Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1966 · Page 18
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1966
Page 18
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Direct ., , MAYOR JAMES MALLORY shown using the telephone put the first call 'through to dedicate the Northwestern Bell Telfr phone company's direct distance dialing service tor LuVerne. g on from left to right are Ed'Lindebxk* John Claude, , Dile Zentnef and'Jterry Stille. The firtt,call .Wentio E. M, An- derapn of Scaredale, New York. Direct distance 'dialing service lor LuVeme officially started Sunday, October 30., , •* Ex-LuVerne III dies at •it •'• football game , t. '. W t 1 - » I • ', ' 1 Word was' received, ; of the death of a former'LuVerne resident, Bryan L,,,,Oglesby, 69, former owner of Oglesby's Food Shop, ( 'Mason City,, who died suddenly from a heart attack Thursday. He was watching a grandson Casey Griffin, score a touch down in a high school football game at Mountain View, Calif. Mr. Oglesby had made his home with: his daughter in California since the tragic '. death ' of" his wife, Olive in;a :car accident early last soimmer. Surviving "are 'three' 'sons, one daughter, 15 grandchildren, a brother and two sisters. Funeral services were ! held . Monday in DIVIDEND NOTICE On October 24. 1988. Directors of Iowa Public Servlc^j Company declare^; a .'quarterly dividend of 30c per •hare on the i Common Stock, payable December 1, 1966; te stockholders ', of record N*^ vember 10, 19G6. -f The regular' quarterly dlvli- dends on the 3.75%, 3.»0% and 4.20% Cumulative Pre r ' ferred Stocks were declared payable December 1, 19U6, to stockholders of record November tt, 1966. ; IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY E. M, RAUN ,,,'. .; CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD the •* Methodist church, Mason City with burial there. ' Bryan Qglesby came to Lu- Verne os a young man and was employed «s' > a clerk in the j former Lu Verne Corner ' Store. T,h» Emil Lefotikow* moved to the home of Mrs. Gladys Genrich , arid ,v,the t Iate 4 , Albert mridh. The Leistikows 'moved last spring' from' Spring" Greene, Wis., also have 'Occupifdr! the,< residence «of the Albert 'A.' Schipulls. Mr. Leistikow is, em* ployed "with feeds out of Emmetsburg. The Schipulls ' flow retire from farm' to; their Liu- Verne home. , Mr*. Wilma Tied* Baaker-ville left for Cedar Rapids and will be a <guest of, her daughter Jean, the Frances Pitliks. She will assist in driving to Clearwater, Fla., with; Mrs. Grace Mosher. Mrs. Mosher speint most of the summer, at Central, City and was a guest of Mrs. Basker- villle here, earlier. .Mrs. Baskerville expects to return home by Dec. 1. , The Clif Bju«trom* and Jerry, LuVerne,: - • Lawrence • B justroms, Mrs/Lillie Haistrom, :Boone, and *he Fred; Pattersons, Stratford, iiiad 'dinner Sunday in Boone. They' spent the afternoon and evening at Lawrence Bjustrom's 4-ALOONA (Iowa) ADVANCI LuYerne man attacked by a buck deer Jnck Guy had a painful acci- dertit Oat. 25 when he went into the yard where he has a buck and doe deer. It was mating time and the buck attacked him, he received a gore in a leg that required several stitches and medical attention. Mrs. 'Guy had been in the-yard a-few minutes before but'was not^'molested; Jack was able to'resume his rural letter'"carrier route -Monday /morning; -Bill Hickett, his substitute _ took .1 the., route..last week;-" ' ..;,. ,!'".' •• •..'' ; "j DATE CLASS PLAY ^TUfejJuftior' Class play, "Aaron SUck,|rpm Puiikeiii Crick," will b^;;p)res«iKed ; - ; Fri(iay, Nov. \ at -7i,3f) f 'j p'.'^v., in ,the high school gymnasium. ,,A rural comedy, the; ;pla^'"Aaron Slick from Pimkon Crick", taikeis place in Okkhoma in ivbouit -1915. The cast includes Henry Schniaken- berg, Coieen! Johns, Mary Hjelmeland, B'ecky Daley, Duane Will, "Jean Casey and Doug Nelson. Members of the class will sell coffee,, pie and brownies in the lunch r,oom following the play.,. ,,. . . v -' ; : .: ,• • PUBLISHID AS PART Of THl KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE THURSDAY, NOV/,J, WOULD YOU BELIEVE, YOU CAN CUT YOUR LABOR COSTS AS MUCH AS 75% WITH A BRADY 4-ROW CHOPPER? Yea . . , and we can guarantee it! Want proof? Just ask for * FREE demonstration on VOW farm. No obligation. You'll aer in a hurry why BRADY ia FIRST in 4-rpw sales,,.FIBS? In performance in the field, FIELD SHREDDERS Giant 4-row model cuts A full 144"! The most copied 4-row on the market. Also available m 2 smaller models to cut 80'' or 60" wide. These "beefed-up" units completely shred »n<J pulverize tough, thick, stalks , , , with less tractor power than you can imagine", , ^ . . . . .. The iRev. Howard Marty*, of Mar^halltown, visited , Friday and Saturday ,with his' parents, the sHe^y Morty*. The Reyl Mailiy is'pastbr of a Evangelical IJnitpd Brethren church there, "Mrs, Robert Sheet* end boy», Des Moines, ha£ been a guest of her oareijts, the Harrison Cords _ Puihp. She aic- compamed them over the weekend' to Anniandcle, Minn , where they doSed iup their i summer . Attending the luncheon at the Algona Hotel Friday for chair-: imw ;<>f ^hef 1966-67 TB Seal from Luyerne were Mrs. Clf Bjustrom new, chairman for Lu- township. Not present lyin Weber, Sherman township &nd Mrs. Henry Marty new chairman of town of LuVerno replacing Mrs. William *Btgings Who was that chairman since 1955; The Melvin Kubly*, LuVerne, and his sister the Peter Ru- bergs, Ft. Dodge, visited recently in Brooklyn, with fhe ReV. Kennth Seimens family. Mrs. Seimens is .the daughter of the Rubergs and niece of Mr. Kul> ly. The Rev, Seimens is pastor of the Madison Church of Christ in Brooklyn. They stopped in Marshalltown and took a BROTHER IS DEAD The Henry Kublys, son the Edwin Martys were called to New Glafus', Wis.; toy the death of,Robert Streiff, 83, brother of Mrs; Henry Kubly. JJe'died of a' heart; attack Oct. 25,. Survivors include his wife, brie! son and one daughter. The one sister,; is Mrs. Kubly, the last of family of; ir "children. 'Funeral services werfc held Friday. They returned,..hope Sunday ATTEND OPEN HOUSE Mrs. Faye • Lichty land- Mrs. Laura .,2weifel attended the .open houseyat the First,Baptist church in ,Corwith Sunday, for bhe 50th wedding;of the Lester Hashes. Their two sons and four daughters were, hosts. Mrs; Lachty was honored as an attendant of the bride. TO SOUTH AFRICA Ronald Wilhelm who ^ad a furlough with his parents, the Albert Wilhelms, left from Des Moines for Brooklyn, N. Y. before going for service in Gape*town, South Africa. He completed two years service in Scotland. Iowa cousin th^m, Mrs. Hannah Brown with Waiter Bier.tedt, Lu- Verne, and heir sister Mrs. William Hanover, Whittemore, tended'the funeral of a cousin, Mrs. John Fuhr, 67, at the St. John's Lutheran church in Fen. ton Oct. 26. Burial was in the church cemetery. The T*rry Mitchells, Renwick, his sister, Mrs. Goldie New> berry, Bakerefield Calif., visited at Ralph Davidson's Monday, Mrs. Newberry is convalescing from a car accident last spring in California which claimed the life of Mr. Newberry. The New berrys are former farmers in this vicinity. Mrs. George Don, Clarion, and 'her aunt, Mrs. Emma Kubly, Eagle Grove, were visitors with the Melvin Kublys. Lewi* Block, local contractor and helper, Ralph Stall, were in Belmond all dfcy Sunday assisting with work there. Canacti 8 mtt with Mr*. Albert A. Schipull Tuesday. Hon ors Mrs. Clara MoClell Mrs. Faye Lichty. and LUVERNE CLINIC PR. R. D. BRAIN^RD OFFICE HOURS Week Peyf to 12.00 I-«M4P |:JO ... . vWfffl fli Wy WfvH LuVern«, lewi Hiti TU MtH IF NO ANSWER, C»U TO 233W first meeting held Oct. 26 for purpose A meeting was held Wednesday night, Oct. 26 at the Lu- Verne City Hall with, a repres- tative from fifteen organizations arid several other interested, persons with a total, of 20 present, to form a Library Building Committee. The organizations and their representatives and alternates are as follows: Lutheran Church, Rev. R. T. Mueller; Alberi',Wilhelm; Methodist Cliurdh, Rev. Rcy Biesemeyer, Ray Nelson; E. U. B. Church, Rev. Ralph Hindman, Paul Blum'er, Library Board President,,Mrs. Lyle Shelton; Library Bo>ard; Mrs^'Win. Gostsch, Mrs. Max Pattersdni; Memorial Society, Mrs. Wilma Baskerville, Mrs. Ann Smith, Mrs. Faye Lichty; J. J. Cliilb, Mrs. Byran Stewart, Mrs. Albert Hefti. . Progressive Club, Mrs. Robert Brainard,:.' ! Mirs; 'Barl Hanselman; Good Will Club, Mrsi Harry Naf- fizger, Mrs. Edwin Hanselman, Tuesday Club, Mrs. Elmer Kuib- ly, Mrs. Alvin Weber; American Legion Auxiliary, Mrs. Allen Blake;. American Legion Posit, Owen Curry. . .Commercial Club. • and Fira •man haven't appointed, their representatives. THE MEETING was called to order, by Jim Mallory who. has worked long and hard on get- ling the facts and figures to all fifteen organizations. An; elec- bion of officers was hejd; with Jim Mallory elected chairman t>y a unanimous vote. Vice Chairman., Mrs. Robert Brainard; Secretary, Mrs. Harry Naffizger aiid Treasurer, Mrs. Max Patterson; ! -••;• • , '.: -....' .-. ... --..'.-• The Friendly 500 Card Club met Tuesday with Mrs. Eli Eager. Mrs. Emma Hofepmer, Omaha, a former- 'me'rtiber! visiting here, was; a guest, as was Mrs. Amelia Hanselman. At play "high,' Mrs. Hanselman and low Mrs. Ma : tliilcja St'oddfird. The Gerald : Ramutes attended jithe funeral of his uncle, Bryin L. • Oglesby, 69, Monday at the Mason. City Methodist church. Mr*. Melvin Kubly, LuVerne, and her sister, Mrs. Robert Marchiant, Monday hosted! an open house in the new home of their mother, Mrs. Frank Johnson in Humboldt for her 70th biithdiay. ; Dean and Ronald Trauger, of State College, Mankato, were at the Harold and James Trau- gers for the weekend. The Frank Johntonc, Hunv boldt, were Sunday guests of their daughter, the Melvin Kub- leys. Gvestf Sunday at Leilie Calkin's were her sistejr the Dejberit Blanchardis of Cedar Falls. Evening callers were their brother, the Albert Pergandes and Jim, Algona. . Mr*. John Kubly, Humboldt, was a Sunday visitor at the parental Melvin Kublys. John Kubly is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood. Mr*. Duan« Greene visited Saturday and Sunday at William Greenes in Humboldt. Sunday guests were the Jim Tnp- letts of Rolfe and Vernon Pflibr sens, Humboldt, daughter*. Mr,. OMo Wille we* admiHed to the Lwtheran hospital, Fort Dodge Thursday for medical at- tentaon. The Dean Bowmens, were $m<&y y^itors W. Hinz , tto Earl JoJiM- Rey MtClvre, Belm«n«| yjcif. e4 Sunday with, tbe William Kathryn Werte, Grayniount, 111 were Friday guests df 'Mrs. Anna Hanselman. .Mr*. Werte rertnalin- ed for a few days, looking trfitef her farm. She will also visit hef sister-in-law, Mrs, 'Mildred Triirt- nelle, Wesley, ' • The Terry Mitchell*, Renwlek, Iiis sister, -Mrs. Goldie Newberry, Bakerefield, Calif.,, visited Mrs. Anna 'Hanselman. 'They ,cair.e' to visit''Mrs. Kathryn Wertz, Graynioiint; HI., guest of Mrs.' Hanselman. The Mitchell Newberry .Wertz^ and Hansel man families were early farmers ia this vicinity. The Herbert Daniers, Mankato, were Sunday'guests at the parerttal Gerhard Myers fot the 10th wedding of the Dahzers Oct. 27, , L «e'ee *tfe eeee»eeeeeeeeeee Humbpldt-Luverne wedding The group • was then divided into ' two groups—one the Finance Committee with Rev. Hindman being elected Chairman and his co^chairmans, Rev. Mueller and Rev. Biesemeyer. The second group is a Publicity Committee with Mrs. Wm. Goetsch 'being elected Chairman. Mr. Mallory presented all the facts and figures and the need for building a new library. After several hours of discussion aind looking 1 over several sets of plans and pictures of new libraries in other towns the group voted to hire The Griffith Company of Ft. .Dodge as the Architects. j THE LIBRARY Building Committee will be holding meetings perhaps every week of two and anyone interested may attend but only the Committee members will be allowed to 1 vote, The cooperation of all organizations will be needed and everyone in the area for miles around. WMk*nd guests «t G*»rg« Studers were his sister the Howard Willes, Rock Island, and his nephew the Robert Studers Ames. Howard was called by the illness of his mother, Mrs, Otto Wille, Tht Jamtt Mallorys took Htr mother, Mrs. Alma Madden to Treloar's Fort I>odge, Saturday for her birthday, Mrs. Ray Agard, surgical patient Oct, 21 at the Lutheran hospital, Fort .Dodge was re- LyVerne.—.Patricia Vought, Humboldt'.'and William Bird,'.Lu- Verne,' were married at the Lu- Verne /Methodist church ;at 2 p.m. Saturday^ Oct. 8. Parents are the Keith IVoughts, Hum- bpldt and William J.? Birds; liu- Verne.'The double ring ceremony was read by the, church pastor the Revy Roy A. Biesemeyer.; \ ';•''-'!,';/ ••'. •: ""•'' : '" : ••' Mrs. • Joseph; - Thorn played nuptial: music and accompanied the soloist Mrs. Daryl Fishfer, jUVerne. Best man was Patrick 3ord, Des Moines. Ushers were Lenard John and Paul Hanselman, Lu Verne. ; A reception was held in the church rooms. Guests were Teg-, istered by Susan Bird, LuVerne. lifts were displayed by Mrs. Orvis Bird, Cedar Falls, and Mrs. Leon Gaemalich, Charles City. Serving punch was Patty Baker, Badger. . Cutting and serving the cake were Mrs. Earl John, LuVerne. Waitresses were Connie Day and Janice Awe, LuVerne, Mrs.; Bird attended the Humboldt high school and is now employed 1 at., the Eateria cafe in Humlboldt. He attended the Lu- Verne high school and is now in the Navy on the air craft carrier USS Okinawa at Norfolk, Va> USS Okinawa at Norfolk, Va. She v/ill join him there in late November. Mrs. Anna Hanselman, sons, the LoRoy and Earle Hansel- mans visited Wednesday with Harley Christensen, Ringsted, patient at the hospital in Rochester, Minn, After X-rays hie was released Friday and return- Bigings. Tftt ^ Mrs. was a.cowsui of Saturday, Mrs. iarle Haiwelman was in Buffalo Center Frday to visit her mother, Mrs. Bertha Nelson. Mrs. Nelson, 89, nearly blind, lives in the Timely Mission rest home. Sutanne Dudley, freshman at Westmar, LeMiars spent the weekend with her parents the Clyde Pu<jteys for her birthday. The Mf >r«ejistns spent the weekend in Des Moines with their daughter the Kenneth Larsons. The itrlt Hanselmanf were in Ames for homecoming. CUra Elaine Schna John Wiclptt, Rae Ann AM&&, Jfancy »rink, Cedar Falls, spent the weekend at the l, Th^es Schnjakenfeergi 4. Wickett's ajj<J «fifi»orf at Hit p#rent^l Earle Haftselm<m's were C^Jgr Falls, George ed home. The Oryille Longs, Des; Moines visited. Sunday .with. .his sister, .the VBeft Thomases. 'The Bert Thomases and Arn- returned front ten days with teir children; living in St. Paul Minn. Visited-were the William Schoenrocks, ; Mrs. Dorotihy Stone, Richard Thomases, Robert Johnsons, Mrs. Uelvyn Six and families and Darrance and Gary-Thomas. The Henry Gruenberg's, Miami, Fla., and her aunit, Mrs Ottosen Mh. Donald U«her «eeeee«eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and Monday i afteftwoft ,her with another birttutey r ~-*- , Jackie, daughter of the RJlph Jacobsonss, had her 14thbtrtti* day Monday. Visitors were Jthe Conrad Johnsons, Allan ,^ w *- spanntf, and .Donald J aui, ithe. Jacobsons son hiad'hls 7*h blrtl nesday. Visited were, the JameS Jacobsons, Conrad Johnsons and Donald Larsons. •', . Debbie Telford and Vickie King had their class of 20 fitov- enth graders at 'a costume Halloween party' Saturday; v> Mrs.,Robert LeMont and Mrs. Leo Tofteberg attended ; v the Lutheran church 1 women officers training school at Bkgle Grove Friday. ,' ' ; WOULD < , , ? ' . YOU Mrs. Chester Alme entered the hospital at "Iowa' City Tuesday. ' > < , ' ' Mrs. James, Fowler, who had been a medical patient at Mercy hospital returned home Friday. Their Son Lyndon and Jason, who had been staying with the Edgar Meyers at Algona K returned home over'the weekend. The Meyers .came for them again Sunday night, for a longer stay while the mother recuperated. The baby,.,-Melissa, who had stayed withj'.hcr grandparents, the Kermit Fowlers, returned home Sunday.'S Mrs. Anna Purdy had her 80th birthday Oct. 23. Her family who came for'the birthday dinner i were- Mrs. Irene Johnson, N<a'ncy''and Norma, .Frank McKlosky and Ronnie Winker, Laneisboro, Sairi Smith, Hum- bbldt, ,the Robert.iWinkers, Lake City, Lee Johnsons, Iowa : City, and • Wilbur Johnsons, Bodei Her son -Ralph Gatton, Lbveland Colo., and her grandson, Larry Saturday Mrs;'PUirdy's n^igh- bors came f or/ian :'Sfterrioon;;;par- YOU CAN CHOP; SHREf) AND BALE STALKS IN ONE OPERATION WITH THE BRADY FIELDMASTER? t \ And that's not the whole story! The Fieldmaster also convert* quickly for green chop opera* tion. Or, couple! it,-with yo^ir 2-row •chopper and you get 1 * 4-row chopper operation., •, A BRADY FIELDMASTER 720 Just one trip thru the field with the 720 and your tandem baler is all you need,to harvest baled stalks or straw for valtt- . able bedding. Pradyba,ler hood feeds stalks directly'to pickjip reels. You; have ,t0,,3ee thlfe 3-in-l machine work ;to realty apprecuite it. Ask , us for.'v» demonstration. '•';..'-'- ; '. 'C' CARROLL QARAfiE LuVerne, Iowa .•>• For bigger yields per acre, lower production costs and more profit per acre —apply Smith-Douf last GRO- GREEN* Anhydrous Ammonia now. You can apply 8RO-GREEN Anhydrous Ammonia directly into the, toil either before or when you turn best results. SffUS FOR FALL APPLICATION ' ' LUVERNE CROP SERVICE RICHARD GRONBACH, Mgr. Phone 8824234 LuVerne, Iowa under stubble, stalks or cover crops. Keep soil,fertility in balance! Use. enough Smith-Douglass fertilizer to achieve • maximum performance) from. GRO-GREEN Anhydrous Am* monia. Soil should be tested for ^aji^ejBpipiBiB^^ eaeiMvBy^vB^j mmit pan 1 »ap»res_ V^ii ••!•••! 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