Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 3, 1966 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1966
Page 10
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4-ALOOfU (fewi) ADVANCf THURSDAY, NOV. 3,1»46 "INK in my VEINS" By MARIAN INMAN ft* J¥¥»J¥»»** Our neighborhood is concerned and night rest broken as faihiiuoj «,wu.ru uiw i«->uur'ii ho-uid On lui&uxiids and fathers who are patrolling. the pictures and roadsides tor killer dogs who have attacked, shea, kilLng and eating them, leaving some in an injured state to die. They hear the dogs barking, the sheep bleating but before they can arrive on the scene the dogs have supped away. They were out one night until early morning then as all seemed quiet went home only to have the dogs slip in and do rtiore damage than ever. A neighbor saw them but ba- fore he had alerted those with guns the dogs had left the scene. And so the search goes on. In a discussion group on opportunity a few evenings ago, the qucuLo.i Was asked, is there greater Lack of opportunity - these tiuys or vice veisa. There sewmed to be less complauit among uie younger people regarding lack oi opportunity to get a -job and start on the path to tame and glory, dome ot the Older group tuit that these days it is more dttiicult to git a ":,;Oii tne road of "making sometning out oi your sell." } My belief is that there is always opportunity if we make Y use of what is at hand. Life doas not hand its'gifts upon a | Christmas tree end invite us to help oursaiVes. 10 get these •| good'things of life we must gat out into the middle of the lj stream *nct face the dangers, the hardships and the uncer- 3 tainties of being pushed around by the force of the water. •j. ^ Gaining a place we may feel we are entitled to achieve because or-Oui 1 natural talents and abilities' is not easy, but we '^muit not be ciuscojraged. We need to keep at work and develop ourselves unitil we have so much to offer that it is obvious to ' ^ ' \. ' ' ' • • • : : '' When we read the biographies of the world's most successful men and woman, we are inclined to believe that they .were born ganiuses and that their lives were easy onas. The C discussion group brought up the lire stories of many successful parsons and their trials and struggles before they achieved their goal. T hat same day most of us had read of the death •j of &. 6. Krasga, the Pennsylvania Dutch farm boy who became | a multi-millionaire dime store magnate, the story of the early ':; struggles, of the wooiworth dime store magnate and we were I reminded of the achievements of Mr. Penney of the Penney I stores as hBuncijr's uays tor the Penney store are being ceia- , brated. ..•:. .. .' "'•-.• • „ '/ '• • . I Nome of these greats had an easy life but they did not sit back aiad ia tiii sl^'niis oi lii'e cleteat tnuin. 'i'ney made use .pi o^OituiuLity as it wus aiiorded tiieim. And 1 believe tnat their success came; as a rcsuit ol the kind of persona they were. 'I'ney du.d net auueye tneir gp...i by dus'honest, seliish or thoughtless means wihicii would' nui't others and bring unhaippiineus to many. '1'hoy did »«. u^vj/e «iat woi'ch going alter anu alter they had achieved, thu.r amiatjon they diu not have to pay a pintia iar out oi pi.pp'Oittio.i to what they finally gained. USE ADVANCE WANT ADS Donations by ill Preston will be fieci-treas ift place Of Mrs. Emil Larson, at Swea City Swei Eagle— Oct. 17 the Swea City VFW Auxiliary was inspectr ed by Mrs. Al Boelkes, fitdnka, 10th district president. The unit voted $5 to the Christmas hospital, $5 to Radio Free Europe, $5 <to the Iowa Cottage Christmas fund, $27 to the Health and Happiness fund, and $2 to the hospital fund, The Auxiliary also sends $5 every month to the cancer fund. Twenty ditty bags were made and filled at a social meeting, to help the Red Cross. Treas. Mrs. Kenneth Brones reports only two memberships yet to come to make 100% paid up for the year 1967. Buddy Poppy receipts were $81.81 this year. .Members voted to save cash coupons. These are to be turned in at an auxiliary meeting. Coupons will be sent to a children's home. Vets Dog fund labels can be turned in also to help the blind to receive a trained seeing; eye dog. HOMEMAKERS MEET Swoa Harrison Homemakers met with Mrs. Ruth Carlson Oct. 18 with Mrs. Christine Swansoa assisting. Florence Peterson had devotions. , : Swea Harrison and Eagle Homemakers plan to inset in November with Mrs. James Rock. The Swea Harrison group plans a donation to the Retarded School at Algona at the December meeting. Mrs. Elvinia Swanson gave the lesson. Election of officers was held recently With Mrs. Allen Wille president to succeed Mrs. Laurel Peterson, and Mrs. Peterson to succeed. Mrs.,Roy Valvick as vice-president. Mrs. Ja mes Mrs. Harold Carr and Glen Burt were Among othef guests recently of Mrs, e>t Strienfef at Attmtftiflg. The fire • crew was called to the farm of Gordon Garrison about 8:30 Oct. 22 to put out a fire in a combine in a bean field. Mr. Garrison and a iieigp bor, Jim Smith, tried throwing dirt on it. Damage was mostly to the wiring. ..'.;.',.. ." ,^ The Rev, S. Hammers, Hun> boldt, were recent overnight guests of their Daughter, the Darrel Bishops. , i; The Ormal Guinns and the Henry Stoners and Linda, Laur- cns were Oct. 22 guests at Barton Evans, Es.thcrville. < v Mrs. Martina Peters plans to stay at her daughter, the Lawrence Hansons for the next two years. She has just returned from two years with anoflhter daughter, Mrs. Niel Kieth (Janet), Los Angeles. Her aunt, Mi's. Sadie Osgerby, New -Orleans, La., is visiting Mrs, Lawrence Hanson. i ; Paul Hanson, son of the LawfeWfe Hansom, Swe* City, entered «>rvioe Oct. 25 at Fort Ofd, Calif for basic training. The H»nsona hive been 1ft Cal* itofnia tiiiee their marriage. Mrs.. Hanson is the former P* tticia Bailey, daughter of the Elmer Baileys. She will continue to live in Glendaifc Mrs. Titlie Smith, Fairmont, visited the Ralph Walkers recently/ •': ' ••'.', , - ' -..- .. Alfred Anderson and Robert Man** Were Thursday M -PtiMs fofiflc's, .They had attended the funeral of Mf. AfideirSdm bf^Sief, Oscaf An* erton, 82, in Mifltteat»ii». They ares fo«met residents of the area, having livi;d Southeast of Swea City. The oldef mM afe uncles oi Mr. Toriii^ Princts Tortile made frequent trips to Buffalo Center to Visit ms father, Perry Torine, Bartf croft, medical patient there for a week. John Putney of AokwortH grew a giant cockscomb in BLAKE Funeral Hones "Completely Appointed Homes" * LUVERNE • WESLEY • TITONKA • CORWITH • KENWICK "24 — HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE" (Ms iuittt««f wMdi to 4 height 6f fa feet ifld 14 iflc^ wld«. EARLSTOTT _ REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY SUPERVISOR THIRD DISTRICT YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT WILL BE APPRECIATED, GENERAL ILICTION, NOV, • , Election day is coming up end when we choose the candidates ot our cho.ca I trust we will considsr honesty, unselfishness, integrity and good clean jiving. As we have carefully studied tna issues and the candidates to determine what is bast not for us or our minority but for our country, may we study and question pur qualifications to see if we justify the definition of "voter". Lats vole as if our ballot a,lone decided the contest. Wo may loue our pfe'itireritia but we will not have thrown away our sacred vote. Ii any ol us help to elect anyone to any public of- liice on. any other basis than • his ability to improve•'the^httniaiii. relations ol the world, we gamble Wnth our own life and the lives of our ohildraii. And remember that our one vote is imr portant. Many people have been, elected to office by one vote, many have lost by one vots. "Ons rain drop, one grain, of sand, one straw, one vote. Add one to another and you have a lake, a beach, a disabled camel, or an elected official." Years ago, John Piorpont, a Unitarian minister, who served as a chaplain in the Civil War, wrote these lines: : A weapon that comes down as still As snowflakes fall upon the sod; ; But executes.a 'freeman's will, ' < As lightening does the will of, God; ' And from'its force nor doors nor locks ; : , Can shield you-f-'Tis the ballot-box. this selection was written a century ago but has not lessened in its maaning with tirm. See you at the polls, vote carefully. "To nuen who love'.'liberty, those who starve the ballot box are no lees despicable than-tho^e who stuff it." "The ruij of life is to be found within yourself, Ask yourself constantly, "What is < the right thing to do?" Beware of ever doing that which you are likely, sooner or later, to repent having done. ' It is better to live in peace than in bitterness and strife. It is better to believe in your neighbors than to fear and distrust them. The superior man does not wrangle. He is firm but not quarrelsome. Ha is sociable but not clannish. The superior man sets a good example to his neighbors. He is considerate of their feelings,and their property. Consideration for others is the basis of a good life, a good society. Feel kindly toward everyone. Be friendly and pleasant among yourselves. Be generous and fair. Rules of Life by Confucius This I Believe About Stopping Over-Taxation lowaiu are, ov«ttax«d. The proof is a surplus in our treasury of ihora than $80,000,000. The higher taxes you now pay as the result of the present Democrat administration's failure to know what was going on in Iowa's economy built this surplus. , The number one test of a chief executive is a knowledge of what is haph- peniiig. If the governor bad known what was going on,lowaiu,, . . —Could Have had the tax taken off household good* and livestock In 1965. —Could have received • more state aid to schools. ; —Could have had state Income tax withholding without paying two years taxes : this year. ' ... —Could have started needed building »t state Institutions Inf 1065. —Could have glv« business some • relief from the Inventory tax. It's time for an administration in Iowa that bases tax policies on State requirements, not on how much money we have in our pockets. MURRAY GOVERNOR Republican SUU Central Committw, Robert jUy, China. ^THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS" Original Broadway Cast Recordings NOV. 6 — "OLIVER" Starring Georgia Brown NOV. 13 — "GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDS" Starring Carol Charming NOV. 20 — "MOST HAPPY FELLA" Starring Robert Weede NOV. 517 — "PAL JOEY" Starring Vivienne Segal Reserve Your Front Row Conlor Seal SUHDAYS-12:15.1;00 P,M, ON KLGA RADIO 1600 PRESIDENT JOHNSON CHARGES REPUBLICANS ARE YES - ALL AMERICA HAS A RIGHT TO BE SCARED SCARED OF ONE MAN RULE IN WASHINGTON SUPPORTED BY A RUBBER STAMP CONORESS SCARED BECAUSE OF THE EVER-SHRINKING VflLUE OF THE DOLLAR SCARED"" :''^ v '" : : ; " OF THE CRY FOR MORE AND MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING SCARED WHEN OLDER FOLKS SEE THEIR LIFE SAVINGS CUT IN HALF BY INFLATION AND NO END IN SIGHT SCARED WHEN WE SEE 400,000 OF OUR FINEST MEN FIGHTING A WAR 10,000 MILES AWAY FROM HOME SURROUNDED BY ASIA'S TEEMING MILLIONS WITH NO APPARENT POLICY TO BRING THE CONFLICT TO AN END SCARED THAT MILITARY POLICY MAY BE DICTATED BY POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY SCARED FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY IF IT CONTINUES UNDER THE PRESENT LEADERSHIP SURE WE ARE SCARED IT'S HIGH TIME FOR A CHANGE ELECT i .''"'•' WILEY MAYNE TO CONGRESS KARL KHLSHOLM - STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND LET'S NAVE SOME NEW FACES IN THE COUNTY COURTHOUSE W. B. MaeDONALO MERTIE HUBER DON JOROENSON HAROLD TRAUGER EARL STOTT FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY FOR COUNTY RECORDER FOR COUNTY TREASURER FOR SUPERVISOR » AQO WHIN THIY FOR SUPERVISOR FOR KOSSyTH (30UNTY VOTE REPUBLICAN

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