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Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois • Page 6

Carbondale, Illinois
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Page Six SOUTHERN ILLINOISAN, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1983 Carbondale-Herrin-AAurphysboro-AAarion T7 Anniversaries la Compiled by Liese Zebrun Of The Southern lllinoisan 'J Everybody's mummy has one The Greeks call it a himation, Favors research on animals Reader changes her mind 1 Dear Ann Landers the Romans a toga or palla. In the middle ages it was known as a wimple and today a lot of grandmothers still call it a babushka. But a scarf by any other name would be as fashionable as it is warm. In Egypt during 12th century B.C., early scarfs were known as mantles and were worn by both men and women. Draped over the shoulders and fastened in front or thrown over one shoulder, passed under an opposite arm and then fastened, the mantle proved to be a most versatile garment.

In As in Joe and Alice Stevens Alice and Joe Stevens in 1933 Lifelong Murphysboro residents note golden wedding anniversary McManus were married in December 1933, in Belleville. They are lifelong residents of Murphysboro. Friends and relatives are invited to attend. The couple requests no gifts. Mr.

and Mrs. Joe Stevens of 1908 Wall Murphysboro, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday at the At-lasta Center, located on North 17th Street in Murphysboro. Stevens and the former Alice out of the wheelchair and back on his feet again. It would be like a miracle a dream come true.

I now understand the value of medical research on animals in a way I did not understand it before. I hope you will print my letter, Ann. It might bring some understanding to those who attacked you for your stand, as I did. My apologies Contrite in Miami Dear Miami: On the heels of your letter came a similar one from a reader in Springfield, 111. Her husband is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

(He is only 52 years old.) She sent a clipping about a "memory pill" to help bolster the failing minds of patients with Alzheimer's disease. The pill is now being tested at the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute. Mice were jolted with electric shock to produce amnesia, then given memory pills. Those which had been given the pill were more successful at remembering pathways out of mazes. "Over two million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's disease," wrote my Illinois reader.

"Think what this discovery would mean to them and their families! I never cared for mice or rats, but suddenly I feel an enormous debt of gratitude to these little creatures." Wilsons to celebrate 50th anniversary and Mississippi. The reception will be given by their three sons. Jack of Houston, Texas, Dale of Taylorsville, and Fred of Woodbridge, Va. The couple also has nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Friends and relatives are invited to attend.

The Rev. Fred Wilson and his wife, Frances, of Wolf Lake will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at a reception from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday at the United Methodist Church in Wolf Lake. The Wilsons were married Dec. 19, 1933, in Jackson, Mo.

Now retired and living back home, they built and pastored several churches in Illinois syria, royalty wore me tiat material edged in fringe and folded in much the same fashion as a contemporary shawl. In the Middle Ages the "wimple" moved up and scarf-dressing now covered the head, a style seen in paintings of the era depicting royalty with their crowns placed directly over their scarfs. Medieval women were so fond of scarfs that they often wore two a wimple on the head and a mantle flowing freely from the shoulders. This ensemble is seen today in the form of habits worn by many religious orders of nuns. The modern scarf and muffler came into being in the 16th century by which time the mantle had diminished to become an accessory to the neckline, as well as a "heat holder," rather than a voluminous garment.

We know the stork didn't bring them Those Cabbage Patch Kids, the Christmas season's fought-over big seller, are of disputed parentage. The dolls are the object of a custody battle between Xavier Roberts, a Georgian who says he is their creator, and Martha Nelson Thomas, a Kentuckian who says he took the idea from her. Thomas filed suit against Roberts on Jan. 29, 1980, saying she was the original creator of the soft sculpture dolls. Federal District Judge Charles Allen ruled last year that Roberts had used elements of her idea, but since she had not copyrighted her doll, there was no infringement.

Still pending before the court is Thomas's claim of unfair competition. Paula Osborne, president of the company that produces and licenses the dolls, acknowledged that Roberts had seen sculptures by Thomas and others hut denied the idea was stolen saying, 'it's not a copy of Martha Nelson's." According to Thomas. Roberts sought her out in 1976 at a Kentucky crafts fair and told her he wanted to sell her dolls at a gift shop he managed in Georgia. She said she agreed but the two subsequently quarreled over prices and she withdrew her dolls. Court records in Kentucky contain a letter Roberts wrote in 1977 to Thomas saying he would "carry your type of dolls, either made by you or someone else." Jack Wheat.

Thomas's attorney, said Roberts testified in 1982, that he was "inspired" by Thomas's work, "so I sat down to make them. "We tried to copy them as little children." he testified, according to Wheat. "We kept experimenting with Martha's." New York Times Dear Ann Landers: I wrote you a mean letter a few weeks ago because I was against using animals for medical research. Something I saw on the NBC "Today" show recently changed my mind. Dr.

Luis de Mendicelli was shown doing microsurgery on rats. I know a little about microsurgery because my brother had two fingers on his right hand amputated in an industrial accident. The plant doctor rushed him to a hospital and a marvelous surgeon sewed those fingers back onto his hand within minutes. While he has not regained feeling in his fingers, he can use his hand quite well. The doctor on the "Today" show was doing experiments on white rats.

He had cut the sciatic nerves of two white rats, pralyzing their legs. He then succeeded in sewing the nerves back together. We saw pictures of those same white rats running around, as good as new. The doctor's next step is to try this technique on monkeys. If he succeeds, he will experiment on humans.

Do you know what this could mean? In a few years it may be possible that people with spinal cord injuries, paralyzed from the neck or waist down, will be able to walk again. No more wheelchairs! Sounds miraculous, doesn't it? I have more than a casual interest in this subject because my 17-year-old son broke his neck in a diving accident when he was 13. He is now in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down. Maybe this microsurgery technique will get my boy Family survey: Terminally ill need better care 1 Consumers Union Hospital care of the dying is sorely in need of improvement, according to a study on hospitals, hospices and home care for the fatally conducted by the Consumers Union Foundation. The study was funded under a grant from the New York Community Trust.

Foundation researchers interviewed 40 families who had endured the loss of a loved one after a lengthy illness. They mostly talked to the principal family care-giver a year after the patient's death. Many families expressed the view that hospitals did not offer terminally-ill patients adequate pain ref-lief. especially during the last stages of life. One widow told the researchers.

"The suffering, the pain I just never want to see anyone go through that again That last week I'd say. please. God. just let him have peace. Close his eyes gently." The study emphasized families can Riddles of Marion have golden anniversary The couple has a son, William E.

of Galveston. Texas, and a daughter, Jane Treece of Makanda. They also have one grandson and three granddaughters. Mr. and Mrs.

William Riddle of Marion will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Riddle and the former Helen Beasley were married Dec. 15, 1933, in Marion. Consumer Reports rjj a CZJ EZ3 G3 EZ3 C3 EHEZ3 EZ EZ3 a CZ3 EZ3 CZ3 a CZ3 CZ3 E3 (jj 1 WwitmMm I take steps to deal with a patient's severe pain before the situation becomes desperate. If a patient is not getting adequate relief, families should not hesitate to discuss the problem with the physician in charge.

sThcy have the right to know what medicines the patient is getting; the size of the dosage; and if the medication is given "as needed" or offered regularly. Dr. Margaret Gold, the sociologist who authored the study, says pain medicine given ''as needed" may be allowing pain and tension to build up between doses. Many families also noted hospitals often failed to keep seriously disabled patients bathed and clean, and communicated poorly with families about the patient's condition, tests and other procedures. Families expressed the most acute dissatisfaction with hospital care in the period just preceding death.

Many reported that in some hospitals death was treated as an event to be handled quietly and smoothly, with as little "interference" from the family as possible. The most complete stock of natural foods and vitamins in Southern Illinois. 100 West Jackson St. Uirtven Illinois ami the railroad) Hours: 9:00 to 5:30 Mon-Sat Sunday 12 to Phone S49-1741 SOFT FROZEN YOGURT 1 A Give a dog a bone? A lot of emphasis is put on toy saftey this time of year and pet owners are not immune to the precautions. Toys for pets should be chosen for construction and size, ensuring that they are sturdy and large enough not to be swallowed.

Almost all dogs love bones, but they can splinter and get caught in the intestines. Never give a dog bones from chicken, turkey, pork chops or fish because they splinter easily. Nylon and rawhide bones are much safer. Soft rubber toys are not a wise choice for dogs that chew aggressively. These toys should be watched carefully and discarded when they become ragged, before a dog can start to swallow pieces.

Balls are a perennial favorite, but they should also be chosen large enough not to be swallowed. A pet owner's first clue that his pet is in trouble is persistent vomiting by the animal. If your pet acts depressed or lethargic and tends to vomii alter everv meal, call vour veterinarian immediatelv. 1 in a cup or cone All the fun of ice cream plus the good things of yogurt. High in tat.

I'Oyy in fat. Natural fruit flavors. Famous Dannon quality This coupon anil 19r entitles hearer to a reg. cup or cone of DANiN -O. Coupon expires 12-31-83 19 Special ANSWERS TO THE VEC QUIZ WILL BE FOUND IN THESE ADS Engagements 1 on national and international news, sports and personalities 1 BANKRUPTCY DIVORCE PROBATE from $600 GUARDIANSHIP ADOPTION from $400 WORKMAN'S COMPENSATION 20 of Recovery PERSONAL INJURY Vi of Recovery Reasonable fees: Criminal, Traffic.

Wills 6 Deeds. Court Costs Not Included MEM III IDEA 2 vAyVCSt Perfect for candy. KlJ OLAN MILLS McCann Foley Attorneys at Law Darren Jacobs and Elizabeth Paine Thomas B. and Joann Paine of Carbondale, announce the engagement of their daughter, Elizabeth, to Darren Lee Jacobs, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Lavern Jacobs, also of Carbondale. The bride-elect and prospective bridegroom are both graduates of Carbondale Community School. Miss Paine is attending Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. Jacobs is in the U.S. Army.

A Jan. 14 wedding is planned. Benton Room 610 Wood Blrig. 439 7217 Murphysboro 115 S. 15th St.

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Efficiency that pays for itself in energy savings. TAnruial Fuel Utilization Efficiency iiTnuiADnc. lk- i-A" -H NEWSPICTURE: War Of 1812 HtRRIff tritHUY ILLIMJIS in step tf times PEOPLEWATCMSPORTLICHT: 1-Environmeniai rToiemun Agency: 2-lsaac Bashevis Singer; 3-Marcus Allen; 4-George Blanda; 5-DePaul 0JJUL WORLDSCOPE: 1-Syrian; 2-b; 3-El Salvador; 4-Jordan; 5-Cabbagc Patch Dolls NEWSNAME: Yasuhiro Nakasone Wilful tWfi3T.

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