Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois on November 15, 1987 · Page 43
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Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 43

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1987
Page 43
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Page 3 Sunday November 15 Southern Illinoisan, Sunday, November 15, 1987 MORNING 5:00 Telethon: Telethon of Stars (3 hrs.) Continued. 11 13 Week Shape-Up TCT Today E World Sports Special G Laverne & Shirley U Night Flight W The World Tomorrow 5:30 4 Newsmakers (R) 33 Public Policy Conference 11 Heroes: Made in the U.S.A. dZ) Sermons From Science E Harness Racing: Breeders Crown A $400,000 trot and a $520,000 pace for three-year-old colts and geldings, from Pompano Beach, Fla. (60 min.) (R) G Christian Science Monitor Reports W It Is Written 6:00 Outdoors America 4 Newsmakers (R) 5 Lester Family 11 Rev. Cleophus Robinson 3D Perspective (27) Faithline 30 CNN News G James Kennedy U Calliope W Tom & Jerry and Friends 6:30 AG Week 4 Eye on St. Louis 5 Jimmy Swaggart 11 Think About Tomorrow 3D Living Hope-Trinity Lutheran 14 Dimension 30 Capitol Report E SportsCenter G Three ScoreCommunity Calendar 6:45 G What's Nu? 7:00 Headlines on Trial 4 Confluence 9 Introducing Biology 11 Jerry Falwell 3D Robert Schuller 33) Christian Viewpoint 14 Kenneth Copeland (ID Bullwinkle (ID Nancy Harmon 30 East Side, West Side E NBA Today G Robert Schuller (CC). U Cartoons W Flintstones 7:15 2 World of Ideas 7:30 30 Day of Discovery 5 The World Tomorrow 9 Introducing Biology 33) Worship for Shut-ins (13) Blueblocker Sunglass ZD Word of God E Inside the PGA Tour G Heritage of Faith W Tom & Jerry and Friends 7:45 2 Message of the Rabbi 8:00 2 Sacred Heart CD James Robison 4 Kenneth Copeland 5 Sunday Today Telethon: Telethon of Stars (3 hrs.) Continued. GD 9 Sesame Street (CC). 11 G.I. Joe 3D 30 Jimmy Swaggart 33) Amazing Grace Bible Class 14 Day of Restoration 25 Sunday Morning Scheduled: Cuban missile crisis; premiere of an opera based on former President Nixon's 1972 Chinese visit; an American couple's first year in Ireland; artist Gordon Mortensen; Wall Street's woes. (90 min.) (13) In Touch ) Father John Bertolucci E SpeedWeek G Sunday Mass W Flintstones 8:15 2 Sunday Mass 8:30 Kenneth Copeland 33 Public Policy Conference 11 Visionaries 33) Day of Discovery 14 Rick Van Hoose dD Dwight Thompson E Running and Racing G Popeye W Andy Griffith 9:00 2 3D Oral Roberts 4 Sunday Morning Scheduled: Cuban missile crisis; premiere of an opera based on former President Nixon's 1972 Chinese visit; an American couple's first year in Ireland; artist Gordon Mortensen; Wall Street's woes. (90 min.) 33 Viewer Call-in (Taped) JoJo and Friends 9 Mister Rogers 11 Tarzan 33) Pro Wrestling 14 Sunday Today (13) Jimmy Swaggart 30 What's Happening Now!! E Magic Years in Sports A look at the year 1 980 with a feature on Phillies third baseman Mike Schmidt. G Vissionaries W Good News 9:30 2 Robert Schuller (3) Business World 5 Meet the Press (3D 3-2-1 Contact 9 Square One Television (CC). 3D Jerry Falwell 25 dZ) Jimmy Swaggart 30 Charles in Charge Charles proposes to his former girlfriend who's about to marry another man. Part 1 of 2. E This Week in Sports (60 min.) G Captain Power W MOVIE: 'PT-109' John F. Kennedy's exploits on the PT-109 are chronicled. Cliff Robertson, Ty Hardin, James Gregory. 1963. 10:00 Oral Roberts 5 Metro Journal (3D 9 Sesame Street (CC). 11 Charlie's Angels 33) Wrestling: World Class Championship Wrestling (23) Laurel and Hardy 30 Power Pro Wrestling G Superman U Cartoons 10:30 2 (3D This Week With David Brinkley (CC). 4 Face the Nation 5 Father Murphy 3D Sunday Morning Scheduled: Cuban missile crisis; premiere of an opera based on former President Nixon's 1972 Chinese visit; an American couple's first year in Ireland; artist Gordon Mortensen; Wall Street's woes. (90 min.) 14 Meet the Press 25 James Kennedy dZ) Jack Hayford E SportsCenter Sunday: NFL Gameday A preview of today's games in NFL. (60 min.) G Lone Ranger 1 1:00 4 Our House: St. Louis Style Telethon: Telethon of Stars (2 hrs., 30 min.) Continued. 33 Public Policy Conference (3D Mister Rogers 9 Newton's Apple (CC) Anne Bancroft shares highlights from a 1986 expedition to the North Pole; the sea otter. 11 Pro Wrestling 3D MOVIE: 'Allegheny Uprising' A Handful of Pennsylvania frontiersmen defeat British troops in order to stop the sale of firearms and rum to Indians. John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Brian Donlevy. 1939. 14 Two Years to Financial Freedom (H) Dr. James Kennedy 30 NWA Pro Wrestling G Cisco Kid U All-American Wrestling 1 1:30 2 Face to Face (3D Jerry Falwell 4 25 NFL Today NFL pre-game show hosted by Brent Musburger with Irv Cross and Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder. 5 MOVIE: 'Sherlock Holmes Faces Death' Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Hillary Brooke. 1943. JoJo and Friends 9 McLaughlin Group 14 NFL Live Bob Costas, Ahmad Rashad, Paul Maguire and Frank Deford. (13) Puttin' on the Hits E Monster Truck: Legend of Big Foot G Rawhide AFTERNOON 12:00 2 Perception 4 25 NFL Football: Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots (3 hrs.) (Live) ' (3D Living with Animals 9 Washington Week in Review (CC) 11 MOVIE: 'Bad Day at Black Rock' The train stops in Black Rock for the first time in a year and leaves a passenger who terrifies the town. Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan, Lee Marvin. 1955. 3D NFL Football: CBS Regional Coverage Regional coverage of Los Angeles Rams at St. Louis or Detroit at Washington or Minnesota at Tampa Bay or Dallas at New England. (3 hrs.) (Live) ' 14 NFL Football Regional cov-' erage of Indianapolis at Miami or New York Jets at Kansas City or Buffalo at Cleveland or Houston at Pittsburgh. (3 hrs.) (Live) (13) FLINTSTONES MEET THE JETSONS (ID Richard DeHaan 30 MOVIE: 'Apocalypse Now' A special agent journeys up river into Vietnam with orders to find and kill a once-brilliant colonel, now gone mad. Martin Sheen, Frederick Forrest, Robert Duvall. 1979. E Auto Racing: I MSA GTO Series From San Diego, CA. (60 min.) (Taped) U Code Red 12:30 2 Expression (3D Ray Dorr (3D Kathy's Kitchen 9 Wall Street Week (IT) R.W. Schwanbach G Twilight Zone W MOVIE: 'With Six You Get Eggroll' A widow with three sons and a widower with one daughter decide to get married. Doris Day, Brian Keith, Pat Carroll. 1968. 12:50 5 MOVIE: 'The House of Fear' Based on "The Five Pips" by Arthur Conan Doyle. The British supersleuth investigates the murders of members of a gentlemen's club. Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. 1945. 1:00 2 Entertainment This Week Comic-actor Martin Short. (60 min.) (In Stereo) (3) Star Search (60 min.) 33 Election '88: Candidates' Debate (3D Joy of Painting 9 Growing a Business E Gymnastics: Konica Rhythmic Invitational From Princeton, N.J. (2 hrs.) (R) G MOVIE: The Seven Year Itch' A husband sends his wife and son off for the summer and returns to their apartment to find a lovely blonde has sublet the apartment above him. Marilyn Monroe. Tom Ewell, Evelyn Keyes. 1955. U MOVIE: 'Love and Death' A devout coward during the Napoleonic Wars recounts his life and loves on the eve of his execution. Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Harold Gould. 1975. 1:30 CO War of the Stars Kovels on Collecting 9 Tony Brown's Journal 53) MOVIE: 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' A couple of legendary outlaws refuse to surrender to a changing America. Paul Newman, Robert Red-ford. Katharine Ross. 1969. (12) Bethesda Fellowship 1:35 11 MOVIE: 'Cahill. U.S. Mar-shal' J.D. Cahill, a tough lawman, sets his skills as a tracker against a wily bank robber. John Wayne. George Kennedy, Gary Grimes. 1973. 2:00 2 Mission Impossible (3D National Geographic (60 min.) 5 Dom DeLuise Show (3D Superchargers 33 Public Policy Conference (ID French in Action 9 Firing Line (13) MOVIE: 'Three Ring Circus' Discharged from the service, the boys join a circus and are forever in hot water. Dean Mar- tin, Jerry Lewis, Joanne Dru. 1954. , (ID Zola Levitt , 2:30 5 NFL Live Bob Costas, Ah mad Rashad, Paul Maguire and Frank Deford. (3D French in Action (S) TCT Today W MOVIE: 'My Old Man' A spirited teen-ager and her down-and-out horse-trainer father are reunited after a 14-year separation and set out to explore a new life together. Kristy McNichol, Warren Oates, Eileen Brennan. 1979. 3:00 2 MOVIE: 'Bad Company' A young man headed West to avoid the Civil War, becomes friends with a drifter. Jeff Bridges, Barry Brown, John Savage. 1972. (33 MOVIE: 'Night Crossing' Two young couples and their children secretly build a hot-air balloon to escape Communist oppression in East Germany. John Hurt, Jane Alexander, Glynnis O'Connor. 1982. 4 St. Jude 5 NFL Football: Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons (2 hrs., 30 min.) (Live) Sewing With Nancy 9 Candidates '88 With Marvin Jalb 3D NFL Football: CBS Regional Coverage Regional coverage of New Orleans at San Francisco or New York Giants at Philadelphia or Green Bay at Seattle. (2 hrs., 30 min.UMvAl 14 Two Years to Financial Freedom 25 NFL Football: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks (3 hrs.) (Live) (H) In Touch 30 MOVIE: 'T.J. Hooker' Young police academy recruits, trained by an ex-marine sergeant, are soon put to the test when they are assigned to an area which has been the site of brutal murders. William Shat-ner, John Gladstein, Adrian Zmed. 1982. E Auto Racing: Formula One Grand Prix of Australia From Adelaide, Australia. (2 hrs.) (Taped) G MOVIE: 'The War of the Worlds' An unexpected and surprising event saves the world from an invasion by Mars. Gene Barry, Ann Robinson, Les Tre-mayne. 1953. U Alfred Hitchcock Hour 3:30 Creative Living With Sheryl Borden 14 Guns of Will Sonnett 3:35 11 MOVIE: 'Saturday Night Fever The frantic fantasy world of discos is explored in this musical centered around a young man whose only escape from his humdrum existence is dancing. John Travolta, Karen Gorney, Donna Pescow. 1977. 4:00 4 Feed My People McLaughlin Group 9 Masterpiece Theatre: The Bretts (CC) Martha is fascinated with an American; Lydia secretly negotiates for a Broadway role so she can pay her tax bill. (60 min.) Part 5 of 8. 33) Solid Gold in Concert 14 Trapper John, M.D. (13) MOVIE: The Incredible Shrinking Woman' A housewife, subjected to the chemicals in aerosol sprays. finds herself shrinking fast. Lily Tomlin, Charles Grodin. Ned Beatty. 1980. (2) Today, the Bible and You U Check It Outl 4:30 4 Hart to Hart Tony Brown's Journal (2D Guidelines 30 MOVIE: 'Blondie Brings Up Baby' When Baby Dumpling plays hooky from school, Dag-wood goes looking for him and gets arrested for kidnapping. Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Larry Simms. 1940. U Sanchez of Bel Air Miguel tries to revive Frankie Rondell's music career. W World Championship Wrestling (60 min.) 5:00 2 News ABC News (CC). 33 Public Policy Conference Wall Street Week 9 Upstairs, Downstairs 33) Bonanza 14 Dimension (H) Nancy Harmon E Drag Racing: IHRA Fall Nationals From Bristol, Tenn. (60 min.) (R) G MOVIE: The Sword and the Sorcerer A heroic young prince vows to avenge the murder of his parents. Lee Horsley, Kathleen Beller, Simon MacCorkin-dale. 1982. U Airwolf 5:30 2 Turnabout Wild Kingdom 4 News 5 3D To Be Announced. 14 NBC News Adam Smith's Money World (IZ) Randy Shankle W New Leave It to Beaver A singer threatens to break up Kip and Freddie's rock band. EVENING 6:00 2 Disney Family Classic 'Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too.' ABC Adv. 2 Disney Sunday Movie: Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too Animated (CC). (R) 4 3D 25 60 Minutes (CC) (60 min.) 5 14 Our House (CC) David and his friends go treasure hunting; Gus takes a job as a blacksmith. (60 min.) (In Stereo) Nova (CC) The development of new techniques to predict when and with what force a volcano will erupt. (60 min.) 9 Economics U$A (CC). 11 Sea Hunt 33) Star Trek (13) 30 21 Jumpstreet Penhall and Hanson are assigned to protect a Hollywood heartthrob who's been receiving death threats. (60 min.) (In Stereo) (H) Heartsounds E NHL PrimeTime Scores and highlights of today's NFL Football games and a preview of tonight's Patriots at Giants matchup. (60 min.) U Riptide W MOVIE: 'Big Jake' A man, estranged from hisfamilyfor 15 years, joins his two sons to search for his kidnapped grandson. John Wayne, Richard Boone, Maureen O'Hara. 1971. 6:30 9 Economics USA (CC). 11 Throb Sandy hopes to revive the career of a 1960s singer (former "77 Sunset Strip" co-star Edd Byrnes). (ID Catholic Good News 7:00 2 Spenser For Hire (CC) (Postponed from an earlier date.) Susan fights back when she becomes a victim of sexual harassment. (60 min.) (In Stereo) 4 3D 25 Murder. She Wrote (CC) In Los Angeles to promote her new novel, Jessica learns that her latest mystery has been appropriated by an unscrupulous Hollywood producer. (60 min.) 5 14 Family Ties (CC) Mal-lory's embarrassed when Nick's made an honorary sorority sister. (In Stereo) Nature (CC) The contrasting wet and dry landscapes of East Africa. (60 min.) (In Stereo) 9 Story of English From the Revolutionary War to the Roaring '20s, the evolution of American English is traced through the westward expansion by pioneers, riverboat men, gold miners and 19th-century immigrants. (60 min.) Part 6 of 9. (R) 11 Solid Gold in Concert (In Stereo) 33) Friday the 13th: The Series Jack, Micki and Ryan investigate when a cursed antique scalpel seems to be the only clue in a series of murders. (60 min.)

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