The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 27, 1895 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1895
Page 4
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MAKCtt SY MILTON 6t Aft H. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One Veaf, in Advance Six Months. three Months.. j...... .. • • .$1.50 .40 THAT GEORGIA LETTER. Governor McKinley is said to have received a letter from numerous admirers in Georgia, "both. democrats and republicans," in which the vote of that state in the national republican convention was pledged to him on the condition that he would come out for free silver. Gov. McKinley is reported to have said, after reading this letter: "If the republican party should declare in favor of free silver, I would decline to become its candidate for president and would quit it forever." It is Altogether unlikely that Gov. McKinley has expressed himself in that phrase, but it is not in the least unlikely that he would decline to be the candidate of a free silver party. He believes that the adoption of a free silver policy under existing conditions would bo equivalent to partial repudiation and would lead to a financial cataclysim which would involve all sections and all interests in a common ruin. The Governor may be wrong in this, and all the other statesmen who have so believed and taught may be •wrong, but so believing and being so committed, Gov. McKinley would be the last man to stultify himself in the manner said to have been suggested. To do so would be to forfeit the respect and the confidence of every one of his countrymen without reference to his personal belief in regard to the question of silver money. The same thing might be said, and truly said, of the republican party itself, with its record of support of a sound currency. A change of front would involve a universal loss of confidence in the integrity of the party, whatever might be thought of its wisdom. As to the wisdom of such a course, the question which arises is whether there is anything a party may not wisely do to -win power. It would seem that the experience of the democratic party during the past four years is not without its value in deter- inining , thjs question. That party gained power by the combination of , elements the most diverse and conflicting in one grand struggle for office. The offices were won, but vhe country has been brought to the verge of ruin, and the party is in the same sad plight. Every element combined for the triumph achieved was deceived and is now disappointed and disgusted. The democratic return to power was its most crushing misfortune since the war. Its experience will stand in history as a warning to many generations and a "terrible example" of "vaulting ambition" overreaching and defeating itself. The republican party will profit by the example, and republican leaders like McKinley will commit suicide in some other form sooner than in the manner suggested by the epistle from Georgia. tiona,to win tho Derby, to marry the richest woman in England, and to be prime minister. His ambitions have all been gratified. And what uiore can the man ask? The idea is preposterous that there is any danger of a war with England over the principles embodied in tho Monroe doctrine and steadfastly maintained by this nation during its entire existence. There is not enough wealth • in South America to tempt England to a struggle with the United States over that question. ALGONA'S COUNT OF NOSES. Assessor Lamson Gives the kesults of his Count—Me Finds a Population of 2469 in the incorporated Town. Prof. Herron, of Iowa College, who caused such a commotion last June by tho delivery of a lecture before a Nebraska college, has just issued a volume of six lectures on "The Christian State," Which is an expansion of that lecture. The book is one calculated to provoke comment, and if the opinions expressed arc as unqualified as the Professor's denunciation of the prcfccnt state of things, both sides will be vigorously presented. Judge \V. II. Sccvcrs, for some years chief justice of the Iowa Supremo Court, died at his home in Oskaloosa on Sunday A Gain of 20 Pet Cent, in Four and a Half Years—We Have 524 Families and 635 Male Voters—Sbme inter* esting Comparisons.. with everybody, she enshfified herself in the affections of the people, as very few do. Her untiring efforts to build up every department of the church have been such as to tnake her presence almost indispensable to the success of our work. Our prayers and well-wishes go with her to her new home in Sheldon, where a large rtscep- tion awaits the happy couple, given by Bey, Vf. 0. Pratt and wife f They go to San Francisco, Salt Lake and Den-- ver, and expect to reach home about the ?th of April Many people who are interested in movements and causes are inclined to treat the country press as a catch-all for free ads in their behalf. The waste basket is the proper receptacle for this class of contributions. The women of Kansas are to exercise the privilege of the elective franchise in the municipal elections this spring. There is said to be a woman out there who owns up to being 115 years of age and going on 200, and she is nerving herself up to cast her first vote. Having been deprived of the privilege for 04 years she does not propose to allow the opportunity to pass without improving it. A woman who has survived the French revolution, tho war of 1812, the struggle with Mexico, tho Border Ruffians, tho tariff of 1840, the John Brown raid, the hot winds, short crops and long whiskers of Kansas and two years of Cleveland's administration, ought to have some consideration, and we are glad she is going to be allowed to round out her checkered career by voting for street commissioner. Assessor G. ii. Lamson has completed the enumeration of population in the incorporated town of Algona, and the end of guessing has come. Mr. Lamson tlnds 2,469 people in Algona as against 2,068 shown tip in the census of 1890, or an increase in about four and one-half years of 401—substantially 20 per cent. The several wards show up as follows: First ward, 640; Second, 658; Third, 592, and Fourth 679. The Fourth ward has the largest numbers, exceeding those of the Second by 21, niiile the Third lias 62 in excess of the First. The census of 1890 by wards was as follows: First, 435; Second, 570; Third, 611, and Fourth 652. The largest gain was 127, in the Fourth ward, and the next to the largest was 105 in the First, with 88 in the Second and 81 in the Third. The north and south sides of town have balanced each other very well, the north gaining 208 and the south 193. The north and south sides are comfortably balanced at the present THE TUBERCULIN TEST. There can of course be no question but the results of the post-mortern at Mr. Lund's have strengthened the belief in the accuracy of the tuberculin test. Even if it was shown that there was no tuberculous infection of the one cow where its presence was not detected by the naked eye, it must yet be said that in" four cases out of the five the test located the disease accurately. But when it comes to passing upon the value of the test, in determining what cows carry disease to the human stomach in their milk or their flesh, it must be owned that tuberculin does not answer the really vital question. In four out of flve, if not in the entire lot, it was conceded that the beef and the milk were without the least taint. There was no reason why more than one of them should be killed. It may be that not one of the entire herd of condemned cows needed to be killed because of be* jng a menace to the public health. It looks as though tuberculin could easily establish its claim to accuracy without proving itself: pt l whatever in practical use At a meeting of the directors of the State Agricultural Society at Des Moines last week, one director advocated the scheme of having the state make an annual appropriation of 830,000 for 1ho expenses of the fair and opening the gates free to all comers. Very bright man. There are lots of people, however, who would be glad to run their business that way, and have all tho people taxed to pay their customers' bills. A fire of supposed incendiary origin at Estherville, Friday morning last, burned out the Democrat office, a store and a meat market. The town recently put in water works, by means of which the fire was controlled. Miss Kate Field delivered a lecture in Algona a few months ago, and there were many who considered it quite wooden, and now wo have the explanation. A lecturer was recently giving advice to a lot of women who were thinking of taking tho platform in preference to taking in washing. She said: "Tho best way to address an audience is to. talk as if you were scolding your husband." Then Kate Field chimed in with: "And as if every man, woman and child in the scats were so many heads of cabbages. Cabbages would not frighten you, and you can talk loud by addressing one in the top gallery" The Register, noting the fact that roller skating has got to be a fad on the Pacific coast, says: "We prefer tho grip, if we must be afflicted at all." showing, with 1198 in the couth side and 1271 in the north. It appears that there are 624 families and this is the way in which they are distributed: 124 in the First, 137 in the Second, 124 in the third, and 139 in the Fourth. When it comes to the voting population we have 635 when the women refrain, and this is the scale of their showing up: First ward, 153; Second, 155; Third, 139, and the Fourth 188. It - ' " side MERE'S A POINTER, Why Not Have a Barbed Wire Telephone Service All Over Kossuth ? The Electrical EeView records the successful operation of a barbed Wire fence telephone line out in Pakota,and it occurs to the REPUBLICAN that the idea may be utilized in any farming community in the establishment of a telephone service between farm neighbors. The patents have now expired which have kept up the price of telephones and telephone appliances, and there seems to be no reason why they may not come into quite general use in town and country. But here is what the Review says: Mr. 0. Thompson, proprietor of a large nursery near Rapid City, S. D M has a barbed wire fence telephone line in successful operation. The line is a little over five miles long and the fence which is used for the transmission line has been standing for twelve years. The wire is fastened to the posts with ordinary staples. "There are tto glass balls used," writes Mr. Thompson. "I consider them of no use—they may be ornamental." About April 1,1893, Mr. Thompson contracted with the Nebraska Telephone Company to extend one of its Rapid City lines about a mile, so as tu connect with his barbed wire fence. Where the line had to pass gates and cross the roads, poles twelve feet high were erected to carry the line across. The line crosses the road four times and passes over five gates. Mr. Thompson, by means of his barbed wire fence telephone, has communication with all the lines in the Black Hills, "and there is no better line and few as good in the Hills.". Apropos of the above, the Scientific 's Wash Ladies' Wrappers 79c to $1,50, : 300 Wash Waists 1,. .29c 500 Boys' Waists, 17o to $1,50 The only place in the city where you can get a real good assortment of made garments for ladies. Millinery Opening Next Week Jas. Taylor. 4 4 s There is a movement in tho line of total abstinence well under way in Iowa. Meetings are being held in that behalf in tho principal towns of the state, and groat interest is developing, Among the workers are a son of Francis Murphy and Mr. Bankin. thus looks as though the north could down us in the south by. 19 majority, if they all voted the same way, which Heaven forbid. The growth of the town of Algona has been at such an even pace that Bill Nye would be justified in including it' in his list of towns which "never had a boom, but just a steady growth." In 1880 we had 1,359, in 1890 we had reached 2,068, and now we can boast 2,469. ;, •' . ; NO NEW JAIL. Position of Chairman Chubb in Regard to the Proposition to Build. Chairman C. C. Chubb was seen Monday by the REPUBLICAN .representative and his views ascertained in reference to the suggestion to at once put up a county jail. He was very frank and very positive in the expression of his opinion and the sum of it was that he was opposed to any move for a new jail at the present time. He thought it would hardly be the right thing for the board to go ahead in the face af the overwhelming adverse vote of last fall. The question should be submitted again, and he was not in favor of submission at a special election. The jail was no worse than it had been all the time, and there was no emergency which had not long existed. He said, too, that the board could not lawfully expend more than $5,000 for such a purpose without the authority of a vote by the people, and $5,000 was not enough. There ought to be $7,000 or $8,000 put into a jail when built. In the meantime, it might be necessary, since the present jail had been condemned, to have prisoners kept at Mason City or elsewhere. American of March 9,1895, has a letter from a correspondent in Australia telling of a like use of a wire fence with satisfactory results. The line was, we believe, 16 miles in length, and the writer told of another still longer. It is entirely feasible. IN FINANCIAL STRAITS. Geo. A. Frink, of Wesley, Surrenders His Goods to the. Sheriff—Many Attachments, Amounting to $6,6ob; ' - •'• Geo. Frink, who has been running a store at Wesley for some > years, has had his stock plastered over with attachments sued out by numerous creditors, and his business has been placed in the hands of Sheriff C. 0. Samson as receiver. "Dp to yesterday- noon eleven attachments had been filed, the parties and claims being as follows: B. W. Haggard $300 Thos. A. Way • - 3,200 Wesley State Bank 900 Hill&I-Iall 00°, Dean Bros. & Lincoln 347 McNeil & Higgins 180 Everett Aughenbaugh. £W Bently & Ormstead 347 Powers Dry Goods Co odi Washburne-Halligan Coffee Co 110 Total ....W,fWO It is understood that Carson, Scott & Peirie have a claim of $1,400 more. Mr. Frink says there was no occasion for the proceedings that have been begun. He estimates that his stock is worth $9,000 at a low estimate. He expected to straighten up matters and .resume business. The receiver was appointed on the application of the Wesley and Algona parties. Clarke & Cohenour are Mr. Frink's attorneys. Are You Insured? Against Fire or Tornadoes ? Is your family protected in case of death, by a life policy in a solid company? If.not, J. A. FRECH,- ————Of the BANOKOFT INSURANCE AGENCY, submits the following companies for your consideration. This is the strongest line of companies in any agency in Kps- suth county and does the largest business. All city policies are issued in Bancroft and can be had on short notice. We can do a more careful business because we devote our time to it. Creamery and threshing machine insurance a specialty. Merchants and Bankers of Des Moines Anchor of Cre'ston. 'Dubuque Fire and Marine of Dubuque. LIFE COMPANIES. FIRE AND TOENADO CO.S Hanover of New York. ' '"_. > fire Association of Philadelphia. , Northwestern National of Milwaukee, ,1 ockford of Bockford. ' : 'State of Des Moines. ' •..-•.;. ,pital of DOS' Moines. Equitable of New York. Mutual Life of New York. ; The total assetts of the 'above companies' fs $'3'66,67i8,181.08 t according to the Auditor's report of Jan. 1,1894. GREAT VALUE WEEKLY NEWS FOR + LITTLE MONEY. OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. Senator Frye is quoted as being disappointed at the alacrity with which Spain responded with guarantees and promises of apology in the Allianca affair. He had hpped she might prove obstinate and compel the United States tJ take Cuba by conquest. This would be a now policy lor America. But if Cuba shall win in- dopepdejice and ask for admission as a territory or a state intp the Union there would be no patriotic reason tor keeping that hot island out iu the cold. Cuba, if actually Independent, would bo precisely in the same category with Hawaii, and there is no reason why the latter venub- lic should not be joined politically tqthe United Slates. Eusla.u,a Is likely to «>e exciting crimes The Fort Dodgo Messenger notes the return to that city of the Dollivor party, consisting of Father Dolliver, Miss Gay and V. B. The Congressman remains a few days longer at Washington, Tho April Midland Monthly (Des Moines), is a fine number artistically. It is also full of good reading. A young lady's "Outing in South Africa," and a Chicago journalist's "Trip to tho Black Hills," are its chief illustrated articles. "Literary Dubuque" will interest many. This number is strong in its fiction, including two charming Easter stories and the opening chapters of tho Two- Number Stories, "In the Valley of the Pecos,"—a prize story of we power. The poetry, the Social and Economic Study, the Home Themes, the Midland War Sketch, and other features, glyesomothlng of interest for . everybody, "The Stamp Bigness" Js a laughable burlesque on the postage stamp craze of the period. We have received from the Inter Ocean advance copies of their new series of Art Supplements to be given free with their o., ;,;in,r iocjnn r r>ViAv shnw t, }i o hi£?hflst WEDDING ON THE COAST Guy H. Tuttle and Miss Marguerite Parr Will be Married in Pasadena Next Tuesday Evening. Cards have reached here for the wedding of Mr. Guy Tuttle and Miss Mar* guerite Parr, which is to be celebrated at Pasadena, Cal., on the 7th of April. The REPUBLICAN will sieze this early hour in which to extend congratula." tions and to take back anything it may have unthinkingly said in the ' lo^ DECLAMATORY CONTEST. Boys and Girls of the AJgopa High School Will Compete for Honors April nth— Who Will Contest, Supt. Pixson hands us the following announcement of the coming declamatory contest: The declamatory contest for the purpose of selecting delegates Sunday Tftey show the highest and excellence in the art of lithography, the subjects are an evidence of the eleva tod tasto of the publisher. This magniU •- •" Inter Ocean " ' ....^ „ „-/ newspaper p . we advise readers to have tneir orders past about Mr. Tuttle's being an na "boy," The Pasadena (Cal,) Evening News, of March 19, has the following respee« ting the interesting coming event; "Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Miss Marguerite Parr, one of Pasadena's charming young ladies,. to Guy II. Tuttle, assistant agent of the Southern Pacific Company, The wedding will occur on the evening of April 8, at the Christian church, on M". Fair Oaks avenue," Parke C, Pratt, of Sheldon, laii iss WWW M. pqrwwa, ofcQojs cent gift of the Inter Ocean cannot b"b du plicated" by ublished, and iu early. AN WPUSTRY NOT WANTJSP- Bancroft Register: The example of this county on tjie saloon question has been followed with profit by our neighbors on the east. The Buffalo Center saloon is o, thing of the past. An attempt was recently tp reopen the dive there, but according to tiie TjJbuae tfce career ,o| the. • ' ,^.'S'*»S:a oivsffailftE Miss Ore,, were married at the hopae gt the bride's parents, by Rev. W. H, Por* warU, March 19, 1895. A local paper pas this to say in regard to the parties, which will be interesting to Algona readers: Parke 0, Pratt is the son of Rev, W. C, Pratt, a retired Baptist minister, of Sheldon, la. He has been connected with the Empire koan and Investment Company, of Sheldon, for about 8>£ years, an4 is now one of the firm and bookkeeper and treasurer of the game, He is % young man of exceptionally fine business ability and qualities of character and has a bright future before hiw- Wlliari M. Porwara, the bride, came to QW city with her father ana pottor BepU.WW. Paring her gkyamoBg us p| nearly seven, months, she hai m- to represent pur high school state contest to be held at Cedar Falls on Friday evening, April 26, will take place in the Call Opera Houston Thursday evening, April Htb. Three prizes will be given: the first willbethe honor of representing the school at Cedar Falls, the second $5 and third $3, The usual admission fee will be charged for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the delegates to the state Contest, , .,, .... The following pupils will participate in the local contest: Abra Robinson, Chas, Chubb, Jennie Patterson, Maud Pixson, Walter Tellier, TrixSalisbury, May Johnson, Geo, St, John, Alice Minkler and Nettie Benjamin, .The complete program will be published latter.,. ,.,.,,. - -. , ,, . Thftt J0.c table P.|£&nnedj?9odj| ,is the 'attraction at Wal^ey..« r Q8^-?l°tf • Another invoice of these 6c, goods at Taylor's. Grove & Son tell you what eoon* omy is- a twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper of the United States. It is a National Family Paper, and gives all the general news of the United States. It gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural" department has no superior in the country. Its "Market Reports" are recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle," Our Young Folks and Science and Mechanics, Its Home and Society columns command the admiration of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorial and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTRACT •—•*. enables us to offer this splendid journal and THE REPUBLICAN for ONE YEAR FQR ONLY $1.85, CASH IN ADVANCE. [The regular subscription for the two papers is $2-60.] • • ' ' "! V SUBSCRIPTIONS MAY BEGIN AT ANY TIME, Address all orders to ^.^_THE ALGONA REPUBLICAN; ®" Write your name and address on a postal card, sehd it to QEQ, W, £&§•££ } $ Rooms. Tribune Building, New York City, and sample copy of TMM N.KW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE will be rmiled to you, V THE INTER OCEAN -IS mm TQ WAU QS First mortgages Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West And Has tlie Largest Circulation, <Ut*»v«»«n» BtMEl DAILY jwlUiowt Sunday) .,.,.,,,* » . .,«•««.,, ,.* «,$$,QQ per year. M$8,90 per ym 0, If you want the best coffee buy those 8-lb cans at the Opera House Grocery. MQNJSY.' I have JftP.Um.ite4 money to Loan QB long cr The Weekly'Inter Ocean FAWIY FAPEP IS KOTWCBllBD

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