The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1966 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1966
Page 10
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Editorial Sunday, May 29, marks a day of triumph for 108 members of the senior class. At 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, these seniors are scheduled to receive their treasured diplomas. As spokesman for our senior class, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to: Our parents, for supporting us, educating us, and caring for our needs throughout these years; Our teachers, for exercising patience, understanding and prudence in guiding us to the threshold of society; Our pastors, for continually availing themselves to assist us and their concern for our well- being; Our athletic mentors, for using the medium of sports to teach us firm principles of fair play and sportsmanship; Our leaders in government, for faithfully striving to protect the common good; Our society, for better educating us in the ways of our fellow man; Our benefactors, whose help and sacrifice made Garrigan possible. To all of these, the seniors extend a hearty "Thank You", realizing that it was their faith in them which brought them to the doorway of adulthood. Editors Michelle Erpelding Patrick Crawford "Roman Holiday" As Juniors Hold Prom By Joan Kohlhaas Guests at the Junior - Senior Prom, held May 18, were transported back to old Rome with the theme "Roman Holiday." The guests were met at the door by two Roman guards. The slaves took their wraps. Inside of the gym they were transported to a garden scene of Old Rome in the year 14 A. D. In the center of the gym was a fountain to make the scene realistic. The stage was converted to the Temple of Vesta. Also on the stage were the busts of great men, like Ceasar, Tacitus and Livy. From Mount Vesulus the guests were able to get ambrosia from Juniper and the necter of Neptune. The orchestra for the evening was Freddy Fredrick's. It was the largest orchestra to ever play at Garrigan, consisting of nine pieces. Work started on the Prom in the middle of January, under the direction of Sister Mary Alfred, 0. S. F. class moderator, and the junior class officers. Much of the work of the committees was done in private homes in the spare time of the students. All the members of the Junior class were divided into six committees with a class officer as the chairman of each. Annual Award Night Scheduled May 23 committees were: Ceiling Richard Mueller, chairman, Robert Schmitt, Michael Garman, Mark Erpelding, Michael Mosbach, Patrick Hegarty, Roger Kenne, Joseph Becker, Norman Bormann, David Schneider, Michael Nitchals, Gregory Kinsman, Wayne Frideres, Leland Brown, Eugene Lickteig, Leonard Loebach, and Lawrence Nauholz. Art - Patricia Loebig chairman, Harlan Brown, Ruth Cassel, Oavid Dimond, Diane Dogotch, Robert Elbert, Michaela Elbert, Jeanne Ewen, Mary Foley, Frances Goecke, Rebecca Hllbert, Marilynn Koppen, Brian LaBarre, Lynette Lappe, Ruth McEnroe, Janette Miller, Susan Nelson, Robert Nichols, John Hamilton, Daniel Owens, Mary Beth Sterba, and John Studer, Refreshments - Kathleen Plathe, chairman, Cynthia Reding, Susan Hall, Pamela Bauer, Deborah Bauer, Marcia Berte, Judith Besch, Gwen Bleich, Linda Eischen, Charolotte Elbert, Eileen Elbert, Esther Hildman, Ruth Hofer, Barbara Kunkel, Susan McAtee, Rosalie Murphy, Nora Nurre, Eugene Lickteig, Leonard Loebach, Charles Klocke, Gregory Kinsman, and Sharon Reilly. by Patrick t. Crawford Garrigan's academic departments will exhibit projects of the past year at Award Night to be held Monday May 23. Exhibits will be shown by the Art department, the Shop classes, the Home Economics department, and the Science departments. Members of the Art I, n and 111 classes will show, a number of paintings (including design, drawing, and scratchboard plus encaustics and pastels), wood cuts, ceramics, collages, tissues, mosaics, and sculptures (including wood sculpture, plaster sculpture, toothpick designs, brass rod designs, and wax sculpture ). Sister Mary Iva, OSF., is in charge of the Art department. The shop classes, under Mr. James Ritz, will exhibit, among other things, several cabinets, coffee tables, magazine racks, and book shelves. The Home Economics students, under Sister Lawrence Marie PBVM., will exhibit, rfeftnished furniture and clothing made by the Clothing students. A featured attraction will be a fashion show of various clothes made by the students. Chemistry, physics and biology students under the direction of Sister Mary Imelda, PBVM, and Mr. Duane Kramer, will exhibit a number of projects. Among those presented by the chemistry students will be etching of glass by Daniel Owens, some solid fuel rockets by Robert Schmitt and an exhibit of distillation of alcohol. Physics projects range from a home-made Van de Graaf machine by John Zaugg to a photography project by Jerome McCarthy. Also, on Monday, May 23 a large number of awards were given out to the individual Garrigan students for.participation In various Garrigan activities. Awards were given for perfect attendance, service on the student council, service in the library, typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, service in student publications, speech, debate, band, chorus, home economics, Latin, Freshman English, Science, Mathematics, athletics, CSMC study club, camera club, Chi Rho club, Art, and many others. Awards, will also be given seniors., for Religion, Science, Mathematics, Language, and English, and to the top three members of each class for academic acheivement. Patricia Reiling, Ruth Lappe, Barbara Kunkel, Pamela Bauer, Mary Ann Wiltgen and > Sharon Plathe will be among ( those featured in a fashion show to be given at the annual Award Night' to be held Monday, May 23. The fashion show will be given by the home economics department. May Crowning At Assembly On May 13, over 500 students assembled in Garrigan's gym to give honor and pay tribute to Our Blessed Mother. The living Rosary was lead by the student council president, William Milder. Before and after the rosary the student body sang songs of praise to honor Mary. Victoria McGuire crowned Our Blessed Mother which symbolized Mary as Queen on the Universe. Mary Jo Becker, Patricia Cink, Sharon Reding and Jane Arndorfer assisted Victoria. After each member of the Living Rosary presented a red rose, the student body sang a final hymn, rgon High School $| jf 108 Seniors Announce Future Plans For 108 Garrigan students, May 29 will mean a day of stop following and begin leading. Sixty-four graduates have prepared for their future by attending schools of higher education. The Armed Forces have called nine. Summer Lay Volunteer, one, while employment will occupy' twelve students. Those attending a college or other institution of higher learning are: Washburn University, Topeka Kansas, Nancy Fox; Mason City Junior College, Richard Faber, Vincent Esser, Perry Byam, Thomas Arndorfer, Charles Arndorfer, Raymond Steven and Michael Lickteig; Loras College, Dubuque, Kenneth Erpelding and Jerome McCarthy; Estherville Junior College, Rachel Capasius, Mary Bormann, and Robert Bleich; St. Benedict, Atchison, Kansas, Steven Eischen, William Milder and Michael Boekelman; State College of Iowa, Cedar Falls, Linda Buscher and Sharon Roethler; State Uni- versity of Iowa, Iowa City, Mary Bray and Robert Smith; Regis in Denver, John Bradley; Emmetsburg Junior College, Dennis Besch and Donald Pott- holf; Briar Cliff, Sioux*City,. Carol Besch and Jane Arndorfer; Mount St. Scholastica College, Atchison, Kansas, Janet McGuire and Margaret Studer; Clarke College, Dubuque, Victoria McGuire; Centerville Junior College, Joseph Ringsdorf and Charles Geilenfeld; Trinity Fathers, Virginia, James Schiltz; Iowa State College, Stephen Schuller, Ronald Kohlhaas and Leonard Kenne; St. Teresa, Winona, Minn., Linda Lickteig; St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minn., Robert Lucey Nursing will occupy these students: St. Joseph's, Sioux City, Connie Molacek and Katherine Besch; Ottumwa Heights, Linda Dodds; Minneapolis, Michael Elbert; Fort Dodge, Michelle Erpelding ; and Estherville, Lorraine Kemna. Ten graduates will attend business schools; they are: Mankato Business College, Patrick Grotty, Mary Jo Becker, Shirley Heljijej,, Marian Kohlhaas, -•~ (!&e£yl ; ,Miller, .Madonna Mullin and" Sharon Reding; Nettleton Business College, Sioux City, Sharon Ludwig and Jean Plemel; Hamilton Business College, Mason City, Francis Hildman. Beauty Schools: La James Beauty School, Mason City, Maureen Lentsch and Florence McGuire; Iowa School of Beauty Culture, Des Moines, Janice Wagner; Mason City, Eileen Reilly and Mary Jane Russell. Other schools will occupy these students; Universal Omaha, William Waldschmidt and Michael Kenne; P. B. L, Minneapolis, Deloris Zeimet; DeVry Technical Institute of Electronics, Chicago, Thomas Fuchsenj Institute of Drafting Technology, Morrispn, m., Robert Koppen; Trade School, Thomas Loebach. The Armed Forces will take Dennis Hudspeth, Ronald Frideres, John Zaugg, GlenThilges, .John Schneider, Richard Salz, "Gordon Elbert, Kathleen!Elbert and Donald Fickbohm. > The twelve who are empldyed are Richard Frideres, Joseph Haag, Paul, Kollasch,.Eldon Erpelding, Marilyn' Kellner, Patricia Cink, Elizabeth Plathe Sharon Plathe, Barbara Reding Virginia Thul, Patrick Crawfon and Eugene Frankl. Star Dust By Patricia Loebig Seniors are really true and blue - so they tell us. We do enjoy our seniors- not for solemn thoughts of a new life out of Garrigan, but for stunts they've pulled as normal, lifelike teenagers. One thing John Schneider is going to miss is pondering over those terrifically hard geometry problems. Linda Dodds is really experimenting in art - speaking of muddy water colors. Hazel McEnroe, too, is very original in art - she knows what muddy water colors are. Everyone keeps asking Denny Hudspeth what happened to his finger. Robert Schmitt prepares to demonstrate his solid fuel rockets as Daniel Owens and John Zaugg also unveil their science projects. John exhibited a Van de Graaf generator while Dan showed some glass he etched with hydrofluoric acid. Bob Gengler thinks he has a green thumb from all his.plow- ing experience. Don Potthoff had better get a new muffler on his car - or' maybe even an old one. I guess you can't hear yourself think. So the seniors will graduate leaving many memories, some good, some bad, behind. I guess we'll soon find out what it's like to leave - but we do wish the class of '66 the best of everything. ••™J!M""™«^ Honor Roll Students Feted By Nancy Courtney Approximately one hundred honor students from both Garrigan and Algona High Schools and their respective parents were guests of the Rotary Club, Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, Kossuth Bar Association, and Junior Chamber of Commerce at a special banquet held Monday, April 26, in the Garrigan gym. Those who ranked in the top ten per cent of their respective classes, gradewise, at the end of the first semester were invited. Speaker for the event was John Whitsell, a prominent Iowa Falls attorney; and master of ceremonies was Mr. Don Hemmingsen of Algona. Those attending from Garrigan were: Seniors - Carol Besch, Kathryn Besch, Mary Bray, Linda Varsity Chorus Attends Festival Band Concert Precedes AHS Concert By Mary Beth Sterba To the swinging beat of " Watusi Trumpets" and the familiar strains of "South Pacific", the Garrigan High School Band, under the direction of Mr. John Sterba, held their annual Spring Concert on May 3 in the Garrigan gym. Among the other selections played were, "Sentimental Journey," "Blue Tango", "Tijuana Taxi", and "In a Persian Market". On Thursday, May 12, the Al- goria high school band, under the direction of Mr. Russell Guster, presented a concert for the Garrigan student body and faculty. This was part of a cultural exchange program existing between the two schools and was done in response to a visit to Algona. High.;by ;g; .,^e, Ji ,,Garrigan Varsity Chorus on May lit Among the selections played were, "Zaragona", Tschaikow- sky's "Andante from the 6th Symphony," and "Green- sleeves." Buscher, Patricia 'Cink, Michelle Erpelding, Shirley Heimer, Marilyn Kellner, Maureen Lentsch, Janet McGuire, and Stephen Schuller. Juniors - Rebecca Black, Kathleen Boudewynes, Kathleen Crawford, Dwight Gilbride, Frances Goecke, Jean Kayser, Joan Kohlhaas, Lynnette Lappe, Patricia McGuire, Janette Miller, Susan Nelson, Kathleen Plathe, Mary Beth Sterba, and Janet Zittrisch. Sophomores - Diane Arndorfer, Ronald Besch, Bonita Dahlhauser, Mary Ann Eischen, Sandra Elbert, Kenneth Fuchsen, Ronald Gilbride, Howard Kayser, Timothy Molacek, Linda Nitchals, and Patricia Scherer. Mixed Emotions As Graduation Hears Nine seniors try on their caps and gowni in preparation tor weir coming graduation. Left to right, (front) Madonna Mullin, Sharon Roethler, David Loebach, Donald Fickbohm, (middle) Constance Molacek, Thomas Arndorfer, Steven Eischen, (rear) Robert Lucey and Leonard Kenne. HOOD'S Algeria's Only Home-Owned Super Market By Fran Goecke Seniors now have one topic of conversation - graduation. Soon the classes of 1966 will don their caps and gowns, and formally bid farewell to Garrigan. They will bring to a close four years filled with work, worry fun, and friendships, only to start out on another path of life. There will be mixed feelings as the seniors leave - regret, anxiety , sadness, and maybe a bit of fear. As they look back in retrospect over their high school years, they recalled pleasant memories of past days, They carry with them thoughts of friendships made, experiences shared, opportunities gained, and mistakes made. The seniors will be starting out to find their place in an adult world and the seemingly petty things they experienced as high school students will be of lasting importance, all through the rest of their lives there wttl be reflections of the careful attention given them by those concerned with their welfare. By Kathleen Plathe Garrigan's varsity chorus attended the sixth annual Newman Festival held May 4. The day's activities began with an audition and practice session with Mr. Van Der Sloot, the Estherville choral director. The group sang the noon Mass and in the afternoon, each school sang a selection of their preference. The combined choruses sang, "For All the Saints," "The Sound of Music," "Born to be Free," accompanied by the Mason City band. Soloists Robert Nichols, John Forbes, William Obrecht, Thomas Fuchsen, Francis Hildman and John Hamilton sang "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" with the chorus. Accompanists were Sue Nelson, Kathy Plathe and Connie Bormann. Laboring toget the last issue of the STAR out ahead of the deadline are: Frances Goecke, Joan Kohlhaas, Patrick Crawford (coeditor), and Judith Besch. The STAR staff members would like to thank Mr. Russell Waller and the rest of the staff of the ALGONA UPPER DBS MOINES for their help during the past year in publishing the STAR. BOMGAARS FRANKLIN You Meet The Nicest People On A North lowg Appliance Center, Hondo Division. Algona, Iowa You'll Always Do Well At Charge, Cash, Or Lay Away

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