The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 10, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1895
Page 5
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TAYLORS «§§i A VERY , FOR *•* ists, NotLtiuiidHed, at.... —SIZES 33 TO 44.— Just What You Want for Mornings. We Carry the Largest Line of Millinery in the City. -JAS. TAYLOR. ALGONA KEPUBUCAJ LOCAL MENTIONS, School opened on Monday in Algona. F. M. Stacy says he can spare spring pigs. Mrs. Evans has been quite sick of pneumonia. •.."'. The city council will meet as a board of equalization next Monday. A preaching service is. held at .the Free Methodist church .every Thursday evening. There will be special Easter services at the Congregational church next Sunday morning. A. L. Peterson lost his interest in pictures last week. He was laid up with a severe cold. The Emmetsburg papers speak in the most enthusiastic terms of the Joseph Cdok lecture. ; ' \ The High School declamatory contest will be held at the Opera House next Friday evening. Archdeacon McElroy will conduct the Easter service at the"'Episcopal church next Sunday. The "Problems of Our Second Century" will be solved on the 26th inst .Until then, be patient,- .-, • , Clarence Robinson is learning the barber business in Wilbur's shop. He will make a good barber: There will be a meeting of the A. L A. at the home of Mrs. Hamilton Fn day, April 12, at 3 o'clock. The editor of the Elmore Eye has opened up an onion farm on the -Minnesota side of the state line. ;i 4&%. Clarke is cjn Chicago at pres ent and will be irv Algona, prpbably,- befpre returning td thetJbast. ; ^; .;•; The Supreme "Court' has affirmed Judge Carr's decision in the case ot Callanan against Kossuth county. Martin Jordan has just completed a very fine job of grading on his residence grounds on Thoriugton street. > Dr. Kenefick has been obliged to quar- " antine the family of Max Herbst on account of an outbreak of the measles. . A good many new ads grace our columns this week. They,-as well as the old ones, will repay careful attention. \ H. C. Dodge has gone out of the meat ^bvvsiness and expects to leave '..the last of 'tke week for southern Iowa to sell The Grange store stock will be removed to the old stand, where the store las been rebuilt. This institution has )een having hard luck of late, but it s not falling behind a bit in popularity nor in the quality -or variety of its goods. Fred Waterhouse has sold out his vgar factory and store to John Schue and Lew F. Hudson, who will take possession in a few days. Mr. Schue is a cigar maker of long experience and skill, and Mr. Hudson will not be long n acquainting himself with the business details. . . Wm. Delair was drunk Friday night and was ejected from the Bowles res- -»n»n*t4- CT/i ar\rm mnh 1111 Wlfr.ll ft. T)i' soon met up with S. who couldn't stand Jas. H&odall was working in the Em- metsfaurg J\eporter office last week, but at present heis retained by the REPUBLICAN. >A The.Kindergartba will open Monday 'with a good attendan^ O f little- folks, and Mrs. Lilly will give- .the system a fair trial. There was another consumable rain fall Saturday and Sunday, whv>4i gave new confidence to the farmers a*d the rest of the people, Clerk Grose has issues jclULclU v* .».jtw w« w— — «• v •—c- - — -— Patterson, who couldn r t stand his breath and called the police. He was brought before Mayor Haggard Saturday morning and contributed $10 to the exchecqer. The term of the normal which closed last week was the largest for a winter term yet, numbering87. The attendance was largely from f he neighboring counties and from southern Minnesota. The normal is constantly, growing In popularity. The spring term opens next Tuesday; " . C. L. Lund was in Chicago on election day and got into the middle of a big fight. When the combatants got to close quarters he escaped into a democratic saloon close by where he was safe and everybody was good natured. He says many of the best democratic voted for-Swift. A Dr. Canter,-a Russian eye specialist who has occasionally "made" Algona, was arrested and fined $30 for assault and battery done at Hopkinton last week. Then the populace, who thought he didn't give the other fellow enough, petitioged to have the fine ree mitted and it was reduced to $1. .; : JSTow the spring rains have commenc: ed why not put in that cistern. Spuiv beck & Lambert will furnish you cisterns, water tanks and pumps so cheap that you cannot afford to be without them. They have a large stock of hose and hose fittings. It will pay you bo gel; their prices on these goods before buying. Col. Spencer says that while Sexton is not having any bo.qm it is enjoying a ste'ady growth.' He has just sold a few lots to Burt Masten, of Prairie, who has disposed of his farm and is now hauling stone for a basement for an inn and livery barn and when completed he will afford entertainment for man and beast. . .. ; Services appropriate to passion week at the M. E. church will be held as follows:% .Preaching Wednesday evening by ReV. Dr. H. E. Hastings, and on Thursday evenin Bagnell, services-to by Rev." Robt. ^« 6 , jegin at 8 o'clock. Prof. W. S. Lewis, of Epworth seminary, is expected to preach the Easter morning sermon, C. D, Pettibone reports that nine- tenths of an inch of rain fell last Saturday and Sunday. On the Saturday uounty uieris <JJ.-UH« »<™ «.*»«„iand Sunday previous there was a pro- licenses to marry to Otto 0. Radolptf Mpitation of six-tenths of an inch, so and Delia Brooks, of Germania, and to -* —— •-- — '—* -^ - "- 1 * " f «•'" Joseph Elvidge and Stella Peck. Mr. Heise received the iron pillars for his new glass fronts on Saturday, and this week Carpenters Purvis and Williams are putting them in place, ( • The state superintendent has issued Abor day and Memorial day leaflets • • appropriate selections for the r ' Arbor day is fixed on .... ,use or schools, April 26tfi, /The larder's have been muchencour- " - 'the" frequent sliowers small grain is about all in, and never was if P«6 in in be. fter shape, The out-. 's liop.ef ul, ' had an inch and a half of rain ice spring opened. The ft * v « M ^ D in very fine'i condition for working\and grass is springing up rapidly. V There was.Wqe excitement down on Call street, Fridjftf when M, r s. Emma Dodge's two*year'0j<v,baby went astray „ — J ... «. ™ 4.n1vs*n \v\ n\\ niiA«\ Y* w "KiT«.i-4 TV/I (lira V\ and-was taken in char Stephens, ' It was severa its identity was made mother's appearance, and-in time, 'of course, there was a. mild y.Mrs. Marsh ur v s before the . , . Several of Jhe leading 'JMsicians of the Mandolin, Club were M s ing one night last week, The s.thoi-oughly appro as ,-, consiaerable addition to bis has the new , mi- , , sation in the neighborhood, , The family of August Garman, of Prairie township, has been severely a lj or wpre. .... reports are afloat tfcat a peti- fop SCOOPS under, $& njulet law^s, ' -QR$i?fllU§t the county, but ;'• L'^wiig.. *#!# ffitews^ o|7wiTffi 1iP' *, . , ^^ "i * J " *'-.«••»« 1 r- f\nri*n4* t-t\f\i\\r\fin lllCk t«t\ , fiicted, The death of the father, Jacob Garman, occurred last'week,. and the funeral' occurred on Friday. When Mr, and Mrs, Garman returned from the bwriaVtuey found one of the child- refldea<i.«witU4iptbeF}a,r and at last accounts three wore were sick with toe parae ajeepe in one bed, The Bancroft Register, eayg that J; E, Kua^Qn wiU probably put WP a Btpw Building on his fot pwt to the' state \L ___ i_ J.IJTL __ _»£«. « n .^v» »v\n» 11 n 1 r\oa arvma. nounce that on Tuesday of last week the church, by a tote of. 28 to one, asked him to resign. He is a brother of the president. Joel Hubbel, of Chicago, adjuster for the Farmers of York, was in town on Thursday for the purpose ot adjusting the loss of Hatty podge, on his meat market stock. He offered Mr. Dodge $270, which the latter refused, and so Mr. Hubbel went away without having reached A settlement, and the consequence presumably is that if. Mr. Dodge gets anything it will be after he has been awarded it in the courts. Hon. j. J. Ityan and John Geoders represented theKossuth county untefri* fled at the Mason City banquet in celebration of Jefferson's birthday last Tuesday evening. Mr. Ryan was one of the speakers, discussing "The HaW* aiin Question, or the Woman in Politics." The Mason City Gazette says that "Mr, Ryatt from the jump captur^ ed the audience, and it was seldom, if ever, we heard so much Wit in so short a space of time." Census figures of population are com* ing in from time to time. We can re* port the following: LuVerne incor* porated tdwn 352, LuVerne township 393, Wesley 612, Wesley township 626, Burt township 600, Garfield 539, Sherman 603, Cresco 463, Irvington 705, Prairie 658, Union 662, Fenton 560, Greenwood 445, Ledyard 704, Whittemore township 406, German 689, Burt incorporated 341. Advertised letters: Mrs. E. II, Bick* ford, Charley Dingman, W. H, Tuleah Anna Hubbard, Wm. Heible, F. R. Hendricks, Dan Jacobs, II. E. Kersten, Henry Lowe, Wm. Lord, Mrs. Mary Lortzen, George Lister, Jennie Long, Sno. Shuberg, Nick Schmidt, August Schulz, Lizzie Schellin, R. Pelpipip, II. W. Pier, Rufus McBone, W. C. Platt, D. A. McCain, Mrs. Ida Mohair, James Moore, Mr. McManus, W. H. Myner. "Hank" Stebbins has started out in the ten-cent delivery business. Mr- Stebbins is one of the early settlers and one of the best known citizens ot the place, and is noted for his prompt and faithful attention to any business which he may undertake. We look to see Mr. Stebbins rake in many dimes by means of. this extension of his business. He still does the delivery business of Mr. Lund and other old customers. . Peter Larson has resigned his position as butter maker of the Algona Co-Operative creamery and occepted a like situation in a creamery at Chafer, Minn., a town some 40 miles northeast of St. Paul, whither he expects to take his departure about the first of next month. The directors of the Algona creamery will hold a meeting next Monday, when they will probably elect a successor to Mr. Larson. The latter has been a very capable and popular man, and it will be difficult to fill his place with one as good. There was a very enjoyable meeting of the Social Union club Friday evening. The Mandolin club rendered two pieces, which-were received with great applause. Miss Waters read a very interesting paper on the seal fisheries. Mr. Ryan sdng a song, with Miss Wartman as accompanist. This was a new role for Mr 1 . Ryan, who confessed that he^ike'd tine song particularly, f or t its charming sentiment and didn't care a snap for the 'tune. Miss Jessamine Jones read a paper on the influence of fiction. Ex-Supervisor Rawson submitted his poor farm report at the meeting of the board last week. From this it appears that there was expended on the farm $2,001.34, and that $747.64 was in improvements, the inventory of produce, machinery, etc., answering for the balance. The sales of produce amounted to $674.42. There was raised on the farm 577 bushels of oats, 107 bushels of barley, 800 bushels of corn, 2 bushels of beans, 80 bushels of potatoes, 30 tons of hay and four bushels of seed corn. The farm raised two calves and 85 pigs.' ' Mayor Haggard circulated a subscription paper Friday, and in a few minutes secured $25.25 for the benefit of Mrs. Oleson who, with her husband, lives near the Milwaukee depot. The money was turned over to Algona ladies, who will see that it is properly expended. Mrs. Oleson has consumption and has been sick some time. Mr. Oleson is employed'on the section, but has been ill, himself, considerable lately. There is no town in which the sympathy of the people is more quickly touched by distress, or whose citizens respohd.more quickly and substantially than Algona. Mr. W, Allen, who was a,t Clear Lake the past week, tells the Rockford Register about some shooting done there last Friday and Saturday by two gentlemen from Garner, The flight of geese and ducks during those days was something phenomenal—larger than ever<before known; this caused by the scarcity Pt bodies of water elsewhere. The ice bad not broken up in the lake and the birds alighted on the ice to rast, These parties went out to the eof the lake, .cut'out blocks of ie'e and built an ice house for a blind, then Piling their decoys out on the WALL PAPER have in stock nt present over Twenty Thousand Rolls of Wall Paper. We have carefully selected this line of Paper from all of the best factories ill the United States, and in making this selection we have succeeded in getting their very heat patterns. We are therefore enabled to show you as fine a line of Wall Paper as it is possible to produce. There is, as you undoubtedly know, a vast difference in the quality of papers, and it has always been our aim to buy nothing but the very best in every grade. E are better prepared to serve you in this line than tiny competitor, because have the Largest and Best Stock, and as for prices we can sell you paper from six cents per double roll up. Just stop and think, have you ever had an opportunity to buy Wall Paper as low as six cents per double roll. With paper at this price yon can paper an ordinary sized room for less than 50 Cts. Beware of fakirs "who canvass from house to house selling paper by the single roll aild charging you from 20 'to 50 per cent, more for inferior goods than legitimate dealers would charge you for good goods. E solicit you trade and arc always glad to compare quality, prices and patterns with any competitor in the county. You will find it to your interest to call and look our large stock over before purchasing. State St., Algona, la. F. W. DINGLEY, "The Druggist. ORATORICAL CONTEST. Pupils of the Algona High School Contest for Prizes Friday Evening—The Progam. .Following is the complete program of the high school declamatory contest to be held in the Call opera house on Friday evening, the 12th inst. at 8 o'clock: Prayer Rev. W. E. Davison Music. Hark. Kark, Like the Lark Keinecke The Blacksmith .........Handel Pupils from Rooms 4 and 5. Declamations. The Roman Sentinel ..Chas.E. Olmblj Bernardlo del Carplr Jennie Patterson Mona's Waters Alice Mlnkler The Pilot's Story ••• • .Maude D xson The Fall of Pemberton Mill.. AbraRobinson The Day of Judgment Walter Tellier Music. Vocal Solo, Ball Room Whispers....... Meyer-Helmund Miss Lille Ranks. Jane Conquest Nottle.Benjamln The LastCharge of Ney Geo. bt.John Lily Servosse's Ride May Johnson The Victor of Marenffo Trix balisbury Music. Double Quartette, Boat Son. ... .Coven Pupils from High School. Decision of Judges. . Piano'Dtiett. Rondo and Andante......-Bourn Misses Edith Bowyer and Agnes Raudall Benediction Rev. Kennedy The. .contestant marked highest by the Stages will represent the high 'sch'ool in the'state contest to be Held at Cedar Falls, April 26th. The one marked second will be thealtenateand, also receive a prize of $5. The one marked third will receive a prize of $3. Tickets will be sold by pupils selected forthat purpose, on Thursday and Friday. We hope there will be a generous response to their solicitations as we desire to pay the expenses of the alternate as well as the chief delegate to Cedar Falls, if possible. Each high school is entitled to three delegates in the business meeting to be held in the afternoon. Prices for tickets as follows: Dress circle, 35c; parquet, 25c; balcony; 20c. All tickets purchased from 1 ' pupils should be taken to Mr. Dingley's drug store and exchanged for reserved seats without additional expense. Respectfully, W. H. DIXSOF. Opera Goods! $ I ! New Tariff Imported and Domestic Goods, Now in Stock. ' Business Suits from Dress Suits from Coat and Vest from Trousering from Over Goats from $20 up. $27 up. $18 up. $5 to $10. $20 up. ; Woolens suitable for Ladies' Jackets and Gapes splchat; ^^tam:^ripes; ^^uttons made to brciei\' Repairing ; dona on short j notice^ done well and as Cheap as good l^ork can be done. Patronize home institution. You will hereby help yourself and your town and do your duty as a citizen of Algona and the great Kossuth county. O.L.Foss. ice they b'fegan the slaughter and at the time Mr, Allepsaw them they 400 loot at the lake, brant and neve? been bad , i 43*^131 known J be opened for ^T**"*^* * *"* '' ~ a~(\\ 1 ' " .L «.« * A «*»1 ^ t t- ._ little ones ofiAigojia on .Ajprjj, 1$95,. 3?pr terms, and, ovft e ? P? cali.on w a4ave§| MBs-AvJ, « to ' Strawberries today at the House Grocery. . Some Spring Pigs For Sale. F. M. Stacy^ 2 miles east of Algona.-tf Farmers keep your hogs well, we are agents: for Saxon Cholera Cure. Try it. We guarantee satisfaction or money refunded.—LANGDON & HUDSON. THS' WEATHER-CROP BULLETIN. CENTRAL STATION, DES MOINES, IOWA, April 9, 1895.—The season has opened about as early as in the average of the past ten years. The tempera* ture ba s been about normal since the middle of march, with less than the seasonable amount of -precipitation during that month, The first week of April began and ended with refreshing showers, giving something over an inch of rainfall to the greater part of the state. This has been speedily absorbed by the dry soil, causing but slight hindrance to farm The soil has never, been in better condition for plowing and seeding, and the work is generally at an advanced of" on" A ' There has been sufficient moisture to facilitate farm operations, and not enough to obstruct the work. The bulls of small grain has been sown m the larger part of the state, Grass has wade a seasonable growth - •^-' ? -- some meadows and > anrinns affects of the proha*. the wpply of i toPjwe to t to feed tut the a support, , .• » we »o fpports pfgerions 4am- Nicest! Newest! Prettiest! i - tfsi Pattern in Crockery, ' 'vfM " " f $ 'v$ ,iw\f JUST UNPACKED, AT THE) ' -Opera House Grocery, "Bramble"; see it! - <x«s ' to* n VJWI &?. iQSEW^M-;, ia to, gel* m I, A, QRR,^ t i PAINTER ifir^l^H^^ipp^ B^WfiS^ We ^p&r'&*$$ f\l+Af\ trmrtTH«£ frn'^1

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