The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1966
Page 2
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«• j ***** ** ***** * , Portland Club HoWt Mat At Burt Cafe Mrs. Mr, *rr* Ife y \*.'*-i. 3£rt M&steL, Mr t. a E-ffi* ;,,%<>., Mrs. £fai >*ters-ji aa£ v»:Stt, ".siJK Bsumsr, a: .*. aai Jf.-t /at?: Tatmsa rf Igffifcfc? £ama /S Mrs. /*//*,-* *y/i jBf .-atatwstt ant THURS. - BU. - SAT. MAY 19 - 20 . 21 ALGONA *• ^wJwn»Hfe». ^vHHHBw. ^^^WHBBBI^^^ ^»S; / !/f/J'',/U V/ . ',',1'I-'!',', HfliVjtH t I./'//"' Uj ',.»•/, t,. I I'l '/)!',',/ '}* '//I<I/V//1 !.,» I. ll<|l| FUN! ffeflflfl fIBEWQBKS! y/hwi ELVfS mm* -'-"-'£"^y_ jrecHNicoioR* "•<••>**" uMtTFp APTisjy SUN. thru WED. MAY 22 - 23 . 24 - 25 ALGONA A /4t Stated °H a hcvtJ t^y <vMt "lfeA» n v .v;c by v)t»«y <3ottJSM| It t tx, ir>\ r sssri Ifcrt. -rf ^ikTMs *7 pwrti IT S* PtISUY M "HUNKIS AND JOHNNY- WOW AT At&ONA tKlAttl rf P. trXSrt, Hr asad M*£. i-'l** sad tesx/xfl; -j? ti- aai Mr -«sirt Mrs. 3E£ 3>. Mr. «&£ Krt.. r j Mr aai Mrt. Tera K Benr? Smit! bv St. Joe Folks HOMT Couple Wed 20 Years ;^ it Lr. Mr. ani KTE. Fr»i*T%g -jf t iaugtor, BeS?- X^StBliiC i£ ifiL 3i. FrziKCit v'Atwjt., Z/u'yjryae, aat irjiit... hici^.*"!, Ariv aai Ii t wte* Artis** reieate 7V»tr«. TV new Preriej lit " t wziws. vc-i spat v^T^s. t, via Mrt. Cims«% TLil- agL, airj iv» priz* to Kzs. y/tooH Oerttifrr Mrf ^zliaL G«Tt- FyllvT'i^ calls, Laadb in «'-£j% ii ast S p. it. The to glre J15 to the Ca&vlic Rdirf Serrloe in Korea. Mrs. .v. J. Wey^ert, fraetiJ aai Mre. Muttfl s, past fiaaadal secret OB tte tsseaiir sf tie Kaigitts of Cd- IL IfiiiifealltSTra Is grasJ tasigftt fcr * oxter as a %r<; Mr. auj Mrs. Feliz Tiiliges, Mr. arrf Mrs. Tldl^es, Mr, atrf Mrs. TMl^es, Mr. a&rj Mrs. ia Tldige*. West B«rf ; Mr. Mrs. Alfred B^rmaou, ; Mr. a»J Mrs. f fibres, Al^cm; Mr. and Mrs. Rattoei Gartner aid Mr. ard Mrs. Jaliac Gartner, MlJitu; Mr. aoirj Mrs. ges, Mr. aoj Mrs. Martin Frid*re«, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kramer, Mr. aori Mrs. Paul Er- pei/ttog iiad Harold Fririteres, St. Joe. - o - C. D. A. MET C. D. A. met Wednesday even- lag with election of officers the main business of the evening. InstalMion of officers will to Mrs. w«746it »M seUsctel aj> a \t, OK uttaeal oo- to be beM in BMtoo, Mass., ^uly 17-22. Mrs.Mfllorl i May te, son erf Mr. aai Mrs. Jises Berte, iras baptized Bxtlar ia SL ctarci br aer. Leo C. macber. Mr. arrf Mrs. Veraaa B%rte, uaclfc asrf aaat, vere s>*xi- 2 at The aooaaJ V^qu^t ;-1U be beW ^:30 p. m. in SL Joseph's tull, wtthresemtkios tote mate with a crjcandttee by May 30. Committee members are Mrs. Peter Boraaoo, Mrs. Orrlllc Wagner, Mrs. Ed McGoLre, Mrs. Albert ThQges, Mrs. Baymcod Koblhaas, Mrs. Syrrester Wagner aod Mrs. Ralpb Bormaoa. Follr/wiag tine meettj^, ktoch was senred, fcilcnred by a social b«iT. Fire bnndred was played, with Mrs. John Capesius and Mrs. K. J. Weydert rec«tvlj»g high and second high prizes. Mrs. E. J. Gales received plate prjze. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Miliord Platfae and Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Wagner attended the 65th annual to attend the Open House at the Algona high school annex, Sunday, May 22, from 3 to 6 p.m. honoring Miss Hattie Wilson and Miss Esther Quinby. All students, former students and friends are cardinally invited to attend, MAKE 1118to s 5943 MORE INCOME WITH BEEF OR MILK HARVESTORE* system saves 17.65% more Haylage than an ordinary silo At the Milton Herahey farm, Hershey, Pa., alfalfa Haylaga from the same field was weighed in and weighed out of both a HARVE- STORE system and an ordinary ailo. Oxidation and spoilage claimed 19.1% in the ordinary silo, while HARVE8TORE louee were only 1.66% — a 17.65% HARVESTORE advantage. This 17.65% advantage in a 20x60 HARVESTORE syatem would amount to 38.1 tone of Haylage with one filling. Those ton* could produce $1118 of beef or 91981 of milk. Becauae the HARVESTORE ayetem can be fed opt 2 and a times a year, the total extra income could be $3354 (beef) and $6943 (milk). Stop in, phone or write u* for more information. GLENN E, MILLER Phone 262-3130 Spencer, Iowa Representing BLUE HARVESTORE SYSTEMS Of Humboldt, Iowa - Phone 332-2441 I m» fr»* Informitlom Q H«r*h«y Beoklvt Q Hiyltg* Beokltt a F«rm Profit Plan Book NAMI TOWN _fl|rp cowyrr__ 5 r A T£_ a 0««/ n M/M a / «m«iiu(/»»< Mrs. Lizzte w^dert c^serred her SCtti tAr&tey May 15 aaJ n-as borored at tibe bcsoe of ber rdeoe, Mrs. Adeline Wagaer aad laznlly, Satonlay in obserraaee of tbe occastoo nlfii ^0 reU&T&s aad Irleads atteoSii^ tbe courtesy. Dtttoie aod Marl DoHs, daughter and soo of Mr. aad Mrs. Dean DaMs, Algoaa, obserred tbeir sfccond an! first birthdays May 15, i*lth the grandparents, Mr. aad Mrs. Ra)-moaJ Kohlhaas and family; great- graoiparents, Mr. aad Mrs. John Tbul and Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Kohlhaas from here; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dodds and great-grandmother, Mrs. Mamie Winkel from Algona; and an aunt, Mrs. Marie Jacobs, Austin Minn., attending the family dinner at the Dean Dodds' home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bormann, Davenport, were weekend guests In tfae home of tnelr daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice §£ding •" family. Sunday, Mr. and^Mrs. Reding and family entertained at a family dinner in observance of toe 90th birthday of Mrs. Lizzie Weydert of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Koolhaas, Harley, Theresa and Carole spent Sunday with Daryl Koolhaas at Trinity Prep School in Sioiuc City. Daryl, a freshman, is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Koolhaas. Mrs. Wm. B. Devine entertained her 500 club Thursday with Mrs. Damlan Centgraf, guest. Receiving prizes were Mrs. John Thul, Mrs. Susie Kramer and Mrs. Centgraf. Mrs. John Thul entertains the club at their next gathering. Mrs. E. M, Gales came home on Sunday from Mercy hospital, Ft. Dodge, where she was a medical patient the past week. Fete Titonka Couple Wed For 50 Years An open house was held for Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peterson for their golden wedding anniversary Sunday, May 8, at Good Hope Lutheran church from 2 to 5 p. m. Merle Peterson was master of ceremonies and Introduced his parents, as well as their attendants, Mrs. Lawrence Winkel of Algona and Alvin Paulson of Westbrook, Minn. Those taking part were Gene Peterson, Lois Bentley, Carol, Ronald, Nell and Janet Koppen. Rev. A. Gerstmann gave a talk. In charge of the guest book were Richard Peterson and Lowell Bentley, and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Peterson were hosts. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Peterson presided at the gift and card table. Serving punch as the guests arrived were Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Koppen. Mrs. Merle Peterson and M rs. Richard Peterson poured and Mrs. Lowell Bentley cut and served the cake. Kitchen helpers were Mesdames Gene Huff, Leonard Gray, Jerry Wubben and Leland Schroeder. All the relatives had a supper and social time at the church in the evening. SKIP DAY The senior class of Titonka high school went on their Skip Day, leaving the morning of May 11 and returning May 12. This had been planned for April 15, E te, ba£ veafeer, 0» date haafei ,Dsnaf fteir two feyi is OK airjorl, Tiiatfri Uai v »i gity Mrmesata campas, tt* "Tbs Greatest Tbej itapp&i at Farfbaeit 3L fbeil V2.J tKOX. TS vsre 3a?t aaS Mrs. S Eo&erls and Mr . sari Mrs. SaifciL- K?. isr a DEDICATE U5TI A iteSesJfcc serftcz *-as as JfemSar Qfgi.iTig al Refen&ei dmrti Isr tie ii TEE! -rlacl; has bees SK past T%ZT. Her. ^cto £. Jaiisses rare tfe EftSEag* aad Ber. A. RaAsiap, ndsLster, vas pr&ssst aad fcrieSy. As opes a^uss vas zAer 3*e asrnyt aai iaacii serrei Clab net ( Notes Of Servicemei CAMP PEKDLETOK, CAJJF Miria% Prrrate Tbomac D. wo of Mr. and Mr*. Sefliag erf Wester, bas completed ioSrridsal combat tfaiaiag hers. Tbe lo«r-we* coarse iacl«4ed yrer 200 boors of instruction safer stnn&ated combat COD- diticms. His oezt stop is four weeks of basic specialist training in bis military occt^etional field, beattteroecks broad for toe Pa- cific will r«o^te i»or« traiain? wbw Owy rqwrt to (be Utagii^ Battalion at Camp Peaffletoo, Calif. BILOXJ, MW3 - AJrmao Second Class Willianj L. James, con of Mr, awl Mrs. Lerter M. ,/«!»*• of 417 1». Roan St., k/va, bat been grato- at Keesler AFB, Miss., from (be training coem for U. S, Air Force radio operators. Airman James, a graduate of Algona Community high school, is being assigned to Japan for duty. PELTS Dale Micel, Marengo, collected bounties on $6 for pelts and one wolf pelt he trapped and hunted this season. ; beli as "FaaailT are! tbe Maters Tears," irfa Mrt Karj Boflaag, cbs., aad Mrs. Eae Krzotz aad Eazel BaSaog actlag oc &e paaeL V. F. W. AaxiliarT met Tuesday eresiag at tbe Elmer Gerdis bom* Ti£b 11 member si22tteai- aace. Mrs. Qea Miller dreir tbe door prize. Mrs. Mary Oesterrekiier, coaaty chalna?^ of Federated Womaa's Clabs, *as a guest at tbe Plum Creek Womaa's Qnb meetiag held Wednesday at tbe Flo)-d Bate borne. Titaaka Federated Clnb held their final meeting of tbe '65-'6S club year -srhen they met at tbe school loncti room at 6:SO p. m. for a picnic. A business meet- lag follOT-ed, T»lth president, Mrs. K. Krantz, presiding. White elephant bingo was played and enjoyed by all as entertainment. Grace Helfner Is again at the home of her parents, the L. C. Heifners, after risltlDg re^a- tires in Des Moines for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Roby and Alrin Paulson of Westbrook, Minn., were weekend guests of their sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peterson, Mrs. Mar)' Oesterrelcher att- . ended.*a_-meeting of. the League ~ of Women Voter sat Algona Tuesday morning. FAMILY 1966 Belmond Mother-of-the Year, Mrs. Hena Klnsetb, has a family of 91 members (including spouses of grandchildren and great grandchildren) - a figure that exceeds the number of Mrs. Klnseth's years by one. This auger thrives on working in tight, congested areas! This Stan-Hols! 33-tool auger will reach as high as competitive 41-foolers Big statement ... you bet! But then a Stan-Hoist Auger is better. You can get closer to buildings, closer to cribs.' A shorter Stan-Hoist Auger will reach those openings easier and better than a bigger, longer competitive auger! So, why spend more for an auger than you have to! Buy Stan-Hoist. You'll also like Stan-Hoist Augers'channel "U" box structure under auger tube for greatest support. 8-foot corn screen is optional. Lengths from 33 to 53 feet. Sealed self-aligning bearings throughout the drive shaft. All galvanized drive shaft won't rust *nd stick. Auger tube is welded, seamless galvanized. PUT A 6-INCH OR 8-INCH STAN-HOIST AUGER TO WORK FOR YOU! We'll Demonstrate Co// us today! V ALGONA Phono-295-2421 JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 JAMES STEWART- MAUREEN OMAHA-BRIAN KEITH THE RARE BREED ^. TECHNICOLOR' • PAN A VISION' iW THURSDAY thru FRIDAY "Frankie & Johnny" 7:00 - 9-00 SATURDAY - "Frankie and Johnny" 1:30-7:00-9:00. SUNDAY - "The Trouble With Angels" 1:30 - 3:30 - 5:30 7:30 - 9:30. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY "Trouble With Angels" 7:00-9:05 ^^••^•••••M A UNIVERSAL PICTURE - SECOND FEATURE - Paramount Pictures Presents Jackie Gteason fclw'sDdicate Owlition WEDNESDAY thru SATURDAY MAY 18. 19-20-21 leclmlcofor' CHARUE LAUREL — UKOA BUGGIES' GOODWIN -BUI STARLITE ITS DOUBLf- BAM€L€D UNTAMED FRENZY.' ^ ™'":g**«£y.S*«** A ™IN-HOltTERE D A W//0 CAKE. ..BUT DON'T.' CARE IS TO DARE The Thrills and Excitement of Racing World Any-night girls and overnight Glory.. they press 'em all to the limit in the wild Racing World! mr TbeWestt Pint Teenage the Southwest apart from Mexico to Texasl THURSDAY IS BUCK NIOHT A CARlQAD FOR $1.00 *

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