. , SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO SAVING THE NATURAL TEETH. .* The best of modern anaesthetics used to make all operations as painless as possible. portaut subjects to be dlspussed those are .a'niiouucea;;' '"Th6 ( ?reofl9lB <U |ho Sputh -ftud tHeir rftl£t?oii IP' the future pf tttfs. 13. E. SAYERS, D. V. AND SVW1SQN, west of the Tlioriugton Bouse, AJgona.Iowa, HOSPITAL AccQmmo4attQns, the peopje of Algpna and are pleasefl to pee the rftJ&t?o«"ep' tlie future of Y plan of serving freedom a~nct'trU& VnjQu;"' "] this country can best regresont institutions in the old world." odistohurph a) ways was eha.r,a$terj^o<J by that flavor of patriotism which is the wn» failing index of a. healthy religion.,' The LuVerne News says that aU 'child" ren under 14 years of. age'are 'qu'at'aniinwi iu LuYorne at present. Ther,e IS o^ly' oiie ca&e of diphtheria, hpwevqiy &pfl' t&e farmers need not be ftfraid • to pome tQ rorey IQ WAV OSH §pd Charley, S.PIJ pf Marnpy PevJiio, pf St. Joe, wot with a very sa<J wideni last Tues4a,y. Jle was creeping up 119 tbe, ej- bauk with a shot gw» wk$)A tfce jnent in sproe way was GEQ, C, of horses will be pleased learn tbat L. T- Martin, of Wvei'tft will be on band again this spring tp in liia old Qccupation* Wait for P, L, BLAQ-LB, Manuffictuyor oi anil 4e&}er in, Harness and Harness floods, IOWA,. They are rep-oiled very' JjftUd,,—Rode Bttgle by \Vi o, BOUSE TO KENT I have unliflftited or

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