The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 3, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1895
Page 1
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^^ > -*' - ALGONA. KOSSttftt COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. APRIL 3,1895. Of Chamber Sets, from the best to the Cheapest COIN AND HIS FINANCE BOOK Eli Perkins Explodes Several Financial Theories, He Relates, in an interview, a Converse tiort which Recently Took Place irt Chicago — Caustic Criticisms of Coin's Fallacies* At the- -Opera House Grocery, V * ;_ J K'v.-» rr ._..AJL ^Jt —; ,—.— ^^ - — -' _. l*T="*mZ_ ^"™-^~ ' . Minneapolis Tribune: " On my way through Chicago," said Eli Perkins^ who went through St. Paul to the Pacific coast on the Northern Pacific yesterday, " I stepped into Prof. Coin's school. The little man has been teaching a financial school in Chicago for a year. His teachings have finally been published in book form, but I could never understand what he was driving at." "Did you find oat?" asked the Tribune. "Yes," said Eli, "I asked Coin I point blank if he was for free coin- " 'And our government has bought ani coined $419,000,000 Worth of silver UliMnfr tlinf. timn hnhn'f. tt.V during that time, hasn't itV i{ "Yes—prosperous all the time.' " 'Then after this prosperous government changed, the democrats came in, HOW much silver did We buy?' " 'Why, only 87.000,000,' said Coin. " 'And do you think that pitiful little $7,000,000 which the government coined into $14,000,000 brought hard times when the buying and coining of $419,000,000 made the nation prosper- duS;all the time?' . " J '0h, dear, no!' said Coin, 'that's preposterous.' , " '.Then what did make the hard times? what made the English rush to get our gold?' "Coin was silent again. " 'I'll tell you, Coin,' I said. What made the British pounce upon our gold? At the money convention at Brussels nit the civilized nations de Glared against free coinage, but each nation agreed to stand by its owi coined silver and keep it as good as gold.' •• 'Did they do it?' asked Coin. " 'Why, yes—everyone of them, but of our. idiots crawfished. They S 1^^^ J^^ J^^^F ^^^ it S EED TIME is here; you will want good, reliable Seeds for planting, We handle.... . FERRY'S CELEBRATED SEEDS, ALSO- Just come arid s'ee Still oti Deck! 'Yes,' he said, 'that is what I teach.' " 'Now, Coin,' I said, 'what do you mean by free coinage?' "Coin was silent. "Do you mean by free coinage that you waut men or governments to go on coining silver dollars as they do in China, Mexico, Japan and Asia, not , guaranteed by gold, where these dollars are only worth 47 cents—the same I as bullion?" ' ,' >' 'No,' said Coin, 'I don't want that. j We may as well have bullion. Such money when coined is worth no ' more than common bar silver. That wouldn't change matters.' " 'Then you want it fixed so that I any man can take 47 cents, worth of . . said we \vill pay our bonds in debased silver dollars worth 47 cents. We will repudiate. Of course, our government couldn't do that, but the English got frightened. They rushed our bonds in and demanded gold while thev could get it. Do you blame them?' " 'No,' said Coin, 'they simply got frightened. I don't blame them.' " 'Now, Coin,' I continued, 'our Iowa Seeds, from Riish Park. ALL NEW AND FRESH- BULK OR PACKAGES. , , coined silver is all right. Our government can go right on buying it at com- mtjrcial prices and putting it out, as we tfeed it, for change, just as we do our paper dollars. We, buy it at ' r 0 LANGJION & HUDSON. Agents for WHITE 8 WAN FLO UR:-Best on Earth. t =Pattejrson & Son ' <" . Witt aFuljl and Opm'pJete^Line of .i ;. . "* i . $4 •'•« i xu ' . ** oiivci. uu v/vti. AiAiuwv,i\*- r»*"-— —— —»-» ~our dollar), andyh'ave it stamped 100 s in gOld> ' - -Yes, that is what I want. That , is what I teacli in my book. I want commercial bar silver remonetized. It has gone way down below 16 to 1; that is, 16 ounces of silver are really worth, commercially, about half .as much as ^ji f i i i i ..r-.i i.uan j j MP^WW .„»,-one ounce of gold. We want all ibhe. Silver-dug and in the mines put back - ° , i _ TT_-*._ J L?i.«A. nn j^svlln** the same as the United States dollar, No beating around, the bush How;-many people debased silver; '; K .-. - •• "'< 'This includes .VYOii, i,*ww,««"')v»'>'.. r.;> 7r,T7— Mexico, Japan, South'America, Africa ave a'fill! line onevTef unded. faction o & J[ £ji\ J f (JJLV/JUft, *** JUfc*^^ J->^* gf ~ -W— -— of Canned and Dried Fruits. IF IJf XXSV OF GOOD BUTTER OR FRESH SOG8, CALL Off PATTERSON & SDK, cehtl'gold and put it out ,at r 100 cents on go?d. The government can always sell its old silver for what it gave for it., There can be no loss. But if the nation buys it for double its value, as you. free coinage men want it to do, there/will come bankruptcy. If the government should buy all the wheat ataiwhen it is worth 60 cents, it would soon be bankrupt.' " M see it now/ Mr. Perkins,' said Coin, as the tears rolled down his cheeks. 'I have talked and befuddled the people. I have Jed the people blindly into the ditch. I have tried to teach .What I did not know, and now I will,close my school and go away and think.'. "The fallacy of Coin," said Eli, "is to bfe the platform of the next democratic 'campaign, and I want the brainy patriots of the nation to be pre" "Adfdr it. Tree coinage, orremone- pri of silver, may .ye$ ,finish t the .tizatjoii of silver, may ye$ ,fims te destruction of'our, government began "Bytftf^e'trader8. >y » .-^-^— '- do •——— 47 \n\ i • H Trarftliflir IVS 11U. ! V/1111C Bags, Telescopes, Trunks, THE BEST IN THE CITY. 0FFICE OVER ALQOJfA STATEBAXK Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, Loans, and Insuraneej and Asia,'said Com. "'How many people have put/gold undefc their coined silver'?' Tasked; " 'Why,' said Coin, 'only 300,000,000. This Includes the United States, England,,France, and the Latin states.' ' " 'How much have these half civilized nations lost?' 1 asked. _ •' '.Well,' said Com, slowly, 'they have lost half their wealth., If a man was worth $1,000 in Mexico or China years ago, he is worth $447 now. Tb,at •1*5 ' " 'Has any American, Englishman or Frenchman—or any citizen of civilized nations lost anything?' " 'No,' said Coin, hanging down his head, 'they haven't lost a cent. Our good government has put a gold dollar under every dollar coined in America. They've done the same in England, Germany, Italy and France, too, and 300,000,000 civilized people have es- .'"' ' - '' NOTlCt TO „ Notion is hereby given that,%e propos- 41s for the- erection -of a schobl^house in Sub-District No. 5, in the township pi 'Hebron, in the county of Kossuth, will be received by the undersigned at his home in Hebron, where plans and specifications may be seen, until 3 o'clock p. m., April 20, 1895, at -which time the contnict will be awarded to.the'lowest responsible bidder. The board reserve the right to re- |ect any or all bids. >29 FBAKK O'HABA, . Secretary. MOHARCH OF MSPAPERS W. J. Studley, Druggist. Foundry and Machine Shop, MULLICA & OHNST EOT, Props. tore to House, C, J), Smith, > Ass't. Cas THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, , IQW&. gAW'UAJbi fcWiWQ' CASH QAPITAl—'$50iOOO,QO, •''Vl 1 '****)! ^mtf* 11 * "r*s^*«.»vi*» ?»(( *** T**i>»4*'"^-;**" * > .f^L. GENERAL BANKING th County BIT A • '"'^ %] "' 1 ^ 'F< mm £ !.• . . , f < TV -^ t / ' . i. i ^.uu .»«. 1,200,000,000 half-civilzed people have lost half their wealth, you flftv V '• 'It would seem so,' said Coin, scratching something behind his ear. »«'Now Coin,' I said, 'when I went around the world last year, I saw Chinamen and Japanese and Mexicans and Africans taking our silver dollars at par, They called them worth 100 cents in gold. They paid tea freights from China with them, paid their passage to San Franciso with them, and the bank of Hong Kong and Shanghai took the same as greenbacks or gold. Do you think anyone on earth has lost a cent handling American dollars r u *K_ 0 _no, r stammered Coin, " 'Now Coin,' I said, 'look me in the eve and answer this question, It the United States had the free coinage you want-that-is, if everyone could take a piece of silver as big as a, Mexican dollar to our mint a«<l>t a dollar with gold under it, what would be toe re- suit?' "Coin was silent again. "Wouldn't the Mexicans and Chin- and the rest of the jialfreiyUiaed • * • •-- their commercial dollars LDaily, Sunday and weekly.] Established for nearly a quarter of a century THE JoiraNAi^noeds no special introduction at this time. THE LATEST NEWS ABLE EDITORIALS SCIENTIFIC MISCELLANY CHARMING STORIES FARM AND STOCK DEPARTMENT RELIABLE MARKET REPORTS Always found in the columns of THE JOUBNAL, The Foremost Paper ot the West, There is no luxury more enjoyable than a good newspaper, and THE JOUR- NAI, claims to head the procession. A trial will convince you, Send us your order now. T15RSW OF SUBSCRIPTION? Daily and Sunday issues, $10 per year; duily without Sunday, *8 per year; the weekly edition, issued in two pajts, 4 pages Tuesday a.nd 9 pages -Friday, $1 per year. ' J ' * Daily Times published-every evening esqept Sun4a7«, '15,00 per year FURNITURE cheap book case.., * / of Undertaking, he UB? Wouldn't • UK -**W •^fa't^iW I TO*-*iT WB« i-W-^H^'s '.'/•' , I ' CHAMBER; SETS, g|??i!fe »L B a»i|| B ^l 'i?vb& „ ^to8 ! »1 9 /-to raiif & rtSa^W^ff^J K! ALSO OUB LIOT 01 r^i-'Ar;'-^ &$ ^;*sBH'rfjfcte:;aM

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