Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 7, 1966 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1966
Page 3
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,^^^^ t ^ I ALddNA (few*) Mr, and Mrs. Mel B«y rtturn* ed home recently from a trip to Jacksonville, Fla., where they visited their daughter Sandra and family, Lt. and Mrs: Herbert Bryant and Audrey. The Bays also spent some time in Newport, R.I., with another daugh' ter, Kathy, and her husband, Ensign and Mrs. Robert Percival. Judy Parrott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Parrott, visited her parents over the Oct. 29 weekend. Judy is a sophomore at State College of Iowa, CedJir flails. Mr. and Mr*. Stevt Gtorg* and Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Harris, Jr., spent the weekend in Minneapolis. They left Friday and returned home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Schoby and Mr. and Mrs, Louis Mitchals drove to Des Moines last week Saturday to attend the Drake- North Texas game. Dr. and Mrs. John Schutter visited their son John,, Jr., at Mt, Vernon last week Saturday. He is a s6fti6f at CfiWtell, Schutteri theft dfovie td- Iowa City where they visited ttoeir daughter Peg on Sunday. : , Mri. Marilyn KtMittr and sons Charles, Stephen and Dan:, and Mrs. John McGiiire drove to-Vermilhott, S. D., last week Friday Where they spent the weekend with M>. and Mrs. Don Potter and family, Mr, and Mrs- Richard BuH had as guests this Weekend Mrs. Butt's brother and siMer-in<ta\v, Mt. and Mrs. Leonard Hardy of Cedar Rapids. , Marea Mill*r, daufhttr of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Miller, was home from Drake for several days last week. Mrs. Dean Parrott spent sev erail days recantly in Mystic, la., visiting her mother, Mrs. Gilbert Patteiv Sally* Bay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mel Bay, was home from St. Olaf College, Norilh- field, Minn,, recently for the quarter break. With her was her guest, Miss Mele Howland .of Bremerton, Wash., who is also a stildeM at St. 61af fidtfi girll had as" were in the student fofdigfl exchange program in high school ---Miss Howland in India and Miss Bay in Spain. , Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ndrtoft were in-Veirmillion, S. D,, last weekend visiting Mr, Morton's sMef f Miss ffleaiiof- NoY'ton, fie- tired dean Of wofitM at the tfni< vetsity of South dakota< . . Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ferris plan td drive to Chicagb artd South Bftnd thii Wftekeiid. ifttey will attend thte, Ntitreitfeme-Duke on Saturday. Cindy Cowan,dtufhttr of th« R, A. CoWiiiiiSv ViSitifd -her parents last w&ekiend. She is a sophomore at State College of towa, Cedar Falls. : Mr. and Mrs, Doug Diekman spent the weekend in West Des Moines visiting Mr. Dickman's sister and her husband; Mr. and Mrs. ft. L. Stilsoji. Dr. ind Mrs. Harold Erickson will have as guests this wieekand Din.; Erickson's^ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Erickson of Minii- eapolis. fo? ,ft f&ty: flays This fine Morton Building is located on the Ed Miller farm 4 miles east and 3 miles north of Algona. Laura Hough raturnod recJetttly froriY a two-week trip to Ihdiartia where she Visited her, ariiit, Mrs. Don McKahan, of near Indianapolis. E n r o u, t e home, Mrs;.-Hough spehit sonie fecetttly Mrs. DeValois" Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lyori of Cedar Falls. DC. and Mrs. Jahrt K*n*f!«k drove Dr. Kenefick's sister, Miss Sfaomi Kenefick of Eagle Grove, to Rochester today (Monday) for a check-up at Mayo Clinic. Mrs. H. W. Miller visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kucih- enbeckcr, in Owatonna, Minn., last Monday. She also, spent some time-- with ' her brobhcir, Harvey Kuchenb&cker, in R,o- Chester bafore returning home'. Among the Algona attorneys att3nding the ' tax institute at Webster City Tliursday were Don Hutchison, Jim Andreiasen, Verne McClure, Dave Shu,miway, Jim McMahon, Russ Bucihanairt,, Jos Lynch, Jov Straub, H. F. Fristed't, H. W. Miller and Lou Nitchals. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Clark took their son John to Fort Dodge last Monday where he enplaned for San Diego. From there he is scheduled to return, to Viet Nam. He 'had been home on a 20-day leave. Another Clarl; son, Nicky was recently transferred to the Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine Training Center at Charlston, S.C., where he is an instructor. ' Westftlf Md \W6ft This building features Morton Custom Length Hi Rib colored steel roofing and siding. -These 3 ft. wide sheets eliminate end laps arid,many side laps. .The full 5<x£ inch Creosote treated posts are set 4 ft. in the ground in concrete and .carry a full 20 year replacement guarantee; This 42 x 80 machine shed using the Morton factory built truss gives post-free interior allowing maximum use of the 3360 sq. ft. for storage. Morton Buildings can be purchased either delivered to your location or completely erected by our expert erection crews. We are now offering a substantial sayings to you on buildings bought now for winter erection. For a quotation on your farm or commercial building needs write or see MORTON BUILDINGS, INC. SPENCER, IOWA Phone 262-5876 time with her son, Bob Holcomib, at Iowa City where he is a student.- • ./"; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Cassel were visited last weokeind by Mrsf Gassel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Neary of Omjaiha. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wicks spent parents' weekend at Stephens CoUege, Columbia, Mb., with their daughter Barbara Who is a fresihman. Mn and Mrs. Wicks le£t last week Thursday, returning home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Miller spent last week Saturday in Waldorf, Minn., visiting Mr. Milter's brother and silvti-T-un,- law, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Miller. •Mr. and Mrs. Don Hutchison spent several days in Des oines ilast week with Sen. and Mrs. B. B. Hickenloppeir. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Honsbruch and Mr. arid Mrs. Dean Parrott w^ere in Storm Lake last week Saturday evening at a meeting to plan their Aurelia high school class reunioin. The Par- rotts stopped enroute to visit I Mr. Parrot's father, Ge>c<rge Par- : rott, in Aurelia. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Bay had as guests this .weekend Mrs. Bay's aarents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F iuehl of MiUard, Nebr. On Sat urday, the Bays and the Kuehli drove'itosS^ftHMld, Minn,, wihere they attended p'ai'ente weekend at St. Olaf college where Sally Bay is a freshman Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Hayes and Mr. and Mrs. Sheddiain" Cook drove to Des Moines last week Saturday where they attended the Drake-NortHi Texas game. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nitchals were in Omaha recently visiting Mir. Nitohals brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Nitdh- als. Mrs. Wade Sullivan drove to Winona, Minn., Saturday to attend her class reunion at St Teresa College. Mesdames Laura Hough, William Finn, Wes Bartlett, H. T Bunkofske, Glenn Graham, William Becker and William Navo- ichick drove to Mason City Tuesday for luncheon with Mrs. John Hayes, former member of their bridge club. Another former Algonan now. living in Mason City, Mrs. Evelyn MacDougal, was guest. Mr. and Mrs. Galen DeValois Bode By Mrs. Roland M. Olson Humboldt county Farm Bu•eau Womens workshop Was leild Oct. 26 at Mrs. Helvicks. Attending from. Bode were Mrs. Archie Holland, Mrs. Norman Holland, Mrs. Don Hood and VIrs. Torkcl Aure. The Bill Reeds returned, recently from Glarksville, Ind., where they visited relatives. They visited their daughter, the Elonaild Torgensons, Osage. Returning the Reeds visited several da^s in Iowa, City. Gary nolden returned to Colorado Springs Friday after. a visit with his parents, the Seval Holdlens. Eldred Holder, Minneapolis, has also been visiting at his -home. The Svere Solheims, Pat, Scott . and Kristen spent the weekend at Basil Brooks. Mr. Solheim, former Bode band teacher is now teaching music in Dambe, 'Minn. The Ronald Olsons and Bill Chantlands, Humboldt, were in Des Moines Thursday for the MidMd'Nefcr. fcon is a sofMib- ttidte at Westmar. liiie Bill Reeds returned Wednesday after a trip through, the Black Milk r The fid dpheims, Northvvood, Mrs. Emma Rivenus, Portland, Ore., and Mrs. Fern Megna, Kay- fields Mitin., visited in Bode Saturday and Sunday. Enrouts they visited, Mrs. Mollie Berge in Garner. ' MM Carl Opheim, Bker Op- heiril, and the fed Opheirhs, of Northwood, went to Gowrie Sunday guests of their niece, Mrs. John Swensofi. Mrs. .John. Thof- sen is making her home in rie now at her daughter's home. She also spent time with anoth e>r daughter, Mrs. Floyd Sherrill, Thor. Mrs. Hegtia, HayWdd, Minn., and Mrs. Rivenus, Portland, cousins of Mrs. Thorsen, Ed Ophoim and Ester Opheim, also Went to Gowrie. The H. M. Olsons, Humboldt had their 56th Wedding on Oct, 26th. Saveral relatives called. The Gordon Johnsons, Ml Vernon, have a boy born, last Wednesday in Cedar Rapids The Arnold Larsons are mateirnr al grandparents and Ernes Johnsons, Ventura, paternal grandparents. He has been .named Wayne Douglas. Jerry Johnson, 1966 TR gradr uate, is on a 20-day leave from Navy and visiting his 'brother, the Darrell Johnsons. Jerry has been in boot training alt San. Diego and will be ait Lakelhurst, N..J., for parachute rigging and survival training following his leave:."' ' ', !;• '•.'; • " ' :, • • Dexter DiSohimo visited his grandfather, Lewis Berum, several days last week eniroute to California, Dexter has b sen attending a university in London, England, where his parents are living. . , ifl the ment. There were 16 present fof the ions, Jill ot the ' With ReV, Rlafichard led the devo- had charge -Iftd.'-Mal-y. 'Le6 Madison and Mrs. thb refresh- evening the served meftits. fuesdisy dbd News Quartet again sang Halloween party at Lone Rock church Lon* Rock—The Lone Rock Presbyterian church entertained twice last week. Sunday the Youth Fellowship .had a Hallo- CARD CLUi TO MIIT Mrs. .Dale WILL BE OPEH MONDAY Thru FRIDAY 9 A.M. TO 4 P.M. BEGINNING SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5th We Will Be Open 9 A.M. TO 12:00 NOON Save From the 15th . t\ ' Earn From the 1st SINCE 1917 — ALGONA, IOWA All Accounts Fully Insured up to $15,000 by Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corp. of Washington, D. C. FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN. The Darral Swishers, Susan and Patty, Id'a Grove, and Roger Broerses, Nora Springs were in Bode Saturday with their girls 'asketboll teams and held scrim- ge games with the Twin Rivers earn. Mr. Swisher and Mr. •roei's are former T.R. coaches. Mrs. Swisher and girls were juests at Judy Hoovers and the Jroers visited the Ned Bohachs. The Basil Brooks and Daryl redricks, Livc-rmore, were at jaurens last weekend and saw Ron Fredricks play in the foot- Let Viking Oil get your car ready for winter * TO FIT FORD, CHEVROLET AND PLYMOUTH CARS—VERY BEST AVAILABLE^ First Qvully 441Y NYLON 4-YEAR GUARANTEE Phont J95-3J49 North Mfin $trttt ALGONA, IOWA your worm feed Mil TWO MOST DEPENDAILE WAYS TO KEEP YOUR STOCK TANK ICE-FREE «ure the axe is dependable. But you get all of its dependability — nijith none of the work — when you buy a Johnson Stock Tank Heater. And the Johnson keeps the water in your stock tank ice tree automatically — all winter long — the low cost way — on economical UP gas. Johnson's patented design makes heater fcilure almost unheard-of. Ask your neighbor. Or ask ui. We'll show you how a Johnson heater will pay for itself in one Winter, by giving you more beef, more milk at lower feed costs. Even better, try it FREE for 30 days. If you are not completely .satisfied, simply return the heater. All you pay is the small gas cost, iftt.&yrns gat, look to The chances are 9 to 1 that cattle coming into your feedlot nave roundworms. Even the healthiest looking animals are probably infested. And blood-drinking roundworms do a lot of damage yearly. About 250 millions dollars worth, Just how much could ft be costing you to feed roundwonhs? let's say you lave a hundred head of cattle Say that they're only ligfitfy tnfestfA with roundworms - 300 eggs per gram of feces. That's up to 6,000 roundwonna per animal. Over 105 days feedlot time roundworms could gobble up more tlian CS gallon* of blood per head! And here's about what it would cost you to maiataia tbft Wood level of your stockr 52.8 Ifas. of concentrate worth 528 Ibs. of hay worth 264 Ibs. of grain worth North Central Public Service Co. "Your Gas Company" $2.11 6.60 6.60 $15.31 per head it's costing yen about $15.31 to feed the worms in one head of beef over 105 days. Or $1531.00 for 100 head. Just one feeding of the new CO-OP Cattle Wormers will talce care of roundworms, Thiabendazole does the job, and it costs you about a dollar per head for yearlings, This excellent wormer comes three different ways • As cubes. —"~^«crumbles. ' ^^ We nave the facts on safe, sure worming, stop in or give us-a call. [COOP) cattle wormers with Thibenzole* Whittemore Co-op. Elevator HOBARTON BRANCH ?* S CO-OP and Golden Sun Feeds For Top Performance CO*OP Gasoline Fuel Oils Oil* and Lubricants

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