The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1966 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1966
Page 8
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Mr. and Mrs. Ryerson come frequently to visit the latter's step-mother, Mrs. Mattie McWhorter whom she holds in high regard and affection, and the other day she brought the news that Mattia is again great-grandmother to the fourth little girl born to the Ryerson's son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Crosby, Citra, Fla., April 29. She has been named Mary Lynn and has three sisters. If it could have been foretold there would be four girls, perhaps they would have been named Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy for "Little Women." * * * I received a novel May basket from Jody and Douglas Prew. Two napkins, one blue, one white filled with candy and popcorn The four corners held together a few inches down with a pretty artificial flower. Simple to make, but very pretty. * * * I just got the family album and compared pictures. One of the men I am sure is either Oss Naudain or Dode Wilkins and the picture was taken by J. F. Nicoulin, not the orchestra picture, but a small one taken a few years later. My, what I'd give to be able to talk with my father about it. Esther Helberg and Rose Sigsbee had a chance to become acquainted with Laura when they came over Sunday with Evelyn McDougall, Mason City. All were going from here to the Russell Cook's golden wedding reception at the church. It was good to see them and we had a nice visit. * * * Tillie Steinman was lucky last week. She had two calls from two of her far away children, Ruth (Mrs. Willard Salisbury) Long Beach, Calif., and Willie in service at Ft. Lewis, Wash. And we mustn't forget Eleanor (Mrs. Don Hungate) of near Algona called her, too. * * * Mrs. Charles Fox and son Tom recently were in Minneapolis to see the other son, Kenneth, and found he and a friend busy at an unusual job - building a boat in the basement. Oh they are being careful not to have it so large they can't get it out, but they make parts indoors and assemble them outside. It is a 30-footer. Sounds interesting and I hope it's a houseboat. When Evalyn and Wallace McDougall lived at Winona, "Mac" and a friend made some soil of boat and Evalyn said they had the most fun on the river. * * * Mrs. Minnie Hinken confessed to me she is glad to be back in Iowa after spending the winter in Altadena, Calif, with her sister. She enjoyed being with her, but says "there is just too much of everything in California." She's glad to be back and in a place where she isn't smothered with people, cars and what-not. * * * I was sorry to read of the death of Fred Kuyper at Garner. His wife, the former Mary McEvoy, daughter of well-known late Algonans, an R. N,, is now employed in a doctor's office in Garner. She had a World War n record of service, I believe in both Japan and Germany. * * * The first thing I look at in the morning Register is "The Family Circus". It is so typically "family" and the other day when the mother opposed the father giving one of the children any sweets before meal time reminded me of the many times my father would bring home chocolates for me and mother would instruct him to put the sack in the cupboard till after my meal. He'd say "Oh just ONE , piece", but mother wouldn't be wheedled from her stand. I was a poor eater THEN. How I have changed, but I notice I am going back a little to the lesser amounts. Inactivity, probably. I'll admit my ambition is at low ebb! * *. * How simply things are done nowadays: I watched the big trunk of the tree recently cut down on the Allen lot north of here, being loaded on a truck and taken away. Years ago it would have been coveted as fire wood, men would chop it in cook stove lengths and split to go in easily, and in great chunks left for heaters. Driving through the country now, every time I see fallen, dead trees I think was a gold mine our grandfathers would have figured they had in fuel. The Brunsons never used any fuel except wood and I have seen Mrs. Brunson fill the heater so many times, the ashes were light but clean, and she'd get a turkey wing and dust pan to clean the zink do-dad under the stove to keep the floor from burning. And how many times I've seen my grandmother Cady do the same thing. We burned wood in our dining room heater, but hard coal in the living room. It held heat so well and the rosy glow evenings with no lights but plenty of popcorn! Mrs. Brunson used to serve us parched corn. It was very good too, and when ever Don Clark came from Eagle Grove to visit the Beards- leys, being sort of a relative of Brunsons, he'd spend some time there and Zada would call up and say, "Come on over Red - Don's here and we'll have some bunco." No, bunco is NOT a drink-it's a simple card game. * * * I've fallen in love! Yes, the gentleman who called on me this morning is charming. He didnt' reciprocate my affection and admiration, but I am not too upset about it for he is Joseph Robert . Cunningham, Jr., born April 8 to Marlene Henderson and Joseph Cunningham, Jr., Burt. His paternal grandparents are the Cunninghams who fed Velma Hagg, Mabel Hutzell and I so well at their cafe one day a year or so ago, and thoughtfully made us comfortable on a hot day by giving us full possession of their air-conditioned party room. * * * Oh Brother! I can't help overhearing two employees discussing persons in "As the World Turns" as though they were actual people and making speculation on what one of the characters is going to do, NONO ! I WILL NOT look at it. I did too much suffering with "Pepper Young's Family" via radio years ago to last me the rest of my life. And "Ma Perkins" and her dumb daughter Evie-dumb in the intellectual sense I mean. * * * Callers look at the Mexican article Dr. Amunsen gave me say, "What is it? It's cute," so I explain it is an incense burner or can be used as an ash tray. He isn't exactly handsome - in fact on the grotesque order, but a good conversation piece. * * * Some people are just born gardeners. Two I know of in particular - Mabel Hutzell and Lizzie Post. They should get an acreage and go into the vegetable business. They don't mind getting dirt on their hands, under their finger nails, smears on their face and I'll bet aches in their bones. Me - the farther away I can keep from a garden, except to look at and eat the produce, the better I like it. I can't bear the feel of foreign things under my nails- and the only things I ever planted were sweet pea seeds which I soaked too long and I don't recall even one green shoot came up. That finished me with gardens, and I was reluctant to do even that much. Hortense Ferguson was another who thrived "on the soil. And she got very good results. * * * John Arndorfer, who has a room across the hall from me showed me a picture of his granddaughter, Judy Loebig, a graduate from high school in Germany where her parents, Maj. and Mrs. Gordon Loebig, formerly of Wesley, have been stationed about 15 years. Mrs. Loebig is the former Betty Jane Arn- Algona, (la.) Upp«r DM Molne* dorfer and her husband has made the army his career. They expect to return to the U. S. next year. * * * Amy Johnson has had a letter from her grandson, Kenneth Elman, formerly of Lakota. His parents recently moved to Montgomery, Minn. Kenneth was drafted and first sent to Maryland and is now at a camp in Kentucky. A part of his work is cooking, which he doesn't care too much about, and nights he is on fire guard duty. I always think of Kentucky as a romantic place, beautiful mansions and lovely girls, but he doesn't find it so enchanting. * * * Sign in a bakery window "Come in and see our'66 Rolls." A good idea for coffee break time! * * * Another little visitor I had a short time ago was Rebecca Lynn Orton, who came with mama and papa, Darlene and Web. She' has reached the smiling, gurgling stage and is as cute as can be. I forgot to ask about that odd green "monster" Web and Darlene brought back from the south on their honeymoon. It's an eglanna lizard - a hideous green thing Web has christened Hercules. For Web's sake, Darlene has tolerated him, but when Becky gets to the ambulatory stage, old "Herk" will be buried, probably in-appropriate splendor! Ugh - I'd feed him strychnine right NOW! I wonder how Noah happened to have two in his ark? Grandma Myrna Orton went to Brazil, Ind. to visit her sister, Madeline Martin. An old gentleman needed care very badly, so good - hearted Myrna came Tuwday, May 17, 1966 to his rescue and is staying with him awhile. It will probably be a case of short duration, but 1 know from experience how efficient she is and she has come to my rescue at a time I needed her badly - nearly 15 years ago in particular. Test Sets The 25 Plectron sets, one in each home of a local fireman, are tested through the police department each week on Monday and Thursday. The speakers are activated by a call by one of the policemen at 6:30 p. m. Each member of the five department knows when the call will come and notifies the police department if his alarm does not sound. Members of the fire department are alerted to answer a fire call by a simultaneous alarm to each home of the firemen. NEED OFFICE SUPPLIES? We have them. Upper Des Molnes Pub. Co., Algona. CHLL TDIMOHf Lowest rates in history on Long Distance calls after 8 p.m. and all day on Sunday. Enjoy a telephone visit! Northwestern Bell JUf IM- |W- Wf Aft tflf-iHtJW-JHHHfjHt W AH JW 4Hr W Wf Jut |W-JH-4W-a-IW •4W- 4W Mr W 4)H- 4W- 4* flfr Jf 4W JW-]lH-JW4Hf. W-Wf-Htt-lUr- •IW- JJH-W-KH- JHh*f JW- IHhlW-JlH-. UH-tfr-4^-Wtt WMW HrrftH-^W-Wt WfM-4lW-W-4Ht HH-JtthrtH-WUm-JlttJIttJlH-W-lW'JW- tW-JW-Wf* Wt*t Wtjflf W-lrtf-Wf Wf «H-4W- IW-4W- Wt •Ufh-WflW-WHUfWH-jW-Wf Ml- UH- IW-JW- WfJllfJWJWJUfJ^llJl-WI-lW-iWJW-WfWWl-jHrWf JHt UH-IHr lUf Wi-Jlk-Utt Wf-JWUW-Jllf JW-ttfJlH- WttWt4ttf^f -IB- m »M-i»«-*M-»ii this many people buy new Oldsmobiles on an average day: 1,942. How they love 'em (... and so will you!) You'll love the sheer fun of driving an Olds! That feeling of confidence . . . the idea that Oldsmobile cares. Cares enough to bring you features you may never see, but which add to your comfort, safety and driving satisfaction. Rugged Guard-Beam Frame. Road-leveling coil springs. A Rocket Engine with reserve power on tap. And features you might even take for granted—like an outside rearview mirror, back-up lamps, seat belts front and rear, and many more. Test-drive a '66 Olds — from people who care, for people who care, SEE YOUR OLDS DEALER ... THE MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING FOR YOU! &TEP OUT FRONT a Rocket Action Car.' . >,«,,.« . U6IOT .IIGHTI . CUIL.K . ,.» . Vm*.»UI»U • l+» OLDSMOBILE CM.T iml TO CO WHCSC rMI ACTION » ... Mi rOU« NtW»« OIVMKWIU QtlttltV M»U» N?»l

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