The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 3, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1895
Page 5
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, ALftOKA, IOWA, ,<& yK, NOW open at.. Taylor's. 500 -/ Ladies' and Children's Sailor Hats, at lOc each; would be cheap at 25c. rates to loWef thW. Jfefll is »"-«;pointer for "Coin." We ate not suffering for high insurance. It is to be noted as ah indication that there is too much partiality on the patt of the clerk of the weather that several inches of tain and a foot of snow fell at some points in Iowa Saturday and Sunday, tthile we got less than half att inch of water altogether. The Christian Endeavor society of the Congregational church is already planning for the district convention to be held here in June. It will be a big convention, it is expected, and the local society propose to take care of it in good shape. The lecture of ex-Senator Ingalls, which comes off on the 16th, is likely to draw a large attendance from outside towns, in the county and out of it. The Beporter says that quite a number of Emmetsburgers have signified their intention of heating the noted speaker. So far as heard from, Algona was not represented at the Joseph COOK lecture at Eminetsburg, Monday night. It is stated that the lecture bureau over there had already made enough on their previous lectures so that they could have paid Joseph even if nobody went to hear him. Miss Mary Lickteig, of Wesley, on Monday began- suit for damages for slander against George Schneider, a young man of that place. The suit is entered for the May term of the district court. Miss Lickteig is said to have always borne a high reputation. Valentine & King obtained a settlement with their insurance company, getting nearly the full amount of their claim. They have dissolved partnership, and Mr. King will run the Pheonix house at Bancroft. Mr. Cochran is up there now, engaged in painting and papering the hotel preparatory to opening up. Owing to illness, Dr. Strickland was compelled to postpone his lecture in Algona, which was to have come oft Thursday night. This is another illustration, of the many which might be cited, of the uncertainties which mock all calculations of lecture committees. The lecture is not declared off. but only postponed. Advertised letters: Hon. Chas. Bailey, Mrs. Alice Green Brass, J. L. Brenton, N. Agil Cosson, G. D. Cronk, J. WALL PAPER E have in stock at present over twenty Thousand Bolls of "Wall Paper, We have carefully selected this line of Paper from all of the best factories iii the "United States^ and in making this selection we have succeeded in getting theit very best patterns. We are therefore enabled to show you as fine a line of Wall Paper as it is possible to produce. There is, as you undoubtedly know* a vast difference ill the quality of papers, and it has always been our aim to buy nothing but the very best in every grade. W E are better prepared to serve you m this line than any competitor, because we have the Largest and Best Stock, and as for prices we can sell you paper from t 4 -t i i . T.. i i . .... _tj.H_J^.l_ 1___. ^ ~,f^+-» *• llclvt! LI1U JLJilJL4iv;O u tin it JL/^OU K_/UV/\J*VJ t«.nvi *\u *.v*. ju/**««— .. — ----- u i t- six cents per double roll up, Just stop and think, have you ever had an oppor tunity to buy Wall Paper as low as six cents per double roll, With paper at this price you can paper an ordinary sized room for less than 50 Cts. Beware of fakirs who canvass from house to house selling paper by the single roll and charging you from 20 to 50 per cent, more for inferior goods than legitimate dealers would charge you for good goods. "E solicit you trade and are always glad to compare quality, prices and patterns with any competitor in the county. You will find it to your interest to call and look our large stock over before purchasing. 300 Ladies' Sailor Hats-Fancy Braids- at25c each; worth 50c. State St., Algona, la. F. W. DINGLEY, u The Druggist." 300 Leghorn, Black and White Hats, at 25c each—worth 75c. We have the Largest and Finest Line of Spring Millinery ever shown in Algona. (AS. TAYLOR ton, JN. Agll UOSSUU, VT. J~>. vjiuun., u. W. Duel, J. N. Davis, Miss Mary Gatney, Miss Grace Gafney, A. M. Gibbs, H. C. Graves, W. G. Hunter, Geo. F. Hackman, Gens Hanson, Ella Jaycox, C. F. Taylor, Fred Thorn, Miss Ettie Jones. A letter received, Monday, from P. J. Christensen, of Vacaville, Gal., a former resident of Algona, reports the destruction by a recent frost of the apricot crop in the valleys, the hill orchards being unharmed. The loss is serious, as the apricot crop is one of the main stays of Solano county. Mr. Christensen is prosperous and happy in his western home. Wesley town property has been going up rapidly in selling price within the past five years. The Beporter says: She is 67 years of age, is Mr. Minkler's third wife and is the mother of four ot the seventeen children born to Orange Minkler. , There is a great demand now for the numerous magazines which are first- class and at the same time cheap, such as the Midland, the Cosmopolitan, Munsey's and McOlure's which can be ALGQSA REPUBLICAN LOCAL MENTIONS. The winter term of the Normal clones next week. And so we are to have Asa K. Smith with us again? The children are enjoying their vacation this week. The county supervisors have been in session since Monday. Langdon & Hudson have a new and gaily decorated delivery wagon. Escar Bailey threatens to start out on the road with his merry-go-round in a short time. Archdeacon McElroy, of Waverly, will conduct the Easter service at the Episcopal church. "Problems of Our Second Century" will be the theme of J. J, Ingalls in Afeona on the 26th, Miss Bandall's pupils will give a rehearsal this afternoon at tbe residence of Mrs. E. G. Bowyer. Judge Quarton on Wednesday granted a divorce to Mrs. Anton Kirsbbaum, with custody of her child. Mr. Wheelock, a farmer living near Germania, secured a fine flowing well at a deptb of only 68 feet. Clerk-Grose issued marriage licenses to John Mosier Emma Yazelj and "T-beo, Anderson andSelmaSamuelson. Tbe 'Br Y, P. U. will give a social at Mrs, Henry W,iukie's Monday evening, April 8th, A cordial invitation is ex' ' ' - i all. The report that C. J. Doxsee is about to move to Bolfe and go in with his father in the hardware store is without foundation. Mr. Doxsee will stay in Algona. The creamery supply house of Spurbeck & Lambert received a shipment of 37,300 staves one day last week. This is the largest ever received in Algona. We have had rain. There was a considerable drizzle Saturday and Sunday, and a fall of snow Monday supplemented it, and real mud for two days has been the result. Wm. Harrison is reported to have had the extraordinary luck to kill four wild geese at one shot out of a possible five. The latter, it is supposed, didn't know it was loaded. District court has been in session intermittently for the past week, and several preliminary matters have had a hearing. An equity land case is to be argued on Saturday. The board of supervisors has met the grand jury's decree of condemnation of the jail quarters with an imperative order to scrub, and the act was being performed yesterday, ; Haggard & Peek have recently pur- chasea the old Ames farm, lying about five miles southwest of Burt. It comprises 240 acres and is one of tbe fine farms of Kossuth county, Balpb Laird, J. B. Laird's bright 8- year-old, sprained his arm several weeks ago and bas since been embarrassed in bis movements. It is now reported to be much improved, Archie Hutchison writes that it has JAIU JJfcfcOU***'-' J WMI-W. —• JT — 1 'Wesley property is increasing in value. Fred Anderson refused $1,800 spot cash for his property on Main street without the buildings. Less than five years ago $400 would have been considered a good price.'" ..... ;,.,;„; •.*'? A lecture on "Good Citizenship" is to be given this evening at the Congre§ ational church, by Bev. Zartman, of ioux City. There is a good deal of thinking in that line just now^ in view of the developement of municipal corruption, and the cropping out of great evils, and the subject is regarded as a live one by all our writers and speakers. The lecture will be free. S. W. Spurbeck was out last week in in the interests of the creamery supply house. He took in Forest City, Eagle Grove, Spencer, and other places and has no complaint to make about business. The Spurbeck & Lambert creamery supply house is meeting with good success in this section of the state, and it is with pleasure that we make note of the fact. Jas. Taylor has advertised special sales at all the surrounding towns and intends keeping a man on the road a good share of the time. Joe Misbach is out in his interests this week, It is a great convenience to a great many towns to be able to select their goods from such a stock as Mr. Taylor carries. Business at the Algona store, Mr. Taylor says, was never better had for 15 cents a number and some for 10 cents, at our news stands. Ihe demand was illustrated Monday when Miss Dodd missed a copy of the Midland, which disappeared while she was at dinner. She expects the party taking it will hand in the 15 cents, bhe thinks it was taken by some. one who wanted to read it right away. Postmaster Hinchon has just figured up the receipts of his office for the year ending March 31, and has found them to be $6,011.17. This is in the neighborhood of $500 in excess of the receipts of last year and is a good index of an increasing business. It is understood that the heavy correspondence of the Algona Deposit and Loan Association and of Call & Cowles in their mail contracting has helped to put the receipts beyond the $6,000 limit. The Algona office will now pay a salary of $1800 a year, or $150 per month. DEATH AT IRVINGTON. Mrs. Flavia Dutton Dies Saturday—An Early Settler. Mrs. Flavia Dutton, wife of David Dutton, of Irvington, died at her home Saturday forenoon, of dropsy of the heart. She had been in poor health for some time. The funeral was attended Monday, the pastor of the Presbyterian church at Livermore conducting it. . Mrs. Dutton was about sixty years of age. Her parents were pioneer settlers ofDubuque county, where she was married to Mr. Dutton, with whom she came to this county some thirty years ago. Her children are Mrs. Gilbert, of Bock Island, 111.; Mrs. Ned Dodge, of Algona; Mrs. Brown, of West Bend; Ben Dutton, of South Carolina, and Thevadjuster-foivthe Ahch'or.-Insujr-, ance Company, of Creston, was gona last week to adjust the in Al- Harry The Algona Deposit and Loan Asso- elation issued f 25,000 of stock 'on Mon day, It was a good day's work for the first day of tbe. mouth,. The resent decision of tbe federal pourt knocking out the telephone patents ought to bring up again tbe question of telephone service, J, F, Lacy haa bought tbe residence will, J. Winkie, andtbe .con- been , , , is understood tQ , bavs $1,400, 'It is a, fine property. J, J, Ryan sold, a quarter sepWon of few been quite wet down in Louisiana but later conditions are more favorable, J. B, Jones has been in that neighborhood recently, looking after business interests,, Sheriff'Samson has. been devoting considerable attention, tbe past week, , a in Wesley township a 4ays ago fo'r W5 w» new, That ?ave been a stiff price a year ago to tbe a,- A, Frink reoe ness, without reaching any fln busi- There was a meeting of the school board on Monday evening, but beyond listening to tbe appointment of the committees by Chairman Clarke nothing was done. The committees named were as follows: Teachers—Quarton, Blossom, Butler; Finance—Gilmore, Blossom-, School house grounds and supplies—Haggard, Butler; Coal—Haggard; Depot school—Blossom. In regard to tbe Wesley failure the Beporter says; Tbe closing of G. A, Frink's store by his creditors was a surprise to all, except of course to the ever l-told-you-so individual. It is paore than probable the store will be open and business resumed in a few days, Mr, Frink conducted a big business, and from what one can learn he bas tbe assets and the disposition to liquidate every obligation. sttionofit. The goods have been«invoiced, B, F, Reed has traded tbe A, W. Moffat residence in Algona and some lanl near Wesley for M Wnght's Cresco township farm of 380 acres. Mr, Wright intends moving mto bis/ AlgQ; na ho was soon as it Capt- Ingbam's friends were prepared to bear some big fish stones .on bis return from bis Florida expedition, but beParticipated tlieir curiosity by --- j: -~*-— tbe news that be has al* I/UC* Attww f r w**. *•" «— „ - - dimpkins loss ou his laundry property He compromised with Mr. Simpkins for $375, the policy calling for $500, and when it came to pay up he presented a premium note given by tne insured for $100, to cover an annual premium of 20 for five years to come. The term of the policy was six years, and one years premium was paid in advance when the policy was taken out last fall. Mr. Simpkins refuses to pay the note, and the matter may yet go into the courts. Tbe company's claim appears to be preposterous. There were the usual "April fool" pranks Monday. The most disgusting sell coming to our notice was m one ot our stores, which we do not mention because this is news and not free advertising. Here a nickel was to be seen lying on the floor, and of course everybody who came in saw it the first thing and reached for ifc saym ^; "Here, somebody has dropped a—-. The nickle had been fastened to the floor, so that strong men could weep easier than they could pick ,nv up. it would have been a cheap sell if somebody had got it, but tbe nickle was on hand at the close of business, Algona society bas been patronizing a method of entertaining by giving to guests a long list of words with tbe fetters mixed up in a confusion worso confounded, and which tbe guests usually characterize as middling hard to guess back into intelligible shape, but Emmetsburg has a worse invention, if we may credit the statements of the Pocahontas Record, which says; "The onion social is the feature at Emmetsburg. The girls stand up in a row and one of them bites an onion, Tbeyoung »<»*«» bave to guess wbo bit tbe onion, ana tbe lucky one who guesses correctly has tbe privelege of kissing ail--the other girls, while tbose who do not guess correctly are condemned to kiss tbe lips that have bad contact with tbe onion," George and Bobert, who are now on the farm. Mr. Dutton built a very pretty and comfortable residence in Irvington village recently, in which the 'family had lived but a short time when the sad parting came. Mrs. Dutton was a good woman, and was held in highest regard by her neighbors and through the county. In Algona she had many warm friends, who mourn her death. She was a member of the Presbyterian church, and was a firm and consistent adherent of tlie Christian faith, and sympathized deeply with every good work. TO AVOID DROUTH. Will Wells, of the Alton Democrat, in discussing plans for the prevention of drouths, gives some practical suggestions from personal observation. He says: "Down in Taylor County, the farmers for year past have placed dams across every draw and slough on their farms. They are cheaply and easily built during slack times, stones, brush and dirt being used. These sloughs will fill with water during the spring and quite often hold tbe water be has placed, in „„,.„„„,..„,-. ^ ermist, as we learn from thjjUi B. WITH PARBBP Wesley Beporter; Last Friday nigfct a/Elbert Bacon was on bis way toaaaneenear German. Valley, bis pony ran into a barbed wire fe»ee tjat l -^beenstretcbedacrossan,oW road .#)' until along in the summer. A large amount [evaporates and keeps the air moist while much finds its way into the earth and keeps it damp. We traveled over Taylor county a couple of years ago and almost every farm in thirty miles we drove over saw these dams filled to overflowing with water. E"ery old farmer we talked with insisted that these dams were the salvation of tbe crop in that .part ,of Iowa, and when tbe hot winds come sweeping over these thousands of ponds, they become saturated With 'moisture and become harmless: Without any desire to appear profane,'we earnestly advise every farmer' to dam the sloughs and draws on/his farm,. That's the way to avoid the drouth.'' We are making extremely low prices on Fancy China, Granite and Glass ware, We want them to go, and at our prices they will go. Tbe Grange Store. We keep "egg noodles." They are very nice.—LANGDON & HUDSON. Black goods a specialty at Taylor's. Uon't buy a pump until you get our prices,—SFPBBECK & LAMBERT, MONEY, I bave unlimited money to loan'on longer short time, h B, W.-HAGGARD. We will save you money on bose , boge fittings,—SPTJRBECK & LA*iBfc»*. • Syr up by the gallon, 25c at Langdon PERSONAL MENTION. Fred K. Butler arrived home from Spokane, Washington, last week. He went to the farm in Emmet county. Mrs. Hamilton is home from her winter's trip to California. J. C. Baker, of Emmetsburg, was in Algona, Monday, on his way to Burt. We regret to find in the course of conversation that Mr. Baker still holds to those singular delusions that he advocated in his speeches over the tenth, district last fall. Miss Nettie Durant went to Des Moines Saturday to spend her vacation with her sister Ella, wbo is studying art in Mr. Baldwin's studio. Mrs. L. J. Bice was quite ill for several days, but is reported better. C. B. Matson and Melzar Haggard left for Kansas City and points in Missouri yesterday morning on a land exploring trip. They went to Emmetsburg to take the Burlington. Bev. E. L. Stephens came up from Woolstock, last week, ,to look over his farm near Sexton. His\son Sherman is managing the farm this year. J. Packman, Swea City's postmaster, was a visitor in Algona on Friday last.. j Profv Frank Ifarslou was in^Algpna^ Saturday.. He says Wesley is going'to make a considerable" advance in building this spring. Wesley has the assurance of prosperity in the fine farming country surrounding her. ; Howard Bobinson and his cousin and Harry Moore were up in northern Kossuth on a hunting expedition a few days ago. They say they had very good sport. John Erigdoll and C. A. Molinder, of Swea City, were in town yesterday. Z. S. Barrett, of the Wesley State Bank, wasidoing business in town yesterday. ; J. J. Byan went to Mason City last night to speak at a banquet in honor of •v */M» -' 41 • i_ «_.i_l_ Jl _. . *Tj1« /""I ««• *Dni AD Faw TOacbinery to trade tor colts, • Jefferson's birthday. Ex-Gov. Boies and other prominent democrats were to speak. Samuel Mayne, P. M. Barslou and A,ugust Dinger were Bancroft representatives in town yesterday. Mrs. Dr. Garfield has recovered so much of her strength that she is able to see her friends up town. Miss Gertrude Clarke is at Ipswich^ South Dakota, looking after her homestead. Geo. E, Clarke, Esq., was at Chicaga on Sunday, attending the funeral o£ Solicitor Carey, 1 of the Milwaukee railroad company, Miss Welton, who has been • visiting in the family of Geo. Simpkins, returns to her borne in Madison today, •atrs. Bev, Davidson has been ill, but is now improving in health, Mrs, Betsy Waterhouse 1 has been quite sick with malarial fever for a few days, She is eighty years of age and quite feeble in health.^ WE make a specialty of collections,, Qloud & Haggard, THAT NEW MAP, , 'V Tbe BEJ?UBWPAN bas begun minting ! ' a n^w edition of its map p£ Jvossuth! county. This ,map sb/ms|belaiJrQaaSi- tbe railroad towns and tbe tQWBsjjjps,^ it i§ just what all )an4 aejlejs, sbouW bave,. It is printed either, j?v tints. 95 in black, Pricea will be given on ' W . i plicate AU-tbe towngWps fc »™ low been named» tbe •"""" *' £#v 11 ^-ytfirr ^r»^y»T- when a map of \ "is , :« f'ttifi V J] " "I*' be cm exhibition nnd. Miss BOS§ Brown, was alwost at the • Plymouth Roe* N finishing hip new an'nishing• tt w W* is fliibsd w haj ap .long as we Vftwftwwe Isi'fcy r^^^m^

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