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The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California • Page 9

The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California • Page 9

San Francisco, California
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NEWS OF OAKLAND, BERKELEY, ALAMEDA, HAYWARD AND SAN LEANDRO GROUND BROKEN BY PHI GAMMA DELTA Chapter House to Cost $25,000 Will Be Located in croft Way BERKELEY. March was broken tonight by the alumni; tin- dergraduate members of the University of California chapter of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity for the, $25,000 chapter house which: is to be erected In the side of Bancroft way east of Rowditch street. Phil Clay, an alumnus, of Sherman, Clay Co. of San Francisco, turned the. first shovelful of earth. IV the members of the fraternity flrathered at the present house and held I their annual Frank Norris -'pig din- i ncr, following a custom Inaugurated by the late California novelist when he Was an undergraduate member of the ifaternity. The new clubhouse will be a two Btory structure, of the modern colonial and will be a handsome addition to the chapter houses of the Greek letter societies Berkeley. J. c. Newsom I 18 the architect. Among the alumni present at the affair were Phil Clay. William Smith. Albert Coogan. Robert Hawthorne. Brook Palmer, Lloyd Baldwin. Aimer Newhall. Alfred Plaw. Daniel Volkman and "William Volkman. William Dibble was toastmaster at the pig dinner." The custom of holding the pig dinner originated with Norris when he was an undergraduate. He secured the pig one evening and brought It to the frat house. A big feast followed, and since then, on March 22 of every rear, in all the. chapters or the Greek letter society In the United States, the "pig" dinner is held in his memory. Among some of the members of the local chapter are: u. Hnnt Hudson Otis Archie Beckett JvillUm Martin Fredericl- Mwrp Ineent. Reynolds W. Snook Harold Bolster Louis Davis Ormond Smith John Crihner Harry Law; Howard) Hondas Joseph NewsoM Obarlfs Phillips Arthur Piper Klmer Woodward Robert Coney Stanlc.T Spencer John Reese YACHT FOR PRINCE KIEL. Mar Adalbert today placed an order with local builders for a SAnder class yacht, with which be will contest for the cup to be glTfn by Emperor William at the American-German Sondcr races to be sailed off ceit summer. TAFT WRITES TO NEGRO EDUCATOR President Assures Booker T. Washington of His ship and Support NEW YORK. March Booker' T. Washington, the negro alleged assailant of last Sunday night," Albert L'lrtch, was held yester- day for trial on an assault charge, was Still at the Hotel Manhattan today, recovering rapidly from the effects of the he sustained. Doctor Washington was gratified today to receive a letter from President Taft In the president's handwriting, in which Taft expressed" his sympathy for and confidence in Doctor Washington. The letter as given out by Doctor Washington read: The White House, Washington. March 21, 1911. My, Dear Doctor Washington: I am greatly distressed at' your mis- fortune, and I hasten to write you of my sympathy, my hope.that you will soon recover from the wounds inflicted by Insane suspicion or usness. and of my confidence in you. in your and morality of character and In your highest usefulness to your race and to all the people of this country. Tt would be a nation's loss if this untoward incident in any way impaired your great power for good In the solution of one. of the most difficult problems before I want you to know that your friends are standing by you in every trial, and am proud to subscribe myself as one. WILLIAM H. TAFT. Dr. Booker T. Washington. Hotel Manhattan. New York City. (WARRANT ISSUED FOR WOMAN AUTO DRIVER Policeman Declares Speeder Laughed at His Star Acting upon a Jane Doe warrant, the police began.a search yesterday for a woman accused Policeman William Ceinar of driving past him in an automobile Tuesday afternoon at McAllister and Baker, streets a high rate of mpeed. Ceinar said that the number of the machine, was 32,56. and the records show that this auto is owned by D. F. of 585 Jean street, Oakland. The warrant was sent across the bay for service. When Ceinar exposed his star and ordered the driver to halt, he said, the fair automobllist went whizzing by, laughing over her SAILORS TO BOX March Charles F. Grencan of the Palm athletic club of this city has received a letter from Sammy Trlnkle. lightweight boxer of the cruiser. Maryland. In whlsti tie states thta' has signed articles to box Johnny Kox of the cruiser West Virginia the afternoon of May 6. The two boys are old opponents, they having boxed at Honolulu some time ago. and although Twinkle was awarded the decision. Fox has always claimed that be was ribbed by the referee. OLDFIELD HAPPY AGAIN JACKSONVILLE. March Oldneld's 200 horsepower "Blltzen" Bens, which was disqualified until 1. 1912. when Oldfield was outlawed recently, was reinstated today by. Chairman S. M. Butler of the American automobile contest board after payment of a $1,000 fine. ELY BEATS CARNEY Frank Ely last night defeated Joe Carney by a score of so to In night's play of the three cushion match at the Waldorf billiard parlors. Ely finished bis string In 78 innings and both players scored runs of four. The match will be concluded tonight. BASKET BALL AT VALLEJO March Commercial' basket ball Mam of the St. Vincent convent school of this cityhas accepted a challenge; to meet the aggregation from the Sacred Heart school of Fraacuco. The local team la being coached by Rar. Father Clytie, O. p. NEWCOKB HIGH O-H NT7W YORK. March IT. I Newromb of Philadelphia carried off the honors In the two preliminaries decided today lls the sixth annual national amaleiir shoot at clay targets on tbe-Kew York athletic club's grounds. BOXERS ARE ARRESTED DBSVBB. March 'Gardner 7of LaireU. and Jack CKeefa of -Dearer were arrested tonight on.warrants Issued by the district office en. the charge of the law against prizefights. Two Students, Who Ate Pig With the Phi Gamma Delta ALAMEDAN INVENTS HYDRO-AEROPLANE Machine Buoyant in Water, but Air Test Not Yet Made ALAMEDA, March T. R. Goth jan inventor, is completing an airship that he expects will alight on and arise from water as easily'as the machine perfected by Glenn Curtiss. The contrivance resembles the Curtiss machine In many respects, but Goth says that there is no ment on the Curtiss patent. Goth gave his invention a partial tryout on San bay yesterday, and was well I satisfied with the buoyancy of the craft. Goth is an experienced airship mechanician, having been connected with the Wright and Curtiss plants in the east. His shop' is near the east end jof Central avenue. Goth is seeking a site over which to test his machine and expects to essay flying in a few days. INDUSTRIAL PEACE TO CONVENE Pacific Coast Representatives to Meet in April An appeal Is made to the public generally to aid and support the Pacific coast industrial peace convention, which is to be held here under 1 the auspices of the San Francisco branch of the National Industrial peace association on April 26 and These dates were set by the executive committee recently. In the same. resolution Ip was pointed out that San Francisco, at this stage required a continuance of industrial peace and the creation of a public sentiment in favor of the settlement of future labor disputes through conciliation and voluntary arbitration. CASEY TAKES CHARGE OF WORKS BOARD AGAIN Commission Gets Bid for, Geary Street Ties The board of works received one bid for supplying the redwood ties needed for the Geary road yesterday, that of Julius Hey man Co. Heyman offered to furnish the 30,000 ties needed and to deliver them at the city's yard for $64 per hundred. The offer was taken under advisement. President Michael Casey returned: to his desk yesterday' after several weeks in the hospital, where he was operated upon for appendicitis. Casey said' lie enjoyed his stay the sanatorium, where the enforced rest was a real vacation. FORMER TREASURER NOT Tndia'n-' spoils, March 22.The indictment against Oil' rer P. Ensley. former treasurer of, rlon) county, charging him with the embezzlement of $19.000, a the county funds, was quashed today on the ground that no demand for the money had been made upon THE SAN FRANCISCO CALL, THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1911. W.J. GURNETT DEAD AT SAN LUIS REY Prominent Pioneer of Oakland Passes Away at Home of Daughter OAKLAND, March 22. W. J. Gurnett, for many years a resident of Oakland, died last night at the home of his Mrs. Svisie G. Touts, at San Syiis Ray, near Oceanside, southern He was 76 years old. came to California in 3 858 i settled in Oakland in IMS. For years he engaged in business. ut was also fraternal and political circles. He was the oldest past master of Oakland lodge No. MS, F. and A. always taken a leading- part in the work, of the order. In 1872 he "was elected coroner and one term. He also served a terra in the city council. In 1873 he was elected on the republican ticket to the twentieth session of the legislature and in the same year he was chosen: grand master of grand lodge of the I. O. O. F. of California. Gurnett remained active until re; cently and in late years had conducted. a brokerage business, dealing in mining stocks. He leaves two daughters, Mrs. Susie G. Couta and A. J. Grimes Alameda. The funeral will be in charge of the Odd Fellows. DISTRICT MEETING OF Y. M. I. TO BE HELD SUNDAY Representatives of Councils to Meet in Vallejo DisDatch to The VALLEJO, March arrangements have been made by Vallejo council No. 13. Y. M. 1., for the big district meeting which will be held here Punday. T- Besides the Valle'o council, the institutes of Napa. Bentcla, Martinez and Port Costa, will be represented and' candidates from all of the' councils will be initiated. The visiting lodgemen will march to St. Vincent's church, headed' by the band from Alameda council and the Vallejo drum corps. A high mass will be celebrate.l, after which the visitors will proceed to Samoset hall, where they will be banqueted. Preparations are being to seat at least 300. At the meeting at Samoset hall It is estimated that TO candidates will be glwn degrees. Supreme President Hennessey, Gram! President S. Fugazl and a number of the other grand officers will be present. The committee In charge of entertainment Is composed of Leo Kavanagh. J. A. Leary and Pay Mclnnls. The initiation work will be put on by the team from the Vallejo council, which consists of Leo- Kavanagh, T. R. McGinnis. George Lyon and Tony Blanco. CONCORD COMPANY TO BUILD $60,000 HOTEL Incorporators File Articles With County Clerk MARTINEZ, March Articles of incorporation of the Concord inn company have been filed in the office of county clerk here. The purpose of the company is to build a hotel in the town of Concord. The Incorporators are If. E. Lyon. G. G. Mackinnon and .1. 8. Josselyn. FRESHIES TO GUARD CHARTER DILL Sophomores Will Deed Big Cement Emblem to Class of 1914 March big cement letter on the back of, the campus, which has been in the' custody of the sophomore class, will be given Into the care of the class of 1914 tomorrow, following the military; review of the cadets by Colonel Roosevelt at 3:30 o'clock. The sophomores and freshmen will march to the top of the hill, where the class-presidents will speak, and then the "deed" will be handed to the 1914 members. The sophomores will be -guests at a supper served to them In Hearst hall by the women of the class. This will be followed by a dance. committees of the I women students in charge of the affair are: chairman; Mabel May Chrlsal. Edna Browning, Margery Emily Churchill. Margaret Kennv, Ruth Ruddock. Carlton. Erelyn Steel." 1 Refreshments-Harriet chairman: Ada Swortzel. Verona SpeUmej-er. Dorothy Brown, Daisy Newhy. Mary de Witt, Ijma' Foveaux. Margaret Myrtle "Sennet. Ayer. chairman; Christine Turner, Fay Friable, Rose Farrell. Gertrude Menlhen. Margaret Thomas, Amy Waite, Myrtle Anderson. Shoecraft. Music -Enid Watkins. chairman; Ada Cllne, Clerlmond Withers. Marjory Gardiner. ALLEGED SHOP LIFTERS CHARGED WITH BURGLARY First Case in City Under Re- cent Supreme Court Ruling Elmer Mead and Hill, who were arrested by Detectives Matheson and ODea shoplifters in D. Samuels' lacehouse several weeks ago, were held to answer on charges vof burglary yesterday afternoon by Police Judge Deasy. The preliminary hearing of the defendants was the first held In this city under the recent decision of the supreme court that a person -who enters a merchandise store and commits a theft Is guilty of burglary. Although ball was fixed at $2,000 cash in each case the money was produced by Mead and the prisoners were released. Mead, who Is well known the police and has a record, professes to be a mining man with property holdings in Lassen county and in Nevada. Watch for the two pretty Tulsa girls Monday morning on the streets of, San Francisco selling The San Francisco Call to make their, expenses around the world. Scene From Play To Be Presented at The Macdonough CHINA. THANKS BED Washington, March American national; red cross society today China's thanks for its assistance to the star-ring people of the celestial empire. The message: stated that' the wort of the red cross. bringing relief to the famine stricken districts has been brought to the attention of the throne." i ii NATIVE SONS'" Gate parlor. N.S. G. has elected Harry Gaet.lea, John Suhr Jr. and F. William Cutter as delegatesyto' grand parlor. OAKLAND TO SEE GERTRUDE ELLIOTT "The Dawn of a Tomorrow" Will Be Given Two formances Friday OAKLAND, recent play has caused more comment ori proved more popular with theater goers "The Dawn of a Tomorrow," which i comes to the Macddnough' Friday, matinee and Miss Gertrude 5 of the beauti- i ful 7is starring the play and her acting in the leading role has evoked unstinted from the "The play wasi written by Mrs. Frances Burnett and has a refreshing originality and' depth, a quality 7 of-truth', and of sincere humanity" which rappeals to every one. "it is full of gripping scenes, and Miss Elliott's finished art makes these real and vivid. i Elliott has developed wonderfully in the last few years arid ranks' with the leading actresses. Physically shevhas grown like Maxlne and: is a woman. She has, a voice which rings true and clear, direct and rather! boyish gestures; a rich humor and deep pathos. "These qualities combine to make her Glad a full comedy, tragedy, and good taste. It ranks as one of the successes of the modern stage, y'y, YOUTH IS ARRESTED ON FATHER Charge Burglary May Be Preferred Against: Nather Dispatch to The VALLEJO. March; with ft! repeating rifle, a knife and two razors, and with $9 believed haVe been stolen from his father's; place of busi- I ness jin Napa, an 18 year, old youth, was arrested" here late last night. The youth 1 was taken to Napa this afternoon, where he charged with burglary unless there is a reconciliation between the parent-'and I the son. 77 1 a 'NAP IN SALOON PROVES EXPENSIVE TO MATTERN COLUSA, March 22.George Mattern." aged 60 of" was robbed- last i night of a certificate of deposit for in the Fort Sutter national bank. Payment has been stopped on the deposit slip and'the authorities are endeavoring to i trace the "men' who robbed Mattern while he was in a local saloon asleep'last night. 9 EVERY- WOMAN CAN HAVE A FME PINK COMPLEXION WITHOUT PfIWD-R OR ROUGE it the Skin Is Oily or Sallow and Life, Ices, This Will Make it Clear and Satiny Oiliness or that sallow, lifeless condition" of the skin can easily be I corrected the face, neck and arms are massaged nightly with a'; cerol cream. It is surprising what a "delightful massage cream cerol makes, and as it costs but a trifle and is easily prepared woman should keep it handy. To get' 2 "ounces of, cerol at the drug store and dissolve in 7a scant pint of boiling water, stirring until smooth. Massaged in the skin, it corrects all faulty 7 conditions and gives the com-: plexion a healthy pink and white glow. Your Liver is Clogged up That's Why You're No Appetite. carter's LIVER PILLS Wi I Vy will put yoa rtght JteffiMfpa in few CARTERS 'Kxjto their duty. Jfik WT IiVER Cmc PILLS. Csw-M. Hm, i mmmm, aid Sick Headaete. maul pill, dos, fwci Genuine Signature AMUSEMENTS Phones Oakland 87 and A 3987 FRIDAY, MARCH 24, MAT. A WIGHT GERTRUDE ELLIOTT In That Play of Cheerfulness, THE DAWN OF A TO-MORROW Price? MATIXEB 50c TO $1.50 50c TO $2.00 SEATS OK BALE "MADAME SHERRY." "WILSON. NOTE: Mall Orders Will Be Taken For, All Performances If Accompanied by Money Order. SALT WATER BATHS Are and keep the system in trim. LURLINE BATHS Bosh and Larkln Sts. SALT WATER DIRECT FROM THE -TUB BATHS WITH HOT AHD COLD SALT AHD FRESH WATER Hot Air Hair Dryers Womei Bathers SPECTATORS FREE Branch 2151, Geary Street Open i tome situated in a tig park of exceptional natural fceauty. heightened witk tne art of famous landscape gardeners, witn an unparalleled marine Bflt ffin and land view. Thousand Oaks will interest you. Read "Thousand Oaks. It is yours for tne writing or if you -will-call at any of our I offices, yoursfor tie aslcmg.V fr S. 77 'itit'i'i 830 Market Street. y7. 2037 Shattuct-AVeniie, Berkeley ill IM ill Wettbuik Bldg. San Francuco (Where Key Route Telephone DougUa 2973 Telephone Berkeley 398 ri N. 1' "I i 7-, Household Economy How. to Have, the Best Cough and Save It at Home. 1 Cough medicines, as a rule, contain a targe quantity of syrup. If you take one pint of granulated sugar, add pint or warm water and stir about 2 minutes, you have as good syrup as money could buy. If you will then put 2.4 ounces of Pinex (50 cents' worth) In a pint bottle. fill it up with the Sugar Syrup, you will have as much cough syrup as you could buy ready made. .2.50. It keeps And you will find It best cough syrup you ever in whooping cough. You can feel It take ally stops the most severe cough in 24 hours. It is Just laxative has a good tonic' effect and taste is pleasant. Take, a teaspoonful every one, two or three hours. is a splendid remedy, too, for hoarseness," asthma, chest pains, Plnex is the most valuable concentrated compound of Norway white pine extract, rich -in guiaicol, and all the healing pine elements. No other preparation work this formula. 7. recipe for making cough remedy with Pinex and Sugar. Syrup is now used and I prized in thousands of homes In the United States and Canada. The plan has often been imitated but never yy A guarantee. of absolute satisfaction, or money promptly refunded goes with this recipe. 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