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San Francisco, California
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The San Francisco Sunday Call HE WILL FIT WINGS TO THE CHINESE DRAGON Imperial Government Calls Home Fung Joe Guey, Who Made Many Flights at Oakland in the Machine Invented, ato Equip China's Army With Aeroplanes George G. Clarken SOMEWHERE upon the Pacific ocean, today the only Chinese aviator and aeroplane builder in the world is on shipboard, being sped toward the land of his birth, two crated biplanes below decks and himself in the first cabin. Tic is Fung Joe after three labor and under contract to teach his fellow countrymen the new art of the air. Upon his arrival at Hongkong he will be met by distinguished representatives of the' imperial family and accorded the recog- nition rightly due him. Fung Guey hits done for his country what no other Chinese has ever be has mastered the flying machine in its every stage, and his achievements are the more notable since he drew Iris own plans, made own patterns and models and, piece by piece, constructed a perfect machine, entirely without, the aid of a white man.

His only workmen have been Chinese, a handful of ambitious young fellows like himself, who aspire to attain the same fame he has earned and who foresaw the possibili- ties or aeroplane' nuiioiiig. rnoiitira ago the Chinese genius made his first successful flight, the day after the machine had been completed. Leaving the earth with the grace of a bird, its engines throbbing and eager, the aeroplane swung upward near Oakland and glided away across field and stream, pulsing with the strength and life of a living thing. Strapped to the seat, satisfied, sat Fung Guey making history. After three years' toil on models he had accomplished his ambition, and he was exultant.

The graceful machine In which he sped through the air across country, each delicate mechanism faultlessly responding to every touch, was 'not the crude handiwork of an eager amateur. It represented ingenuity and tireless energy and it was perfect in mechanical detail, and a beauty In the symmetry of Its lines. Below him, on the to and fro, openmouthed, the half dozen or so of his countrymen watched the epoch making flight. They were alone with the solution which had been achieved, no white man was within miles THE KINGDOM OF CARPANTHIA Ltd. Continued From Preceding Page after him, "But come back to me, John.

lor I am all alone." It was the priest, who had fired the first shot. Searching every corner of the palace for the missing prisoners one of the guard had blundered up these stairs, only to be met with a bullet which tumbled him backward Into the faces of those who followed. Now they were pressing forward In a mass, two abreast, those in front forced upward, half against their will by the pressure from below. Prince John emptied a revolver into their faces as they turned the sharp corner of the stairs, until the narrow passage was blocked with bodies. Suddenly he felt a sharp sting in his right arm and the next moment the report of a pistol close behind his head.

He turner! to see Elizabeth standing, a smoking.revolver in her hand pointed toward the balcony at the right. There on the. floor a man lay writhing. I have killed him!" she cried. From below came the sound of many voices and the loud tumult of men fighting desperately.

The bodies on the stairs sank backward into a mass as the men who had struggled up against and over them retreated. The old nurse came running. "The men from the mountains!" she cried. "They are ming the palace!" From the high windows of the upper room Prince" John an.i the rest, took a hurried glance down at the black angry swarm filled the garden and surged about the entrance. The light of a hundred flaring torches cast a red glare on the dark, savage faces of the Tip to those the tower came the fierce cries of "Death to "Down with King Julius!" "Death: to the false Prince John!" of they had chosen a secluded field, assembled the parts and sent Fung.

Quay upon his way. When, -10 minutes late-, the purring Of the motors the propellers resolved themselves from a whirr to two delicate blades, and the planes, slightly tilted, brought the machine to earth, they crowded about him with congratulations and reflected in some measure the pride of the new aviator himself. After that day, until the liner China left San Francisco with him. many flights were made, although the public saw far less of him than their curiosity demanded. The achievements of Fung Guey have been conducted with the typical reserve of the Chinese, In discussing his work he is modest almost to the point of reluctance.

Hisfllghts are finished, each a without accident to him or disappointment to his workmen, and it is a matter of conjecture, what honors lie before him -ftross the ocean. From the day in when he first decided to master the problem of fly-, ing. from the Chinese point of view, Fung Guey conducted every operation with secrecy that excluded from his counsel all but the few Chinese friends upon whom he might rely, and one American, H. William Nelle, a "young man of Oakland who had the Chinaman for years and was confident of his ability. For months Fung Guey devoted himself to drawing his plans.

From masses of mechanical! literature and photographs of biplanes, successfully in use among.the more prominent of the world's aviators, he gleaned little here and a little there that went toward perfecting each' minute details "My boy! My John!" cried the old nurse in terror. "Come, we must hide!" "I will go down and meet them," said Prince John. "They will not harm me." Mona Lisa burst Into low, pitiful sobs? "No," she "They are, savages. They will kill you. Come with: me," and clung to his coat.

i- "Let the king go!" said Elizabeth Andrews, proudly, looking at him with misty blue eyes that had so soon learned the great lesson of a queen's TIINSHhWBQBfIB i "Mona Lisa," said the prince, "I put this lady into the care erf you and your son, Caspar. Take her across the balcony to the queen's lobby opening into the throneroom and stay there until I send you" word." He turned and, without a word, Elizabeth crept into his enfolding arms. He kissed her and she cried in his "My king! May God keep you and guard you." "Now go," he said, and watched the three as they passed over the long balcony out of his sight. Climbing down? the narrow stairs, over the massed heap of bodies, he found entrance to his own great chamber 'on the ground floor of the" palace. There he quickly dressed himself in the plain uniform he had worn at 1 Prince Henry's' ball and pinned to his breast the gemmed and gold rayed star of the royal Order of the Resurrection.

Over it all he threw the great sheepskin coat discarded by the priest, Caspar, about its waist a short sword, and put on his high' sheepskin cap. WO4HH9BHMHI about the high to corridor the mob was clamoring furiously. "Death. to Prince John!" a score of voices were cryfng Already shaken on its of the aircraft of his ideas. He worked slowly, lest he make fatal and that he worked conscientiously needs no further proof than the result today.

The task of combining the ideas of other men and his own was necessarily slow and tedious'; while-he was mentally in actual flight, in reality he was proceeding at the snailpace Which eventually leads to success and developing the ideas which had been the moment he would be able to proceed without interruption. The drawings of the biplane, cover' ing several sheets and detail each minor part, the various scales Of measurement, and the amalgamation of his ideas with those of the men who had already achieved fame, differ in only slight measure from those Of a finished draftsman, although they are distinctively oriental. Each print Is lettered with Chinese characters" 1 There was laborious toil connected with the making of the models, the seasoning and shaping of the hinges by the blows of desperate men. He turned the bis: key in: its lock and stepped out to face them. CHAPTER XXI For.

the second time a spell fell over the tumultuous crowd, the struggling In the forcing themselves forward to see what had happened, broke the utter silence. Then they "recognized him. Men in front cried "Long live the Baron Trelov!" and down the long corridor and back through the 'palace answering cheers. And above shrill chant of gray old prophet the mountains: "And him we crown our A dozen fiercely bearded' men sprang forward at the word and seized him In their lifting him high above the heads of the I moth "Trelov! Trelov!" came In' volleys from the packed ranks behind. "To the throneroom!" screamed the old man with the long coat of undressed sheepskin.

Before those who bore him the crowd gave way, making a narrow passage down the hallway. And always. the high roused the half savage peasants to greater heights of fanatical triumph. day of our deliverance has come at last!" sang the frenzied voice. "And the traitors shall be broken and perish in our path!" Again the dim silence of the dead was rudely Past the bier at one end the room swept the strange procession, and him? they carried was set down on the high dais on which rested the twin golden thrones.

There the Baron" Trelov stood'silent moment, one hand resting on the carved arm the while the front ranks gave back a little space, awed by the presence J. of the majesty had created" hush" spread down the room, so that-'there came clear to the ears of those In front -7 A tlm testing of the, ribs and.adjustment of the planes that they might balance to a nicety. At no stage did he take from his workshop any part of the work to be completed by a wood turner or mechanic. He perfected each piece at all faulty had perfected his Ideas In the beginning, and while the task was fraught with mistakes, miscalculations and rapidly creeping expense, Fung Guey never wavered from his determination nor grudged the time and money his work was costing. lie knew the pot of gold was at of his rainbow.

He accumulated new and better tools, more accurate machinery, of every nature and eventually fitted up a workshop capable of responding to whatever idea he wished perfect, He vises lathes, a steam box. for softening'refractory hickory and Spanish' maple, great wooden forms for sectional strips of wood short, everything he might need. equipped and preliminary work accomplished, the. setting togather the clash of Angry voices raised outside In the corridor. "But: first let us kill Prince John," one our new king shall be in danger." -7 it -to Trelov." urged another.

"No, for may go to Russia for aid and, we shall have -our work to do again." 'of Carpanthla!" It was man' on the platform who spoke, and now all others were still. "I came to you in your mountains preaching I. revolt against the foreign traitor who ynow lies dead and dishonored in the of this room. Here lies, also, the dead body of your old King Let his weakness, and'his" errors be "burled with him in the grave. As for this Prince pledge you, shall be of no further danger to the state." low, sullen murmur of dissent.went swiftly about the" have called me to the, throne of "your own free will," the speaker went his deep filling the great room.

"And look!" He threw off the long sheepskin coat and stood revealed in his military uniform, the royal order blazing on his tunic, "Look! I am Prince John of th Men started; in blank surprise, their mouths Open, hands; raised, The deep, angry broke; out again. They had been deceived fierce men of the of half their, vengeance! What black treachery Jay behind this Was this, Indeed, their lost leader, 'Trelov? A shrill voice cried for proof Dare they trust this Prince John on the throne they had 'come, to save?" "Give us a pledge!" cried one and hundred voices' took It up. "A pledge! A pledge Lisa and the priest. across the long balcony and down the stone steps to "apartments; of Carpanthla's 'queen: now the 'old nurse treated: of the different sections more easily done. While the biplane of Fung Guey and his.white brother, are -somewhat there arc numerous minor differences calculated to combine in securing greater speed and power and maintaining, a perfect balance.

"'his pioneer oriental aeroplane embodies different measurements, different Ideas on turnbuckles and deviations from the ordinary, ribs and planes and so forth, The.machine carries it 73 horsepower engine of inch stroke. In one of his recent flights Fung Guey attained a speed of 67 miles an hour, but declares he dl.i not demand. of his engine all it can give. lie constructed each rib, plane, propeller and lateral in. triplicate, and when the first machine had been and perfect it was not a'difficult matter; to build a second.

It was while engaged An 'assembling this second that Fung Guey received the first of a number of cablegrams from China several weeks ago. Word of his work and hi had'gone across the.ocean. To the communications sent, an affirmative answer and straightway prepared to leave for home. Busy days followed in of mechanical parts, and the adoption of every precautionary meas; ure for safeguarding the' delicate and yw'oodwork consumed the greater part of his. time.

When the steamer China' drew away the San Francisco pier Fung Quay's departure was, witnessed by only the few I friends who had worked with him rln the completion and Nelle, who remaind to care for such business as might need here. There was no desire on the-part of the aviator to gain "notoriety or -publicity, and few had been appraised of-his leaving. Throughout the entire three years Fung Guey steadfastly refused to public or; press' into his 1 He. liked to have a photograph of himself orchis biplane reproduced and made girl with a new and profound "We await here the king's message, my she said. And then, after an instant's delay.

"Come, you shall be dressed as a queen to answer It. Caspar, you stay here and listen." It.was all so strange, so Elizabeth: Andrews have lost all sense of her own personality. She I listened this proposal as- one who 1 Is in a dream and answered it. In a voice: she hardly recognized, so unlike was it to her own. you please," she, said, and went lin I with Mona Lisa to; an; Inner room.

7 When the priest knocked; they were ready. £HHHpBVMSfI "Come," he "they have taken Prince John'to the throneroom." Close to the door they," stood and 'listened as the voice of the man they all loved so dearly quieted the mob. or I moment; heard him, he himself Stor- be the prince they had come to kill; heard the angry dissent and the demands for and a pledge. Then the I confused, threatening: noise of' a thou- i sand stirring uneasily in their waiting only spark to stir 'them again to The moment was tense with terrible Elizabeth Andrews stood up. "Open the she said.

"I am going to him." 1 vjln to the deep eyes old Mona Lisa of flame. "Obey!" she ordered her son. 7 The tall door -at the rear of the throneroom and to the right of the bier swung? slowly open. Through it rwent i the priest, Caspar, his j. tonsured; head bent, his clasped', hands upraised before his face.

He was Intoning one of the great hymns of the church. 'A thousand black bearded, savage. faces turned £at the sound. And 'behind'; the priest -tin? doorway stood which brought no more of wonder and adoring. admiration to the roughest of those evident his desire to.

achieve success without the assistance- of anyone save few. When China is reached he will occupy "a unique, position among. his people, one which no other man has occupied. China.has never, seen a flying machine, for can not secure permission to exhibit in of the provinces. r.

Since-; no-Chinese has the art of flying. It remained with Fung Gueyj; to introduce his to the empire and; its wondering people. could make'; fortunes in America, through the very if not; genuine; merit, of his work, but lie has: no fly here and intends that what financial recompense. Is to be his -for his untiring labors shall come from who will pay fancy prices to witness the conquest of the air He anticipates no little enjoyment from the superstitious, who, never having an" aeroplane, will believe it possessed of evil spirits when he makes his first few flights. The Chinese government officials' will be.

interested spectators at the initial flight; in China which; he Is to Canton, the city of his birth. His father is a druggist and. his brother, a rice merchant. several exhibitions he will enter the service of the government and proceed- at once to instruct the in the practical uses; of flying machines as adjuncts. of field work and will supervise -the, construction of a number, which; will be put; in Immediate use.

Fung'Guey takes! the honors shortly; to -'be his modestly, He has touched the pinnacle.of success; he has accomplished his purpose. There Is. a certain amount of patriotism underlying" his? desire to his first professional appearances in the land of his birth, It is significant that jhe will his people repay him or the three years of exacting work' and almost he devoted to of his plans and the education of the entire 1 Chinese race. He Is no struggllng wild mountaineers than to the prince, whose hand rested upon the One breathless glance 'at the. slender, figure in her long robes of i the graceful crowned with red gold hair, and poised so proudly on the; shoulders the wide, blue eyes, looking; so fearlessly across the tumult to, the man who stood glance and she; was their; as; securely In the hearts of them all as in the heart of him they a made their king.

Past the dead and on to the living she through a narrow hedged' with sheepskin coats stained with blood." Before her walked the "priest, his sol-: emn raising the "Magnificat." All was utter silence. the cleared space before 7 the he'that had' Captain Verlass, coming to meet bent over I andjclssed her hand. And, moving still as In some i dream faery, she sat the great carved and gilded chair beside which her lord. The voice of the priest had.sunk Into a low "Amen," and the hush' still held, as men waited to see what stranger: thing would happen next. It was not long delayed.

Through the splintered door broad shouldered, squat man, with 'a tousled gray dressed like a vagabond in torn and stained And, at the' sight of him. i the girl on; the forgetting i everything else, from the high dais and i threw her arms his crying, "Father! Father!" Close behind forcinghis way through the mob, and acting as escort for the strangest-: company that ever graced a coronation. First." came i foreigners, wearing the native sheepskin awkwardly. Six of the tainmen "(brought'; up rear. Two of I them I carried litter, on which lay Jar man who groaned pain.

Beside it walked young woman, wrapped in a black cloak and; her. a bent, feeble-old man, who clutched his long workman, dependent upon the bounty of others for the results he has obtained." Fung Guey's father Is a man of wealth and the son, of whom he may well feel proud, is Just 28 years of age. He'came tto New York when 9 years: old. received" his in "a private school, then worked for some the largest of the eastern shipyards perfecting mechanical There little of "mechanics today that Ihe does not know. He has successfully constructed a wireless telegraph apparatus and, has received and messages with it.

Numerous private telephones of his own making' connect various residences, and stores In the' Oriental quarter of Oakland. But long ago- he abandoned the idea devoting his time to perfecting-these instruments and chose a broader: field" for his operations The i future before this genius is practically limitless. His machines have received unstinted. tribute from several of the noted aviators who recently exhibited In California, and not one who Inspected his handiwork could add a material suggestion which he might obtain -better, results. In America Fung Guey is unknown; because he wishes be, and consequently in China will secure-the recognition of his ellowmen for whom he has and accomplished a task that' would be Herculean: to thousands -'of progressive American mechanics.

Fung Guey is a modest, level headed and untiring Chinese of more than ordinary: Intellect; who" gained his present position by being one -of those few who grasp opportunity when it presented and resolutely take the initiative. He has never lost confidence in himself and has solved the multitudinous problems of his- work with a perspective. of the future fever before him. He set. about to win mechanical success and "the fame such He has won the former beyond question or.

doubt and the latter Is not far.distant. white beard as If for support and 1 who seemed near death.with age and suffering. "Elizabeth!" said Prince John, as the procession halted and; the girl stepped back to her seat "We bring these prisoners from the house of Lanczys," said Treponyi chief of 'them." he pointed to the litter, "lies there 'death in the fight. This; woman was his accomplice. She betrayed, first her father and then our prince, and then his lady! He.

up the pearl "This the man had stolen from the crown Jewels of the Prince John took it from his hand and turning, as Elizabeth bent her head tor- his -signal, clasped the about her throat- and' bent to catch Iter whisper. Then he stood up and spoke to the waiting mob. "This; woman-was traitor because the love she-bore. this man," he said. "And our lady says that she Is already punished In that "-the man loved lies now as good as 'dead.

Let them all go free!" The strange old prophet of the mountains raised his wild chant if in "Long live the king of the house of sang. of all i the world!" "Then," if inspired, he went on improvising. "Out of the he; shall take a golden bride and their sons and their sons' sons shall rule over us while-the' mountains, stand!" the bond salesman, fresh and dapper in his London clothes, spoke to ragged. chief, while the chant still 5 rose. "7-7 "It's a good thing you've that money after all.

Mr. Andrews." he said. "The kingdom of Carpanthla, limited, r. is certainly "a- go!" "Yes," old man "When do they promise shipment on those Copper smelters?" lUfi JiXD.

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