The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 27, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1895
Page 5
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•m '"& REPUBLICAN, ALQOKA, 1895. AL60NA REPUBLICAN f he spring term of the Normal opens April 16th. Joseph Cook is to be the attraction at Emmetsburg Monday night. Ex-Senator Ingalls will deliver his lecture in.Algona on April 26th. S. J> O'Neill is to.leave for his new home at Aurora, Mo*, next Week. The High School declamatory contest will come off on Friday evnmg, April 12, Clerk Crose issued a marriage license to Gilbert Shepard and lena Marnoch, ~ Mr, and Mrs. Nick Winkel, of Livermore, were visiting in town the first of the week, Contractors and builders will please note in our columns the advertisement of a school house to build. Ed Bircher has given up the hotel business and has cast his lot with the Swede Comedy Company. Haw many Algona people are disappointed to learn that only 2,469 people could be found in Algona t 1 _ Dr. Strickland's lecture on "Genera Grant, from a Southern Standpoint," is to come off tomorrow evening. The BEPUULICAN would be glad to tret the postoflice address ot J. ». Goodge, a resident of this county. There will be services at the Episcopal church next Sunday, conducted by Mr. Alex Peddie, of Ernmetsbuig. The public school building will soon be supplied with city water. The *up- p'ly from the well was not sufficient. Mr. and Mr*. J. IL Nortbnrof Livermore, visited their daughter, Mrs. A. L. Peterson, returning home Monday. There will be one of those Jbo& old- fashioned suppers in the Congregational lecture room Thursday evening. Henry Simpkins is encouraged at the favorable progress of his wound. He hopes to be able to'be out in a few days. There is an epedemic of diphtheria -at Whittemore. and the schools are closed and public meetings abandoned. Seats for the Nordica concert at Des Moines, were sold at $2.50 and $2.00, and two-thirds of Foster's opera house were sold the first forenoon. A-'party of young people spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Craig Calkins, of Burt. They report having, a very ' . pleasant time. . Albert Patterson went to Blairville, Iowa, last week to go into business for. himself. He has purchased a half interest in a general merchandise stock. It was the saying Thursday morning that the Felling, jury was out fifteen minutes, arid that the counter was out $1,300. Others queried, "After the Felling case, what?" ;• Ed. Bircher opened up at Whittemore last night with .his,.Siwedei pornedy •? ~ Company- Several from Algona wore ove?? They^will play -in-Algona later in the season. • ,.-,.• -, ;,,-.• , We have been experiencing .genuine spring weather during the past week, but the population will not feel entirely satisfied until ..we .have a soaking TEL1D ' •• The winter term of the Algona schools closes Friday, and those in charge will have a week in which to pick up on their correspondence -and odd jobs. " t ' "' Thfe Stacy water mill does .:not; propose to be undersold by any dealer in Minnesota flour. Mr. Stacy sells for 90 cents, and his flour is good enough for an angel. It is said that Will Bowen, who recently graduated from the medical de- parSent of the State University, has some thought of locating at Whittemore and hanging but his shingle. The report was circulated on the street last night that G. W. Hunter, night watch, had been arrested for something, but it proved to be unfounded, Mr. Hunter is still on duty. There has been a prevalence of high winds and a woful prevalence x>f cor- rflsnondinelv high tempers m this region theS week. The dirt was not all in the Whittemore case, A good deal of it,was>in the air, The ladies o£ the Algona Library, Association will me,et with Mrs. A. L. Patterson, Friday, March 29j at 3 o'clock p.m. As there is busyness of importance to be - transacted, it is hoped/there will be a full attendance. John A, Winter, who • spent' several months as a compositor in the BEPtraLi- - CAN, office, has gone to the farm m Nor*'' therh Kossuth, He is a good and conscientious workman, but he couldn't linger in the Jap of spring. If the BEPUBLIOAN were as mean as mean as some papers it would say that the Upper Des Moines got it as near right as usual last week. It said the carpet was laid on the floor, when in ' t acl it was laid on the table, • There is no abatement of the. popularity of the "safety," Algopajs getting ona great number of these rapid transit vehicles, and it wilVnot be BW< prising if thei number, of bicycles in ,- ffigona is doubled this season, : - Q, B, Gpbdrieh is getting repair work in abundance, as bis skill in ws» - •-• ^ beQQWBg HnowP.. Bicy s nd everything comes in , and insloqition, opposite the and admired the working of our gas engine. The county board of supervisors will meet m tegular session Monday next, April 1st. The condemnation of the basement jail by the grand jury will render It necessary, probably, that aime action be taken by the board tor the proper care of prisoners. The third lecture of the course being given under the auspices of the ladies of the Baptist church was delivered Thursday evening by Bev. Walter Walker, of Elgin, 111., and was large y attended. The lecture was highly rhetorical and received liberal applause. It is of course expected that brick fronts Will go up oh the south side of State street in place of the Wooden buildings burned. No particulars are at hand, and no plans have been laid, but this season will doubtless see a solid brick block coveting the ground now vacant. A. M. Shaw is putting in his spare time in the drafting of a map ot Algona which he will have completed in a short time. He is preparing it for his own use, but when he gets it finished he will probably have it blue printed and will furnish copies to such as want an up-to-date map of the city. James Taylor has contracted with Miss Mclntyre.of Chicago, for her services in conducting the millinery branch of his merchandising for the present season. She takes charge next Monday. Miss Mclntyre did very line work last season and won popularity. Her friends will be pleased at her return. Dt. Strickland, of Sioux City, will deliver the last lecture of the Baptist ladies' course at that church to-morrow evening, his subject being "General Grant, from a Southern Standpoint." Dr. Strickland is a southern man, and so can speak from that standpoint with entire propriety, He is reported to be a very fine speaker. Charley Johnson, who has spent the winter nursing a broken leg, is out on crutches, It will require some time for his limb to grow strong again. He cannot bear any part of his weight upon it at present, but he is encouraged by the prospect of its being as good as new, only not so straight, when it does get well. During the week agents of'the insurance c ompanies have settled with Dr. Studley, E. G. Bowyer, B. H. Anderson arid P. L. Slagle. Harry Dodge has not heard from his company, and ,at la?t accounts Valentine & King had not heard from theirs. Aside from the Chrischilles loss, none of the buildings have, we believe, been settled for. The citizens of Algona have an Important duty 'to perform. They must rid themselves of a dangerous, a lawless ole-. mont that cares as little about the .value of human lives as it does about the value of property. Such an clement is an awiul menace to happiness and welfare of any community.—Emmeisburg Democrat. It begins to look a triile tough for a: town, when Emmetsburg makes such remarks about it. \ The marriage of Col. Thos. -T. Cooke, and-Mies Nellie Ford ;Comes *>ff. .this, evening ~iii'"^VY : bitow*t> or r~"^Y"S^ 1 Col. Cooke left on Friday for Mil^au- kee, where he expected to meet his'sis 1 ter, Miss Bertha Hancock, .and spend the Sunday, proceeding thence to Whitewater. Col. and Mrs. Cook . will' be at home in Algona after April 10th. The best wishes of Algona are theirs. Of the new occupant of the Mc- Getchie farm, the Burt Monitor says: W. T. Trainer, a brother-in-law or Prof. Hugh Connor, and Herb Connor, brother of the Professor, are here from Illinois and have moved onto the Mc- Getchie farm, which -Mr. Trainer has leased for the season. They are well pleased so far with the looks of our country, and we hope they may find it both pleasant and profitable. Attorney Argo cut a better figure in •the Felling, defense than he did as "Doctor" Hathaway's attorney when the latter prosecuted Joe Hays for libel. In the latter case all the good Argo did was in the capacity of a target for Judge Cook's shafts of sarcasm. The Judge fairly struck Argo dumb, and the Sioux City man was doubtless very glad when the case came to a close. H. M. Bauman, a wealthy Binggold county man, was in the county last week. He bought a quarter section of land a couple of miles east of Irvington through Hay & Bice and has already Mr. M. Borts on the place, who •will break it up this spring. Mr, Bauman likes the county very much, and confessed his desire for larger holdings of its rich and productive soil, which we hope may be gratified, as the more we have of such men the better, The Felling trial furnished a rare morsel of village scandal, which was greatly relished by the big crowd. One hoary*headed Algonan-was seen one morning attending to some home duties, and was -admonished, "You'll be late if you don't hurry up," "Late for what?" he asked, , "Why, the Felling trial, of course," "O," he innocently responded,-"they don't begin till nine o'clock." And at that time lie was on hand, and in » front'' * , Valentine & King, who were burned out o* their restaurant business by op recent big fire, last week leased the p-hoenjjf House at Bancroft, They de* parted for their new Joeatipn on Mon« day. This house was sold, a few, days sinVto, F; $, Braden, of Pows, who hasle'aje4itto the new management. The BaproftRegister fays ihat fhj K&rwUl -be fenQvafed^anA ,oygjt tf»*y t * , tJVf »1 .-j^ii x'., t •v.olviSa .1 *-.. • i a . a.aa.i n IdWA, WEDNESDAY, MAKCH shame. It is a safe assumption that all legitimate facilities for trade are amply given by the merchants who live and pay taxes in Algona. The Des Moines Begister says of the plan to give boys itt the public schools a military drill, which, has advocates in Algona and is pei- haps to be tried in our schools at a not distant date:. The movement fot military training in the schools is making great headway m the eastern states where the governors are all in favor of it. The movement has back of it the best and most, distinguished men in the country, m both steamship and war records- President Cleveland and ex-Presideht Harrison are both quoted as favoring it. It is estimated that there ate enrolled in the schools of the country, of the right age for such instruction, nearly 2,000,000 boys. The fact that they would be trained f or military service,should there ever be need of their service in such capacity, is only one of the arguments in favor of the movement. The advantages in time of peace are quite as large as those in time of war. Ease of carriage, health, obedience to law and the spirit of American institutions would all be promoted by such a course of instruction, The American system of education has been of the hap-hazard hit or miss kind. The men it has turned out have been intelligent, but they have little or no conception of order or obedience to laws as the expression of wisdom of the combined people. This movement which has the improvement of citizenship in view is worthy of general encouragement. t>R. FELLING DEATH OF MRS. FRED PAINE. The death of Mrs. Florence Spear Paine occurred in Algona Friday evening last, March 22. Mrs- Paine had been sick for nearly six weeks, her illness dating from the birth of her first child, February 11. Blood poisoning ensued, and finally peritonites, which was the immediate cause of her death. The funeral occurred Sunday afternoon, Be*'. Kennedy of the M. E. church, of which she was a member, officiating. Florence Spear was born in Algona, Jan. 20,1870. She was married to Fred Paine March 25, 1891. Her child, a boy, is being cared for by its grand .parents, Mr. and Mrs. Denison Paine. The bereaved husband and family have the sympathy of many friends at her untimely death. WHEAT HiaHER-PLOUB LOWEE. The Algona ¥ater Mill ¥ants Wheat at 50oto 55oa Bushel. And as long as we can buy wheat under 60c we will sell— '•.Bock Bottom" at 70c per sack "Family Favorite" at 80c per sack "Snow Queen" at..: 90c per sack Delivered any place in town. It costs 6c a sack to deliver flour, so ,we will discount above prices 5c per sack' at our store or mill. JONES & STACY. The Jury Out but a Few Minutes—Oth 6* Cases Disposed of—The Clerk Should Have More Help. Judge Qttarton's court has been in session intermittently during the past week. Adjournment was taken from Monddy afternoon to this morning. It is expected that the court will be In session at intervals for several weeks. The Felling cose was given to the jury Wednesday night and the decision was speedily arrived at, the jury being unanimous for acquittal. This was the most sensational in a small way of any case in a Kossuth county court for a long time. In the case of Danson against Benken, appealed from Justice Taylor's court, Judge Carr, for the plaintiff, asked for a dismissal on the ground of want of jurisdiction of the inferior court. The suit was'on some notes. All the evidence in the Stevenson estate Cases was submitted, and the decision will be rendered in vacation. It is expected that this decision will take the case out of the courts, In tne case of the Germania Creamery Company vs. Ole O. Bracke, the plaintiff was given judgment by the jury. The suit was brought to compel Bracke to pay for stock in the company which he had subscribed for, and the result settlesit that it will do those parties who subscribed to the stock of the institution no good to change their minds and conclude they don't want it. Special.. Dress Sale! The disposition of the case against the school directors of Lotts Creek township, will, we feel sure, meet with public approval. It was apparent that no intention was entertained of violating the laws, and the directors agreeing to pay the costs of the suit which had been incurred, and to return to the treasury the few dollars drawn therefrom without warrant of law, the ends of the prosecution were fully met, and it will be understood from henceforth that school directors must serve without pay. Judge Quarton passed sentence on Morrison, the Wesley man convicted of larceny, by giving him ten days. Gallagher, the keeper of the Germania joint, got 100 days at hard labor. During court Clerk Crose has had the assistance 01! Mart Weaver, the tatter's place in the auditor's office being supplied temporarily by Geo. Bailey. Mr. Crose requires the services of an efficient clerk constantly, but the board so far has allowed him but $150 a year for clerk hire, a sum only about one-third what it should be. . = This Week and Next We offer our remaining line of Dress G-oods to close, at prices heretofore impossible. For convenience they have been divided into 4 lots, viz.: LOT 1—A small line of Wash Goods, Dimities, India Mulls, Lawns, etc, for 10 c. per yd. These are mostly extra fine qualities usually sold from 15 to20c. per yd., offered now at the uniform price of lOc. to close. LOT 2.—Mixed and half wool goods; former prices 25 to 40c., now 19c. LOT 3.—All wool Henriettas, Cashmeres, Diagonals, Suitings, etc. Former prices 65 to 85c. now 5Oc. LOT 4.—Extra fine qualities Henriettas, Serge, eta Black only for 75c. Former prices $LQO and _ . :/• Gol.< Thos.;>$r.Cooke ancTMiss Nellie Ford are to be 'married today at Whitewater, Wis. They will be at home in Algona after April 10th. The REPUBLICAN extends hearty congratulations. Did you ever stop to think, • • Just before you took a drink, That the time may some day come .. • When you'll be a blear-eyed bum? Every sot who's lost his grip; Once, like you, Juet 'took a "ni." — - Geo. W. Sariborn, of Mason City, was in Algeria Saturday last. Miss Welton, of Madison, Wis., is a guest in the home of Geo. Simpkins. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Salisbury, of Whitewater, Wis., visited in Algona last week, returning home Saturday. They were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bobt. Warren. Geo. E. Clarke, Esq., went to Chicago Monday evening, to be present at the funeral of General Solicitor Carey,, of the Milwaukee road. Miss Alice Mann is home from her. school at Ames, on a vacation. She is one of the teachers in the Ames public school. H. A, Paine returned Saturday evening from a business trip to Carroll and TamaCity. L. J, Bice was doing business in Forest City last Friday. Mrs. Dr. Shore came up from Des Moines last week to visit friends, and will spend most of this week in Algona. She is recuperating from a long illness. Mrs. Dies and daughter, who have been visiting at the home of Dr. L. A. Sheetz, have returned to their home at Canton, N, Y, LarsL. Ohnstadt, of Hebron township, was in Algona Monday. 0, J. Doxsee and wife and daughter went to Bolfe last week to visit relatives and friends. Mr. Doxsee's father has just bought out a stock of goods, and C, J. has been assisting in the invoicing. C. B. Matson spent several days at Estberville the first of the week, Mrs, Jno. G, Smith went to Des Moines last week, She attended the Jfordiea concert in that city Monday evening. Milo Cbapin is home from Des Moines, where he spent the winter at the Capital Pity Commercial College, ^Mr, and Mrs. Ford have been enjoying a visit from Mrs; J.. P, Taylor, of Charles Qjty, Peter Hab,erger, one of the solid.far- f oigaMd, township, was. •"»««' •Farm machinery to trade for colts., JOHN G. SMITH. •• Farmers keep your hogs well, we are agents for Saxon Cholera Cure. Try it. We guarantee satisfaction or money refunded.—LANGDON & HUDSON. Pure-bred barred Plymouth Bock eggs for hatching. 26-28 P,L. SLAGLE, THAT NEW MAP. The BEFUBLICAN has begun printing a new edition of its map of Kossuth county. This map shows the railroads, the railroad towns and the townships, -It is just what all land dealers should have. It is printed either in tints or in black. Prices will be given on application. All the townships having now been named, the time has come when a map of permanent value can be made. " , . If you want the best coffee, buy those 2-lbl cans at the Opera House Grocery, Economy. The assortment is not full, but the goods are all new, in good condition, and are worth to-day, from 25 to 33 per cent, more than the prices at which they are now offered :...... TO CLOSE. Telescopes, Trunks,-^ THE BEST IN THE CITY. Jas. Taylor. c. L. LUND. Economy at the Opera House Grocery. • MONEY. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. . ' B, W, HAGGARD. ESTABLISHED 1880, D <5c K, (Successors to C,. L, LU^ND.) J. J. RYAN. White comb honey at Langdon & Hudson's! Bogk salt for stock.—LANGDON & HUDSON. _ A few dozen of those wonderful 10c. towels at Taylor's. Fine percales and zephyr checks, 5c,, at Taylor's. WE make a specialty of collections. Cloud * Haggard. Real Estate Dealers, ilgona, Iowa, • we wteft to aanounee to the readers ol toe BWTOUOAN tUat we W _f^^f^W *Sgjfe , ties lor the selling of farms »nd unimproved lands In Northern Ipwfc ana we "JVW ^J2m,f og ° fM nua M» .HV. ^ ..„•, Qf-Mj-j- property, to call on us-at our offloe In Algoma or to oo?T6»po»a. i ^» ^«/H^ -^ to seJlyoar property for what it 1* worth —» — — «»•««"•««« *•« , W, Richmond, B, F. Smith, A, B, Richmond, 0, J, VlcePrei, Qasfcier,. PuWishersNotice, Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank T> »•vinorMi'm TfVWA. ' 1ir i-" For the convenience of gubseribers whose place of doing business, i§ in some other town in tUe co w« tytfean Algona, a» arrangement hai b§en mjdg, bv .fte publisher whereby * M , _ __ T __ 1 __i_j.s_ M 4-« 4-Ka Y\dTt<vn BANOf&QFT, IQWA i" - '>*^m&1% Farmers' and Traderj opened ran,- 1 - TSfi county, ci-pf t &e, change of we,. AW J*W*tJ "** V **' »•*»»"» *" F *r 1 Vfl T» 1 Til n irm of Barber prp§ M p,f, PQ|Q, 1U.» waa nTheVunty teofeieg up Changes for ikeJy land, mYMtoentB te$ TO0S» . t^pugh 'TSn,,, oooiian,, ,qf Ewaaetsburg, VA*£$iV$w£, inV. iWfc '^o the Gr tewMfcttk ** ^°s"J|_ *W|5* Icri? JTT^ .J^sT?^7v.A*v» *\ ft w f! i f\ n\ xn.\ r n

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